Anyone seen this series? It's a 1986 adaptation of Wolong Sheng's novel of the same name, 絳雪玄霜. You might be more familiar with this story from its later HK adaptation, The Snow is Red.

This series is 17 episodes, each about 85-90 mins long. You can watch it on tudou or youku, though Episode 13 is missing. I can't find it anywhere. And Episode 6 is missing the last 20 mins or so, though you can download a full version here.

I subbed the first episode in English an uploaded it to Youtube. You can watch it below. This is my first time fansubbing, and I did all the translation, timing, encoding, etc. myself, so if it's not great, well that's why. I got the video from tudou. I had originally planned to do the whole series, but it's just too much work to do by myself. I just don't have the time. But I had already done so much on this first episode I thought I should at least finish it. So you can watch the first episode with English subtitles below:

A softsubbed .mkv version which is a little better quality can be downloaded here.

A few screenshots: