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    Sin City(zhiezhicheng) is a web novel by YanyuJiangnan. I think no one is translating it for now, so i will give it a shot.

    Introduction - Bearing heavy expectations, a youngster having a body which possess both demons and angels blood vessels, unhesitatingly charged towards the battlefield to destroy as well as to renew. Unstoppingly, he braced himself to step on lava, breaking through deep ice and in hard to reach battlefield, moving unhindered and constantly slaughtering, only to knock down that one lofty figure present far ahead.

    In the end, there was a day on which he stopped piercing his blade, looking all around, indistinctly his opponent disappeared.

    Originally, what was lofty and mountain like was already under his foot.

    * * * *

    Every single drop of blood flowing in this family's veins is entirely filled with evil and filthy substance. They are a contradictory set. They are passionate, they are cold; they are good at memory, they frequently forgets; they are honest to their dreams, they compromise all the times; they wish to have saint as their acquaintance, they collaborate with devil all the time; they are calm, they are insane; they are angel, they are also devil.

    Therefore I love them, I hate them.

    I will probably post the first chapter in a few days.
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