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    Hi, I am one the of many ghosts who just read the translations of peeps. We don't comment, we don't thank but you know we appreciate what you're doing immensely.

    Trying my best for this not to look like an introduction

    Haha, but the main reason for this thread is that I need some advice and a couple questions if you guys want to answer it. I want to learn whichever I need to be able to read books, that's my end goal. To be able to read and speak it. I only started this yesterday but I'm willing to do this. At the moment all I know is how to count up 99 (not much but it's a start) and some basic identifiers.

    Not sure if this makes any sense but what's the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese?
    Can anyone link me to somewhere I can get started?

    I know it's pretty stupid of me to begin learning a language without knowing the alphabets, so I'm going to do it now.

    Edit 1: Haha. Looked at the alphabets. Confused. Painful. Ahhhh. Might as well buy a book or something or a CD or just pay for the course somewhere.

    Edit 2: Can someone link me to a good website to learn from, because all I'm doing write now is trying to decipher stuff... ei, bi, xi and trying to write it down. So far it's looking good but it's too hard to memorise. Looks like this is going to be long term rather than medium.
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    I might try searching for a channel on YouTube. Type in beginning Chinese lessons, Chinese lesson 1 or something.

    Here's one to get you started!

    This is YangYang Cheng's channel.

    And learning a new language is hard! I'm trying to learn the Teochew dialect and I'm finding it really frustrating. Good luck to you!

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