If you don't see any similarities between the two, it's worth taking a look again @@ But anyway, this does not deserve a photo prize.

"On October 18th 2015, the controversial photo which depicts Saigon’s Iconic Building with unfinished eaten bread won the 3rd prize at Canon Photo 2015. It was derived and captured from Tran Xuan Tien, a good student from Van Lang University. This photo really triggered the controversy over its lack of aesthetic content compared to other winning performances. As many people and expatscommented, this prize is not impressive and mediocre.

As the explanation from author, his photo has two subjects including street food and Saigon. He really impressed by Saigon bread, while Bitexco also make the new iconic of Ho Chi Minh City which replaced to Ben Thanh’s Market. Moreover, the young photographer shared that these symbols not only express for luxury and modern. It also represents the existence of the gap between rich and poor.

Tran Xuan Tien said that art can come from the simplest things of life, even an unfinished eaten bread."