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Three Lives, Three Worlds 《三生三世十里桃花》 - Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang - Page 10
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Thread: Three Lives, Three Worlds 《三生三世十里桃花》 - Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang

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    Default Three Lives, Three Worlds 《三生三世十里桃花》 - Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang


    'docslide.us_three-lives-three-worlds-ten-miles-of-peach-blossoms1.pdf'1.2 Mo


    Quote Originally Posted by whitepotato View Post
    Oh no, the link died. Can anyone upload it again?

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    Hmmm. I wasn't aware of the underlying links to ROCH and just sat and enjoyed this series a lot. Sometimes just sitting down and taking in the story is a much better experience than thinking too much as you would miss the good bits. Quite like this series. But the BTS clips are even more fun to watch.

    Storywise, it is not original but it is not the typical good vs evil plot. It is more of the more modern fantasy genre where there are both good people and bad people on either side. Every character has their good points and flaws, and the flaws are what ultimately creates the tragedies. Everyone is selfish in their own way, yet some are willing to die for others.

    The story is not about the traditional deities from the well known Buddhist/Taoist religion, so don't expect them to act the same. In fact, in the world, immortals can actually grow old, die and breed. I see it as a reflection of our own society where we have the different classes and the top families engage in complicated political marriages and temporary alliances to keep their power. Instead of seeing them as immortals, see them as different animal species that have a long life span and possess magical powers. On the top we have the ruling class which are the dragon tribe, the middle class which are the nine-tailed foxes, and then we have the underdogs, the winged people (which I have not yet figured out what animal but they seem to have scales). Then right on the bottom, we have the measly humans who everyone looks down upon as they don't have any powers and die quickly.

    The thrones of these animal tribes can be passed down generations rather than by merit as in the traditional immortal stories we grew up with so we end up with a stupid, self-serving, arrogant dude as the ruler of the dragon tribe, all just because his dad got the throne and passed it to him and also he has good enough genes to survive how many so thousand lightning strikes while tied to a rock. Seriously, the whole story could have ended in ep 1 if the dragon ruler offered his own soul to the Dong Huang Bell and passed the throne down to someone else with a lot of brains and style.

    The main theme of the story is romance, which comes with its own mix of the good and bad. We see some cheating boyfriends, some psychotic third wheels, a lack of communication which leads to misunderstandings +++, some stalkers, and we also see some interfering family members who should just mind their own business. We have our characters separated by class, race, obsessive behaviours and pride, which is not so unfamiliar to what we see everyday. Yet the good thing is that some do make it as a couple through the storm with a lot of blood and tears.

    It can be draggy in the middle but it is about people growing up (even though they are over ten thousand years old) and learning from their mistakes through a lot of regret. But at least the ending makes sense and it is a complete ending though not all parties would be happy.

    Overall, it is an entertaining series to me and I enjoyed all 58 eps of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakespeare View Post


    'docslide.us_three-lives-three-worlds-ten-miles-of-peach-blossoms1.pdf'1.2 Mo


    Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Oh, I just remembered something, when Ye Hua took the lightning bolts for SuSu, it had the following effects:

    1. Showed that his love was greater (Mo Yuan only took a few l. bolts for Si Yin, but YH took in like three years' worth)

    2. It trained him to defeat (deflect) Big Bad's lightning bolts later on during the 1 on 1 climatic duel.

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    i know this is awfully late but the mega link also died. been searching everywhere for this... is it possible for anyone who have it to upload it again?
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    I didn't search out this series, and only skimmed it when noticing the YouTube uploads, but recently taking a better look when available on Netflixmust agree that the costumes are quite well done, I especially like how clothing looks great in movement (i.e. not just when static).
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