I wonder if I should go to Da Nang and try out this longest lantern road

"With the main theme is “ Sparkling Asia”, the lantern road at Asia Park, Đà Nẵng is lighten up by 3000 lanterns that deliver a perfect and magnificent light party for local people and visitors.

The road is divided into 4 sections: The central section, Singaporian section, Indonesian section and Japanese section. The central section is where traditional Vietnamese lanterns are situated. They are made by different types of color papers and bamboo frames. Those are Hội An lanterns, a type of lantern that has been existing for more than 500 years ago, is considered as a symbol of luck and happiness. Or you can also find some star lanterns that remind you of our yearly Mid-Autumn festival.

Indonesian lanterns with sophisticated patterns and 2 main colors: black and white

One of the most attractive areas is the Singapore section with red lanterns

Not only just observing lanterns of Asean countries, visitors also can see lots of lanterns from cartoons and movies

From 29.88 until 27.09, you will have a chance to learn more about different cultures of Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and China through traditional fashion shows every weekday. Especially on Saturday and Sunday nights, there will be traditional music shows. From 20-27/09, Asia Park also organizes moon cake making sessions for visitors to experience and try out.

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