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I Came From The Mortal World (我从凡间来) by XiangJian JangNan (想见江南)
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Thread: I Came From The Mortal World (我从凡间来) by XiangJian JangNan (想见江南)

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    Default I Came From The Mortal World (我从凡间来) by XiangJian JangNan (想见江南)

    Synopsis by xianxiaworld:
    Our protagonist, Xu Yi, is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, able to live a happy and worriless life. However, he wasnt able to enjoy this life for long, as the revenge of his familys enemies quickly caught up to him.The enemies are much more powerful than Xu Yi; therefore, he has no choice but to be obedient. However, forbearance is not always a good policy. The enemies take advantage of his passiveness and bully him even more. These little sparks of anger have finally become an uncontrollable fury for Xu Yi, compelling him to seek revenge.

    In this immortal world, where power is everything, our protagonist will have no one to count on but himself! Will he overcome all the hardships in front of him, or will this turn out to be an impossible challenge? Follow the tale of Xu Yi, as he overcomes the misfortune that his family is caught up in, and fights his way up to become a legendary warrior in I Came From The Mortal World.

    Table of Contents

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    Chapter One - As Weak As An Ant

    As one followed a trail down the Hui Yin Mountain, they would reach the Evil Dragon River, which in turn flowed, day and night, along the Xu Village.

    It is in August, the weather is already a little bit cold but the flora is still flourishing. Under an aged Chinese parasol, a group of villagers are attentively listening to a speech delivered by a seemingly young man.

    However, this young man is actually just a teenager. Despite the good-looking eyes and nose, he is wearing a wax-colored face as if he is ill. As the wind is blowing wildly, the linen-made coat presses tightly against his body, which emphasises his stalwart appearance.

    To make the speech more pleasant to the ears, this teenager is using two pieces of wood, made of huang li mu [1], as an instrument, and beating the two pieces against each other to create a beautiful rhythm. Then, he coughs to clear his throat, before opening his mouth.

    The beautiful soul of the Fox Goddess has gone with the wind in bits and pieces. It was only regrettable to find that the promising student, Zhang Shen, would be forever seperated from his deceased Fox Goddess. The deeper his love for the Fox Goddess was, the more saddened he became. Owning up to the unspeakable sorrow, Zhang Shen gave up on the promising future as an official and deeply buried all of his ambitions. Eventually, he decided to withdraw from society and live in solitude to meditate on life and death As the proverb goes: 曾经沧海难为水,除却巫山不是云。取次花丛懒回顾,半缘修道半缘君 (Any water is no water after seeing the magnificent ocean; every cloud is no cloud after seeing the splendid cloud above Wu Mountain. Walking on the path of love, I have no interest to appreciate the scenery, partly because I am a Daoism follower and partly because I already have my Mr. Right.)

    The end of the story is met with silent gazes of grieve from the audience. What the young man had just finished telling is a love story between a human and a devil. No matter how different they are, they are deeply infatuated with each other. However, for these two, there is no happy ending, as only sadness enshrouds the end of their story.

    The young man wraps this story up with some self-composed lyrics. As the lyrics reaches the ears of the audience, they can no longer hold their tears. Even the children, who have not yet acquired the taste of love, are overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

    The young man rises up and rythmatically starts playing the wooden instrument once more, before he is suddenly holding a crude wooden bowl to receive tips from the warm-hearted audience for his performance. Soon after, the bowl is filled with bronze coins; you could even see some silver sycee or Yuan bao [2] hidden between the bronze coins.

    The village, governed under the Guanan prefecture, is blessed with plenty of resources and affluence. You might say that the citizens here are poorly educated, but that doesnt change the fact that they have an abundance of riches.

    In this small village, there is seldom any entertainment to enjoy. The story, that was just told, by the teenager is especially cherished by the people here. Touched by this storys tragic romance, the audience even starts dreaming of becoming one of the leading roles in the story. The young man has successfully formed a large group of fans and he is generously rewarded each time he finishes another story. After packing all of his belongings, the young man bows towards the audience and informs them at what time he will return to share another story. Then he turns around and starts walking away.

    You may wonder who this teenager is. He is Xu Yi, an 18 year old boy who is raised in the neighboring Xu Village. In the early years of his life, he was just an oblivious young man, no different from those slackers found on the streets. However, as he grew up, his talent for storytelling began to show and this has quickly made him a famous person in the neighborhoods in and surrounding Xu Village.

    A bright golden sunshine is pouring down on the verdant Hui Yin Mountain, which stretches far into the distance. This mountain range has a striking resemblance to the spine of an exceedingly giant dragon. In the lowest part of this mountain range, there are some seventy or eighty wooden houses located. They dot this mountain range like chess pieces randomly placed on a board.

    At the foot of the Hui Yin Mountain, there is a shabby wooden house, which even looks a little bit skewed due to years of erosion by the wind and rain. Yes, as one might have guessed, this is the place where Xu Yi lives.

    To Xu Yi, the tumbled-down house represents home. This is the place where he feels most calm and secure at.

    Whoof, woof!

    An old dog with yellow fur barked and started running merrily towards Xu Yi, as if he cant wait any longer to greet his master. In order to welcome Xu Yi, the dog makes a rather intimate gesture by jumping up high and putting his front paws around the shoulders of his master.

    During the 18 years of comradery, Xu Yi has stopped treating the dog as a pet and has started to consider him as a member of his family. This is because Xu Yis parents have died in that ferocious attack that was orchistrated by their enemies. He is an only child, so after losing his parents in this attack, all that he has left is this dog. This is also why the dog means so much to him.

    Every day, the old dog will sit at the doorsteps with his bright eyes staring into the distance, calmly awaiting the return of his master. For Xu Yi, it is a great joy and a feeling of luck to have found such a loyal companion.

    Yu Xi tenderly caresses his dogs head, as he looks at the dogs wrinkles that have quietly emerged over the years. He greatly enjoyed the harmonious and happy relation he has with this old companion.

    On his way home, Xu Yi and the dog walk on the mountain road, which is too narrow to allow both of them to walk alongside each other. The thistles and thorns are densely covering the road, but the dog bravely whips them away with his tail. Xu Yi knows very well that this dog will do everyting within its powers to protect him, even if his tail does hurt by doing so.

    When they finally arrive home, it is already lunch time. Xu Yi has been so busy this morning, that he is tired and hungry. He calmly walks towards the corner of his house and quickly picks up a big chunk of pickled red meat, roughly 3 kg in weight, and fills a bowl with rice. With the meat in one hand and the bowl of rice in the other, he walks back outside. He makes his way towards the side of the wooden house, there is a small shed here, where two black cooking pots are placed on a traditional hearth. Xu Yi puts the meat in one pot and the rice in another.

    He ignites the hearth and covers the cooking pots. It will take a while for the food to be ready for consumption, so Xu Yi decides to enjoy himself by reading a book in the meantime. He opens a book that is titled Nan Hua Collection, and as he does, the dog comes quickly and quietly lays down beside him.

    A beautiful mountain scenery and a tender breeze, Xu Yi loves this tranquility and inward peacefulness. After quite some time, the delicious aroma of the nicely cooked meat and rice comes out from the crevice of the lid. The smoke, that is emerging from the cooking pots, is even elegantly dancing on the wind.

    Xu Yi closes the book that he is reading and is about to open the lid of the pot, when he suddenly feels his eyes twitch drastically. He quickly realises that this is probably not a promising signal, so he instinctively throws himself to the ground, while closely holding the dog in his arms.

    - Bang! - A loud noise bursts out from the hearth. The explosion completely takes the kitchen apart, even causing a cloud of dust and debris to quickly spread out.

    Your Excellency, that throw is really an eye-opener. Just how did you throw a 15kg millstone 30 meters away and still hit the target? Youve achieved another breakthrough in your cultivation! The crude voice of a man could be heard closeby.

    Looking at where the sound originates, shock appears on Xu Yis face, as he quickly snatches his dog and puts it in the house, before locking the door. Xu Yi then positioned himself squarely in front of his house, knowing that he has no reason to dodge like a coward.

    This smell is so inviting! Ah, what a comfortable life, with meat to eat and wine to drink. I hear that you have found your own way to earn a living. I am truly envious of you... Zhou, the son of a high official, said in a sarcastic tone. Two bodyguards are standing on either side of Zhou. One has a full beard and the other has an aquiline nose and deep eyes. You could tell from their appearances alone, that these two guys are rather strong.

    Your Excellency, please dont make such ridiculous jokes. I just fabricate some dull stories to make ends meet. I dont deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with you. Xu Yi restrains himself and manages to speak calmly.

    Of course you dont deserve it!

    The man with the full beard strides forward and only stops as he stands right in front of Xu Yi, attempting to scare the latter. You are a smart boy, you know why we have come. Cut the bullshit and lets get straight to the point. the man with the full beard said with a grim laugh and then hits Xu Yi on his cheek.

    Your Excellency, please trust me. I have already submitted the land title deed to the local government. You know the government has to go through some red tape and it takes some time. I promise, tomorrow, everything will be sorted out. Xu Yi says humbly.

    Zhou laughs out loudly, Listen! I will go to the Hui Yin Mountain for hunting tomorrow. Youd better await me there and give me the title deed. You wont let me down, right? Or else, you know what will happen to you! I hear that you have recently started practicing Chinese boxing, why dont we have a fight tomorrow? We will even be so kind as to give you a few pointers!

    Suddenly, the man with the full beard lifts Xu Yi up by simply snatching his collar. Yeah, thats right. Well teach you some good lessons then!

    Hardly has his voice faded away or he slams hard on Xu Yis shoulder. Just like a kite without a rope, Xu Yi is send flying for about ten meters. After crashing into the ground, there is blood flowing out of the corners of his mouth and he is looking extremely pale.

    Your Excellency, he is as weak as an ant! A little finger is enough to send him to hell. He wishes to practice martial arts? This is the funniest thing Ive ever heard of! The man with the full beard says with a wild bray of laughter.

    Zhou throws a despicable look at Xu Yi, before turning away. You are the black sheep of your family. Weak as an ant and valueless as a piece of shit, you are nothing. You dont live up to your ancestors expectations, they will be so angry with you that they might even rise from their graves to reprimand you. Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you, revered Ming Des [3] grave was destroyed. But you dont have to worry about this anymore as we have renovated it into a pigpen!


    [1]: two pieces of wood made of huang li mu: an instrument used in story-telling, to make the event more melodious and attractive.
    picture link: http://www.efloras.org/object_page.a...318&flora_id=2

    [2]: Yuan bao: a sycee or yuan bao is a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in imperial China.

    [3]: Ming De: one of Xu Yis family members who is killed by their enemies.

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    Chapter Two - Peak State

    Xu Yi lay down on the ground with one hand buried deeply in the soil. Being insulted and beaten up, he could do nothing more than helplessly watch Junior Zhou casually walk away.

    Actually, he has only arrived in this world approximately two years ago. After he had arrived in this world and entered the body of the original Xu Yi, he had retained all the formers memories. Hence what Junior Zhou had just said grieves him a lot.

    This was about a family feud that is already gone on for several generations!

    Ever since the great-great-grandfather of Xu Yi, Ming De, had mastered the complicated cultivation of Wu Dao, their family had quickly risen up to become a prominent factor in this village. Zhous great-great-grandfather, a refugee at the time, fled to the Guanan prefecture and eventually became the Xu Familys domestic servant.

    This means that junior Zhou is actually a mere third generation servant!

    However, Zhou Daoqian, junior Zhous uncle, is a genius in cultivating Wu Dao. At the age of thirty, he had already successfully learned its essence. At that point he became a member of the Peak Tower, one of the three most famous schools in Guanan. Due to Zhou Daoqians achievements in cultivating Wu Dao, their whole family had even escaped from the clutches of slavery and established the Zhou Family, which had since then become an influential family in this area.


    When Ming De had eventually passed away, no offspring had the potential to cultivate Wu Dao, except for one of the slaves, Zhou Daoqian, who had even shown a great talent for it. Despite the fact that Zhou was only a servant in the Xu Family, Xu Yis grandfather generously gave Zhou the guidance to cultivate in Wu Dao, with the help of notes that were written down by Ming De. It was justifiable to say that without the support from the Xu Family, by tutoring him with Ming Des notes and with the needed materials, Zhou Daoqian would have never been able to master Wu Dao.

    Because, in order to be successful, resources are the key. Even if you are a peerless genius in some field, without any resources, like rare magical herbs or special guidance, you will most likely degrade into mediocrity.

    Everyone searches for their own beneficial terms in this world. Since Ming De had passed away, the Xu Family was in dire need of a new powerful master to build on. Since the only talented person was uncle Zhou, they decided to nurture him, in the hope that he would protect them once he would become a force to be reckoned with.

    However, reality doesnt always happen as it is expected to. Uncle Zhou is sadly a person who doesnt have any sense of gratitude. The more fame he acquired, the more hatred he would feel towards his identity as a mere servant. Thus, he planned to cut himself loose from these invisible chains.

    Although Uncle Zhou had already become a member of the Peak Tower, he was not satisfied with his individual success. Feeling ashamed by his familys background as servants, he was determined to take revenge on the Xu Family and replace them. Uncle Zhou began mapping out a big plot. He was confident that he could easily kill the entire Xu Family by himself, but considering his position nowadays due to cultivating Wu Dao, he didnt want to sacrifice his reputation by betraying his masters family. So he decided to follow master Suns Art of War, and decided to achieve complete victory without firing a single shot.

    Uncle Zhou designed a fake crime and sued the Xu Family for committing this fabricated wrongdoing. This was a hard blow for the Xu Family. Eventually, a great-grandfather in the Xu Family had even died of extreme anger. Ever since, the once prosperous Xu Family has been on a rapid decline. Over the span of twenty years, Uncle Zhou has been using countless of tricks to annihilate the Xu Family. Eventually, the Xu Family collapsed economically and Xu Yis parents were subsequently toiled to death.

    Xu Yi became an orphan and had to earn a living on his own. Luckily, he had read piles of classics and history books ever since he was very young. Therefore, he found a job as a teacher in one of the schools in Xu Village. At this time he was only 16 years old.

    When the Zhou Family heard that Xu Yi had found a job as a teacher, they had shamelessly threatened the school in order to get Xu Yi fired. And as expected, Xu Yi was fired quickly after. The Zhou Family ruthlessly drained everything that came from the Xu Family.

    Suffering from a mixed feeling of extreme anger and horror, Xu Yi had eventually died. However, At the moment of his death, a soul had miraculously drifted by. This let to Xu Yi being revived with a strangers soul in his dead body.

    Since Xu Yi was not dead, the Zhou Family had thought of countless new ways to make his life as miserable as possible.

    All the Xu Family members have already passed away due to the schemes of the Zhou Family, leaving only Xu Yi. After the new Xu Yi processed all the memories of the late Xu Yi, he swore to take revenge for his Xu Family!


    Xu Yi barely stabilizes himself after getting up, after which, he vomits a mouthful of blood. As he tries to open his mouth, he realises that there is a small wound on his lip. However, the pain coming from his mouth is nothing compared to the soreness deep inside of him.

    He then unlocks the door to his house, letting the dog back out and they then enjoyed the leftover meat and rice, which they had found after searching through the debris. After they finished their lunch, Xu Yi makes his way into the mountains which are surrounding his house and begins hunting some wild animals for food.

    As night falls, moonlight quickly starts spreading all over the place, making it look exceedingly tranquil and peaceful. Xu Yi has already returned from a successful hunt and has decided to do something important tonight. He is now waiting for his dog to fall asleep before leaves to do this important thing.

    Xu Yi is sitting inside, looking into the distance, waiting for his dog to finally fall asleep. After the dog finally falls asleep, He quietly gets up and leaves, closing the door behind him. He then goes down along a mountain trail and into the forest where he quickly strikes a pose and shouts, Hu! Ha! Hu! Ha!

    Xu Yi starts acting like an ox, sometimes raising his head, sometimes stamping his feet and sometimes hitting a nearby tree. He practices these three movements over and over again. He does so restlessly for four hours, only occasionally putting some black looking herb into his mouth.

    While practicing, Xu Yi seems to be moving rather slow, as if there is a large weight pressing down on him. With these movements Xu Yi guides qi throughout his blood vessels. Until he eventually successfully reaches a subtle state, where he does no longer feel any pain or exhaustion. This happens because the qi is now perfectly flowing throughout all of his blood vessels.

    Hu! Ha!

    Exhausting his physical strength, Xu Yi jumps into a giant pine tree and knocks the tree down, which falls with a - thud - sound.

    As the tree comes crashing down, Xu Yi steadily lands on the ground and curls up, looking similar to a spineless shrimp. He is completely exhausted on the outside. However, deep inside, he is overwhelmed with an incomparable happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Because he realises that this last gesture, which has knocked the tree down, has an equivalent power to an oxs strength, which is a signal of the peak state of a forged body.

    Even though he is incomparably happy, he is also shocked that he has reached the peak state in such a short amount of time. He gasps for air as he starts to regain some qi. After a while Xu Yi gets up and, after searching around for a bit, picks up a stick. He weighs this stick until he suddenly makes a quick movement with his hand as he hits the stick right in the middle, cutting it in half. He throws away one of the two pieces, while he holds the other part of the stick firmly in his hand, before he cuts it across one of his arms to see if he can make it bleed. To his satisfaction, this action only leaves a deep white mark, not even letting a single drop of blood come out. Xu Yi is overjoyed by this result, as it is exactly what will happen after one enters the peak state of a forged body.

    As he looks at the result on his arm, excitement quickly starts to drive him crazy. He quickly tries everything he can think of to reassure himself, that he is in fact at the peak state of a forged body. In his euphory he suddenly notices a large rock and quickly makes his way over. He loosens his shoulders, readying his fists and then suddenly slams hard on this large rock. - Bamm! - He is astonished, as he sees the rock collapse in a mere second!

    Oxs skin, iron bone! The peak state of a forged body, it truly deserves its reputation! Xu Yi stares at his palms and murmured.

    After he calms himself down a bit, Xu Yi realises that he should leave this place at once and do something to stabilize this newly acquired peak state.

    He quickly makes his way back to the wooden house. Here he seeks out a dozen of Oolong herb and holds them in his palms. He then walks into the bathroom to prepare a warm bath. As the bath is finally ready, he sits down in the bath and takes a meditative pose. Xu Yi concentrates all his attention on the qi inside his body and as he does, he feels how his body is getting hotter and hotter. Thanks to this heat, the qi can easily penetrate into his blood vessels and meridians [1]. In other words, the qi incorporates with his body.

    After he finishes stabilizing this peak state, he rises up from the tub. As he looks at the water in the bathtub, he realises that it seems to have turned into a somewhat dark color. He then turns and looks in the mirror and there he sees a gentle, rather than tough, young man. He can even vaguely see a miraculous energy that is disguised within this gentleness.


    [1]: A meridian chart:

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    Chapter Three - Liao Chen

    Xu Yi puts on a linen coat and combs his hair. After being satisfied with his appearance, a touch of crudeness appears in his expression.

    He suddenly notices the ginger on the old desk, which reminds him of something that he is trying to forget. These are the unpleasant memories of the endless insults and torments caused by the Zhou family, but he is failing to do so. However, being physically tortured, his ego, or self-esteem, is still intact. He believes in himself and is determined to cultivate himself into a higher realm.

    Previously, Xu Yi had decided that it was not the right timing to expose his quick cultivating progress, in case Junior Zhou would disturb the learning process. He had even disguised himself as a hilarious coward for years, but now, it is finally time to show up!

    Xu Yi picks the ginger up, then makes his way outside and throws it away far into the distance. He will no longer need to apply the ginger on his body to make it look yellowish. Now, since he has obtained the peak state of a forged body, the skin is visibly white. But he is no longer afraid of being seen through by the Zhou Family.

    - Bing! Bang! -

    The sound of a gong [1] indicates that it is nearly midnight. Xu Yi stops pondering, and turns to look at the sleeping old dog. He caresses the dog attentively and then picks two chickens up from under his bed.

    What shall he do with these two chickens?

    He lifts the two chickens by the neck and starts running to the forest in the south.

    The Hui Yin Mountain is famous for its scenery and vastness. From east to west, it reaches 5,000 km, and from south to north, it reaches 2,500km. There are as many as three prefectures located in this area. Within the territory of the Da Yue Empire, Hui Yin Mountain is definitely the largest mountain.

    In daylight, the scenery surrounding the Hui Yin Mountain is breath-taking, however, at night, it is a totally different picture. The pitch darkness and sounds of grunting wild animals will probably scare anyone half to death. People are usually too terrified to come here alone at night.

    However, Xu Yi is an exception. Despite the fact that it is dark and chilly, Xu Yi instinctively makes his way into the darkness at a high speed. He smartly passes through all the big branches that are blocking his way.

    Nevertheless, danger is lurking everywhere in this dark forest. There is, for example, a gigantic python lurking on one of the tall trees. When Xu Yi runs underneath this tree, the python raids him unexpectedly. But he responds like a bat out of hell, spontaneously whacking this evil creature, which slams it into a nearby tree.

    This is actually the first time Xu Yi truly tastes the magic of power, he continues running deeper into the forest with his loose coat waving behind him like a flag, until he finally comes across some Chinese Scholar Trees [2].

    Xu Yi looks in the vast sky and calculates that it is about time to summon his ghost Sifu [3]. He ceremoniously takes out three incense sticks and places them on the ground in the shape of a triangle. He then lights the three incense sticks as an offering for his Sifu.

    In a split second, there are clouds of black vapor emerging behind the largest of the three Chinese scholar trees. Gradually, the vapor descends above the burning incense sticks and takes the shape of a, somewhat vague, human body.

    This being is a monk with an exotic appearance - his head is horribly oversized and there is a ring of Buddha beads around his neck. Interestingly, the beads are about the size of an egg, which is miraculously a perfect match with his head.

    Instead of being terrified by this supernatural event, on the contrary, Xu Yi is rather excited. When he is about to speak to this monk, he realises that there occurs some dispersing in parts of the ghosts body. Xu Yi quickly takes the two chickens and breaks their necks. Spraying the blood of the chickens towards the fading being, this blood successfully helps the ghosts body to stop from dispersing and then its even reshaping some of the dispersed parts.

    Sifu! Xu Yi exclaimed.

    The ghost put his hands together in front of him and calmly says, Chan Yue (The name Sifu has given to Xu Yi), this is not the first time that Ill tell you that I am already dead. You dont need to call me Sifu, Im nothing more than a ghost. Its true... I have taught you how to obtain a forged body, and youve learned it well. But it is your persistence that has led you to this ending, not me. You cant become a Buddha with things unsettled in the mortal world. In other words, you are not qualified to learn the way to become a Buddha at this stage. He continues with chanting some scriptures [4].

    Even if you dont treat me as your follower, I will always call you Sifu. Its you who teaches me how to practice and who consoles me when I am depressed. Xu Yi responds with absolute sincerity.


    The new soul, that has possessed Xu Yis body for nearly two years now, only has two friends in this world, one is the dog, and the other one is this ghost. The story between Xu Yi and his ghost Sifu began on the third day, when his soul had transferred into the body of the dead Xu Yi. That was a gloomy afternoon; Xu Yi was sitting on the doorsill, awaiting the upcoming rainstorm. At that moment, the ghost Sifu had walked silently in front of Xu Yi.

    Hey, the rain is coming. Why dont you come in and have a rest. Xu Yi had shouted at the ghost.

    Oh, Kid, you can see the invisible ghost! Sifu was taken aback by Xu Yis special ability.

    Xu Yi had been surprised, but not the slightest bit scared; he had looked at the ghost closely and had found that his body was as light as a piece of silk. Still, Xu Yi had invited the ghost in.

    The ghost, named Liao Chen, used to be a monk in the Tian Chan temple. He is supposed to be travelling around the world, but he had been caught up in an accident when he had arrived in the Guanan prefecture. As a ghost, he is extremely eager to go home and tell his relatives that he is dead, otherwise they will wait helplessly for years, not knowing that he is long dead.

    However, the ghost is too feeble to exist. When he had gone to the Hui Yin Mountain, he had already almost faded away. It had been a blessing for Liao Chen to meet Xu Yi, who had since prepared chicken blood each day to help the ghost maintain its shape. This is a secret method this ghost Sifu had taught him.

    Out of gratitude, Liao Chen even taught Xu Yi how to achieve a forged body.


    Three months ago, Liao Chen made an appointment with Xu Yi - If his ghost body weakens before hes able to return to his hometown, then they will meet a final time at the Chinese Scholar Trees.

    This is my destiny. My time is coming, and I have to say goodbye to you. Its not that cruel to me, at least I have had the fortune to meet you.

    Sifu, I will help you! Xu Yi loses control, as tears are starting to roll down his cheeks.

    The Sifu tries several times to give Xu Yi a firm hug to console him, but finds that his actions are in vain, because his body is already to weak to feel anything.

    Dont cry... Its ok... Hey, what are your achievements recently? Will you perform it for me? I hope we still have some time before I disappear... The Sifu suddenly says, full of expectations.

    Xu Yi quickly regains his composure a bit, positions himself and gives out a roar before stretching his fists.

    Monster ox! Furious push! Free Tianmo! He shouts out the names of the actions as he performs them like a crazy ox, in the blink of an eye, all the trees around him are smashed to bits and pieces.

    When the routine is finished, Xu Yi adjusts his body without any gasping or flushing. He is completely stable. This incredible performance even stuns Sifu.


    [1]: Gong: It was used to remind people what time it was at night in ancient China.

    [2]: Chinese scholar tree or Japanese pagoda tree:

    [3]: Sifu: It is used as a title for and role of a skillful person or a master.

    [4]: Buddhist chant: A Buddhist chant is a form of musical verse or incantation, related to their own school.

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    Chapter Four - Lament

    These Monster Ox Movements originate from the Heaven-Zen temple, where only disciples from the temple have the privilege to learn.

    Liao Chen was singled out as a potential talent to learn these movements back when he joined the temple. His recommender was a famous Zen master in this temple, named Jiu Ru. Later, Liao Chen taught Xu Yi what he had learned from his master.

    It took Xu Yi merely two years to master these movements, while as a teacher, Liao Chen had spent nearly ten years! Obviously, Xu Yi is grossly outperforming his Sifu. Even the most promising disciple, Bei Chen, who is considered to be a genius, practiced for three whole years to master these moves.

    The short learning span of three years is considered sensational in the Heaven-Zen Temple, and Bei Chen was praised as a rare genius who could only emerge in an interval of fifty years.

    To raise such a genius like Bei Chen, the Heaven-Zen Temple used up numerous precious herbs for his cultivation.


    While he looks at the young man in front of him, Liao Chen feels totally confused. How can an orphan, with only a part time job as a storyteller, earn the money to buy the required rare herbs? Plus, it only took him two years with these limited resources.

    This is truly a miracle!

    You are made for these movements. To tell you the truth, I was a little bit worried when I taught you these movements, which is only allowed to be taught to Heaven-Zen Temple disciples. But look at what you have achieved now, I am so relieved. Because I bet Master Jiu Chan will not blame me for this, he loves young talents like you. Liao Chen praises Xu Yi and then puts his hands together.

    You may say I am smart or talented. Yet, I am not. On the contrary, I am a foolish boy. The only secret that makes me a success on this is diligence. If others practice once, I will probably practice one hundred times more than them.

    Well, well, how enlightening your words are! I believe in you! I dont have much time now, come closer and listen carefully. It seems that Liao Chen is intending to share some secret with Xu Yi.


    When Liao was in his thirties, he made a breakthrough in cultivation He surpassed the peak state of a forged body and entered into a new realm the state of an ocean of qi. Because of this, he was quickly appointed as a keeper in the scripture library of the Heaven-Zen Temple.

    In the following years, Liao Chen obediently did his job as a scripture keeper, sweeping the floor, or piling up the scriptures onto the shelves. On top of the routines, he kept cultivating in Wu Dao, as he was obsessed with it.

    Fifteen years had passed, and everything was on track, until one day Rumors were spreading all over the Heaven-Zen Temple that Liao Chen had stolen a special scripture and fled. The leaders of the Heaven-Zen Temple were outraged, listing him as the most wanted monk.

    Liao Chen fled with the scripture to Guanan, unfortunately, soon after arriving here, he was arrested and beaten to death. Only his ghost barely survived, which later encountered Xu Yi.


    Liao Chen tells Xu Yi of what he has committed in the past, even though he originally did not plan to tell Xu Yi. Now, that he will not stay much longer in this world and there is still unfinished business to take care of, he needs Xu Yi to help him out.

    There is an old saying that if you cant surpass the state of an ocean of qi at the age of sixty, then you will never surpass it in your whole life. As I grew older, this really scared me. Originally, I intended to rely on this secret scripture to find a shortcut in my cultivation. Nevertheless, haste made waste... I learned nothing from this scripture, not because it was useless, but the technique described is beyond my ability. I have long wished to repent for my theft. Please do me a favor and give back this scripture to the Heaven-Zen Temple! Liao Chen explained in a sincere manner.

    Liao Chen kneels down and begs Xu Yi to help him.

    I will! I will! Xu Yi quickly moves to his Sifu and tries to help him up.

    All of a sudden, a wild wind blows away the remaining part of Liao Chen. He just faded away, only leaving a horrible groaning. Watching all this, Xu Yi is spiritually suffering. He helplessly looks around the forest and confirms for himself that his Sifu is gone forever.

    He shouts his Sifus name in the silent forest in the hope that his Sifu might hear it. To his disappointment however, except for the noises from wild animals, there is no response. Eventually, he shouts like a monster, letting out the great grievance that is beyond words. All the memories between him and his Sifu emerge in his vision, like slides on a projector.

    The morning sunshine shines through the branches, Xu Yi realises it already is the next morning. He had stayed up all night lamenting over his Sifu. He stands up, then moves to a clear space and digs a hole to bury the remaining parts of the incense sticks. He tirelessly searches around the forest, searching for an acceptable tombstone. Not much later, he returns with a large piece of wood that will serve as the tombstone.

    After an hour, Xu Yi reluctantly leaves the grave and goes down to the foot of the Hui Yin Mountain. On his way, he comes across a wild pig, which he effortlessly hunts. Before, hunting was not an easy job for him. But now, he is a completely different person with immense power, who can smash wood and stone with the greatest ease.

    Looking upon the sky, the sun is shining brightly. The terrace in the distance is covered with plants, farmers are working on it. Some are hoeing, others are ploughing.

    To some extent, the alluring scenery alleviates Xu Yis sadness. Suddenly, Without warning, a cloud of black smoke rises in the northwest. It seems that it originates from where Xu Yis wooden house is located. Xu Yi could even hear a dog barking bitterly.

    Oh, no! My dog!

    Xu Yi is so infuriated that all his blood is about to reach the boiling temperature. He uses up all of his energy to speed up home. Sadly, it is already too late.

    The wooden house iss burned down to the ground. Nothing is left.

    Xu Yi searches around like crazy. Until. All of a sudden, he sees the dogs four legs, which are penetrated by wooden sticks. That is not the crudest part, touching on the dogs head, Xu Yi finds the dogs skin was ripped off from his head to his breast.

    Surprisingly, the dog is actually still alive with eyes full of tears and blood. He stares, with blood -and tear stained eyes of love, at Xu Yi. Then the dog closes his eyes one final time. Tears burst out of Xu Yis eyes as he takes the dead dog in his warm embrace.

    Xu Yis face is deformed into a strange look, with blue veins protruding and wide open bloodshot eyes. An extreme rage is dominating his mind.

    The dog has been around Xu Yi since his childhood. When he was a little boy he would ride on the dogs back, which is still one of the most memorable things in his life. In summer time, the dog would waive its tail to drive away the mosquitoes buzzing around Xu Yi. Sometimes the dog would go into the forest and come back home with chickens and rabbits for Xu Yi to cook The dog was more than a pet, it was a family member!

    The consecutive blows on Xu Yi drive him crazy, as he rushes back into the forest, in the search for some consolation. He runs and runs, like an unbridled monster, cutting down all the nearby plants. Xu Yi eventually climbs up to the summit of a small mountain and a while later he slowly walks back down to the foot of this mountain. His mind turning bleak.

    After a considerable period of time, Xu Yi is suddenly completely sober. He accepts this brutal fact and prepares to dig a grave for his dog. He then buries the dog and wipes away all his tears.

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    Chapter Five - Threatened

    An hour later, Xu Yi arrived at a brook, where he dove head first into the water and gulfed like an ox. He then picked a stick up and made one end sharp pointed, like a spear. After several times of pricking into the water, Xu Yi harvested a dozen of red carps, which were still vibrantly jumping up and down on the dry land.

    Xu Yi peeled off the scales and emptied the viscera, before he gobbled the carps raw.

    It was true that once you reached the peak state of a forged body, youd be stronger than an ox, and his appetite would be comparable to a tiger. The carps, that weighed 25 kg in total, were eaten by Xu Yi raw and with the bones!

    This delicious dinner made Xu Yi too full to move around. So he just sat down and crossed his legs so that he could concentrate himself on the flowing of the qi in his body and he recharged himself to his optimal strength.

    Hours before, the loss of his dog and Sifu had driven Xu Yi mad, but now he seemed much more peaceful, at least, judging from his outer appearance. Or maybe it was just the calm before the storm.

    Soon, night fell and the breeze from the mountain sobered Xu Yis mind. While enjoying this tranquil moment, Xu Yi sensed that there was some tapping sounds, that might originate from boots or hoofs. Vigilant as he was, Xu Yi quickly rose up and he could now clearly hear the sound of neigh and shouting from afar. Based on the sound, Xu Yi believed there were probably more than ten horses running in his direction.

    Xu Yi quickened his pace and within seconds, he arrived at the nearby mountain path.

    A group of horses were marching forward, with Junior Zhou leading in the front. Dead wild animals were hung on each of the horses. The flags were fluttering in the air, which was an obvious indication that they were on their way back home after a successful hunt.

    Everyone in this hunting group was overjoyed, which you could tell from their expressions. Even Junior Zhou couldnt help whistling for their triumph, even though he was usually known as an indifferent guy.

    The guy with the full beard merrily sang a ditty along the way, the contents of which were rather scurrilous. Others responded with a shout of applause, they were enjoying his songs on this long and dull journey back home.

    The bodyguard with the hawk nose, next to Junior Zhou, was always on alert and he suddenly whispered to Zhou: I sense danger ahead of us!

    The man with the hawk nose was the first one who had joined the Zhou Family. He was rather powerful and had even mastered a special technique. This made him become the most credible man in this group, once he warned that there might be danger ahead, everyone in the group quickly prepared for a possible fight. They took out their swords and pulled their bowstrings, ready for anything dangerous.

    Its over there! The man with the hawk nose shouted with a level-headed mind.

    Who is getting in our way? No one in the vicinity would dare to turn against my Zhou Family! Today shall be his doomsday! Junior Zhou whipped the claret-red horse to make it go faster and the rest of the group followed.

    Xu Yi was steadily standing in the middle of the road, quietly waiting for Junior Zhou.

    The man with the full beard quickly got excited when he realised that the danger was actually Xu Yi, as it was perfect timing for him to kill this ant and get more rewards from the Zhou Family. Compared to the man with the hawk nose, the guy with the full beard was much less favored by the Zhou Family; he had stagnated in the later periods of a forged body and still showed no signs of improvement. So he had to seize this opportunity to arrest Xu Yi ahead of anyone else.

    When the group had passed Xu Yis house, the man with the full beard had also been the one who had set fire to this house and he had even killed Xu Yis dog without Junior Zhous order. He did this simply out of selfishness, as he desired to get more rewards from the Zhou Family.

    Now, he couldnt help but think that Xu Yi was actually doing him a favor, offering him a chance to obtain even more rewards. Even though there was a murderous look in Xu Yis eyes, the man with the full beard still considered Xu Yi as an ant. Killing him would be as easy as slicing a hot knife through butter. He whipped hard on the back of his black horse and rushed ahead of Junior Zhou.

    Pariah, get out of the way! Or else I will skin you alive! The man with the full beard threatened Xu Yi in a despiteful voice. He then made the horse run straight at Xu Yi, intending to knock his body over and trample it.

    Xu Yi stood erect and unshakable, until the hoof of the horse was about to land on his body. He suddenly dodged the horse like a flash of lightning, before he shrunk his body like a bow, in order to accumulate momentum. All of a sudden, Xu Yi bounced off the ground like a spring. His iron like body rushed towards the neck of the horse, and the horse was, seemingly effortless, beheaded. After the head flew off, Xu Yi catapulted the remaining body of the horse towards the group.

    Before the man with the full beard realised what had happened, he was already caught by Xu Yi. Within the group, he had always insulted Xu Yi the most. He would say how hed skin Xu Yi alive, awaking every cell in Xu Yis body to bring this man to justice.

    Looking at the situation getting worse, the man with the hawk nose jumped off his horse, before he rushed to Xu Yi and waved his fists towards the latters spine. You could even hear cracking sounds in the knuckles of his fists.

    Xu Yi knew this attack would be fatal if it hit him. He quickly determined the best course of action and jumped up high, carrying the man with the full beard underneath him. He then jumped on the backs of the horse-riders one by one, in order to avoid the fist from the man with the hawk nose. It was like hanging on by a thread, a little bit of carelessness would be enough to cause an early demise. Fortunately, Xu Yi successfully escaped the fist, which eventually fell on one of the group members back. The man that got struck instantly exploded, leaving only a cloud of blood vapor.

    The man with the hawk nose was not demoralized by his failure, as he quickly continued his attacks on Xu Yi.

    Xu Yi, however, possessed a body nimble enough to keep away from these fatal attacks.

    The man with the hawk nose was actually a well known figure that was also at the peak state of a forged body. With Junior Zhous encouragement, he exhausted all his means to kill Xu Yi. However, they vastly underestimated Xu Yis ability, leading to the latter cleverly dodging these attacks in a way that the attacks would always land on the men, that were escorting Junior Zhou. This went on until another seven of his men had perished.

    - Boom! -

    Suddenly, Xu Yi twisted off the neck of the last living member of the group, causing the dead body to fall off its horse.

    Up until now, nine [1] people in the group had all died!

    Junior Zhou was flabbergasted by Xu Yis quickness and defense. He realised that Xu Yi was no longer the coward he had teased so much. The chill in Xu Yis eyes reflected a sense of deep hatred towards Junior Zhou, which made him feel threatened as well as embarrassed.

    As a member of the now prominent Zhou Family, Junior Zhou was half a step away from the peak state of a forged body. There were numerous outstanding followers in their own family, let alone his legendary Uncle, Zhou Daoqian, who was quite an influential individual within Guanan. Given their social status, Junior Zhou regarded it a burning shame if he showed any fear towards Xu Yi.

    Xu Yi, I know quite well that you are planning your revenge. My Uncle is right, anyone from the Xu Family is fond of using dirty tricks. You coward, why dont we have a one-on-one fight? Junior Zhou said with bloodshot eyes.


    [1]: Hey guys, quick editor note here. The raw says eight people died in total, while if we count the deaths from previous events in the raw we find 9 deaths. So weve decided to adjust it to 9 here.

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    Chapter Six - Sacrifice

    Take your time, my servant. I wont fight with you, until Ive finished offering sacrifice to my recently departed dog. Xu Yi replied emotionlessly to Junior Zhou.

    Xu Yi raised his sharply nailed left thumb, pricking it in the head of the man with the full beard. Soon, on the surface of the head, there was a distinctive white line, with blood oozing out from the crevice. Xu Yi then rubbed on this white line with his left hand, causing parts of the scalp to let loose from the head. By tapping on the body of the man with the full beard, Xu Yi successfully snatched his skin, which was lengthy enough to hold and peel off. With the sound, similar to the tearing of a piece of cloth, the man with the full beard was skinned off from the head to the neck. Xu Yi considered this as a proper revenge, as this man in front of him had done the same to his dog.

    By squeezing his throat, Xu Yi stopped the man with the full beard from making any clear sound. After which, the backbone of the man with the full beard was broken by Xu Yi, leaving the former unable to freely move. This was why there was only some dull and lowering groans coming from this mans mouth. Even someone who was in the final stages of a forged body, couldnt stand this kind of pain. It was a rather horrible scene to watch.

    Never, in a million years, had Xu Yi done this kind of extreme cruelty. However, the hatred that was currently residing in Xu Yis heart had driven him insane, he didnt even have any sympathy or uncomfortable feelings while he did all of this.

    Xu Yi looked at the half-dead body of the man with the full beard, yet he still found his face obnoxious, so he stamped on the body until it was almost completely flattened. Finally, Xu Yi threw the airbag-like body high into the air, which could eventually be seen hanging on the top of a giant tree. Looking up at the dead body, you could still see blood dripping down and hear loud groaning sounds, like a shrimp without skin.

    All these punishments towards the man with the full beard were done almost at lightning speed, it took Junior Zhou and his bodyguard with the hawk nose a while to know exactly, what had happened to the half-dead body hanging above them.

    Oh no The man with the hawk nose was totally bewildered, making a long wheezing noise in the open air.

    Despite the fact that, in normal times, the man with the hawk nose would make little of the man with the full beard, who he considered as someone without any integrity. But now that the extreme maltreatment of his fellowman was happening right in front of his eyes, and he couldnt do anything to stop it, he felt extremely ashamed of himself.

    Listen, Xu Yi! I will smash you into pieces, you will regret being born into this world!

    Junior Zhou jumped from the horse, bursting with rage. He quickly took out his sword and pointed it directly at Xu Yis throat. He waved his sword so quickly that it even left a glimmering curve in the air. I swear that I will cut your head off and use it as my pissing pot! Junior Zhou exclaimed.

    Xu Yi cautiously retreated thirteen steps as Junior Zhou waved his sword thirteen times. The swordsmanship was rather sophisticated, thus he could wield his sword so swiftly that you could hardly find where it was.

    Although, Junior Zhou hadnt hit Xu Yi yet, he was excited that Xu Yi defended himself without fighting back, which showed Xu Yi was obviously intimidated by the quickness of his sword.

    Hey, Xu Yi. What I am utilizing is the thunder swordsmanship. I bet youve never heard of it. It originates from the Yu Qing Fairy, who is a member of the Tianshan School. In the past, My Uncle, together with Yu, swept thirty-six villages using this thunder sword technique. Now you can understand how powerful it is, right? These thirteen movements are just a quick warm-up, the following ones will be especially fatal and you will find yourself beheaded before you can even scream. Can you take it? Or, maybe I should show you some leniency and let you surrender, I might even leave your torso intact then. Junior Zhou seemed rather confident in defeating Xu Yi, as he spoke these words.

    Oh, a servant is always a servant. After all, you cannot make a crab walk straight. I suggest you stop showcasing these dull techniques and bring out all of your abilities. This way Ill finally know how much youve learned from your uncle, the disgraceful traitor! Xu Yi replied with an indifferent laughter.

    The mentioning of the word servant brought great shame to Junior Zhous pride. The Zhou Family was working hard on rewriting their familys background by keeping their servant identity, as the most confidential information of their family. They even forbid anyone from talking about it.

    You bastard! Ill send you to hell! Junior Zhou roared like a lion.

    Junior Zhou swayed his long sword and created nine sparkling flower-shaped circles, producing an invisible ripple-streak from the side towards the center. The power of this qi was everywhere in the air. The wild flowers on each side of the mountain road were even propelled by this qi and flew into the sky.

    Elder Feng, who stood beside Junior Zhou, was absolutely confident in his young master. He calculated that, even though Junior Zhou and Xu Yi were both in the later stage of the peak state of a forged body, one was armed with a sword, while the other was barehanded. The game was already set. Even if Xu was extraordinary, he would be unable to defend against the thunder sword technique.

    Suddenly, Without any warning, Xu Yi kicked a stone in the direction of Junior Zhou. The stone was about 5 kg in weight. It was rapidly shot towards Junior Zhou, leaving him no choice but to protect his body with his sword. The stone was grinded into piece by the powerful thunder swordsmanship. Junior Zhou was about to point the sword back towards Xu Yi, when another stone flew towards him Perfect timing, Xu Yi took the initiative in this fight.

    Several minutes later, Junior Zhou had smashed a dozen of stones. He couldnt believe, even in his wildest dreams, that the famous thunder swordsmanship was used as a stone-smasher. Now, he was actually starting to become really exhausted.

    Junior Zhous sword technique was admittedly excellent, but he, however, was not that experienced in real fighting. Especially when it came to this confrontation with Xu Yi, who specialised in agility, successfully avoiding all of his attacks. The supposed victory turned out to be a dull draw.

    Realizing the situation was reserved, Elder Feng decided to do something to help Junior Zhou out. Your Excellency, please allow me to kill him. Elder Feng walked forward, as he asked for permission.

    Never! Ill kill him myself! Junior Zhou replied with cold eyes. Wait, I can feel that this bastard is also losing his strength. I can see through his tactics he tries to exhaust my strength by ceaselessly kicking stones at me. But look, his own strength is waning at the same time! It takes him much more strength in this process, as I have the weapon. Lets see how much longer he can endure! Junior Zhou continued.

    What a brilliant insight! Elder Feng replied in a flattering manner. Looking back at Xu Yi, he reassured himself with what his master had analysed Xu Yi was sweating with a rather pale look on his face, there seemed to be not much strength left for him to continue fighting.

    - Dang! -

    - Dang! -

    Junior Zhou was exultant to find that the momentum of the stones were becoming lower and lower, which meant that Xu Yi was terribly fatigued. Junior Zhou seized this moment, stepping closer to Xu Yi. He then aimed his sword at Xu Yis baihui acupoint [1].

    Go to hell! Zhou screamed, as he charged at Xu Yi to kill him.

    Good! Xu Yi exclaimed, as he suddenly clamped the incoming sword with his hands and broke it into two halves. The pieces of the sword were then reversed back in Junior Zhous direction and they stabbed deeply into his left shoulder.


    [1]: baihui acupoint or hundred convergences:

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    Chapter Seven - Battlefield

    - Ouch! -

    Junior Zhous bitter howl echoed throughout the mountains.

    Elder Feng raised his eyebrows to the highest level, astonished by Xu Yis ability. He then stomped his feet and moved quickly towards Junior Zhou, causing a dent in the ground where he stood. In the glimpse of an eye, he stretched out his hand and moved it towards Xu Yi.

    Some of the messy hairs around Zhous shoulder were cut off due to the quickness of Elder Fengs movements.

    The hatred imbedded in Xu Yis brain was so deep that he wouldnt let this opportunity to kill Junior Zhou go. So, instead of dodging the incoming attack, on the contrary, he stretched his hand out, waiting for Elder Fengs palm.

    Never overestimate yourself and bite off more than you can chew! Elder Feng thought to himself, as he was confident that Xu Yi was too young to fight with him.

    - Boom! -

    A thunder like sound broke the silence when their two palms collided. Xu Yi stood his ground, only to find his feet sinking half an inch into the soil. While Elder Feng seemed stable and at ease. Without any doubt, Elder Feng had the upper hand in this first round.

    At least Xu Yi wasnt pushed backwards, he steadily stood his ground. Elder Feng couldnt help but wonder how much potential this young man possessed, as he originally expected to find this young man falling down or hurriedly retreating. Xu Yi seized this moment, when Elder Feng was pondering, as he rushed towards Junior Zhou, nipping off his left arm.

    Startled and out of sheer rage, Elder Feng tore down his clothing and threw himself at Xu Yi, like a provoked lion.

    Xu Yi quickly retreated several steps, successfully avoiding the incoming attack.

    Unlike Xu Yi, Junior Zhou was raised in an affluent condition, where there were countless herbs for him to cultivate Wu Dao. That was to say, he had taken shortcuts to reach the peak state of a forged body. In reality, he had never been in so much pain before. He eventually blacked out, as he couldnt bear the immense pain of his arm being torn off and the wound on his shoulder, where the swords blade was still imbedded.

    Elder Feng swiftly sealed up several acupoints on Junior Zhous body, in order to stop the bleeding. He then made him lie in a comfortable place.

    The peak state of a forged body! You were skinny with slacken bones two years ago. How could you cultivate to this state? Yes, its true that you have started cultivating Wu Dao in recent years, but for your age, it should already be too late. Thats why weve simply scorned you. We never thought that you could ever achieve anything in Wu Dao. But now, You surprise me just like a bolt from the blue. How could you reach the peak state within only TWO years? Even those peerless geniuses, who are raised up in prominent families, are slower in cultivating to this point. This is both crazy and terrifying! Elder Feng thought hard to persuade himself into believing what was happening right in front of him.

    Junior Zhou was at the later stage of a forged body, so his skin was extremely tough and hard to penetrate. But Xu Yi had the ability to rip Zhous skin and even break off his arm, effortlessly as nipping a flower from the ground. No matter how unbelievable it seemed, there was only one explanation for this phenomenon Xu Yi had already reached the peak state of a forged body.

    Everyone in this world, from ordinary pedlars to respected celebrities, they all regarded the cultivation of Wu Dao as the most privileged road of life.

    In the flourishing age of Wu Dao, numerous people embarked on the journey of cultivating Wu Dao, the odds of success was only one in a hundred. The peak state of a forged body was merely a threshold in entering the realm of Wu Dao. For those who had already met this preliminary entry level, theyd either cultivate themselves further into a higher realm, or become millionaires or celebrities. In a simple sentence, they would forever overcome poverty and be wealthy ever after.

    Elder Feng was one of those guys who had jumped on the social ladder after obtaining the peak state. Before, he was just a bodyguard in a security bureau. But now, he had become the invitee of many government officials to have dinner with.

    It had taken Elder Feng at least twenty years to acquire all these achievements. Plus, tremendous amounts of effort had been expended in his cultivating process. Yet, he still failed to figure out how Xu Yi, an orphan who was raised in the wild, could reach the peak state. Even if God endowed him with special talents, it was still almost impossible to believe.

    Maybe Xu Yi is just a lucky bastard! Elder Feng murmured to himself.

    I have been in this realm for almost ten years, the strength of my palm is way beyond the power of an ox. In theory, anyone who has just reached the peak state will be defeated immediately by my palm. On the contrary, you act like a robust ox and stand still in front of my palm. But I can tell that you have obtained this peak state not long ago, it is truly amazing! You must have got some secret technique! He said with greedy eyes, as he brooded a selfish plan - forcing Xu Yi to tell him the secret technique so that he could move into the next realm - an ocean of qi.

    Elder Feng, as Wu Dao cultivators, were in the same realm. But you have started cultivating many years before I did, so I will treat you as a revered senior. But please, give me the reason why you are so submissive to the Zhou Family, since youve already obtained great achievements in Wu Dao. Honestly, I am ashamed of you. Xu Yi replied sarcastically.

    You little kid; you really are like a freshly born baby, unaware of the world around you. Wu Dao has prevailed for quite a long time, and it has now even been divided into various schools. Most of the herbs needed in cultivation are monopolized in the hands of a few prominent families, like the Zhou Family, thus if you dont have the money to buy the pricey herbs, then your path in Wu Dao is blocked forever. Only courage isnt enough in this world, we are in dire need of the assistance from those who can support us in our growth. I know youve achieved the peak state within two years, but never overestimate yourself. If you dont have the proper assistance, you will be stagnant in the peak state, just like me. This is a harsh reality for all of us Wu Dao cultivators. Elder Feng confided to Xu Yi, in a gloomy mood.

    Since you undervalue yourself and have become a servant of the Zhou Family, have they offered you any assistance? Xu Yi retorted.

    I have been in the Zhou Family for only five years. Obviously, my contribution to this family is far from enough, they wont randomly reward just anyone. Elder Feng said with a hint of embarrassment.

    Suddenly, he stared at Xu Yi and smiled, If I kill you today, however, it will be a great contribution to the Zhou Family. Since you have broken the arm of the most favorable nephew of revered Zhou (Junior Zhous uncle, Zhou Daoqian), you will become the most wanted man in Guanan.

    Oh, thats why you let me break your masters arm, so that you can amplify your contribution. Xu Yi sneered at him.

    You bastard! Go to hell! Elder Feng struck at Xu Yi with a sudden blow, almost in front of his face. The movement was finished in almost a split second, quietly and unnoticeable, not even causing any fluttering in the surrounding flowers.

    - Hu! -

    Too late to escape, Xu Yi took a deep breath and stretched his fist out towards Elder Feng. Given the fact they were both in the peak state, Xu Yi wasnt particularly scared of this old man.

    - Boom! -

    When the two fists collided, a resonant noise echoed throughout the mountains. Elder Feng hit Xu Yi on the left shoulder, while Xu Yi hit Feng on the belly.

    Elder Feng was only slightly hurt, with some blood spraying out of his mouth and his feet slightly sinking into the soil. On the other side, Xu Yi wasnt so lucky, as he was thrown away and slammed against a large tree. After hitting the tree, he fell to the ground. Here he lied quietly, not showing any signs of life.

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    Chapter Eight Armor Removed

    Ha, ha, ha Elder Feng complacently chuckled.

    Kid, I know crystal clear why you are interested in talking with me - you are saving time in an attempt to regain some energy. So I have simply used a countermeasure against your plot. During our conversation, I have successfully formed the strength needed for the Tranquil Fist, which is equivalent to the strength of three oxen. By concentrating all my strength on one point, it triples. Thats my strategy! Enjoy the blow

    Xu Yis entire body was screaming out in pain, even the bones were feeling like they had shifted from their original place. It was like being hit by a gigantic rock, the power of which was overwhelming. Xu Yi was about to faint, what Elder Feng said made a ripple in his mind: the strength of three oxen? This is bullshit!

    What Xu Yi had learned from Liao Chen, was that when you attained the peak state of a forged body, you could only have the strength of one ox. Based on the difference in techniques and talent, there might be some discrepancy in the total strength. The weaker ones might obtain strength less than one ox, while the stronger ones would obtain strength a little bit more than one ox. It happened. But no one would ever surpass the strength of one and a half oxen.

    Xu Yi himself presented a perfect example. If he concentrated all of his strength, it could be as much as one and a half ox. However, By doing this, he had to break the physical limits and make ample preparations.

    But at this moment, he had seen Elder Feng exert the strength of three oxen, he was forced to adjust the obtained information from his Sifu.

    Elder Feng glimpsed at Xu Yi, as if looking at a dead body. Pulling apart a big branch from a tree, he quietly made it into a spear. He then pointed the spear at Xu Yi and stabbed it into his left shoulder blade.

    In order to capture Xu Yi alive, Elder Feng intended to staple Xu Yi deeply into the ground. By doing so, he could force Xu Yi to give out the secret technique he was using to speed up his cultivation process.

    -Hu, Hu-

    Nevertheless, when the spear touched the shoulder blade of Xu Yi, it stopped with a muffled sound. Sharp as it was, the spear simply couldnt penetrate Xu Yis skin.

    As Elder Feng was completely dumbfounded, Xu Yi suddenly bounced up and stared at him.

    It occurred to Xu Yi that the strength limit of one ox may not have been that accurate after all. Elder Feng must have used some secret technique to achieve the strength of three oxen. Xu Yi now finally understood why Elder Feng was so interested in chatting with him. He was saving time to gather the strength of three oxen yet again. But Xu Yi was not intimidated by Elder Feng, as he could quite clearly see that the previous strength of three oxen-attack had already greatly exhausted this Elder.

    I bet it is beyond your ability to exert another strength of three oxen. Xu Yi said with a contemptuous tone. He then took his linen clothing off, showing no skin, but instead dark iron. The iron protecting his belly was fractured due to the Tranquil Fist. There was also a hole in the shoulder part of the iron, which was left by the penetration of the spear.

    You were actually wearing an armor made of heavy iron? How can this be possible? Elder Feng almost yelled at Xu Yi, trying to make sense of the armor. His expression right now was rather hilarious with his mouth wide open and eyeballs sticking out, just like a cartoon figure.

    Heavy iron was actually a common material for heavy weapons, which outweighed refined iron multiple times. It was popular among those with unusual strength.

    The armor that was being removed by Xu Yi, weighed at least 250 kg. Anyone in the peak state of a forged body was able to gather one-ox strength, equivalent to 1,000 kg in weight. Compared with that, 250 kg was nothing.

    Be that as it may, agilely moving around with a 250 kg armor tied around your body, was not an easy job. You might be able to carry a bag filled with sand that weighs a 100 kg, for instance, but once you have another bag filled with sand of only 25 kg tied around you, you would no longer be able to carry the previous 100 kg bag filled with sand.

    So the 250 kg tied around the body and the 1000 kg werent analogous to each other. They were different. The former represented endurance, while the latter represented instant forces.

    The armor had been tied around Xu Yis body for quite a long time. But it wasnt hampering with Xu Yis quick movements in the slightest, it had even become an integral part of his body.

    Elder Feng was amazed with what Xu Yi had already achieved. And he kept pondering on how it was possible for such a young kid to obtain this kind power.

    As we all know, one must go through four stages before escaping this mortal world a forged body, an ocean of qi, the liquidation of qi and finally a grateful soul. In the forged body stage, the skin and bones were refined in a way that greatly increased their defense. At the same time, there was more qi available while fighting.

    Even given all the advantages that a forged body would bring, no one should be able to endure the weight of the armor that Xu Yi carried, it was simply too heavy. Even some precious and rare herbs wouldnt be able to achieve this feat, as they could only support the cultivator physically. The spiritual suffering had to be overcome by ones will. If not managed properly, it was possible, that one might even kill himself due to this.

    However, Xu Yi was an exception. He was successfully improving himself with the aid of this heavy armor. Elder Feng gained a new perspective on Wu Dao from this, but he still couldnt figure out why.

    Xu Yi was not obliged to offer Elder Feng any explanation on this. But looking at the confusement in Elder Fengs eyes, Xu Yi decided to show off a little bit.

    Well, this armor has been tied around my body for about three months now. In the first three days, I was sleepless due to the pain it brings. On the fourth day, there was edema [1] all over my body. My muscles and bones were all broken as they couldnt bear the weight of this armor. I couldnt walk properly until two months later. Now, I am already in the peak state of a forged body and this armor has turned into a useless prop for me. As he finished speaking, he also finished the removal of his armor. He threw the armor aside, which was quickly buried deep into the weeds.

    The weight of this armor had multiplied Xu Yis own weight several times. Once it was removed, he felt like his body was as light as a feather.

    Elder Feng was absolutely stunned, he never expected Xu Yi to be such a powerful cultivator. At the beginning of their fight, he didnt even consider Xu Yi to be a threat. Because Xu Yi was an inexperienced newcomer in Wu Dao, even if Xu entered the peak state of a forged body, Elder Feng was confident in defeating him.

    However, seeing the events in front of his eyes, Elder Fengs view towards Xu Yi was turned upside down. He began to doubt his own ability.

    How could he capture this monster-like enemy?

    Now, Xu Yi had even removed his armor, which would certainly help him multiply his already fast speed. Elder Feng knew, in the stage of a forged body, they compete for speed and strength. These two elements were the key determinants in a fight. And only sometimes, techniques might also play a role. Taking his Tranquil Fist as an example, if the enemy was less defensive than Xu Yi, itd be a fatal one.

    However, there were no shortcuts in cultivating Wu Dao. Elder Fengs Tranquil Fist might have been a smart move, but far from a wise one. As the strength that was required for this technique was too much for his body to endure, which in turn made it detrimental to his long-term cultivation.

    Now, Elder Feng had actually already become weaker compared to several minutes ago. However, disregarding everything else, he tried to make every possible effort to kill Xu Yi, and pushed out another Tranquil Fist. Soon after, he was thrown backwards by the enormous strength he used.

    Seeing that not Xu Yi, but rather he himself was being hurt, he decided that there was only one thing left he could do, run!


    [1]: Edema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, located beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body which can cause severe pain.

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    Chapter Nine - Pursuit

    Realising he had no chance to turn the table, Elder Feng decided that the best course of action was to flee. Since he was not able to capture Xu Yi, even if he went back to the Zhou Family, he would be ill-treated. So he ran away, leaving Junior Zhou behind.

    The Tranquil Fist was merely a bravado and Xu Yi had already seen through this trick.

    With hundreds of kilograms of weight removed, Xu Yi ran like a thread of smoke. Before Elder Feng could lift his feet, Xu Yi had already appeared in front of him. Without any hesitation, Xu Yi threw his fist towards Elder Feng. The strength was more than tripled after the removal of his armor, and you could even feel the surrounding air quietly vibrate.

    Unfortunately, Xu Yi failed to hit Elder Feng, as the latter jumped up in the air and shrunk his body like a turtle. However, the momentum of the fist caused lancinating pain on the surface of Elder Fengs skin.

    Though Elder Feng narrowly managed to escape this blow, he knew what was bound to happen to him. He understood that, right now, in terms of speed, Xu Yi was peerless. Leaving only defeat for him.

    Since he had no possibility to escape, Elder Feng played his final trump card a long and thin sword. He wielded the sword and aimed it at Xu Yis incoming fist. Xu Yi didnt even dodge this attack, and continued his fists attack until it rested on Elder Fengs left shoulder. The cutting edge of the sword had scratched the surface of Xu Yis fist, dealing no real damage. Elder Feng, however, was knocked down, together with two nearby trees, due to the immense power of Xu Yis blow.

    When Elder Feng was about to stand back up, Xu Yi stamped his feet upon his face. As soon as Elder Feng lied motionless under the great pressure, Xu Yi started to ceaselessly punch him. In order to kill Elder Feng once and for all, Xu Yi didnt give him any chance to fight back. After a storm of blows, the body of Elder Feng had become soft and slack.

    The place where Elder Feng lied, soon became a big hole, as deep as ones leg. Surely, this was the result of Xu Yis continuous blows against Elder Feng. It was true that the latter was, the same as Xu Yi, in the peak state of a forged body, he also possessed ox-like skin and iron bones. But, by Xu Yis ruthless and crazy attacks, even a real iron ball would be beaten into a flat disc.

    Xu Yi stood up with great satisfaction as Elder Fengs head was deeply buried into the soil, bruises all over his body, showing no sign of life.

    The experienced Elder Feng was killed by a newcomer in Wu Dao, Xu Yi was rather proud of himself. This was proof of his ability, with which he could march a step further towards his revenge. He bend down and searched all over Elder Fengs body, finally, he harvested ten gold coins.

    Holding one coin in his hand, Xu Yi stared at it for quite a while. He then blew against the coin and put it beside his ear instantly, waves of soothing sounds could be heard, just like Buddhism Music. Because of the sound, Xu Yis poker face changed into a smile, with the corners of his mouth slightly raising up.

    Xu Yi had already heard of these gold coins. As far as he knew, currency was categorized into two groups. One was for the ordinary people, like the bronze coins and the silver Yuan bao, these were exactly what Xu Yi got from his job as a storyteller. While the other was for Wu Dao cultivators, the dominating party, including gold coins (or gold Yuan bao) and gold discs (an ancient currency).

    Without gold coins, Xu Yi had no access to the precious herbs needed in cultivation. Before, he could only use some oolong herb, which he bought from villagers, to revitalize his strength. In this world only gold coins were recognized as a legitimate currency to exchange for the best herbs.

    Now, with these ten gold coins, Xu Yi was able to buy the herbs he deeply desired. He quickly tucked the coins into the bag around his waist. Collecting the thin and long sword nearby, Xu Yi put great pressure on it and bended it in the shape of an arc, but surprisingly, it bounced back without any damage being done to the blade. It was a resilient sword, which would be of great help in battle. So Xu Yi decided to take it with him and moved on.

    When Xu Yi rushed back to where Junior Zhou was supposed to be, he found nothing but the bodies of the servants. He predicted that Junior Zhou wouldnt make it far in such a short period of time. So he climbed to a higher vantage point and in the northwest, he spotted a man on horseback, galloping as fast and far away from him as possible. Xu Yi deducted that this must be Junior Zhou, who whipped the horse, impatiently, in an attempt to escape.

    Right now, Junior Zhou was as terrified as a rabbit, hastily running away. He had to get rid of Xu Yi as quickly as possible, out of fear that Xu Yi would otherwise take away his life.

    Knowing that Junior Zhou was seriously injured, Xu Yi was confident in capturing him. What he needed right now was a horse. So he quickly searched around the previous battlefield and found a horse standing beside some thick bushes.

    Though most of the horses have died in the previous battle, this one was smart enough to escape the chaos. A happy Xu Yi thought and then, without any further delay, he jumped onto the horses back and pursued Junior Zhou.

    In the middle of the pursuit, Xu Yi suddenly took out his sword and stabbed it into the carotid artery of the horse. Oddly enough, there was no bleeding on the horses neck and the speed of the horse was even multiplied several times.

    Since Xu Yi was in the peak stage of a forged body, he was almost a professional in the knowledge of the relationship between qi, blood, bones and organs.

    When the horse was running, the qi and blood would surge and the bones would vibrate. Xu Yi selected the best position to stab in, in order to unleash the true potential of the horse.

    Initially, Xu Yi was not quite sure if this stab would make the horse run faster or kill it, because it was only theoretically correct. But when the sword stabbed into the neck, the outcome was astonishing.

    On the contrary, Junior Zhou whipped the horse too frequently and too harshly, leaving blood all over the back of his horse. Thus, the speed of the running horse became slower and slower.

    A surge of anger and hatred bursted out underneath his arrogant self-esteem.

    How can the powerless Xu Yi be this strong? He is supposed to be a dumb clown, for us to toy with. The reason why we let him live until today is because weve never considered him a threat. Unexpectedly, he dares to cut my arm off! I will get him punished for what he has done to me. Junior Zhou murmured to himself. He imaged how he would torture Xu Yi with all the brutal corporal punishments available. Thinking of this, he grew more and more excited.

    However, the clip-clopping sound behind Junior Zhou made him quickly feel frightened again, almost making him fall off his horse. Xu Yi was quickly closing in on him!

    Junior Zhou suddenly became wilted, like a flower at dusk. The hatred was overlapped by horror. He even trembled a little bit. Elder Feng has failed to kill him! He was so scared, that he kicked the belly of the horse to make it run faster.

    At this very moment, Xu Yis horse was too tired to go any further, as it crashed onto the ground. Looking back, Junior Zhou found a string of hope once again and laughed loudly: Xu Yi, listen, I swear to skin you alive and extract your bones!

    Xu Yi didnt pay much heat to these words, as he quickly stood up and pursued Junior Zhou like a bolt of lightning. Out of sheer terror, Junior Zhou actually peed his pants. He whipped and kicked the horse like crazy, trying desperately to escape Xu Yis close pursuit.

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    Editor note: Hey guys, first of all, happy to see you guys are enjoying this novel.

    Now to get to the point, Ive been told that we should be translating in the past tense instead of present tense. Starting this chapter the novel will be in past tense and Ill work my way back over the weekend, early next week, to change the other chapters to past tense as well. Our apologies for any caused inconvenience

    Enjoy this chapter!

    Ps. Claire says Hi~~!!

    Chapter Ten - A Grand Feast Of Killing

    In reminiscence of his beloved parents and his loyal dog, Xu Yi couldnt help but think of launching a grand feast of killing on the Zhou Family. Though it used to simply be a long-hidden hallucination for Xu Yi, now revenge was only a single step away.

    Junior Zhou did his utmost to escape, riding on the horse, While Xu Yi ran without horse, yet he was still faster. Soon, they were only several meters apart. Junior Zhou was desperately whipping the horse, like an offshore fish fluttering its fins helplessly.

    Never in his wildest dreams did Junior Zhou realise that Xu Yis ability in Wu Dao was so advanced. Even Elder Feng, their most-experienced servant, fell short of Xu Yi.

    Junior Zhou would probably never know, that it was due to the help of the heavy armor that Xu Yi had improved his ability faster than others. This heavy armor was an innovative technique invented by Xu Yi himself. Since Xu Yi took the armor off, he felt as if he was as light as smoke. Thus chasing Junior Zhou became a piece of cake.

    Now, they were almost on top of eachother. Sensing that the situation was quickly worsening, Junior Zhou decided to jump off his horse, which was already vomiting white foam because of the harsh whipping.

    He then fled towards the nearby peach forest, from where a group of man, with ragged clothing, was approaching. As these people were moving forward, Junior Zhou almost bursted into tears of happiness, because they were all servants of the Zhou Family, who were to be sent to work in the mines.

    Walking closer, the servants also recognised their young master. When they were about to kneel down to him, he yelled at them: Go and stop that bastard! In turn, I will reward you with 100 taels [1] of silver!

    Upon hearing this, the group cheerfully rushed towards Xu Yi. Apart from obedience, the reward was their key motivation. Even if it was divided by the whole group, they would still gain more than 10 taels of silver respectively. Junior Zhou knew what these servants really wanted, as their yearly earning was less than 10 taels of silver. Some of these servants knew Xu Yi well the skinny storyteller from Xu village. They certainly didnt realize that danger was looming, because todays Xu Yi was no longer the Xu Yi they all knew.

    Regardless if they were servants or masters, anyone related to the Zhou Family would be Xu Yis enemy. The hatred towards the Zhou Family was imbedded into each and every cell of his body, he would show absolutely no mercy towards the Zhou Family!

    Among the group of servants, the two fastest ones were soon decapitated by Xu Yi. Their remaining bodies being thrown high up in the air. The rest of the group was also quickly severely beaten up, with their bones broken and pools of blood all over the place.

    Junior Zhous strategy, however, wasnt to stop Xu Yi, but to postpone the latters chase. This way, he wouldve enough time to run away. Obviously, these servants were not on the same level as Xu Yi. The only thing they could help Junior Zhou with, was to interrupt Xu Yis chasing momentum.

    Eventually, Junior Zhou arrived at the doorstep of the mansion of the Zhou Family, which has been prosperous for the span of two generations. Now, after some expansion, it has become the most luxurious and commodious house in the vicinity.

    A birds eye view would say that, within the mansion of Zhou Family, there were numerous buildings with exquisitely sculptured cornices and girders. It was a true feast for the eye.

    Junior Zhou, however, didnt pay attention to all of this as he hurried to the doorway. Here he stepped across the threshold, looking as if this is the step that took him out of hell and into heaven. Where, before this step, he looked like a drowning mouse, now he was quickly regaining his confidence.

    HahaCome in with me! Junior Zhou laughed out loudly.

    In the spacious arms drill field, clusters of hangers-on [2] were practicing the forged body. Upon hearing what was happening at the doorway, they came rushing towards Junior Zhou, like a swarm of fish.

    For these pickthanks [3], it was a golden opportunity to show off and get some rewards from their master. They all stood in front of Junior Zhou, in a protective manner, and were prepared to fight against Xu Yi.

    Among the roughly one hundred hangers-on, only Elder Feng had obtained the peak state of a forged body.

    After all, unlike Zhou Daoqian (Junior Zhous uncle), Junior Zhous family main interest was their mining business. They didnt have to, or probably couldnt afford to, invite large numbers of cultivators who had already achieved the peak state of a forged body. In fact, Elder Feng was personally assigned by Zhou Daoqian under the request of Junior Zhous father.

    During these years, the chances for Elder Feng to fight had been rather slim. Most of his time was spent teaching, or guiding, the hangers-on while they were cultivating. It is fair to say that Junior Zhou, together with his hangers-on, were ignorant of the remarkable difference between the peak state and the normal state of a forged body.

    - Bang! Bang! Bang!-

    The three strongest hangers-on soon formed a trio battle array fists, swords and spears came from all directions towards Xu Yi. All of a sudden, Xu Yi evaded with a high jump, kicking on their shoulders. With the great strength of this kick, the three hangers-on were all smashed into many pieces, while their blood was flooding the surroundings.

    In terms of strength and speed, Xu Yi wasnt afraid of these hangers-on of the Zhou Family. He could easily squash them, like they were rotten apples.

    What was happening right now, was mind-boggling to Junior Zhou, and he quickly came to the conclusion that hed underestimated his enemy. Looking around, no one was competent to fight with Xu Yi. This left Junior Zhou half dead with fright.

    Out of sheer panic, Junior Zhou ran towards the doorway. As soon as he arrived at the copper gate, Xu Yi kicked his feet onto the ground as he rushed towards Junior Zhou. Without any hesitation, Xu Yi stabbed into the heart of Junior Zhou, which nailed him to the gate.

    The long sword left by Elder Feng was so resilient, that it didnt break; instead, it penetrated into the copper gate. You could image the picture of Junior Zhou, as he was nailed against the gate by a sword that was pierced through his chest as it also penetrated into the gate.

    At the same time, Junior Zhous father, who was wearing a Taoist robe, together with their steward, had all turned speechless. They were holding the accounting book, walking peacefully through the courtyard, and were stuck in the middle of their discussion, like a pair of waxwork.

    Xu Yi instantly collected a broadsword from the ground and cut off Junior Zhous head. He then turned around and beheaded Junior Zhous father, who was about to flee. Xu Yi held the two heads together, as he bound them by tying their hair into a knot. Finally, the two heads were hung around Xu Yis waist, as trophies of a great triumph.

    The rest of the hangers-on and servants crazily rushed towards Xu Yi, who had no choice but to continue fighting. Even though they came in large numbers, Xu Yi wasnt the slightest bit afraid of them. In the past two years, Xu Yi had been fed up with their endless insults. Fortunately, he translated this negative energy into unimaginable strength. Now, his heart was as hard as a rock. The only thing he cared about was revenge.

    Xu Yi deserted the broadsword. Instead, he waved his fists in this battle. As he realised that, with his forged body, the sharpest weapon was his fist and body.

    Xu Yi utilized every part of his body in the fight and several minutes later, corpses were piling up and blood was flowing like a small river. Many of the servants started to run away. Luckily for them, Xu Yi had no more interest in killing. Instead, he went directly to the garden. On his way to the garden, he encountered a girl servant and captured her.

    The mansion of the Zhou Family turned out to be in total chaos. The smell of oil, fire and blood had all mixed together.

    Now, Xu Yi was in the study of Junior Zhous father. He guessed that this was the place where the most precious things were preserved. Surely, he wouldnt come out empty handed.


    [1]: Taels: Unit of measurement in ancient times. 1 Tael is equal to about 38 grams.

    [2]: Hangers-on: Here, it refers to those potential talents in Wu Dao employed by the Zhou Family, but they are different from servants. They will contribute their parts whenever their master needs them.

    [3]: Pickthanks: Old word for the better-known term lackey.

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    Chapter Eleven - Plunder

    Since Xu Yi got the ten golden discs from Elder Feng, he wouldnt appreciate mundane items anymore.

    Therefore, Xu Yi directly went for the study of Junior Zhous father, instead of the warehouses. It was common sense that the most valued of things would be hidden somewhere in the study or bedroom, rather than the warehouse. At this moment, Xu Yi had decided to take a shot to see what he could get.

    Needless to say, the study was huge. If you would put a couple of horses in it, theyd enjoy running around freely, not limited by space. All the features here were antique and exquisite. The desk was made of Jinsi Nanmu [1], and an incense burner was decorated with a blend of silver and gold that was beautifully sculptured on the surface. The room was filled with the welcoming smell from the aroma of the inflaming sandalwood in the burner.

    Rummaging through the drawers and chests, Xu Yi eventually discovered a dozen of priceless calligraphies and paintings. Only a piece of them would be enough to financially support an ordinary person throughout his entire life.

    However, Xu Yi had no big ambitions for this worldly wealth.

    - Boom, Boom, Boom -

    Xu Yi slammed his fists against the walls of the study, in an attempt to discover a hidden crevice, or perhaps even a door. Eventually the walls were riddled with differently sized holes. Looking around, Xu Yi hoped that he would find something special for himself. Fortunately, deep beneath the left wall, Xu Yi spotted a red wooden box, in which he found two extremely thick gold discs, which emanated a deep red glow.

    Out of curiosity, Xu Yi put one gold disc on his palm, calculating its weight it should be roughly a hundred taels he deduced from this. He stared at them for a couple of seconds, before he quickly tucked them into his bag.

    When Xu Yi was about to discard the box, at the bottom, he noticed a wax-sealed envelope. The envelope had to be something confidential he thought, as he quickly tore the envelope open and pulled a letter out.

    This was a rather long letter from Junior Zhous father to Zhou Daoqian. To save time, Xu Yi thumbed through the letter so that he could skip the nonsense and he quickly obtained the essential information. In the letter, Junior Zhous father implored Zhou Daoqian to persuade the Peak Tower to increase their dividends in certain mineral veins.

    The letter also said that the two gold discs were supposed to be tribute money for the Peak Tower. The Zhou Family would contribute tributes to the Peak Tower once every three years.

    For every three years! The two gold discs were actually the accumulation of wealth of three whole years! Luckily, I dont care about the Peak Tower or the traitor Zhou Daoqian... These are now mine!

    Even the very thought of the name of Zhou Daoqian made Xu Yi furious, his desire for revenge would flare up whenever he heard it. He held the letter in the fire of a nearby candle and after it caught fire, he threw it against the wooden window. In a twinkling, the whole room was on fire.

    The blowing wind and the roaring flames made a perfect match, which quickened the collapse of the Zhou Familys grand mansion. A couple of minutes later, the whole building had turned into an ocean of fire. The once grandiose mansion turned out to be an inferno.


    At this moment, a group of people were marching towards the Zhou Family estate; they were approximately five kilometers away.

    In front of the group was a young man in white clothing, whose appearance was frighteningly similar to Junior Zhous. The sword hung on his waist was decorated with colorful germs and the horse he rode on, was one head taller than the others, the fur of which was pure, without any parti-color.

    The blue sky and white clouds reflected in the billowy water of the Evil Dragon River. The plants were flourishing on the Hui Yin Mountain, through which the wind gently blew, bringing the pure smell of nature. The man in white clothing was inspired by this beautiful scenery and chanted: 朝朝翠山下 (I come down from the emerald green mountain, day after day.)

    How poetic it is! Magistrate Wu, who was behind the young man in white clothing, clapped his hands.

    You are distinctive in appearance, while your talents are also impressive. What makes you even more extraordinary, is that you have already obtained the peak state of a forged body at such a young age. You deserve to be the inheritor of Zhou Daoqian. Wu continued.

    You flatter me, Uncle Wu. Ive heard from my father that back when you were a student in Guanan, your talent in poem was rivalless. Look now, twenty years later, youve become the magistrate of a country. You are destined to be a genius. The young man in white clothing replied politely.

    Magistrate Wu twiddled his beard and smiled.

    Up until now, the identity of the young man in white clothing was self-evident. He was the second son of Zhou Daoqian Zhou Shirong.

    The purpose of their return to Guanan was two-folded. Firstly, they would pay a visit to their relatives Junior Zhous family. Secondly, the more important one, they would collect the tributes from their relatives, that was derived from the profits of the mineral veins. As the three-year deadline would soon expire, the Peak Tower had started urging them to hand in the tributes as quickly as possible.

    However, the journey from the Peak Tower to Junior Zhous family was rather long and rugged. Zhou Daoqian wouldnt take any risk in losing the tributes, so he had deployed his son to escort this group.

    Magistrate Wu was an old friend of Zhou Daoqian, they had encountered each other long before the latter was admitted to the Peak Tower. They used to be classmates in Guanan.

    Nowadays, Wu Dao was not only prosperous but also diversified. Numerous new schools and prominent families were quickly emerging because of Wu Dao.

    In the old days, when Zhou Daoqians talent in Wu Dao wasnt yet discovered, his only ambition was to learn well and obtain an official rank. Daoqian, together with other students at the time, established the Club of King Ming (in order to pay tribute to the king). Magistrate Wu, who was one of the club members, was very talented in literature, while Daoqians martial art ability far surpassed that of Wus. In terms of social status, Wu was overshadowed by Daoqian, as ones ability in Wu Dao was the benchmark of social recognition.

    Because of this relationship, Zhou Daoqian had asked Wu to join the mission.

    Even though the Peak Tower was already one of the three most prominent schools in Guanan and its authority was undeniable. However, they still needed the help of local officials to serve as lubricants in the operation of their missions. Government officials represented absolute authority, and local civilians trusted them more than members from the Peak Tower. Magistrate Wu, for instance, who was only a local official with a rather low rank, had much more influence over the local issues.

    Indeed, Magistrate Wu was excited when Zhou Daoqian invited him to join the escort. Due to his presence in the group, the journey was rather successful, as nothing unexpected had happened.

    As Zhou Shirong and Magistrate Wu were busy exchanging flattery, a cloud of smoke was slowly ascending. As they spotted the smoke, they stopped in the middle of their conversation. Shirong whipped his horse, making it jump high enough to see what was happening in the distance. Suddenly, his face turned ghastly pale.

    Judging from Shirongs face, Wus bouncing heart jerked for a second, as he consciously knew a crisis was imminent. Taking a step further, he saw where the smoke came from. And he was quite sure that it was the Zhou estate that was on fire, because no other buildings in the vicinity would have the same magnitude of damage.

    As a distinguished family in the local area, the Zhou Family was the gathering place for local celebrities, including Magistrate Wu. Right now, the place where this dominant family stood, was covered with black smoke and raging flames.


    [1]: Jinsi Nanmu: an extremely expensive wood for making furniture. In ancient times, furniture made of this wood is a symbol of prosperity.

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    Chapter Twelve An Unexpected Attack

    Magistrate Wu whipped his horse and yelled: Go and put the fire out!

    But suddenly, Shirong grabbed the halter of Wus running horse. The grab was so energetic that the horse was pulled backwards, without a chance to struggle. Everyone was shocked by the unexpected but vigorous movement of Shirong. This was especially true for Wu, whose face turned ghastly pale.

    The fire is already beyond control. Even if we put it out now, there would be nothing left. Itll be better to let it burn out. Shirong responded with a chilly tone. His face turned sinister as he continued: Ma Zhao, go and kill all the people in the vicinity.

    Yes, Your Excellency!

    Magistrate Wu couldnt believe his own ears, how could Shirong act so indifferently towards Junior Zhous family? They were relatives!

    It seems like there are countless of people moving to and fro, they are most likely trying to put the fire out, rather than looting the mansion. This is my administrative region, how can I allow him to kill these people so imprudently? Wu thought to himself and vacillated between two choices either to comply with Shirongs command or to restrict him from doing so.

    Looking at the indecisive Wu, Shirong raised his voice: Whats the use of these people? Its their negligence that triggered that fire, plus, at this stage they wont be able to save the situation. Why shouldnt we just kill them all?

    Daoqian is no longer the same person I used to know. He has already become one of the four most distinguished directors of Peak Tower. Now, his son is determined to kill these people, but Id be able to successfully discourage him from doing so. However, if I did so, Daoqian may breed enmity with me because of it. Magistrate Wu weighed the pros and cons of his next step. Eventually, he calculated it would bring him no benefits if he went against Shirong.

    Kill them all! Zhao (the head constable), please lead your team and coordinate with Mr. Ma in killing these people! Wu finally shouted, sternly.

    Immediately, the whole group positioned themselves in a battle state and then the noise of clip-clopping and the sound of the unsheathing of swords could be heard throughout the surrounding mountains.

    It suddenly struck Wu that Junior Zhou and his father were probably already dead. As a local magistrate, he had been through a dozen of tragedies similar to this one, and he was almost certain that this mustve been an orchestrated crime, rather than a careless accident.

    Im afraid your Uncle might already have been killed in the roaring fire Wu told Shirong in a euphemism tone.

    Our destiny lies in the hands of the gods. My uncle is already in his fifties and he enjoyed the most part of his life in prosperity. It is not regrettable for him to die at this age. As for my younger cousin, he is the good-for-nothing parasite of my family. He always gets caught up in messy situations and lets his family worry about solving these situations for him. For someone like him, the scum of my family, death is the best choice. Shirong replied emotionless.

    Magistrate Wu was astounded by what Shirong said. He never thought that Shirongs heart would be as cold as marble towards the misfortune of his uncles family.

    Who can be audacious enough to commit such a disgraceful crime against our family? This is bringing shame to my entire family. Shirong murmured to himself with a distorted expression.

    These words confused Wu even more, You dont even care about the death of your uncle, then why do you show such hatred towards the murderer?

    Even the dog from our family is treated with respect. How dare this guy set fire to my uncles familys mansion? I swear to capture him alive and let him pay the price! Shirong grinded his teeth and said with extreme anger.

    Out of sheer bewilderment, Wu didnt know what to say.


    A man with plain clothing was running hastily in the west, in a second, he appeared in front of Shirongs group. He tripped over his own feet and cried: Your Excellency! Youve finally arrived! Our master he he he has been

    Several minutes before, Wu was worried that the raging flames would destroy any and all forms of evidence. However, now a servant from Junior Zhous family had successfully escaped from the wild fire and he could probably offer some clue to how this mysterious disaster had happened. Therefore, Wu jumped off his horse and helped the man up, before he urgently inquired: Who did this? What happened over here?

    It was me!, - Boom! -

    Without any warning, the man in plain clothing punched Magistrate Wu in his face. Blood spilled all over the place, as Wus head had been almost flattened.

    No doubt, this man was Xu Yi. After he heard the clip-clopping of the horses, he chased after this sound. To get more information of whom these horse-riders were, Xu Yi then climbed to the top of a tall tree and found out that it was a group of people who were all wielding swords. When he fixed his eyes on the face of the guy in the front, his blood pressure quickly surged. The man who led the group looked strikingly similar to Junior Zhou.

    Who could he be?

    Xu Yi was well known with his enemy, the Zhou Family. They were split up in two branches, one was led by Junior Zhous family, while the other was led by Daoqian.

    Although, Xu Yi had never met Shirong, after some analysis, he had come to the conclusion that the man who led this group was the son of the disgraceful Daoqian.

    It was justifiable to say that Daoqian was the main trigger of Xu Yis revenge plan. It was Daoqian who had plotted the collapse of the Xu Family. Hence, Xu Yis hatred towards Daoqian was as deep as the ocean.

    Xu Yi, of course, was not a reckless revenger. He knew, that at this stage, if he directly went for Daoqian, it would be like throwing an egg against a rock. But at this moment, his son was right in front of him, which posed a golden opportunity for Xu Yi. If he killed Daoqians son, Daoqian would certainly suffer from the death of his son.

    Driven by this motive, Xu Yi got down from the tree and went to a secluded place where he made a temporary tomb for his ancestors and lighted three sticks of incenses. He then kneeled down in front of the tomb and untied the two heads (Junior Zhou and his father) as sacrifice for his ancestors. A few minutes later, Xu Yi stood up and kicked the two heads into the flaming fire.

    As Xu Yi was on his way to Shirongs group, he decided not to underestimate Shirong, after all, he was the son of Daoqian. Unknown to the true ability of Shirong, Xu Yi acted rather cautiously. To be honest, he was not quite assured whether he would be able to defeat Shirong or not.

    Since no one in the group had met him before, Xu Yi disguised himself as a servant from Junior Zhous family. By doing so, on the one hand, he could get close to the group without their suspicion; on the other hand, he could attack them unexpectedly.

    Magistrate Wu was killed by Xu Yi almost instantly. Without hesitation, Xu Yi then used up all his strength and threw his fist at Shirong, in an attempt to quickly finish this traitor as well. When his fist flew towards the surface of Shirongs white clothing, his body suddenly disappeared.

    Xu Yis backbone was slightly numbed by the shock, he couldnt believe his eyes as the speed and strength exerted on his fist just now, was the best he could release. Therefore, he was a little bit discouraged and started to doubt himself. Suddenly, he felt like he was being stabbed by a thousand needles, as a strong force of qi was quickly approaching his back.

    More Chapters

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    Chapter Thirteen Achilles Heel

    Xu Yi had already entered the peak state of a forged body, with oxs skin and iron-bones. Theoretically, even the sharp sword could not pierce into his skin. However, Shirongs fist still managed to bring immense pain to Xu Yis body.

    He couldnt imagine just what wouldve happened to him, if he had failed to escape Shirongs fist. His body would probably have exploded within a second.

    Out of sheer horror, Xu Yi swiftly crawled under the belly of the white horse. He curled himself up, as he felt shivers going down his spine and cracking sounds in the air around him.

    The massive strength of Shirongs fist overwhelmed Xu Yi so immensely, that he could feel his heart was bouncing like a ball inside his chest, ready to jump out. Now, he admitted that the previous plan to kill Shirong, was nave and overconfident.

    Nevertheless, Shirong was also shocked by Xu Yis nimble escape from his fist. He could instantly tell Xu Yis cultivation progress. From his experience, within the Peak Tower, not even those half a step away from an ocean of qi could evade this fist of his. Xu Yi had already distinguished himself from those who were in the same level as him.

    Xu Yi didnt pay much attention to the pondering look on Shirongs face, as a brilliant self-protective strategy had appeared in his mind. During these years, Xu Yis survival skills had improved a lot. He was always resourceful whenever he was on the edge of death. Xu Yi pinched hard in the belly of the white horse, making it screech and prance. Then, the white horse suddenly rushed away, dragging Xu Yi along.

    By grabbing onto the dangling halter, Xu Yi managed to jump on the horses back and immediately kicked the horse. Seconds later, Xu Yi turned around and found that Shirong was only tens of meters away from him.

    It was almost dusk and the wind was blowing strongly throughout the mountains. Xu Yi unceasingly whipped the horse, making it run faster and faster. Despite the fact that Xu Yi was not specialized in riding, he managed to control the speed of the horse. As he was in the peak state, he could integrate his own strength with the horse and make it go even faster.

    The white horse itself was also a rare species that had extraordinary speed - probably twice as much as a normal horse.

    As Xu Yi enjoyed the speed of the horse, when he suddenly felt a gush of air coming from behind. Shock filled Xu Yis eyes, as he looked behind him.

    Shirong flew in the air by stepping from one tree top to the next. It was not a big deal to chase Xu Yi over such a short distance. Immediately, he stretched his palms and there emerged a stream of dense qi, spiraling in the air.

    Soon, swirling wind was hovering around Xu Yi, ready to suck him in.

    Never in his wildest dreams had Xu Yi seen such magic power, he nearly even blacked out. Trying every means possible to survive, Xu Yi pedaled so hard on the horse-saddles that it eventually broke into many pieces. The great strength of the wind made the horse slant over to one side. Thus, Xu Yi was forced to crouch on the horses back to avoid being thrown off.

    The horse was a perfect shield for Xu Yi, crouching on it, he no longer felt the furious wind around him as much. Hardly had Xu Yi recovered from the shock, when he began wondering about the power of Shirongs fist. As far as he understood, in order to release the strength of any fist, one must directly hit an object, rather than hit in the open air. However, just now, the swirling wind caused by Shirongs fist was powerful enough to end his life. This, for Xu Yi, was a cognition breakthrough in terms of Wu Dao.

    The strength in the air was originated, not from the speed of the fist; but rather, it was from the pure strength in the palm of Shirong. For such a lethal fist, it was hard to imagine, even for those in the peak state of a forged body, what would happen to them.

    Xu Yi predicted, with confidence, that Shirong mustve already entered the realm of an ocean of qi the same level as his Sifu Liao Chen.

    Suddenly, Shirong leaped onto the running horse. Now, two people were on the horses back, which meant that the weight was also doubled, however, the speed of the horse was not affected in the slightest. It ran like a thunderbolt, leaving the mountains beautiful scenery as a vanishing blurry image.

    From a distance, Shirong could be mistaken for a celestial being having descended to this mortal world. However, deep inside, Shirong was fraught with restless indignation.

    No more fighting, I suggest you leave as quickly as possible. You cant compare with me, as youre still lingering in the peak state of a forged body. But, to be honest, Im quite surprised by your ability to dodge. So I will allow you the honor of taking your own life, rather than being killed by my fist. Shirong ordered Xu Yi, as he slightly raised his dashing eyebrows.

    What a braggadocio! Xu Yi whispered to himself, before he replied in a calm tone. Thanks for your mercy. Since I have killed both your cousin and uncle, oh, and burned their mansion as well, you dont want to kill me yourself? Ah, I almost forgot that your ancestors were all servants of my family, no wonder that you are so kind to me. By the way, I also stole two golden discs.

    In terms of articulation, Xu Yi was much more proficient than Shirong. Even though there were no dirty words involved, Shirong was deeply insulted.

    Go to hell! Shirong cursed at Xu Yi.

    As Xu Yi was excited over his eloquence, Shirong furiously struck his fist towards Xu Yi. Out of horror, Xu Yi got goose bumps all over his body and jumped off the horse. This horse was an especially big one, which gave Xu Yi the opportunity to not fall off, but rather once again curl up like a ball of thread underneath its belly.

    The fist of Shirong was so intense that it left a deep hole on the ground. Fortunately, Xu Yi had successfully dodged this attack by hiding underneath the horse.

    You bastard! I will send you to hell, and let the evil ghosts gnaw on you in death! Shirong yelled, while his blood pressure was quickly surging, as you could tell from the fluctuating pumps on his temple.

    Shirong considered Xu Yi not worthy to talk to, so he kept silent in the beginning. In spite of the fact that it was Xu Yi, who brought such a disaster to Junior Zhous family, Shirong didnt acknowledge his ability. To Shirong, Xu Yi was merely an ant, he just needed to stomp his feet and the ant would turn into powder.

    However, he never thought that it would take so long to end Xu Yis life. Because the latter had already spotted his Achilles heel the white horse, which was why Xu Yi stuck to the horse throughout the entire fight.

    If not for hiding beneath the belly of this horse, Xu Yi wouldve long met his end by Shirongs ferocious fist. The crackling sounds, that accompanied his fist, were to showcase the immense power behind this attack.

    Actually, Shirong changed the direction of his fist at the last moment, to avoid accidental injury to his horse. When compared to killing Xu Yi, the white horses well being was much more valuable to him. He would rather waste his strength and hit the air, than injure or possibly even kill his white horse.

    Taking advantage of Shirongs Achilles heel, Xu Yi barely managed to hold onto his life.

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    Chapter Fourteen Battle in the River

    Bastard from the Zhou Family! Stay away from me! Xu Yi scolded Shirong rampantly, in an attempt to enrage him.

    Shirong was about to respond when Xu Yi continued: Ill count to three. If you dont move, Ill tear a hole in the belly of your dearest horse.

    If you dare to lay your finger on my horse, you will find your body smashed into pieces! Shirong shouted with flaming anger.

    Knowing that Xu Yi held the horse as a hostage, Shirong reluctantly stepped back, in case Xu Yi would do any harm to his beloved horse.

    The white horse was actually a present bestowed by Fairy Yu Qing, the revered founder of Tianshan School. The horse had the nickname Flying Snow, which was given by its original master Fairy Zihan, the most renowned among the third-generation peers of Tianshan School.

    Fairy Zihan showed great talents in Wu Dao, which was almost peerless, at least in Guanan. Quite a number of admirers idolized him, including Shirong.

    Therefore, Flying Snow meant more than a horse to Shirong, as it represented his idol Fairy Zihan. If the horse was injured or killed, he would be too embarrassed to face Fairy Zihan.

    Xu Yi crawled up on the horses back and whipped it harshly. The horse dashed into the distance. However, Xu Yi knew it wouldnt end just like this. Since the horse was so precious to Shirong, he wouldnt give up so easily. It was highly likely that hed trail after him, ready to make a sudden assault.

    Being aware of the danger, Xu Yi deliberately turned onto a road with less bushes and trees. This left it impossible for Shirong to secretly hide in them. The horse rushed several kilometers towards the south and only stopped when the Evil Dragon River was reached this was the longest river in Guanan that flowed all the way into the East Sea.

    Xu Yi knew that once he separated from this horse, Shirong would show up from his hiding spot. In other words, as long as he was with the horse, he would be safe. This, to some extent, became a paradox. Should he abandon the horse and confront the danger, or should he stick to the horse endlessly?

    It suddenly occurred to Xu Yi, that his only chance to survive lied in this river. After all, he couldnt live forever on the horses back. He would have to get rid of Shirong sooner or later.

    Indeed, as Xu Yi predicted, Shirong was lurking around behind the nearby spruces. When the horse stopped near the river, Shirong was sure that Xu Yi would jump into it, as this was the most expedient way to flee at this moment.

    He was patiently waiting for the right time to attack, as he was determined to kill Xu Yi for all the arrogant remarks he had made.

    When Xu Yi looked around nervously and was about to move, Shirong bounced into the air as quick as a thunderbolt. He then moved forward like a crawling dragon. In the blink of an eye, he was just several meters away from Xu Yi.

    The speed of Shirongs charge was frighteningly swift; the panic-stricken Xu Yi rolled off the horse and crept under the belly in an awkward position.

    Oh, the same trick again?! Shirong was so outraged that he almost vomited blood. As soon as he pulled back his palms, he saw something shooting out from underneath the horse to the riverbank. Ah, that must be Xu Yi!

    Moving his fists several times around in the air, Shirong created a momentum of strength powerful enough to shake the ground. Strange enough, the strength came from the ground and rose upwards, which suddenly pushed Shirongs feet and made his body spin several times. As the speed of the spinning got increasingly faster, Shirong flew towards Xu Yi like a roaring hurricane.

    Frightened by the appalling movements of Shirong, Xu Yi splashed into the river. At the same time, Fly Snow suddenly fell down with a - thud! -. Shirong was frozen in the middle between the river and his horse. Eventually, he rushed back to his horse and saw that blood kept oozing out from its left leg.

    When Xu Yi was under the belly of the horse, he had racked his brains for a feasible runaway strategy. Finally, he had decided to cut the leg of the horse to win him some time, because he was certain that Shirong wouldnt keep on chasing him, once he saw that his horse was hurt. Besides, since he was currently unable to physically kill Shirong, he felt like he had to settle his grudge some other way. So he decided to hurt Shirong spiritually, by cutting the horses leg.

    Fxxk!!! You bastard!! I swear to send you to hell and let you stay there forever!

    Shirong roared like a lion - his face was red with surging blood and blue veins protruding in remarkable shapes, suddenly he dashed towards the river. To Xu Yis terror, when Shirong stepped into the river, he could actually steadily float on the surface, having only his ankles sink into the water. Looking from afar, he resembled a goblin moving afloat the river. Did he actually possess magic power?

    Even Shirong had his limits. He was actually wearing worn out shoes, which left his toes exposed. He used his toes to paddle and moved forward like a web-footed aquatic life. As he moved forward, there even emerged foaming whirlpools underneath his feet.

    Shirong stared at the water carefully in order to figure out where Xu Yi exactly was. Looking ahead of him, he was searching for the smallest of ripples, which would give away Xu Yis location.

    - Boom! -

    Shirong pushed out his palms, which shot out an immense power, making the water, as well as the air, vibrate with an unsettling sound. It could be analogous to a mini-earthquake. Wave after wave rose up high, throwing countless of fish and shrimps high into the air. When the river eventually calmed down, the dead bodies of the previously flying fish and shrimps, were floating all over the surface of the water.

    Soon, after the grand attack, there emerged some muffled groans from deep within the water. Shirong looked down, as the corners of his mouth raised ever so slightly - revealing a rare curve on his usual straight face.

    Xu Yi was heavily hit in this bloodcurdling attack, even though he was several meters away from the surface. Thanks to the waters above, which had cushioned the damage, Xu Yi was still alive. Otherwise he would be very much like the dead fish and shrimps around him.

    Although, Xu Yi luckily survived from this attack, the injuries he had sustained were extremely severe with his shoulder blades dented and all the organs in his chest being displaced. He painfully clenched his teeth, avoiding the urge to vomit blood.

    Out of desperation, Xu Yi became pessimistic; he blamed the inequality of the world and left his life in the hands of destiny. Eventually, he could only see darkness. As his vision darkened, he also felt how his chest was tightly clenched. Thus, he was unconsciously following the deep undercurrent of the river.

    While Shirong floated harmoniously on the water, he had his eyes only slightly opened, anticipating the changes in the rivers current, by the touch of his feet. He felt confident that Xu Yi was already dead, or at the very least severely injured. Currently, he was already considering in which way he would insult or punish Xu Yi, once the latter would finally show his face above the surface.

    All that Xu Yi could do at this point, was to stay deep under water. He would rather drown in this river, than being captured by this servant.

    Gradually, Xu Yi developed symptoms like tinnitus, protruded eyes and dizziness. He had almost worn out his will and persistence. But at this point, he suddenly felt a swarm of moving shadows approaching towards him.

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    Chapter Fifteen Mu Family

    In order to pull himself together, Xu Yi bit the tip of his tongue, letting the bitter pain wake his mind. He then noticed a flock of large carps moving around, foraging for food.

    The large carp was one of the specialities of the Evil Dragon River. A grown carp would be roughly three meters long. These species always came in flocks, as they enjoyed collective life. As a dish, the large carp was absolutely a rare delicacy large carp soup, relished with green onion, was the most popular cuisine - which appeared on the table of prominent officials and eminent personages.

    Xu Yi was exhilarated by the appearance of these carps. To him, it was like stumbling across an oasis in a desert. He exerted his last bit of energy, as he paddled his feet and swam towards the largest one.

    Meanwhile, on the surface, Shirong felt some ripples in the water. Suddenly, a subtle smile emerged on his face.

    Finally, you cant hold your breath any longer! However, when Shirong was about to wave his palms he came to a sudden stop. He felt confused, as he fully opened his eyes to observe what was happening on the surface of the water ripples were seemingly coming from different directions in the water, making it difficult for Shirong to lock onto his target.

    Frustrated by the multiple directions of the ripples, Shirong eventually stretched his palms and aimed at the largest one.

    - Bang! Bang! Bang! -

    Again, large waves exploded towards the shore. In the end, a single large carp floated towards the surface of the water, with its belly exposed to the sky.

    Xu Yi hasnt surpassed the peak state yet, it takes years to make any concrete breakthrough. As long as he lives in Guanan, he will be caught sooner or later. Its just a matter of time! Shirong tried to console himself after his fruitless attacks.

    Meanwhile Flying Snow was groaning bitterly, as if trying to arouse sympathy for what it had suffered, which made Shirong feel even more agitated.

    Meanwhile, deep underwater, Xu Yi grabbed onto the tail of the largest carp and let it drag him along, down the river.

    Out of sheer panic, the carp swam like crazy and as it did, the other carps in the flock quickly followed. They swam around like headless chickens, causing even more ripples to appear on the surface.

    Eventually, the large carp, together with Xu Yi, swam several hundreds of meters away down the river. Xu Yi eventually managed to crawl on the back of the carp and then closed his eyes. As the carp kept moving deeper down and further away, Xu Yu gradually lost consciousness and left his life in the hands of destiny.


    It was early morning, the sky was blue and a fresh air was lingering around.

    In a narrow, yet neat yard, roses were blooming and a five-leaved ivy was climbing up against a wall. Moreover, there were numerous green melons and red fruit dangling on its vein, sending out a refreshing fragrance into the air. The flaming red and vigorous green made this place really a feast for the eyes.

    Xu Yi was sitting on the doorsteps, gratefully breathing in the fresh morning air. He wore a blue robe and seemed to be in a rather good mood. Even though his bristly unshaven chin indicated that he was not in a particularly good condition, as he looked rather pale.

    Uncle Xu, get up. Its time for breakfast. Come and enjoy the fried noodles. Theyre delicious! A young girl, at preschool age, urged Xu Yi to have breakfast. The girl had a straight nose and a chubby, yet delicate, face. She lifted a cloth bag with her left hand, while she was simultaneously putting crisp fried noodles in her little mouth with her right hand. Funny enough, she had a running nose, and occasionally, she would wipe it with her sleeves.

    Hardly had the girls voice faded away, or an elder man appeared. He had strong muscles and a tall stature, leaving an impression that he most likely possessed some exceptional abilities.

    Autumn, you have been continuously gobbling down those noodles. You were supposed to leave some for your uncle, yet now it seems like the bag is already empty. The elder man said jokingly to the little girl.

    Grandpa, you are wrong. There are five four ah, only three left! Autumn took it seriously, pouting with her little mouth as she even began to cry.

    Seeing this, Xu Yi instantly moved over to Autumn and clutched the little girl in his arms. Grandpa is just joking. Look, what is he holding in his hands? Xu Yi consolingly said to Autumn.

    Autumn slipped away from Xu Yi, running towards her grandpa, her eyes filled with expectation. In his hands she found a bag of steamed buns, with hot vapor spiraling out of the bag and into the air.

    Uncle Mu, goodmorning! Xu Yi greeted the elder man with a big smile.

    As an orphan, as well as a victim of the family revenge, Xu Yis previous years of experience had shaped his personality indifferent and cynical. He would always keep to himself. Even though, when he was telling a story to the villagers, he would occasionally show a smile. However, this was out of survival, rather than happiness.

    However, for some reason, Xu Yi really felt at home with this elder man and his granddaughter.

    Three days ago, Xu Yi had narrowly escaped from Shirong, by grabbing onto a large carp. Actually, he had almost died at that moment, as his consciousness had been wavering. Luckily, an old fisherman, Uncle Mu, had netted the large carp, together with Xu Yi.

    Uncle Mu had turned out to be a kind-hearted man. When he saw Xu Yi was seriously injured, without saying a word, he carried him home and treated him. Since Xu Yi was in the peak stage of a forged body, his self-healing ability was amazing and after only two days, he had already magically recovered.

    In the three-day period of time, they got along with each other like they had been family all their lives Uncle Mu was a traditional man, who never asked for anything in return whenever he did a favor to others; while Autumn was an adorable girl with a pretty appearance and a childs simplicity.

    Staring at the breakfast brought by Uncle Mu and Autumn, Xu Yi was touched by their warm-heartedness. To Xu Yi, it was a strange but comfortable feeling, as if his icebound heart melted a little bit.

    After a nice and warm breakfast, Uncle Mu grabbed his fishing net and went out to fish. Autumn hastily snatched a steamed bun and hurried after him, with a backpack on her back.

    Xu Yi quite enjoyed this harmonious atmosphere, as if he had already become a member of this family. After the two of them had left, he grabbed a broom and began to tidy up the house. When he finished sweeping, he decided to practice his fists. The qi and blood harmoniously flowing through his body, as if they were integrated with each other, thus creating a momentum of strength that was strong enough to kill a horse. Xu Yi felt refreshed and vigorous. It seemed as if the life-and-death battle against Shirong three days ago, had brought Xu Yi an advanced recovery ability. The more seriously he was hurt, the faster he would fully recover. He truly possessed a resilient, forged body.

    Several minutes later, sweat began rolling down Xu Yis face. So he decided to take a break and do something else. He walked over to the wall that was surrounding the yard and jumped over it.

    The Mu Family was situated in a small outskirt, with a poetic name Hibiscus Town. It was several miles away from Guanan. Interestingly enough, the town was in the dragons beard part of the Evil Dragon River (The river was in the shape of a dragon). This bustling small town was a beautiful place to inhabit. The riverside sceneries and the emerald-colored mountains added a touch of elegance to this town.

    Hot steam was dancing on the wind, carrying a delicious smell. Xu Yi had arrived at the market street, where merchants were selling all kinds of breakfast food buns, spring rolls and Shao Mai [1], etc. Wandering around, under the bright sunshine, Xu Yi had never felt so leisurely and comfortable, as if he had been insulated from the outside world for years.

    Since Xu Yi was in the peak state of a forged body, his appetite had multiplied, which was why his stomach had been making loud noises all morning. Although the Mu Family generously provided him with three meals a day, Xu Yi was too embarrassed to tell them that it was not enough. So he went to the market street in the hope of finding some delicious food.

    Half an hour later, Xu Yi carried a gigantic cloth bag, in which there were various kinds of food. He then walked towards the riverbank, where the branches of the willows were elegantly dancing on the wind.

    While enjoying this alluring scenery, Xu Yi suddenly got distracted by a noise several meters away. There he found hundreds of people clustered together, each one of them was strong, with ample qi and blood. Needless to say, they were all cultivators in Wu Dao.


    [1]: Shao Mai or Shumai , it also can be called pork dumplings (although often other types of dumplings could also be filled with pork), is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling.

    More Chapters

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