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Asian street food eatery opens near Ben Thanh Market
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Thread: Asian street food eatery opens near Ben Thanh Market

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    Default Asian street food eatery opens near Ben Thanh Market

    A new restaurant located at Thu Khoa Huan Street in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City next to iconic Ben Thanh Market features a mix of Asian street food fare with plenty of Vietnamese specialties such as Anh Sau, Chu Teo and Chi Ba.

    From Vietnamís Bun Rieu to authentic Korean ice-cream, Japanese sushi and Thailandís fried chicken the establishmentís chefs and staff serve up a long list of mouth-watering appetizers and main dishes. This cuisine heaven attracts the curiousity of local people and foreigners who learn Vietnamese.
    They even offer a few international recipes from European nations bringing a truly international flair to their flavour profiles, elevating the ambiance to whole new level never seen before in Vietnam.
    The newly opened 700 square metre eateryís atmosphere and service is already the talk of the city with many in social media declaring it the newest go-to restaurant for luxurious street food.
    A concept that has been years in the making, the restaurant brings to life a new frontier in cuisine that marries flavours from around the globe and brings them to life in the nationís largest melting pot.

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    The food look awesome!!!!!!

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