I don't know which country made it but I often watched it on my local tv during 1995 - 2000 and its a mandarin movie. I couldn't sleep when I was a kid after watching it.

The plot is around like this. A group of youngsters go in vacation, one of them is weak crippled guy who get teased and bullied all of the time. They find abandoned house and the weak crippled guy is possessed by evil spirit in that house. The weak crippled guy then kills all of his friends in that house.

The scenes that I remember:
* One of the girl invites the weak crippled guy to have a sex only to humiliate and bully him with the help of her two boyfriends.
* There's a strong lesbian girl.
* The evil spirit is man with underpants only.
* The weak crippled guy uses axe to chop one of his friend.