I love this food. I could have it every morning :P

"If you live in the Southern part of Vietnam - especially Sai Gon, your breakfast will often include a delicious and unique meal called as Bnh ướt (steam riced paper). This food is cheap and pretty easy to make; thus, in the morning, you will definitely find this being sold at food stands once in every corner, particularly near schools and universities.

As you learn Vietnamese culture and cuisine further, you will be amazed at how delicious and simple this meal is. Bnh ướt (literally "wet cakes"), is a Vietnamese thin pance wrapper consisting of rice noodle sheets, eaten with nước mắm ngọt (fish sauce) , fried shallots, and a side of chả lụa (Vietnamese pork sausage).

The taste is sweet by modified fish sauce, followed by a soft and tenacious rice paper and lastly the salty pork sausage or fried shallot. Since the sweet fish sauce is the main component of the meal, the better it is made, the better the taste you will feel. If you life vegetables, don't worry. That was because this food is also stacked with bean sprout, cucumber slides and herb primer leaves.

However, your breakfast would be better and safer if you choose the right and healthy food stand to buy. You should choose those which are not too exposed to the street dust and also have fresh ingredients. The seller should also use gloves to guarantee food safety.So, what are you waiting for? Begin your new day with delicious Bnh ướt!"

Source: http://vlstudies.com/vn/news--events...ce-paper/830/1