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Thread: My Fury Will Burn The Heavens(焚天之怒/Fen Tian Zhi Nu) By YaoYe(Demon Night)

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    Chapter 10 : Treasure Pavilion

    Waste Dan,As the name says was refined up from the wrong process or ingredients.

    The Liu elder does not know that yesterday that two Earth Rank Dan were created when Jiang Yi had injected two wisps of black Yuan forces,he thinks that he did not add other material carefully, let the original remedy change,made a mistake to refine Earth Rank Dan.

    Last night had studied for whole night,he has investigated every ingredient present in that Dan inexplicably,therefore attempts to increase various ingredients today, hopes to refine Earth Rank Dan the same way like yesterday.

    The refining of the Dan is a very rigorous matter, the ingredients in the remedy are not few, each ingredient costs money, the smelting time, materialization technique accurately, remelts to be accurate,otherwise very easy turns to waste Dan.

    Compounded drug like yesterday's Spirit Shen Dan which formula Liu Elder refines today,added one medicament each time, the result was needless saying that - naturally all Dan discarded, completely was not Spirit Shen Dan which is Human Rank high-grade goods used for practise, definitely was not the Earth Rank Dan.

    The Refinement Teachers often regard importance to own work very much, therefore this waste Dan Which has vigorous efficiency , he can not allow to remain because it will absolutely ruins his prestige.

    The waste Dan efficiency is unclear,if have some problems,that may be a Refinement Teacher's stain of a lifetime.

    Jiang Yi does not understand these, he cannot learn how to refine a Dan in a short time, the Dan in Pharmacy he does not dare to move,only had to hit this waste Dan's attention.

    He has hesitated, finally sets firm resolve to make a lane, mortgage in FengYue building that token, such as a sharp sword pressing on his head making him unable to breath


    He could not attend to lunch, first collected several waste Dan, because in the morning was the experiment, the Liu elder did not have many waste medicinal herbs actually, therefore each stove Only consists 3-4.

    He feigns to clean up Dan Pharmacy, waited to see if Liu Elder comes back, then began. Takes out three Dans to throw into a small Dan stove to study , then wait to slowly inject the blue elementary force, and induced the Yuan force into the Dan stove in same situation.

    "Um,Similar Situation,Lets try!"

    Jiang Yi observed and emulated one in the morning, not to understand,induces Yuan Force into steaming hot Dan stove, the two waste Dan absorbs blue colour yuan force, revolved a wisp of black yuan force to pour into Dan stove immediately.


    The entire Dan stove trembles, Jiang Yi was instead shaken to be thrust away from the place, in his eyes is the happy expression, yesterday wasn't after exploding Dan stove two Earth Rank Dans were created?

    He hurries to crawl, removed the lid to see actually smiles bitterly, inside two waste Dan ......All exploded!

    "Huh ! What Happened ?"

    Jiang Yi was confused, he had heard the compounded drug can remelted to reconstruct, but concrete does not know how to operate, only looking at a morning refining of Dan if he would be able to remelted it to reconstruct, he will be considered a refinement division Genius ......

    Has pondered for a while, he throws three Dans once more, continues to inject the blue Yuan force with the black stone warming, result this time has not exploded Dan Stove, but he removed the lid to look, actually discovery original Dan no difference.

    "Or should casual add Jiadian Yao powder try?"

    Jiang Yi sits on the ground, had pondered very long, finally decides to try casually, this waste Dan is not in any case valuable, the black Yuan force if consumed can also practice again.

    He took some medicinal powder to sprinkle casually from the raw material in medicine room, then threw three waste Dan, after the warming was enough, injected the blue Yuan force again, final injected two wisps of black Yuan forces cruel-heartedly.


    The entire Dan stove sways once again fiercely, when he opens lid to look the whole face was black, inside the three Dans added after the original two all exploded, turned into residues ,did not remain ......

    "Shit!Why?What?How to make?"

    Jiang Yi sitting cross-legged on ground ponders over,actually has thought very much for a long time about what to but no idea completely. Suddenly, his eye one bright, tapped the head to stand got up to walk toward the learning hall.

    On the bookshelf in learning hall has lot of books about Refining Dan, can perhaps find the the method that remelts to reconstruct the Dan.

    "Found it!"

    After having read 5-6 books again, he finally found hermetic art Jan Lu, read several pages to find the method that can remelt the Dan.

    "Originally to remelt the Dan needs constantly the neutral medicament DiHuang powder, only then restores the neutrality to be able to remelt the Dan to make once more ......"

    Jiang Yi was suddenly en lighted, to find that medicinal herbs went to the medicine thatched roof hut to seek for the DiHuang powder hurriedly,quickly he found the DiHuang powder in a pottery jar, started to remelt once more.


    When he Throws in three Dans,injects a wisp of black Yuan force, in Dan stove hears a sad explosive sound again, when he removed the bung, actually discovers that inside three Dans all exploded ......

    "Cannot Refine ?,try one last time,then should go home to eat meal."

    Jiang Yi,threw all remaining seven waste Dan, brings some DiHuang powders, last time remelts to reconstruct,moreover this time the remaining three wisps of black Yuan forces in Dantian has been poured in completely.


    Does not make Jiang Yi surprise, Dan stove is one crack, when he has not hold any hope and removed the bung, actually to his surprise discovered that three Dans Had not exploded unexpectedly, peaceful lying down in Dan stove. Above them a black light circulation, has the trace faintly, looks like remarkably pretty.

    "Ha, Made it?"

    Jiang Yi is wild with joy,takes out three Dans in Dan stove,smelling the quiet fragrance inside, his excited body shivers , looks at three Dans is like looking at three beautiful women in Black clothes during eclipse very attractive.

    "Same,Same, looked like yesterday's two Earth Rank Dan very much! Dan, this how much money? Perhaps ......I have sold these three Dan, can make 12 Golds?"

    Jiang Yi palpitates with excitement, took a small porcelain hastily put three Dans inside and bottled,reorganized and cleaned up the Dan Pharmacy,walked toward his own yard.


    "Young master,Chunya said that side Street has a large-scale restaurant to need person to wash dishes, I want ...... Jiang Yi to go home to dig up the meal with her", Jiang Xiaonu sitting in side said at the same time suddenly in a low voice.

    "It is not good! It is absolutely not good!"

    Jiang Yi interrupts his words directly, the calm face warned: "Xiaonu,you remember, starting today you cannot leave Jiang Family Courtyard again, otherwise do not recognize me as your young master."

    Jiang Xiaonu the eyes is anxious, clenches teeth saying:"But, one month later, if does not hand over money, the person in FengYue building visits to ask for money, punishment hall will definitely punish the young master, if Xiaonu was killed all right, but young master ......"

    Jiang Yi puts down the chopsticks, touches the head of Xiaonu, said with a smile: "Xiaonu, do not worry, believe the young master, we will soon be very rich!"
    Thinks about that three Dans in bosom, Jiang Yi grinned to smile, the speed of eating was faster several points. Has finished eating meal like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, had addressed Jiang Xiaonu several things went out of the courtyard.

    This time he does not walk towards Dan Pharmacy, but turned the western Fields to walk toward the city quiet fast, he must go to the city the biggest business, the treasure pavilion!

    The Treasure pavilion is business of city main government office lord Ji Family, inside has the innumerable precious treasures, was known as, treasures only you can think but cannot buy. Simultaneously Treasure pavilion has also become the best place to sell the treasure, treats both the young and old honestly.

    Jiang Yi does not dare to look for the place To sell Dan casually, if got suspicious greedily troubles. The Entire Tianyu city is under Ji house, in the Treasure pavilion what treasure hasn't been seen? Naturally will not come pit with this grade of important person.

    Arrives at the halfway, his footsteps stopped suddenly,turned in nearby clothes gown shop, quick wore a black robe to walk, but also covered the head in the cape completely.

    He is the Jiang junior, if someone sees him to pass in and out the Treasure pavilion,to sell Dan! This very easy to the human to suspect that he builds up the Dan in Pharmacy to come out to sell secretly, therefore he has to be more careful.

    After burning a joss stick time, he went to the city plaza of Tianyu city,square is crowded, very lively,Jiang Yi the whole body covered in the black robe, caused some people to pay attention, but the city was noisy, anybody has not cared actually.

    Jiang Yi lowers the head walks fast,arrived at south square before a broad style three lofts building, quickly.

    "Treasure pavilion!"

    Jiang Yi looked at entrance giant signboard, three flying dragons and dancing of phoenixes golden large characters, the pursing his lips, clenched teeth to raise legs to walked toward inside.

    Treasure pavilion is very spacious, sweeps off most little has dozens ten feet width, inside is chocked up with various types of counters, on each counter the sales clerk stands , countless men and women in luxurious robes milling around,this inside looks like small down town streets.

    Jiang Yi first time comes to this big place,so does not know what to do. Fortunately, he stood for a moment, a middle-aged man wearing a robe and came asked: "? Will the guests need help with anything."

    "Treasure pavilion is really uncommon!"

    Jiang Yi nods secretly, the black robe that his outside buys is also the bargain-priced goods, this steward has not made people drive him out, but also the politeness, the Tianyu city first big Business is really so uncommon.

    Jiang Yi cups one hand in the other across the chest, lowers sound saying:"I want to sell several Dans, do you buy it?"

    "High-quality Dan we can buy."

    The stewards nodded, inquired: "What grade is the Dan of guest? If Human Rank low-grade goods ......"

    "Should not be Human Rank low-grade goods, continue? Should not say that is Earth Rank, least should also be Human Rank high-grade goods?"Jiang Yi has pondered over secretly, returns saying:"It is not the Human Rank low-grade goods."

    The stewards nodded, neither cold nor hot saying: "Good, please come with me."

    Jiang Yi with this steward into a nearby Accord, that steward asked Jiang Yi to sit down, then lifts the hand saying:"Please show the compounded drug, if good Dan, we will give the reasonable price."

    Jiang Yi took out the small porcelain bottle from bosom to hand over, that steward poured one, carefully watches one to smell, finally frowns saying:"Your this compounded drug, I have not looked, therefore is unable to appraise, please wait a bit, I will invite Refinement Teacher of our Treasure pavilion to appraise."

    The steward put down the compounded drug to walk,soon will lead a hoary-headed old man to walk, this old man wore a lunar white long gown, the impatient look on whole face.

    The old men walk, saw that the Jiang Yi whole person covered in the cape black robe has not been feeling well, took up the compounded drug on table to pour one with smell in the hand conveniently,saying with disdain: "This was waste Dan from refining Spirit ShenDan, remelted to reconstruct? Moreover increased some assorted medicinal powder, the drug efficiency estimated that must discount, this compounded drug value is not high, Liu Guanshi you look at the office!"

    "This Refinement Teacher is quite fierce!"

    Jiang Yi heart secretly startled, innermost feelings are very disappointed and puzzled, how doesn't the black Yuan force have increased drug efficiency? It seems like this Dan was unworthy of high price, perhaps the opposite party will not want ......


    The Refinement teacher prepares to throw Dan into the porcelain bottle, his pupil shone suddenly, the complexion also becomes serious, the eye stares in a big way, carefully watches the Dan once more.

    "Yes, yes, this is indeed ......"

    Looked at again,the old man body shivers unexpectedly slightly, his vision scalding hot sweeping to Jiang Yi, unexpectedly holds the fist in the other hand to cup one hand in the other across the chest to say suddenly: "This honoured guest,did You refine this Dan?"

    Jiang Yi was frightened, has stood hastily, shakes the head saying:"It is not, is not! I help others sell Dan..."

    Is it a joke!

    Since this refinement Teacher is in the Treasure pavilion, the Rank will definitely not be low. Liu Elder is a 1st Rank Refinement Teacher and in Jiang Family he became an elder, obviously higher rank Refinement Teacher has higher status, does he dare to withstand this ritual?


    On that Refinement Teacher face reveals a disappointed colour, looked at the Dan once more, turns around outward to walk quickly, simultaneously confesses the steward: "Entertain this guest, I am going to consult Second Young Miss first."

    In charge is startled, on the face shows the bright smile immediately, beckons saying:"Come Sir, Please have some tea!"

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    Chapter 11 : Ji TingYu

    Treasure pavilion top layer is very spacious, but here has a small Accord, other bulk places are full of unknown yellow flowers, at this moment under shine of sunlight, a golden shine,the place was as a dream such as imaginary place.

    Entire staff in Treasure pavilion is restricted to enter this area,only five people can enter the top layer .

    Second Division Refinement Teacher,"He Grandmaster" is included among those five people.

    He Grandmaster walks in a hurry through the staircase, on the roof of Accord a yellow clothes young girl, in one eye reveals spoil and other colour of respect immediately.

    A pretty young lady,age looks like,only 16 or 17-year-old,delicate facial features look even a fine by several points compared with Xiaonu,a faint yellow long skirt the tender body wraps she has exquisite curves, she sits among all the flowers in Accord and holds a book to read, nearby one cup of hot tea steam circle floating, gives people a feeling of elegance simply by looking, like a king among the flowers, like all the flowers lost there colour in her presence.

    She has a pair of beautiful Red Phoenix eyes,the pupil sparkles as pearl and clear as water, she discovered that some people walk in a hurry, a willow eyebrows gathered, put down the book to look slightly, said with a smile: "He grandfather,Why do you walk so hurriedly ?Did something happen ?"

    The He grandmaster enters Accord not to speak, black Dan that he brought from Jiang yi gave to the attractive young girl. Extending the hand girls white fingers holding immortality looked carefully for a while, also leans on her nose and sniffed, it is nice eyebrows cling tighter, some puzzled and asked: "This is only very ordinary compounded drug, remelts to reconstruct, inside should mix some medicinal powder,this compounded drug mostly the rank should be Human Rank ?"

    The He Grandmaster stroked his white beard,with a very satisfied nod said : "Young lady is intelligent, says right, but you took a look again carefully."

    The yellow clothes young girl beautiful small face is serious, she is very clear this Refinement teacher temperament is how strange, will be all right will not accompany her to chat, her pair of phoenix eye has narrowed , eyes will be watching the sunlight falling on the Dan carefully.

    Quickly she had discovered something not right, on the calm indifferent small face presents surprise and changes countenance, her pair of phoenix eyes also shone, the cherry small mouth sends out one startled voice to talk ask: "What?This compounded drug outside has trace of something strange,is this the legendary ...... "

    The He Grandmaster with an affirmative nod said: "Right, this is legendary ......Dan Lines! The young miss really well-read, intelligent excellent,About this Dan Lines the general preliminary Refinement teachers do not know."

    Pretty young lady beautiful pupil stared at that several light traces on the black compounded drug looked several more times, then chuckled shook the head saying:"He grandfather, I am not the Refinement teacher,if this is the legendary Dan Lines , it is said ......The Refinement Teacher who can refine Dan lines should be extraordinary? What special effect does this Dan Lines have?"

    "Dan Line is useless,not any addition to compounded drug efficiency ."

    He Grandmaster inhaled deeply, his face solemn deeply said: "But the Heaven Xing mainland with more than 10,000 years history has presented 107 Dan kings, nine Dan Saints, but only 102 compounded drug refined by those people ......Had Dan Lines!"


    The yellow clothes young lady tender body trembles, beautiful face changing colors, her beautiful pupil shines immediately scary, anxious saying: "Does He grandfather Know this Dan came from where?"

    The He Grandmaster puts out a hand to point out towards below: "This Was brought by a youth for sell."


    Yellow clothes young lady small mouth astonished opening, asked quickly: "Youth what kind of strength?"

    The He Grandmaster shakes the head saying:"This youth strength is very weak, Dao Boundary single layer, this is not refined, by him, to refine such a compounded drug at least to be Dao Boundary fifth Layer strength. I come up to ask for instructions the young lady, What to do with this matter? Or send someone to track this youth, to find this Refinement Teacher?"


    The yellow clothes young lady hesitates, complexion quickly restored calmly,pair of black eyes are sparkling a inexplicable ray, suddenly sets out to walk towards below: "I have to look personally."


    Treasure pavilion was a lot noisy, many respected family son and young ladies like coming here shopping, This is Tianyu city biggest Shop,passing in and out here frequently itself is also the symbol of status.


    But from the above staircase comes down a yellow clothes young girl,entire Treasure pavilion shortly was in an uproar, immediately became peaceful, falling the needle may hear. In many brocade gown son eyes reveals the scalding hot ray, just wants to walk toward the yellow clothes young girl in a hurry, actually saw that she disregarded the people to enter in a Chamber directly.

    The Jiang Yi mood in Chamber is very disturbed, the first time in such big place, is waiting at this moment still for the opposite party to decide, heart is tensed. Is good his whole face was covered in the cape, many years of constraint life also made his disposition calmer.


    The calmness of his attire, quickly vanished after the yellow clothes young lady walks in , after he has swept this young girl, the vision cannot move immediately. Jiang also has pretty young ladies, the young ladies compare to this second young Miss are also long way to go,this yellow clothes young lady at this moment felt like fresh flower with green leaf, with No comparison.

    "Cough, cough!"

    Fortunately,the He Grandmaster came along behind the girl, awakened Jiang Yi, he quickly looked down pretending to cough did not dare to look. He came to the sale Dans, which the girl is obviously rich, so if will stare at others perhaps to enrage the opposite party rashly.

    After the yellow clothes young girl walks, a beautiful pupil moves, swept over Jiang Yi, lifted the hand to prevent saluting of Liu Steward and maidservant, this looked Jiang Yi said: "Ji Tingyu, may I ask Sir your surname?"

    "Ji Family? This Treasure pavilion is really the shop of Ji, this seemed like the young Miss of City Host family."

    Listens the young girl voice such as the oriole was singing, Jiang Yi mind swings,but then with a calm mind said: "Miss Ji is good, this one is Yi Jiang."

    At this moment he does not dare to use real name, since he is very clear this compounded drug has alarmed the young lady of Ji, definitely was the opposite party had realized the specialness of black Yuan force, the ordinary man was innocent,in truth talent can arouse jealousy he understood that.

    "This place is not suitable to stay for a long time."

    This young miss of Ji is an outstandingly beautiful spirit, moreover her pair of beautiful Phoenix eyes twinkle, making him feel that they can understand all clearly, he fears that stayed in here for a long time, all his secrets will be out.

    Therefore he, did not wait for the opposite party to open the mouth saying:"Miss Ji, Do you receive this compounded drugs or do not receive? Do not receive Then I say goodbye!"


    The He Grandmaster and Liu Steward, good-looking maidservants show the stunned expression. They are very clear of man's attraction for this young lady ,Anyone saw her wiil be captivated by her and try to get her? This youth's strength in the city is not very sophisticated ,but has such strong determination unexpectedly?

    Ji Tingyu is also slightly startled, but quickly smiled, nods the head slightly said: "Compounded drug naturally will receive, Yi Young, how much money you need for it?"

    "Human Rank high-grade goods compounded drug are 12 silver, my this compounded drug listens to this Refinement Teacher is not very high, but their young miss was alarmed, obviously saw this compounded drug is unusual? Is the value higher than Human Rank high-grade Dan?"The Jiang Yi mind moves fast, clenches teeth to say quickly: "Two, 22 Silver."

    Ji Tingyu and He Grandmaster have looked at each other one,two people eyes flashed they were stunned,Dan refined with up Dan Lines to sell for 22 Silver unexpectedly? Will Refinement Teacher who can refine such compounded drug care about this amount of money? Has this youth stolen others compounded drug?

    Ji Tingyu the Treasure pavilion status is obviously high, she hesitates, others do not dare to open the mouth, a moment later she asked again: "Yi Young, Ji Tingyu wants to ask rashly, the master who refined this compounded drug know him then come out to sell the compounded drug right?"

    The compounded drug was refined by Jiang Yi, with a nod Jiang Yi naturally did not care said: "of course I know,or do you think I stole it?"

    "Ji Tingyu alarmed,this is only some of our rules,Yi Young should not feel offended ......"

    Ji Tingyu no longer asked that turns the head to ask Liu steward: "You bring 12 gold, these three compounded drugs our Treasure pavilion received."

    "12 Gold?"

    Jiang Yi is stunned, these 12 Golds are same as 100 silver, this Miss Ji not only has not pressed his price, instead rose?

    Steward exits to bring a piece of small gold-foil to give Jiang Yi quickly, Ji Tingyu smiles saying:"Yi Young, if later has such compounded drug, you come to our Treasure pavilion freely, we want all! Moreover all three we buy for 12 Gold , we can also pay more high price ,certainly ......You must make the master who refines this compounded drug to agree."

    "Is this Gold?"

    Jiang Yi mind was attracted to one purple gold-foils completely, this whole life has not seen Gold. His breathe becomes rapid, has not cared about this young lady's words completely, beckons with the hand to say at will: "Ok , later has such compounded drug, certainly will sell to your Treasure pavilion, had some matter first to say goodbye ......"

    Jiang Yi had Gold,with all politeness cups one hand in the other across the chest hurriedly to walk toward outside. That He Grandmaster also wants to ask several, actually blocked by the hand of Ji Tingyu.

    Jiang Yi goes out of Chamber,discovers innumerable vision locked on him unexpectedly, some sons reveal the colour of envy hatred. He does not know this is because of Ji Tingyu, some creepy feeling, looked down and tightened the cloak enveloped his head walked out of Treasure pavilion, vanishes in outside boundless huge crowd ......


    After Jiang Yi left for a while, the He Grandmaster had drawn back Liu Steward and maidservant,asked the Ji Tingyu: "Young lady, this compounded drug does not have the value besides Dan Lines . Moreover the drug efficiency is unclear, cannot sell, Why do you receive all? ......Should we send someone for tracking him?"


    Ji Tingyu smiles gracefully, is beautiful dazzling, in her beautiful pupil the light wave circulation, looks at the He Grandmaster to say with a smile: "He grandfather, in Tianyu city, in refining Dan nobody compares favourably with you, but in the theory of business ......Actually nobody compares with me. Depending on this Dan lines, feared to sare this youth, I meet 12 Golds to purchase. If with a change, can be on good terms with ......Dan King or Dan Saint Refinement Teacher, this business was too cost-effective. Right! The He grandfather do not send for tracking, otherwise has enraged that mystical Refinement Teacher will only equal to loss. Quickly relax, this youth will visit again ......"

    The He Grandmaster was suddenly en lighted, strokes to white beard, heartfelt saying: "Young Miss thoughts are agile, the vision is long-term, the old man admires. Yes ......Tianyu city several million people, doing business also really nobody compared favourably with young lady, otherwise Treasure pavilion in short two years can become Tianyu city first big Shop? Right! The young lady took over control of the shop was only 14 years old?If young lady continues to manage,feared that do not need ten years, the Treasure pavilion will become our Shen Wu Country's first big Shop."

    Ji Tingyu smiled shakes the head disregarded, her vision through the window slit of Accord, looks to the sky of distant place, sighed to mutter slightly: "What meaning does the Shen Wu country's first big company has? I Ji Tingyu must become the woman of The Emperor in the future, in order to do business how can walk a correct path in this world full of ruthless people ?"

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    Chapter 12 : Crawling Back

    "Gold, 12 Gold, have I earned 12 Gold unexpectedly?"

    Returns to the Jiang south Field to Refine in the Pharmacy, Jiang Yi felt like having a dream, he once again takes out the purple gold-foil in bosom to take a look secretly, careful to touch a few times , then hides in the bosom, the whole body is full of joy.

    In two days of time, he unexpectedly has gained 12 Gold, what is most important was that Ji Tingyu said, from now she will receive all the compound drugs. He Refines up 27 black compounded drugs again, he can earn 12 Purple golds,to redeemed the token?

    (Note : Money is divided into Silver , Gold ,Purple Gold ,but the author keeps keeping on changing the names & exchange rate of the different coins so it is very difficult to translate that part.So if some guys are having confusion sorry about it, I will try to make it clear in further chapter)
    Later must refine massive amount of Dan to sell to the Treasure pavilion, to gain money,Jiang Yi whole body trembles easily. Even if he is a waste at practice, he can become a wealthy man by this black Yuan force, can live with Xiaonu an easy and comfortable life.

    Liu Elder's also will definitely continue to experiment to refine the Dan for these days, so long as does not inject the black Yuan force, he can never build up the Earth Rank Dan , will then have many waste Dan ......

    "Ah Right, the black Yuan force all consumed, I must hurry to refine some, moment can not spare. In Remelting yesterday the blue Yuan force consumption was a lot, must make up."

    Jiang Yi suppresses the innermost feelings of joy, removes the distracting thoughts to sit cross-legged in a place to sit in meditation. He prepares to practice half an hour the nameless merit law, then runs the River Destroy Law to restore the blue Yuan force again , wait it is getting dark must bring "Medicinal herbs Jan Record" and read it all night at home, he may think for a long time now will be in the Pharmacy of family , if dares to neglect the order of that Liu Elder , fate is like yesterday's Jiang Song ......

    Just had practised for time, Jiang Yi actually sobered, he was awakened by the slight sound of footsteps together.

    Looks Towards the entrance of the Dan Pharmacy, saw a figure moving, after then Jiang Yi relaxed, being soundless walked.

    "Jiang Song? What Does he come to do?"

    Jiang Song starts to move forward to meet Jiang Yi, Jiang Song has actually made the movement of hiss, collects some doubts to ask in a low voice: "Jiang Yi,What are you doing in Dan Pharmacy ? Is the elder inside?"

    He Occupied another person's place Dan Pharmacy's disciple, although did not he intend, Jiang Yi somewhat awkward said: "Liu elder is not inside, um ......Yesterday after you walked, I just wanted to leave,I was stopped by calling out by Liu Elder,then letting me, work here to help."


    Jiang Song complexion changes instantaneously, in pupil is terrified and spunk. Yesterday he had been swept a palm of the hand by the Liu elder, went home to his father saying, maliciously had been hit actually, making him come to apologize to Liu Elder today immediately, obtains forgiving of Liu elder, to continue to keep working in this Dan pharmacy.

    Jiang Song is the collateral branch young master, the natural talent is not good is also lazy , now is to Dao boundary double. His father asked the Liu elder to repeatedly for him, the original intention wants to make him study some hermetic arts, in the future will make a living well.

    Jiang Song had been hit by his father yesterday, reproved for very long, somewhat regretted, at least ......Here works, he can make some compounded drugs to exit to sell for money frequently. Therefore today he ponders over, decides to thick the facial skin to apologize, even if kneels down also to keep working for Liu Elder.

    Has not thought , actually hears such desperate news, since this Liu elder made Jiang Yi stay behind, he again did not have the opportunity ......

    Thinks, does not have the opportunity to make the compounded drug again, did not have the spending money, thinks that his father heard this news definitely to have violent anger ,will he not die by peeling of skin, the Jiang Song whole body shivers, was flustered by the gas of anger does not know what to do.

    Jiang Yi sees Jiang Song like this,somewhat guilty comfortingly said: "Jiang Song, sorry, I did not intend ......"

    "Didn't intend?"

    Jiang Song looked at Jiang Yi one eyes to get angry immediately, pointed at Jiang Yi the nose to scold: "You clearly Were intentional,right! Yesterday When I came back here, certainly was you complaining to Liu Elder, he had violent anger. Jiang Yi you are quite poisonous, cannot think that usually you looked overly cautious and prudent, but is actually a full sinister villain ."


    Jiang Yi was speechless, this Jiang Song is a loaf, was not treated well by Liu elder , Just like a trifling thing. This position of Dan Pharmacy disciple was not gained by him, others will also go against it, he was also disinclined to argue with this Jiang Song, turned around to walk toward inside, said: "Jiang Song, you go back, I do not want to struggle with you, if you think that I am a sinister person, you completely may go to punishment hall to report me."

    "Good! Work in Dan Pharmacy for a day, did you get conceited?"

    The Jiang Song the whole body to shiver, on face the muscle twists, in his eyes flashes through a ruthless colour suddenly, explodes shouts to clear the way: "Looked today I hit you disabled, then what use would Liu Elder have for you? Ahem, when the time comes I will make my father to ask Liu elder, this position is mine."

    Saying that, Jiang Song on the eye shows ominous light, the mouth shouted that "Black Sand Palm", the double palm looked fearful black, maliciously racket to back of Jiang Yi.

    Jiang Yi hears the back wind to turn head to look suddenly, immediately is angry. In the past his perception was astonishing, honourable Status, therefore has looked at many Jiang feats of arms, the feat of arms that Jiang Song used at this moment his eyes can recognize.

    Red Skill the Black Sand Palm !

    To learn this Red Skill must take drugs with snake poison, disciplines, then pracise the hands in hot sand to circulate blood, the heart arteries solidifies due to violent poison in the black sand hands strong as iron, after passing through this vigorous process, it can become Human Rank Middle Grade Skills.

    Because this palm law very evil and cruel, if not treated promptly,then turns opponent into a disabled person ,heavily lethal. Even if intensive, but most the respected family juniors being conceited disdain to practice, but this Jiang Song because of a minor matter,unexpectedly uses it fully, this was to disable him, or wanted his life directly?

    "Black Yuan Force!"

    Jiang Yi assembles a black Yuan force instantaneously, moves it toward the left eye to watch Jiang Song Dao Double Layer boy, he disdains to assemble the black Yuan force to increase the range of offensive force. Certainly he does not want too many to know, that his strength can be surged, compared with the feat of arms? This Jiang Song also missed by far!


    Jiang Yi the left eye quick black light dodges, his present world changes once more,the speed of the palm of Jiang Song which would have been fairly good also slows up.

    "Coiling Hand!"
    He turns around fast, does not draw back instead moves forward, the both legs slide toward the front, after then body suddenly spins, both hands such as two dragons entangle toward the both hands of Jiang Song. With help of this black Yuan force, he can judge the attacking track and speed of opposite party with ease, thus judges ahead of time, avoidance, counter-attack.


    Jiang Song two palms just patted, because Jiang Yi body suddenly spin to dodge, his two palms can only clap empty air. When he prepares to change direction for next punch ,Jiang Yi two hands such as two Dragons have coiled his two hands.


    Jiang Song one startled but not panicked, in his opinion Jiang Yi only Dao boundary single layer, even if feat of arms again ingenious skilful, is not his match. His boundary compared with Jiang Yi more by a single layer, the reaction , the attack speed and strength differs greatly, will he lose? He sneered not to go with hands, on the right knee the elementary force integration, was going suddenly to Jiang Yi lower region..

    Jiang Song idea theoretically right, but he does not know that Jiang Yi this moment left eye vision has becomes a terror, his every action and every movement all looked in the eye by Jiang Yi, he has not moved Jiang Yi to judge his attacking track ahead of time, strength and attack speed, although has the disparity, but ......The Jiang Yi reaction rate was faster than him.

    "Serpent Whip legs!"

    Jiang Yi the right leg early has flung, such as a poisonous snake toward the top of Jiang Song the small thigh.

    "Smack!" "Pop!" "Pop!"

    Clear sounds resound, Jiang Yi the right leg such as the poisonous snake attacks the bone unceasingly on the calf of Jiang Song. Jiang Song Did not expect that such rapidness with which Jiang Yi responded? Before could react the thigh had taken three kicks, a fierce pain transmits, his secret passage is not wonderful while withdrawing right leg,hastily he prepared to withdraw at this point to evade then counter-attack .


    He had forgotten a point, his both hands had bee tied down by Jiang Yi's Coiling Hand at this moment, his footsteps draw back both hands tied down, the body centre of gravity is not naturally steady, the body almost throws down in a flash, then completely panicked.

    "Pop, pop!"

    Jiang Yi look is solemn, both hands tie down Jiang Song as before, but also with slight effort lets him completely control the body centre of gravity, both legs like electricity toward the right leg of Jiang Song, moreover is in the end and hitting hard to a single place alone ......



    When Jiang Yi leaves the sixth leg, Jiang Song the right leg thigh transmits the bone to crash finally together, Jiang Song also cried out pitifully, is unable to support the body centre of gravity again, and fell down, held the right leg pain to be howling.
    Jiang Yi this time has not beaten severely doesn't hit a person when he's down, he let loose both hands of Jiang Song, looked at him indifferently screaming endlessly, without a trace of compassion inside. Today, if he did not have black Yuan force, now lying on the ground screaming will be him, this world is brutal, no strength, only can be insulted!

    Jiang Song kept on howling in pain for a while, cold sweat on his forehead, his face twisted hard climb up, horrified face colour confusion within the eye, it seems to be still can not believe that he Dao Boundary Double Strength, how was so easily injured by Jiang Yi who is Dao boundary Single?

    However he is actually very intelligent, knows that this place is not suitable to stay for a long time, otherwise wound will be more serious. He is concerned that with a broken leg to run away is difficult, arrives outside to see right Jiang Yi did not to pursue, clenching jaws of eyeful hatred said: "Jiang Yi, you dare to injure me unexpectedly? You are dead, I will certainly make the Hu Ge(elder brother) to kill you, if you want to live do not leave Jiang Family Courtyard for a lifetime, hissing ......"

    "I will count till three if does not leave, you're ready ...... to leave crawling back!"

    Jiang Yi body is motionless, looked at Jiang Song said coldly. Finally Jiang Song complexion changes, Jiang Yi has not started to count hurries to lean on the wall, hopping along fast runs away toward the distant place by the left leg, but several rest time disappear ......

    Jiang Yi has not gone to pursue actually, said that here is Jiang Family Courtyard, if were known by punishment hall, he and Jiang Song must be punish. Jiang's family secretly convenes children who fight, but in the surface must maintain the dignity of clan regulations.

    When the Jiang Song vanished thoroughly, the Jiang Yi complexion is gentle, in the pupil actually flashes a worried look.

    Hu elder brother who Jiang Song said that naturally is the eldest child in family second-rate juniors, Jiang Ruhu! Jiang Ruhu the father Jiang Yunshe is Family affairs hall Chief ,elder brother Jiang Ru long the strength in the family younger generation places second, only under Jiang eldest son Jiang Henshui. With the cover of father and elder brother , in addition the itself strength achieved Dao boundary fourth layer, Jiang Ruhu naturally does not care of water or the wind, many collateral branch young masters and second-rate juniors of Jiang, followed his lead like Jiang Bao Jiang Song et al.

    Couple of days ago he had hit Jiang Bao, at this moment has hit Jiang Song, feared that if Jiang Ruhu knows, definitely will be grinding his teeth with anger?

    "Jiang Ruhu ......"

    Jiang Yi with big desire, after this matter, his innermost feelings longs for having the formidable strength,so as not to be bullied, not be humiliated.

    Swayed the head, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged, hesitated secretly: "Um ......First practices the River Destroy Law, these days to be more careful, not to be caught by Jiang Ruhu et al.Must Wait to accumulate to sufficient money, then exit again outside to purchase high-quality compounded drug, to speed up practising! Ahem, so long as I have Dao boundary double strength coordinated with black Yuan force, If Jiang Ruhu dares to look for trouble, I will beat him until he is labelled as a bloody pig?"

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    Chapter 13 : Dawn Of Hope

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    Chapter 15 : Wu Palace Sparring Partner

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    Chapter 16 : Gold Medal Trainer

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