If you are learning Vietnamese in HCMC and love travelling to wild natural places, you will be amazed at the beautiful mountain paths you will find in Ma Thin Lnh Valley.

Ma Thin Lnh Valley is situated in Thạnh Tn Commune, Ty Ninh province. Formed by three mountains: Pig, Phoenix and Black Virgin, the place is famous for its natural scenery with many stunning streams.

Ma Thin Lnh is regarded as Đ Lạt of southeastern region because of the cool atmosphere up there. Travelling to Ma Thin Lnh Valley is best at this time of the year. You will be astonished when explore all the mysterious paths, listen to choirs of birds and see the diversity of forest species here.

The way to this valley may be not so magnificent, but it is beautiful enough for nature lovers to be stirred and want to come back. Despite the beauty of nature, it is not easy to reach Ma Thin Lnh Valley at all as the way is pretty steep and boasts many snakes. However, snakes here are harmless and they only seek for food at nights.

The highlighted site of Ma Thin Lnh Valley is Tiger Cave (hang ng Hổ). This profound cave locates at Pig Mountains foot. To reach this destination, tourists must pass a long forest road hiding between dense forest layers, many rivers and especially a fear called python. There are many myths and mysterious stories about hundred-kilogram pythons living in Tiger Cave. It is said that at midnight, these dangerous animals come to villages down the mountains foot to catch pigs, chickens and sometimes calves. Although no one has ever witnessed them but all the locals here highly believe in their existence.

After the long journey, visitors will be rewarded with the chilly and fresh climate here as well as many splendid natural sceneries. It is no wonder why Ma Thin Lnh Valley attracts so many tourists. This is an ideal destination for foreigners learning Vietnamese in HCMC and wanting to flee the citys dust and heat.

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