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Thread: My Fury Will Burn The Heavens(焚天之怒/Fen Tian Zhi Nu) By YaoYe(Demon Night)

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    Thumbs up My Fury Will Burn The Heavens(焚天之怒/Fen Tian Zhi Nu) By YaoYe(Demon Night)

    Hi everyone!It is a brand new project that I started just a few days ago. As I'm the only one working on this project, there are probably quite a bit of mistakes as I translate. I am completely new in Translating so there will be a few mistakes here and there.But the quality will improve with every post,so I want all to be little patient.

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    A youth was sealed since childhood in a small family.He can learn and master all martial art techniques and laws.Various Kings strive to reach the heavens,new warlords rise together simultaneously,great races stand with thousands of numbers.From the moment that youth awakens,Everyone will shiver in his presence.......Humans unfair to ME,millions of corpses on the ground.

    Heavens Is against me,I WILL BURN THE HEAVENS ITSELF.......

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    Prologue :

    Heaven's Boundary,


    Night as deep as thick ink, So dark that everything is intractable, no trace of light, Not a presence of single life,Such a frightening silence that any one will be flustered.

    Above thousands and millions of powerful planes ,Heavenly planes is the centralized power,most powerful and more sacred than any other planes.That Holy heaven Which always seems very majestic,Why is tonight so dark? So quiet?


    Towards North above the city ,a strange crack suddenly appears in the void.Two ten feet long bones of dead big hands quietly extended from the fissure and hold down both sides of the crack and ripped the crack open.

    With the expansion of the crack,a pair of large hand huge head and upper body finally drilled out of the crack.In the head within the hollow eyes shining a strange red light,On his white skeleton is shining with dense dark grey runes,which releases a suffocatingly frightening dead gas,even the near by air has become stagnant under it's flow.

    "Chi Chi !"

    Sudden quick movments start to happen,Near the male above the city one after another crack starts to appear,one by one flesh and blood corpses of humans and monsters drilled out of the cracks,there whole body filled with strange dark grey runes.There are numerous bodies wrapped in dark grey gas,one can only see a pair of bloody red eyes from within,in a short period of time heaven's near by void was completely occupied.

    Innumerable Giant skeletons,human corpses,beast corpses and demon soldiers overspread the void , dense and numerous soldiers shrouded the sky,faintly shining dark grey gas coming out of their bodies blocks the light from passing them,originally sacred heaven today actually appears jet black and the city below also appears silent and inferior.

    "Ha Ha Ha ....."

    A long laughter broke the surrounding original strange atmosphere,one of the empty cracks disappear ,a whole body wrapped in black and red robbed old man slowly shows up.This old man,looks pale,no trace of color,but also full of old wrinkles . His two long eyebrows drawn to his two ears,a pair of pupils shine with sinister and vicious red light .
    "The Immortal Ming(underworld) emperor ! "

    The moment the black an red robe old man appears, Those innumerable demon soldiers,the skeleton giants,the demon corpses and the beast corpses all bent down on one knee , issued a tidy but respectful salute.

    The Ming emperor has not paid any attention to the fanatics of subordinate,he is staring at the grand great city under his vision , in the dark red pupil fiery intent is shining .
    Six Thousand Six Hundred Centuries !

    He attempted fora full Six Thousand Six Hundred Centuries ,only to enter heaven this day!

    He waited over Six Thousand Six Hundred Centuries , only to sit on the throne of imperial heaven's !

    Nine Yang heaven ! (Nine Gods of Heaven/Celestial Emperor)

    Ming Emperor silver grey long hair, calm pupil sometimes shines with a sinister and vicious red light and sometimes dark,clearly revealed at this moment he could no longer constraint his innermost feelings.Suddenly,inexhaustible anger leaps out of the body of the Ming emperor , Then he slowly raised his hand , index finger pointing to heaven .

    "Wooo... ! "

    "Jie Jie ! "

    "Chi Chi .... ! "

    With Ming emperors command ,demon soldiers ,skeleton giants , human corpses, beast corpses , all started howling towards the sky, countless brutal , cruel , evil , foul and rancid breath would instantly release all out.

    In an instant after the call the colour of the cloud changes void started shaking , wind blows violently !

    "Bang Bang Bang ! "

    The giant skeleton started taking giant strides forward,with his huge hill like stature , every running step ,causes earth quakes , produces ripples , sound waves came like beating of war drums .

    "Xiu Xiu ! "

    Demon soldiers and human corpses started moving,with black weapons in hand ,which simultaneously sparkles with the dark grey gas coming out of it ,converging into a unit of dark grey death gas they move forward in all directions .

    "Hum ! "

    The beast corpses have also attacked simultaneously , crawling or flying or jumping , such as locusts dense and numerous goes forward turbulently,crazily destroying everything , swallowing all that comes in the way !

    However,when all invaders approach towards the buildings of city,nearly three feet away..

    "Buzzzz ... ! "

    At this moment , formerly the city that appeared dead came to "Life" !

    In those towering walls of the city, attics of the magnificent palaces .above the ground , around the corners ,Seven coloured Fu wen(runes) abruptly emerged out .

    Those runes emerged in all directions shining and sparkling .

    At the same time the , millions of flowers ,insects , beasts ,fish , birds , carved on the tall and magnificent buildings of heaven started moving surprisingly like coming back alive, various swimming, stretching ,exudes a breath of life ,brought together into a unit under the shinning runes ,formed alight shield that envelops the whole heaven, like the whole heaven is inside a cage .

    "Bang ! "

    Tall giant skeleton in numbers of hundreds extremely powerful , started hitting the runes light shield ,instead of shaking the shield the bones of the giant turned into dusts ,but the guard shield was not swayed.

    "Bang !"

    The grey death gas falls on the rune guard shield,afterwards the seven colour runes in the shield started shining,inside and outside shining as snow bright,the dark grey death gas was driven out in a instant thousands of feet away without a trace .

    "Nine Heaven's lock star !"

    Ming Soldiers whole body covered in magnificent black aura will exude a helpless sighing sound , immediately cups one hand across the chest to report to the Ming Emperor : " Your majesty, this Nine Heaven's lock star usually absorbs the energy sent by Nine Heavenly stars,precipitated in heavens every corner,it is said that there is no upper limit to accommodate the force . I am afraid the energy saved up for many years,before these energy is consumed ,it is very difficult for our army to capture the city.


    Ming emperor will not look at this soldier just sneer,but the soldier's body thrown back immediately,body flesh ,bones even black weapon turned into ashes .

    "Messing with the moral of my army , that is the end of your fate !"

    The Ming emperor looked around with red eyes ,any military officer on whom the red eye falls the whole body to tremble , with cold tone he said : "Nine Heaven spent 3000 years studying Nine Heaven's lock star , it is arranged a new array every 2000 years again.This array is also 1600 yearsold just how much energy it has left.I will give you 12 hours ,no matter what the casualties ,at all costs ,to break open the array ! "

    All around kneeling on the ground said yes , one of the few leading skeleton generals stood up ,his dark grey runes on the body started shining stimulating the whole body like a dark mountain with a shaking roar : "To Attack !"
    The other soldiers did not say much,calling out the most formidable magical powers,the corpse soldiers,beast soldiers , demon soldiers started to attack seriously.

    "Do Not bother with it ! "

    At this time within all sorts of noise and attacks a calm and ordinary voice sounded , but those words pierced into everyone's ear .

    Those sounds as if contained infinite charm ,unexpectedly trillion armed forces cannot help but peacefully quiet down, stopping there ongoing attacks .

    With end of those words ,the entire light shield covering the heavens went down suddenly ,vanished without a trace,the hundreds of carvings of beasts stopped moving.The various seven coloured runes carved on palaces also no longer shine's.
    The entire palace in the front restored it's original appearance , but in the southern courtyard of that palace,doesn't know when but a man has appeared .

    Dressed in simple long robe,both hands leaning on seven coloured long sword,very casually sitting on the stone staircase .

    That Person finally appeared !

    Trillions of soldiers of army felt a sudden shock in their hearts , though the man did not issue a trace of majestic powerful momentum ,that person looks like full of health,straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards,the face such as knife,but the semblance is actually very old,must be floating in vain , however .....That person produces a frightening feelimh in their hearts,it is not inferior than their master Ming Emperor, even surpasses their master faintly .

    No one knows his name , long ago his friends used to call him Wu Ming.( Nameless )

    He only spent 3000 years in achieving the imperial throne,in history it is shortest time taken by anyone to reach the throne,but also said to have great martial knowledge.

    He sits in the heavenly throne ,ruled for 7000 years,because of the emperor is nameless, so the world according to his martial cultivation which has reaches the extreme boundary of yang ,in his later years known as Nine Yang Heavenly Emperor .

    At this moment,before the ming army the nine yang emperor,Wu Ming(nameless) ,finally appeared.

    "Old fool , you know my life is near its end , therefore you came to give me a ride ? "Wu ming asked smiling.

    "Well, Nine Yang Emperor,not seen for thousand years ,did not expect for so much crap or are you so thick skinned ! "

    Ming Emperor coldly "Today the four imperial army far away in the horizon,and has own matters to grind, 1 million god soldiers are also along with them in continuation of war , there morale is lax continue to die and scattered into dust ."

    "Now you , a mere loner,and on its way to imminent death ,before dying, do you have any last words you want to say ? "

    "Sure , old fool you understand my heart know that i have something to say ......."

    Wu Ming Sigh loudly ,said : "If you really want to break through this array you have to consume 50 % of your military strength,when it will happen? 10 days or half a month ? More importantly,even if you have finally broken through here,and finally killed me successfully,how many of will live through this slaughter to walk out alive? That's What I am worrying about ....."

    "Well, Nine Yang Emperor ,you have peerless martial talent but in vain,failed to become an immortal , because this silly feeling ! Mere soldiers,common lives are just but like stray dogs,if you couldn't see through this point,how will be able to become a immortal ? If your nonsense are only these can not sit around and listen to them any more ,unsheathe your dragon sword and let me give you ride to your death !" Ming Emperor hands out of thin air a long sickle shaped weapon appeared,waved the weapon ,deep death gas filled both sides air entirely...

    "Well , I always say i love peace,instead of imminent death,but also if you have no mood to talk then again ................."

    Ignoring the threat of Ming Emperor ,Wu Ming casually sitting there ,but .......from inside of his body,do not know when but emerged a ragging fire.

    bright flame soon covered whole body of wu ming,including the sword leaning on his hands.

    The sword that accompanied him through out his life following his orders , World Dragon Sword !

    "Boom ! "

    Soon the flames broke out ,dragon sword in the hands of emperor suddenly broke into pieces of debris flying out in all directions .

    Bright red debris disregard everything and penetrate the entire underworld army, instantly disappeared in the sky.

    Ming Emperor's hand the sickle slight movement but did not attack , because he understands ,dying Wu ming's last attack ,if he tries to attack the pieces ,then wu ming's desperate attack will make him a painful price .

    "Old friend ,This life cannot lead you into the immortal territory , I am really sorry ..."

    In the heaven Mu wing's Flame debris disappear quietly gazing afar,quite a while , he sighed ,turned around to see Ming Emperor : "Old fool , Though your surprise changed my life ,but in the end you are not immortal,so in the future,do not rule excessively .I know that you do not care about life much,But may be there will be a occasion where heaven will ultimately help you and me out of loop .Probably, in my life immortality ,there is a little opportunity for it ......."

    "In the future to carry on the legacy of Nine Yang Emperor is not for you, I will not let you destroy what is left.Everything will be left for the successor...."

    As the body of the Emperor continues to melt,temperature of the fire reaches infinitely hot,infinite dazzling brightness in the moment ,the emperor and flame disappears with heaven and earth.

    Nine heavens on the stone stairs in front of the palace of Nine Yang Emperor no trace of presence is left .

    As if the Wu ming emperor doesn't exist between Heaven and earth.

    Heaven once again restores the silence and darkness .

    "Your Majesty ,We must Start the kill ...."

    I do not know how long , hundreds feet away a soldier finally said .

    "Whatever , you idiot ! "

    Ming Emperor Now angrily decided to leave the place , tearing the void , he turned and left the heavens .

    "Oh ......."

    That silly soldier hearing this surprised for a moment,after some serious thought , going toward the tall silent heavenly palace ,where no one rushed to ,suddenly a violent fluctuation appears and his huge body is thrown down directly from air.

    At the same time ,heaven was violently shaking ,in heaven all countless buildings under the nine heavens lock star array was totally covered as if wearing a layer of gold coat .

    Subsequently,the whole heaven full of dazzling extreme gold runes .......

    When the gold runes disappear after half stick of incense time,left all army staggering and dumbfounded,surrounding area several hundred miles huge city vanished,disappeared completely,leaving behind in the ground an ugly giant gulf.

    Life of one of the legendary invincible emperor of the history comes to an end,since the end of old life a new reincarnation slowly kicked of......

    A NEW JOURNEY........

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    looks interesting . . .
    Now, come here! Onii-san isnt scary, you know? Lets do fun things together!
    SteTrans Summarize 11 - 18

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    First good luck with your new project.

    Second, just hoping it turns real good and expecting fast translation speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgius Huang View Post
    First good luck with your new project.

    Second, just hoping it turns real good and expecting fast translation speed.
    I will try my best, for fast translations.
    For now it will be 5-6 chapters per week,but i will raise my pace in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgius Huang View Post
    First good luck with your new project.

    Second, just hoping it turns real good and expecting fast translation speed.
    I will do my best.

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    Volume 1 Mysterious Seal (1-61)
    Chapter -1

    Heavens Xing continent , Shen Wu country , Tianyu city

    Ah .. Ah.. ,it hurts !

    Jiang Yi drowsily opened his eyes, feeling his body, especially the head, spreading waves of tearing pain. He barely hold up the upper body, his lip curled around towards the eye, and saw that he is still lying near the medicine field riverside in the Western Hills of Tian ridge.

    He touched his forehead ,his forehead was swollen like egg generally with exaggerated pain .Jiang Yi heart suddenly filled with unquenchable fury. Early this morning when he rushed to the western Hills family medicine crop fields , he happen to run into Jiang Ruhu and other family young masters who were stealing medicine , to exchange it for pocket money to spend . The behaviour of these playboys are not taken seriously generally ,the family guards generally turn blind eye , as if they have not seen them.

    But of course Jiang yi did not know the inside story, meets them could not bear the urge to stop them, he has not thought that he will be surrounded ganged up and beaten up by opposite party several people maliciously ,he has just regained consciousness .

    Jiang Ruhu , I just asked you to do the right thing , but you were actually this ruthlessWell , one day I will collect this depth with interest from you !

    After murmuring a few words in his mouth fiercely, Jiang Yi intends to stand up , but with a firm pain running through his body , he fell down again .His entire body covered with large and small wounds ,twitching from pain his delicate face distorted, his head is also still groggy .

    What a pity except for afterword scolding from two elders, and increasing time in punishment, What did he get.

    Jiang yis Jiang family, as one of the five respected families Tianyu city, There are many children within the family, and so the order is extremely guarded.

    In the Jiang younger generation the status is most honoured, naturally has the young masters of various respected blood lines , as well as juniors with ordinary blood lines . And the direct blood line young master like the Elder Son and some remarkably talented collateral branch young master without doubt are the existence of uppermost layer. But Jiang Ruhu and those all collateral branch young masters natural talent ordinary, therefore the status within jiang juniors is second rate.

    As for jiang yi .

    Although in some sense he is also a collateral branch young master, but his actual status does not compare with ordinary juniors, It is much higher. Especially in recent years, because of the nominal young master status, he is insulted and bullied by various playboy young masters of other branches; wound received will vary each time. Especially this time he was beaten so bad that he was unconscious the whole morning.

    Strength !

    Strength !

    Without formidable strength ! I Jiang Yi for a lifetime will be stepped under the foot by Jiang Ruhu, and facing every possible way humiliation! This is not life that I want, absolutely not ! "When recalling the early morning scene , jiang yi face veins swells up, fist grips tightly , even the nails deep into the palm .

    He stubbornly lifted him that heavy head feeling increasing, ignoring the strange eyes of others, enduring every step , limped away towards home. Along the way , he felt tremendous pain so that his handsome face twisted with pain , eyes full of resentment ..

    12 years ago ,in the past when jiang yi was only three years old , big elder holding him pronounces that he will become the most formidable member of the jiang family . Thus being a collateral junior master , he has such a high status .

    He was 5 years old ,with other children of the family he practised the foundation martial skill.That time he revealed his astonishing military perception , Various of complex and hard foundation skills, he will pay it easily as playing with clay, which makes him famous as jiang Boy Genius .

    Two years later , however, everything was reversed over ......

    He was seven that year, family juniors at the age of seven will practice the elementary force as per conventional training. Jiang yi was specially bestowed by a high grade river system elementary force law , that only direct blood lines juniors can practice Jiangshui jue (River water to destroy)

    Then before the eyes of many people, Jiang Yi unexpectedly worked hard for a whole month, reluctantly refines several trivial insignificant river system elementary forces , even in the race the i worst ordinary juniors, only need to spend 3-5 days to achieve this effect.

    In Xiang continent, there are five elements , so everyone by means of the basic world of strength to refine yuan(elementary) force, because only after the body has a vigorous element force, one can display a variety of powerful supernatural martial arts, splitting mountain open, flying through sky, etc. But if there is no elementary force, even supernatural martial art was practised again and again, even tens of thousands of martial art master formulas, and you can cast it out, only to be a waste!

    Jiang yis military perception, strong body, intelligence unexpectedly in heaven is very rare? This made everyone in Jiang family stunned!

    After confirming the results, big elder personally went to pick law for jiang yi, but after trying number of laws, consulting many elders, jiang yi was not even able to cultivate the lowest grade law, so he was even below ordinary students.

    Having no alternative......

    Even if jiang yi has practised many secret laws, elementary laws of each type experimented nearly for a year but his refinery achievement of one month is not comparable to certain talents practice for one day.

    Why in the world have the situations that such two extremes coexist?

    When the big elder worried, finally thinks that to get Jiang Yi a physical exam of the elementary force, thus discovered a startling secret - in the periphery of Jiang yis pubic region, is wrapping a seal unexpectedly, is similar to a trace fine thin film in ordinary, bounding Jiang Yi the entire pubic region space perfectly, inside and outside the filtration restricted, greatly reducing his in vivo elementary force passing in and out of the pubic region the speed!

    In other words, this strange seal is the chief criminal because of which jiang yi cannot store yuan force in his public region!

    In the big elder passed an order to draw the design of that seal, it resembled mystical strange dragon shape Fu Wen(runes) to combine unexpectedly, but anyone could not understand that Fu Wen to combine is what , let alone explain it ......

    After determining Jiang Yi cannot practice, adopted by big elder instantaneously, he henceforth all day stayed at home, glancing through various types of symbol lu old books, looked around for Fu Wen master, hoping one day to break the seal.

    Time is like running water, when Jiang Yi is nine years old, the big elder kept a letter for Jiang once again left. In His departure, for entire six years, in this period there has been no news , just like vanishing into thin air.

    From peerless talent to waste, but also lets the family most consecrate support to be missing, making the Jiang family strength to damage greatly.

    Since then ,jiang yi has been treated as a culprit no longer a high status person, even though he always insisted on practice, in the missing period of 6 years his own yuan forces struggling to upgrade from zero to single layer of dao territory. His status in race drops lower and lower as before. Only two years ago he was forced out to river backyard, was admitted to the home where the servants of West Hospital live , even the other day took him out six months earlier, only 16 years old, a final confirmation can be made, if cannot practice to cast Dao territory triple family children will be responsible for the waste material work such as an inventory of family medicine field harvest chores such work.

    "Oh ......The real men did not grow up brave in the past, recollection again many heroes also useless, does not know that my this pitiful condition as the young slave later was seen as a hero, will be worried about my appearance.."

    The thought of being slave, Jiang Yi grim expression on his face finally calm down, it seems that the body is not so painful any more. Although hard day, but he has not given up, always felt they are going to continue to fight the most important is courage, and with this sentiment he remembered the little girl with whom he grew up, like brother and sister never abandoning each other.



    In the ruined yard in Jiang western hospital, the gate was hit suddenly, almost cannot persist Jiang Yi staggering and totteringly passing through by the gate. His brow is tight, in the pupil is the colour of pain, the corners of the mouth also leaves leeway the remaining bloodstain.

    In the room , does not have the familiar dim candlelight, does not have that familiar delicate form, bent down has panted for breath on the table for some time, the jiang yi trembled to begin to light the candlelight, actually saw that on the table was pressing a note.

    "In pot has the steamed bread and meat gruel, the young slave went to the relative's house, tomorrow will come back, does not worry! The young master take rest!"The typeface is very ugly, crooked, after Jiang Yi looks, heart acid.

    Relative? This stupid girl......

    12 years ago, according to dim memory his mother died of illness, he was hugged to this day Tianyu city by the big elder in the right hand, but at that time the big elder left hand was hugging another child, is the young slave. He and young slave in the Tianyu city besides the clansman of Jiang, does not know other people, relative who is?

    Jiang Yi is actually very clear, for these years he was treated even more badly, even Jiang Jis monthly cash silver money also to reduce again and again. If not the young slave exits to work, not to mention assists the basic compounded drug that leads a pious life to need, only feared he could not have enough meat to supplement his body ..

    Many times Jiang Yi also wanted to exit to work, gain some silver money to subside home, but firmly was prevented by the young slave. Said odd business is done by slaves, he is the young master of Jiang, the young master must be the person of important matter in the future eventually, how can he do these despicable odd jobs outside?

    "Important matter ......Young master? The Young Master of shit! Ha ha ha ha ......"

    Jiang Yi laughs, the laughter is completely miserable, he swayingly returns to the bed to lie down again, the head is getting more and more painful, as if the next flash must explode his head in general, before long he once again dozes off, even the dinner was not eaten.

    That night, Jiang Yi had a dream......

    When he opened his eyes, the little slave was cooking, her back looked to him like a exceedingly vegetables body looks emaciated.

    He was about to go up to help, but to see a lot of books holding, a tall slender tall white-haired old man walked into the room, the arms of the books piled on the table, stern told him, inside these Laws He will definitely find a suitable practice.

    "Great Grandpa, you were all right ...... the Jiang yi whole face covered in tear stains in sleep to call out towards the old man.

    The little slave also handed a lit candle, his mouth saying "Master Come on!"

    Therefore he has complied with the sound, took a book conveniently from the table,an old book, opens the first page, at present is actually a flower, saw only dozens black small seal script typefaces in that old book , first page to fly from the book unexpectedly to turn, arranged neatly one string in the mid-air, kept spinning around his head .

    "World is vast, the martial road is only eternal, wants the yang law, must repair oneself first ......"

    Jiang Yi was reading these small seal script characters dazzlingly, his heart was surprised, these black small seal characters writing when overall were revolving, were centred on oneself high and low turnover to hover unexpectedly, such as the small tadpole was full of life and breath.

    Jiang Yi was looking positive, did not realize at the moment, small seal characters started to transform!

    That dozens of black tadpole-like character suddenly disbanded the formation; minions dancing with claws rushed towards his head up, one biting to his body, and even want to drill into his eyes and ears!

    "Ah, ah, do not ."

    Jiang Yi awakens from the dream suddenly, actually pulls the wound, was howling in the pain, the whole piece face immediately twisted, the emaciated body twitching unceasingly.

    Full half stick of incense time, tearing pain was slowly disappearing. Jiang Yi cold sweat dripping, hair upside down, quite a while passes before he sat difficultly.

    "So it was a dream ah ......"

    "No, no!"

    Jiang Yi just with a long sigh, suddenly the complexion changes, expression as if in damn.

    Because at this moment, he discovered that suddenly in his own mind were unexpectedly many dozens black small seal script characters!?

    These writing and the writings he saw in the dream a moment ago are exactly the same, like the small tadpole, revolves, turns over cheerfully and hovers in his mind ......

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    Guys my chapter for today.
    Hope u all enjoy it and yes there will be no chapters tomorrow.
    Thanxxx bye Have a nice reading........

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    Chapter- 2 : Mysterious Characters

    Jiang does not need to pinch himself to find out if it was a dream or not because he was hurting all over the body. And sky is still dark, big elders is not back and little slave is still outside for work, and certainly there is no pile of secret book of laws on the table.

    But if he was not dreaming, then......

    Jiang closed his eyes carefully, cautiously looking inside his mind, he once again sees those dozens of black seal mysterious characters, every word is very clear, black skinny, full of life, definitely not an illusion .

    "Fortunately ...... temporarily did not have any adverse effects."

    Jiang Yi thinking for a long time, hitting and shaking his head, finally came to an conclusion that the black seal characters are not harmful to him. Repressed throughout his life mental capacity far exceed his peers.

    Three past midnight, its already this late, quick I have to process these wounds as fast as possible, so as to avoid the nagging of little slave when she comes back.

    This time jiang Yi was out of sleep completely, looking out of the window, the lights the oil lamp, suppressed the ache in whole body, applies medicine to wounds, after that returning to bed sat cross-legged.

    To recover the injury as soon as possible, it is essential to tune the outer drug with inner qi.
    After applying the outer medicine, the internal qi must regulate the blood to clean and repair the wound quickly. Therefore jiang yi after applying the medicine used the River water to destroy law to run, rotating the yuan force of Dao single layer in his dantian, helping his wound to quick restoration.

    [NOTE : FOR DETAILS ABOUT River water to destroy LAW ,Yuan force ,dao layers read chapter 1 ]

    First Calm like water, to strive for veins and meridians like water calm, virtuous, benevolent, sharp and perfect. The martial world is vast, the immortal road is eternal, want the nine yang, must prepare oneself first..uhhh

    No, made a mistake ..

    Although Jiang practice is restricted by the seal, but he is pretty hard working and serious while practicing. But this time does know why obviously somewhat absent minded, good thing yuan force did not travel wrong meridian. However dozens black characters in his mind at present swaying, making him unable to calm his mind.

    UN. Un.. But great grandpa always told me unless the reliability of the power law is confirmed, do not practice it

    Jiang Yi meditated several of these black small characters repeatedly, felt that this mnemonics are totally different than the numerous elementary force merit law he tried practicing in childhood, it is very strange. But once the thought of curiosity has taken birth in heart, it cannot be stopped.

    Go ahead!

    A small half hour later ......

    Jiang Yi opens both eyes slightly disappointedly, this nameless mnemonics can indeed practice, can bring forth a tiny wisp of elementary force, but the refinement of elementary force cpmpared to the River water to destroy LAW is very less

    Heal with River water to destroy LAW ! What the hell .

    People's pubic region can only run one element force, which is well known as Xing continent common sense, but when jiang practices the unknown characters discharges a elementary force in public region, when refines it using River water to destroy LAW a wisp of yuan force is produced in public region which is unexpectedly black.

    Xing continent, after practicing a law, will produce variety of colors for each force, these colors are generally the color of elementary force or depend on the type of law they practice.

    For example, like Jiang Yi River Gong practitioners river element force produced the colour must be blue, but if he practices flames gong of fire the elementary force colour is red.

    In jiang family, jiang in his childhood due to his physique as well as relation with big elder attempted many heart laws, experience on colour of many yuan forces. Besides the river system merit law mostly is blue colour, the fire merit law mostly is the red, for example wooden merit law mostly greens, soil series merit law mostly yellow ......But he had not seen what can bring forth the black colour elementary force!

    He tried to control it, but practice speed is too slow, even the colour is useless ah! Another powerful elementary force law, practice did not reach next level, it is also useless!

    Jiang yi is too tired to think, black yuan force in public region did not bother to control ,he casually allowed it to flow to the left hand small strip of meridians, so that tomorrow he can extract it from body.

    He calms the mind finally, with total concentration on River water to destroy LAW for healing his body.

    "Jiang Yi, come out quickly!"

    I do not know how long, outside the hospital suddenly sounded full of shouting, Jiang Yi heart startled to hear that voice immediately, wake up from meditation, bad feeling arises in his heart.

    This sound he is very familiar, he in the family is responsible for medicine field that side Tian Gong steward. One who takes care of medicine fields for family, every day report should be made to him, but yesterday after beaten by jiang ruhu completely forgot about it.

    Jiang Yi sets out hastily, reorganizing the tattered clothes gown carelessly, walks toward outside.

    The weather was greatly bright, morning air was very fresh, Jiang Yi felt after overnight siting in meditation therapy, the injury restored much, spirit has also fully recovered several points.

    Was only a pity that institute entrance was the Chinese gown middle-aged person who was spoiling the fun of positive morning into negative. when jiang yi heard sound of footsteps, did not look back just bowed down.

    Salute ! the Head in Charge

    Jiang Yi lowers the head to hold the fist in the other hand to salute, a corners of the mouth bitterness and astringency, he is collateral branch young master now gone down in the world that he must salute to a young steward ......

    The head has not turned head with calm and cool voice interrogated yesterday why didnt you make a report on 4th medicine field ?How many time do you slack on work ?This matter if I reported to punishment hall ,you will not even receive a copper dim this month.

    "I ......"

    Jiang yi wants to tell the matter about jiang ruhu but stopped at the last moment, because father of jiang ruhu is chief manager of family direct head of the steward. If this matter is known head will not help him instead punish him even more.

    I What?

    Rong turned to look at jiang yi maliciously if within two hours you do not repot the exact quantity get ready for punishment from punishment hall

    Steward leaves with long strives away from the yard, jiang yi returns to room, washes the face, drnk the meat gruel and left for the field.

    Although walked lamely, but did not have yesterday like ache obviously, so Jiang Yi mood has also improved much.

    Half an hour after he arrived in the Western Hills.

    Jiang family mainly cultivates a herb called, yao cao[iris grass]. Iris grass is type of spirit grass, although the lowest quality, but still a category of elixir, which common people cannot afford. In fact, Jiang takes the iris grass as primary materials to manufacture medicines to build up one's health the blood pill, the object of main supplied to the family juniors and outside military, is the military officer in army.

    Jiang Yi stood on drug field, looking inside the dense green grass field medicine ginseng leaves, bitter face while thinking how he was beaten yesterday until he was in this coma, how he managed to endure home ......
    He shook his head, Jiang Yi forcing himself not to think, moving from one to another. Head gave him two hours, if not reported in time, not only going to be scolded but salary would be cut too.

    Jiang Yi walked toward the front side of the inventory side, when he came to third drug field, suddenly noticed a faint sound coming from the front. He looked up and he looked, actually saw in the distance a figure sneaking within the weeds.

    "Some people stealing the medicine!"

    Jiang yi eye a cold intent flashes, but he didnt move rashly like yesterday. He turned a blind eye and continuing doing his work, because he didnt want trouble.

    "Ha, I also think who is that? Jiang Yi, turns out to be you this waste?"
    A moment later, some indistinct familiar sounds convey from the thick patch of grass together, a short and stout form drills, is on the face of fat is the meaning of ridicule.
    "Jiang Bao!"
    In Jiang Yiyan the hatred dodges, this person of course he knew ,that was yesterday he and Jiang Ruhu steals the medicine together, beat him with family collateral branch juniors together, was Jiang Ruhus renowned lackey. It is estimated that this male servant thinks he was injured, today should not climb mountains, runs greedily to steal drugs secretly?

    Enemies meet, exceptional anger!

    But Jiang Yi actually does not dare to begin, because this Jiang Bao, although the natural talent is not good, has no interest to practice, but has practiced after all these many years, he also has the dao boundary double strength. But he only dao boundary single layer the strength, yesterday was also injured, if at this moment shows off power, perhaps will lose.

    "Jiang Yi, knowing the limitation immediately rolls to descend the mountain, did not say anything that should be an eyesore in this. Jiang Yi want to do his job, meaning that but the opposite party obviously has not actually given up, in Jiang Baos pair of mean pupil is an ominous light staring at Jiang Yi.

    He clearly understood , jiang yi does not care they are stealing drugs.

    Seems like you learnt from your mistakes!

    Jiang Yi really do not wish to interfere, because he want to go back and report the quantity to head. His monthly salary depended on it.

    So he still stubbornly standing still, silent.

    "It seems like you no longer need lesson ,even the brain of you this waste can n be miraculous!"

    Jiang Bao sank his face, his eyes flashed fiercely, drink soon burst, the body jumped up, right fist surrounded by red spiritual power, like a meteor- across the sky.

    "Human Rank high-grade goods martial skill meteor fist? Jiang Bao, you ......"

    Jiang Yi moves back fast, is mad and angry, has not thought that this Jiang Bao had not said two lines and started to attack, moreover gets started with the big move! His wound also recovered today, today only feared that must have one misfortune after another.


    The opposite party armoured hand came from out of the blue, Jiang Yi with no preparation is considering only to avoid, he was not paying attention to the ground gully to be uneven, therefore one in the anxious drawing back process makes a false step to lose the personal appearance, when he was recovering, the fist of opposite party already close to him.

    Panicked, closed his hands towards the fist and attempt to trace the unknown black force that he stored up yesterday. When he was running full force the river yuan law, and called the black element force it also started running up.

    "Ah? Bad! I cant control ......"

    He suddenly wake up, scared almost out of his wits. He is now in this stage where, his bodys yuan force of different properties at the same time is running, or if they collide, then different attributes per force start a riot in his body , then his body meridians and veins are likely to explode ......

    However ......

    What ! the next flash makes him even more surprised, the black elementary force that coming out of that nameless mnemonics practice, collides with the blue river system elementary force of that river water practices law, actually which he had thought to be chaotic, instead was in perfect harmony the perfect integration, walked randomly in the passages through which vital energy circulates freely.

    "WHAT! NO ......Unexpectedly fused?"

    Jiang Yi blinked, this secret passage is lucky, but saw that the fist of opposite party is near him, he subconsciously continuation revolution of elementary force, the personal appearance turns toward the side avoids the fist , simultaneously both hands also continue to attack toward the heavy blows that Jiang Bao makes.


    The sound of sinking sound resounds together, was not Jiang Bao has actually hit Jiang Yi, but was jiang yi hit jiang bao that short strong stature such as the broken gunnysack flies upside down unexpectedly exited five to ten feet, this layer on layer pounded to fall on the ground.


    The miserable peerless vast cry resounds together , Jiang Bao in the ground unceasing tumbling, the right hand that he fired a moment ago in a strange shape soft is drooping, probably ......Kept off by his left hand, that showed elbow joint was completely jerked out of shoulder?

    "This, this ......"

    Jiang Yi does not dare to believe, he is looking at his own left hand, after a while made a sound .A moment ago, astonished muttered: "Doesn't that yuan force clearly belong to the black elementary force and river system elementary force perfect integration? Moreover is the might after fusion is unexpectedly so terrorist? I think my strength increased at least 2-3 times of usual strengths a moment ago ......How otherwise possibly to hit Jiang Bao so far?"

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    from Today the daily chapters will be uploaded at

    i will update this thread every 10-15 days.
    So daily readers can read at the above site,and those who want to read in a bulk can wait for this thread to be updated after 15 days.

    Thanxxx Again....

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    since there was no chapter updated yesterday, today there will be two chapters.
    i have already updated 1 chapter ,1 more to go.
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    Chapter 3 : Mysterious Black Yuan Force

    Jiang yi looked at Jiang Bao rolling on the ground, both of them could not accept the present result. Xing continent almost everybody practices martial arts, martial arts have a stern ranking system to distinguish strong from weak,first stage is Zhuding[Dao] Territory,Second Stage Zifu Territory,Third Shenyou[Spirit] Territory and so on......Each territory is divided into nine stages based on strength of yuan force,therefore strength standards of each stage are also entirely different.

    [Note : I am going to call first stage as dao ,second as zifu and third as spirit,because it will be easy to remember and read.....]

    For example Jiang Yi is now Dao Territory first layer,has strength of one horse ,strength is equal to 420 jin .But Jiang Bao who is at Dao double layer has strength of two horses about 840 jin. In different human bodies there will be some difference in strength but before the overwhelming superiority of yuan force ,this difference is generally not worthy of mentioning.

    However .......

    In fact Jiang yi has 120 jin fore,after fusion of river system elementary force and black elementary force of the mysterious characters , how could he be able to throw Jiang Bao 4-5 feet away?

    A few moments ago Jiang yi under reflex used the martial skill "Stone Break Hands",even though he has amazing perception,this move was very difficult to practice,but he has reached a very high degree of efficiency for which he was even praised by big elder. However before such vigorous elementary force ,not only did not have any injury but also the move he used reluctantly even dislocated Jiang Bao's shoulder,how is this possible?

    Such a strange situation ,except the fusion of black and blue elementary force which allowed his power to rise exponentially , there is virtually no other way to explain it.

    Just .....

    But fusion of different yuan forces has deadly result. At least in realm of dao territory,even touching other yuan force can create problem, it can result in yuan force disorder,fracture of meridians, rupture of public region turning into a useless waste, it is common sense in Xing continent.

    "Ah, ah ...... Jiang Yi you bastard, you f**king dare break my hand, you're gone, you are dead!"

    A voice full of hatred made Jiang Yi pull back, he saw Jiang Bao howling in pain , while ferociously staring at him,that plump fat face has a hideous colour clearly full of hatred.


    Jiang Yi suddenly thought ,yesterday these people beat him and most ruthless was this Jiang bao. And today he did not say any thing but this guy once again tried to put hands also by using Meteor Fist ,he once again tried to beat him to lose consciousness or even life ah ......

    A ruthless colour flashes Jiang Yi's face,since the opposite party is injured ,then today he can not let him escape at all.
    "After I finish I do not know what will happen, but ...... Jiang Bao Today you are definitely finished!"

    His body jumped up from the ground, a stride rushed towards Jiang Bao,half way in air his leg twisted in air ,in a blur made a clean sweep towards the body of Jiang Bao.

    Middle Grade Martial skill,Serpent whip legs !

    Jiang Bao never expected this guy who has always been pretty mixing and honest will actually take the initiative to attack him?His face suddenly emerged a panic look. His left hand was seriously injured at the moment, constantly tearing pain has tortured him enough to choke, how can he fight back? At The moment he can only use his left hand on the ground to crawl, which made him exceptionally embarrassed.


    Although Jiang Yi Yuan force is short, but control of the martial art is unusually skilful, since made a commitment to clean up the other side, how Jiang Yi could let Bao escape? Serpent whip legs vividly played out, long legs as they are generally made of snake bones sweep again on back Jiang Bao.




    When Jiang yi vented out the last attack,Jiang Bao pitifully rolls on the ground screaming again and again and rolled down 10 feet away.The latter was suppressing the left hand pain, is thrown into confusion to contort one's face in agony to crawl, at the same time shouted: "Jiang Yi, you wait for me!" At the same time without wasting any time he runs away.

    "Well ......"

    Jiang Yi has not gone to pursue, instead with some surprise is looking at his own both legs, many leg attacks that he displayed a moment ago fully, actually can only kick Jiang Bao ten feet far ? The strength compared to before was obviously less, obviously restored to the normal level ......

    Jiang closes the eye leisurely, is feeling the changes in body carefully.Now the yuan force inside the meridians have no trace of black yuan force.


    Jiang yi pondered : "It seems black yuan force was too less, yesterday after practising the mysterious mnemonics for half hour,i gave up because the result was not satisfactory,therefore storing the rest black yuan force in left arm.When a moment ago used the stone break hand skill, the black yuan force was consumed thus the power of serpent whip leg was reduced.

    "Um ......Regardless, first must clean the field, after completing the task, must go back and study well!"

    Jiang Yi at this time heart beating a little faster, unknown indefinable road filled with excitement. Accidentally he picked up a enhancing strength approach, even his problem of slow refinement speed is not changed,but at least let him casually beat Jiang Bao.His heart which was stuffed and suppressed for years was finally happy to vent out.

    Jiang yi only spent half an hour and the inventory of iris grass was maintained.Then he rushed through the hill, although the body injury is not all good ,but he has become lively as ever again.
    After reporting to head in charge ,Jiang yi hurried back to his yard.It was still deserted ,apparently small slave has not come back.But Jiang yi did not think much ,got into house jump on to bed and started meditating.

    He must practice the mysterious mnemonics that he obtained in the dream to refine the black yuan force.
    After less than half an hour ......

    Without any accident,jiang yi refines a wisp of black yuan force once more in his public region. Reaching inside the public region of his body Jiang yi quitely stares the black yuan force,it is as is one inch long hair,more he looked at it more happy he became.

    Jiang Yi got excited again,this force that looks like fine strand of hair,but at desperate time became his life saving straw.

    "Let's try fusion again !"

    He carefully guide the black yuan force to left hand and the running the river system yuan force from public region to the left hand.

    "Sure enough ...... and the perfect blend!"

    Two different attributes yuan force such a perfect fusion ,jiang yi face shows a colour of ecstasy,leaps out of the bed,swung his fist facing the heavy quartzite bed rock.

    "Bang !"

    Ground startled, hard quartzite bed rock at the moment fragmented into two, his left fist smashed through the bed, the entire fist deep into the stone below the soil.

    Strength increased by a lot, otherwise breaking this quartzite bed at least needed the strength of two horses.Jiang yi extracts the arm slowly,although the gown was tattered,arm also showed some blood stains ,but he has not cared at all.His body shivering excitedly.

    This is merely a wisp of black yuan force......
    If refine unceasingly, when the black yuan force more in number ,his strength will get more and more formidable ?

    "Practice! Must Experiment! Practices some again, tried several times."

    Jiang Yi shook his head, forcing himself not to laugh, eyes on the spot earnestly sitting and practice together, this time it was a full two hour before he stopped practising.

    "It's really is difficult to practice black yuan force, two hours have passed also barely able to extract six thread ......"

    Jiang yi worriedly grabbed his head ,but putting the troubles aside,quickly jumps of bed,pushing the black yuan force to right hand and then the river yuan force fusing it once again smashed a punch on quartzite bed.

    "Bang !"
    Hist fist once again deep into the soil.

    Jiang extracts the arm leisurely, excitedly walks back and forth in the room, suddenly footsteps stop, thinks of a matter: "This black elementary force, since can make the fist strength increase, then leg strength should also.....?"

    He looked inside the room which has become completely messed up,laughed turn his head leaped out of the front door,arriving at the back yard he stands firmly,transferred the black yuan force to the
    right leg fusing with the blue yuan force stepped on to a quartzite ground.


    Similarly the ground splits,half of jiang yi leg was into the ground - the leg's strength seems to be higher than the fist!
    "Ah ...... Let's Try knees!"


    "Try elbow!"


    Jiang yi full of delight,as long as black yuan force fused with blue yuan force,my strength of martial arts will increase by 2-3 times.Also the remaining two black yuan forces after fusion,jiang yi transporting it through the body when it reaches the heart he doesn't have the mentality to spend it.


    When transferred the yuan force towards the head,the force started a new pattern,that fusion force passes through the meridians of left eye and black light passes through the eye, jiang yi subconsciously winking the eye,when opens the eye again the world seems completely different.

    Jiang yi can see very clearly at the moment,all very dull,he can clearly see a spider on its web in the corner and as if ...... at The movement that spider crawls is much slower, is ordinary like world is in slow motion.

    He closes the eye hastily, opens once more, present picture actually still very clear. Changes an angle, sees only in the distant place dim corner, a grain of rice carried by reptile, its carrying it on the back, it crawls slow such as snail ......

    Jiang Yi has thought of something suddenly, looks fiercely toward the distant place by the courtyard that outside scenery similarly is much clearer, in dozens feet away in space flies a mosquito to see clearly the path.

    "Buzz -"

    After several time glancing in the four directions ,his left eyes suddenly became blurred.after closing and opening the eye again ,his eye has returned to normal.he can see the spider in the corner,but unable to see it clearly.....

    Jiang Yi quickly awakens, instantly induces that black elementary force, discovered that really has been consumed, in the eye the elementary force that remains is completely blue in colour,

    "This black elementary force is unexpectedly so mysterious, it can also make the vision strengthen!"

    Jiang Yi efforts to restrain himself not to laugh emotionally, running again the last trace of black yuan force toward veins of the right eye.

    Sure enough ......

    The whole world becomes clear again, the flow of time seemed to slow down ......

    "so amazing"

    Jiang yi was very, very excited as a child who found a new toy.He will look inside the room again and again corner to corner, he looked towards the window, and had a very different feeling for this new world, while finally started irrepressible laughing again.

    "Ha ha ha, Yeah, it really is a treasure, God has eyes ah ......"

    Has not waited for Jiang Yi to look again, the black elementary force once more consumes, the world restored to the original design.

    Think again,he noticed the body has not left any black yuan force - the hard two hour practice before the accumulation of six black silk Yuan force, he has squandered over time of half stick of incense.

    "Practice! Practice!"

    Jiang Yi rubbed his eyes, his face full of tender ecstasy of colour, he immediately sat down, this time he was ready to practice longer and extract more black yuan force to study more.

    After more than an hour ......

    This time he was waken up, by a dull collision of gate together.

    The courtyard of his house was a young girl wearing a homespun cloth long skirt to stagger along, startled of young girl whole face, flushed to yell:"Jiang Yi Master, Master Jiang Yi come out, your little slave was hit, if you do not go, fear that her life is gone ...... "

    "Little slave!"

    Jiang Yi whole body trembles, opens the eye suddenly, the facial colour instantaneously becomes fierce , such as an enraged the Lion King.The long hair to neck raises up like fire, his body rises with a spring from the ground, crazily shoots to go towards the front courtyard ......

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    Chapter 4 : Jiang Xiaonu

    The young slave's full name was Jiang Xiaonu,according to big elder his mother purchased the abandoned baby when he was one year old as the maid servant for him.Although in status she is a maid servant, but both of them grew up together as siblings,after big elder has gone missing both of them bound by common destiny.If not for Jiang Xiaonu refuelling for him, he wouldn't have been able to stick with this situation .

    If you touch a dragons precious object, you will invite the wrath of the dragon.

    For Jiang Yi precious thing also that .........Jiang Xiaonu!

    Therefore after hearing the Xiaonu has an accident, inside Jiang Yi immediately violent anger rises up, whole face looking fierce rushing towards front courtyard, the young girl who came to notify saw Jiang Yi like a wild animal had a severe ominous feeling and breath had a scare.

    Jiang yi shouts a roar " Xiaonu, What happened?Chunya ,You tell me quickly what happened to my Xiaonu ?"

    The young girl who came to notify,Jiang Yu knew her she was daughter of a Jiang old servant residing near by, usually both her and Xiaonu exit the house frequently to work together.

    Chunya is scared, with a weeping voice started to explain :" Master Jiang yi ,Xiaonu was hit in the Fengyue Building ,that steward said that Xiaonu has spoiled a beautiful painting and wanted her to pay the money, otherwise must kill her, you must find someone to save her quickly or ........"

    "FengYue Building !"

    Jiang Yi eyes are cold ,he knows that this feng Yue building in the east city biggest brothel.He also followed Xiaonu one time to find that, she helps them in washing bed sheets in the backyard of the building,in exchange for meagre amount of money.

    "Find Someone ?"

    Jiang Yi shook his head,after big elder went missing,everybody treats him like a nobody, who will help him ?Also if such disgraceful matter was known to the family ,fear that if Xiaonu is not Killed by the Feng Yue building,must be killed my the punishment hall........

    "Chunya ,You first go back ,remember ,do not say about this matter to any body !"

    Jiang Yi eye's reflect a trace of ruthless colour ,ordering chunya ,he bolted away from the courtyard.Time is running out ,he did not have much time to think about and can only go alone, even is he has to die he will bring Jiang Xiaonu Back alive.

    Chunya saw jiang yi to go ut as a gust of wind,covered with murderous intent,she quickly chased crying a few times : "Jiang Yi Master , you must not be impulsive, the guards protecting the FengYue Building strength is very formidable......"

    But she just chased out saw that jiang yi's figure has moved dozens of feet away,takes a turn and disappeared inside the corners.

    Chunya rubbed the eyes, whole face surprised thought : "What? Was the Master Jiang Yi speed so fast? Isn't he Dao boundary single layer? This speed can be most likely caste by Dao Boundary double or triple "


    Jiang YI speed indeed increased 2-3 times,under the desperate situation he used a black yuan force in the left egg,speed such as lightning moving through the wind,in several breath time he reached the avenue from the west gate,luckily on the road has not run into clansman of jiang,otherwise definitely would have suspicions......


    He once again running a few hundred feet away speed slowed down the black yuan force has been consumed, and he was about to mobilize black trace element force, continue to wake up to speed very quickly,he stopped.

    He has just more than an hour to practice, black yuan force to extract only five strands, if all consumed now, if there is conflict in the Fengyue building, what force will he use?

    "Xiaonu, you must insist on living !"

    He can only operate blue yuan force, biting the full floor rushed toward brothels along the way because of running too fast, he almost hit a few people. Fortunately,Fengyue building is in the eastern side of the city Jiang yi spent only half stick of incense time to arrive at the East cloud street where the Fengyue building is located, his eyes locking the building electricity running through his body,he bolted toward the building.

    "Grand pa,Come inside to play! We fengyue floor have the most beautiful and pleasing girls that can truly make you enjoy your stay"

    "Yes, Uncle get inside ! Our fengyue girl recently learnt to play a new flute song,can be very beautiful while watching the moon......... "

    Has not reached the building,sounds of two male drawing customers to the building faintly transmitted ,in evening the fengyue building was open for business.Jiang yi spent nearly two hours in west medicine field,then went home studied the black yuan force for few hours, learning the capabilities of black yuan force has completely forgotten the time,not at all suspicious why Xiaonu did not come back........

    Thinking of this,his heart full of endless guilt,he does not take a turn towards backyard ,like a gust of wind rushed into the building,passed through the hall to directly enter the back yard.Outside two males busy in drawing customers did not pay attention to jiang yi,inside a middle-aged but still attractive procures noticed the guest to visit, turning her curved waist, flattered to welcome: "Yo, what does this little elder brother come to do anxiously? My family's girl ......"

    Jiang yi is no mood to hear this procures nonsense,he glanced the surrounding,eyes swept to see a door straight back yard, body bolted towards the door.


    Gate unlatched, Jiang Yi hits directly with his shoulder, breaks into the backyard vision to sweep off like knife in all directions.

    "Where is Xiaonu ,how i cannot see her ?"

    The backyard is very spacious, several female servants are washing the clothing in the wooden basin, does not have the form of Xiaonu. However he noticed that several female servant looks are not obviously right, on face some colours of fear, vision unceasingly is sweeping off to a room in backyard corner.

    "Do not hit, Sir do not hit ......Even if You kill the young slave, i cannot sell myself into servitude ......Sir do not hit, I will find a way to pay the money ......"

    Suddenly -

    In the backyard corner room he hears together the faint sobbing and begging for mercy sound, the Jiang Yi whole body shakes, immediately yelled: "Is that Xianu !"


    Jiang Yi as a lightning rushed towards the house,he gave a heavy kick to the room door. At this moment his leg has fusion force ,the le muscles full of strength, the door instantly fall apart,crashing down.

    Jiang Yi body shot into the room, his eyes as a knife-like swept inside the room, looked at the ground he was almost mad with rage. The room was not big, inside has a strong man beating an emaciated small girl, the small girl whole body rolled on the ground, the whole body is shivering, weeping and wailing plea, but that good chap actually as before unceasingly beats.

    "Bang !"

    Seeing Xiaonu's so miserable type, Jiang yi mind generally exploded with anger, without thinking anything directly runs wild, the body shoots to go toward that person like a gust, elementary force crazily wells up inside the fist, a fist pounds down towards that person's chest.

    "Who are you ?"

    Jiang Yi bursts into room, naturally has alarmed the man in room, brawn man was startled, but saw the blue yuan force coming out of the fist of Jiang Yi actually sneers: "Dao boundary single layer also to dares to come dissolute this place? Court death !"

    Dares to come to the fengyue building to cause trouble,this youth no matter who to him Dao bounndary double this single dao boundary youth seems like ....fart.

    Ground 14 or 15-year-old small girl also awakens, sees Jiang Yi who is flushed with violent anger , small face was scared completely, going all out shouts: "Young master you are not his match, leave me alone , quickly walk away !"


    Jiang Xiaonu shouting reminded Jiang Yi, he has assembled a black yuan force immediately at the maximum speed, wells up toward the fist, fuses with the blue elementary force in the fist .



    The elementary force just fused, two fists clash on, Jiang Yi the body moved backwards 34 steps, all right!

    But the opposite party actually unexpectedly body such as broken kite flying upside down, numerous rolls and upturns collision into the wall, holding one arm which has smashed bones kept screaming ...........

    "What ......"

    Jiang Xiaonu blinked, looks at own young master, the pupil filled with confused colour, is this young master of her family? Her family young master how became so fierce ......

    "Xiaonu, go !"

    Jiang yi was not confused,since this Fen yue building can become the biggest brothel of East city,must have a big influence to support in the back.He scanned the building,but saw clearly in the hall corner had several protecting guards,if they were enclosed then it is dangerous.......

    He quickly carries the small girl on the back runs outside the room,to run away from the building directly.As long as return to the Jiang family, the members of this fengyue building do not have the courage to cause trouble there,knowing that Jiang is one of the five respected families of the city.

    However -

    Jiang Yi just carried the Xiaonu to rush to the entrance, the backyard front door four forms shoot in , instantaneously encircling the room , a man of effective appearance flashed, far away screamed: "Hmm! Dares to cause trouble in the Fengyue building,small bastard, do you want to die that inadequately?"

    The female servants doing laundry, panic-stricken running all over the place in all directions,to the Jiang yi is no different than a dead person, Xiaonu also trembled in fear ....

    "Three Dao boundary double, a man Dao boundary triple !"

    According to the speeds of those protect guards, Jiang Yi judged four people strengths, the innermost feelings are also a flurry, so many protect guards how does he deal? Especially one person is Dao boundary tertiary.

    Fortunately, over the years suppressing life, made his mental capacity far from peers . He forced himself to calm down, sight swept away, eyes locked on that steward, shouted:!! "I have no interest to cause trouble in the fengyue building, you would not have mercilessly beaten my maidservant, I would not have come ! This matter arrives at the city main government office, I do not fear! You can attack me freely, looked whether I will fear?"

    Responding to Jiang yi's words the four forms exploded towards him, several fists came out of the blue.

    Jiang Yi facial expression cold, clenching teeth slides towards the room,puts Xiaonu on the ground, uses a wisp of black yuan force in the fist,pound towards the dao double layer who was moving towards him.

    "Phantom Fist "

    Behind was Xiaonu,so Jiang Yi in order to prevent any harm to her directly used the high grade martial skill, which is the only advanced martial art he learned in the Jiang Family.His fist instantly turned into three blurs, giving the impression that his fist at this moment is divided into three, each very real, rushed to the front of that guard's left shoulder, right shoulder, forehead at the same time.


    The protect guard on seeing the three fist shades, both hands on natural instinct blocks the face and right side, who would have thought Jiang Yi the real fist actually pounds to his left shoulder.


    Without any accident, this Dao boundary double protect guard passes with a boom, the body flies upside down, together even hitting with the security guard in the back fling out together.

    "Hunh...! What !"

    The cold crashing resounds together, two protect guards fly upside down, that Dao boundary tertiary moved in a flash, lifting his hand towards Jiang Yi's chest is using a palm !

    Dao boundary double and Dao boundary tertiary strength disparity is obviously very big!

    The speed of this protect guard is fast Jiang Yi unable to respond . Moreover the strength was also stronger, he can judge from the force coming out of his palm.

    Although Jiang Yi responded at the maximum speed,twisting his body to avoid the palm,simultaneously using "Stone break hand "to push toward the opposite party palm,attempting to counter balance the strength. But what makes him helpless is that person's palm stopped both his attacks and taking a swing landed on his chest.

    Dao boundary triple strength, is not something that current he can resist completely.....


    His body was thrown away and heavily collided with the wall, even Xiaonu was pushed away by the force of that palm.

    Felt that both hands tingling with numbness , the left chest transmits a tearing pain, looking that the palm of opposite party changes to attack once more , Jiang Yi bitter and astringent was muttering at heart: "Ended,It's over ! Seems like today both he and Xiaonu, they can not go out of this Fengyue building ......"

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    Chapter 5 : FengYue Building

    " Ahhh..."

    Xiaonu hit her back of head on the ground cried of pain. But she recovered quickly ,watching the security guard rushing to attack Jiang Yi ,she rushed towards the body of guard clinging to one of his leg shouted : " Master , leave me Alone , Run ! "

    " Xiaonu ! "

    Jiang Yi body trembles ,Xiaonu has no strength, her attempt is futile ,is it not just like a fly trying to shake a tree?If this guard kicked her , won't she die ? In this dangerous moment his mind running fast , suddenly he got a sudden inspiration ,seems like the afternoon during the research, when the black yuan force circulates in the eye, Didn't the time slow down ?

    "Lets Try ! "

    His mind moves ,immediately blue yuan force revolving fiercely fuses with a wisp of black yuan force and runs through the meridians then quickly circulates in the left eye.

    At the same time!

    He uses his only remaining black yuan force in public region to move towards right hand, five wisps of black yuan force that he practised before completely used up, if this time he was unable to beat this Dao triple boundary, then he and Xiaonu can only wait for their death.

    "Ping ! "

    In his left eye black light flashes, this world changed once more, all things become clear, ......As if the time slowed down. He sees at present that palm still approaching, but the speed was obviously slow several times, he also noticed that protect guard realizes Xiaonu on his foot, his left leg moves covered with yuan force to trample Xiaonu.

    "Guards Trick ! Coiling Hand ! "

    Suppressing the violent anger and tearing pain in the chest, Jiang Yi shouted to attract the opposite party attractions, simultaneously both hands such as two dragons coiling toward the palm of opposite party.

    What !

    The opposite party attention was attracted by this big shout, has not paid attention to Jiang Xiaonu again, sneers, his palm, sweeps toward Jiang Yi both hands!

    In this guard's opinion, absolute power can rule over all martial art, not to mention Jiang Yi can not have this strength playing the power of martial art, just as Jiang Yi resorted to "Stone Break hand" as he easily slid towards the guard.

    "Okay !"

    Jiang Yi wanted this effect !

    If were a moment ago, perhaps the opposite party palm sweeps, his both hands definitely would be hit back and wounded, because the opposite party two stages above him , the speed was too fast, cannot see clearly the path that his palm sweeps!

    But now -

    Everything is different !

    His left eye vision absolute terror, the time as if also slowed down several times, therefore he can see clearly the path that the opposite party palm sweeps with ease. Also can judge how to avoid ahead of time, and ......Seeks chance for the attack!

    He revolved the black fusion yuan force in right hand , then moved towards the left-hand corner ahead of time, and evaded the palm of opposite party with ease, turning the fingernail into the hand knife, sliced towards his carpal bone maliciously!


    A crisp sound from broken bones, his strength increases 2-3 times after using the fusion of black yuan force, which is just slightly weaker than the force of Dao triple , which used fully with hand like real knife, splitting opposite party's wrist is also normal thing.


    Guard cries of pain, holds a breath of cold air, whole face is full surprised colour,instantly retracts the palm,but will Jiang Yi allow him to retreat so easily, both hands like claw , run "Coiling hands" grabbed him by the arm, body also stick up, he shouted: "Double Dragon Seizing Pearl" left hand two fingers to puncture toward the opposite party both eyes like arrow!

    "Court death !"

    Although this protect guard is injured, tied down the right hand by Jiang Yi, somewhat flustered for a while, but cis Dao boundary tertiary after all, the reaction rate is much faster, another big hand changes to the sharp claws to launch immediately towards the Jiang Yi left hand two fingers, wanting to break off his two fingers.

    "Good , Completely fell in trap ! "

    Jiang Yi eyes have kept a look at every actions of the guard , at this moment seeing left hand of opposite party has taken the opportunity of sneak attack immediately happy, already prepared a good counter the right knee is suddenly going for the lower part of the body of this protect guard.

    The opposite party attention was attracted by Jiang Yi left hand, this moment innermost feelings violent anger, mind is in mess and thoughts in chaos , who will expect Jiang Yi true attack is the knee? Until the lower part of the body hit by one attack, a rending severe pain was transmitted suddenly he quickly awakened.

    The human body places crowded with most nerves, one is the head, another is the lower part of the body! Therefore "has pulled up cloudy leg" just like "monkey will steal the peach" this kind of strategic move, although was despised, but is actually most practical.


    Jiang Yi although does not have the black yuan force fusion, but also has the strength of a horse, immediately that Dao boundary tertiary to call out pitifully immediately, the body instinct bent, the palm that grasped the left hand of Jiang Yi also loose out , held the lower part of the body howling in pain.

    Such a good opportunity ,Jiang Yi has beaten the guard to such a terrible extent lying on ground like dog.His right hand being released from the guard's palm, his look swept towards the girl on the ground ,shouted : "Xiaonu ! "

    Jiang yi and Jiang Xiaonu grew up together since childhood,their mind are in harmony like interlinked,hearing this shout Xiaonu responded immediately, loosened both hands that grasped the left leg of opposite party , but Jiang Yi threw a kick directly, Dao boundary tertiary rolling on the ground to fly away..

    In blink of time !

    From the moment Dao triple border Warrior rushed to kick out Jiang Yi to now, in fact, only a short time passed more than a dozen breaths. At this moment outside the remaining of protect guards want to rush in, actually noticed that a form was trampled to fly out, immediately frightened first one shrinks does not dare to rush. In the so short time, Jiang Yi wounds them continuously, and one of them them is Dao boundary tertiary? How will the guards dare to rush the initiative to take a beating?

    The door guard eyes filled with fear and hesitation , Jiang see this clearly ,he strived to go outside the gate of the house ,he looked towards the insolent guard sneered : "Huh? Why not attack ?"

    Jiang Yi does not draw back instead advances, threatened,guards wounded by him a moment ago frightened continuously, unexpectedly the opposite party person's body shrinks withdraws two steps, the footsteps staggers, almost falls down ......

    "Little bastard, you court death!"

    He responded quickly and immediately became angry out of shame, was he frightened unexpectedly by a child? At that moment lifts the hand forms a fist, rushes away toward Jiang Yi.

    "Not good -"

    The Jiang Yi secretly very unhappy, his black Yuan force used up completely, in the eye also the black light dodges gradually to blur, obviously the eye's black yuan force has consumed cleanly. Without the black yuan force, how he a solid Dao boundary single layer , will be the match of Dao boundary double protect guard?


    At this moment a voice suddenly came from not far away, this made him rejoice extremely,because this voice stopped the guards .

    That was the man in charge os the building,walking several steps his vision sweeping over Jiang Yu non-stop ,opened the mouth to ask : "Illusionary Step ?" "Phantom Fist ?" "Coiling Hands ?" Are you a junior of Jiang ? May i ask whose son are you in the family ? i know several masters of Jiang actually.

    Jiang Yi facial colour cold, really behind has a big influential support to this Fengyue building in the dark, will otherwise a young steward know the Martial Skills of Jiang?

    His innermost feelings complained of hardship secretly, although the opposite party recognized him as the juniors of Jiang, today does not dare to kill him absolutely. But if this matter, was known by family punishment hall, his punishment is the minor matter, but Xiaonu discredited the family reputation fear that must be killed.....

    He can only clench teeth to support, shouted coldly: "Does not matter i am which family juniors? You dare to beat my maidservant mercilessly today, which is truth if known to me do not fear."

    "Ha ha ha !"

    That steward laughed, mocking looking at river Yi said:? "Truth ? i gave your made some extra money asked her to work in the hall ,but she does not go to work and ran into the hall,ruined our paintings that our treasure pavilion buys at high price.........But you cam into my building wounded our guards ! Since you must say the truth,what do you say we go to your family punishment hall ?Ahem.....Today i will follow this matter to the end "

    "Well ......"

    Jiang Yi speechless, mainly because of Jiang punishment hall is the reason he is frighten by opposite party,he took a deep breath, calms the heart secretly violent mood, my mind quickly running, is trying to find a solution.

    He quickly clarified the thinking,the opposite party guards are wounded by him, but also recognized the Martial Skills of Jiang clearly, then why did't this steward shot? Instead ordered the protect guard to stop. Since the opposite party does not dare to hit temporarily, can discuss matters? That was easy to do, so long as can preserve his and Jiang Xiaonu life, other things are all right..

    He told himself to be calm secretly, looked up that steward, said indifferently: "What do you want?"

    "Is very simple!"

    The steward's pupil effectively sinister and vicious swept on Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu, sneers saying:"Either to pay for damages , or leave behind this girl as slave for 10 years,or.........You leave behind a hand ! "


    Jiang Xiaonu the whole body shivers fiercely, firmly holds Jiang Yi the arm, falling tears in torrents from the eye do not ask for money, she clenches teeth to say in a low voice: "Young master, your slave is not good, you walk quickly, leave Xiaonu alone. "

    "What stupid thing are you saying ?If i don't care ,who will care ?"

    Jiang Yi back to stare, cold rebuke few times. But it is a revolution within the mind, I recall just came in to hear the cries of Xiaonu, though he did not know specifically what was happening at that time, but guessed a bit.

    Obviously this steward sees Xiaonu although thin weak and pale but looked carefully facial features are fine, ready to pick up and grow beautiful in a few years, so deliberately set the trap wanted her to prostitute in brothel after a few years for them to earn dirty silver.

    However whether or not the opposite party plot or not, the matter of today there is the no solution !

    Fight, he did not have black yuan force, do not say there are two guards who are not hurt, this steward obvious strength is not low..Only one outcome, he crawled back to the Jiang house ......

    To request, it is more impossible,to leave this Jiang family run far away,once this matters known to Jiang family matter more serious consequences ,then remaining only had manage according to the request of opposite party.

    Just ......

    Left hand is not possible, with one hand he becomes really a waste, regardless it is to save Xiaonu? This is more difficult than to kill him.

    Then.....can only pay for damages !

    Problem....He was so poor that he did not have money to buy new trousers in last two years ,if he had money........?

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    Chapter 6 : A Huge Debt

    Although does not how to compensate ? Must compensate at any cost ,Jiang Yi grinds his teeth to ask : "How much do i have to pay ? "

    The main steward smiles spookily , superficially saying :" This painting was bought from the treasure pavilion ,at the cost of 12 golds,I do not want more than the original price for compensation,otherwise ,hey .....even if we kill you , we will also have reason to do so ."

    "Twelve Golds ? "

    Jiang Yi eyes shrink ,he receives only one or two pieces of silver every month from Jiang family.Ah.... Even he could not sell himself for twelve Golds , it seems that group has made their mind to keep Xiaonu Here .

    "Should I fight them ?"

    Jiang yi shook his head, to fight these many ,and he did not have any black elementary force left,fear that they would have to stay behind.

    The main steward said well ,even killing them today is not an important matter ,Jiang will definitely not investigate .The steward has very astute eye guessed correctly from the clothes of maid servant and young master,that he is very low status in the Jiang family,So he would not dare to be noisy.

    After thinking for a while, he can only bite the bullet and said: "Paying the money is no problem , but you have to give some time ,in month I will Pay 12 gold coins, if can not pay, i will offer my hand "

    "One month ? "

    The sinister and vicious pupils of the main steward has narrowed ,shaking his head said : "Verbal statements are not good enough ,if you ran away what would I do ?Either leave behind something as mortgage ,or leave behind this girl ."

    Jiang Yi had a headache, he would have to leave a precious thing ? or he have to leave behind Jiang Xiaonu ? This month was ruined from the beginning.He took out a token from his bosom , turned , handed out a token in his hand and said :"I put this for mortgage ! after a month I ill come to redeem it ."

    This token was given to him by head in charge,for free access to the medicine fields.Jiang family had strict regulation ,if the punishment hall knew that Jiang yi Has put the token for mortgage,there will be heavy punishment.But at the moment he was out of ideas,only can make a risky move.

    "Oh ! Really a member of Jiang family "

    That steward received the token, on the face cannot show the facial expression of anticipation, but he has not complied immediately, instead lowers the head to hesitate.

    The time passes by bit by bit, Jiang Yi whole body tightens, the back started to break into sweat, Jiang Xiaonu attractive big eyes are also disturbed and tight, whether today they can go out of this FengYue building safely, in this effective moment.


    Finally, that steward looks up to Jiang Yi, with a nod was saying: "I give your Jiang family face, this Jiang junior however have to keep your word. Certainly ......If one month later you do not pay the money, I will take this token and go to your Jiang punishment hall to ask for money, you can leave."

    "Lets Go !"

    Jiang Yi feels relieved, clenching teeth, mutually supported by the arm with the young slave, goes out of the love affair building backyard slowly, walked toward Jiang Family Courtyard.

    Although on his face does not have any mood fluctuations, but innermost feelings are bitter and astringent - this steward prepared his death hole, one month , if he could not pay cash, this FengYue building will visit the Jiang family,and punishment hall will definitely break his and Jiang Xiaonu's legs......


    FengYue Building is not that far away from the Jiang House , but it took half an hour for Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu to reach home.Both were injured,but fortunately while beating Xiaonu that brawny guy did not use yuan force , Jiang Xiaonu received some skin flesh wounds, did not have a fracture, otherwise fear was that Jiang Yi will not know how to go back.

    Back in the Jiang West field , is already dusk of evening.West field was very busy at the moment , all the Jiang family servants lived there, all coming home after work.Along the way both met a lot of family servants, but no one cares about them, most of them looking with fancy eyes, some even exposed mocking smile.....

    After suffering all these years ,actually both of them are not alarmed by the strange sights , enter there own yard , Has not yet entered the room Jiang Yi's both legs grown soft , holding the left shoulder with pain partly kneels on the ground , in gulps gasping for breath.

    He received a blow from the protect guard who was a Dao tertiary , although he used " Stone Break Hand " , to keep off, but it is estimated that bone still has cracked , but still with this wound he continued the fight it just added more to the injury , at this moment cold sweat started to flow down his forehead.

    "Young master, Young master, you are all right ! "

    Jiang Xiaonu was flustered, kneels hastily, on a dirty small face covered with guilt, was repeatedly asking in tears.

    Jiang Yi waved his hand, mouth barely showing a smile, hand touched the small Xiaonu's head and said:. "Xiaonu, do not cry, I'm fine, your young master ...... not so easy to fall."

    "Ah, Yeah, sir most powerful ! "

    Jiang Xiaonu reluctantly nodded, but still crying, said: "But ...... Master, Where do you earn twelve Golds in a month ? Oh, your slave is no good, implicated the young master ......"

    "Say ! What did you implicate ? "

    Jiang Yi face sank, eyes stared, and rebuke: "Xiaonu , later cannot speak such nonsense again! This world I only have you as a family member, anything is not as important as you, understand ? "

    "Um, the young master was best !"The young slave's heart became muddled, the tears fall like rain drops.

    "Well, I believe Master, I'll find a way, Lets go in."

    Jiang Yi struggled to stand, supported by the arm with Jiang Xiaonu entered the room. Entered in the room, Jiang Xiaonu holds him to sit down on the bed, dried the tears lights candle, hurried to bring the medicinal ointment, must apply medicine to his wounds.

    Jiang Yi actually smiles bitterly to shake the head saying:" Stop, you this stupid girl, what I received is internal injury, go and bring that therapy compounded drug that the family grants, puts down this medicinal ointment , later apply some of it to your wounds."

    Jiang Xiaonu embarrassingly scratching the head, the small face filled with awkward colour, turns around lamely to walk hastily.

    On road while coming back, Jiang Yi inspected the injury of Xiaonu and found it not too to be serious, so at this moment did not go to manage her, while looking at the flickering candlelight , worried at heart ......

    From yesterday to the present, the matter that had happened were too many, making his head turn into a state of chaos , he shook his head, Thinking of the solution comes after healing , its the best principle .

    Jiang Xiaonu was holding a white small porcelain bottle and one bowl of clear water has come in quickly, placed it at the bedside to ask: "Young master, now will you have the compounded drug? First eat some thing? Oh ......Hasn't the young master eaten at noon? Or do I go and fix two bowls of noodles first?"


    Jiang Yi shook his head and said: "?. The house is there no meat, I'll heal better with it ."


    Jiang Xiaonu quickly takes out some meat, she had often gone out to work, afraid of Jiang Yi being hungry had prepared some meat too , at the moment it just came in handy.

    Quickly Jiang Xiaonu brings the dried meat, after chewing the dry meat with some water, Jiang Yi then has the time to ask: "Xiaonu, today what was the matter? I always felt that this matter was not normal, did you intentionally destroy Fengyue building painting ?"

    Jiang Xiaonu paused,she blinked, confused, said: "Destroy I? What authority do I have? I also do not have money ......"

    "Stupid girl!"

    Jiang Yi then helpless, did not explain, directly asked:. "You speak in detail what had happened."


    Jiang Xiaonu hastened to tell him in great detail about today's event again, after finishing before continuing confused and asked: "? Master, Do you have a problem ?"

    Jiang Yi did not speak, fury has erupted within his eyes, according to what Jiang Xiaonu said ,and what he saw today in the Fengyue Building,He was now hundred percent sure, This matter today was completely planned by that manager of the Fengyue Building .

    Jiang Xiaonu every other five days will go to the Fengyue building to work with the Chunya , helping in cleaning the clothing and bed sheets of the girls in building, originally they continuously work in the backyard , never in the front courtyard and in the hall, As for natural disposition of Jiang Xiaonu she will not run all over the place arbitrarily.

    In the past after washing the clothing, originally a Fengyue building takes them into the hall, but that person has not appeared today,a female servant took the "initiative" and called Jiang Xiaonu and she went inside the hall with the clothing, together.

    Jiang Xiaonu worried that Jiang Yi is alone at home, wants to complete quickly to go home earlier , took the clothing and entered the hall with that female servant, finally just went in "has been careful" but she stumbled for a moment by a protect guard, and hits a table near the wall "exactly", but on the table was a painting that was bought at a high price.

    Then that steward appeared, maliciously slapped Jiang Xiaonu , then made the protect guard bring Jiang Xiaonu to the backyard , to make her either lose money, either signs the indenture of a person sold into servitude ......

    Xiaonu is silly, even if were sold also not for much money, But Jiang Yi since childhood intelligent, naturally pondered over understands.After putting out one breath, complexion becomes fierce, clenching jaws sinks to exclaim: "Good, is good you Fengyue building, dares so to entrap Xiaonu? Sooner or later one day, this young master completely will smash your Fengyue Building to pulp ......"

    "Young master, do not be impulsive, I hear the influence behind the Fengyue building to be very formidable, you are not their match !"

    Seeing Jiang Yi facial expression, Jiang Xiaonu is somewhat startled. Immediately awakens quickly, the big eye opens the eyes surprised to ask: "Oh, is not right, how was young master's your strength so formidable? A moment ago You were quite fierce, injured those several bastards ......"

    "No ......That you leave alone, believe me! Xiaonu, perhaps ......After some time, I can help you live a comfortable life, no need to work."

    Jiang Yi remembers that mystical black Yuan force, the mind surges once more, has eaten the remaining dried meat hastily , prepared to finish therapy immediately, to study that black Yuan force carefully again. He has a feeling, perhaps this mystical black yuan force, can let his life ......Has the earth-shaking change.

    "! The young master is quite fierce, the young master refuels." Jiang Xiaonu no longer asked immediately the big eyes narrowed like crescent moon, showing a colours of worship.

    They ate the dried meat, Jiang Yi inspected Xiaonu's injury once more, after determining has not injured to the bone, made her return to Chunya to help her spread the medicinal ointment, but also said her, the matter of today not to say to the people of family.

    Jiang Xiaonu listened to Jiang Yi words since childhood,asked a few questions of concern to go out limping,seeing the thin back in exceedingly poor candlelight ...... Jiang Yi,s looks were as if looking at ones loved one.

    After the Xiaonu walks, Jiang Yi then sits on the bed, reorganizes the mind that was in great confusion.

    Yesterday he was injured by Jiang Ruhu et al., fainted in the morning, went home in the sleep mind to present nameless mnemonics inexplicably, then he practised a mysterious black Yuan force according to the nameless mnemonics, by this black Yuan force, he had beaten Jiang Bao in the morning maliciously, went to the Fengyue building to rescue Xiaonu, but actually owed the huge debt of next 12 Golds ......

    "12 Gold ?"

    Thinking of these, Jiang Yi the corners of the mouth have pulled out,a month where does he go to get so much money?He has hit Jiang Bao in the morning, feared that is his boss Jiang Ruhu will find out quickly?

    Although Jiang Ruhu the natural talent is ordinary, but has a good father , never to lack compounded drug for practices the , the strength achieved has Dao boundary Fourth Layer , even if he used the black yuan force fear that was also very difficult to defeat.

    "Black Yuan force, It's all up to you !"

    Jiang Yi pursed the lips,eyes flashed a colour of hope . This Black Yuan Force so magical, if some careful research, can also discover a new ability, then perhaps he will be able to get out of this predicament ......

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    Chapter 7 : Exploded Dan Furnace


    A trace of pain transmitted from the left shoulder, that made Jiang Yi Sober , he can only force himself to not think about it temporarily , or better to say until the wound recuperates.

    He takes out a decadent small pill to swallow from the small porcelain bottle with clear water , this is the most common healing drug that the Jiang Family refines , the human rank low-grade goods ,Huang Shen Dan.

    The Heavens Xing Continent, the Martial system had developed, the compounded drug, weapon and merit law and feat of arms have the equivalent of distinguishing right from wrong, from weak ones to strong , each divided into the Human Rank , The Earth Rank , The Heaven Rank , each equivalently divided into three Grades.

    For example, The River Destroy Law that Jiang Yi practices , is the Human Rank top grade Merit Law, for example the highest rank Martial Skill that Jiang Yi knows is " Phantom Fist " which is also Human Rank top grade goods.

    Jiang Yi identity is collateral Master, according to Jiang's home rule, he should receive three immortality drugs monthly to aid cultivation "Yuan Dan soul", as well as two Human Rank immortality product "Black Shendan "to heal accidentally injury during practise.

    Unfortunately, the last two years ......He was treated as he never existed by Jiang Family , not only the monthly pay was deducted again and again , even immortality has become the lowest level of human-order low-grade "Yuan force Dan" and "Huang Shen Dan", the number also had became one.

    This Huang Shen Dan strength is very weak, coordinated with some medicinal herbs refinements with the western field's Iris grass , the effect is to merely improve blood circulation . Jiang Yi had not planned to heal himself completely by this preliminary compounded drug , after swallowing, immediately he decided to run River Destroy Law, started therapy.

    "Uuhhhh ......"

    Sat cross-legged for a full hour, Jiang Yi opened his eyes, helpless in his eye, he just ran the River law few moments ago to heal when he found that three bones in the left shoulder had few cracks , to heal this injury he had to sit and meditate for a day and night completely .

    As for the efficacy of that compounded drug should be left alone, this compounded drug rank was too lower, the efficacy is too weak , moreover volatilizing is too slow , it takes nearly an hour to mix in the blood then it moves towards the wound.....

    "Jiang Ruhu tomorrow will perhaps look for me, must study the Black Yuan force first, this internal injury must be suppressed temporarily, later again to recuperate ......"

    Jiang Yi has pondered for sometime, gives up healing decisively, starts the extension to practice the nameless merit law, the refinement of Black Yuan Force.

    After two hours time!

    He opened his eyes again, feeling the six strands of black Yuan Force in pubic region , his "look" is more lovely, this is his treasure, without this Black Yuan Force, today would have been absolute disaster .

    "Study it how ? Afternoon fists, legs, elbows, eyes have tried, now should try the ear?"

    Jiang Yi mind a move, since ...... Black Yuan Force can make vision enhancement, does that also allows hearing to enhance ? Also on the nose, maybe smell will also be enhanced.

    He went ahead.

    Jiang Yi revolves a wisp of Black Yuan Force, assembling some blue yuan forces to fuse, controlling slowly moves randomly to go towards the head. This Black Yuan Force are too few , does not fuse with the blue yuan force fear that will not be enough to complete any function.

    "Ah ...... This Huang Shen Dan, the drug began to act, automatically nourishing the wounds, but the drug is too weak ......"

    When the fusion Yuan force was passing left chest near the meridian, Jiang Yi subconsciously stopped for a moment within the wound.

    Who knows, mutation and the emergent -

    The black yuan force actually separated out from inside the blue yuan force suddenly and blended with the near immortality drug ......


    Jiang Yi the whole body shakes, the whole person trembles, because he felt the speed obviously with which the wound restore starts to speed up, moreover is getting quicker and quicker, the speed of finally treating has achieved original's about 5-6 times, the drug efficacy may be compared with the Human Rank high-grade goods compounded drug.

    "Quite mysterious, can this black Yuan force unexpectedly enhance the efficacy of compounded drug ?"

    The Jiang Yi heart beat accelerated , concentrating on treating the wound . What a pity after several breaths time the , Black Yuan Force completely consumed the speed of healing slows down, although the near by Blue Yuan Force is present ,the effect is minimal.

    Jiang Yi assembles Black Yuan Force immediately , revolves it to the nearby wound and once more fuses to increase the efficiency , healing the injury fast.

    Feeling the cracked bones healing quickly, Jiang Yi heart ecstatic, and soon after a clean exertion of black yuan, and continue to mobilize the black element force, for healing faster.

    Soon he was very depressed, his little reserve of black yuan force, after only a short time, six strands of black Yuan Force all consumed.

    In regard to wound the mood completely clear. On a little time The speed with which the wound restored was same as if he was sitting in meditation for 20-30 hours. If there was enough Black Yuan Force in just half incense stick burning time his wound would have healed 70- 80 %......

    Present him regardless of anything, and immediately sat cross-legged meditation exercises refining operation nameless black yuan force. This black yuan power consumption is too fast too fast, not enough is always critical. This time he was ready to stock up, once refined four or five hour,not to sleep until dawn direct practice, must refine as much as possible, in morning at a time completely restore the injury .


    After three and a half hour, before dawn, Jiang Yi has stopped practising. When he opened his eyes, eyes are puzzled and depressed. Because - this Black Yuan force only ten branches, no matter how he must operate within the pubic region actually no longer produces black Yuan force ......

    "How could this be? Unreasonable ah!"

    Jiang Yi face pale, he had thought about the future and other yuan force more, try running black Yuan force to attack, to see if it has great power? If determines that a large increase in power, then even this black Yuan force the speed of practice than the original blue Yuan force is a lot slower, he would slowly change practice to this nameless Merit law.

    But now he did not need to consider, with only ten thread of Black Yuan force , simply can not be completely independent attack, without fusing blue yuan force attack will have absolutely no power.

    "Ten thread? Can refine only so little?"

    Jiang Yi reconciled, and sat cross-legged in meditation operating nameless law, but after a small half hour, he reluctantly opened his eyes, trace of black Yuan force within the pubic region has not increased!

    "Ah, then to see whether after consumption can continue to extract?"

    He hesitated, assembled a wisp of black yuan force to go for auxiliary therapy, after that wisp of black elementary force consumed, he hastily sat in meditation revolving nameless merit law.

    In result pubic region actually started to have the black yuan force, but after waiting for the black elementary force to accumulate to ten wisps, no longer increased ......

    "What clever merit law is this? Is this God playing with me intentionally?"

    Jiang Yi was so depressed that he could spit blood , opens the eye to sweep, discovered that outside already dawn, nearby room broadcasts the sound that Xiaonu was getting out of bed.

    "No matter , later he would try again to find the solution, the time early, first must treat the wound, later also check the No. 5 medicine field inventory,if not have been stopped up by Jiang Ruhu et al. ......"

    Jiang Yi remembered yesterday's Head in charges howling, did not dare to delay this time, if the injury does not recover, even if he has a black yuan force combat power will be greatly reduced.

    Just waiting for him to mobilize a wisp of black yuan force to a nearby wound preparation and integration of the drug, but found that after a more than three hours, the drug has been fully consumed, which is why Huang Shen Dan is indeed the lowest level of immortality, drug pitifully weak ......

    "No! Since the blue yuan force can assist healing, my black element force is so powerful, that can quickly aid the healing ah? Why should I have to fuse the force with the immortality drug ?"

    Jiang Yi suddenly thought of one thing, the mind with a swing, black yuan force can increase efficiency of the drug and can quickly heal, that's two different things. If the latter, it is sick! If He later was injured will not need to draw support from the compounded drug to heal completely ......


    What let him be puzzling is that , when he revolves the fusion yuan force to start the circulation to assist in wound healing , actually discovers current healing speed and original blue yuan force speed are exactly the same, cannot increase the speed .

    This black yuan force can only increase the efficiency of immortality drugs, can not heal alone.

    Jiang Yi secretly anxious, the hour is late, and if he delayed any more to check the drug field inventory, fear is also being scolded by head steward. The problem is that the injury is not good, he did not dare to go o the mountain of drug, and other fear is to be blocked by Jiang Ruhu.

    "Yes, go to Dan pharmacies to receive immortality!"

    He remembered this month he has not received immortality, quickly got up casually tidied clothes walked towards the outside, found that although the injury is not so serious as yesterday, but still aching.

    "Master,Where are you going ah?"

    Hearing the sound of footsteps of Jiang Yi in the near by room , a small head drills out, yellow hair loosely tied ,under a sleepy eyes dim big eye also has the tear stains faintly, saw that Jiang Yi must exit very early in the morning, on the small face is very restless.

    "Xiaonu , I'll be right back."

    Jiang Yi casually ordered her to, stay at home do not go out, if someone knocks on your door to hide in the backyard . He hurried to toward the east court, wants to get back the compounded drug immediately, restore the injury quickly.

    Fast out of the West Hospital, Jiang Yi moved towards the south where the Dan pharmacy was. Jiang's family was starting to liven up early in the morning, but no one cares about Jiang Yi this abject collateral Master.

    After a stick of incense time, Jiang Yi arrived at Dan pharmacy, quailed at the door of his church looked inward, to see Dan pharmacy elders in? He was responsible for the alchemy of family ,name is Liu Jiang ,family elders temper is but weird anomaly.

    Finally, what let him very speechless is, in a hall wearing a brown long gown, has hair dishevelled, such as a lunatic old man is gathering round a Dan stove to stare with big eye to examine carefully, but usually in a Jiang collateral branch juniors do not need to go to Dan Pharmacy for drugs.

    Weird temper Liu Jiang family elders is a famous name, so Jiang Yi and other Jiang junior brothers to get immortality , they both like to avoid this old man, to avoid offending this strange old man who holds an important position in family .

    "What are you doing here ? Back again?"

    Jiang Yi secretly retracted his head, secretly pondered them, but this time, the room suddenly burst that Liu elders explodes up: "Song Jiang, what are you doing outside stealthily ? Hasn't gone to practice ?Waste, always lazy. "

    Jiang Yi the touching nose embarrassedly, walked, cups one hand in the other across the chest saying: "Jiang Yi Meet the Liu elders, I ...... am not Jiang Song, I have come to receive immortality"

    "Get immortality drug!"

    Liu Presbyterian sank his face,foams with rage saying:"?! You are a waste, not to do much work every day, even you will receive immortality , no immortality"

    "Well ......"

    Jiang Yi face embarrassed, not into retreat is not, froze in place.

    "Also standing for what? Get out, do not affect the old man's alchemy ...... Seems to be tired of living ,Actually forced this old man's hand ......"

    That Liu Jiang stared at Jiang Yi ,in the hand started to shine the red yuan force to be attached to Dan stove side wall single-handedly, but his pupil revolution, turned his head to say towards Jiang Yi suddenly: "You, come! Temper this stove's compounded drug ,have a look at the home remedy of this old man first."


    Jiang Yi was ready to go out and immediately hear the words of the elders hesitated, quickly waved and shook his head: "No, ah, Liu elders, I do not know alchemy, ah, I can not do ......"

    Liu elders angered, Impacts of Pre vertical eye scolded: "darn thing, what is difficult, this furnace immortality is almost good, you just inject Yuan force towards this,waits for the compounded drug to coagulate to solidify Get out here! If this matter you do good, Later the old man can get you immortality, hum! "

    Saying this, the Liu elder was walking toward a nearby leaning hall on strides. Jiang Yi hesitated only to clench teeth, revolving blue colour yuan force both hands pasted on Dan stove side wall.

    However ......
    Let Jiang Yi dismay that he had just injected element force in Dan furnace , that Dan furnace such as sponge, fast automatic absorption of his element force, but also absorbs scary fast, his hands yuan meridians about to be absorbed whole within such force .

    Jiang Yi did not understand alchemy, for fear of the job to be smashed, quickly in panic operated element force, desperately injection in Dan furnace . In a panic, he accidentally ...... put together two strands of black element force fuse with the blue element force into the Dan furnace.


    When black elementary force injected in that Dan stove , the whole Dan furnace came with a dull exploding, Dan furnace violent shaking up, almost turn to the ground.

    "Exploded The Dan?"

    Next partial Chamber, immediately came a fury roar: "! That darn thing ,This Dan immortality furnace is a Human Rank top grade Shendan spirit, this old man will tear you ......"

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    Chapter 8 : Earth Rank Dan

    (Note: Dan - Immortality drugs / Compounded Drugs)

    "Ahh ! Not Good........"

    Jiang Yi sat down on the ground, but a lot of the Dans of the furnace are out in ground, at least fifty pieces, the most important among them is the Spirit Shendan which is a Human Rank Top Grade Dan ! He has heard that Human Rank top grade Dans are sold for, a minimum of one silver, in other words if all the Dan inside of the Furnace exploded, then he destroyed fifty-two Silvers worth immortality Drugs ......


    A brown form shoots out from the nearby learning hall , a violent atmosphere coming out of his body presses down on Jiang Yi making him unable to breath , Liu Elder's pair of eyes swollen with wrath , he stared fiercely at Jiang Yi , single Handedly grab the Dan Furnace opened the lid,immediately checked it up.

    Jiang Yi turns quiet , Secretly praying that Not too many Dans inside the furnace to be damaged , otherwise this Liu Elder ,if the violent anger explodes ,even if killed him,the family will not say anything .........

    "Damn , this furnace almost all compounded drug has exploded, how did you work ?"

    Liu elders a glance, his face was filled with more rage, his eyes as a knife swept over Jiang Yi's face, hands rolling out the Red Yuan Force, ready to beat Jiang Yi .

    "Ended ! "

    Jiang Yi can only wait for death ,although this Liu Elder is responsible for the refining of immortality pills , but the strength in Jiang Family is among Top 10 , Thus there is no chance for him to be alive after beaten down.

    "What ? "

    Suddenly ,Liu Elder's eye flashed with a surprised colour , extended the palm and received , last two remaining Dans In the Furnace His vision Full of Doubts , feeling as if .....Is somewhat different from the original Huang Shendan He was refining ?

    Jiang Yi survived, quickly wiped out cold sweat, nervously watching every move of Liu elders.

    "This, this immortality Dan ......"

    Liu Elder's completely disregarded Jiang Yi ,pair of eyes stared round with shock ,on the two black Dans in the Dan Furnace ,the whole face was surprised : "Is Spirit Shendan not white ?Why These two are Black ? Probably........Was the efficiency enhanced ?"

    "Black? Two?"

    Jiang Yi eyes twinkle , mind moving suddenly has a very bold idea : " Because I had injected two wisps of Black Yuan force ,Did this Dan Furnace explode ? Only Two Dans have not exploded, instead were turned into black from white ? Was also because of the two wisps of Black Yuan Forces?"

    "Efficiency indeed was enhanced!"

    Liu Elder's eyes looked more and more brighter , just endlessly kept talking : "This lustre, this efficiency, like, looks like it very much! Old man has refined the pill of immortality for a lifetime, ......Finally refined up two Earth Rank Dan?"

    "Earth Rank Dan?"

    Then Jiang Yi mind moves, he remembers last night healing, the black Yuan Force increased Huang Shendan efficiency by four or five times? Plus just the situation now, his heart he determined when furnace all Dans were Fried, only two became Earth Rank Dan, the Black Yuan Force is definitely the reason ......


    Jiang Yi hesitates, Liu Elder's suddenly swallowed down the black compounded drug , then sits cross-legged. The moment he has opened eye, pair of eye is excited and wild with joy: "Ha, this indeed is the Earth Rank low-grade Dan, 30 years! The old man finally to refine a Earth Rank Dan, the old man finally no longer a First Division Refinement Master.... "

    Jiang Yi curled the lips, thought in his mind you did not refine it.......

    But he did not dare say anything, honestly stood, innermost feeling expected that this Liu Elder's mood is excellent , can possibly release him ....


    At this time outside Dan Pharmacy came slight sound of footsteps,a teenager secretly drilled in, glanced at Jiang Yi, with flattering smile on his face and walked toward the Liu elders,at the same time cupped one hand in the other across the chest saying:"Congratulates the elder, congratulates the elder, you built up the peerless compounded drug finally ......"

    "Smack !"

    The complexion of Liu elder actually changed, the hand sweeps off, the youth sweeps outside the front door directly, coldly snorted to him: "Jiang Song,you can roll now, after today do not come to this alchemy room , stupid fellow always lazy ! "

    Jiang Yi shrieked out , secretly thinking Liu Elder really an odd person ,just a moment ago was wild with joy , then suddenly got so angry........

    Seeing Jiang Song swollen face , Jiang Yi did not dare to stay , at the same time cups one hand in the other across the chest to say in a low voice: "Liu elder you are busy."At the same time retreats toward outside fast.

    "And so on!"

    Who would have thought that Liu elder Calls him, the vision locked on Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi has only been able the face to stop the footsteps painstakingly: "What does elder have to say?"

    Liu Elder shameless shows smiling face suddenly, walked several steps, the big hand has patted on his right shoulder, grinned to say with a smile: "You boy is good, will be the luck of old man! Um ......Jiang Song that waste I do not want, temporarily does not have the manpower to help, you later in this group of old man refine the pills of immortality."


    The Jiang Yi whole body trembles, immediately swings the rattle-drum, the decisive rejection said: "It is not good, Liu elder, I do not understand the refine the pill of immortality, i cannot do anything , and ......I still work in medicine field now, if I help you, the steward in charge of that side What do I confess to him?"

    This Liu elder temperament is so strange, in his works, if any day offended him? Under his violent anger if was patted by a palm , I may die on the spot ......

    "Confess ***!"

    Liu Elder getting angry is quicker than flipping through a book ,also with a frowning angry look said : "Old man wants someone, let alone that steward is something to stop me , even the House Hall Grand Chancellor Jiang Yunshe do not dare to say a character.You go and say the steward about it if he does not agree this old man will tear him down.As for the understanding of refining pills ,you can study from now ,Bout you have to be better than that Jiang Song Waste, otherwise this old man will not forgive you .......Such settled,you come back tomorrow morning to work, the old man has to do a good research in this Dan, ha ha ha, Earth Rank Dan ...... "

    Liu Elder held the remaining of that black Dan, assuming an air of self approbation was gone, Jiang Yi actually looked distressed almost on verge of crying.

    However turns the head to think that worked in his favour as he has no need to go out to medicine field? Jiang Ruhu et al. don't dare to come to this area or come to his courtyard to begin with? He will have time to research the black yuan force.

    "Black Yuan force?"

    Suddenly, in his mind flashes through a thought that the pupil shine brightly, if his black Yuan force can strengthen the drug efficiency? That Human Rank high-grade goods Huang ShenDan, was very likely a moment ago because of the black Yuan force made the efficiency to be enhanced , turned into the Earth Rank Dan.

    If ......He works in this, can't he refine the pill of immortality secretly? Refines high-quality compounded drug with the aid of the black Yuan force, Nobody can know he can take it to sell unconsciously!

    Human Rank high-grade goods compounded drug 5.2 silver, ten are 52, 100 is 520, if can refine 200 Human Rank high-grade compounded drugs in one month, the huge debt of Fengyue building can be returned with ease? If refined one again a moment ago like the Earth Rank Dan, perhaps several can sell more than 12 Golds ......

    "Ha ha!"

    Jiang Yi secretly ecstasy, the pressure of a large stone in heart, and finally down to half.Does not want to work under this Liu Elder, at this moment were glad actually.

    "Um, first went to the Steward in charge that to inform of this."

    Jiang Yi walks out, gets to the entrance suddenly to remember the original goals, thinking that this Liu elder holds a special fondness to him? He has hesitated, walks toward the leaning hall gradually.

    "Ha, Earth Rank Dan? Does this furnace refines Spirit Shendan into Earth Rank Dan? Is it possible that this furnace has some mystery? It is not good I must study well ......"

    In the learning hall the Liu elder is sitting cross-legged on the ground, in the hand emits the flame yuan force remaining of that black compounded drug burning, concentrates on to study, has not paid attention to Jiang Yi completely.

    "Liu elder."

    Jiang Yi waiting, Liu Elder has disregarded him, has to clench teeth to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying:"I want to get Huang Shendan and Yuan force Dan ......"

    Liu Elder awakens finally, shot a look at Jiang Yi one eyes, impatient saying: "Goes to other side dwelling place to take, take as many as you want, do not come to bother the old man ......Well? In this Spirit shendan original ingredient, not other ingredients? How to turn into the Earth Rank suddenly? Strange, strange ......"

    "Take as many as you like ?"

    Jiang Yi the corners of the mouth pulls up, to work in this place also has this welfare? At that moment immediately cupped one hand in the other across the chest not to dare to disturb the Liu elder, went out of the learning hall to return to the hall, saw other one side also two rooms, two front door closed.

    Jiang Yi shoves open a door vision to sweep, inside sees the medicinal herbs, should be west fields medicine herbs collection.His look to draw back, enters another room, just opened gate the nostrils filled with fragrant of medicine.

    "Many compounded drugs ......"

    The dwelling place of depositing compounded drug is very spacious, inside has two three big counters, has chocked up bottles and cans filled completely, with compounded drugs.

    "Yuan soul Dan, Spirit ShenDan, Black ShenDan, Yuan Force Dan, Huang ShenDan ......"

    Jiang Yi looks with excitement, this Liu elder said take as many as you like, that did not indicate how many compounded drugs he can take, but can also mean other ranks and high-grade goods of the compounded drugs?

    "Ok, In cultivation the behaviour cannot be greedy ......"

    Is suppressing the innermost feelings , Jiang Yi took the most preliminary Yuan force Dan honestly, three preliminarily healing Huang Shendan hastily left to his dwelling place, to meet the steward in charge of the medicine fields.

    "Um, this Jiang juniors natural dispositions is good, not too greedy!"

    Opens after Jiang Yi escape, the Liu elder with that full grey hair actually suddenly went out of the leaning hall to enter in the dwelling place to examine, after coming out, very satisfied nodded twittering, entered the leaning hall to study the place Earth Rank compounded drug that he "accidentally refined" once more ......


    Jiang east court, effective room.

    Steward noticed that Jiang Yi walked in, facial colour bad coldly asked: "Jiang Yi, Did you bring No. 5 medicine fields medicinal herbs inventory?"

    Jiang Yi cups one hand in the other across the chest to say honestly: "Returns to Steward in charge, did not have ......"


    The Steward in charge shouts angrily, interrupts his words directly: "Has not brought inventory, why did you come? Is this a place that you can come to? why hasn't gone to go to field to check inventory?"

    Jiang Yi touches the nose , said embarrassedly: "Steward, is not that I do not want to take inventory, actually Liu Elders asked me go to his help ......"


    Steward sees Jiang Yi not to exit, instead quibbled to get angry immediately, has not waited for Jiang Yi to complete pounded on the table to stand up in the preparation to reprove him . However he is startled suddenly, eye opens suddenly, asks: "What did you say? Who makes you help? Liu elder? Refinement Liu Elder's in dwelling place?"


    Jiang Yi somewhat speechless, Jiang Family elder surnamed Liu only is one ......

    "oh ?"

    Steward's complexion has changed, squeezes a smiling face quickly, collects to ask: "Good, Jiang Yi, you boy actually very fierce, had a liking for by Liu Elder unexpectedly? To be honest ......Do you have the talent in refining the pill of immortality? That Liu Elder's took a liking for you? But Liu elder old-fashioned and very much tenacious, Jiang Song father strove for very long,before Liu Elder accepted him."

    "Talent that I have."

    Jiang Yi thinks secretly that forced smile shakes the head saying:"I do not know how Liu Elder has taken a liking for me."

    "Good, you go, from today to work in Dan Pharmacy, the family will not treat you unjustly , I will report the big Elder, to enhance your monthly Pay one time."

    Steward has patted Jiang Yi's shoulder kindly, the manner of now and before has difference of sky and ground. Liu Elder has special status in the Jiang, thus Jiang Yi status also enhanced much, this young steward does not dare to offend Jiang Yi now, otherwise he said to the Liu elder, his current position will be gone ......

    Jiang Yi nodded, turns around to leave preparing to go home to recuperate, unexpectedly that Steward in charge opens the mouth to say suddenly: "Right, Jiang Yi, you, since are going to work in Dan Pharmacy, hand over the Token that I gave, later should not have to visit west medicine field again."


    Jiang Yi complexion changes, The Token given by the steward he has given to the Fengyue building as mortgage, How can he deliver it at this moment ?

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    Chapter 9 : Plan To Earn A Fortune

    The Jiang Clan regulations are very strict , the juniors who break the clan rules can also be killed which is not a new matter,Jiang Yi Was thinking about the Dan Pharmacy matter so he completely forgot about the Token,but now can only be calm at this moment,turns the head to say slyly :"Steward ,Excuse me,I have kept it in my house,forgot to bring........."

    Contrary to Jiang Yi's surprise, it was very generous of steward,waved and said:"Nothing, remember to send over within two days,you go faster Jiang Yi, Liu elders must be waiting in alchemy room Do not mess with Liu elders,remember do not upset him !"

    Jiang Yi quickly said yes,leaving the steward's room walked towards his own small courtyard,heart is secretly worried that if within these two days steward asked for a token again, or simply went to his place ,everything will be immediately exposed ah ... ...

    "Manage him,first to wait,can only tow for day after day!"

    When Jiang Yi returns to his yard stressfully,Jiang Xiaonu has prepared the breakfast, is sitting on the stair holding chin waiting for him to come back,on fine small face is the worried look. Saw that Jiang Yi came, anxiously saying: "Young master, where did you go?I was worried,Chunya listened to the other saying that very early in the morning Jiang Ruhu and group had gone to medicine field to find you, you did not go to the medicine field ......"

    "Oh? Sure enough!"

    Jiang Yi face sank,thought in mind if had Dao Boundary Double with coordination of Black Yuan Force,can beat the living daylights out of that group,What a pity this black Yuan force has only mysterious function ,cannot assist in practice ......

    "Mysterious function, right, eats meal quickly ,must continue to attempt ,yesterday tried one ability of increasing Drug efficacy, perhaps this black Yuan force also has other functions."

    Jiang Yi is secretly excited, comforted Xiaonu,and told he has no need to go to medicine field,works now at Dan Pharmacy.For these days as long as did not leave Jiang Family Courtyard, Jiang Ruhu et al. do not have the means to get him.Jiang Yi always tolerates other juniors in"comparing notes", but he now works at Dan Pharmacy,some scruples as Jiang Ruhu and others, don't dare to ask for trouble in Jiang Family Courtyard visibly?

    After finishing breakfast,Jiang Yi examined the injury of Xiaonu, discovered after applying medicine,she was better, did not go to manage her. Returns to his room,took out Huang Shendan swallowed it, when the efficiency has manifested suddenly then the revolution black Yuan force to assist in healing.

    All day, he did not go out at home healing by power of Black yuan, the results made him feel depressed. Although the black yuan force reappears two new capabilities - allow enhanced hearing and smell, but the study of the day, regardless of how he wanted to approach, only ten threads of Black Yuan can be refined !

    Hearing and smell enhancement, both are side ability and not much action, and black Yuan force moves to ear, his ear immediately noisy, a roar let him be abnormally uncomfortable. Sense of smell becomes strong,odour from the inside of waste pit can clearly smell, so he was very sick,he is not concerned about these two new capabilities.

    Besides, he never found the other features of black Yuan power,he analysed it, this black yuan force should be a very Special Energy Law Which- can increase his blue Yuan force power, increase his Senses acuity, increase the efficiency of the Dan.

    "Why can not increase my practice speed? Practice speed is slow as a snail,only ten threads of black Yuan force can be extracted amount is too small, even if the black Yuan force is fused, I can only deal with later Dao Boundary triple Warrior,Such a waste...... "

    Studying till midnight, Jiang Yi injuries almost good,can not determine rest of the function ,he fell asleep with deep regret,no sleep last night also,he finally could not stay up.

    The second day before dawn, Jiang Yi woke up, an hour of practising River Law, after breakfast he asked Xiaonu to stay with Chunya for some days,to avoid trouble from Jiang Ruhu he hurried towards Dan Pharmacy.

    Thinking that he can refine high-grade compounded drugs in Dan Pharmacy with help of Black Yuan force secretly,and sell it for money to repay the debt of Fengyue building, he was immediately happy.As long as makes fast money,he can also go outside to purchase all very high-quality Dan to assist his practice,to promote to Dao boundary double as soon as possible ,then he should not have to fear Jiang Ruhu et al.!

    Dan Pharmacy was quiet,Liu elder was unexpectedly not in? Jiang Yi was secretly happy, immediately wants to start the refinement of Dan secretly,if in any case Liu Elder came back,he can say that he was studying how to refine Dan,Since trying to study Liu elder should not be offended?

    If you seek riches and danger is unavoidable!

    Which day the Steward will again ask for the token,Jiang Yi time is low,did not think so much, started to consider inside which Dan to refine .

    Suddenly,he remembers something,taps the head to say annoyingly: "Which Dan to refine,I do not know how to refine,Stupid ......"

    Refining tools readily available,many large or small Dan stoves are in great hall,refinement materials also readily available,in a room has greatly amount of raw materials,but Jiang Yi does not know,How difficult it is prepare the mixture,which raw materials to put in the Dan stove to prepare it?

    "It seems like next few days must carefully observe Liu elder While refining Dan, first must learn the technique of refinement ......"

    Jiang Yi decides secretly,brings the broom to clean,entire built up inside and outside the dwelling place was clean, saw that a big form half step flushes in,grey hair is scattered in disorder like the weed,he walks in also talked on endlessly muttered: "Is unreasonable, unreasonable,what is this Earth Rank Dan's that inexplicable ingredient? What is? Is Bai Zhifen? Is turmeric yellow ......"


    Jiang Yi looking down cleaning, suddenly looked up, startled by this man, a closer look before quickly hands over to salute: "Seen the Liu elders"

    "Oh ? Is you!"

    The Liu elder was also awakened by Jiang Yi, the vision sweeps, nods the head slightly said: "Good, is more diligent than Jiang Song that waste, right ......What are you called?"

    Jiang Yi said: "Liu elder, my name is Jiang Yi."

    " Jiang Yi !"Liu Elder nodded, waves saying:"You immediately prepare 20 Qian Fuling,30 Qian Baifan, 15 Qian Checao, 40 Qian ......The old man wants to refine the pill of immortality immediately,today must refine the Earth Rank Dan!"

    (Note : Above names I have used direct chinese names, if you have other suggestions you can tell me)

    Saying Liu elder entered the learning hall,Jiang Yi was scared,because he does not know what is Fuling? What is Baifan? He does not dare to ask that ,can only enter in the room of medicinal herbs embarrassedly.

    Looking at the piled up medicinal herbs of entire room,Jiang Yi helpless draws back, enters in the learning hall to inquire Liu elder how to differentiate medicinal herbs,Liu elder was seeing disposition medicinal powder attentively,he came in stood some little time had not looked at others eye ......

    "Well? Here are some books?"

    His vision sweeps in the learning hall, sees near the left wall on the book shelf to have many books, walks to examine hastily. Quick he had found books about medicinal herbs synopsis, inside also has the simple drawing unexpectedly, immediately with great happiness holds the books to walk towards the raw material in medicine room, prepares to take out the medicinal herbs that Liu elder needs.

    "Is a promising young man, this Jiang juniors is really more intelligent than Jiang Song ......"

    Liu Elder disregarded Jiang Yi a moment ago, at this moment waits for him to walk away to turn head actually,secretly nodded muttered, continued to dispose the medicinal powder.

    "Um, this is Fuling, 20 Qian ......"

    Other side Jiang Yi looking in the books,careful identification,was looking for the less than half hour time to find the plants,the medicinal herbs fully that Liu elder needed, with a small steelyard accurate scale.

    "Fuhhh...,This should be right?"

    After Preparing all medicinal herbs,Jiang Yi wiped the sweat on forehead , stands up to walk outward,saw that an old man of having dishevelled hair is standing before him looking at him with a death stare,this feeling like is like you were sleeping soundly to discovers the evil spirit in your side,absolute terror ......

    The people are scary, can be extremely scary!

    Jiang Yi body trembles, has not waited for him to speak, does not know When Liu Elder actually came puts on a serious face saying:"Can medicinal herbs preparation take that long time? Didn't take? Ahem ......Waste!"

    Jiang Yi face turned pale,changes mind thinks,since Liu elder looked from behind,raw material for medicine that I collected is however right.

    "Idiot, take the black stone quickly, light a fire!"

    "Fool, black stone were many..."

    "Injects the Yuan force quickly, remelt it ......"

    "Idiot! Because of you, this compounded drug in stove was wasted,take the same raw material for medicine quickly, continued to refine ......"

    "Waste, Fool!"

    "Has destroyed a stove, stupid pig because of you ......"

    The entire morning, Jiang Yi was busy under the Liu elder's direction, but also was scolded the entire morning. This Liu elder obviously night has not slept, but to refine the pill of gets up overstating,in afternoon, Jiang Yi was shortly hungry , meaning that the belly wauls have not stopped.

    Moreover has remelted repeatedly, the Yuan force in his public region also left 1/10, but he does not dare to use the black yuan force actually, for fear that will be seen by this Liu Elder ......

    After a morning of observation, Actually Jiang Yi understood the steps of this refinement of Dan,the refinement of the pill is divided into the smelting,Materialization of Dan,remelting three steps, what makes him desperate is, this refining the Dan first step smelting raw material for medicine and third step remelts Dan was actually easy to do, second step Materialization of Dan he was actually completely unable to understand.

    Materialization of Dan Liu elder will personally begin each time, with the formidable flame Yuan force,splits up to build up medicinal quality inside of the compounded drug.He noticed that Liu elder with so powerful strength while refining to be sweating profusely, does not want not to think about this strength temporarily ......

    Cannot refine the Dan,How can he pour his black yuan force into the Dan?

    The getting rich Plan has maligned shortly, belly was also hungry , the Jiang Yi innermost feelings depressed to the extreme.

    "Quality is not right, has destroyed a stove, can not refine it ......Where issue does his mother is left with? Aren't the medicament increases right? What medicament didn't I carefully increase to build up the Earth Rank Dan yesterday?"

    Last stove compounded drug draws a charge, the Liu elder took one look, on the face immediately was the disappointed and exhausted colours, he was foul-mouthed several strides walks towards outside of the building, gets to the entrance to awaken, turned head to sweep Jiang Yi in one eye, confessed saying:"Jiang ......What? You throw all these waste Dan, first go back to eat meal, in the afternoon earnestly look at several medicinal herbs synopsis, do not take quite a while to look for the medicinal herbs next time ......Also, some people come to get the compounded drug, do not give ......Did his mother,What problem does it have?"

    "Issue left is ...... My this black Yuan force! Ahem,If I do not inject the black Yuan force,can not refine Earth Rank Dan for a lifetime!"

    Jiang Yi muttered one secretly,tiredly start to collect the waste Dan he refined a moment ago,prepare to discard it.

    "Waste Dan?"

    Looking at all the white decadent Dans in the Dan stove,Jiang Yi pupil bright,currently indeed he cannot suddenly refine the Dan, but at present isn't there ready-made Dan? Although has been abandoned, but if he remelts and inject the Black Yuan Force again, can perhaps turn this waste Dan into Dan ......

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