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Thread: Web novel directory project

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    Default Web novel directory project


    I hope this is the right section to post this project.

    Iīm a big fan of web novels! But i canīt find a clear site where there categories, tags and a profound directory of all the translated web novels. There are to many translation sits.... thats why I want to create a new site that have a clear list of all translation works with information about the novel and a link to the translation group. I Hope that will help the reader (like me) to find the the right novel without searching in many forums and translation site. (If there are already a site then please inform me)

    There are 3 function on the website.

    1. Webnovel directory
    A Clear site with information, categories and links for all the webnovels

    2. There are People that like to Translate and donīt have their own site.
    They can have their own Translation Category with a Mobile reading function.

    3. Ebook option
    It will take some time but if the translation group give me their permission i will create ebook version of the novel. (It would be nice if i can get some help i can teach some people to create ebooks... its not hard to learn)

    What do i need?
    Iīm a web Developer. I provide the Domain, create the website with all the function.
    But the Information gathering is to much for me alone (=
    Thats why im searching for people, that like to update the "Webnovel directory", people that want to post their own translation but donīt own a website.

    I hope to create united web novel site that provide clear information for all the web novel lovers
    If i can find 1 or 2 People that like to help me fill the information im gonna start the project.

    Name suggestion
    unitednovels (I love to hear your name options )

    English is not my native language. I hope you can forgive my grammar.
    I love to hear your option about this project and if u have good ideas for additional functions for the website then pleas tell me your ideas

    Thanks !!!

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    This seems like a cool idea. As you can see, there is a fairly long, although incomplete, list of ongoing translations maintained by me on this forum. Some main problems are:

    1) Most of the information needs to be compiled by fans and/or whoever maintains the list.

    2) Right now there is a huge explosion in popularity of Chinese web novels. Soon, that will die down, and you risk being left with a huge list of inactive translations.

    3) Because of #2, whoever maintains this list will need to be relatively vigilant about keeping it up to date.

    4) Most of the relevant novels are already collected in Mangaupdates; unfortunately, they are mixed in with manga and other media which make it difficult to figure out which ones are web novels.

    Any, good luck, and please feel free to use the list I've created so far to help populate your project.
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    Ther is a site called, that seems to function as a novel version of mangaupdates. Don't know who runs it or how, but they have a pretty comprehensive list of translated novels, both Japanese and Chinese.
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    You are right about this. I was thinking, that we donīt need to display "ongoing/droppe" and just show the information about the Novel. With this we just have a neutral directory and donīt have to update much.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Oh i didnīt find this site Itīs a bit like aho updates if im not wrong.
    It really have a nice list of Novels (= i will look into it!


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