Have you ever thought that lotus is a very healthy food, man?

"Lotus is regarded as the symbol of Vietnam because its simplicity but full of beauty is alike the simple-hearted Vietnamese. When you learn Vietnamese, you must know there are many Vietnamese idioms about Lotus’s beauty. They are not only gorgeous on the outside, but also are that beautiful inside – which is a highly tonic ingredient to make nourishing dishes that are good for health. Some of them are also considered as Oriental remedies for illness relating to nervous system.

The lotus root contains a lot of fibrous matter and vitamin. They are usually processed into remedy, porridge and soup or simmered with pork. You can also slice them and fry them until they are crisped, which produce a very strange but tasty flavor.
Scientists have proved that the leaf of lotus is highly effective in helping people lose weight if used with an appropriate amount. On the other hand, the lotus seed acts as a tranquillizer and is also supportive in treating vestibular disorder, headache, insomnia etc.
Therefore, black chicken steamed with lotus leaves and lotus seed are nutritious dishes for especially people who just get over their sickness, people with asthenic or women after giving birth. Products made from lotus are benign and applicable for all subjects and ages.
In olden times, this sweet porridge was considered as royal delicacy, which can only serve kings. The ethereal sweetness of longans along with nutrients from lotus makes up a valuable tasty medicine. Besides processed into illness treatment, lotus is used a lot to decorate the house. Its gentle look and smell warm the whole atmosphere, keeping the family members at ease and happy all the time.
Because lotus grows in a healthy environment, therefore products made from lotus are harmless. When you travel to Vietnam, Vietnamese Language Studies highly suggests you should try some dishes made from Lotus, which will be good for both your health and beauty."

Source: http://www.vlstudies.com/vn/news--ev...om-lotus/787/1