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Thread: My Fox Immortal Wife(我的狐仙老婆) - by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊)

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    Default My Fox Immortal Wife(我的狐仙老婆) - by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊)

    My Fox Immortal Wife(我的狐仙老婆) - by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊)
    Currently translated at by James


    My Fox Immortal Wife is a popular novel by novelist Ram de Night. It is the 2nd most popular novel under Modern Xianxia genre on The most popular novel is also written by novelist Ram De Night. Novelist Ram de Night is a popular novelist who had written 7 novels on His current novel, My Chairwoman Wife, is a popular novel that is currently ranked number 22 in the monthly ranking (July 2015) of all novels My Fox Immortal Wife is completed with 1318 chapters, 95 million views and 4 million characters on


    Humanoid beast? Ahem.... Humanoid beast....

    Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal cultivator.

    The fox said:

    "The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream!

    Come, become an immortal and even a loser could counterattack!
    Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome!
    Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!"

    "Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!"

    Chapter 1 - Help Me
    Chapter 2 - Too Small
    Chapter 3 - Onee-chan wa kitsune desu
    Chapter 4 - Become an Immortal Cultivator
    Chapter 5 - New Abilities
    Chapter 6 - School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation
    Chapter 7 - Running After The Bus
    Chapter 8 - A Monster
    Chapter 9 - I'm Afraid of Heights
    Chapter 10 - My Name's Lei Feng
    Chapter 11 - You Said What?
    Chapter 12 - I'll See You After School
    Chapter 13 - Miraculous Eyesight
    Chapter 14 - You're a Super Nice Guy
    Chapter 15 - Be My Wife
    Chapter 16 - The First Star Jade
    Chapter 17 - You're So Proactive
    Chapter 18 - Wanna Woo Her?
    Chapter 19 - The Question Is Who You Like
    Chapter 20 - Happiness Came Too Suddenly
    Chapter 21 - Fight Me If You Got Balls
    Chapter 22 - Hard To Fathom A Persons Mind
    Chapter 23 - No Compassion
    Chapter 24 - Favorable Impression
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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 1 - Help Me

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James, Proofread by Dtim and Achamel

    Dare bother my girlfriend again and Ill beat you to death!

    Liu Yi was standing at the bus stop, he began to recall of what that grade hooligan bosss footman said to him after school as he grabbed his collar and threatened him. As he thought of it, he started having the chills.

    At the same time there was a fiery feeling of pain on his face. He really wanted to find a beauty and smash his face into her bosom.

    Why is life so unfair?!

    Whats wrong with me liking Ma Yixuan?! I rarely even manage to talk to her! Did you really need to threaten me and slap my face?!

    Liu Yi touched his face. He looked at his thin and weak body and sighed.

    Sigh! If only I had the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger. No hooligan boss would dare mess with me then.

    Liu Yi then thought of Ma Yixuans beautiful face and her exquisite body and sighed.

    Most of the girls in his grade ignore him. Even the internet girls paid no attention to him!

    Diaosi! Am I doomed to be a diaosi all my life and live a lonely life?!

    Oh dear Heaven! Please give me, Liu Yi, a girl!

    Unfortunately the Heavens appeared not to answer Liu Yis call. Instead of a girl, a bus came whistling through. It nearly ran into Liu Yi, scaring him so much that he stepped back two steps hurriedly.

    Little rascal, are you trying to die?!

    As the bus door opens, what came forth was the bus driver shouting at Liu Yi.

    And at this period of time, there were a lot of people taking public transportation. Before the bus was even able to pull up to the bus stop, a group of people had already swarmed the bus door, blocking it completely.

    Liu Yi saw that the bus was currently packed full. However, because his stomach was rumbling with hunger, he could only join the others in cramming into the bus.

    Little rascal, stop trying to cram into the bus!

    An old granny bravely crammed herself into the bus as if she wasnt a granny at all. Liu Yi was pushed against the side and stepped on someones foot.

    ****ing shit! Brat, you trying to die?!

    Liu Yi stepped on a big baldy. That baldy immediately started cursing at him, scaring Liu Yi so much that he trembled in fear and immediately began trying to follow the stream of people up the bus.

    Really! Why so fierce?! Its just a bald head! My schools guidance director had a sea-within-the-earth hairdo that looked even more fierce than you!

    [TL: sea-within-the-earth hairdo:]

    Liu Yi started having delusions again. He began to imagine the scene of him fighting valiantly against the big baldy, beating him till he begged for forgiveness on the ground, and finally kicking him out of the bus.

    Tsk tsk, thats what a man should do!

    However, after he looked at his arm that had no meat at all and then looked at the baldys shit-lump like muscles, Liu Yi finally decided to give up.

    Get the **** out of the way! Else Ill beat your ****ing ***!

    That bald man started squeezing through the crowd. The bus was already packed full with people. With the baldy squeezing through the crowd, the interior of the bus was like a bomb thats about to blow up. Many people wanted to complain but when they saw the fiend-like baldy, they dare not utter a single word.

    Nowadays, who would dare to cause trouble?

    That baldy quickly walked next to a young woman.

    Liu Yis eyes also followed the baldy.

    Suddenly, his breathing sped up.

    My gawd! Is this girl some sort of celebrity?!

    Too-too-too-toooo beautiful!

    At that split second, even Liu Yis eyes popped out.

    This woman was glistering with beauty. Her lips were red, her teeth were white, and her figure was both seductive and voluptuous.

    This kind of girl, her appearance should have been limited to only the television. How did she manage to come out to the reality?!

    Even the prettiest girl in class, Murong Die, could not compare to her beauty.

    Her long wavy hair reached all the way down her abundant buttocks.

    Because of the fact that its summertime, she was wearing a white T-shirt. Her chest looked very plentiful. The clothes covering her chest were wide open. It was as if there was a pair of plump apples inside.

    On the lower half of her body was a pair of booty short jeans wrapping around her abundant buttocks.

    Although her buttocks were tightly wrapped by her jeans, her two slender legs were completely revealed, attracting the attention of all of the men on the bus.

    This kind of beauty, it was something that Liu Yi could only fantasize in his dreams!

    That baldy obviously also noticed the beauty. He squeezed his way through to her, his hand immediately swinging all over the place and, as if coincidence, landed on the beautys abundant buttocks.

    The beauty immediately turned around. She wanted to move away however the amount of people surrounding them was too great. Crammed inside the bus, there was nowhere for her to run.

    Her black pupils, without any better option, could only move to the people around her, requesting them for help.

    Soon, her sight landed on Liu Yi who was closest to her. Liu Yi was immediately startled.

    Those eyes, oh how helpless they are, oh how pitiful they are!

    Help me..

    From her lips, it was as if she spat out those two words!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 2 - Too Small

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James, Proofread by Achamel

    In that single moment. Liu Yi felt as if he was possessed. With great difficulty, he lifted his hand toward that baldys bald head and gave a big smack.

    Dang! Crisp and clear.

    Aiya! Director Wang, youre here?! Dont you remember me? Im your student!

    Liu Yi immediately tried to change the topic.

    ****ing shit! Bastard, youre seeking your ****ing death! Who the **** is your director!

    Having his head smacked, the baldy was suffering from immense pain. Immediately he turned around and angrily fixed his gaze at Liu Yi.

    Immediately, all of Liu Yi's courage dissipated into thin air. His legs felt weak. He wanted to just sit on the ground.

    Unfortunately for him, he was surrounded by people. The riders have crowded into a lump and have set their gaze at the two causing Liu Yi to be unable to hide even if he wanted to.

    Right at this moment, the bus happened to brake. Its the stop.

    Little rascal, get off the bus with me! ****er spoiling my fun, Ill beat you to death!

    Seeing that the beauty that he was taking advantage of was squeezing herself through the crowd and out the bus, the baldy grew even angrier. He grabbed Liu Yi and pulled him out of the bus like a mop.

    Liu Yi cried his heart out. ****! How could he be so unfortunate?! They say heroes have a weakness for the charms of beauties. But Im not even a hero! Why must I end up like this?!

    I was already beaten up once because of a woman. Am I to be beaten up again?! God damn! ****ing unfair!

    Liu Yi struggled with all his might. However, he who was without any physical strength was still dragged out of the bus.

    Dont! Dont close the door! Let me back in!

    Liu Yi desperately waved at the bus.

    However, the driver acted as if he didnt see it at all. He stepped on the accelerator and the bus flew away.

    The people who stood near the bus stop have also stepped aside. None of them wanted to meddle in others business.

    ****ing bastard, this shall teach you about meddling in my business!

    The baldy threw Liu Yi to the ground and was about to kick him.

    However at this moment, a foot wearing a red canvas shoe appeared between his legs.


    The pain was so immense it was as if he met the gods and died. So painful that he kneeled onto the ground twitching.

    The beauty who had exited the bus earlier was standing behind the baldy. She dragged the Liu Yi who was sitting there in a daze.

    Run! Quickly!

    After saying those words, the beauty grabbed Liu Yis hands and immediately proceeded to run frantically.

    Liu Yi who was still in a daze was dragged running by the beauty and almost fell onto the ground.

    You. dont you dare run!...

    That baldy was still kneeling on the ground. With his brother being impacted so strongly, its unlikely for him to be able to stand up anytime soon.

    Liu Yi could have sworn that he had never ran so much before.

    The two frantic runners finally stopped at a park boulevard.

    Cant. cant run anymore.

    Liu Yi was panting rapidly. He looked at the beauty beside him who had ran such a long distance with him. She was not even out of breath. You. are you an athlete?....

    That I am not. However, I am very grateful to you for saving me today. My master had told me that I must certainly give thanks when saved by others.

    The beauty looked at Liu Yi while radiating a glow of charm. She then laughed.

    No no need that's something that anyone would do

    Liu Yi believed that at times like these, one should be humble to look better.

    Whats your name?

    My names Lei Feng! [TL: this is a joke by the author, Lei Feng is the selfless model citizen created by the Chinese Communist Party. so Liu Yi basically went on and said Im a friend of justice.]

    After taking two deep breath, Liu Yi was finally able to speak more normally.

    Running is very tiresome indeed.

    Hee hee

    That beauty laughed. Liu Yi was stunned by the beauty in front of him.

    So. so beautiful.

    Youre so funny. oh well... Comrade Lei Feng, I am called Lin Tong. Regardless, masters words should certainly be followed. I will certainly thank you.

    Then then how are you going to thank me?

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes.

    His extremely perverted brain had once again began a rich imagination.

    Ask her to be his girlfriend?

    Gee, thats a bit too much!

    How about something a bit more lewd?!

    A kiss?

    Too weak! Liu Yi! Opportunity knocks but once!
    A bit bit more lewd?

    A touch of her bosom?

    Hey hey, this beauty called Lin Tongs bosom wasnt small at all

    Liu Yi gulped. Just as he was debating on whether or not to speak his mind, the beauty had already leaned next to him.

    That beautiful fragrance radiating from her instantly stiffened Liu Yis entire body.

    To thank you, allow me to take away your vitality.

    After saying those words, Lin Tongs hand suddenly thrusted into Liu Yis lower abdomen. A surge of immense pain instantly spread through Liu Yis entire body. Before he could even understand what had happened, his consciousness was already being eroded by the darkness.

    How. how did this come about?.

    Am am I going to die?.

    But. but I still havent touch that bosom yet.

    Slowly, Liu Yi began to close his eyes.

    And at this moment, he faintly heard the shouting of someone by his ears.

    Its a girls voice too very pleasant to hear...

    Bold fox demon! You dared kill others in here! Forgive you I cannot!

    Immediately after those words, Liu Yis body suddenly became light like a feather. Then, as if soaring on a cloud, his body flew toward a direction.


    Finally, he seemed to have landed at a soft location. Its also had a very sweet fragrance even sweeter than that Lin Tongs body.

    Another woman?.... is her bosom as big as that Lin Tongs?.....

    At least. before I die. let me grab her bosom

    Drowsily, Liu Yi opened one eye. What he saw in front of him was an outrageously beautiful woman whos currently holding him.

    Surely. this must be heaven.

    As he said that, he raised his hands up with great difficulty and grabbed the beautys bosom.


    A cry of alarm. Liu Yi was thrown onto the ground.

    Scoundrel! Vulgar! Ill kill you!

    After that girl threw Liu Yi to the ground, she heard Liu Yi said faintly.

    What a pity. the one I grabbed before my death. so small.

    Scoundrel! How is this Gu Yu small! Only fools like you would get deceived by a fox demon and not know it!

    The girl stomped the ground in anger. At this moment, in her hand was the seized soul of the fox demon.

    She wanted to leave this scoundrel here but was also a bit stubborn.

    Master had said that saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda. Forget it, Ill save your life your vitality was taken, I could only use this evil creature to save your life. Evil creature, this shall be your conversion. Consider saving his life to be your first virtuous action!

    Gu Yu squatted down. Her face red.

    She placed the soul into her mouth and then sent the soul into Liu Yis lips.

    At the last moment, Liu Yi saw faintly that the absolute beauty whose bosom was grasped by him slowly kissed his lips.

    This really is heaven

    Sigh what a shame the women of heaven. have such small chests

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 3 - This Older Sister is a Fox Immortal (Onee-chan wa kitsune desu)
    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi, can you take me here?

    Liu Yi stunned. He looked at the Ma Yixuan who was in front of him. She was wearing a white lace dress, pure and lovely, fascinating and charming. She was standing on the corner of the street and pointing toward the signboard of the Hanting Express Hotel.

    Go go going here.

    going here for what?....

    Can you?.... I wanna go there

    Ma Yixuan pulled Liu Yis hand. She was acting coquettishly.

    That charm, it almost caused even his bones to go limp.

    Is is that okay?...

    Liu Yi took a deep gulp as he looked at the class beauty that he had longed for.

    Ma Yixuan was the literature committee member for the grade and Liu Yis neighbor.

    This girl was a beauty indeed. Liu Yi had liked her for a long time.

    Now that you mention it, Liu Yi had long forgotten how long he had liked her. It seems that he had liked her ever since she moved over and became his neighbor.

    However, she had always had a cold attitude toward him.

    What happened today? She actually pulled him and wanted to go to the Hanting Express Hotel with him?

    This Is this the legendary losers springtime?!

    Liu Yi was about to cry his eyes out.

    Theres nothing wrong with that. We knew each other for three years already!

    Ma Yixian gave Liu Yi a charming smile. The smile was so charming that Liu Yi almost melted.

    I know of your feelings toward me and you had been very nice to me I feel as if theres nothing I can give you so Im giving you me!

    Said Ma Yixuan blushing like an apple.

    But but thats bad Ill be seen as a pervert by others!

    Then forget about it. Lets go home.

    Go go go! Lets get a room!

    Wont you be seen as a pervert?

    Nothing to be afraid of. Im already a pervert!

    At this moment, Liu Yi was boiling with animal instinct. He grabbed Ma Yixuans hand and went in and asked for a room.

    Upon entering that warm and romantic tiny room, Liu Yi immediately could not help himself. He hugged Ma Yixuans delicious body and began to gnaw violently.

    And at this moment, from Ma Yixuans mouth was the voice of an aunty.

    Ai ai ai! Young man, are you crazy?! Dont go around biting people!

    A voice that could shatter eardrums. This voice immediately woken up Liu Yi.

    He opened his eyes and found that everything in front of him have changed.

    The warm and romantic tiny room with a giant round bed was gone.

    The beautiful and charming Ma Yixuan was also gone.

    He was currently hugging an aunty with a red armband. His mouth was even kissing that auntys arm.

    My shit! The **** is this!

    Liu Yi immediately grew completely conscious. He stood up from the grass on the park.

    You woke from your spring dream? Young man, a student on top of it! Why would you be sleeping on the parks grass. Sleeping is one thing but to even molest me

    The aunty pulled her red armband and began to criticize and educate Liu Yi.

    Whats wrong with kids like you nowadays. Cant even allow parents a peace of mind You kids

    The aunty bla bla bla said a lot. Liu Yi instead only stood there in a daze.

    How did I get here.

    Thats right he suddenly remembered. Yesterday a beautiful girl pulled him here.

    But it seems like that girl ended up killing me...

    Liu Yi touched his chest. He found out that it was completely fine but there was a hole in his shirt.

    God damn!

    So strange!

    He suddenly remembered. It seems like there was a female immortal girl that saved him.

    This Im dreaming right?

    Liu Yi was absent minded. He kinda didnt know what to do.

    What kind of stupid dream are you dreaming! You useless person! Stupid idiot teenager!

    And at exactly this moment, by Liu Yis ear, there suddenly sounded a familiar womans voice.

    Ahh!!! Ghost!!!

    Liu Yi immediately uttered a cry.

    You called me a ghost!

    The aunty immediately turned unpleased. Sigh. Child, Im trying to teach you good. However, not only do you not appreciate my teaching, you even called me a ghost. Child, you must be into older woman around my age right? Sigh. Back when this older sister was younger, she was indeed a beauty. Even though Im a bit older now, I still had that lingering charm. Sigh. Thats why I understand.

    The aunty began to blah blah on and on again.

    As for Liu Yi, the voice of that girl was still in his ears.

    Ghost my ***! This older sister is a fox immortal!

    Liu Yi was about to collapse for real.

    This is in broad daylight! Did he really see a ghost?

    This place must be too gloomy thats right, let me find a more sunny place and kill this evil ghost!

    Without taking into consideration of that aunty that had been standing there and giving him a lecture all this time, Liu Yi turned around and ran.

    Hey hey hey! Young man, why did you run?! At least leave your numbers so that this older sister could contact you often..

    The auntys reluctant to part voice grew further and further away from Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi kept running like mad. However, ringing in his ear was that beautys voice still.

    What are you running for?! Stop running! Aiyah youre still running! Pretty fast too! You think youre Liu Xiang or something?! How about running another hundred meters hurdles?!

    That voice was chasing after Liu Yis ears like a certain fairy from a certain game.

    Liu Yi was scared to death. Just as he was about to run into the the parks pond out of panic, a red smoke suddenly appeared from his right hand. This smoke condensed itself into the shape of a fox and was suspended in mid air in front of Liu Yi.

    My god!

    Liu Yis leg grew weak. He directly fell onto his ***.

    Fortunately there wasnt much people in the park early morning. Otherwise Liu Yi wouldve certainly attract a lot of attention.

    What are you running for?! Am I this scary?!

    The fox shaped smoke slowly drifted in front of Liu Yi. It scared Liu Yi so much that he started sweating cold sweat.

    You what exactly are you.

    Liu Yi squeezed those words out with all his courage.

    Oh heaven! To meet a ghost in broad daylight, am I Liu Yi really going to die?!

    Boohoo! No! I dont want to die a virgin!

    . I havent even manage to touch Ma Yixuans delicate hands

    But I did managed to touch a girls chest yesterday! Alas, it was flat!

    I dont want to die before touching big boobs!

    Liu Yi was about to cry.

    Oh God! Please save me!

    I will certainly burn you more incense! I will burn you more of Aoi Soras photos!

    Just as Liu Yi was begging all kinds of deities to save his life, the little fox spoke again.

    What are you shaking about! To be so afraid, are you even a man?! Let me tell you this, Im not some ghost, Im a fox immortal! A pure and beautiful, gentle and kind little fox immortal!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 4 - Become an Immortal Cultivator

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Fox immortal?

    Liu Yi immediately began to blink his eyes rapidly. He grew even more nervous.

    I had only met a fox demon yesterday.and she killed me

    Ahem ahem. That was my martial younger sister!

    The little fox immediately coughed twice before saying. Shes very very bad. I had chased her for a long time! She almost killed you! It was me who saved you!

    Oh? Really?

    Liu Yi remembered that he was indeed killed by a beautiful fox demon yesterday and later saved by a girl. It seems like that girl had also kissed him and that he had touched her chest. her flat chest!

    That he remembered clearly.

    But as to how she looks, he cant remember.

    Perhaps she was this so called fox immortal in front of him?

    If that was the case, then he really should thank her for saving him.

    Were you the flat female immortal that saved me yesterday?

    Of course!

    Hearing Liu Yis question, the little fox was abnormally happy.

    Oh boy! This idiot really got fooled!

    Ganbatte! I, Lin Tong, is the clever and quick witted fox demon. This mere human is of course no problem for me!

    Heh heh, I would certainly take care of him and then break through that seal on his hand and regain my freedom!

    In order to save you, I was wounded by that fox demon. Now I could only live in your right hand and recover my vitality using you.

    Ah? You wanted to suck up my essence?!

    Liu Yi was immediately scared witless again. What appeared in his mind was the sights of mummies who had their essence sucked up completely.

    My god! Too scary! No!

    No. Thats not it. I need your vitality!

    The little fox chuckled. only through absorbing vitality would I, Lin Tong, be able to recover!

    You are Lin Tong?!

    Liu Yi was shocked by her words. He shouted. Wasnt Lin Tong that fox demon from yesterday?!

    Ah no, thats not it. We fox just randomly come up with names!

    Lin Tong was panicking. Being overly proud of herself, she actually mistakenly spilled the beans.

    The Tong from my martial younger sisters name is the character Tong from TongHua (fairy tail) whereas the Tong from my name is the character Tong from HongTongTong (bright red), theyre not the same! I had saved you and ended up in this situation! Who wouldve expected that you would instead doubt me! Abominable human!

    No no, I havent once doubted you! I apologize! Female Immortal Lin Tong, how can I help you?

    Liu Yi stroke the back of his head. He felt as if that his life is going to be turned upside down.

    However, regardless, he felt that he should first help his savior!

    Hehe. you want to help me? Thats actually very simple!

    What must I do?

    You must learn the techniques of our demon immortal clan and absorb immortal energy. With that you could restore my strength and I would be able to regain my body!

    What? Youre telling me to become an immortal cultivator? Thats surely impossible! Stop playing around with me please.

    Liu Yi immediately started shaking his head like a rattle.

    What a joke! No way Im going to get so lucky! Yep, its certainly going to be like those multi-level marketing schemes!

    ****! Not impossible! Even mortals could become immortal cultivator! Okay?!

    The little fox quickly emphasized that.

    Okay then but I dont want to become an immortal.... I just want to be a regular man, then score into college, then find a job, then get married and have kids

    Then grow old and die? You want a mediocre life?

    The little fox Lin Tong continued to try to entice Liu Yi. Theres a lot of benefits to being an immortal! For one you get to live longer! You can also obtain extraordinary power!

    Oh? Then can I get girls?

    Liu Yi was blinking like a dog wagging its tail.

    He remembered Ma Yixuan and could not help himself but ask the question.

    Of course!

    The little fox grew happier. Theres an opportunity!

    Forget about it if I had to meditate and suppress my desires, I wont be able to endure that.

    Remembering that he was still a virgin, Liu Yi began to step back from the thought.

    Little rascal! Regardless of whether or not you want to become one, you will still have to become one!

    Liu Yi suddenly noticed that his right hand was suddenly out of his control. Out of nowhere, it pulled his body up from the ground.

    Hey hey hey! Where are you taking me!

    Knowing that it was certainly something that the little fox immortal Lin Tong had done, Liu Yi immediately turned pale with fright.

    He tried desperately to pull his hand back. However, as if it wasnt his, his hand was pulling him through the park.

    At this time, there was already some morning exercise people in the park.

    The majority of them were old granny and grandpas. Theyre doing tai chi and zombie dance and the like.

    [TL: zombie dance → and]

    Young people who can still get up early was really extremely rare nowadays.

    And Liu Yi was running zigzag with one arm outstretched through the park filled with old people .

    Is this a new fitness dance?

    An old grandpa carrying a bird cage stared at Liu Yi as he ran past.

    Aiya! This looks much more interesting than the zombie dance!

    Shouted an old granny as she turn her waist and stretched her arm forward.

    Come come come! Brothers and sisters, lets follow the lead!

    Thus, this group of old people started imitating Liu Yi. With an outstretched arm and a waist twisted to the side, they were running through the park in a zigzag.

    Suddenly, there emerged a long line of people running in the park, attracting even more attention than the zombie dance.

    Yet these people did not know that Liu Yi was currently suffering. With no control of his body, he could only incessantly run forward.

    Please great aunt little fox immortal, spare me! Please stop!

    Ill continue as long as you refuse to become an immortal cultivator!

    Being an immortal cultivator and what not its too unreliable.

    Fine! You dont want to be one, then Ill show you!

    Lin Tong glanced at a couple nearby.

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 5 - New Abilities

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Looking at that couple. The male had dyed blonde hair and earrings. He was wearing leather pants and leather jacket. It was easy to tell that he was a hooligan.

    As for the girl that he was currently hugging. She was gorgeously dressed and her makeup was hot like fire. Those eyes were drawn like some panda eyes.

    The way she dressed was also super fashionable. Extraordinary taste in style.

    She was wearing a black dress. The dress was so short that it was only a bit past her buttocks, exposing her pair of white legs. One of her leg was even being touched by that blondy boyfriend of hers.

    To be able to expose her legs in the early autumn weather, shes a warrior!

    Liu Yi saw the woman. He felt even more scared than when he met the fox shaped Lin Tong. Instantly, his eye was wide open in shock.

    Dont! Dont go there ah! What are you trying to do?!

    Shouted Liu Yi in a panic as he noticed that his legs were rushing toward the couple.

    Stop! Stop! Theres people in front!

    However, the right hand that was under Lin Tongs control wasnt listening to Liu Yi at all. Instead, it brought him directly into the middle of the couple.

    The blondy was currently hugging his woman, gnawing at her body.

    It was through immense effort that he managed to persuade his girl to come to the park and have a spectacular battle on the fields.

    Alas, he did not expect that although there was a lot of people doing this every year, its particularly a lot this year!

    Just when he finally manage to hug his woman and hit the first base while sitting on a park bench. Who wouldve expected that this kid would run out like a madman!

    What are you doing?! Dont come over!

    The blondys hand was in his girlfriends clothes.

    His girls hand was also in his crotch.

    Seeing the incoming Liu Yi, the girl immediately got scared. In fear, she quickly clenched her fist and then pulled it back.

    Immediately, the blondy was in a twitching pain.

    And Liu Yi have also reached the two. His good for nothing right hand immediately landed on the womans thigh.

    This womans thigh felt pretty good.

    Had there not been the teeth biting blondy with a murderous eye, then it wouldve been even better.

    Brat, you ****ing trying to die?! To dare touch my woman.

    With a stomach full of anger, the blondy was planning to punish Liu Yi. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

    My shit! What kind of situation is this?!

    The blondy turned around and saw his hot and fiery girlfriend. Her blackened eyes was about to cry with desire. Her hands were constantly stroking his body. Her mouth was also giving off an indistinct seductive voice.

    Seeing his girl like this, the blondy was stunned silly!

    She had never acted this emotional even when he did that with her!

    And now after being touched by this student looking brat, she grew this emotional! Her eyes were even about to cry!

    What kind of situation is this?!

    Liu Yi was also scared silly!

    Since when did his hand have this kind of effect?!

    It was as strong a powerful aphrodisiac!

    Hey hey hey!

    At this moment, Lin Tongs voice once again resounded in Liu Yis ear.

    This miss is in your right hand. Thus, your right hand is now completely different from that of an ordinary person. Your right hand now have a new ability called the Amorous Ripple Hand! Brat, with this, youll be lucky afterward! See, this is the benefits of becoming an immortal cultivator!


    Liu Yi wanted to cry!

    Thats because that hot and fiery woman had started rubbing his thigh.

    Liu Yi immediately withdrew his hand. The woman woke up and immediately gave off piercing screams repeatedly. She started shouting and cursing and was about to slap Liu Yi.

    Molester! Does it look like Im someone you can touch?! Go back home and touch your mother!

    Right when her hand was about to fall on Liu Yis face, Liu Yis sight suddenly changed.

    He noticed that it was as if the whole world had slowed down.

    The womans hand was stopped near his face, slowly moving toward it.

    And the color of the world had also changed. From the original colorful world, it had turned black and white.

    Only the woman and the blondy next to her had a faint touch of yellow light.

    Feeling that the situation was a mystery within a mystery, Liu Yi took a deep breath of the cold air. Feeling that he was sober and calm, clear and crisp, he moved backwards.


    In a blink of an eye, the world had returned to normal.

    As the womans slap falls, it landed on the nearby blondy that was also about to beat Liu Yi up.

    ****! Why did you hit me?!

    The blondy immediately grew furious and returned the woman a slap.

    Wang Erbiao! You ****er! You dare hit me! Ill kill you!

    So what if I hit you?! What, you enjoyed being touched by this little ***** huh?! I wanted to beat him up but wanted to save him right?!

    Right my ***!

    These two immediately started fighting. Seeing that the situation was to his advantage, Liu Yi immediately started running away.

    Right away, Liu Yi discovered that he appeared different from the good for nothing senior high school student that he was before.

    His physical strength had increased!

    He had ran for so long. Had it been before, he wouldve long grew tired and started panting.

    However today, he was still completely fine!

    Instead, he felt that running was very easy.

    Very strange indeed.

    This is due to this fox immortals immortal strength acting upon your body!

    The fox Lin Tong had once again appeared in front of Liu Yi. She told Liu Yi what had happened with an air of complacency.

    As for Liu Yi, upon seeing this little fox, he grew immensely angry.

    This girl! She almost brought upon him a great disaster! And she even dared to appear again!

    Is this girl really my savior?!

    Liu Yi now began to think that she appeared more like his messenger of bad luck instead!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 6 - School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    I havent return home last night. Had it been like every other day, then moms going to kill me for sure.

    Luckily for me, mom was doing overnight shift last night and dad was also away for his work.

    Liu Yis mother was the supervising nurse of a large hospital. Although the position sounds good, its very busy.

    Doing overnight shifts and such are a common thing for her.

    Yesterday would surely be the other days. Mom would have certainly left dinner on the kitchen table for Liu Yi to reheat.

    However, Liu Yis mother most certainly did not thought that her well behaved son would have stayed out the night!

    Had she knew, then Liu Yi would certainly receive a beating from her.

    Liu Yis father was a purchaser. He runs around the country purchasing stuff. Thus, the time he gets to return home every month is limited.

    Its an ordinary small family.

    Liu Yi was also an ordinary senior high school student. He was ignored by others all his life. He wasnt handsome. His family wasnt rich nor do they have power. His wasnt smart and his sucks at sports. Hes simply one of those people that sucks at everything in school.

    As such, Liu Yi, with the exception of a couple good friends, was pretty much a transparent person in class.

    But it was also this Liu Yi who ran across a little fox immortal!

    A hateful little fox immortal that turned his right hand into the amorous ripple hand!


    You didnt have to do this to me!

    I still have a lot of uses for my right hand ah!

    You didnt have to ruined it like this!

    Liu Yi looked at his right hand. He wanted to cry.

    How must he live his life now?!

    Wont it be a complete mess now?!

    So many people had begged this lady to teach them the amorous ripple hand before and I refused to teach them. To receive such a godly capturing technique, how come you instead grew unhappy about it?!

    The little fox Lin Tong was floating in front of Liu Yi. She asked as she holds her front paws.

    The hell would you know! Theres a lot of uses for my right hand!

    With a long face, Liu Yi asked. Can I ask for a cancellation? I dont want it!

    This. of course.

    Lin Tong was about to speak. Suddenly her cute little eyes turned around. Then she said.

    ...Of course not! You have to cultivate to become an immortal so that you can cancel the amorous ripple hand. Otherwise youd have to live with it your whole life!

    Lin Tongs words was like a thunderbolt to Liu Yi.

    He was shocked silly from her words.

    Must I really cultivate to become an immortal?

    But this Lin Tong doesnt seem to be reliable at all!

    Be good. As long as you obediently follow this lady, becoming an immortal practitioner is not hard at all!

    Lin Tong continued to try to entice Liu Yi. As long as you follow this lady, then your future will be set! No longer will you have to worry about wooing girls

    How come this sounds like what people say to make you join the triad?!

    Liu Yis mind was in a mess.

    Right when he was hesitating, his phone suddenly rang.

    The sudden rang of the phone scared Liu Yi so much that he quivered. Seeing that, Lin Tong started ridiculing him.

    Cheh! What a coward! To be scared by the ringtone of your phone, what a loser! Looks like this lady would have a lot of things to teach you

    Lin Tong muttered in her heart. To have a cowardly fool as her apprentice, looks like there will be hard times ahead.

    But in order to allow my body to break free, looks like I had to teach this idiot!

    Fortunately I am in his body and can help him cultivate from within. Otherwise, if we were to go with this idiotic mortals understanding abilities, hell be doing pretty good if he were to be able to successfully open the first star jade and join the lower mortal realm.

    Sigh, what bad luck!

    It was her first time leaving the mountains to obtain essence yet she met a female immortal of the immortal realm and was sealed into the mortals right hand!

    Destiable! Abominable!

    Who know what this hateful mortal uses his right hand for!


    I must quickly get this mortal to the mid level of martial cultivation, then Ill be able to leave this seal!

    Say what?! Teacher might be looking for me? Just tell him when you see him that I went to the bathroom and will be right back!

    Liu Yi was scared witless. His legs were shaking.

    Their teacher is well known for his strictness throughout the school!

    Liu Yi didnt want to punished by his teacher!

    If he were to be punished by his teacher in front of the whole class, then he would surely be greatly humiliated.

    Its one thing to be humiliated in front of other people.

    But if he were to be humiliated in front of Ma Yixuan, then Liu Yi would never be able to lift his head up ever again.

    Even if he was to receive an *** ramming next door, he still cannot allow himself to be slapped in front of his goddess!

    This was the motto of a loser!

    Come, troubled child! Allow this lady to guide you into the magical world of immortal cultivation!

    Right when Lin Tong was filled with confidence, hesitation and the thought of going all out, Liu Yi shouted.

    ****! Im ****ed! I need to go back to school! As for the whole immortal business, we can talk about it later!

    Immediately after saying that, Liu Yi rushed off toward the parks exit.

    He was rushing to the bus stop, if he did not get back to school on time, then he really will be ****ed!

    He would be punished by the teacher, humiliated in front of Ma Yixuan and, finally, had his parents called by the school!

    Noo! Thatll be a damned tragedy then!

    Liu Yi frantically ran. He arrived at the bus stop to wait for a bus to school.

    Hey hey hey! You! How could this ladys interrupt my speech! Let me tell you, this lady will be your master from now on! You better respect your master! Also! What is there thats more important than letting this lady out. than immortal cultivation?!

    School! School is more important than immortal cultivation!

    Said Liu Yi in a completely serious manner as he stood at the bus station.

    If I dont go to school, then I wont be able to have qualifications! If I dont have qualifications, I wont be able to find a job! If I cant find a job, I wont be able to find a wife! If I cant find a wife, then I cant give birth to a child! If I cant give birth to a child, then I wont be able to let the child attend school.
    Mortal, your life is tragedy!

    Unable to help herself, Lin Tong said. Fortunately for you, you met this lady. This lady is your lifes beacon, your lucky star

    Shit! ****! I didnt go home last night, I dont have any money for the bus! My god! Miss fox immortal, my life is a ****ing tragedy after meeting you!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 7 - Running After The Bus

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi voiced his discontent openly.

    The people waiting for the bus all send him looks..

    Mama, look! That big brother seems crazy!

    Babe, I was waiting for the bus but instead met a fool!

    Holy shit! Theres something to blog about today!

    A group of various onlookers.

    Liu Yis face suddenly turned red. He remembered that others cannot see the little fox that lived in his right hand.

    Its all your fault! Im being seen as a crazy person by others now!

    Liu Yi hid his head into his collar and complained softly.

    Why are you blaming this lady?! Its your own fault! Cant you lower your voice to begin with?!

    The little fox rolled her eyes and said. and Immortal Cultivation is very important, an unworldly importance! What would these mortals possibly understand! Dont bother with them! After you become an immortal, they will be the one thats jealous of you!

    If I dont get to school soon, then forgot about becoming an immortal, Im afraid Ill be experiencing the bliss of my life

    Liu Yi dug into his empty trouser pocket and pulled a long face.

    Oh? Bliss of your life? Are you trying to obtain Nirvana? That wont do, Im a fox immortal, I can only teach you how to become an immortal! If you want to become cultivate the path of a monk. you better find. hey hey, why are you running?!

    Seeing that Liu Yi suddenly started chasing after a bus, the little fox cannot help but ask what Liu Yi was running for.

    If I dont run if I dont run then Ill be ****ed for sure!

    Currently Liu Yi felt that he had a lot of stamina. Even running after the bus, he didnt feel tired at all!

    Usually he wouldve been tired like a dog after running just a mere fifty meters. How strange!

    If that was the case, then might as well run after the bus every day, Id be able to save money to go to the internet cafe and play DOTA that way

    Mmmhmm, Im too smart!

    To know how to live my life, Liu Yi, you are indeed a model economic man!

    [TL: hes talking to himself in his brains]

    I suspect that the women waiting for you to marry in the future could be queued from Shanghai all the way to Beijing!

    [TL: it is widely known in china that women seeks 3 things in a man, money, height and looks. So hes basically saying hell have enough money in the future due to being so economic that hell have enough girls waiting for him to marry them, enough to form a whole long from Shanghai all the way to Beijing.]

    This was of course only my dreams

    Sigh! That dream I had of Ma Yixuan to be woken up at the best part that hateful aunty! Next time you ruin my dream again, Ill fight you!

    Cried Liu Yi in his mind.

    What Liu Yi didnt know was that at this moment, he had already attracted rows upon rows of eyeballs on him!

    All kinds of people had their eyes on him. The pedestrians on the road. The passengers on the bus. The driver of the bus. All of them had their eyes on him.

    This ordinary looking youngster wearing a school uniform and carrying a bookbag was running after the bus with only his two legs.

    My ****ing god! Are all youngsters nowadays this godly?!

    His two legs were running even faster than four legged beasts!

    Look look! Theres a school kid racing against a bus! Super cocky!

    Dont speak without knowing! That kid might be a student athlete and is training by running after the bus!

    Who the **** cares! Doesnt change the fact that this kid is super cocky! Blog blog, Ill have to blog this!

    Village cracker, who the heck still blogs nowadays! Ill post this onto Baidu!

    Liu Yi didnt know that he had became the main topic of everyone. He was completely determined to not be late. His legs were continuously moving as if they were made of springs.

    Troubled child, you used the remaining demon immortal strength that I had in your body all on running!

    Said the little fox grudgingly as she floated next to Liu Yi.

    Aiyah! Leave some for this lady! Otherwise I wont be able to guide you in opening your first star jade!

    I dont know what star jade moon jade business youre talking about but if I dont get to school quickly then my life would be a broken jade!

    Liu Yi shouted twice. He felt as if all the blood in his body was burning!

    Never had he ran like this before!

    Throughout his life, he had always been completely useless in sports.

    The most he had ever done was watch NBA basketball games on the TV and get excited about Kobe Bryant dunking and such.

    In every years sports competition and such, he was always that person guy passing out water to those handsome sports players and what not.

    Sigh! High school athletes were very popular. Even Ma Yixuan looked to be very interested in those muscular men.

    Liu Yi, on the other hand, had a puny body. He also lacked exercise. Thus, sports and the like wasnt his forte at all!

    However now, he had that kind of sensation as if his whole body was burning!

    This kind of sensation was so euphoric, so comfortable and so manly!

    The blood within his body was quickly flowing like a burning flame.

    Every single muscle in his body had tensed up. It was like they became fists, allowing Liu Yi to feel as if he had overwhelming power to run!

    Bus? Whats that? Past it!

    Liu Yi accelerated. His whole body was like the wind. In a flash, he ran past the bus.

    And at this moment, all the passengers on the bus was stunned silly.

    Lil Die, look, isnt that our classmate Liu Yi?!

    Next to the bus windows, two very different beauties were standing next to each other in school uniform.

    One of them had her hair dyed golden like the sand. She had a pair of large charming eyes and some baby fat. However, she was still immensely beautiful.

    Seemly to be also because of her baby fat, her chest was a lot more plump compared to her classmate.

    The unremarkable school uniform was popped up like there was two small hills. Causing all the men nearby to peep at her.

    But because she was a student, she did not dress exposely at all. What she had underneath her uniform was a high necked white T-shirt. Without exposing any of her profound cleavage, she brought upon despair to all the men around.

    As for the beauty next to her. Her figure was not as good as the big eyed girl and her chest was only slightly raised.

    But her looks were a couple notches above her classmate. Her looks were even more beautiful than TV stars. Her eyes had a hidden sense of status. She was at the level of a goddess!

    Whos this Liu Yi? Dont know him and never heard of him before.

    Said the beauty called lil Die curling her lips showing no signs of recollection.

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 8 - A Monster

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Aiyah! Sis Die, wasnt that a bit too many male classmates that you dont know?!

    The golden haired super hot body girl chuckled while covering her mouth.

    As expected of our Miss Murong, it seems that our male classmates would once again despair!

    They can go and despair all they want.

    Murong Die curled her lips. Her delicate tiny nose creased slightly. A sign of the goddess! Her actions have shook the hearts of numerous male passengers.

    Sigh. If one could have such a beautiful girl as his girlfriend, then even if he have to lose twenty years off his life its still worth!

    What does their despair have to do with me? Also, Lele, can you stop calling me Miss Murong, Ive told you many times, its very awkward!

    Okay but sis Die, we left so late today would we be punished if were late?...

    What are you scared of, its not like we dont know the materials in the morning lectures!

    Murong Die was like a proud little peacock.

    Hehe, as expected of our Miss Murong, so domineering!

    Wang Lele couldnt help herself and started laughing.

    You called me Miss Murong again! Ill punish you!

    Murong Die extended one of her hand and pinched Wang Leles nose.

    Aiyah! Sis Die, you cant pinch me like that!

    Wang Lele clutch her nose and said with eyes full of sadness. It was originally pretty, now that you pinched it flat who would want me now

    Dont worry. Even if you have an overturned nose, there will still be men who want you!

    Murong Die cast her eyes at her friends chest area. Although she pretended not to care about it, she still does.

    Sigh. We grew up together! What exactly did this Wang Lele eat thats different from me? Did she took extra hormones? Or did she drank holy powdered milk? How come her chest is so much bigger than mine?...

    Sis Die is teasing me again

    Wang Lele got even more depressed. Overturned nose is very ugly, no one would want me for certain

    Your chest is sufficient enough to make up for everything

    Murong Die suddenly had an evil smile. Come, let sis check them out. Did they grow again?

    Stop. Stop teasing me

    Wang Lele quickly covered her chest. The people nearby were drooling. They were thinking in their hearts: No, dont cover them! Its not like youll get pregnant from getting checked!

    Stop playing around. Sis Die, look at that Liu Yi. How is he running like hes Liu Xiang?!

    Said Wang Lele as she pointed toward the outside.

    Who know. maybe Liu Yi is a student athlete?

    For stuff like these, Murong Die didnt care one bit.

    She believed that her life was already a pain in the *** and didnt want other trivial people to bring more trouble into her life.

    However, as her sight landed on Liu Yi who was running outside the window, her eyes couldnt help but shine slightly.

    This unkempt looking boy does indeed look a bit familiar.

    Is he really my classmate?

    She saw that this Liu Yi who was overlooked by her was currently running alongside the bus. His breathe was stable, his rhythm was good, he wasnt running too fast nor was he too slow.

    This guy was indeed running very fast!

    Is this the daily training of student athlete?

    Murong Die could not help herself but be curious.

    As for Liu Yi, he didnt know that the prettiest girl in class was currently looking at him. All that he had in his mind was that he cannot be late.

    Hell be ****ed if hes late!

    Liu Yis mind was muddled with worries. However, the sensation from the running was very pleasurable.

    Could this be the legendary sensation of chasing the wind?!

    Shit, I became a dilettante!

    Run slower! This ladys immortal energy was almost completely wasted by you!

    Shouts of the little foxs heartache was constantly resounding in Liu Yis ears.

    As for Liu Yi, he didnt give a shit if its immortal energy or immortal electricity, the only thing he knew was that if he stopped running, then hell be ****ed!

    The bus had turned toward a high trestle bridge. Liu Yi about to follow the bus and cross the bridge when all of a sudden he noticed a weeping loli in the little forest underneath the bridge.

    That loli looks to be about eleven or twelve. With a double ponytail hairstyle, a yellow bubbles skirt and princess stockings, the loli looked very cute.

    She was standing under a tree, crying.

    And next to her, on a three thats about four or five meters tall, was a Mickey Mouse balloon.

    Liu Yi heart immediately sunken. He turned around and ran down the bridge.

    Hey hey? What are you planning to do?

    The little fox quickly asked as she noticed that Liu Yi had suddenly stopped chasing after the bus.

    Help out!

    Liu Yi said.
    Are you serious?!

    The little fox Lin Tong immediately cried out in a surprise. Werent you afraid of being late? Youre now running off to help out? Are you nuts?!

    My grandfather had said that helping others is a mans duty. If I wasnt even willing to lift a finger to help others, then I might as well become a demon.

    Whats wrong with being a demon?!

    The little fox immediately grew unhappy. She shouted Theres also benevolent demons! Who said demons have to be evil?! Who said that?!

    Hearing the little fox asking about that all seriously, Liu Yis chest trembled. He had a sense of calamity.

    My my grandfather said that

    How come its your grandfather again? What does your grandfather do?

    He... hes a butcher.


    Liu Yi felt that it was certain that he wont be able to win against the little fox so he decided to ignore her mumbling by his ears and go toward the loli. In a couple steps, he had arrived next to the loli. He took a deep breath and forced a kind smile. He then bend down and asked the little loli.

    Little girl, do you need this big brother to help you out?

    The little loli sniffled. She lifted up her pinkish face and, upon seeing Liu Yis unkempt appearance, immediately started crying even harder.

    Waaahh. mama a monster came to eat Lil Ying..

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 9 - Im Afraid of Heights

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Waaahh. mama a monster came to eat Lil Ying..

    Seeing Liu Yis unkempt appearance and dusty body, the loli thought that he was a forsest monster and immediately started crying.

    Immediately, Liu Yi didnt know what to do.

    Oh Heavens! What is happening

    Little girl, this older brother is not a monster. Im a human!

    Liu Yi pulled his face as he said those words.

    He wanted to show that his face and everything else was real and hes not a monster morphed into a human shape.


    The little loli sniffled and then looked at Liu Yi pitifully.

    This loli was way too cute. Her teary expression was a lethal weapon.

    Thought Liu Yi. Fortunately, he wasnt a pedo.

    You can try pulling if you dont believe me.

    Liu Yi bend his back and placed his face toward the loli.

    The little loli outstretched her hand and pulled Liu Yis face gently.

    Its true its even a bit warm sorry big brother, Lil Ying thought that you were a monster

    Finding that Liu Yi was a human, the loli finally wiped her tears away and stopped crying.

    Whats wrong with monsters? Whats bad about monster?...

    The little fox once again started mumbling in Liu Yis ears.

    Liu Yi felt as if this fox had been chanting at him as much as Tangseng did to Sun Wukong.

    Little girl, wheres your mom?

    asked Liu Yi.

    Mom went to the parking lot to get the car. Lil Ying was playing here but balloon flew to tree

    Upon seeing the giant Mickey Mouse balloon thats stuck to the tree, the little loli started crying again.

    Lil Ying, dont cry. Big brother will help you get your balloon.


    Asked the little loli timidly after looking at the four to five meters tall tree.

    But. this tree is very tall

    No problem, leave it to me!

    Said Liu Yi. He bend over and pretended to tie his shoes but instead lowered his voice and asked the little fox.

    Your immortal strength could that let me jump four to five meters?

    Liu Yi asked expectantly.

    Youre nuts! Did you think this lady is your super battery?!

    Unable to help herself, the little fox started attacking him with all kinds of words.

    Four to five meters tall, you need to at least open the first Star Jade and official enter the path of immortal cultivation!

    That whatever Star Jade you spoke of can I open it right away?

    Liu Yi quickly asked.

    Of course you cant!

    The little fox immediately started scolding. You good for nothing, did you think that you can become an immortal cultivator with just a word or two?! To open the first Star Jade and enter the path of immortal cultivation requires a lot of preparation! For an average person, itll be very difficult to even enter! You, however, was super lucky. You met this lady! With my help, you wont have to walk all the detours in your preparation!

    If thats the case then lets talk about it next time!

    Liu Yi looked at the teary eyed loli and decided that he have no time to prepare for the whole immortal cultivation thing.

    He took a deep breath. Once again, that strange feeling within his body began to swell up.

    His whole bodys blood circulation had began to accelerate.

    You crazy bastard! Youre wasting this ladys immortal strength again!

    Lin Tong quickly shouted. Hey hey hey! Stop! Dont do this! Youll extract everything out of this lady!

    Too sinister!

    Hearing that, Liu Yis face reddened with embarrassment. However, he did not stop.

    He stepped back two steps. Then he accelerated toward the tree. Like the wind, he immediately left behind a huge cloud of dust and instantly rushed up the tree.

    Liu Yi felt as if he was a master of parkour. He stepped on the tree trunk and managed to run up there continuously!

    In a couple steps, he noticed that it was as if there was a magical attraction on his feet pulling his body and sticking him to the tree trunk.

    However, this magical attraction soon disappeared. His body suddenly sank and started falling toward the ground.

    At this moment, Liu Yi had ran about two meters. He screamed and then quickly hugged the tree trunk.

    He slid down the tree trunk a bit before stopping on the tree trunk.

    This scared him so much that his heartbeat started pumping extra fast. The little loli was down on the ground screaming incessantly.

    Big brother, are you superhuman?!

    Superhuman?... what kind of superhuman is this

    Im about to scared to death....

    It was the first time Liu Yi did something this thrilling!

    Liu Yis heart was beating so fast that it was about to pop out. He wiped his cold sweat and felt very chilly on his forehead.

    You really are insane! This ladys immortal strength, you wasted it just like that!

    Lin Tong was in a immense heartache.

    Pleasure from helping other people is the foundations of ones personal character!

    Said Liu Yi quickly.

    As if this lady care about that! This lady isnt human! This lady is is a female immortal!

    Yes yes yes. Miss female immortal, please dont let me screw up. Just a bit more and I can get the balloon.

    Said Liu Yi as he took another breath. Once again his blood circulation began to accelerate and his body immediately felt a lot lighter.

    Borrowing the strength from this sensation, Liu Yi was like a monkey. In a short while, he climbed up to the top of the tree and retrieved the little lolis balloon.

    Wow! Big brother is awesome!

    The little loli was clapping down below.

    And just when Liu Yi was about to climb back down, he suddenly began trembling and sweating an immense amount of cold sweat.

    Whats wrong big hero? Go back down! Or do you want to spend your whole life atop the tree?

    Lin Tongs mocking voice once again rang in Liu Yis ears.

    I I

    You what?

    Im afraid of heights

    [TL: burst out laughing sfx]

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 10 - My Names Lei Feng

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi was afraid of heights!

    Ever since he was young, when ever he looked down from a tall place, he will immediately get dizzy.

    This time is of no exception.

    He rushed up the tree earlier all bold and powerful. However, now that he had to get down from the tree, his brain immediately turned pitch black and he felt like throwing up.

    So so scary

    As they say, its easier to ascend a mountain than descending it

    This principle holds true for tree climbing too

    Liu Yi felt as if he was about to faint.

    hey hey hey! Dont mess around with this lady! Youre about to join the path of immortal cultivation, how could you possibly be afraid of heights! Hey hey! What are you doing?! Dont let go! Hey! Dont let go Liu Yi!

    The Lin Tong that only Liu Yi could see and was floating next to him suddenly screamed.

    Liu Yi finally could not help himself anymore. His arms grew weak and he fell down from the nearly five meters tall tree.

    Even at that moment when he was falling down, his right hand was still tightly grasping the balloons string.

    And at that moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt as if the time had slowed down.

    A lot of images drifted past his mind.

    Including one where he when he was a child. He didnt like to do homework and so his teachers would report to his parents about him not doing his homework which ended up giving him an *** whooping with a belt by his father.

    Theres also one of the first time Ma Yixuan moved to above their house. That chick was dressed in a beautiful yellow mini skirt and had been in Liu Yis mind ever since.

    [TL: Im assuming Liu Yi lived in an apartment complex, so Ma Yixuan moved to the floor above.]

    People had said that before someone dies, they will see their life flash by in their brains

    Could it be that Im really going to die?

    OH NO!

    I dont want to die!

    Im still a virgin! Its too much of a pity to die like that!


    Gods! Please help me!

    If I survive, Id certainly burn incense, pray and worship you!

    However, it seems like there was neither gods nor buddha that answered Liu Yis last minute religious conversion.

    However, a beautiful fox demon wasnt willing to let Liu Yi die.

    Idiot! Dumbass! This lady needs to save you! Waaah, my poor magical powers

    The little fox demon cried out of heartache. She started spinning around Liu Yis body at a lightning speed.

    A white light that is hard for one to see suddenly appeared on Liu Yis back.

    While the little loli was screaming, Liu Yis body slammed onto the ground with a loud bang.

    The dust was everywhere. The yellowish autumn leaves on the trees were blown to dance.

    Big brother! Big brother! Are you okay?! Dont scare Lil Ying!

    The little loli was about to cry again.

    How could one possibly survive falling from that height!

    Liu Yi was grimacing in pain. Although the fall had caused him pain all over, it wasnt that serious.

    It seems like there was something acting as a cushion earlier!

    Only because of that something did I not die from the fall.

    Liu Yi rubbed his ***. He stood up to the surprised little loli and handed over the balloon he had in his right hand.

    Big brother is okay. Here. You better hold your balloon tight this time.


    The little loli looked at Liu Yi with admiring eyes.

    Big brother, you really are a super human! Youre fine even after falling from such a height

    Fortunately this big brother had practiced the iron buttocks martial arts before.

    However, what Liu Yi thought in his mind was that little fox Lin Tong likely saved him.

    But how come this girl isnt making any noise this time around?

    Is she sulking?

    Thank you big brother! Big brother, youre this powerful, maybe I should introduce my big sister to you!

    The little loli blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Yi with an expression of expectancy.

    If you become Lil Yings brother in law, youd certainly be able to protect Lil Ying!

    Eh. its okay. Big brother is going to be late for class, so hell go ahead. You be good and stay here and wait for your moms return!

    Liu Yi suddenly remembered the whole school issue and immediately felt that he ****ed up.

    ****! Im really going to be ****ed now.

    They say that when you survive a calamity, youll be followed by good luck how come I keep getting bad lucks.

    Am I possessed by the god of bad fortune?

    No, that cant be. Its a little fox immortal that came into my right hand!

    Although she had a bad temper, she should be a good fox immortal

    Otherwise, she wont have saved me twice.

    Okay then big brother, whats your name?

    My names Lei Feng.

    Said Liu Yi proudly with his chest sticking out.

    [TL: In case you forgot, Lei Feng is the model citizen known for his altruism.]

    Puu big brother youre too funny

    Lil Ying!

    A voice of a woman came from the other side of the little forest.

    Ah! Mama is calling me. Ill go to my mama now!

    The little loli waved her hands at Liu Yi and said Big brother, you better remember my name. Im called Liu Ying!

    After saying that, the little loli with two ponytails left hopping.

    This little loli, shes pretty cute.

    Her older sister perhaps she is a beauty

    Maybe it would be nice to know her

    Cough cough. Bad thoughts. I better rush to school!

    Liu Yi turned around and wanted to start running again only to find out that no matter how, he was unable to feel that magical blood boiling sensation.

    Whats with this did that Lin Tong girl get stingy and refuse to lend me her immortal strength?

    Beautiful fox immortal? Big sister fox immortal? Whats wrong? Are you really mad at me?

    Quickly asked Liu Yi.

    However Lin Tong did not respond. It was as if she disappeared into the air.

    Okay it seems like you really dont want to talk to me

    Lin Yi shook his head. He felt that since hes going to be late anyways, might as well not overly concern himself with it and started walking toward the school slowly.

    And in his right hand, a sound so weak that its barely audible resounded.

    This. giant fool

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 11 - You Said What?

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Yo! And here I thought you were a beggar, isn't this our Liu Yi?

    Right when Liu Yi arrived at the first floor of the school, he bumped into three students with gaudy dyed hair.

    The leader amongst them was a guy called Kevin. One could say that hes handsome. His head was dyed red with streaks of yellow to show off his distinct individuality.

    His school uniform was also torn and tarred. The uniform was also painted with colorful drawings.

    Liu Yi knew that although boys his age envy and want to be the gangsters and hooligans, they wanted tattoos but certainly wont dare get them for real.

    Perhaps it was because of their fear of pain. Or perhaps they feared to be arrested by the police.

    In additional to that, the school required the students to wear school uniforms. Thus, in order to show off their personality, the students took a lot of time to alternate the designs of their uniforms.

    This guy standing in front of him was exactly one of those student.

    Not only does he love to show off his personality, he also loved to bully Liu Yi for fun.

    Hes one of the top delinquent within Liu Yis classroom. The delinquent group he belonged to wasnt small either, about seven or eight.

    He usually would take the some bad male students in the class and bring them to the washroom to secretly smoke. He also love to threaten students for money after school.

    Liu Yi, with his timid and cowardly personality, was one of his frequent target.

    Hey Liu Yi, I heard that you got tough.

    Kevin and the two boys he was with blocked the stairs and Liu Yis path.

    You even dared to go after general Yuan Shaojuns chick. Cheh cheh, who wouldve knew. Usually youre just a wussy but now you actually grew balls. Extraordinary! Extraordinary! Perhaps we should start following Boss Liu instead.

    As he was saying, Kevin started being unable to hold himself back and started laughing with his two rascal friends.

    A laughter filled with ridicule.

    Liu Yis face was reddened with embarrassment. He clenched his fist. His heart was very displeased. However, he didnt dare to say anything.

    He is just a mediocre and honest high school student who had never once dared of fighting others in school.

    When he sees delinquents like these, what he usually do was to move out of their way.

    Usually he would try his best not to bump into Kevin and them but who wouldve expect him to be so unlucky today, getting surrounded by them.

    It was supposed to be evening study right now. Seems like these three were planning to skip class!

    With students like these skipping classes, even the teachers pretty much didnt care anymore.

    As long as they dont make too much trouble, they were pretty much left alone to do as they will.

    Stop...stop joking. let me pass please Ill be late

    Said Liu Yi with a low voice, holding back his anger.

    Aiyah, say what? Speak louder! I cant hear you!

    Kevin asked loudly with a sarcastic expression. He even placed one of his hand over his ear.

    Boss Liu, if you have something to reprimand this lowly I, then please say it! This lowly I am waiting.

    Thats right. Thats right. It seems like our Liu Yi wasnt suited for a being boss and is only suitable for being a wussy! Hahaha! Isnt that right, wussy Liu?!

    The three students all walked toward Liu Yi. They pushed Liu Yis head and slap his neck.

    Wussy Liu, with the way that you are, you even dared to like Ma Yixuan?! Id say you might as well go home and masturbate, at least youd be happy that way!

    Kevin sneered at Liu Yi repeatedly.

    Liu Yi was very angry.

    He felt that something within his body was scattering quickly.

    It was as if there was thousands of insects crawling around in Liu Yis body, causing him wanting to explode.

    Too much! This really was too much!

    Its one thing for them to bully me! But to use Ma Yixuan to ridicule me

    Thinking back of that Yuan Shaojuns arrogance when he warned him of Ma Yixuan, Liu Yis inner anger burned even greater.

    Why must I be bullied by them?!

    Why cant I be able to obtain Ma Yixuan?!


    Aiyah! Look! Seems like wussy Liu is getting angry!

    Hahaha! A wussy is always a wussy, as if getting angry would change that!

    Thats right. Thats right. Us brothers were just about to go to the internet cafe and we have no money.

    Threatened Kevin as he placed his hand on Liu Yis shoulder.

    Wussy Liu, you better get some money for us to spend. Dont let us get angry. Because if we do, then youll be sorry!

    I got no money

    Liu Yis voice contained some chilliness and shakiness.

    No money?!

    Kevin took out his hand and directly went after Liu Yis pockets. Sure enough, there wasnt even a single cent.

    ****! Poor piss ****!

    A student cannot help himself and started cursing out loud.

    ****ing poor ****! No wonder Ma Yixuan dont like you! ****ing fool, go to your ****ing class! ****ing wussy Liu!

    Kevin cannot help himself and started swearing while talking. He even pushed Liu Yi to the wall.

    Im not a wussy.

    Liu Yis back was slammed onto the wall. The pain from that impact resounded through his body.

    He felt that at that moment, the whole blood within his body started to accelerate again.

    A chilly sensation appeared in his body.

    Say what, little shit? Say it again!

    Did you grew too tired of living?!

    The three immediately surrounded Liu Yi. They were rolling up their sleeves and glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey.

    I said

    Liu Yi lowered his voice for the last couple words.

    You said what?

    Inquired Kevin.

    I said...Im going to **** your whole family up!

    [TL: raw says Im going to 日 your whole family. 日 means sun, daytime, date, etc. It could also mean Japan as Japan is called 日本. In WW2, Japan conquered 1/3 or so of China and raped, pillaged , and killed Chinese everywhere they go. So there you go, Liu Yi is saying a major **** you to them.]

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 12 - Ill See You After School

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi. Grandfather is teaching you. One should always keep a low profile. After you go to school, youll still have to be honest and sincere. Dont get into fights with others. Even if others bully you, you must still restrain your anger. Grandfather is teaching you. Take a step back and the boundless world would open itself to you! Take a step forward and youll be harming yourself!

    When Liu Yi was young, both of his parents were busy.

    Thus, he was basically raised by his grandfather.

    Ever since childhood, Liu Yi had always been listening to his grandfathers teachings.

    At that time, grandfather lived in a small county town. There wasnt many people in the town.

    Only when Liu Yi grew up did he came to know that when his grandfather was younger, he was also a distinguished and elegant playboy with multiple wives!

    This was something that the older Liu Yi envy a whole lot.

    Alas, Liu Yi was unable to inherit the glorious tradition of his grandfather.

    Additionally, Liu Yi had also heard that his grandfather had participated in the war of resistance against the Japanese and was a hero for beating back the devils.

    [TL: The Chinese in WW2 called the japanese as Japanese Devils. Devils is what they usually call them by, shortened.]

    Therefore, everyone in the small county town was very respectful toward his grandfather.

    Particularly, Liu Yi had heard from his grandfather that in his younger days, he burst into the devils camps all alone with only his rifle and machete and single handedly killed seven devils going in and seven devils going out. The Liu Yi of then admired and revered his grandfather incessantly.

    Although Liu Yi doesnt know if his grandfather was bragging, it didnt change the image of the glorious grandfather that he had in his mind.

    Thus, he had always kept the words his grandfather told him as his lifes motto.

    Grandfather said not to get into fights.

    However, he actually kicked someone.

    And this someone was the scariest guy in his class

    Liu Yi at that time was still not a bit scared of what might happen afterwards. All he felt was that it was as if there was a demon imprisoned within his body telling him to fight, a fight thats best if blood was drawn!

    If he kicked this Kevin down the stairs and have him break his neck, oh how amusing that would be!

    Such a thought flashed through Liu Yis mind, causing even he himself to be shocked.

    Oh Heavens, whats with me

    You! You dared kick me!

    Kevin stepped back two steps after being kicked. He almost fell from the stairs. Fortunately, his two buddies managed to steady him.

    He was more surprised than in pain.

    The usually quiet Liu Yi that allows people to bully him actually unexpectedly actually did such a thing!

    Did he eat something wrong?!

    Bastard! I think youre tired of living!

    Kevin had never been kicked by another before. In particular, he had never been kicked by a wussy before. He felt that he cannot keep his face if he took the kick without doing anything back so he decided to teach Liu Yi a harsh lesson.

    Liu Yis eyes was slightly glowing red.

    Seeing the furious Kevin coming toward him with his two buddies, Liu Yi wasnt afraid, he was instead excited.

    And right at this moment, a shout came from someone on the stairs.

    What are you guys doing here and not going to class?!

    Liu Yi, Kevin and them immediately turned around to look. Oh boy! Immediately their back was sweating cold bullets.

    The incoming man had a body filled with murderous aura. He had a tough and stocky build. His eyes were shining like a Gundam. His head was bald like the reincarnation of Vajrapani. Who else can he be other than their guidance director?

    Immediately Liu Yis murderous aura faded away, it faded away super fast!

    His legs were weak and he was very scared.

    Oh Heaven! What did I do?!

    I actually kicked Kevin!

    Isnt isnt this searching for problems?...

    Director Wang, he hit me!

    Immediately shouted Kevin as he pointed toward Liu Yi. You see, he kicked me earlier!

    Liu Yi immediately grew nervous.

    He knew that he was ****ed. Not only would he be beaten up later, his parents would be called by the director

    Once his father knew that he fought in school hell surely whip Liu Yi to death with his belt

    Although his father didnt manage to inherit his grandfathers handsomeness, he managed to inherit completely his grandfathers violence when he attacked the devils

    Right when he thought of that his body subconsciously imagined the pain

    Nonsense! You think Im a fool?!

    This Director Wang suddenly frowned. Do I look like I dont know what kind of person you are, Kevin?

    Dir...director! This time it really was I who got hit

    It was the first time Kevin felt wronged.

    You deserve to be hit! Return to your class immediately!

    Director my my stomach hurts I need to go see the doctor

    Said Kevin immediately while shaking his head.

    Then go there quickly! Dont stay here and tarnish the air in the school!

    Shouted Director Wang.

    Yes yes

    Kevin could do nothing other than take his two buddies and descend the stairs.

    However, at that moment when he was descending down the stairs, he dropped by words to Liu Yi.

    Bastard Ill see you after school!

    After finish saying those words, the three descended down the stairs like a wisp of smoke. They showed no sign of having stomachache at all.

    A group of worry-free students! You, quickly return back your class too!

    Director Wang doesnt know Liu Yi so he just lectured him and left immediately.

    Liu Yis heart immediately started beating. He rejoined from escaping a calamity but, at the same time, started worrying deeply.

    This is bad! Kevin will certainly gather a lot of people after school to beat me up its impossible for me to escape that

    Reckon with that vengeful nasty personality of his, he might even beat me up every day

    My god! Dont tell me he might even force me to transfer school

    But Liu Yi was a bit reluctant to leave Ma Yixuan

    In the whole eighteen years that Liu Yi was alive, this was the first time that he had a headache.

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 13 - Miraculous Eyesight

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Good one, Liu Yi, you learned to be late.

    Luckily this lesson was not taught by Liu Yis homeroom teacher but instead was taught by a literature teacher.

    This literature teacher was an old bald man thats like fifty years old or so. Hes a funny guy and Liu Yi liked his class.

    Seeing Liu Yi knocking on the classroom door, the literature teacher fixed his glasses before making fun of Liu Yi.

    Based on the way you look, I suspect you went to pick up garbage this morning?

    Liu Yi was covered in dust. He had slept a whole night in the park and then ran to school. Thus, he was currently covered in sweat and dust.

    After being made fun of by the literature teacher, the students in the class immediately turned over and started laughing at the embarrassed Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was completely ashamed. He wanted to find a hole and hide.

    He didnt even dare to turn around to look at Ma Yixuan.

    She must be laughing at me

    He already had a bad impression on her and with this his impression just got lowered to a failing level.

    Forget it, forget about it. Quickly, go back to your seat and learn.

    The old literature teacher didnt want to delay the classroom time, he waved his hand and told Liu Yi to go to his seat.

    Thank you teacher.

    Dejected, Liu Yi returned to his seat.

    Chen Cai who was sitting next to him looked at his calamity with delight. He said.

    Oh Liu Yi, Liu Yi. You got lucky today. When our homeroom teacher was taking attendance, he was called over by the principle. However, the way you dressed was really elegant. Wasnt this the most fashionable beggar outfit from a couple years back? Did it got popular recently again?

    Go **** yourself

    Liu Yi glared at Chen Cai.

    A shitty friend! A shitty friend indeed!

    Liu Yi laid on the table. He secretly looked at Ma Yixuan who was sitting at the front.

    She was wearing a school uniform. Her head was lowered. She was smiling and secretly sending text message to someone.

    From Liu Yis point of view, it looked like a mocking smile.

    Oh lord! Was she laughing at me?.

    Suddenly, Liu Yi got curious. Ma Yixuan was sending some kinda microblog message

    He strongly wanted to know what she was sending.

    He had a curiosity like a fire, burning directly in his heart.

    And just at this moment, his bodys blood flow suddenly accelerated again.

    A sensation like hes high suddenly hit him again.

    In a flash, Liu Yis sight suddenly changed.

    It was like he was wearing a high powered telescope. He instantly narrowed the distance between the two.

    Even the tiny mole that Ma Yixuan had behind her ears was clearly reflected in Liu Yis sight.

    Holy shit! What the heck happened?!

    Liu Yi was surprised.

    However, his surprise was not long lasted as his eyesight immediately returned back to normal.

    The clear and beautiful Ma Yixuan had faded away from his sight. The distance between the two once again grew apart.

    What the heck just happened?!

    Liu Yi was both confused and surprised.

    He wanted to ask the little fox about what happened. However, she didnt respond at all! It was as if she was mad or something.

    She was acting like a forum lurker!

    Liu Yi wanted to know so bad that he began to try calling from her in his heart.

    My dear old female immortal sister! I need your help!

    How could you disappear on me like this?!

    Please show yourself.

    Liu Yi was constantly calling for Lin Tong. However, unfortunately for him, she never once respond.

    Chen Cai saw Liu Yi grasping his hands tightly as if he was praying for something.

    Liu Yi, what happened? I just teased you a couple times and you decided to start jerking off here?!

    **** off. Im immortal cultivating!

    Liu Yi gave his shitty friend a white eye.

    Hahaha! Immortal cultivating? Then Ill computer cultivate!

    Chen Cai immediately started laughing out loud.

    Liu Yi, Chen Cai, do you want to try standing up for the whole lecture?!

    Said the old literature teacher, frowning.

    Immediately, Chen Cai stopped himself.

    Liu Yi felt that he had been wronged.

    God damn! Its Chen Cai who was laughing and talking! Why must I be included?!

    Man, why did I have to have a shitty friend?!

    Liu Yi once again gave Chen Cai a white eye. Then he paid all his focus into trying to figure out what exactly happened to his eye sight.

    I wanna see!


    Ma Yixuan is playing with her phone again!

    Liu Yi was staring at Ma Yixuans phone. His eyes had started to get sore.

    I wanna see! Let me do it again!

    As if from deep dark within, someone was responding to Liu Yis request.

    Soon, Liu Yi began to feel that his blood flow had once again started accelerating.

    The icy cold sensation once again flow through his whole body.

    His eyesight suddenly increased and landed on Ma Yixuans phone.

    It was a latest Samsung phone. Big screen. Looks stunning.

    Ma Yixuan was indeed sending a microblog message.

    The content of that message was also clearly reflected in Liu Yis eyes.

    Immediately after seeing the message, Liu Yi felt ice cold from head to toe. It was as if an ice cellar dropped on him.

    He saw that Ma Yixuan was sending a message to man called Mr. Perfect of the New Society.

    Hubby! Hubby! Guess what, that Liu Yi in my class was stupid as heck. He dressed like a beggar to school today. And that loser wanted to pursue me!

    Dont pay attention to him. Hes been on my nerves for a while now. Ill get a couple guys and teach him a lesson tonight!

    Replied that Mr. Perfect of the New Society.

    xoxo. Hubbys the best after all! That idiot is so annoying! Im so unfortunate! He even lived next to me. Just thinking that I might run into him when I go out got me all gloomy and depressed. Hubby, why dont you beat him up real good and scare him to move?!

    Hahaha! No problem! Ill do that! Remember to reward me tonight!

    Hubby, youre so mean

    Liu Yis heart had frozen into ice and then cracked into pieces.

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 14 - Youre a Super Nice Guy

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi really liked Ma Yixuan.

    From his point of view, Ma Yixuan was an innocent pretty girl, not one bit contaminated.

    However now, Liu Yi was so hurt that he wanted to cry.

    As the saying goes...

    For every girl that you cannot get, theres always another man who would **** her till she vomits.

    Judging from the contents of her message, not only was Ma Yixuan not pure, her heart was also very evil.

    She actually asked the head of those hooligans, Yuan Shaojun, to not only beat him, but to beat him badly so that he would be forced to move.

    Immediately, Liu Yis heart was broken into pieces. Even using the super strong 502 glue, itd be impossible to glue it back.

    Even if Ma Yixuan didnt like him, she didnt have to do such a thing!

    She actually wanted to do such a thing to him...

    Immediately, Liu Yi lowered his evaluation of Ma Yixuan exponentially.

    The goddess that was all high and above had instantly became a demoness in Liu Yis heart.

    Ma Yixuan! Oh Ma Yixuan! I, Liu Yi, had mistaken you for someone better!

    Liu Yi was immensely depressed. Nothing can go through him anymore.

    He dropped his head onto the table, no longer able to take in anything.

    And as if because he overused his powers, Liu Yi soon began to be overcome by a strong sense of sleepiness.

    He was unable to control himself. Although he was fighting to keep his eyes awake, his eyelids soon began to close. Like two terribly heavy iron gates, his eyelids, little by little, began to fall.

    Liu Yi had entered a heavy slumber.

    Liu Yi! Liu Yi!

    In his trance like state, Liu Yi heard a girl calling him.

    Who whos calling me?...

    Liu Yi saw that he was surrounded by a pitch of darkness. Wasnt I laying on the table in class? How did I get here?

    Like the dark abyss of hell, Liu Yi was unable to see anything at all.

    Liu Yi started to get a hint of fear in his heart.

    Where is this?!

    Liu Yi was filled with nervousness.

    Idiot this is the world of your subconsciousness!

    And at that moment, that girls voice once again resounded.

    Liu Yi turned around. What he saw was an image of a beautiful woman of about 1.7 meters.

    That image of a beautiful woman was very fuzzy. From the looks of it, it should be a girl with an exquisite figure that causes one to drool over.

    However, as for her appearance, its indistinct because there was a layer of fog around her face, hiding it.

    Dumbass! Do you not know who this lady is anymore?!

    Hearing that familiar voice, Liu Yi suddenly remembered. He looked at the image and shouted in surprise.

    My dear older female immortal sister, you finally came out! Id been dying to see you!

    Really? Seems like you want to become an immortal cultivator now?

    The little fox cannot help but chuckle within.

    Humph humph. This fool seems to have taken the bait to become an immortal cultivator. Not bad not bad. Seems like I can develop him!

    No no, thats not it. Today I was bullied by others and will likely be jumped tonight! Could you please lend me some of your power so that I wont suffer so much when they beat me up?

    Seeing Liu Yis eyes that was filled with expectation, Lin Tong almost vomited blood and died.

    This good for nothing...

    This bastard...

    Hes done for!!

     Lend you my ***! Why cant you man up for once?! As long as you start cultivating, youll gain power and no longer would have to take beatings anymore!


    Liu Yi blinked his eyes. He suddenly understood.

    I understand! I understand now!

    He clapped his hand. The little fox was really happy.

    Looks like he can still be developed...

    After I cultivate, Ill gain strength!


    And once I gain strength, my athleticism would also increase!


    Once my athleticism increases, Ill be able to run faster! Then when I get a beating again, I will be able to run away! With my super fast speed like a rolling dung, lets see how any of them would be able to catch me then!


    The little fox almost died from anger.

    This good for nothing! This useless idiot!

    This guy wont be able to accomplish anything!

    You cant you strive a bit more?!

    The little fox scold Liu Yi.

    Did you plan to have others beat you up your whole life?! Did you not dare to fight back after gaining power?!

    But my grandfather said that fighting is bad

    Your grandfather again! What exactly does your grandfather do!


    Motherdamnshit****. how are you still alive then?!

    ****, I aint no pig!

    Liu Yi finally understood that he had been scold by the little fox.

    Sure enough, all foxes are cunning. He wont be able to win in a fight of words against her!

    Sigh. Oh grandfather! You taught me all those things, why didnt you teach me how to face pretty women.


    I hate you!

    Liu Yi wanted to cry.

    How come I am so miserable. The woman that I like wants to find people to beat me up.

    I encountered a little fox and she called me a pig!

    Im such a lovely boy, how could I possibly be a pig?!

    Regardless, whether youre a good for nothing or a good for nothing, you still need to follow this lady and learn the arts of immortal cultivation!

    Lin Tong bluntly stomped her foot and said with a delicate roughness.

    Why must I?... not like Im sold to you!

    Liu Yi was unconvinced.

    Why must you? Because you should fight for yourself!

    Said Lin Tong immediately after turning her eyes.


    Lin Yi was blinking stupidly. He didnt understand why the little fox would say such a thing.

    You really are a fool!

    The little fox saw Liu Yis stupid appearance and sighed.

    And youre also a super nice guy

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 15 - Be My Wife

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    What the heck!....

    Liu Yi wanted to cough up blood.

    How did I received the good person card so quickly?!

    Did you hear me or not?! You have to follow this lady and start cultivating!

    Lin Tong emphasized again.

    I I dont know what to do

    Liu Yi suddenly sighed.

    Im not in any mood right now.

    Its just getting dumped by a girl! Whats the huge deal?! Whats more, that girl is only of average appearance!

    Says who?! Shes very pretty!

    Liu Yi immediately retorted.

    This girl Lin Tong actually thinks that my standards of beauty was bad!


    Good for nothing, you are so very short sighted! What is exactly good about that woman?! Her looks are average, her figure are average and her heart is evil! And you actually like a girl like that? Youre really too much!


    Although Lin Tong had an nasty tongue, what Ma Yixuan wanted to do to him was also an indisputable truth.


    How come I am so unfortunate?!....

    Too depressing.

    Dont be discouraged. Even losers have their springtime of youth.

    Lin Tong changed the topic. Her voice was gentle and comforting.

    As long as you learn the arts of cultivation from this lady, youll be able to take care of all kinds of beautiful girls!

    She once again tried to entice Liu Yi. Her sweet and pleasant voice was like a soft and gentle little hand that was continuously caressing Liu Yis ears, causing even his chest to itch.

    At that time, not mentioning Ma Yixuan, even girls who are tenfold or even a hundredfold more beautiful than Ma Yixuan, youd still be able to get them!


    Liu Yi was a bit tempted.

    As a man, who wouldnt want to find a beautiful girl as his girlfriend?!

    Those guys in school who already have girlfriends so very enviable.

    To say that I am dont envy them is a lie.

    At least Im still sane. My classmate Chen Cai was already jerking off constantly from the lack of girlfriend and about to go insane.

    In order to attain a girlfriend and enjoy the school life with a female, he almost went after that super fat girl who weighed twice his weight!

    Its one thing that she was only fat Theres this one time where Liu Yi didnt leave right away after class, he personally witnessed that fat girl taking off her shoes in the summer the way she looked as she was picking under her toenails...

    Ever since, Liu Yi had this frightful image installed into his mind.

    He had always suspected that Chen Cai have a thing for fat girls but Chen Cai never admit that.

    If he were to tell Chen Cai that in his right hand sealed a beautiful little fox immortal, then Chen Cai would likely die from jealousy.

    Of course its true, this lady wont lie! This lady is a female immortal!

    The little fox lied without blinking her eyes.

    Ohh...ohhkay then how do I cultivate? I have absolutely no idea

    Fear not! You have this lady here!

    Lin TOng patted her chest. She said proudly. Who do you think this lady is? This lady is the most intelligent and most talented fox de... fox immortal in the past couple centuries!

    Oh is that so

    ****! Hearing such a great news and youre still not moved at all! Are you even alive?!

    Lin Tong stared at Liu Yi angrily.

    Liu Yi gave an wronged look.

    Its not like he can perceive talents and such...

    Okay fox immortal older sister

    Stop calling me fox immortal older sister!

    Lin Tong was very dissatisfied. You have to call me master!


    Liu Yi blinked a few times in confusion. I need to call you master?!

    To call a young and beautiful girl his master it was a bit hard for Liu Yi to accept.

    Of course! Im teaching you how to cultivate for immortality, what should you call me if not for master?!

    No, I cant!

    Liu Yi waved his hands around in disagreement. Even if you beat me to death I wont call you master!


    My grandfather had said that if I were to ever meet a young and beautiful girl, she most certainly must not be my master!

    Ah? Then what must she be?

    She should be my wife!


    The veins on Lin Tongs face was bulging from anger...if she had veins, that is.

    My grandfather had also said that if I were to call a beautiful girl master, then itll be making her sound old!

    Your grandfather finally said something right alright, dont call me master then Ill also feel weird if you did

    Then what should I call you?

    Well... let me think

    Lin Tong had her finger on his lips. She thought for a moment and said.

    Just call me the super-ultra-hyper-awesome-unequalled-beautiful-girl Lin Tong!

    Okay! Fox immortal older sister, lets start then!


    Lin Tong wanted to kick Liu Yi.

    However, once she thought of the fact that he was the host that she should protect and use, she gave up the thought.

    Alas, the super talented super genius super beautiful Lin Tong was sealed into this mans right hand!

    Sigh. What a depressing situation!

    Once I can get out, I wont ever dare to go around sucking peoples essence.

    Why must I be caught the first time I did that.

    Im really too unfortunate!

    Humph Humph! It must certainly be because Im too beautiful and smart! Thats why heaven is deliberately making things difficult for me!

    Yes! That must be the case!

    Even the heaven was jealous of the beautiful me!

    Umm fox immortal older sister can we start now?

    In order to be able to run faster at tonights beating, Liu Yi started to urge Lin Tong.

    Lin Tong was confused. How come this kid was so initiative this time around?

    But, this was a good thing!

    Good. In that case, let me teach you how to open your bodys first star jade!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 16 - The First Star Jade

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Star jade? What is star jade?

    Liu Yi had absolutely no idea what Star jade is.

    Never heard of star jade, but Ive heard of star constellation. Im a Taurus, the most steadfast one!

    Dont group the sacred arts of immortal cultivation with your constellation and whatnot! You good for nothing! Super duper good for nothing!

    Liu Yi angered Lin Tong so much that even her body began to shudder in anger.

    She stared at Liu Yi in anger and said. interrupt me again and I wont teach you anymore! Lets see how youll get beat up later tonight!

    Yes yes! I wont interrupt again

    Liu Yi felt that the words Star Jade was filled with evil intent.

    However, he didnt say it out loud.

    Mmmm, hes a pure and sweet and harmonious youth. There are some things he shouldnt think crooked of. Amitabha Buddha.

    Liu Yi attempted to not let his imagination run wild.

    In fact, as a human, its a lot easier for you to embark the path of immortal cultivation, much easier than us demons!

    Said Lin Tong with a tone of jealousy toward the Liu Yi who didnt know that he was better off than others.

    In the bodies of you humans, there existed twenty eight star jades that are arguably treasures in immortal cultivation! As for us demons, we didnt have any star jades in our body. If we want to cultivate, we would have to use our own demonic powers and absorb the essence of heaven and earth. Only then could we little by little cultivate our own star jade. Since you humans already have twenty eight star jades in your body, as long as you practice hard enough, youll be able to open those twenty eight star jades and attain the pinnacle of immortal cultivation!

    In that case which star jade are you on now?

    Asked Liu Yi.

    Humph humph! Im the great genius of the fox clan that only appear in a thousand years! This lady had cultivated for less than a hundred years but had already opened four star jades and successfully entered the middle mortal realm!

    What is this middle mortal realm?

    Liu Yi was confused.

    Humph humph! Seems like you dont know! Okay, this lady is in a pretty good mood today, so let me tell you about it patiently!

    Lin Tong circled around Liu Yis body once and said.

    The path of cultivation is divided into three stages. The Mortal Realm, the Earthly Realm and the highest Heavenly Realm! Each realm was further subdivided into three phases; the Lower, Middle and Upper. In order to enter the next phase, one must open three star jades. If you were to open your first star jade, then youd enter the Lower Mortal Realm.

    So thats what it is, so complicated

    Although Liu Yi was only so so in math, he still managed to do some mental math and said Wasnt this only twenty seven star jade? What about the last one?

    The person who is able to open the last star jade shall obtain the power of god!

    Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a white eye. Just by you, this huge good for nothing, youll be doing very well if you could attain the upper mortal realm! With talents and personality like yours, trying to reach the earthly realm would be a wishful thinking!

    Is it that ridiculous?....

    Hearing Lin Tongs words, Liu Yi was a bit dejected. His face dropped.

    Did you think that upper mortal realm wasnt powerful?

    Lin Tong feared that Liu Yi would give up immortal cultivation so she quickly began to try comforting him.

    If you were to be obtain the upper mortal realm, no one would be able to stop you in the human world. Only the superior experts could possibly be able to attain the earthly realm. And those who could attain the heavenly realm were the legendary few that are super strong as for gods, theyre things of fairy tales and myths. In any case, I have never met a expert of the heavenly realm. All I know was that my master is an expert of the earthly realm.

    Can I really do as I want if I attain upper mortal realm?...

    To be honest, Liu Yi was a bit yearning.

    Of course! Regardless, nothing bad will come from following this lady! Once you reach the third star jade, I could then have you help unseal me!

    The little fox thought to herself. Humph humph, you obviously cant reach that level.

    As long as Liu Yi learned the arts of cultivation and reach the third star jade, then I shall be able to escape from his body.

    As for the arts of cultivation that I am about to teach Liu Yi, it is the cultivation method of the Fox clan.

    Although the outcome of having a human cultivate using the fox clans method was unknown, one thing was certain. That was, once I escape from his body, I could absorb Liu Yis essence and my strength would likely increase rapidly. I might even be able to create two more star jades and enter the upper mortal realm!

    Humph humph, lets see what kind of female immortal could stop this lady then!

    Thinking till this part, the little fox cannot help herself but have a proud smile on her face.

    Lets start then

    Said Liu Yi filled with expectations.

    Okay! Then lets start now. Your body have twenty eight star jades. Currently, the first star jade that you are about to open is called the corner star. It is both the easier and the hardest star jade to open. First, follow me and repeat my chants! Then condense the vitality in your body into your demon immortal energy!

    Ohhh, okay.

    In regards to this aspect, Liu Yi was a complete idiot. He could only immense himself into the little foxs teachings.

    He sat down cross legged and started following the chants of the Professor Lin Tong. Unceasing, he continued to attempt to open the path to immortal cultivation.

    Listen to this lady. Dont rush. Slowly learn the arts of breathing. Based on your innate talents, if you should be able to condense enough vitality to convert to immortal strength to open the first star jade within a hundred days, then thatll be great progress already. Even this lady with her genius innate talent took a year to cultivate her first star jade and a month or so to open it. Hey you.

    Before Lin Tong was able to finish her sentence, she was staring at the cross legged Liu Yi with her beautiful eyes that were wide open from shock.

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 17 - Youre So Proactive

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi felt that there was a faint white stream of qi secretly wandering around in his body.

    He was unable to feel it earlier. However, after he started breathing according to the arts of breathing, he started to notice this lurking stream of qi.

    This stream of qi was like a naughty little mouse, it had hidden itself within the depths of Liu Yis body.

    As Liu Yi noticed the stream of qi, he tried to use his will to catch it. However, the stream of qi just ran away.

    Liu Yi grew angry.

    Little guy, you dared act this naughty when youre inside my body!

    I will certainly catch you today!

    Liu Yi began to chase this stream of qi. His consciousness began to run around nonstop in his body trying to catch the stream of qi.

    However, he did not notice that when he was chasing after the white stream of qi, his body gave off a slight white light that was unnoticeable with naked eyes.

    It was currently in broad daylight in the class. The literature teacher was teaching his class with great humour, attracting the attention of the students.

    Chen Cai had his eyes fixed on the boobs of Wang Lele who sat in the front row. Toward his good friend Liu Yis current unusual state, he had yet to notice.

    And at this moment, the body that Liu Yi had in his subconsciousness was radiating a large white light, surprising the little fox.

    How is this possible?!.... How is he gathering vitality so fast?!

    Lin Tong was already shocked speechless.

    She had already checked Liu Yis base core, it was a useless base core that couldnt bear fruit!

    But the speed thats hes currently gathering vitality at wasnt something that a useless base core should have!

    Lin Tong doesnt understand the reason. Liu Yi himself doesnt understand the reason either.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter. The stream of qi that he was chasing after was running faster and faster. Ultimately, he was unable to catch the stream of qi.

    Finally, the stream of qi started to flow around in his body nonstop!

    A heavy current of power also began to condense within Liu Yis dantian.

    [TL: dantian: point two inches below the navel where one's qi resides]

    It was condensing into a dung ball!

    Seems like I cant catch up anymore. That things running even faster than rabbits!

    Liu Yi finally decided to give up and began to follow the chants taught by the little fox. He began to cultivate his vitality and started attempting to condense a flow of qi within his body according to the heavens circulation.

    Soon, a red stream of qi began to, little by little, take form.

    Liu Yi felt that although this red stream of qi wasnt as condensed as the white stream of qi, it had a sense of control to it.

    He was able to control this red stream of qi!

    Following his will, the red stream of qi began to move around in his body!

    According to Professor Lin Tong teachings, Liu Yi controlled the red stream of qi and, little by little, began to rotate it within his body.

    Those acupuncture points and shit was very confusing and hard to remember, however because Liu Yi had the little fox to guide him, he was able to guide the red stream of qi into them one by one.

    One the red stream of qi have run a full heavens circulation through his body, it began to move to the acupuncture points without his assistance.

    At that time, what Liu Yi needed to constantly beat the horse like a chariot driver.

    As to where to run to, the horse itself knew.

    The red stream of qi soon ran a heavens small circulation through his body and began the heavens large circulation.

    [TL: heavens circulation = qi exercises from ancient times, basically move the qi around the body through specific areas of the body. The heavens small circulation is the first step, the large circulation is the next step.]

    What Liu Yi was surprised of was that the two streams of qi within his body, the red and the white, never interfere with each other. They each have their specific route and show no signs of ever crashing.

    How amazing!

    How come Lin Tong didnt mention such a thing would happen?!

    When Liu Yi had the red stream of qi circulate through the heavens large circulation thirty six times, he noticed that something felt wrong in his dantian.

    A revolving black ball that is radiating a faint light like the stars slowly condensed within his dantian.

    The red and the white streams of qi are both flowing through the black ball.

    At that moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt a stream of heat and another stream of cold. The two streams were exploding within his body. He felt as if his whole body was being pricked by tens of thousands of tiny needles. It was extremely painful.


    He suddenly woke and stood up from his chair.

    Chen Cai who was next to him was so surprised from Liu Yis actions that he fell to the ground.

    The rest of the students were also looking at Liu Yi with surprised face. They were wondering what the heck this Liu Yi was trying to do.

    Even Murong Die was looking at Liu Yi.

    This boy who usually never caught her attention before, how come he managed to catch her attention twice today?

    Sis Die, look! Its Liu Yi!

    Said Wang Lele with a bit of excitement as she secretly pushed Murong Die.

    This guy have been appearing on the frontpage a lot recently!

    Murong Die only faintly ceased her beautiful brows, she didnt say anything.

    She really dislike the type of guys who would show off in front of girls.

    She had already met too many of those type of guys!
    For example, that Kevin or something. He would deliberately bully other boys in front of her all the time to attract her attention.

    What a braindead! What he does pose no meaning at all, it only serve to make Murong Die dislike him even more!


    It seemed as if that only the old literature teacher was very happy.

    Who wouldve expect that our classmate Liu Yi would be so proactive today! Well then, you can answer this question!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 18 - Wanna Woo Her?

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    Liu Yi, come answer this question.

    The old literature teacher was very happy. He thought that the motivationless Liu Yi finally began to have a good learning attitude. He was very pleased to see Liu Yi this proactive.

    Ah? Ah?

    Liu Yi finally came to.

    He was currently no longer feeling the pain of the needles pricking on his body.

    Instead, he was currently having a real pleasing sensation.

    He felt that theres two forces of energy constantly flowing through his body, strengthening his physique.

    At this moment, Liu Yi felt that if he were to jump, then hed be able to grab the chandelier on the ceiling and rip it off completely!

    However, Liu Yi didnt dare to try theres too many people here...

    If he were to jump that high, theyll think that hes a beast.

    Grandfather had told him multiple times that one must keep a low profile.

    It was exactly the same reasoning as nonconformity getting punished.

    What are you ah-ing for. Come, rhyme this rhyming couplet, its very simple.

    When the old literature teacher was teaching rhyming couplets, he felt that Liu Yi had excellent spirit and thus decided to give him a easy couplet to rhyme.

    The first verse is the righteous and resolute Wen Tianxiang. Come, you can rhyme the next verse.

    [TL: Wen Tianxian is a folk hero of the Song dynasty known for resisting Mongol invasion in Jiangxi in 1275.]


    Liu Yi was dumbfounded.

    Before he was even fully conscious as to what was going on, he heard the old literature teacher telling him to rhyme couplets.

    The righteous and resolute Wen Tianxian?!

    As if subconsciously, Liu Yi blurted out the following words.

    Then my second verse shall be the virtuous and artistic Aoi Sora!


    The whole classroom had became a fryer all of a sudden.

    All the students burst out in laughter. Chen Cai was even pounding the table, his tears were about to fall too.

    Wang Lele was also laughing nonstop. She said covering her mouth.

    Aiyou Aiyou too funny. only now did I found out that Liu Yi was this funny

    Humph, hes just being a clown!

    Murong Die however only curled her lips.

    However, she was unable to stop her lips from being slightly lifted.

    They said that youre vicious, how did you know who Aoi Sora is?!

    Murong Die secretly pinched Wang Leles plump thighs.

    Hehe, don't sis Die also know who she is?... and youre talking about what I do.... were tweedledum and tweedledee.

    The two girls harassed each other a couple times.

    The old literature teacher had a face full of sinister intent.

    He wanted to kick Liu Yi out the window.

    But as a teacher, he cannot be that violent.

    However, he was indeed so angry that he was speechless.

    In all these years of his teaching career, it was the first time he encountered such a student!

    Liu Yi, motivated? No! Its more like hes intentionally causing trouble!

    Liu Yi had also noticed that he ****ed up and was sweating cold bullets.


    Liu Yi swear that he didnt do that on purpose!

    It was something he blurted out because of his muddiness earlier.

    Oh ****! Im done! Im dead for sure

    But how come this old literature teacher know of Aoi Sora?...

    This old fart aint pure either!

    Liu Yi you

    The old literature teacher looked at Liu Yi with eyes full of resent for failing to meet his expectations. There was a bit of hidden bitterness within his eyes too.

    Teacher, Liu Yi rhymed the verse very accurately!

    Wang Lele decided to create a disturbance on the side. Isnt that right, teacher?!


    The old literature teacher was put into an awkward situation.

    How to fix this situation...

    Should he punish Liu Yi or should he not punish Liu Yi?!

    The old literature teacher was at a loss.

    Liu Yi also stood there awkwardly.

    Theres currently a lot of things he wanted to ask Lin Tong. However, how could he possibly do that in this situation?!

    Right when the atmosphere grew very stiff, the life saving class bell came.

    Both Liu Yi and the old literature teacher loosened up.


    Fortunately, the class was over.

    Even the old literature teacher felt for the first time the wonderful sound that is the bell signaling the end of the class.

    Class is over!

    The old man closed his textbook and immediately went straight out the door without even bothering to look back.

    Liu Yi, you got balls! You even dared to clown around with the teacher in class!

    Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi with eyes full of endless envy. Even Wang Lele was speaking out for you!... If I could make Wang Lele speak out for me, then even if I were to be punished to copy a hundred pages, Id still do it!

    ****, you think that Im as vulgar as you?!

    Liu Yi gave Chen Cai a harsh glare.

    Hey, thats incorrect!

    Chen Cai immediately said have you never heard of the phase dying under the three peony, even after becoming a ghost, youd still be dissolutebefore?

    ****s the use for being dissolute when youre dead?!

    Liu Yi cant stand Chen Cais views anymore.

    The whole situation with Ma Yixuan had already left him heartbroken.

    And just when Chen Cai and Liu Yi was discussing about women, Lan He, the Prince Charming in the minds of many girls, came to Murong Die with two ball game tickets.

    Lil Die? Tonight our citys United Basketball Youth team is having a match. I am playing as the small forward tonight. It was very difficult for me to obtain these tickets, please come watch the game!

    He presented the two tickets to Murong Die under the envious eyes of the surrounding girls.

    Murong Die was speaking with her best friend Wang Lele. When she saw Lan He she immediately frowned.

    Sorry, not interested.

    These boys are really annoying.

    Even if theyre chasing after girls, must they make it so arrogant?

    Was he rewarding this ticket to me?

    I, Murong Die, dont want it.

    Lil Die, the game is very fun! Many people have asked me for the tickets but I didnt give it to any of them!

    Lan He felt that he cannot be rejected when all these people are watching.

    And just at this moment, Wang Lele who was standing next to Murong Die suddenly spoke up.

    Lan He, are you trying to woo our Miss Murong?!

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    My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 19 - The Question Is Who You Like

    Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

    I this

    Lan He was suddenly at a loss for words.

    This Wang Lele, shes too direct!

    To ask him this bluntly all of a sudden, Lan He was suddenly at a loss to what to respond.

    Say yes? Thatll be too embarrassing...

    Say no?

    Wont that be destroying ones escape path?

    I this

    Cheh, youre a man! If you like her then say it, if you dont then say it. Acting like a ***** and all, you think you can woo our Miss Murong like this?!

    Wang Lele gave Lan He an expression of disgust.

    You! What are you saying!

    Although the opposing girl was also a beauty and her boobs were also very profound.

    But to be told that all of a sudden in front of all these students and female fans, it was something thats a bit too much for Lan Hes reputation.

    What am I saying? Human speech!

    Wang Lele push her chest out. What? You gunna fight me? Try hitting me!

    Wang Leles chest was really way too spectacular. Just from that one push, she almost exploded Lan Hes eyeballs.

    Chen Cai who was watching from the sidelines almost nearly had blood flying out of his nose.

    Too stronk!

    What exactly do you have to eat to grow those boobs?!

    Thank you heaven!

    Even Liu Yi who had wholeheartedly decided to embark upon the road of immortal cultivation could not help his bodys increase flow of blood from seeing this scene.

    No wonder they say that men are animals who think using their dick...

    Its precisely because womens ability to entice was way too strong...

    Especially woman who were born with innate advantage like Wang Lele.

    I this

    Lan Hes eyeballs had nearly fell onto Wang Leles chest. He didnt know what to say and could only gulp his saliva.

    Murong Die noticed Lan Hes fixed eyes and immediately frowned. She then pressed down on Wang Leles stomach, causing her to retract her extended chest.

    Regardless, its impossible between us.

    Murong Die decided to cut short Lan Hes wishful thinking.

    Why?! How am I, Lan He, not worthy enough for you?!

    Lan He was a bit angry.

    Regardless of everything else, he was still a very handsome individual! He was also one of the seed players of the basketball team!

    He was even selected to be the a player of the City Youths second string team. Reckon that in the olympics and whatnot of the future, hell play a role in it.

    As a man like that, it wouldnt be weird to be called Mr. Perfect.

    [TL: Mr. Perfect in China = Gao Fu Shuai = Tall, Rich, Handsome.]

    Furthermore, his family had some background!

    The amount of girls chasing after him wasnt few either. Those little chocolate, little love letters and such, he had received a lot.

    Why was it that when it comes to Murong Die, he who had a good market price had suddenly lost his market?

    The delicious cakes that are in high demand had turned into dog shit!

    Not gunna give up!

    No matter what, Id capture this Murong Die!

    Not only is this Murong Die very pretty, her family background was also very good!

    If I can capture her, then Id could save fifty years of struggle!

    ****ing hell, let me show you that this handsome man would be able to capture Murong Die!

    Murong Die, I, Lan He, really like you from the bottom of my heart. Please go out with me!

    Lan He had a stern expression as he say that.

    Murong Die was very unhappy.

    Why is this guy being so clingy?

    Youre still not done?!

    Wang Lele once again spoke for Murong Die swift and fierce and with her chest sticking out.

    Young Master Lan, we regret to tell you that our Miss Murong already have someone that she likes! You might as well forget about wooing her!


    Lan He was shocked greatly.

    The hearts of all the normal looking male students in the class also, one by one, started to break.

    The goddess in their dream have a person she like?

    This is too ****ing hurtful!

    They were heartbroken enough to shed tears

    Murong Die was also a little surprised. However, she knew that Wang Lele was creating a cover for her. Thus, she let it slide for this critical moment.

    I dont believe you!

    Shouted Lan He.

    Never once had he ever seen Murong Die paying attention to any of the guys!

    Liking some guy!

    Based on Murong Dies prideful personality, thats completely impossible!

    Is there a guy who is better than he, Lan He, in this class?

    Absolutely not!

    Doesnt matter if you dont believe it, its the truth!

    Wang Lele braced herself and said. Lan He, dont you pester endlessly!

    When have I ever pestered endlessly?! Then you tell me, who does Murong Die like?!

    I this

    Wang Lele was suddenly at a loss for words.

    She glanced at Murong Die to which Murong Die expressed that theres nothing she can do.

    It was true, Murong Die never had any interest in any guy.

    Sometimes, Wang Lele had even suspect that Murong Die might be a lesbian!

    However, Murong Die didnt show any interest in her even with her gigantic boobs she most likely wasnt a lesbian...

    However, when faced with Lan Hes question, Wang Lele doesnt know how to respond.

    Must she say that she lied?

    Then shell lose a lot of face in front of everyone!

    No, absolutely not!

    This lie must continue!

    Hehe, so you cant answer right?.... I knew that you were ly

    Its Liu Yi! Yep, its Liu Yi!

    Wang Leles sight suddenly fell toward the bystander Liu Yi.

    Wang Lele remembered Liu Yi, he was the only one in the class that left an impression on her!

    Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, on the behalf of this beauty Wang Lele, please help me!

    May god help you! Amen!

    After Wang Leles words left her mouth, everyones sight all rushed toward Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi eyes were also wide open. He was pointing at his own nose, stunned.

    What the heck?

    The number one beauty of the class, Murong Die, likes me?

    Im not dreaming right?!

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