Isabelle, a blogger-holic, tells us about her experiences after spending 6 months staying in Vietnam. Even if you are currently learning Vietnamese or a real Vietnamese, this may interest you a lot more than you think!

[COLOR=#141823]"[/COLOR]Not long ago, I wrote a list of all the things I'd learnt about Vietnam after a month. Some were simple, some were interesting and some were complete misinterpretations. This month will mark my ‘six month anniversary’ of living in Ha Noi, Vietnam, and hopefully a few more lessons learnt. So, here I go again, trying my best to work out this funny ol’ place…

1. Whipped cream is a combination of marshmallow fluff and foam.
I still don’t know whether I love it or hate it.

2. Yogurt, on the other hand, is 100% fantastic.
3. Most ‘politeness rules’ are about food and elders.
Food and old folk get a whole lot of respect here! A lot more than queueing or saying sorry if you drive into someone.

4. There are such things are fixed meters in taxis.
As sceptical as I was, I eventually got caught out.

5. A bicycle is for life.
Even the smallest children can be seen riding full-size adult bikes.

6. Every child who can speak English is “fine thank you”.
And they will say so in the exact same tone, a bit like a mantra.

7. Every surface is a potential nap time surface.
Vietnamese people love to nap! Nowhere is out of bounds.

8. Vespas rule the city.
Seriously, I’ve never seen so many Vespas in my life!

9. Sleeping is a hobby.
Every time I ask a colleague or student what they do in their spare time, they say ‘sleep’.

10. Umbrella’s are for sunshine, not rain.
I’ve been corrected by my students many times.


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