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Thread: Xianxia-ish Apocalypse Novel with Romance?

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    Default Xianxia-ish Apocalypse Novel with Romance?

    I searched for request subforum but couldn't find it so i am posting a request thread here. If it's forbidden i am sorry.

    Recently i read a novel called "God and Devil World"(100+ chapters translated) and loved the premise(Xianxia powers in Apocalyptic zombie world with game like interface). But after reading hundreds of chapters with MT i am bored. It started good but after some time it became too repetitive. Also it's a true harem but it nearly doesn't have any interactions between heroines at all. I want something with premise like this but with a good plot and heroine(s).
    What i want:

    -Apocalyptic Modern World: Zombies or Monsters doesn't matter. Also Modern World part is optional.
    -Good romance and interactions with heroine(s): I prefer true harems and mature content(not skipping all the scenes would be good) but i am okay with OTPs too. Only decent romance and good interactions with heroines is a must. I don't want heroines like decorations or trophies...
    -Clear power levels with Xianxia-ish power scale: I love to see power scale with numeric values or levels. Xianxia and game systems(Not virtual reality, i hate them. I mean game elements in real world) are preferable. Or usual, clear Xianxia rank system...

    One thing i don't want is Apocalyptic world without superpowers. I want something with big power scales...

    Lastly i know it's hard to find a novel with all of these in so i can accept to drop Apocalypse part but Romance part is a must.

    Thanks for all recommendations

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    I saw "God and Devil World" from novelupdates but I specifically avoided it due to the blurb about people having levels and monsters dropping loot. Now I've read a great deal of post-apocalyptic stories and played my share of RPGs but that description was too meta for me. Reading something like Re monster is probably my threshold.

    Novelupdates has a tag search so you might try that if you haven't already done so. I used to read a great deal of Fantasy written in English but ever since I found that site my backlog has just been growing and growing.

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