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    jeh are you talking about Ambitious Eye? Sure, I'm working on the next chapter anyway, maybe it will be ready to post by tomorrow morning! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Thanks for your wonderful support! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Yeah, I'm talking about that and the ancient fanfic with the Annie twins as well.

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    Oops <IMG SRC="smilies/blush.gif" border="0"> I forgot that I started posting Noble Blood here too. I'm sorry. I wonder why I stopped posting. Anyway, sure I'll post what I have writen from my Winglin account. But the story is not that good. I mean there is so many good ancient fanfics here, and my doesn't go along with history <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Hehehe...I'm just not good with ancient fanfic <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0">

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    I don't really care much about the history, I'm not chinese so I don't know them, either <IMG SRC="smilies/blush.gif" border="0">.I just read stories and see if it have a good plot or not.

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    Chapter 15: Empty Room

    Live for Annie has became complicated, at least that how she felt, instead of her usual old choirs of feeding the farm animal, walking the buffalo, moping the floor, cooking, laundry, cleaning the house, and working in the rice field, it has been transformed into learning to tell time, learning to read and write, learning the Western style of living, learning to use new gadget, learning social manner, dance, makeup, and wearing high heel. She rather works on a farm than to work on walking with those chopstick height shoes. They are killing her and she has twisted her angle so many times. She angrily sighed at her self for being so useless. She couldn't stand the pain on her foot anymore and finally decide to give up for the day. She quickly clasped down on the living room sofa to take her high heel off. Nicola chuckled at her with her head shaking.

    Nicola walking toward Annie with a tray of tea and cookie, "Yee Seeu Lie, you still has half more hour left."

    Annie shoulder slumped tiredly and she is rubbing her ankle with a pouted face on Nicola. "Oh Nikki can you just pretend I'm finish?" she give her a puppy face. "Your Yee Seeu won't know anyway."

    The maid laughed at her mistress childish charm and hand her a cup of tea, "Yee Seeu will, if he see you wobbling when he take you out."

    "He don't take me out anyway," she paused to sip on her tea, "Beside I hardly ever get out of the house, I don't see why I need to learn how to wear these painful shoes, who invent them anyway? Must be a man! They should be the one who wear them instead.

    Holding a dish of cookie toward Annie, Nicola laughed at Annie remark, "Try one. Yee Seeu business friend brought them for him yesterday."

    Annie took one and enjoying them. Her round soft eyes study the hard cookie, "Pretty good, another Western delicacy?"

    Nicola nodded with her eyes on it, "Yeah, it called a cookie."

    "Why don't you have some Nikki?" Annie offered after seeing Nicola wishful eyes.

    "Yee Seeu Lie I'm a servant, I'm not allow to touch any of yours food," said the trained servant girl, who eyes are still on the plate of cookies.

    Annie giggled at her and held one out to Nicola, "Okay fine, I order you to eat one now," she grinned at Nicola, who uncertainly looked at the offer. "Come on, or else I'll tell your Yee Seeu."

    Nicola nodded and cheerfully took one to try, "Thanks Yee Seeu Lie." Annie smiled brightly and happily at the cheerful Nicola who has always love trying new stuff. "This is good! Hmm...I wonder if Bobby knows how to make it."

    Shrugged, Annie took another one, "Do you think he like this kind of dessert?"

    "I don't know what Bobby like," answered the maid, who misunderstands Annie meaning.

    Her mistress rolled her eyes, "I'm not talking about Bobby."

    Finally got on the same wavelength as her mistress, Nicola expression looked unsure, "Oh. You meant Yee Seeu? I don't know, since this is a brand new box, I don't think he tried it at all." Nicola finished off the cookie, Annie offered her more but she shook her head, "No one is enough, I was just curious." She saw Annie ankle swollen, so she squatted down to exam it, "It looks pretty bad."

    Annie sadly nodded, while Nicola helps her rub it. "I really don't get the point of learning how to wear high heel, when there is comfortable shoe, " Annie complained.

    "It does make a dress more pretty," reasoned the chuckling maid. Annie hesitatingly nodded with agreement. "Maybe Yee Seeu wanted to prepare you, so he could take you to a ball or something, I heard Stephen say he goes to lots of them."

    "Ball?" Annie confusedly asked, "Those round object children play?"

    Her maid laughed with her head shaking, "No, dancing ball!" Annie eyes narrowed on her for explanation. "It a business gathering where there is food, entertainment, and dancing involve," Nicola educated her ignorance mistress. Annie listen curiously as she munch on the cookie.

    Stephen walked in with a book. He stands straight and tall while he hand Annie a book, his eyes never looks into hers. He cleared his throat, "Yee Seeu Lie, here is a book about going to a ball, that you should read.

    Annie took it and flipping through the pages without interest. "Do I have to? I mean, I'm sure he is not planning to take me to one of these. He never mention about it." A sudden frown sneaked up her face, she sighed softly, "He never mention about anything anyway huh?"

    The profession butler kept his posture with his voice flat like always, "I believe that Yee Seeu will have to take you out to one of them; you are Yee Seeu Lie. He has ordered me to teach you social manner and dancing skill, he wouldn't do so for no reason.

    "Well there is no use giving me a book that I can't read," Annie reminded him.

    Her maid chuckled, "Yes you can, if you stop whining. Stephen is it time for Yee Seeu Lie dance lesson?" Stephen nodded once with his stiff facial expression. Annie sighed and digs her head into the sofa back cushion. Nicola pulling on her arm to get her up, "Come on Yee Seeu Lie!"

    "Nikki can I just rest for five more minute? My foot is killing me!" whined the mistress again.

    Nicola shook her head and warned her, "No deal, you don't want me to tell Yee Seeu that you skipped your high heel practice, right?" She bended down to help Annie put her high heel back on for the dance.

    Annie pouted at Nicola with her round eyes, "How could you Nikki? How could you use him to threaten me?" Nicola chuckled at her tone, her mistress sounded so childishly sweet; Nicola knew her trick of throwing Louis name out work every single time like magic. Annie dragged herself up and Stephen took her hand and shows her how to dance. Of course she step on him multiple time, but Stephen expression is as stiff as a piece of broad that have no feeling what so ever, a resembling of his master, Annie thought with a slight chuckle. Stephen darted at her sternly warning her to be serious. "Stephen could you just slow down!" Stephen tries to slow down as much as possible so she can keep up.

    This is her daily routine, her day is pretty busy with so much to learn and the two servants that always throw Louis name at her when she wanted to rest. She know that they are kind hearted and nice unlike her husband, but still really tiring at time, cause they wouldn't let her rest. Life for her so far is simple, since Louis is always not home until way pass midnight, she is pretty much free without having to face him. And Annie always make sure she fall asleep before Louis come home, cause she don't want to face him or talk to him. She just wanted to distance herself as much as possible. Weeks has passed like this, two people sleeping on the same bed but theirs heart are never together. And they never know what each other is thinking, they didn't even try to learn about each other cause they don't dare to know more.

    Like usual for the past couple weeks Annie eat dinner herself, cause Louis is never home during that time, at first she enjoy the silent, but slowly she kind of gotten bore of eating by herself without anyone to company her. She insisted Nicola, Stephen, and even the chef Bobby to join her for dinner, but they didn't dare to, they are servant and she is a mistress. They know Louis wouldn't approve of it.

    It became extremely lonesome and boring with the same routine over and over and the feeling of being isolated from everyone else, isolated from the world. Annie missed the usual dinner she have with her cousin and his family, even though it not her dream family settling but it better than this. Sitting at one end of the polished long table by herself with couple plates of delicious dishes still couldn't be compare with the closeness and warmth of having someone to share the dinner with. She sighed and places her chopstick down and her face is gloomier than ever.

    Nicola looked at her mistress curiously, "Yee Seeu Lie, you haven't even finishes your first bow of rice yet. Don't tell me you are full."

    "I'm not hungry," her soft frustrated voice said after staring at the eight dishes of food, "How many times have I told Bobby to not cook so much for me? This is such a waste! I can't eat all eight dishes. He never came home to eat anyway, so it only me with eight dishes? This is ridiculous! There are so many people in this world that are starving and I'm wasting food here.

    "But Yee Seeu Lie that's how Yee Seeu wanted it," Nicola said with a sigh. "Bobby wouldn't dare to cook fewer dishes; Yee Seeu will get mad and Bobby will lose his job."

    What Nicola said made Annie hissed out her disappointment in her husband. She stood up and walked away with her depressed face, "I don't feel like eating anymore." Nicola shook her head as her mistress walked away toward the living room. She cleared the table and emptied the food to the two watchdogs in the yard. Servants were not allows to eat what their master have, not even left over. Annie just don't get why Louis would waste so much stuff. 'Rich kid is never considered,' she concluded as she walked up to her room.

    A small squeaky noise was heard from the end of the west hall. The noise startled her and as a response her heart started to pound, she is the only one home and upstairs, isn't she? She slowly approaches the deep hallway down the west wing of the house. Even though this house has over a dozen rooms, she has never really walk around and see what is in them. The squeaky sound persisted while her footstep slowly approach down the dark hallway with all the rooms door closed, the hallways was dark only the minimal light glow on a very low volt bulb, cause the master of the house like to keep the house dim. Annie slowly followed the noise which seem to be coming from the room at the far end that have a minimal light shining from the little slit under the door.

    Her heart pounded as she approached the door, now she heard bouncing sound of a ball. Her voice is soft cause she is a bit afraid since no one should be up there at all, "Hello? Who is it?" she unnervingly asked. Annie sworn she heard small footstep running in that room, it immediately gave her goose bump. No one is supposes to be upstairs, she kept reminding herself, which made her even more spooked. She swallowed and stood in front of the room. "Who is in there?" The sound stopped immediately.

    Her hand gently place on the chilling doorknob as she slowly turned but it was lock. Her heart was pounding cause of the uncertainty that scare her. She knocked on the door, "It is you?" She asked softly under her breath, "Mr. Koo?" But it couldn't be him she thought, he hasn't come home yet, unless he sneaked in the house without her noticing. "Mr. Koo? Is it you?"

    "Yee Seeu Lie," echoed a masculine stern voice. Annie heart dropped by the startling voice, she edgily jumped a bit too. She quickly turns and let out a big breath when she sees it was just her butler Stephen. She was panting with her face paled a bit. Stephen stared at her pale face curiously with his cold empty eyes and stern disapproving face, "What are you doing?"

    Trying to catch her breath, Annie try to explain, "I was.." she looked at the room that she wanted to enter. "I thought I heard something in there."

    Stephen slightly smiled at her coldly. "Don't be silly, that room been lock for five years already. How could there be sound?" his voice was so empty that it send chill echoing through the hall.

    Annie felt a chill passed her as she stares at Stephen confusedly and shivered. Weakly she asked with deep concern, "Why?" She stares at the dark wooden door. 'Why would they lock it?' she silently wonder.

    The butler turned to walk away while he calmly spoke, "Yee Seeu has locked that room up himself, and no one is supposes to enter that room. That all I could tell you."

    "But Stephen," Annie forehead wrinkled, "I really heard some footstep running in there, even the sound of a bouncing ball and a faint ring of bells."

    He stare at her sternly, "How could that be? The room is lock for five whole years, no one ever entered or opened the door and only Yee Seeu have the key and he is not home yet. Why would there be people in there?" His voice was flat and emotionless, Annie felt eerie and shrugged, she is sure she heard some noise coming from that room.

    Quickly walked away, Annie is feeling a bit scared, thinking that it could be ghost. She followed after Stephen, even though Stephen may seem cold and hollow, he still could give her a sense of secure, "Stephen what is in there? I mean why did your Yee Seeu lock up that room?"

    Stephen turn to look at her blankly, "Yee Seeu Lie, it's not my position to tell you, it's better that you ask Yee Seeu yourself. Yee Seeu Lie, would you please excuse me? I still have other work to do." Annie nod and Stephen walked away. Annie eyes darted to the room curiously with a strange feeling inside of her. What could be in that room that her husband locked up for five whole years? And the way Stephen made it sound so secretive. She swallowed and felt a strange quiver as she watches the door anxiously.

    Nightfall settle in peacefully. Annie was in her room the entire night trying to read the book Stephen gave her earlier about going to the Ball. She slowly read it line to line on the sofa, as her eyes got drowsier and drowsier until she finally dozed off to sleep on the sofa. The room was peaceful and quiet with her shallow breathing sound for a couple hours.

    The door to the room slowly cracked opened with a squeaky sound and Louis stumbled in with his tired and worn out body. He has been to the nightclub to talk business and had a bit to drink. He saw Annie slept on the sofa and walked over squatted down on the side of the sofa staring at her. He smiled at her warmly as he watches her sleep. He slightly chuckled softly at the book she was holding to. He pulled it out of her hand, "Ball?" He looked at her confused to why she is reading this.

    Her sleeping peacefulness just made him felt warmth inside. He slowly moved his hand toward Annie cheek and softly felt it with the back of his hand. "You look lovely..." he whispered then let out a sigh, he put the book on the coffee table that is by the sofa. "Too bad..."

    Louis lifted her up into his arms and carried her to their bed. He gently and softly lay Annie down on their king size bed to make sure he wouldn't wake her up. Then he covered her up cozily, his eyes were attracted to her soft little smile glowing on her face, she looked so pure and sweet. His head slowly leaned toward Annie with his eyes on her soft lips and his melting heart; little by little his lip was only half an inch from Annie's. He paused with his eyes gazed on Annie's sweet smile, which tempting him to kiss her, but he quickly withdraws and shook his head to clear his mind.

    Rubbing both side of his temple, he warned himself, "Don't Louis..don't..." His gaze settled back on her with his heart pounding irregularly, he gulped. "It's not her,"
    he reminded himself. Took in a deep breath, he walked out of the room and softly closed the door. He then slowly head to the west wing hall to sit in front of the locked room with tears running down his cheeks as he gazed at the master bedroom of his and Annie. He softly murmured, "I won't forget, I promise, I won't forget...I'll wait for you..."

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    Chapter 16: Chilling Mist

    It is a very early Saturday morning, the sun has only started to climb up slowly, giving the misty surrounding a hazy indigo glow. Annie is still sleeping on the king size bed when sound of argument was heard. At first it was just a soft whisper until it got a bit louder and harsh. Her eyes opened to focus on the surrounding dark room in search of the source of the argument. But it seems to quiet down once she was awake. She rolled over to look at her husband side and notice he was gone already. But it was still really early, where could he go? And since it a Saturday he doesn't have to work, could he be out to avoid her again? Annie sighed softly with her eyes gazed at her husband spot on the bed. She hasn't seen him in a while now, since they are basically the sun and the moon, one awake the other asleep.

    Finally the sound of voices was lingering softly in the cold morning air again. And a loud throb was heard, Annie heart quickly skipped a beat at the sound of that. She curiously got off bed and pulled her soft pink velvet cloak to shelter herself from the misty cold while she slide into her slipper. Her eyes search for the clock and staring at it for a very long time before she could figure out what time it is. It is five in the morning, who could argue this early? She pondered as she slowly follows the muffled sound of the voices, and got herself to the balcony glass doors. She pulled the two glass doors open and stepped out into the chilling air. Her face quickly became rosy from the touch of the morning mist. Her eyes beamed concernedly at the far right hand side of the yard, where she saw two figures in black trench coat.

    Annie cuddled up herself cozily clinging tightly to the velvet cloak with the fuzzy white fur edge of the cloak softly touching the side of her face warming it up a bit. She strolled closer to the right side of the long balcony for a better look. She couldn't hear anything at all except for the sound of whispering voices. Her eyes beaming through the misty morning air trying to focus and get a clearer image of whom the two figure could be, but it was quite impossible with the fogginess of her surrounding. She shivered a bit as she study the two figures, which seem like two men. Annie leaned herself against the marble edge of the balcony with interest to what they are doing.

    With the mist drifting away toward the other side creating a clearer section of the men, one of them turned around toward Annie, she finally recognize him being her husband Louis! He looks fierce and frustrated with the other guy who Annie still couldn't see clearly. The mist drifted back to the section blocking Annie view of them, now she couldn't see them clearly anymore. But with the image of her husband, she knows which figure belongs to her husband. She kept staring at the direction curiously with her heart feeling unsettle and eerie, why is Louis awoke this early arguing to this guy? Why does he look so angry and frustrated? She saw Louis bend down toward a grayish stone and pulling what seems to be a bundle of white flower away from a vase in front of the stone. He throws it away angrily toward the foot of the guy while yelling at him hastily.

    Annie wishes so badly that she could hear what her husband is yelling about, but she couldn't hear anything except for her own trembling breathing cause it was really cold. Annie is confuse she don't understand what they are arguing about she don't even know what that stone is. But she is extremely curious and wanted to find out. She saw the guy walking up to her husband with his hand on his shoulder and the clearer view of him was seen, it was her husband elder brother Gilbert!

    Why are they arguing? What is going on? What are they talking about? Why is Louis so mad at his brother, who seems to be very calm? Question after questions popped up into her confused mind. Annie continue to study in the cold air, she saw Louis shoved his brother away forcefully and saying something to him before he stepped away from the stone. She saw her husband heading toward the house while Gilbert shaking his head and gathered the flower to walk away toward his home.

    The nervous Annie heart pounded loudly with the sound of her husband entering the house, she quickly got back in to jump into bed and pretend she didn't see a thing. She covered herself up with the comforter making sure it hide her cloak too and also hide any trace of her being up. Annie shuts her eyes tightly trying to calm down her shivering from the cold. The bedroom door opened and closed and she could picture where her husband is walking while she tries to breaths calmly. The soft movement of the bed was felt and Annie heart stiffed nervously when she felt her husband settled in bed by her side. She didn't dare to move a muscle and she certainly couldn't fall asleep either. She kept herself as stiff and still as possible and tries to slowly relax her body and calm her breathing.

    Annie felt Louis shifting his body and slowly his breathing became more calm and peaceful. She isn't sure if he is asleep or not and didn't dare to check it out. What if he is not asleep and facing her when she turn around? Annie swallowed and decides to wait a bit longer before she checks. For the entire empty and soundless ten minute, she's finally confident that it safe enough to roll over and take a peek at her husband. Annie kept her eyes shut incase his is open. She slowly relaxes one muscle of her eyes to look at the body next to her. With a relief to find out that his eyes are close, she opened her eyes with her shallow breathing to calm her tension down. Annie eyes couldn't help herself from stilly stare at her husband and study his feature.

    Cause of the coldness of the morning, she slowly draws her pair of legs closer to her body to warm herself up a bit, and cuddled herself under the comforter while her eyes are glued to the darken tone of her husband face. His breathing was regular and peacefully asleep. Annie sighed softly while she studies ever aspect of him. She hasn't seen him for quite a while. Even though she wanted to stay away from him, but somehow part of her has missed seeing him. A tiny smile creped up her face rosily as she watches him sleep, she shakes her head in confusion to why she is smiling at this mean jerk in front of her! Even though he is cold and cruel, but he is charmingly handsome and very irresistible, Annie heart beat faster warning her of the fact.

    The stubborn girl shakes her head slightly and turned away not wanting to fall any deeper then she already is. She whispered to herself softly in disbelief, “What am I thinking about? That iceberg's charming?” she slightly giggled to the thought, but she has to admit he is. “Enough,” she sighed and pushed the image of that handsome husband of her out of her mind and heart.

    With one last look of her husband face, Annie softly and gentle got off bed not wanting to disturb him. She pulled the two fuzzy white edge of her pink cloak closer together to maintain her body temperature. Once again she slides into her slipper and turn to stare at her husband making sure he is still asleep. Her heart is still really curious to what just happened between her husband and his brother. Quickly but silently, Annie walked over to the balcony and pulled the balcony door open to step out. The chilliness gave her a small shiver while her eyes stare at the direction of the stone. No one is around anymore, only leaving the hazy thick cold fog and her curious heart wanting to know more. She is determines to find out what that gray stone is.

    Annie quietly tiptoed back in the room and gently closes the door to stop the chilling air from rushing in. A moaning sound was heard and she froze in place not even dare to breath, as her eyes widen at the shifting body of her husband. She stands as stiff as a statue with her heart slowly relaxed it heart rate, since he is silenced to sleep again. Annie slowly slumped her shoulder to relax and let out her breath that she was holding in. Soundlessly she headed toward the door with her soft tiptoes and sneaked out with the door shuts as softly as she could manage.

    The low voltage light glowing a soft rusty yellow dimly lights the huge mansion. Every footstep Annie walked causes the hardwood floor of the hallway and stairs to crack and squeak, echoing the creepy sound throughout the huge mansion. She gulped with her every step and turned toward the bedroom to make sure he didn't stir, before she took the next step and repeat. Annie felt like it been ages before she reach the front door way and opened it to step out into the thick mist, with the door solidly shuts behind her.

    This is the first time Annie been out of the house ever since the day her husband took her out to shop. She is not allow to step out of the house without her husband, so she has been imprisoned by her own house for weeks. Annie heart lightened to the mist surrounding her, maybe because she is kept away from the world for too long, that she missed the feeling of being free again, but yet she is not actually free either, but the feeling is there. Annie slowly stepped out into the mist with her arms extended to the coolness and head lifted up toward the cool sky of fog, her cheek and nose are quickly rosy but also a sweet glow of happiness are shown.

    Annie know she has no time to waste so she quickly hugged herself cozily with her pink cloak, she pulled the hood of the cloak over her head to warm herself up a bit more. Rubbing her hand together and blowing warm air into it, she rushed over to the stone where her husband and his brother were earlier. She stands in front of the stone with puzzling eyes. There is nothing but a marble stone with a marble vase in front of it. The stone are small and rectangular. Annie slowly stepped closer and squatted down hugging her pair of leg to keep herself warm while she study the gray stone with lost eyes. Slowly she reaches her hand toward it and felt the cold stone, her entire body shivered to the coldness and she quickly withdraw her hand away from it with her widen eyes on the marble stone. She felt the empty coldness from it that causes her to quiver, she is sure that it not because of the cold morning atmosphere. This is really odd, it almost seem like something about the stone that is trying to send her a message.

    Gulped down the eerie feeling, Annie slowly reaches for it again to test it out. She felt the stone and this time it more calms, she shut her eyes to feel it with her heart. She felt the chilliness and emptiness on the smooth marble that she couldn't explain. Ironically, she still has no idea what this represent. Annie wetted her lip and opens her eyes to study it carefully. She runs her fingers on the surface of the marble and her eyes widen on the engraved letter which seem to be a "B", but why is it off centered? And that is it? What does it mean? B? What is this? Why is it so chilly? Annie is too concentrated that she didn't even notice footstep was approaching her.

    “Hi Annie,” called out a calm voice.

    Annie jumped from the solid voice behind her, her heart is pounding unsteadily as she gulped down her fear and slowly turned around to see who it was, with her fearful eyes hoping anyone but her husband! She relaxed a bit to see it was Gilbert. “Daai Gor,” Annie whispered with misty steam came out of her mouth.

    The charming gentleman nodded with his steady eyes on her, “Awaking so early?”

    Annie is pondering about him too, but she didn't dare to speak up, she nodded with a soft whisper, “Yeah.” She hasn't really talks to Gilbert before, she has no idea how he is like, probably same as her husband, she thought silently avoiding his eyes.

    He reaches his arm out to hold Annie elbow and helped her up. His eyes are captivates by her rosy pink cheek and her soft beauty. Annie met his eyes and quickly avoided them. He gave out a weak smile at her and spoke in a calm relaxing tone, “Why are you here alone?” His peaceful eyes beamed at Annie and to the tombstone.

    The poor unnerving soul is fumbling shakily both because of the cold and her nervousness. “I was...I…” she has no excuse! Annie wetted her lip and looked toward the ground guiltily.

    Gilbert understand immediately, he gave her a warm smile with a soft chuckle, “A bit cold huh?” Annie nodded to the excuse of her being so shaky. He stepped ahead toward the tombstone and places a tiny ball down in front of the tombstone. Annie study him curiously, he seem friendly enough.

    She whispered softly with uncertainty, “Daai Gor what is that?”

    Her husband brother turn to look at her with his confused eyes and he spoke in a steady tone, “A tombstone.”

    Annie was surprised with her heart dropped, she gulped, “Who does it belong to?”

    A sad sigh came from Gilbert, who is also shaking his head at the small tombstone. “A poor soul,” he simply answered not planning to go any further. He smiled at Annie warmly wanted to change the subject. “How have you been lately?” he casually asked while walking away hoping that she will follow and leave the grave alone.

    She indeed followed by his side politely, “Okay.” She couldn't help her curiosity, “Daai Gor why are you up so early?”

    Gilbert stopped and turns to look at her calmly and seriously. She is young he reminded himself, so much younger than her resemblance and so much more innocent and naive. He cleared his throat and smiled at her weakly with a soft sigh. “Today is my wife birthday.”

    The oblivious girl smiled at him, he seems like a gentleman. “Daai Sewl? You must have plan for her to wake up this early to get ready.”

    His heart sinks in brokenly as he shook his head with tears lingering in his eyes. Annie felt sadness from his pair of eyes and she kept silent. Gilbert forced out a weak reassuring smile toward her, letting her know he is fine. “She has pass away for seven years now.

    Feeling foolishly embarrassed, Annie swallowed with her frown forehead and felt so bad for making him sad. She found her voice to whisper out, “I'm sorry.”

    With a sigh and a smile he shake his head and continue to walk, Annie followed him. “It alright, I'm getting use to the fact now. But I do miss her a lot. She is everything to me,” he turn to look at Annie with a bright smile, “I just dreamt of her an hour ago, she was pure and gentle as always.” The poor widower let out a big sigh causing a big puff of fog rushing out of his mouth. “I do miss her really much. That is why I'm up this early, couldn't sleep any longer, so I decide to visit her grave.”

    Annie turned to the marble stone, “Is that her grave?” she is confused to why her husband throw Gilbert flower away.

    Gilbert shook his head sadly, “No, that is not hers.” He pointed a couple feet away and from the hazy mist Annie saw a much more elegant and larger tombstone at opposite end of the small one she was at earlier. “The one over there is hers,” his friendly voice informed while his lip pressed together, Annie could tell how much he misses his wife. “She loves flower, especially white roses.” He saw Annie curious eyes on him, “You have a question?”

    “Who is that small grave belongs to?” she really wanted to know the answer to her question. “Why were you there with...” she paused “Louis?” Somehow calling out her husband name made her felt awkward.

    Her husband brother turned his head toward the lonely small deserted grave. Annie followed his gaze. “I thought of bringing flower to that grave too since I'm bringing some for my wife, but Louis never wanted anyone to step close to that grave. Poor thing.” He shakes his head with disappointment and sadness, “It's really not his fault.”

    “What do you mean?” asked the confused girl with narrowed eyebrows.

    The warm friendly brother smiled at her and turned away from the grave, “Annie, there is a reason why there is no writing on the grave stone.”

    Annie cleared her throat to ask softly, “I saw a B, who does it belong to? Why is there only that letter?”

    The nice gentleman, in front of her, stares at her silently for a moment. He finally breaks the ice, “Cause he wouldn't allow the worker to finish his engraving.”

    “Why?” Annie persisting, she speeded up her pace to catch up with Gilbert.

    Gilbert stopped with a smile on her along with his warm eyes, “Cause Louis doesn't want anyone to know. He is mad at that poor soul.” Gilbert shakes his head while he release his breathe. “It's really not his fault. What can he do?” Annie is more confused then before. “Just don't mention about it in front of him and don't let him know you visited that grave.” Annie has no idea why but she nodded, Gilbert smiled at her, “Are you getting use to living here?”

    A sad little frowned show up with her small nod, Gilbert swallowed and turn his vision away to not look at her cause he don't want to feel sympathy for her. “Daai Gor, do you know why Louis locked the room at the fall west wing?”

    Sadly he stare at her with his stillness, “Same with the tombstone, Louis don't...” before he could finish Annie was forcefully jerked away fiercely that even the hood of her cloak fallen back revealing her beautiful shinny hair fluttered down. Annie body trembled with a gulp when she saw her husband in front of her. Gilbert saw how harsh his brother was and warned with his shout, “Louis!”

    The husband angrily darted at Annie with his eyes hard and bulged out at her. Annie sense fear shook throughout her body and she was shaking a bit with her eyes staring motionlessly at her husband with fear. “Did I say not to get out of the house without me?!” he asked her with his burning eyes.

    The young wife felt her fearful tears welled up her eyes as she tremblingly try to explain, “I was..I..I just...” Louis beam at her with his hand tightened on her two arms firmly. Annie tries to release herself, “You are hurting me!”

    The elder brother shakes his head at his brother. He tries to remove Louis from Annie. “Louis let go of her!”

    Fiercely, Louis beamed at his brother, “I told you already to leave me alone!”

    “I didn't do anything,” answered the angered Gilbert.

    Louis dragged Annie toward the house, “Just stay away!”

    “Louis, Annie didn't do anything! Don't you dare mistreat her!” warned the worry brother.

    Louis darted at Annie who shifted her fearful eyes toward her pair of slipper. He growled slightly, “She’s my wife, and I know how to treat my wife! I don't need you to stick your nose into my business!”

    His older brother rolled his eyes, “I'm your brother for crying out loud!”

    “So?” bitterly asked the younger brother. “You don't see me barging into you and Daai Sewl business, so just leave us alone!” with that he dragged Annie into the house and slam the door shut. Gilbert gulped and stand with his eyes widen worrying about Annie safety. Louis released Annie once he got into the house, he sited himself on the couch darted at her with his stern and disapproved darken face. In a calm chilling tone, “Why are you out there?”

    Gulped, Annie tries to avoid the question, but there is nowhere she could go to avoid that question. She hugged herself tightly and shivered cause of the cold and fear; her husband eyes are unmoved waiting for her impatiently. She whispered with her shaky voice, “I..I..”

    Hissed out angrily he yelled at her with rage, “Enough with the I!! I want to hear the truth! Now spill it out!!” His wife trembled and he weakens a bit with his eyes softened a bit. “Come closer to me,” he ordered.

    The poor fearful feet of Annie seem to be rooted to the living room floor, she couldn't move a muscle, actually she didn't dare to walk over. She swallowed, “I'm sorry.”
    She frowned with her head held low, why is she so weak? Why do she have to say sorry? What did she do wrong? She questioned herself, but she was afraid of him to talk back, and a sorry is the easier way out, hopefully that is.

    Her husband stare at her steadily with sharp dark icy eyes, “I say come over!” Annie gulped with her eyes slowly lifted up to look at him.

    Nicola just gotten up from the racket and walked out to see them in this tense atmosphere. “Good morning Yee Seeu, Yee Seeu Lie,” she softly and nervously greeted. Annie stare at her for help, Nicola walked over hoping that she could somehow ease the tension. Both Stephen and Bobby was waken by the shout too, but they know better to stay away.

    Her master fiercely darted at her sternly, “Nikki go back to bed!” Nicola trembled to his harsh thunder like tone, she looked at Annie and really wanted to help her, but how could she? She is only a servant. She nodded and takes one last look at Annie before she shuffled off back to her room with her ears against the door listening with worry for her mistress.

    Louis swallowed and cleared his throat, “I say to come over,” his firm voice repeated again. Annie took in a deep breath to summon her courage and slowly approached him. She stopped with her nervous body in front of her husband. Louis looked up at her stilly, “Why are you out there?”

    Annie gnawing on her lip and murmured, “I was just...”

    Her husband angrily sighed with his eyes darted away with boiling temper, “I want the truth, Annie.”

    Tears were streaming down her cheek and her hand was nervously twisting the edge of her cloak. She don't know what to say, Gilbert told her to not mention about the grave. “I couldn't sleep,” she let out a breath, ‘that is the lamest excuse,’ she warned herself.

    He looks at her with his round dark eyes that are empty with icy flame. “What are you trying to hide? I'm giving you one more chance to tell me everything!” his eyes are glued to her teary eyes. “Why are you out there Annie?”

    The fearful stressed wife sighed with her eyes closed ejecting the tears that were in her eyes. She wiped the tickling droplets away and murmured softly with her head held down. “I saw you and Daai Gor arguing earlier in front of the grave. So I was curious to what it was and gotten out to see it.” Bravely and slowly, she lifted her head to look at her husband, expecting him to explode by now, but he looked calm and still staring at her, she swallowed and dropped her head again, she could never speak with those eyes on her. “Then Daai Gor saw me and came to talk with me, that is all. Nothing more,” she concluded with her voice trailed off.

    Louis swallowed and softly held her hand, Annie tensed up with a quiver to her husband warm hand that felt so vacant. “Did he say anything about the grave?” he asked while Annie quickly shook her head. “What did you two talk about?”

    Annie swallowed, Louis stand up and wiped her tears away with his firm hand, Annie stare at him with more tears releasing, she couldn't help herself from feeling fear. She swallowed her tears before answering, “He told me about his wife. That is all.”

    He nodded and coldly reminded, “Annie, did you remember that I expect you to not wander out of the house without me?” Annie nodded silently with tears rolled out onto his hand that is cupped to her pink rosy face. “And to not stick your nose into my business?” She nodded again. He nodded at her coldly with his icy breath, “Don't you dare to forget again.” Annie nodded while she swallowed her tears and sniffed. Louis turned to the servant room. “Nikki!”

    Nicola quickly stepped out of her servant room and rush out to Louis with a slight bow. “Yee Seeu,” she replied with manner.

    Louis handed Annie hand over to Nicola, “Take Yee Seeu Lie up to wash up and change into warmer clothes.”

    Nodded obediently, Nicola took the order, “Yes, Yee Seeu.” Annie took one sneak at her husband before she walked up to the master bedroom with Nicola. She is curious to why he didn't hit her or scolded her harshly, she was expecting him to do so, since Gilbert made it sound like it. After Annie was out of the way Louis summoned Stephen out.

    The most trusted butler of Louis bowed with his usual posture, “Yee Seeu.”

    “I want you to keep a close eye on Yee Seeu Lie, I don't want her out of this house when I'm not around or get close to anyone else. Report to me if she does. You got that?” he sternly asked.

    Stephen nod once with full understanding, “I know what to do Yee Seeu.” Louis nodded and gotten off of the couch to head up to the room.

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    Chapter 17: Beauty of the Night

    Time has passed quickly and busily for Annie, her daily schedule is filled with stuff to learn and practice. Now she is able to wear high heel with no hesitation and she know how to make herself a beauty. She has learns so much and changed so much, she is now more open to learning new things and accepting the Western culture. Even though she thinks it a hectic daily event, but she also had fun learning from Nicola and that emotionless butler of her. It has takes her three months but now she could even read and write a bit also. Even thought Annie is imprisoned in this mansion, but her knowledge of the world has expands so much with her daily study.

    With the heavy schedule in the way, Annie attention has been shifted away from the locked room and the tombstone. Since she couldn't hear any more noise coming from that room anymore, she concluded that it must be her imagination. At least this way it will settle her fearful heart and wild imagination. But every once in a while at night she would gaze over toward the tombstone wondering whose it belong to and why her husband wouldn't want anyone to know about the identity. It made her even more curious cause she sense the hatred and anger build up in her husband toward the cold marble with the B.

    Everything seems to be like normal again. Her husband is still cold and empty, but she starting to get use to him and felt less fearful, especially since she hardly ever sees him anymore. All she knows is that he is busy with business and his career, leaving her to the empty mansion.

    Annie is dressed in a pretty faint yellow dress with her high heel and everything, just simple pure beauty as she twirled around and around with Stephen guiding her to dance. The front door opened so she quickly stopped and looked at the direction a bit surprise, not expecting anyone to visit or her husband to be home this early. But it was really her husband; Annie stare at him stilly, it has been so long since she last seen him. He is still stunning as ever with his sharp clever look, Annie silently took notice. He walked in with a cold smile at Annie, which cause her to narrow her eyes at him knowingly, she sense he have something to say to her or should she say a new order? She is married to him for three months already and by now she is very good at guessing what he is pondering about, and from his still eyes on her, she sense that it has to do with her.

    The butler took Louis briefcase and in his calm respectful tone he greeted, “Yee Seeu.”

    Nicola smiled brightly like always and took his jacket, she is surprise that her Yee Seeu finally came home early too. “Yee Seeu,” she sweetly greeted with happiness for her Yee Seeu Lie.

    While the two servants greeted him, Annie just silently stares at him waiting for him to spill it out. Louis looked at Annie up and down, Annie head dropped a bit, he slightly sneaked a glimpse of a smile at her and cleared his throat, “Remember to look up.” He beamed at Annie who is slowly lifting her head up to stare at him with confidents. From the pass couple months of being with him, she has to admit that she is getting too use to his cold tone to be afraid of him. She has more confident in herself now and weren't as shaky as how she used to be.

    He grinned at her pleased with his sharp eyes on her, he notices her steady posture too not like her usual overly nervous self. “Nikki, we won't be home for dinner tonight,” he informed the maid. Annie stares at him for clarification. He stared into Annie eyes with a glimpse of satisfy that she look presentable and elegant. “You should be ready for tonight ball right?”

    The immediately shocked glow of Annie widen eyes amused him. “Ball?!” Annie blurted out in a loud shout. Louis stares at her seriously with his brows rose and a firm steady nod, telling her she heard it right. Annie was a bit worry and nervous now with her heart worriedly speeding up, “Tonight?” she asked with concern. He nodded slightly again with his calm expressionless face. She started to pout at him and her eyes harden a bit in disbelief he didn't warn her before hand. “Why didn't you tell me earlier?” she asked obviously mad.

    Louis looked at her with his amused little smug cause he could see her pout. “Is there a problem?”

    His wife couldn't stand him anymore, of course there is a problem! Time is the problem! She angrily took in a deep breath to gather courage and she exploded on him. “YES!! Why can't you just tell me what your plan is before hand?! You are always like this! What am I to you? Some kind of toy that sit at home waiting for you to play with?! I have a life too! I could be busy, or don't want to go! Or I could be sick, or..or I just simply don't want to go!! You can't just expect me to be ready every single second for you!! Have you think about me?!” Annie shake her head, “Of course not, why would you even think about me?! You would just expect me to be here to take orders!”

    Annie was pacing around frustratingly as she scolded her husband; she is not ready for a ball! She knows how formal a ball should be, and she is definitely not ready for one at this very minute! Nicola stares at Annie and Louis back and forth, she was surprise by her mistress out burst. Stephen was stiff as always and just stare at Annie with disapprove glare that she is yelling at his Yee Seeu disrespectfully. Louis just grinned at her like nothing has happen; in fact he think it’s very funny of her to explode like this. In a way she looked very cute, his heart whispered to him, which he try to suppress. Deep down inside him, he is please to see the gradual change in his wife, she starting to express herself with confidents. Annie let out a big stressful breath at her husband, cause it seem like he didn't heard a single word she say. He is actually grinning at her, it just made her more inflamed and ticked off.

    She hissed softly, “Can't you just give me some time to get ready and to know what your plan is?! You are never home, and then suddenly popped up in front of me and ordered me to go out with you! You can't just come home and demand me to listen! I'm your wife!” Annie darted at him panting a little out of breath, she has never shouted or felt so much anger before.

    She started to ponder how she could gather that much courage and nerve to express herself and to dare scold her husband. The one that give her threat and fear, has she forgotten? Has she gone nuts? No, that is not it, she is just not ready to present herself, and she is nervously stressed about the fact that she has to go to a ball in short notice. Too worry about that to remember her fear toward her husband. But now the fear waved back into her mind and she gulped wishing that she could take her words back. She stares at him silently with her heart pounding warning her that she is making a mistake for talking back.

    At the long silent of tense atmosphere, Louis finally break the ice with his calm steady voice, “Are you done?” Annie eyes rounded up and bulged at him in disbelief. Were he even listening?! Why does he looked like he didn't heard a thing she say?! But she didn't dare to continue so she just pouted at him and gnawing her lip with a very faint nod. “If you are, we need to get going now, there is no time to lose.” He saw Annie puffed rosy cheek with her pout and those big beautiful round eyes showing a bit of anger, he couldn't help himself from slightly chuckled at her. “You look ready, I'll be back in a sec,” he turns and headed up their room.

    Annie shouted loudly after the disappearing husband, “I hate you!” She huffed and puffed for a while and quickly shoots up to go to the restroom to do some touching up and make sure she is presentable. She is going to a ball! How could she not panic, especially reading how elegant and formal a ball supposes to be! She looked at her dress and turned in front of the mirror uncertainly, it looked too simple. “Nikki is this dress formal enough?” Her personal maid chuckled at her. Nicola could tell Annie is obviously excited but at the same time being nervous about the ball, and how she shouted at her Yee Seeu was amusing. Annie turned over to look at her seriously, “Are you done laughing at me yet?”

    Nicola nod as she continue to laugh, “I'm sorry, Yee Seeu Lie.” She stepped back to look at Annie. “Okay, I guess.”

    Louis just got back down and looked at his wife with his eyebrows narrowed and slowly shook his head. “Just come with me,” he held his arm slightly out and Annie pouted at him and stomped ahead not hooking his arm. She don't know why she have so much nerve to not be afraid of him today, she only felt her frustration toward him. He pulled her back and hooked her arm into his for her. “Don't forget I'm the husband. Now smile, a ball is waiting for us,” he grinned charmingly with his victory pride at her. Annie pouted as she walked with him into the car.

    Why do he always get to be the one that win?! She wondered silently with her pout. What a big ego jerk! She mentally noted herself to practice and make him pay back one day. Yes, one day it will be possible to turn the table around, she slightly chuckled at her own silly hopeful thought.

    Louis took Annie to a classy store that sells fancy ballroom dresses. Annie, like their first time shopping was commanded to go try on million of dresses before her husband is finally satisfy with the elegant white silk dress, but in Annie opinion it's too revealing, but of course her opinion never count. She looked simply elegant in that Western dress and she could see her husband eyes on her, which made her felt like a beauty inside, and she have to admit she like the attention from him. He also picked out high heel, jewelry, and purse that go along with the dress.

    After Annie is in the elegant dress he took her to a saloon and has her hair, nails, and makeup done by professional. Annie was a bit uncomfortable being surrounded by four professional at once trying to get her ready in the shortest amount of time, it definitely her first experience of being like a princess piled up with servants. Louis just sited in a corner with his charming tux and handsome dark face waiting patiently for his wife. He couldn't help himself for taking notice of his wife transforming into a beauty, his eyes are absolutely lost into her pure glowing charm with his impressed grin hung on the corner of his lip.

    Annie is finally ready, looking like an elegant dazzling angel walking next to her stunningly handsome husband with her hand gently hooking his arm. Her eyes were sparkling with a trace of nervousness about being in a real socialize ball. She gulped and pressed her nervous lip together at the sight of the enormous ballroom filled with beautiful women and handsome guys socializing. She hasn't seen this much beautifully dressed people for her entire life, not to mention formally dressed people, she actually haven't seen much of anyone other than her three servants that is always home with her.

    A bright elegant smile hung on her face with confident as she mannerly followed Louis to greet his business friends. Louis was please with her social manner and her politeness just the way his wife supposed to be, and he was proud to show her off. Annie was curious about lots of things as she looked around while Louis and his business partner talk business. A gentle tap was on Annie shoulder from behind so she turned around with a sweet smile.

    A handsomely dressed gentleman smiled charmingly at her with a slight gentleman bow, “May I have this dance?” When he straightens his posture with his eyes finally met Annie face, his face was surprised and showed a blank expression of disbelief. In a soft confused voice he pondered, “Helen?” He studied Annie closely with confusion and his narrow eyebrows, it look like Helen but something is missing. Annie didn't felt comfortable with him gazing at her like that she turned her eyes to Louis who is still talking with his business friends. Annie walked closer to her husband and held onto his arm nervously and uncomfortably cause of the guy large eyes is still glued on her. Louis looked at her with a grin to give his attention to his wife.

    The guy cheerfully greeted Louis once he recognizes his old time buddy. “Hey Louis, haven't seen you around for a very long time! How are you doing?!” his gaze went to Annie again. “Don't tell me she is Helen,” he chuckled at Annie with his eyes scanning every inch of Annie, Annie felt unease being examined like this. She pressed her lip together shyly with uncomfortable feeling. Gently she squeezed Louis arm nervously.

    Louis patted Annie nervous hand, “Of course not. She is not Helen,” he grinned at his friend.

    Nodding, the guy continue to smile at Annie in amaze, she does resemble Helen so much. But he know she must not be Helen cause Helen wouldn't be this shy toward him. He brushed that thought away and narrowed his eyes on Louis with a smirk. “Where have you been hiding for so long?!” he glance at Annie with a his charming grin. “I see you found yourself a beauty for the night?” He moved his eyebrows up and down as he stares at Annie. Annie felt uncomfortable but she was curious about him, he seem very strange to her. She's cling close to her husband side for comfort. She couldn't belief it herself, she is actually finding comfort in her cold hearted husband, that is just too odd to her.

    Her husband laughed at his friend remark, with his sharp eyes. “Where have I been? Marco you are the one that disappeared for century! Is that right Henry?” Louis asked his friend who is next to him. Annie just listens to them silently as she studies Marco who is giving her an adorable charming grin and his sparkling eyes. Louis caught his attention on Annie and smiled at him with a slight chuckle. “This is my wife Annie. Honey this is Marco Ngai, the most popular bachelor in town.”

    Marco held Annie hand and pecked it, Annie eyes widen on his action then she narrow her eyes on him wanting him to let go of her! Marco grinned at her, “I guess I'm the most eligible bachelor now, since your husband is off the market.” He gives Annie his stunning smile. “Anyway nice to meet you Annie.”

    He finally releases her hand and she withdraws it and places it on Louis arm, softly and shyly Annie politely replied, “Nice to meet you too.”

    Marco chuckled at her quietness, “Nice catch Louis, when did you get married? How come I'm not invited? Am I really that horrible?” He laughed along with Louis and his group of friends while Annie sadden a bit when Marco mention about their wedding, of course Louis didn't invite any of his friends, he weren't even there himself! Marco jokingly, “Trying to hide this beauty away from me huh?”

    Louis wrapped his arm around Annie thin waist, Annie shrugged her body slightly to his touch, but she try to smile and act normally. “Of course. You know your thick files of stealing girls. I can't just let her slip into your hand,” he chuckled at his college.

    Annie stares at them with her curiosity, while Marco lean closer to Louis and whispered into his ears, “Where did you find one that looks so much like Helen?” Annie is even more interested as she stare at them anxiously not know what they are whispering about.

    Her husband laughed out loud with his arm tighten around Annie a bit more, she felt her body tensed from his sudden cozy arm around her waist. Louis chuckled a bit, “That is my secret.” Marco elbowed him and they laughed, Annie just stare at them strangely. She never saw this side of her husband before, he looked really warm and spirited around his friends.

    They continue to chat with the rest of their friends, with Annie looking at them silently with her sweet smile and eyes looking here and there every once in a while, since she is starting to lose interest in them. Cause they are back to the business topic. Annie smiled sweetly with her eyes staring at the spinning globe hanging in the center of the dance floor with sparkling colorful lights slowly rotating. Louis suddenly pecked the side of her head and she turns with a smile at him to give her attention to him.

    Louis whispered into her ear softly, she felt the warmness in his voice, a side of him that she really wanted to know more of. “Honey, Marco just asks if you like a dance with him.”

    Annie turn to look at Marco with a soft weak smile, “Oh, I'm sorry.”

    Her husband so called buddy held his hand out toward her, “It’s alright, as long as you willing to leave your husband awhile and dance with me.” He grinned charmingly at her.

    Annie looked at Louis and he nodded slightly, Annie was hoping he refuse cause she don't really felt comfortable dancing with a stranger. But since her husband insisted and it impolite to refuse an offer, she softly whispered, “Sure,” her tone has a trail of disappointment that Louis actually wanted her to dance with another man. She turn to Marco and gently place her hand on his offered hand, he pecked it softly. Marco leaded her out to the center of the dance floor to dance with Louis watches them from the side.

    Louis couldn't concentrate his conversation with his other friends, his attention is automatically draw toward the dance floor to watch his wife. Something made his heart unsettle and unease when he saw them dancing together closely. His eyes slowly harden on the image of the pair in front of him silently. He sipped his champagne with his eyes still darted at Marco and Annie, and his heart is beginning to felt a strange sensation of something bothering his heart and poking it. A sense of burning anger slowly builds up as he watches them, he saw Marco talking to his wife and she laughed a bit to his remark cheerfully and brightly. Louis swallowed his unsettle sensation down a bit as his grip tightened on his champagne glass trying to remind himself that it was just a dance and nothing more. But it’s quite hard to convince his heart to brush off his jealousy.

    Why does it bother him so much to see her with another man? She is not even Helen. He didn't want to marry her, remember? But Louis couldn't help his temper from rising slowly up his neck with the sight of the two joyful dancing couple, at least that how his heart sees it. Why is she laughing? She never laughed like that in front of him. He has never seen her so cheerful and happy. Why is she always fearful or sad in front of him but cheerful and happy in front of another man? His eyes show the jealous flame waving as he silently pondered to himself.

    And that sweet smile she is giving Marco with a trace of giggle, Louis face quickly stern and darkened a bit with a shade of tempered red, while he continue to gaze over at them and watch every move of Marco and Annie closely. He silently analysis with his jealous heart growing more impatient wanting Marco to return his wife right at once! His mind told him to go stop their dance and snatch his wife back, but of course he control himself, he is a high class businessman with high status, he can't just barbarically storm over demanding for his wife! Especially since he is the one agreeing to have Annie dance with Marco. But he is regretting his simple agreement now.

    The song finally ended and Louis saw them returning, his heart felt a bit more at ease but still a tiny disappointment on his wife for enjoying herself with Marco. Marco is chuckling as he walked Annie back, and Annie has a cheerful face on too, she has fun with Marco, just simply because he is humorous and nothing more. But Louis sees it differently, his heart is blinded with jealousy. Annie walked back to her husband side and looked at him with her cheerful smile slightly giggling, cause Marco has just reveal some of Louis school years embarrassment to her. Louis just thought that his wife is having this much fun with another man and forgotten that she is Mrs. Koo!

    Annie cheerfulness was stun by her husband stern disapproval face. She silenced and stared at him with confusion and a small little frown begins to gloom over her face. Why is he never happy with her? Why do he have to look so cold and full of hate toward her? Did she do something wrong? Annie pondered as she studies Louis expression.

    “You better watch out Louis, I told her a bit about your weak point. She will know how to treat you and make you obey now,” joked his friend.

    In his calm voice forcing out a weak smile, Louis try to suppress his anger, “Really?” He turns to look at Annie, obviously with his jealous inflamed eyes, but Annie is too oblivious to notice. She only senses his anger toward her and it made her mad to know that he is always not pleases with her. Louis asked in his gentle tone that hides the trace of suspicious. “What did Marco tell you, honey?” his tone sound flat and empty, at least that how Annie sense it.

    Annie wetted her lip, she always felt so pressured when she need to communicate with him and with him staring at her with those eyes making it even harder. “Some of your prank you play on your elementary teacher,” her voice were soft with uncertainty, she sense his anger toward her. Louis studied Annie to see if that is really all.

    Marco laughed, “She is a great dancer, you taught her well Louis.”

    Louis is finally convinced enough to let go of his jealousy and a smiled slowly shine proudly on his face. “Of course, she is my wife! Right honey?” he leaned over to peck Annie cheek, Annie blushed a bit with her face burning up and her heart settled a bit knowing her husband is okay now. She nodded slightly while the other laughed at them, especially her shyness. “Excuse us, I believe I owe my lovely wife a dance. Come on honey lets show them what a goods looking couple look like.” He smiled cheerfully and walked Annie out. Annie was puzzle with him, he change so quickly and she could never know what he have plan for her. She could never get a grip of what mood he is in.

    They danced in the center along with everyone else. She looked into his eyes and they were absolutely dreamy, and she is drowning into them while other lady watches them with envy heart. Louis held her body closer to him, it cause Annie pulses to jump a bit electrically, she slowly lean her head on his front shoulder blade to rest her head. Annie has no idea why she did it, but it felt so right and relaxing to do so. A charming grin slowly glow on Louis stern face when she did so, he felt warm, a feeling that he lost for so long. Slowly his arm dropped to wrap his hands around her waist gently and lovingly. They danced slowly to the music peacefully.

    Louis softly whispered, “Annie, you look beautiful tonight.”

    Annie was surprise that he actually complimented her, a sweet little smile glow on her face as she glances up at him and with her shy rosy cheek. “Thanks,” her beautiful sweet voice lit a spark. Louis held her closer and pecked her forehead, it send a tingling feeling to Annie and speeded up her heart rate. She felt warmth and relaxing with him at this moment, she hasn't felt warmth from him before until tonight. Louis eyes were drowned into her sparkling soft pair, she looked so beautiful and gorgeous tonight. His heart warning him to stay away, but he really couldn't resist her beauty any longer. He doesn't care anymore, he just wanted to be with her at this moment.

    Annie blushed with her face heating up cause of his full attention on her with his dreamy gaze, she felt dreamy herself with her heart lightened creating butterfly fluttered in her stomach. The romantic slow song as their background help spice up more sparks between them. Slowly she snuggle her head on him cozily and her arms were around his warm body too. The side of Louis cheek is against the side of her head cozily. He is so different, but it doesn't matter she liked how he is treating her now. They danced softly to the music with two hearts beating together. And the rest of the world seem to be faded away leaving only the two of them.

    I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
    I've never seen you shine so bright
    I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance
    They're looking for a little romance
    Given half a chance

    And I've never seen that dress you're wearing
    Or that highlights in your hair
    That catch your eyes
    I have been blind
    The lady in red is dancing with me
    Cheek to cheek

    There's nobody here
    It's just you and me
    It's where I wanna be
    But I hardly know this beauty by my side
    I'll never forget the way you look tonight

    I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight
    I've never seen you shine so bright you were amazing
    I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side
    And when you turned to me and smiled it took my breath away

    And I have never had such a feeling such a feeling
    Of complete and utter love, as I do tonight
    The lady in red is dancing with me
    Cheek to cheek

    There's nobody here
    It's just you and me
    It's where I wanna be
    But I hardly know this beauty by my side
    I'll never forget the way you look tonight

    I never will forget the way you look tonight
    The lady in red
    My lady in red
    I love you
    ----Chris Deburgh

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    Chapter 18: Temptation

    After theirs dance Louis and Annie go back to join his friends for the rest of the evening. Louis has a lot to drink with Annie trying to slow down his alcoholic intake, but of course she could never win him. He ended up drunk and wobbly, luckily Joe their driver could carry him to the car and drive them home when the party is over. Joe helped Annie carried Louis to their bed before he leave them alone heading to his servant room downstairs.

    Annie helped Louis take off his tux, watch, bowtie, shoe, sock, and waist belt so he could be more comfortable. Then she covered him up cozily with the comforter trying to steady his swinging hand and tug it under the comforter too. Then she rushed down stair into the empty kitchen to make him some tea so he could drink when he wake up; to help with the headache and wake his drunken state a bit. The entire house was soundless since all the servants are asleep at this late hour, so she is on her own to take care of her husband. She also wetted a towel with hot water to wipe his face, neck, and hands.

    “Don't leave me...Helen...don’t,” mumbled the drunken husband. Annie frowned a bit with a soft sad sigh to herself as she continues to wipe his face. For some odd reason she felt sad that he is calling another girl name instead of hers. Louis grabs hold of her hand and held it tightly against his face rubbing it gently against his cheek with his lip slightly moved whispering softly, “I miss you....” Annie hold still and silently stare at him, she felt her heart aching sourly cause she know her husband is not talking to her. “Don't worry, I won't forget...I love you....” continued her husband as he dream.

    Swallowing down her jealousy, Annie push his hand away forcefully with tears in her eyes and an obvious pout that she didn't aware of, she don't know why she is feeling sad and angry cause of his word, she don't love him right? She reminded herself, it just a social party and nothing more. Louis firmly grabs her hand again and murmured with his alcoholic breath, “Don't Helen...don't touch Annie...is not her fault...leave her alone... don't worry I'll still love you...but don't harm her. It’s not her fault... I have always love you... I'll never change...”

    Annie was puzzled, is he worried about her? She slowly tries to release his hand away from hers, so she can help him wipe his face, but he wouldn't let go of her. She sighed with her eyes soften at him and listening to his drunken words, she don't know what to believe. He seems to be battling with himself. Annie use her other hand to wipe his face with warm water. She curiously asked, she has heard of speaking the truth during drunken state. “Who is Helen?” her soft gentle voice questioned the drunken husband.

    Louis shakes his head side to side with rapid eyes movement under his closed eyelid. And his breathing became rough and labored. “Don't Helen! Don't!! Go away...stop...don't bother her Helen...don't bother her!” he pleaded in his struggling dream, “I promise I won't love her, just don't touch her!!” His body jerked and dragged Annie hand tightly with him while he turn to his side, causing Annie to fall on top of him.

    The petite and weak wife tries to get herself away from him. But he wouldn't let go of her. She forcefully yanked her arm and tries to push him away but it wouldn't help, he is just too strong. “Let go of me!” she demanded with angry tone.

    Her husband swiftly swings his head to the other side shouting, “LEAVE HER ALONE!!!” Annie paused cause of his loud thunder like roar; she gulped and just holds her position still, basically lying above him, not daring to move. He continues to struggle in his sleep. “I mean it! Stop it now!! Go away.... go away....” his head shifted quickly toward the other side. “Helen I miss you... I really do...” his soft sincere voice longingly stated with tears rolled out the corner of his eyes. Annie saw it and her eyes frowned, she knows her husband must love this Helen girl a lot. But it made her sad to see him like this, she pouted and stare at him with her sad eyes. He continue to murmur, “Please don't leave me...Helen...” His head swiftly and violently shake from side to side, “Don't...leave her alone! Annie run! Annie run!! RUN!!”

    Annie stares at him puzzled with confusion, “What kind of nightmare is that?” she pondered.

    Louis looks like he is shifting back and forth with his expression changing as he struggle. “Helen I love you.... Helen... no Helen...no I still love you...but leave Annie alone...she has nothing to do with it...Annie?” Annie eyes glued on him studying every move of his. His head rotated to the other side with his eyes winkled shut. “Annie where are you? Annie? ANNIE?! What did you do to Annie? Annie!”

    Nervously Annie wetted her lip while she stare at him with widen eyes. She grabs his hand tightly with both of hers. “Shhh...I'm here,” something in her made her silently whispered into his ear.

    “Annie?” Louis called out with his body relaxed and calmed down immediately.

    A smile creeps up Annie face when she saw his face relief with his hand holding her tightly. “Yeah it's me. I'm here,” her voice said with sweetness and warmth of a wife.

    Louis nodded in his sleep murmuring, “Don't listen to him Annie...don't listen to him...is not true...he don't know anything....go away! Now...I mean it....I mean it...i mean it...mean it...” his voice slowly trailed off to sleep soundly. After a while of silent Annie tries to lift his tight finger away from her hand, so she can go shower and sleep too. But he held it so tightly with his strong hands.

    Annie sighed with her shoulder slumped. “Mr. Koo can you let go of me first?” she asked knowing that he probably won’t since he is drunk. But to her surprise Louis let go of her hand, Annie quickly try to sit upright but he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a cozy hug, Annie eyes widened. Trying to push him away forcefully, “Are you really drunk?! Release me now!”

    Her husband murmured, “Don't go please...don't go...I need you...I really need you...” Cause of his pleading tone, Annie stopped struggling and lean on his chest silently listening to his heartbeat. She don't know who he really talking to, is it her or Helen? And who is the ‘him’ he is referring to. After awhile his arms relaxed and drop loosely on the side releasing Annie. She slowly rolled her pair of eye up to look at his soft breathing with a frown of confusion on her forehead. She sighed, it must not be her, why would he like her? Even if he do, he must think of her as a replacement. Plus he is drunk nothing he say should be taken seriously, Annie reminded herself. Annie stares at his handsome angular jaw with a warm smile. He is very charming and such a gentleman for the entire night, she sighed hopefully at him ‘It is possible?’

    After a long mesmerized stare at her husband she finally pulled herself upright and stare at him oddly. “Could it be? Could there really be feeling toward him? But how? When? Him?!” she puzzled asked herself. She gazed at his handsome feature with her sparkled eyes. ‘It couldn't be. He is a jerk! Right? But he is kind of sweet tonight...’ Annie pondered to herself confusedly to her mixed feeling. She sighed at him with a smile and continues to take care of him. Annie placed a hot wet towel on his forehead. Louis is totally blacked out and sleeping drowsily now, while Annie takes care of him like a wife. She didn't mind at all, in fact his peaceful sleeping face just made her smile sweetly with warmth.

    She enjoyed the night at the ball a lot, it was fun and his friends are warm and funny. Louis was by her side the entire night dancing with her on numerous songs and he even made her laugh for the first time. And it like the cold and empty trait of his has evaporated. He was a gentleman that is thoughtful and caring. He is very different than his usual iceberg self.

    The night was special and enjoyable since tonight was Annie first time going out with him ever since they married. And it also the first time she gets to contact with the world ever since her marriage. But most of all it was her first time dancing with him willingly with feeling toward him and sensing warmth from him too. Louis was nice, kind, caring, and sweet to her tonight. Annie sighed sadly, ‘Probably just for tonight because of his friends,’ she thought with a little pout. She is not convince that her husband would actually love her, and too stubborn to admit that she have a tiny of a feeling toward him.

    After she taken care of Louis, Annie went to take a nice long bath to relax herself from the long night she just had. She felt so relaxing and calming with the warm water running against her tired body and aching muscle. Annie rolled her head loosely to loosen her neck muscle and slides down the large tub a bit deeper to lean on her bath pillow with her eyes shut to rest a bit in the rose sensed bubble bath.

    It was silent and soothingly relaxing to her. Until footstep is hear right behind the bathroom door so she quickly became alerted and gotten herself sited upright on the bathtub with her eyes beamed toward the door alarmingly. Annie called out clearly with a bit of confusion, isn't Louis drunk?, “Mr. Koo is that you?” She still addressed her husband Mr. Koo when it was just him and her.

    There was no reply, which made her even more puzzled, she quickly stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel. She slide into her towel like robe and walked out of the bathroom to see what her husband was doing. To her surprise Louis was sleeping soundly like how she left him before she bathe.

    She sworn she heard someone walking behind the bathroom door! If it weren't her husband than whose could it be? She swallowed and felt a bit scared; Annie slowly walked around their huge room to search everywhere for the person she heard. There was no one at all and the room looked exactly the way it was before she went into the bathroom. Annie walked over to Louis and looked at him, it couldn't be him, he is drunk as a dead man. Annie sighed, she must be too stressed out that she imagined it, she thought with a relieved smile. She took the towel from Louis head and soaks it into fresh warm water to put on his forehead again.

    Annie smiled at Louis warmly before she walked over toward the bathroom to finish up her bath, a pounding sound was heard causing her to quickly jump with pounding heart. The solid pounding she heard was loud and firm like someone is pounding against a wooden door. It was from outside of the room, but she knows the pounding was not on the master bedroom door, a bit more distanced. She gulped and her heart is pounding like crazy, she is a hundred percent sure that she didn't imagine that!

    Slowly Annie approached toward their bedroom door, with her shaky hand slowly turned the doorknob and walked out to see who was making the noise. The hallway is dimmer than usual cause one of the low voltage bulbs was burned out. The hall is empty and hollow too since all the servants are asleep downstairs at this time. The second level should only be Louis and her, all the servant rooms are downstairs, which mean no one should be around at this late hour.

    This is just strange and creepy, Annie thought as she slowly head toward the locked room at the end of the west wing. She suspects that the sound came from that room, since she heard sound in that room before. Annie heart pounded as she softly and slowly stepped down the dark hallway toward the room with water droplet dripping off of her wet hair hitting the polished shiny wood floor leaving trace of cold water behind. The sound of her footstep along with the dripping water echoed down the empty hallway making it extra hollow and chillingly soundless.

    Annie eyes were glue to the room and she slowed down to a stop right in front of the dark oak door. Tremblingly with eerie fear, she carefully placed her hand on the door gently feeling it. Annie swallowed her fear and turned her head to lean the side of her head against the door with her left ear press against it to listen for sound. She couldn't hear anything this time, but where was the pounding sound she heard earlier came from than? Nervously she gnawed her lip and softly asked with fear traveling down her spine, “Hello?”

    There was nothing, only the beating of her speedy heart rate and her shallow breathing. She was scare but also curious about it. Annie felt a chill passed her as she shivered a bit with goose bump building up and her heart numbed with little quiver. She took in a breath to give herself more courage, “Hello? Anyone in there?” ‘Or should I say ghost,’ Annie silently thought. There was no sound at all, it was totally silent with the soft squeaking sound of her footstep on the floor.

    Once again, Annie places her ear against the door and shut her eyes softly to concentrate on her listening to the inside. It’s totally silent. Annie slowly and shakily held her hand up toward the door and knocked it softly. “Anyone?” she heard a soft clicking sound causing her heart to skip with fear to find out, but then she turned to her left, which is her husband study room. The sound seems to be from that room instead.

    Bravely Annie anxious feet bring her toward her husband study room. Her trembling cold hand reaches the doorknob and turned it, like usual this room is never lock, in fact all the rooms are never lock except for that special one. Annie slowly sticks her head in to scan the dark room. She gulped her fear down to summon up her nerve. “Who is in there?” she bravely asked. There is still no reply except for her owns voice echoing back at her.

    Nothing was audible, leaving only Annie pounding heart and fearful exhale and inhale to fill the empty room up. Suddenly the scratching click was heard again toward her left, Annie follows the noise with her steady eyes widen fearfully along with her pounding heart. She unconsciously gnawed on her lip cause of her fear. Her eyes focused on the source, it was just the huge tree outside with branches that hitting against the window cause of the hallowing wind outside and nothing more. She let out a breath and slumped her shoulder thinking that she must be hearing things or imagining things. And making simple thing looks scary.

    Annie turned around gasped with her drained pale face while her body reacted with a great jump and a loud fearful scream at the dark figure in front of her. “AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed uncontrollably.

    A set of still eyes stare at her calmly with it deep solid chilling tone, he was standing in the dark shadow, “Yee Seeu Lie, is just me.”

    The overly shocked mistress stopped her screaming once she recognizes the empty solid voice. But her heart was nonstop as it continues to pound like crazy with the image of Stephen figure under the dim light when she turned over expecting the hallway to be empty. She panted with her heart still pounding terribly hard against her ribcage as she stares at Stephen angrily with her fierce hard eyes.

    Stephen eyes were on her motionlessly as he looked at Annie, who is in her short yellow robe with dripping wet hair and bare legs under her robe. She look very tempting, his heart echoed to himself causing it to speeded up. His mistress yelled at him disbelievingly, with her heart still hasn't settle down, “Why are you up here this late?!!”

    The extremely cold and eerie butler held a light bulb up toward her. “I wanted to change the light bulb,” his calm icy voice answered as he pointed to the burned out lamp. His eyes weren’t turn toward the lamp, but instead it was gazing down Annie body motionlessly with it chilliness hunger.

    Annie darted at him with rage cause he really gave her a good scare. “Stephen it two o'clock midnight, why can't you change it tomorrow?!! There is plenty of time to do it tomorrow! Everyone is asleep for crying out loud!! You scare me half to dead!” her angry voice echoed down the hall.

    In his usual empty voice and a crooked smile on her, Stephen simply answered fearlessly, “I'm sorry Yee Seeu Lie. I couldn't sleep and thought of putting my self to use.” His eyes is still on Annie, she looked revealing and he couldn't help himself from glued to her with his heart pounded a bit with temptation burning his heart and his eyes blazed on her body curvature.

    Still breathing hard cause of her scare, Annie heart just can't settle down. “Was it you that cause the pounding sound earlier?!” her tone was still angered.

    Stephen shook his head, “No, I just got up here.”

    Fearfully, Annie gulped, if it not him than who else could it be? Her eyes narrowed on him, he gazed at her pair of legs. “Were you in my room couple minutes ago?” her voice calmed down a bit, but she is still really mad with him.

    Her butler shook his head slowly, “Of course not, I'm not suppose to enter your room without you or Yee Seeu giving me permission. Yee Seeu Lie, I know my rule.” His desirable gaze is slowly moving up and down on Annie, but she didn't notice it, she is more concern with the sound she heard.

    Annie turned her head toward the locked door with her weakened heart full of fear. “Than who was it?” her voice was soft, Stephen couldn't hear her and just stand still with his eyes stare straight at her body removing her robe with his eyes. Annie turned to Stephen with curious but fearful eyes. “Stephen can you tell me what is in that room? And why your Yee Seeu locked it?” she looked at Stephen stilly.

    He slowly approached Annie and stand in front of her with his eyes harden on her, sternly, “Yee Seeu Lie, I told you before, it not my position to tell you. But there is nothing special about that room, just an empty locked room, nothing more. Can I change the bulb now?” His eyes continue to travel down her body with blazing desire. He sniffed and smelled the fresh sense of rose from Annie bubble bath. Stephen swallowed his temptation while his heart pounded harder. His eyes slowly moved up to met her eyes for the first time, and he kept it still staring straight into her eyes with his tempted icy grin.

    Annie caught his strange stare and quickly quivered, she just notice that she has nothing on but the robe, so she quickly wrapped the robe tighter around herself and quickly walked away from him, she sense fear from his gaze and felt his breathing on her neck. It immediately gave her goose bump and chill ups her spine. Stephen stare at her back while she walked away heading toward her bedroom. Her voice is shaky but she tries to keep it calm, firm, and authorizing, “Don't scare me like that again, next time don't work after midnight. And I don't want you to ever be up here again pass midnight. And never enter my room!”

    Stephen nod with his expressionless look, but his eyes are kept at her back, he just couldn't help himself from feeling the temptation to stare at her, and the desire of wanting her. In his stern icy tone he whispered, “I'll remember.” Annie continue to walk back toward her room quickly, she slowly breathing in and out to relax herself, she is just too tense, she thought. Stephen stare at her as she walked away, his eyes is empty and coldly burned with a slight desirable flame.

    Once Annie got into the master bedroom, she quickly slammed shut the door tightly and leans against it with her heart still pounding loudly and wildly with her pulse racing uncontrollably. She senses the uncomfortable eyes of Stephen that is still giving her a chill and she couldn't forget how he looked at her with desire and temptation. She is scare and shaky trying to calm herself down. Annie slowly took in deep breath and let it out slowly to relax herself and calm down before her heart jumped out and land on the carpet. She looked at Louis direction and somehow the sight of him made her felt a bit secure knowing that her husband is home and will be next to her tonight.

    Annie unnervingly wetted her lip when she heard footstep from behind the door she is leaning on, she assume it Stephen walking back downstairs after he changed the light bulb. She waited a while longer and slowly opened the bedroom door to check and make sure he has left before her heart could settle down. The hallway is empty and is now a tit bit brighter with the new bulb changed. She let out a sigh of relief knowing that Stephen has left the second floor. Annie shut the door again and with her more calmed heart she walked back into the bathroom to quickly finish up her bath and changed into her nightgown. She doesn't like the feeling of being alone in the bathroom; she wanted to quickly jump into bed next to her husband for protection.

    It was three when she finally have a chance to climb into bed. She scooted closer to Louis tonight before she shut her eyes to sleep. She felt scare and her husband could give her a sense of secure. Usually she would sleep as far away from Louis as possible, which is near the edge of the bed, but tonight she needed the secure sensation and warmth, so she lies more in the center of the bed. She was facing him and listening to his soft breathing sound. Somehow the shadow of his body in the dark made her felt calm and relaxing to know he is around to protect her.

    After the ball and getting to listen to Louis and his friend, Annie gets to know her husband more and felt that he is not too bad after all. The strange things are, is that she actually sensed some warmth and love through his eyes tonight during their dance.
    Annie felt a bit more at peace now with her husband close by. She was scare of both Stephen and whatever it is that she heard. Since Stephen has firmly told her that he didn't enter the master bedroom, than who else could it be? Could Stephen be lying? But he doesn't dare to lie to her right? The more Annie thinks about it the more she leaning toward the supernatural side as the reason. And the more fear she sense the more closer she scooted toward her husband for protection. Then the thought of Stephen eyes on her just give her a chilling creep up her spine, she sense his desirous eyes on her and how he scanned her body just made her shivered. Finally she scooted so close that her body is snuggled against Louis, with her eyes shuts tightly forcing herself to fall asleep and stop thinking about it.

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    Chapter 19: Hassle

    Weeks have passed by since the ball, things are back to the usual, with Louis not showing up at home and Annie is left at home with the servants. Annie tries to avoid Stephen as much as possible, but Stephen seems to be like usual again too, so she started to relax around him. But of course deep down in her heart she will give a more alert eye on him and try to avoid him. She didn't tell Louis about those strange stare of Stephen, since she don't have proof nor is she really positive about what Stephen was thinking when he stares at her. He really didn't do anything to her except for scaring her half dead. And the other reason why Louis didn't know about this was because Annie doesn't even get a chance to tell him. He is hardly ever home. They are like the sun and the moon. Annie has a strange feeling that he is trying to avoid her for some odd reason, what business is there that require him to return in the middle of the night and work before the sun come out?

    Today is a beautiful and bright Sunday, Annie wanted so much to get out of the house, but since Louis is not home, she is stuck in the big empty house again. She sighed dreadfully with her wishful eyes gazed down the balcony staring at the water fountain and flowerbed. She watches the beautiful flower from high above instead of up close. It kind of depressing when she think of her situation. Why? Why is the only question that popped into Annie minds very frequently lately, there is just so much why question that needed answer. ‘Why he wouldn't let me out of the house? Why no one ever visited?’ Her eyes gazed over to the tombstone. ‘Why is there just a B? Why he doesn't want anyone to know or visit the tomb? Why he locked up the room down in the west wing?’ She sighed sadly. She will never fully understand her husband, especially since he is never home for her to study. While she is pondering in the silent room with the sun bathing her, a soft nod was heard.

    “Who is it?!” Annie shouted, she is too lazy to walk back into her room. She want to make sure it not Stephen before she give permission to enter.

    Balancing a tray of dessert Bobby just made, her maid voice sweetly emitted through the door, “Yee Seeu Lie, is Nikki!”

    Annie immediately yelled back with welcoming tone, “Come in!” She is sited on the marble bench against the marble edge of her balcony. Her head rolled toward the room to greet Nicola. “Has he returns yet Nikki?” she knows it impossible for her husband to return, especially since it stills a very early afternoon, why would he come home? But it is a Sunday, maybe he will be home early. Annie just wanted to get out of the house so badly. It such a wonderful day to waste sitting inside the house! There is actually no mist! Which is hardly ever happen. She was hoping that her husband would take her out or at least to the yard so she could see the wonderful flower.

    Nicola is so use to Annie referring to her Yee Seeu as he, him, or Mr. Koo that she automatically knows whose Annie is talking about. She cheerfully approach Annie with a tray full of new dessert Bobby just made. “Not yet Yee Seeu Lie,” she answered as she set the tray down on the bench and walked back out.

    “Where are you going?” Annie asked, she was hoping that Nicola could keep her company.

    With a reassuring smile, the maid sweetly reassured, “I'll be back, I need to go get some tea for you.” She disappeared before Annie could squeeze another word.

    Annie sighed with her head rested back on her folded arms, which are on the marble balcony rail. She shuts her eyes with a cheerful smile bathing her face to the warm ray of the sun. She heard the main door opened and her eyes quickly popped open with hope. Quickly she rushed down the stair hoping that it is her husband! Annie pace slowed down with her eyes curiously stare at Mary the servant of her in laws. ‘Wow finally someone representing her in law side came over,’ she sarcastically thinks to herself. Nicola was welcoming the maid in.

    Mary handed a couple gifts to Nicola and did a little curtsy in front of Annie, “Yee Seeu Lie.”

    Annie smiled at her politely with her eyes pondering about the beautifully wrapped gift, “Hi, what is this about?”

    The servant looked at Annie confusedly to why she asked, “Those are gifts from Lo Yeeh and Tai Tai to Yee Seeu. Today is his 27 birthday.”

    The face of Annie immediately brightens up with surprised. ‘How come he never mention it to me?’ she ponder then she remembered he hardly ever home anyway, even if he is home he hardly ever share stuff like this with her. “Really?” she asked the maid for confirmation. Mary nodded with her eyes studying Annie. Annie is wondering where Louis could be, it a Sunday, which mean no business meeting right? But yet he is absent. Annie saw the curious maid staring at her, she gave her a warm smile, “Help me greet Lo Yeeh and Lai Lai, also thanks them for me.”

    Mary nodded mannerly, “I will, Yee Seeu Lie. I betters get back to my choirs.” She waited for Annie to excuse her, Annie nodded at her and she smile politely and walked out of the door with Nicola shutting the door after her.

    Busily, Annie pondered curiously around the present. “Nikki do you knows if he will be home for dinner?” she curiously asked. She wanted to help him celebrate his birthday, at least it give her something to entertain herself with. Since her life has been quite boring after she has learned everything Stephen has to offer. Which she is quite glad too, now she doesn't have to see Stephen much. She pondered with a murmur under her breath, “Where could he be right now?”

    Her personal aid shrugged, “I don't know, Yee Seeu Lie. Maybe Stephen will know. I'll go get him for you!”

    The mistress quickly grabs Nicola hand firmly, “Wait! Don't.” She sighed, she don't want to see Stephen if she don't have to. “Nikki, just go ask him for me.” Nicola stare at her strangely, she smiled at her, “Just go.”

    Obediently, Nicola nodded, “Alright.” She left to ask Stephen if he know where her Yee Seeu is and if he would be home for dinner. Annie cheerfully carried the boxes of present to display on the coffee table. Nicola returned with a cheerful smile, “Stephen said Joe droved Yee Seeu out somewhere and Yee Seeu did say he would be home after four this afternoon. So he should be home for dinner.”

    “Great!” exclaimed Annie excited voice. She hurried into the kitchen with Nicola followed behind her.

    “Yee Seeu Lie what are you planning?” asked the curious maid that turned twenty few weeks ago.

    Annie is looking around the kitchen for Bobby. “A small party to lighten ups the house a bit. Where did Bobby went?” she asked.

    “I'm here Yee Seeu Lie!” shouted out the firm deep voice of the chef. Which made his jumpy mistress jumped cause of his loud voice. Annie turns around and saw the rounded chef with his arms folded staring at her with the ‘why are you in my kitchen’ look.

    Displeased, Annie shakes her head at him with a mumble, “Why does all the Au like to scare me like this?”

    Bobby narrowed his eyes on her trying to figure out what she just mumbled, “I'm sorry. What did you say Yee Seeu Lie?”

    She shook her head and smiled at him, “Oh nothing, just don't do that again.”

    “Don't do what?” asked the confused chef, he never understand his mistress. They are like from two different planets.

    His mistress checking around the kitchen studying it as she answered his question, “Shout behind me and make me jump.”

    Annoyed, Bobby apologize in his sardonic tone, “Sorry Yee Seeu Lie, I'll make sure to walk in front of you and whisper next time.” A cold stare immediately settle down on him. It was his first time seeing his mistress eyes hardens on him showing her seriousness.

    ‘Is he trying to start a war with me? Why is he so offended all the time? Talk about weird trait running in the family,’ Annie silently thinks to herself as she stares at him with disapproval hard eyes and her stern poker face, this is the only one thing she learns from her husband.

    Bobby saw her seriousness he cleared his throat and used his normal tone, “Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.”

    ‘Bingo! The trick work!’ Annie mind is throwing herself a party to finally make the chef respected her. Annie wanted to chuckle at the nervous chef but she has to suppress it to keep her poker face. ‘Hey the trick work!’ That is still a surprise to her. She is much happier with his tone and this response. “Anyway Yee Seeu will be home for dinner tonight, I want to throw a little dinner together for him, can you cook a couple of his favorite dishes and maybe bake a cake also?” Annie ordered.

    The rounded chef nodded understandingly as he takes order from this eighteen years old mistress of his. My gosh he is twice her age and still has to take order form her! Of course his heart is a bit against Annie cause of his manly pride and big ego. He tries to hide his irritated tone, “Alright. Should I make more than eight dishes since it a special occasion?”

    Annie shakes her head vigorously with disbelief, “No!” Bobby is quickly offended by her reaction. She sighed when she saw that look on his face, she knows him too well, that chef is having a bruised ego again. “Look Bobby, I love your cooking but eight dishes for two people are way more than enough,” she gave the poor grumpy chef a warm smile. “I hate to throw good food away or feed the dog, don't you think that is an insult to the chef?”

    Bobby softly chuckled at her with a nod. His mistress sound pleased with his cooking, his heart smiled proudly with his manly ego shining brightly. Annie grinned cheerfully; she is scoring again! She love it, guess reading is not a bad thing after all, it gave her more confident and teach her how to use her power. Especially with her husband as an example! Since he has always used his power to manipulate her, Annie is just learning from the professional.

    “Don't worry Yee Seeu Lie, I'll make the most delicious eight dishes that no one has ever cook before!” answered the energetic chef. Annie nodded satisfyingly and stepped out with Nicola back to the dinning room.

    She stares at the dinning room thinking of what to do to make it more spirited. “Hmm..Nikki where could I get balloon and streamer? I read in book that they have them hanging around for special occasion, it quite pretty. This house is too plain.”

    Nicola shrugged, “Ah I bet Stephen know where to buy them, I'll go get him!”

    Once again, Annie quickly dragged her back, “Wait!”

    The maid waiting for Annie to finish up but Annie didn't say a thing, “Hmm?”

    “Not yet. Do you think he will like it? It's probably a bit childish,” Annie starting to have second thought about her idea of a dinner party. “He hasn't been home for so long, he probably wouldn't be home for dinner tonight.”

    “Don't worry, is Yee Seeu birthday, he will come home to celebrate with you! Since Yee Seeu did say that he would be home by five, I bet he planned to celebrate his birthday at home with you,” reassured Nicola.

    “You think so?” Annie voice was uncertain.

    “Yup!” replied the confident maid with a nod.

    Annie sighed as she wonders about it, she does want to have a more meaningful dinner than by herself like every evening. She smiled with hope, “Alright, lets do it! But are you sure balloon and streamer wouldn't make it too childish?”

    Nicola shook her head, “I would love it!”

    The excised Annie grinned with joy, this is fun, she finally find something to keep her mind off of the outside world. “Okay let decorate the dinning room than! I'll need to have balloons, streamers, and banner! Oh don't forget the candles!”

    Her maid nodded excitedly, “I'll get Stephen for you right now, so he know what you need!”

    Annie stopped her, “Wait!” Nicola narrowed her brows at her mistress, why does Annie hesitate each time when she insists on retrieving Stephen for her? “Nikki, just tell Stephen what I need and have him go buy it for me. I still have many things to plan,” after she finish her order, she shoo Nicola away. “Go on, hurry up! No time to waste!” Nicola quickly hurried to tell Stephen what Annie wanted.

    Annie has asked Nicola to help her cut some flower from the beautiful garden to use as the centerpiece of the long polish dinning table, since she is not allow to go out of the house without Louis. She never understands what wrong with going out to the yard, but than her husband is simply strange and weird. Annie is happily climbing up and down putting up the decoration and streamer around the dinning room making it a bit more colorful than it usual gloomy and empty mood. Then she set the table along with Nicola making sure everything looked superb and perfect. With a long hassle of rushing trying to beat the clock, she finally got everything done by four and ran to the kitchen to check on Bobby. Bobby is decorating the cake with icing. Annie cheerfully swooped around him staring at the cake with an excited smile, she can't wait to see Louis! He will be so surprise!

    Watching Bobby squeezing the icing out making beautiful flower, Annie wanted to help too, “Can I decorate it Bobby?”

    Bobby look at Annie with his eyes narrowed, honestly he think she is not capable of it. He chewed on his lip and tries not to hurt his mistress feeling. “Umm...well I couldn't let you do it, Yee Seeu Lie, you are my mistress, I'm the servant. I am the one who suppose to do all the work or Yee Seeu will get mad. It is my job,” he grinned at her thinking that it was a wonderful excuse.

    But instead of listening, his mistress giggled at him and said, “Nonsense! Come on I'm sure he won't get mad. Now let me try.”

    “But...but…” he tries to think of another excuse. Annie stares at him with her impatient eyes, he sighed and slumped his shoulder, “I mean I'm about done anyway.”

    Annie stare at the cake with widen eyes, “You only got one mini flower on it.” She looked at him suspiciously, “You just don't want me to touch it huh?”

    “Oh no no no....” Bobby answer with his head shaking vigorously.

    The petite eighteen years old mistress could help but chuckle at his expression, “Come on it look simple, I promise I won't mess it up.”

    Hesitatingly, the worry chef finally handed it over, “Don't squeeze too hard.” Annie squeezing its lightly. “Well you could use more force than that.” He chuckled at her, “Okay, okay slow down!”

    Annoyed, Annie shouted at him, “Bobby!” Bobby pressed his lip together and didn't dare to add anymore suggestions, Annie is loving this mistress power she has in her hand! She concentrated and slowly squeezed out icing to make pretty decoration on the cake, Bobby is quite impressed by her skill. She finished it off with a ‘Happy Birthday Mr. Koo’ with strawberry swirl. Bobby stare at it strangely, she looked at him innocently, “What?”

    “Mr. Koo?” asked the curious chef to why his mistress is addressing his Yee Seeu this way.

    Annie pressed her lip together, opps she has forgotten to use Louis. She nodded trying not to giggle at her silly mistake, “Well you were the one who bake it, so I have to let you take the credit, right?” she grinned at him with her cover up excuse.

    “I guess,” Bobby weakly answer. He stares at Annie with amazed eyes, “Yee Seeu Lie you are quite good, I must say.”

    “Of course!” she proudly said. “I use to make a lot of dessert....” her voice trailed off to a stop and her cheerfulness faded to a frown with soften eyes when she remember the dessert she made for Steven.

    Bobby studying her, she looks a bit paled. “Are you okay?”

    Annie gives him a weak smile and nod firmly, “Yeah. How is the dinner coming?”

    “Right on schedule, it will be done right at six!” he proudly announced.

    She nod satisfyingly, “Good, alright I'll let you finish up.” Annie turns and walked out leaving the chef hassling his way to accomplish his goal. Once Annie stepped out to the dinning room she saw the beautifully decoration that she put up all by herself, but some how the sight of it made her felt a bit guilty like she is betraying Steven for doing so much for Louis. She frowned and walked up to her room not wanting to see the decorated dinning room.

    Annie stepped into the master bedroom with her depressed look, she closed the door behind her and walked toward the nightstand beside hers side of the bed. She sat down on the edge of her bed pulling the drawer of her nightstand out slowly. The red handkerchief revealed in front of her and tears immediately trickled up into her eyes when she read those words. Those words that tell her to let go and move on, but she is still holding back, how could she just let go that easily? It has been ten long years of loving Steven, is it really possible to replace him with Louis? Annie held the red handkerchief of Steven in her hand with tears dropping into the red silk fabric soaking it into a different shade of crimson.

    A soft knock was on the door. Annie sniffed back her tears and looked up toward the door. “Who is it?” her voice was soft but audible.

    “Yee Seeu Lie, is me! Can I come in?” asked Nicola.

    Quickly, Annie wiped her tears away, “Yeah.”

    Nicola walked in with a cheerful smile, her smile turn into a worry when she saw Annie eyes, “Yee Seeu Lie are you okay?”

    The mistress immediately forced a smile, “Of course. Do you need me for something?”

    Studying her mistress closely, Nicola saw the handkerchief in Annie hand, and she knew why her mistress cried. “Oh Bobby say he is finish with dinner.”

    “Alright, I'll be down,” answered the sad voice of Annie, she no longer have that spirited mood.

    Nicola nodded and walked heading back out but she stopped and looked at Annie seriously with care. Swallowed nervously, she doesn't know if she should add her opinion but she really care. “Yee Seeu Lie, what in the past should stay in the past if it brings pain and sorrow. The one who suffer most is the one who wouldn't let go,” she sincerely told Annie. Annie stares at her with tears in her eyes. Nicola smiled encouragingly and sweetly, “I'll go down now, so you can have some silent thinking time.” She softly closed the door behind her and went back to help Bobby bring the dinner out.

    After Nicola left the room, Annie sat there for a while trying to clear her mind about her mixed guilt and what Nicola just say. Nicola is right, what in the past should stay in the past. Nothing can change now if she still holds on to the past. And it not fair to her husband Louis. And there is nothing wrong about wanting to celebrate with your own husband! There is nothing wrong with wanting to cheer him up and enjoy a night with him! She can't keep thinking about Steven when she knows that there is no future at all. With that settled in her mind, she is a bit more relieved and back to the spirit of celebrating again.

    Annie went to prepare herself and changed into an elegant dress to impress her husband, and hopefully have a great night with him like the evening at the ball. She is hopeful and excited, she couldn't wait to see Louis, he will be surprise. Even thought she hasn't seen her husband lately, she felt more at ease with him ever since that wonderful night of dances and sharing laughter and joy. The fear that she use to have has fade away, but yet it was because he is not home to make her feel more fear.

    Downstairs, Nicola is pacing back and forth in the living room staring at the staircase not sure of how Annie is doing right now. It six already and Annie hasn't came down yet, she knew Annie mind is bothersome cause of her old boyfriend, but Nicola really hope that Annie will forget Steven and give her Yee Seeu a fair chance. She also think that her Yee Seeu should give Annie a fair chance, maybe tonight is the night to start over!

    The caring maid is getting worry now since Annie took so long and still hasn't come down, and her Yee Seeu hasn't return either, where could he be? She is wondering why she is the one being more anxious for her Yee Seeu and Yee Seeu Lie than themselves. She is only a servant, but a very faithful servant who cares for her master well being. Nicola couldn't really do anything other than pacing around waiting for her mistress impatiently and concernedly.

    Annie finally walked down the staircase with her beautiful dress looking lovely as ever. Nicola was surprise to see Annie bright smile. Annie giggled a bit at her silly maid widen eyes, "What is wrong?"

    Nicola shakes her head with a bright smile, "Nothing Yee Seeu Lie, you look beautiful tonight!"

    The elegantly dressed Annie couldn't help herself from smiling sweetly and joyfully. She laughed at her maid who is more like her best friend now. "Thanks to you," Annie gratefully said with a bright charmed smile, "You are right Nikki, is about time to drop my past." Nicola smiled in joy and happiness. Annie looked up at the clock and notice that it was six fifteen already. "He is still not home yet?" she asked with a little disappointed pout shown on her face, but she is still hopeful, the night is still young.

    Nicola pressed her lip with a small disappointed sigh too, "Not yet." Annie heading toward the dinning room to see what else she needed to do to make it perfect. Nicola put on a hopeful cheerful smile, "Don't worry Yee Seeu Lie, I bet Yee Seeu is on his way home now. He's probably got dragged downs by some matter."

    Annie nodded with a bright smile. Her eyes sparkled at the beautiful decoration and the birthday cake on the dinning table with unlit candle on it and the eight delicious dishes on the table causing her stomach to rumble hungrily. Annie is satisfied with the presentation of tonight dinner. "Nikki where is Stephen and Bobby?" she asked curiously.

    "They are in the kitchen having dinner right now, do you need them for something Yee Seeu Lie? I could go get them for you," offered her maid.

    Shaking her head with a sweet smile, Annie shyly ordered, "Actually no, you can be excuse too. I wanted to be alone with him tonight."

    The smart servant got the cue immediately with a soft giggle at her mistress, "I know what to do." Annie cheek blushed a bit feeling silly inside. She really wanted a nice dinner with her husband and tries to get to know him better. Nicola smiled and excused herself feeling happy for her mistress to finally let go of her burden.

    Excitedly, Annie waited for her husband to return and enjoy the nice surprise dinner together. She seriously wanted to start over with Louis, and this evening seems to be the best time to do so. While she waits patiently, Annie moved the plate, utensil, wine glass a tit bit at a time trying to make them display perfectly in order. Well she has nothing else to do, other then getting paranoid by her tit bit off centered silverware. She can't wait to see him and get to talk to him and say what she has to say to him. Actually she is a bit nervous too, what if he doesn't want anything to do with her?

    Minute by minutes passed slowly as it became hours, but still no sign of her husband returning for dinner. Annie eyes rolled up to glance at the huge antique clock of the dinning room, it was displaying a ten o'clock. That clock looked so annoying and dreadful to Annie tonight cause it kept stunning her hope away every time she look at it and seeing the night is slowly drifting away. She is feeling depressed and angry too. She mumbled grouchily in her soft tone to herself, "How could he not come home, after I has done so much for this evening? But again, he never said he would be home, he hasn't came home for weeks, why would he be home tonight? So what, if it was his birthday? It doesn't mean he wanted to celebrate it with me." Annie mind just wouldn't let her rest, the more she thinks the more she pouted with gloominess, cause her mind could only summon up negative thought.

    She is starving but she is no longer in the mood to eat. Her eyes stare at the eight dishes of delicacy in front of her with tears in her eyes, "Why can't he be home now? Especially when I have something to tell him. Why can't he be home for once to enjoy a nice meal with me? Am I really just some kind of wooden doll that sit around waiting for him to play with only when he feel like it? Is the night of romance at the ball all fake? Is it just a cover up for his friends? Do he even cared?" Annie pushed the plates in front of her further away, so she can rest her folded arms to hide her head in it sobbing to herself. The more she think about her husband the more she felt emotionally hurts by his absentness and never cared about her, she couldn't help herself from releasing her sadness with tears washing her cheek.

    While she was sobbing to herself, a soft rolling sound of a round object was heard. Annie ear alerted to the sound, she lifted her head wiping her tears away and looking for the weird sound especially toward the front door hoping that her husband return. The rolling sound, seem to be approaching her, Annie eyes looked down toward her foot and saw a tiny ball rolled toward her and stopped when it gently touch her high heel. Annie heart pounded, 'Where did this ball come from?' she wondered. She quickly turned her head in all direction searching for the being whose have rolled this ball toward her but no one was around at all. Annie sniffed with more tears releasing, she is feeling emotionally stressed already, isn't that enough? Why do she have to feel fear too? She asked herself angrily for being so weak and worthless to be fearful about a ball.

    She is tired of this creepy game of fear and this depressing evening. She yelled hastily with frustration, "I don't care, who ever it is come out now! I'm no longer afraid! Just show yourself!! I'm tired of this, stop playing game with me!" The house was silent with her demand echoed back at her through the empty house.

    Annie dried all her tears with her eyes darted to all direction. There seem to be no one around, and whatever it is wouldn't reveal it self. Annie slumped her shoulder wearily cause of her dreadful wait for her husband and depressed mood. The ball that was on her foot rolled closer toward her, like it nudging her wanting attention. Annie stares at it with confusion and creepiness climbing up her spine giving her a shiver. She bended down to grab the little red ball that is only the size of her palm. She examine it, it's just an ordinary rubber ball of a child toy, then the image of the ball Gilbert place in front of the tombstone waved in Annie mind. She stare at the ball with widen eyes, it looked exactly like this! How did it get in here?

    "What do you want?" she asked with a trace of uncertainty filled with trembling. Nervously, she gnawed on her lip, "Who are you?" Her eyes scanned the empty dinning room. There was no answer. Annie swallowed and her hand tightened on the ball. "Come out, who are you? I'm not afraid, just come out and let me see you," she calmly invited. A squeak of the door was heard causing her heart to drop immediately with her head shot at that direction, she didn't really expect it to response. She is not ready for this!

    "Yee Seeu Lie are you okay?" asked the puzzle maid after seeing her mistress hard round eyes on her motionlessly widen with cold fear behind it.

    Steadily Annie nodded repeatedly with her heart rate calmed a bit. "Yeah. I'm fine," she reassured Nicola. 'How silly is that? I kept scaring myself for no reason!' she silently concluded in her mind.

    Nicola walked up to Annie and saw the ball in her hand. "Where did you get that?" she curiously asked.

    Annie vision lowered to stare at the rubber ball, "It was on the floor." Nicola was confused to why. Annie study the ball puzzled too. She looked at Nicola, "Weren't you asleep?"

    The friendly girl shake her head to her mistress question, "I was in my room, but hasn't go to bed yet. I'm going to bed now, just want to make sure you don't need me for the night." She stare at the dinner table with a soft sigh, nothing been touch yet. "Yee Seeu Lie, why don't you have dinner, I guess Yee Seeu is busy tonight," she sadly nudged her mistress to eat and not starve herself. "You shouldn't wait this long for dinner, it not healthy. It's almost eleven already."

    Disappointedly, Annie sat back down on the chair with her glum stare on the elegantly displayed dishes in front of her. She doesn't feel like eating at all, "I'm not hungry. Nikki could you grab some thing to cover up all eight dishes before you head to bed?"

    "Of course," Nicola answered mannerly as she turn to head toward the kitchen. Annie places the ball on the dinning table and rested her head on her folded arm again while Nicola covered each plate of food with another plate. Nicola shakes her head sadly with sympathy when she saw her mistress disappointment. 'Why is her Yee Seeu so heartless to not return home?' she silently pondered. After she got everything cover she smiled at Annie kindly, "Yee Seeu Lie, I'll go to bed now, you can come get me anytime you needed me. Good night." Annie nodded, she is in no mood to reply.

    Annie dragged herself to sit upright staring at the birthday cake with a pout of disappointment. 'All the hassle for nothing! NOTHING!!' her mind angrily concluded. She sighed loudly, "He doesn't care at all," she sadly murmured to herself. 'But he doesn't know about this, maybe he would be home if he does,' she made an excuse for Louis. At least this thought made her felt a bit better. She lighted up all the candles on the birthday cake and just sit there to gaze at the flickering flame of the candles with her dull eyes. Her chin is on her pair of folded arms, which is on the table. The candle flame waved wildly doing a little dance in front of her.

    She waited and waited and waited until she finally fallen asleep in front of the birthday cake with it candle wax slowly dripped onto the cake, almost totally burned out. A blow of chilling air causes every single candle flame to die off with a trail of smoke and a tiny glow of the wick. A soft voice of giggle was audible with the icy empty room as the red ball rolled off the table and disappeared with no one to witness. And all the light that Annie has on for the evening was turned off leaving Annie to sleep in total darkness.

    When the old grandfather clock strike midnight with it echoing solid hum, the front door opened with Louis stepped in and shuts the door behind him. He walked toward the stairs in the dark, but before he reaches the step he notice a dark outline of someone was on the dinning room chair and table. Louis curiously walked toward the dinning room and turned the chandelier on, filling the dinning room with sparkling light and warmth. He's surprise to see that it's Annie sleeping in the dinning room, with the birthday cake in front of her. His eyes gazed on the writing of the cake, he felt guilty with his soften eyes on it and the eight plates around. His eyes scanned the room, which is decorated with colorful streamer and balloons along with a Happy Birthday banner hanging on the wall. He know that it must took Annie a long time to put all of this together and the cake too, it so obvious that she is the one who wrote those words.

    With a sorry sigh, Louis squatted by Annie chair and studies her closed eyes that are a bit puffy red. His hand reaching toward her face and felt it tenderly with his sorry eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered before he lean toward Annie and pecked her cheek. With a sigh at his wife, he swooped her up into his arms and carried her heading up the stair.

    Annie mumbled with her eyes partially opening but she was really drowsy into her sleep, "Where were you?.... Why didn't you come home?.... I waited for a long time...." She breathed softly with her sigh half asleep and awake, she couldn't even tell if she were dreaming or is this reality.

    His eyes are kept on hers close one while he carried her up to their bedroom to sleep. "I'm sorry," his deep voice said again with a soft sigh trailed behind, "I don't want to be home today."

    Her eyes shuts tiredly while she continue to question him with her sad depressed voice, "Cause you don't want to see me?..." Finally she was so tired that she trailed off to sleep, with Louis feeling guilty, she is correct. He didn't want to see her. He place Annie on the bed and kissed her softly with only a slight touch.

    Louis whispered, "I'm sorry Annie...I knew I shouldn't start loving you, it will only make you suffer with me...please forgive me." He stares at her peaceful face while she sleeps and lean to kiss her softly on the forehead. "I love you," he gently said with a sincere smile. He held her hand and suddenly dropped it quickly with his eyes darted at her, "You shouldn't have! I don't need you!" Suddenly his loving soft eyes turned into a glare with harsh hatred toward Annie. His head begin to swing side to side, "I don't need you....I don't love you! You are the one who chose to leave me!" His hand reaching toward Annie neck, but he swiftly pulled himself away and immediately scooted back and as far away from Annie as possible.

    "Don't!!" his voice snapped to a concern one pleading no. But quickly like a blink of an eye it changed to a deeper one with anger, "She deserves to die! She is not worth your love! Helen deserves to die!" Louis clenched his hand tightly struggling with himself trying to control himself, with a more soften tone, "She is not Helen!! LOUIS SHE IS NOT HELEN!!" he kept reminding himself over and over.

    After struggling with himself for awhile, Louis panted tiredly with his body trembling. He shakes his head with fear, he don't want to hurt Annie. While he still has control of himself he shot up and stormed down the dinning room standing in front of the table of food, staring at the cake with anger mixed with stress. 'Why can't I be normal?! I'm afraid of myself! I'm a freak!' his mind kept yelling at himself as he blamed himself for his problem. He is afraid of being with Annie, he don't want to be the one who hurt her!

    His eyes hardened on the cake with his little panting breath. Anger waved in his heart and climbed up his face causing it to turn red and stern again. With a forceful swing of his arm the cake is shoved across the room and ended smashed on the shiny polish floor. Louis body dropped on the chair that Annie was sited on earlier, he let out a stressful loud scream with his two arms elbowed to the dinning table and his two hands grabbing onto his hair frustratingly and painfully.

    Annie is jerked awake by his scream and fear shook her heart. She quickly climbed off bed and walked out toward the voice. She walked down the step and stopped midway with the clear image of her husband and the cake on the floor. Tears welled up her eyes thinking that he is not pleases with her, Annie gnawed her lip as she silently watch him.

    Her husband keeps on reminding himself with frustration, "It's not her! It's not her! She is not Helen!! She is not Helen! Helen is gone, she won't be back, she is gone!" He sobbed to himself frustratingly, "She left...she left me...how could she left me? I love you....how could you?" The broken hearted husband continue to sob painfully with his head dig under his arms.

    Tears are streaked down Annie cheeks as she watch her husband sobbing cause of another woman. She slowly slides down to sit on the step with her head leaned against the wooden bar of the rail with her eyes kept on Louis. She knows she could never compare with his Helen. What is she thinking about to throw a party and try to fix their relationship? There is no relationship and never will it be one! She is just a look alike, their no hope of love! Annie bitterly told herself with more tears washing her face. She felt neglected and unloved by her husband, she fear that the rest of her life will be miserable like this. Annie is sobbing and trying to muffle the sound out by pressing her lip together. Swiftly she pulled herself up and ran to their bedroom to cry not wanting Louis to see her pain.

    Stephen stepped out of his room when he was awoken by Louis, he stare at his Yee Seeu with his head shaking and anger building up as his eyes darted toward the master bedroom with his hand clenched tightly into a fist. If it weren't for Annie his Yee Seeu wouldn't have to suffer those pain again! Why do she have to return?!

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    Wow, what a good story. <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">

    I'm very curious as to who Helen is, and what happened to Louis in the past.

    Please update, soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    And your another novel too please; Ambitious Eye <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Thanks for two wonderful stories
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    Thanks for the kind comment, I'm glad you enjoy this fanfic! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you more <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 20: Powder Green

    Like always, weeks passed with two muted souls sleeping on the same bed. Annie don't see Louis much anymore cause he is trying to avoid her. She only see him when she is startled up in the middle of the night and saw him sleeping next to her, other than that she haven't seen her husband charming face. Sometime when she is awoken at night, she would stay awake to watch him sleep, since it is the only time she gets to see him. Same thing goes with Louis, he would stare at her sleeping state for a long while, before he end and start his day.

    Days after days the house is empty and lonely with only Annie and the three servants of hers in this huge hollow soundless house. Her daily routine is very predictable too, but it's less hectic now since she learned most of the stuff already, she mostly just does her reading and writing now. Like usual Annie would wake up and take a short shower to start her day. While she was showering she heard someone walking in her room, which immediately send a quiver up her spine and alerted her right away.

    Her wet hand quickly turned off the running water so she can listen more clearly. Annie nervously swallowed that bothersome eerie feeling again, "Nikki is that you?" She wondered which servants could be in her room, when she specifically stated that no one could enter her room when she is showering. She stated that clearly so she could assure herself that she is alone during her shower. No one response to her question and she saw the shadow walked by the slit under the door, her heart dropped and she gulped her fear.
    "Nikki?" Annie weak quivering voice asked again.

    She rather believing it is Nicola than her other servant. But it's odd to her that Nicola didn't answer her if it was her, than it must not be her, she concluded with a shiver. Her husband left early this morning, so it couldn't be him either. So who is it? She gulped her fear when the haunting image of Stephen gaze popped into her mind, she still remembers how he stares at her with those tempted eyes.

    Annie anxiously pressed her lip together, she shakily asked with tiny creep of fear invading her smooth skin creating tiny bump, "Stephen is that you?"

    There was no reply. Her heart pounded loudly while she swiftly stepped out of the shower and grabs a towel to wrap around herself, she has been feeling jumpy ever since she heard something from behind the locked door in the west wing a couple months ago and the light bulb incident three weeks ago. Every little noise made her feel creepy and edgy now. Without another thought, Annie quickly slides into her robe and tightly wrapped it around her body, she gulped at the shadow passed by again and footstep is heard from the room.

    A trace of anger is mixed with her fearful voice, which demanded for an answer, "Who is it? I'm warning you, don't scare me like this again!" Her voice was rough and anger cause she thinks it's her butler Stephen, but Stephen wouldn't dare to come into the master bedroom. Annie heart was confused and puzzled, "Who ever it is speak up now!"

    There were no reply, which made her panicked, she quickly look around the bathroom for something that she could use to protect herself and the only thing she saw was a can of cleanser on the sink counter, so she grabs it. Tensely her hand wrapped around the cylinder can tightly while her other hand opened the doorknobs as steadily as she could control her shaky hand. The squeaky door slowly open with her head slowly stick out for a peek, the room was empty. Annie walked out with her hand tensely hold the can, she saw no one was in the room, she was puzzle, she sworn she heard footstep and even see the shadow! How could it be no one?!

    Annie walked around the huge room to check every corner, there is no one at all, she head straight to the master bedroom door and stick her head out looking at the hallway and the locked room which faced their master bedroom, just at the end of the west hall. She swallowed, it was totally silent, so silent that it gave her eerie goose bump but she senses someone is watching her. But the hall is empty and no one was around except her.

    'Why is this so similar to that night? Could it be Stephen again?' she shook her head, it couldn't be him, he wouldn't dare to come close to her, right? She wondered; is she imagining things again? She let out a breath of calm herself, she kept reminding herself that there is no such thing as ghost and that she must be paranoid and kept on imagining things lately since the surrounding is silent. But what could cast the shadow under the slit? It could be a tree waving outside causing a shadow, she know that excuse is far fetch since the tree in the bedroom window is not even tall enough to reach the window. But she needs to make an excuse to ease her paranoid heart, and with her messy mind that is the best excuse she could think of.

    A firm hand is on her shoulder kind of jerking her back a little and her heart dropped with her drained face as she jumped and her body tensed up stiffly. With her panicking heart and racing mind she turn around with her eyes shuts tightly while she forcefully emptying the cleansing powder on whatever it is that is grabbing onto her shoulder. She doesn't care if it is Stephen or a ghost, she is not going to let it explain, but she was thinking of it being a ghost, since she know Stephen wouldn't dare to cross the line. So it got to be a ghost! Who else could it be? She screamed as she empty large amount of the green powder everywhere, clouding up the room. Causing her to cough herself cause of the powder. But the figure in front of her was angrier than ever!

    "STOP IT!!" shouted her inflamed husband with dark deadly eyes on her.

    Annie was surprise that it was her husband voice, she quickly dropped the can and her face was pale with her eyes popped open staring at the thick cloud she has made in front of her. The powder slowly settled revealing a hissing image of her powdered husband right in front of her with darken stern face stared straight into her eyes with frustration. She gulped and knows that she is going to get it this time. She has totally pressed his button, he certainly going to explode on her. Annie gulped, she missed him but this is certainly not how she wanted to greet him.

    "Why are you here?" she asked softly in her shaky innocent voice. He is always gone when she wakes up, how do she know it was him? But reality is reality, he is in front of her now and powder green from head to toes with a set of hard eyes beamed on her hastily.

    The frustrated husband sighed angrily while his eyes darted at the clock. "Why couldn't I be here?! This is my room!" he yelled at her with disbelief. Louis is dusting the powder off of his suit, but it hopeless. Especially his bowtie is being wedged with powder. He darted at Annie frustratingly and scolded, "Why didn't you look before you dump stuff on people?!"

    "I thought you are a...a..." the guilty wife couldn't continue, knowing that her husband is disappointed at her.

    "What?!" he demanded with bulged angry eyes still on her.

    Annie looked toward her foot feeling embarrassed to be so silly. She softly answered, "ghost..." she has a feeling that her husband will scold her for believing in ghost.

    Indeed Louis was angrier then ever! His eyes are bulged out hard on her with his flat tone, "There is no ghost Annie. And don't you ever say that word in this house again, you heard me?" Annie pressed her lips together and just kept silent. He let out a weary breath after seeing the big mess.

    His wife guilty eyes steadily beamed at him, "Why didn't you answer me when I called out from the bathroom?"

    Louis stare at her oddly, "I didn't hear you."

    Annie is certain that her voice was really loud demanding for an answer. How could he not hear her? "Than where were you? I didn't see you when I was checking the room," she curiously asked.

    The dark toned husband that looked a bit more sterns with his not too happy mood, stare at the clock again, he sighed loudly, "I was just over by the desk! How could you not see me if you were looking for me?! It's doesn't matter now! I don't have time for you to question me!"

    "I wasn't questioning you...." whimpered the nervous young wife.

    Ignoring Annie, Louis yelled loudly, "STEPHEN COULD YOU COME IN!!" Annie shuts her eyes when he shouted cause it was really loud. He looked at Annie with just the faint yellow robe on; she looked cute and tempting so his eyes were glued on her, until the footstep of Stephen made him snapped out. "Annie go back in and change," he ordered. Annie nod and ran back into the bathroom, she didn't want Stephen to see her like this too. Louis didn't want anyone to see his wife in minimal clothes, of course anyone but himself that is. Stephen appeared in front of him when Annie got back into the bathroom. Louis sighed disappointedly at himself; he looked like a mess.

    Stephen eyes widen seeing Louis powdered, "What happen?" his first impulse is to check the clock for time, "Yee Seeu, you will be late for the meeting." Annie heard Stephen serious tone so she opens the bathroom door a crack to listen.

    She saw her husband handing Stephen a document. "Stephen listen to me closely, I don't think I could make it on time. So I need you to represent me, just take this document there and sign an agreement with Mr. Wong," Louis instructed his butler.

    Shocked, Stephen was stiff as a statue and his voice is still calm as always, "Me?"

    Louis sighed as he looked at himself, "What do you think?" his voice was hopeless. Annie saw his expression and frustrated tone, she felt horribly guilty for causing him trouble. "Just go Stephen, the contract need to be sign in fifteen minute, so have Joe drive you right away. Go."

    Stephen nod and took the document rushing out the door. Louis sat on the bed and felt anger boiling up, he screamed frustratingly toward the white wall. He just hopes that Mr. Wong is willing to sign with Stephen, this is a really big business that can't be missed. Annie felt bad, she inflated her lungs with a big puff of air for courage before she slowly opens the door and walked out with her head held low and a little puppy pout was shown on her face with her round sorry and guilty eyes. She stands in front of Louis silently. Louis eyes slowly moved up and narrowed at her.

    The husband saw that cute robe snuggly wrapped around his wife. She was powdered herself. "Why haven't you change?" he asked in his cheviot tone.

    Annie swallowed her fear, apologies are harder than she think. She softly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your day and making you miss your meeting."

    Louis looked at her sternly and his eyes soften, how could he stay mad at her sorry puppy look? He sighed softly and stood up heading to the bathroom. "Just stop causing trouble. I don't want to hear any more things about ghost, there is no such thing as ghost." He suddenly turned and bump into Annie, his head immediately shake at her, "Lift your head up Annie." Annie did as she was told and looked at him with a frown. He couldn't help his heart from speeding up when he saw her beautiful round eyes and soft innocent face. And those deep dark eyes are just so attractive, especially along with that short robe! He quickly turned away before his heart goes too far. "And next time when you decide to pour anything make sure you look and know it not me. I don't want anymore thing pour on me, got that?"

    Annie nod firmly with a small giggle, she remembered that she was the one who pour pig sop on him also, when they first met. She couldn't believe that it almost half a year since she first met him. Louis stands in front of the sink dusting the powder off his hair and face. While Annie helps him dust his back, the powder really gotten deep into his dark tone suit making it looks grayish and dull.

    Sighed softly, Annie felt so guilty, "I'm sorry." Louis kept blinking his eyes constantly and rubbing it. She notice and became concern, "Did it get into your eyes? Let me see."

    He resisted her and stepped slightly away rubbing his eyes, "I'm fine, this is not working, why don't you step out, I want to take a shower." Annie nodded and walked out, he pulled her back, she looked at him with questioned eyes. Louis blinking eyes was on her from head to toes, she is a mess too. "Why don't you shower and change first, I don't want you to walk around in a robe," he ordered and stepped out to patiently waited for her to clean up first.

    Annie smiled sweetly after his back, he is considerate of her, she thought with a cheerful smile from the heart to warm her rosy cheeks. A while later Annie came out changed into a baby blue dress that Louis picked four months ago when they went out shopping for the first time. Louis narrowed his eyes on his wife, she look adorably cute and beautiful, 'why do she have to be so attractive?!' his mind questioned. He couldn't help himself from wanting to keep his eyes on her. Luckily for the powder to pull his attention off of her, he continues to rub as he head to the bathroom.

    While he is showering Annie cleaned up the mess she made. She chuckled at herself for being so silly to believe that there is such thing as ghost in this world. She must be imagining every thing, Annie thought with a cheerful smile. Even her husband said there is no such thing as ghost. She got all the powder off the carpet revealing the cream shade again.

    Louis shouted from his shower, "Annie can you get me some clothes?!" He has forgotten about them.

    "Alright! Hold on!" Annie shouted back. She swiftly ran into their walk in closet to choose a shirt and slack, this is the first time she gets to choose clothes for him. She scanned through his clothes trying to imagine how she wanted him to look like today.

    Impatiently, Louis wrapped his bottom half securely with his bath towel. "Annie?!" he shouted wondering what take her so long.

    "Coming!!" Annie quickly answer and tries to choose a matching slack. She finally decided on a sharp match of dress shirt and slack, and even chosen a tie to go along with it. She quickly ran back out heading toward the bathroom about to knock. But Louis opened the door and she froze with the sight of her husband bare chest without a shirt! Her eyes is staring at Louis motionlessly with her heart beating faster, 'He is hot!' Her heart screamed loudly with all of her pulse jumping and feeling a bit lightened floatingly. She is speechless and couldn't move a muscle either, with her eyes still kept on his masculine body.

    Louis narrowed his eyes on her stillness. He grabs the set of clothes that she is holding on top of her pair of arms, "Thanks."

    "Um hm..." she murmured with her mind else where. She couldn't force anything else but that. Louis stares at her strangely and shake his head at his strange wife before he ran backs into the bathroom with a chuckle and shut the door to change. Annie heart is still pounding but her frozen position is finally cures after her husband left. She places her hand over her heart and she could actually feel the beating. She walked over to their bed cause she felt her knee weakening. She murmured to herself at this strange new sensation, "What is happening to me?" She let out a big breath, "Get a hold of yourself." Annie shut her eyes trying to forget what she just saw, but the more she tries to forget the more it reminded her! She screamed loudly in frustration about her mind, "Ahhhh!!!"

    "Are you okay Annie?!" her husband yelled back urgently with concern.

    The silly wife pressed her lip together tightly and forced out, "Ah huh!" her cheek is heating up to a dark crimson shade. She smacked her face with her right hand and flopped on the bed, 'Why am I feeling so weird?! Why is my body feeling like an oven?! Why can't my heart stop with the pounding?! It just his chest!' she angrily yelled at silly mind in her head. Annie felt embarrassed for her thought as she digs her head deeper into their bed with her blushed face.

    The doorbell ringed downstairs and it made Annie flopped upright, finally something to get her mind off of her husband chest! She is curious to who it could be, no one ever visit for the entire four months, who could it be? She curiously walked out the room with a little red ball trailed behind her, but she didn't notice. The ball rolled toward the west wing and faded away with a soft giggle that is not audible to the normal ears.

    Annie curiously walked downstairs heading toward the front door with her heart back to a more steady rhythm, Nicola has open the door already. Annie saw Raymond and gave him a friendly smile but she is curious to finally see one of her in law to visit. "Hi," she sweetly greeted with a welcoming smile. She is wondering why he came to pay a visit. Raymond stepped in. "Are you here to look for Mr. Koo?" Annie quickly corrected herself when she saw Raymond eyes on her weirdly, "I mean Louis. Are you here looking for Louis?" It has been such a habit of her now to refer to her own husband as Mr. Koo.

    Raymond shakes his head as he smiled at Annie friendlily, "Actually no, he's home?"

    The older brother walked down the stairs while he try to straighten his tie, his eyes darted at Raymond and Annie. He felt anger boiling up when he saw Raymond in his house staring at his wife with those smile! In a stern solid voice, Louis try to label his territory, "Yes, of course I'm home."

    The kind boy turn to grin at his brother surprised, "You didn't have to work?!"

    Louis sternly asked with his icy tone, "Why are you here Raymond?" he never liked to be bother, not even by his family. Annie turned to look at her husband once she heard his voice. Boy he sure looked charming with the set of clothes she chosen, extremely sharp and handsome, her heart reminded her. She pressed her lip together trying to control her thought and expression of giddiness. She turned to study Raymond, it will keep her mind off of Louis and she is curious to his visit.

    Raymond could sense something weird about his brother attitude toward him, but when have Louis not act weird anyway, he reminded himself. "Oh, I was just wondering if Annie would like to join a party of my college. We are having a get together party; it will be fun. I thought she would be bore home alone."

    "Well, she is not home alone is she?" asked the flat toned Yee Gor. Annie smiled at Raymond warmly for being so thoughtful. But her husband thinks other wise. Louis walked up to Annie and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and pecked the side of her neck in front of Raymond, Annie body tensed up with little tingling sensation cause of his action, she is not comfortable with him kissing her so intimidate and in front of his brother! She wasn't expecting this at all, but she try not to scold him or give out too obvious of a reaction that Raymond could sense. But deep down inside she does like the closeness from her husband. Raymond saddened a bit disheartened, he could sense his brother purpose of waving a red flag at him, Louis smiled at his brother with a victory grin.

    "Beside Annie like to stay home, right honey?" he matter of factually stated and looked at Annie with his charming warm eyes and his stunning smile.

    Annie nodded unsurely as her eyes stare straight into his, she felt captivated, he could be very attractive Annie thought with a skip of her heart. Annie murmured a soft uncomfortable, "yeah."

    Louis grinned at her without the emptiness, Annie felt so strange with his smile, it made her smile shyly too for some odd reason, 'But I hate him right?' she reminded herself. No her heart reminded her, she has changed her mind after the ball. 'But I am not in love with him right? Just attracted to him and nothing more right?' She pondered about the question.

    The youngest brother of the Koo felt like an intruder and quickly excused himself feeling a bit awkward, but he honestly just thought of taking Annie out of the house for fun and nothing more. Yes he does have a tiny bit of a crush on his sister-in-law, but he never think of going after his sister-in-law, he just wanted to be her friend. But obviously his brother added more spice to his thought. "Oh never mind then, maybe next time. Bye!" he ran toward the door and stopped before he left, "Oh Yee Gor, mother said she wanted you and Annie to visit her sometime. She missed you and Annie."

    The easily jealous husband of Annie is getting irritated at Raymond for keep calling his wife name. "Is Yee Sewl," he corrected Raymond to address his wife as second sister-in-law.

    Raymond embarrassingly pressed his lip together with awkwardness, "Oh sorry, I forgot." It just strange for him to call Annie Yee Sewl cause Annie is two years younger than him. "Anyway, bye Yee Gor, bye Yee Sewl!" he left.

    "That's better," Louis mumbled with a soft growl.

    "You can let go of me now Mr. Koo," Annie shyly reminded him, her cheek has a pretty shade of red on it. Louis didn't let her go, instead he stare at her for a long second with his sharp eyes and a grin. Annie smiled sweetly with her lip pressed together and she felt butterfly in her stomach with Louis attention on her.

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    Chapter 21: Hurtful Words

    Louis didn't let Annie go, instead he stare at her for a long second with his sharp eyes and a grin. Annie smiled sweetly with her lip pressed together and she felt butterfly in her stomach with Louis attention on her. The front door opened and in step Stephen staring at them. Louis let go of Annie and questioned Stephen about his important business. "How did it go?" Louis asked in his steady confident business voice.

    Annie stepped a bit behind Louis, trying to avoid Stephen gaze and to remind Stephen that she is Louis wife! "There is no problem, Yee Seeu," Stephen speaks calmly as usual while handing a document over to Louis.

    "Great," answered his master that finally able to relax.

    "I'll go back to work now," Stephen said as he slightly bowed mannerly. Louis nodded to excuse him. Stephen glanced at Annie with his still eyes that have a glow of hatred before he head straight to the kitchen to help his brother.

    After Stephen interruption Louis return to his normal self again. His eyes kept blinking and it getting really red and irritated as he rubbed it forcefully trying to get the poking feeling out of his eyes. The cleanser is bothersome and causing his eyes to burn up a bit. Caringly Annie grabs his hand firmly stopping him from rubbing. "Let me help," her gentle voice offered.

    The tyrant husband looked at her up and down with a smirk, "You?" he rolled his eyes, "I'll call a doctor."

    With a pout and a soft disappointed sigh, Annie rolled her eyes two. "Rich kid," she murmured under her breath.

    Louis darted at her with a bit of anger, "What did you just call me?"

    Annie sighed at him, "Doctor don't have time to entertain people like you Mr. Koo, let them go save life. I could help you get it out in seconds." He looked at her with uncertainty. Annie softly assured him with a sweet tone and a confident smile, "Trust me." Louis hesitatingly nodded. Annie smiled happily and guided him to sit on the couch. "Now try to stop blinking and keep your eyes open wide," she instructed.

    He widen his eyes stilly staring straight at her with a smile creeping up, he couldn't help himself. 'She is cute,' his heart kept saying. "You look cute," his tongue slipped, he quickly shut his mouth tightly together. Did he just say that out loud? He not supposes to show his soft sides remember? He reminded himself.

    "Thanks," said the blushing young wife. "Now look up toward the ceiling," she commended. His eyes are still on her and started to blink, he couldn't control it. Annie giggled at him; he looked a bit goofy. "I say look up toward the ceiling," she repeated.

    Louis snapped out and stares up toward the ceiling. "I could just call a doctor and get this over with," his voice carry a bit of annoyance.

    Annie shake her head at him, he is just hopeless and dependent too much on being fancy. She stares at his eyes for foreign particle. "Just let me try. Roll them to the left," she said while her eyes are checking closely. He stare at her stilly, she like the attention but not at this time. "I say to the right," she ordered while trying to be serious.

    Her husband listened and rolled his eyes to the right. "I thought you say left," he slightly chuckled teasingly.

    Pouting a bit with embarrassment, Annie continues to examine his eyes carefully, "Well to the left than." Louis moved back and just stares at her again. In her annoyed tone, Annie warned, "I say left." He rolled to the left and blinked with his eyes shut feeling the sting. "I see it! Now open your eyes!" directed the excited wife. Louis opened as wide as he could. Annie softly blow on it trying to get the powder out but it stick to his eyeball tightly. She continue with Louis eyes started to roll back to stare at her. She stares at him confusedly, "To the left Mr. Koo," she reminded.

    Louis didn't listen, he just stares at her steadily, she is so sweet looking. "You look nice today," his voice was soft but very genuine. 'Oh no another compliment,' his mind reminding him to shut up, 'but she does look really sweet!' He cleared this throat and reminded himself to not add anymore compliment!

    Annie rolled her eyes with her obvious crimson cheek, "I say to the left Mr. Koo." He grinned and rolled his eyes to the left again. Annie tries to blow it out again but it stubbornly wouldn't come out. "Just wait a minute," she said before she disappears so quickly. She returns in a couple minutes with a paperclip and a joyful smile, it the first time that they actually talk and interacted with each other in a friendly base. And he seem to be in a playful mood today, she never see him like this.

    The husband eyes narrowed on the paperclip with a bit of confusion and anxiety evidence, "Don't tell me you going to poke my eyes with that."

    She stands in front of him and chuckled at him, he actually look childish with his concern, another side of him that Annie hasn't met. "Just hold still and I promise I won't blind you," she guaranteed. Louis holds still and she firmly held his right eyes open steadily and inserted the round smooth end of the paperclip in to swap around his eye. Louis eyes were on hers; she looked so caring and gentle as she slowly and carefully helped him. He couldn't help himself from gluing to her, she is just like an angel to him and he is attracted to her beauty and pure innocent. Annie smiled cheerfully as she removed the paperclip. "Now try to blink and see if it's help." Louis eyes were motionless cause his mind was elsewhere. Annie eyes narrowed on him curiously, "Mr. Koo? Mr. Koo!"

    Snapped out, Louis is disappointed with her, "Is Louis." He blinked. Indeed he didn't felt the sandy poke anymore. "I'm fine now."

    The joyful girl chuckled at her husband sweetly, and proudly, "Of course! That's one of my secrete remedies." Louis eyes were on her unmoved she looked so joyful and innocent, that it gave him a sense of attraction toward her. Annie see his motionless stare on her, she looked at herself. "What's wrong? Did I put this on wrong?" she looked at her self and try to figure out the dress. It looks fine to her. She could still see Louis still eyes on her, "Do I have something on me?"

    Her handsome husband swiftly pulled her into his lap with forceful jerk and their eyes was staring at each other eyes with spark, theirs face are only a couple centimeter away. Annie heart pounded when he jerked her into his lap a moment ago, she felt a strange sensation of desire and temptation from his eyes that causes her heart to pound. It was different from those Stephen gave her, maybe because he is her husband, and she is enjoying his attention on her.

    Annie eyes were lost in his dreamy eyes that captivated her soul, she is giving her husband the same affect. He grinned a bit and lean foreword toward her. Annie pressed her lip together silently with her heart racing faster as she looked at his approaching lip. She wanted to push him away but she felt weaken and couldn't move a single muscle, she was drowned into his charm and wanted him to love her too. She has to admit she couldn't resist his handsomeness and charming confident grin, she is definitely physically attracted to him.

    He softly painted his lip on her and she felt his tenderness touch, which causes her body to tremble a bit with nervousness. Her body tensed as she closed her eyes to let him guide her. His kiss felt so right and warm, she enjoyed it until an image of her childhood hero popped up, she quickly pushed Louis away and stands upright staring at him while she bit her lower lip feeling guilty for thinking of another man other than her husband, also feeling like she is betraying Steven too if she continue. Her eyes show the sign of lost and searching for help, she quickly turn around to leave, anywhere but to face him.

    Louis stood himself up quickly and firmly grabs her wrist to pull her back. He then firmly held both of her shoulder to turn her around to face him, he stare into her eyes seriously with passion and desire. Annie looked at him with her soft eyes, his stunning face is so close with it handsome angular jaw, Annie thought with a warm smile slowly hung on her face without her noticing. She could see the warm passion in his eyes that she never notices before, it so desirable that her mind is on him and only him.

    His hand slowly moved to cup her face and pulled her closer to kiss her passionately, Annie felt her heart racing up and down so fast that it felt like everything is spinning in fast motion. And everything else was history, they has faded away and no longer important to her. She reminded herself that she is Mrs. Koo now and it alright to love her own husband. Slowly Annie loosened her tension and closed her eyes to enjoy the fervor kiss of her husband. Louis held her closer and continues to show his burning passion for her. The thought of avoiding her has totally diminished, he loved her and he is attracted to her. How could he hide his feeling?

    Annie looks into his dreamy dark eyes, she was lost into those eyes of his and his passionate kiss causes her body to burn up wanting his love, she willingly returned his kiss with the same passion. She never felt so strong of a feeling before, it was fresh and made her crave for more. The image of her childhood love has vanished and forever replaced with this passionate new beginning.

    Louis eyes beamed at her round one with sparks, she looked so beautiful and tempting. His hands slowly moved up her back and pulled her closer against his body. Both of their hearts are racing wildly with passion for each other and the rest of the world faded away. He pulled her down to the couch to continue their shower of love.

    While they were tongue wrestling on the living room couch, at the corner of the kitchen peeking out was a set of cold still eyes. Stephen watches them with his eyes starting to burn with flame, and he purposely dropped a pot creating a long bang when it hit the hard marble floor of the kitchen. The bang causes Louis to stop his tongue movement with his eyes widen staring at Annie like he just notice what he is doing, he quickly pushed Annie away and stares at her with his blank daunted face, like he just woken up. Annie was confused to his action, she stare at him with her hurtful eyes beamed at him for an explanation.

    Shaking his head, Louis shuts his eyes tightly as he screamed loudly and frustratingly. Annie covered her ears with tears begin to spills, she don't understand why he stopped or why he is screaming now, all she felt is pain from his scream. Louis dropped to the floor holding his head tightly as he shake it vigorously struggling to forget what just happened. Annie slowly release her ears and her eyes were on him trying to put what he's doing into logic, but she couldn't, she don't understand him, he kept on sending mixed signal to her. 'What do he want?!' she angrily questioned herself.

    Annie slowly approaches him with her hurtful eyes, she squatted down in front of him and reaches her hand out to touch him and softly called, "Louis?" It was her first time sincerely called his name with her soft loving voice. She finally felt comfortable to call her husband name. And it sounded so right too.

    He pushed her away forcefully causing her to fall lying on the floor, he panted roughly as his eyes darted at the floor ahead of him. "It not you...it not you...you're not Helen.." his head slowly swing side to side loosely, "you are not Helen...Helen is gone...gone..." His deadly eyes fiercely tilted up to stare at Annie, it was so cold and empty that it immediately sends fear to her. "You will never be HER!!" he cruel tells Annie.

    A sharp pain sharply stabbed into her heart, Annie don't know why those words hurt so much, he is just her husband, she don't even love him right? But why does it hurt so much? She wondered with painful tears, she knows she is starting to love him, why is he hurting her like this? When those words came out of his mouth it hurts so horribly. Annie swallowed as her hurtful hard eyes darted on him wanting him to take those words back!

    He seems like a different person, not the one that was kissing her with strong passion a minute ago. Cause he has lost that warmth eyes, it was replace by this mysteriously cold and empty one. The one that is flooded with hatred and anger toward her. Her eyes were stare straight into his for an answer to his switch in mood.

    "I never love you!" said the deep bitter voice of her husband. "You're not Helen! You can never replace her!! No one can replace her!!" He grab Annie arm forcefully and jerked her up to face him, Annie body shook as she stare at him with widen eyes, she was scare, lost, fearful, confuse, angry, terrify, and most of all hurts by his words. It painful to realize that he is thinking of her as a replacement during the kiss! How could he do that to her? Why is he treating her this way? She kept asking herself, what did she do wrong? The worst thing is that she just started to believe that it possible to love him and for him to love her, but he has just stunned her hope to nothing.

    Annie stare at him with pain in her pair of eyes as he continue to pierce into her heart and make her bleed with his words, "You hear me?! You can NEVER be her!!! I don't love you! You are nothing!" Annie bit her lower lip hard, so hard that she starting to feel it numbed. She darted at him with tears cascading down her face bitterly, why is he so unfair? Why can't he just stop it?!

    Nicola hears the loud shout and ran out to see what's going on, she stands still staring at Louis and Annie confusedly not know what to do, she didn't dare to intrude. Annie eyes were flooded with tears as she stares at him stilly with cold tears rolled down both side of her cheeks, she was deeply hurt by him and his words that her body stiffened with shock. Why is he toying with her emotion? Why is he messing with her mind? Why is he playing with her heart? She almost believe him, she almost believe that there is love between them, but it all fake, all she was is just a replacement. A replacement of his old love! She didn't bother to wipe her tears away, she just kept darting at him with her widen eyes full of pain for him to shatter every hope of her!

    Louis shut his eyes tightly again rubbing his tired face forcefully with both hands. "I promise... I won't forget... Helen I didn't forget!" he open his eyes and beam it at Annie angrily, "It's you! You are what causing all of these problems! You wanted to replace her! You could never replace her! You heard me?!! You could never replace her!"

    The poor girl heart sank deeply into her sorrow, bleeding inside slowly drop by drops. She pressed her lip together to force herself not to sob in front of him. She reminded herself to not be weak and he is not worth it, but it hurt her so much! Why did he marry her? Just to make her suffer for the rest of her life? How could he be so unfair to her? If he don't love her, why do he have to toy with her?!

    He darted at her with those old empty hatred eyes, "Why? Why do you have to be here?" he shook his head, "I don't love you...no I don't..." he shut his eyes and shouted, "NO I DON'T!!" It sounded like he trying to convince himself. His forehead wrinkled with his shuts eyes, "I don't love her Helen! I will never love her! NEVER!!"

    Annie heart painfully shattered into million of pieces, she pushed him away forcefully and swiftly covered both her ears with her palm pressed against it tightly, while she shook her head vigorously and shouting at him, "Stop it!! Stop it!! Why are you doing this to me?! STOP IT NOW!!!" she cry as she felt hopeless and fearful. "I hate you!! I hate you LOUIS KOO!! I never want to see you again!! NEVER!!" she sobbed with her eyes stare at him with pain, "I hate you..." her teary voice whimpered before she swiftly turn and ran up the stair like a speeding bullet and a loud bang of the bedroom door was heard shaking the house up a bit.

    A cold smiling curve creeps slowly on Stephen face as he glared up the stair from the corner of the kitchen. Nicola stared up the stairs with her head shaking, she felt sorry for Annie.

    Louis collapsed himself on the floor holding his head tightly. He murmured with his sob, "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." he pounding his head, "Why?! Why can't I just forget her?!!"

    While Louis is questioning himself, Annie was crying her heart out on their bed, she felt hurt, betrayed, lost, and scare. She doesn't know what gotten over her to even trust him, to even believe him, and to let him break her heart like this! She felt sharp pain in her heart that stabbing her with every single word of his, her mind kept replaying his harsh shout at her.

    She covers her ears and shakes her head vigorously on the bed snuggling her head deep into the comforter. "No...no...stop it! I hate you! It not true! Stop it, stop it...stop it....." she yelled at herself. His words hurt so badly that it burns deep into her heart. A knock was heard on her door. She shouted angrily in her teary voice, "GO AWAY!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! I hate you!"

    The maid swallowed and sighed softly, she felt sympathy for her mistress. "Yee Seeu Lie, you can come out now Yee Seeu left already," said the comfort caring voice of Nicola. She heard Annie cried louder with hiccupping sound. She shakes her head with a sad sigh and walked back down to do her job.

    Annie pounding her fists on her bed, "I hate you Louis Koo, I hate you! Jerk! JERK!!" She sobbed with her broken heart to the silent room.

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0"> great story! update soon! please update abitious eye too! i glad there's some anne man stories out there. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> most stories on winglin are about vicki, ruby, or jessica...
    cute poster too! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> i like the whole black and white thing

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    Awww...that's soooo sad. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">

    Hmmm...i know there has to be a reason for louis to act like that.

    <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> I don't like Stephen; I sense something's not right with him.

    I love Bobby; he's funny. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    Thanks for the update Yak. I'm looking forward to your next updates.
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    To Danielle Lin: Yeah, I understand what you mean about not having enough Annie fanfics. I'm a huge fans of hers too, if you notice all of my fanfics casted her as the lead, hehehe <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Obsessive huh? I missed Skye and Raven fanfics a lot, hope they update soon <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

    Anyway, I love all of my posters too, they are all made by Pen! She is very talented and creative. She made me four posters for The Others Soul, hopefully I can post them all up later when I get to the next page. She is also the one who made the majority of my poster for all my fanfics. She is a very devoted reader too <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    Oh yes, thanks for your kind comments, hope you leave more opinion and suggestion as the story continue! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    To zzzbeauty: Yes, there is a very good reason for Louis mood swing and unreasonable behavior toward Annie. Could you guess what problem he have?

    As for Stephen, what can I say? He is just creepy and you'll have to just read to find out more clue to why he act that way.

    Yeah, I love writting about Bobby to add in some comical relief for this emotional fanfic. Nicola and Bobby character is use to balance out the story a bit, so it not too dreadful, hopefully the method work <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Thanks for taking your time to leave your opinion and reading my fanfic! I'm really glad to know you are enjoying it! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 22: More Than Just a Husband

    After a long cry Annie finally felt exhausted and fallen asleep with dry tears traced down her cheek. When she woke up it was nighttime already and she saw the clock stating it was eight in the evening. Wearily she rubbed her tire puffy eyes and dragged herself off the bed, walking out of the bedroom slowly making sure that Louis is not home. She hated him so much that she doesn't ever want to see him, well at least not at this moment.

    After clearing her throat, Annie weakly called out, "Nikki..."

    "Yee Seeu Lie," a voice behind her answered. Annie jumped to her voice, she didn't expect her to be behind her. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," Nicola said with a caring warm smile.

    "You were in the room?" Annie asked, wondering why she didn't notice her.

    "Yeah, I was cleaning the bathroom," replied the maid.

    Annie eyes glanced out the hall toward the stairs leading to the main floor. "Is he home?" she asked, her voice was soft but Nicola could pick out the tiny hint of Annie being mad toward the subject of her question. Nicola gave her a sincere smile as she shook her head. Annie let out a relief puff of air, she don't want to see him for a while, it just too stressful and too much for her to handle.

    Smiling warmly, Nicola gently held Annie elbow leading her out of the room, "Yee Seeu Lie, you must be starving now. I'll go heat up the food for you right away."

    With a sad frown, Annie shook her head and gently removed Nicola hand, "I don't feel like eating, Nikki. Don't worry about me, just go back to your work. I know where to get food when I'm hungry."

    "Alright than," said the obedient maid, who doesn't want to force her mistress. She returns to her job.

    The dull and worn out eyes of Annie caught the sight of the locked door from the far end of the hall. Somehow the sight of the door alerted her eyes to become more deepen with curiosity and determination. She wanted to know what is behind it. She want to know what secret her husband is hiding, and if it has to do with his sudden change in mood this afternoon. Determine to find out the truth, she walked down the hallway with her solid footstep echoing down the hall toward the locked room. She kept thinking that something in there could give her an answer to why her husband acting so strangely. Of course, she is also really curious about Helen, who is she? Where is she? Or what happen to her? Maybe something behind this locked door can answer her questions.

    Annie has been asking Stephen but he wouldn't spill a single words to Annie and Annie weren't allow to go over to her in law, but a strange feeling tell her that something in that locked room can help answer her question. Her pace slowed down when she arrived at the door, the entire hall immediately silenced since her footstep has stop. She slowly took one last step toward the room and places her ears against it. It was totally silent this time; she couldn't hear the weird footstep sound anymore. She stepped back to stare at the door and try to open it, but of course it was lock.

    But the door next to that room was open; Annie curiously stepped in. It was a sewing room, there is a thin layer of dust on everything, it seem like no one came in here for a long time. Annie was curious to why there is a sewing room when Louis doesn't sew. She walked into the room looking at everything. She sat on the rocking chair in front of the sewing machine and saw the little marking on the wooden chair, it seem like some kind of engraved words. It was upside down so she stands up and read it.

    Gently, Annie runs her finger over the engraved words on the rocking chair. "Louis and Helen Koo," Annie reads it out loud to herself. Her voice vibrated through the dusty room that no one has visited for quite a long time. Annie gulped at the meaning of those simple words with her eyes widen suspiciously. 'It's Helen, the Helen Louis kept mentioning,' her mind concluded, while she nervously licked her lip and softly murmured out loud, "His wife..." her voice trailed off. "Helen Koo..." Annie slowly read the name of her husband first love again. 'It got to be his wife cause it was engraved in a heart. You don't do that with sibling,' she silently analysis in her mind. "Why didn't anyone tell me he's married? Where is she?" Annie wondered out loud. She felt a bit mad cause it felt like someone cheated her into this marriage. At least she would expect people to tell her that her husband has another wife beside her.

    A knock on the open door startled Annie, she is like a nervous rack ever since she found the locked room and all the strange noise she has been hearing. Not to mention that bazaar red ball that occasionally shows up in front of her. Her face became more sterns when she saw that motionless stare of her butler. "Yee Seeu Lie, what are you doing in here?" his voice is icy and hollow with trace of disapproval.

    Annie offended sharp eyes narrowed on Stephen like piercing dagger. 'Who is he to use that tone on her?' Annie not too pleased mind asked. She tries to stay calm and not show her fear or shakiness in front of him. "Am I not supposes to be in here too?" her voice were stern and firm, unlike her usual soft uncertain voice. She study Stephen expression for clue but he didn't show any change if facial expression.

    The massive broad looking butler shook his head slowly, "Yee Seeu Lie, I didn't meant it like that."

    Her defensive eyes were motionlessly still on Stephen with her demanding cold voice, "Then what did you meant?"

    "Nothing," he calmly and fearlessly answered. Suddenly he grinned slightly with his expressionless face, his strange smile is sickening to Annie. "I just came to tell you that Saam Seeu is downstairs looking for you," he informed with his usual flat tone and steady expression.

    "Raymond?" Annie wonderingly asked in surprise, and forgotten about her poker face toward that butler of hers. Stephen nod and left the room. Annie followed behind him, going downstairs to see Raymond. She was confused to why he came at this late hour. She looked at him expressionlessly with a soft uncertain voice, "Saam Gor." She politely greeted her husband youngest brother.

    "Yee Sewl!" Raymond cheerfully greeted back.

    Annie settled her eyes on him curiously, she stay a couple feet away, not want to get closes to him. She is a bit angry with all the Koo at this moment. "Do you need me for something?" her straightforward tone asked.

    Getting a hint that Annie is not in too good of a mood, Raymond lowered his excitement after he hears her serious tone not being too welcome. "Oh nothing, I just come by to bring you soup." Annie kept her eyes on him, making him feel awkward and uncomfortable, but also curious to what happened to Annie. She is not the sweet and innocent girl that usually carries a smile, today. He quickly added when he notices Annie eyes are still on him waiting for him to explain, "They are fish fin soup. Mother cooked them and saved some for you and Louis, since you two never come over for dinner. She wanted me to bring them over to you guys this time, she don't want both of you to miss out on the good stuff. The fish fin are given to dad from his friend."

    Seeing how stiff and serious Raymond voice is, Annie gave him a weak polite smile to ease his tension up. "Thanks," she finally said with a more soothed welcoming voice. Nicola took the soup and went to the kitchen with it.

    "You want to come over for a visit?" Raymond sincerely invited, he has always wanted to know his Saam Sewl a bit more, instead of being so distanced. "Mother really wanted to see you," he added with a smile.

    But Annie weren't really in the mood, she don't want to see any member of the Koo today. Plus it's one of her husband wish for her to stay away from their house. "Maybe next time, I'm really tired today," Annie gently settle the subject, "Can you help me say thanks to Lai Lai and apologize for me? Tell her I'll come by with Louis soon." She could see some resemblance of her husband in this Saam Seeu of the Koo family.

    Raymond nod as he search for any sign of his brother, "Alright. Is Yee Gor home?"

    Annie facial expression is slightly stern a bit with the mention of her husband. She shook her head while curiously study Raymond wondering if he know about Helen, "Saam Gor can I have a word with you privately?" Raymond nod with a curious eye on Annie. Annie turn to look at Stephen, "Stephen, you can go back to what you are doing now," she ordered. Stephen obediently nodded and walked away, but before he leaves them alone, he shot a cold stare on Raymond, warning him to stay away from Annie. But Raymond didn't catch his stare. Annie looked at Raymond seriously, once she saw Stephen out of the way. "Who's Helen?" she directly asked.

    The question was so direct and sudden that Raymond lost his direction on how to handle it. He chewed on his lower lip and looked away. He doesn't know what to say to her. "Why?" he weakly asked.

    With a soft sigh, Annie explained, "Your Yee Gor kept using her name on me. I think I deserve to know who she is; don't you think so?"

    Uncomfortably, Raymond stands up and gulped sheepishly avoiding her question, "I'm sorry, I don't know much about her. Maybe you should ask someone else. I better get back home now. I still have class tomorrow. Bye Yee Sewl."

    He was at the door, Annie immediately persisted her question, "Does you have more than one Yee Sewl?" Raymond left without answering her question, this is just too mysterious to her. It so obvious he knows, why is he not telling her? Same thing with Stephen, they are trying to hide something from her! Her eyes were determines and confident as she frustratingly told herself, "Fine! I'll find out myself."

    Annie charged back up the stairs, with Stephen just walked out of the dinning room, his eyes stare at the back of Annie with a sense of anger. Annie rushed to the room she was in before and continues to search. Stephen was at the main floor stared up on the ceiling where the racket of Annie was and his eyes were on the ceiling stilly with burning flame.

    Meanwhile Annie is upstairs in the sewing room flipping the entire room upside down, and the only thing she found interesting was that someone was sewing baby clothes. Assumingly Annie believed it was Helen who is sewing baby clothes. 'But for who's baby? Is it for Louis and Helen baby? Do they really have a baby together? Where is that baby then?' question after question poured into Annie suspicious mind. This is just too puzzling and she couldn't find any answer to her questions, seem like all of her answer is in the other room, that been isolated for five long years.

    After searching for hours, Annie slumped on the floor tiredly. She couldn't find anything else. Her hand swings down to the side and hit the edge of a tile that scratched her. She stares at the tile floor and jigging it a bit, it came out and under it was a flat metal box, her heart pounded with curiosity. She opens it and found a beautiful journal book with a pretty cover having a dried leave and the sewing say, "My Husband's Diary". Annie heart dropped, 'This is what going to answer all of my questions!' she naively thought with an excited but concerned smile, she is a bit afraid to find out the truth. She quickly put the empty box back in and put the tile in place. Annie swiftly walked to her room with the diary, she make sure no one notice that she found the diary so she hide it until she is sure that she is alone before she read it.

    Annie waited till all her servants went to bed before she felt safe enough to crack the diary open to read it silently in her room. She slowly read through the first entry, she still don't know lots of words, so reading was slow and dreadful, but she is motivated to kept going. The first entry of the diary was eight years ago.

    Dear Diary,

    I have decided to start writing this diary so that Louis can share my thought and feeling when he returns home. I also wanted something that belongs to him and me. Yes, he is not here by my side now, and I missed him so much already, we have only been apart for three days.

    He went to England for schooling, I wanted to go too, but mother and father insisted that I stay here so that he could concentrate and return sooner. I agreed to it, thinking that three months can pass like a blink of an eye, now to think of it, I'm a bit regretting about my agreement to them, I missed him so much. We hardly ever parted ever since childhood, now that I have to live without him for three long months is a bit hard for me to bear.

    Yes, I sound weak and I admit it, but he is everything to me. I know he think of me the same way too, we been in love every since we are six, believe it or not. I remembered him saying that we are two peas in a pod, and it true we go everywhere together, same school, same grade, same group of friends, and we even live in the same house.

    We grew up together, it was him that found me lost in the middle of the street, he begged his parent to let me stay with them. His parents were nice enough to agree to it, they treat me like their daughter, since they don't have one. And I loved them like my own parents, since I don't remember my own mom and dad. They never minded Louis and me being close to each other, in fact they were joyful over the fact that we are dating. It was kind of funny to see them laugh so loud during our wedding two months ago.

    Yes, I can't believe it too, I'm Mrs. Koo for two whole months already! I'm so excited! Being Louis wife is one of my dreams! Both of us are eighteen and finally united as one. It has been a great two months! Like always Louis is thoughtful and caring. He always knows how to make me laugh and enjoy life. Too bad we have to part from each other when our love just barely started to bloom, but I know he is trying to work hard to success cause of me. He promised that he would give me a warm and steady family with no worry and concern. I told him before that I could be satisfied very easily but of course he wanted to provide more for me.

    Louis has always have the most wildest dream throughout his childhood, he once tell me that he wanted to be the first to fly out to the moon and he will take me along to picnic on the moon with cracker, of course I laughed to his silly idea, there is no way anyone could get to the moon! People are meant for land not up in the air like birds! Well we were eight back then, everything is possible even the idea of the moon being made out of cheese.

    He has been my closest friend throughout my life and the one who protect me from bully. Seriously no one dare to mess with me cause of him. Well, actually he got punch on his left eyes before when we were twelve, it kind of funny on how we try to hide it from his parents. He actually insisted that I punch his other eyes to make it match, so we could tell his parents that he is a panda for the school play, can you believe it?! Of course I couldn't punch him, how could I? We ended up coloring his other eyes with coal, making it match and tell his parents our little excuse. Of course they don't believe our silly story, he got grounded for a week to fight with other. We didn't mind, we always find things to do at home too.

    Both of us share every little secrete of each other, it really nice to have him listen to my every little worry. Even though my worry could be really silly at time, but he never minded listening. But he would chuckle and laugh at me, but every single time that I pout at him giving him a serious look, he would quickly make me laugh by making funny face and singing silly song. I hate it, cause I could never get mad at him for long! He always knows my weak point!

    I remember how much he use to get jealous when I mention about other boys, back than I have no idea why he could get so irritated and rude, but now to think of it, is quite cute! How do I know that he loved me or that I was in love with him? I'm only twelve then! The black eyes that I mention earlier was from the new kid Julian that kept giving me flower and little gift, it irritated Louis every single time Julian secretly put gift or flower on my school desk. Louis finally got ticked off when Julian suddenly pecked my cheek after school; that is how they started the little war between them.

    Seriously I was oblivious to why Louis acted so strange, until one day he confessed to me. I still remember so clearly how he say every word that day, it gave me butterfly even though I was only twelve, but I definitely know that I loved him too. It's kinds of felt like a happy ever after fairytale when we finally notice that we are in love. He is just the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever want, not to mention husband! I loved him so much!

    After married him for two months, I felt proud to be his wife already. He been such a nice and caring husband that any gal could ever dream about...

    Annie heard the front door slam shut, so she quickly close the diary and hide it away safely inside her pillowcase. She glanced at the clock and it two midnight already. She quickly turns the light off and shut her eyes pretending to be asleep. The bedroom door creped open and Louis stepped in, Annie kept as still as possible as her eyes shut tightly and snuggled into her pillow, her heart was beating faster as she try to relax.

    Louis saw her asleep, he walked over and sited at the edge of the bed looked at her close eyes. Annie tries her best not to tense up too much. She was thinking about the reading she just did, she was shock that Helen really is his wife, why didn't anyone tell her? And it sound like their loves are really strong, so what happen to them?

    Louis slowly moved his hand to touch Annie cheek, Annie mind quickly turned to him and she was tense by his tender touch. Also hurtful cause she don't know whether he is thinking of her or Helen. "I'm sorry Annie," whispered the gentle deep voice of her husband, "I didn't mean to yell at you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry."

    Annie felt her lip trembled when she heard his sincere voice. He is touching her for her, and that made her heart felt a bit at ease and lightened. But wouldn't it be nice if his heart is fully hers too? Annie kept herself still to listen.

    Her guilty husband continues to express himself, thinking that his wife is asleep, "Annie, I really wouldn't hurt you. Please forgive me... I know I haven't been treating you well, but I really couldn't. I really couldn't do it... I missed her, Annie. She is everything to me, everything that I have ever wanted. I missed her a lot..." Louis sighed at the peaceful face in front of him that is trying so hard to hold her tears in, "Why do she have to walk out on me? I gave her everything," he swallowed glumly. "You look so much like her. Why can't you just be her?"

    Stubbornly, Annie kept her tears to herself, she could feel the tears flooded into her pair of eyes, but she tries so hard to not let it go, she don't want him to see her cry cause of him! He is not worth it! Louis stares at Annie for a long while in total silent, which causes Annie to felt his pain, but it was hurtful for her to understand. Louis finally swallowed and breaks the silent, "Why can't she come back? I know its' impossible, she is gone forever... It's all my faults."

    With her mind still angry with him, Annie listen to him curiously, she felt his emptiness, his sadness, and his sorrow slowly softening her anger toward him. But she is hurting as much too, do he know? Has he ever think of her? Annie mind told her, that he obviously doesn't know and probably doesn't even care! Louis looked at Annie and lean down to peck her forehead, a drop of tears rolled off the corner of Annie's eyes and quickly soaked into her pillow turning it into a different shade.

    Louis turned his head to whisper softly into Annie right ear, "I love you Annie...I don't want to lose you too...I'm sorry." He slowly sited upright and stare at Annie with warmth then he walked away and out of the room closing the door behind.

    Annie opened her eyes and rolled herself to her side with eyes toward the closed door. Sadly she started to sob into her pillow with little suffering tremble. 'Why am I so weak? Why?' she asks herself over and over, 'how did he become such a deep impact? I don't love him, at least not this deeply right? He is just a husband that force me to married him! There has never been feeling toward him and there shouldn't be any now or the future, right?' she try to correct her own thinking. "But why am I feeling so much pain?" Annie barely audible voice asked the empty room.

    She sniffed her tears and gotten out of bed to slowly walk toward the door, she opened the door a crack to have a large enough opening for her eye to peek out. Annie saw him sited in front of the locked door with his head snuggled into his folded arms. The sight of him just cause her heart to ach more, she swallowed with hurtful tears rolled out of her eyes, her heart sank at the sight of her husband heart belonging to someone else.

    Slowly and heartbrokenly she closed the door and slides down sitting on the carpet hugging her legs with her back leaning against the bedroom door to sob silently into her knees. She love him, she really do love him, she know it cause she feel the pain in side herself now, telling her he is more than just a husband.

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    Chapter 23: My Husband Diary

    Annie and Louis had been avoiding each other ever since that hurtful day. With Louis not being home, Annie has plenty of time at night to read an entry a day letting time slowly passed her heading toward the cold winter season.
    2/3/1917-cold and gloomy

    Like today weather, our entire family seems to loss all hope and shine today. Daai Sewl is diagnose with cancer, no wonder she been feeling tire all the time lately. Not until this day, cancer has been a term that we never heard of before, but now it will be the term we all wish we never know. Seeing Daai Gor dreadful face after hearing about the news made me sympathize them. Daai Sewl is a wonderful wife that both loved and supported Daai Gor no matter what. But too bad, good people are always the one that go first. She is only twenty years old.

    Daai Gor is an excellent businessman that help father with his large factory, Daai Sewl is also really smart and clever, she actually earned a degree in business management to help out Daai Gor. There are very few girl that could get a college degree, cause this is still a very man powered society, but since Daai Sewl parents are rich and the fact that she is the only child, she get the opportunity for schooling. How much I wish I could go to college with Louis too.

    It's just so devastating to see them suffering through the news now. When the doctor announced that cancer is an incurable disease, it really hammered into every family members heart, especially Daai Gor and Daai Sewl. It at this time that I really wishes Louis would be by my side, what if I were the one that is having cancer? Would he be just like Daai Gor? Actually I would hope he wouldn't be like Daai Gor, I don't want him to suffer like how Daai Gor is now. I missed Louis so much. Only two months and twelve days left, and he will return to me......
    2/8/1917-misty as usual

    Louis finally returned a letter to me! I'm so joyful to hear about his study. He told me that he has scored the top of the class, and he was jumping up and down in front of his classmate when he got the test back, which I could totally imagine. Louis is one of those that will express all his feeling. He could be very childish and silly! But that is exactly why I loved him so much. He is the one that always made me laugh through bad time. I'm so glad that he is doing so well, I know he is a smart guy, he is my husband, of course he is both clever and handsome! I just can't wait to see him again. Just two months seven days left. He also assured me that he is not picking up girl in England, and that he missed me much, he could be so sweet, I missed him too!

    I haven't told him about Daai Sewl sickness yet, cause I don't want to worry him. He cares a lot about his family and if he knows about it, he will be gloomy and sad with concern too. What the point in disturbing his study? Father and mother both agree with my decision. He'll know when he return, which shouldn't be too long, since he stated that everything is going well and he should be home right on schedule. I really couldn't wait till that day. Seeing Daai Sewl getting weaker and weaker each day without hope could be really hard to take. I really wanted Louis to be here by my side going through this together, I have never has any experience with having someone I loved and cared so much going to part with me soon.

    I know Daai Gor must be devastated now. He loved Daai Sewl so much, like Louis and me, they has known each other since they were young. Daai Sewl is my best friend too, she is two years older than me and acted like my older sister throughout the years. That why it's really hard for me to go through days seeing her getting weaker and weaker, and I couldn't do anything to help her. I just felt like crying when I see her condition, and I wanted to cry on Louis shoulder, but he is not here. It's really hard to get through this without Louis, he always know how to comfort me if he is here. Only if he is here right now, then everything will be fine.

    All four of us are really close, we always go on double date together, such as a walk or picnic, sometime we even bring Raymond along. But sadly very soon one of us will have to leave. Why is this world so unfair? What have Daai Sewl did wrong? She is always kind and giving, why do she have to die?.....
    3/2/1917-frosty rain

    Something unexpected happen today. The morning started out bright and sunny, so I decided to go out shopping to kill time and try to pick a gift for Daai Sewl, her birthday is coming up. I wanted something that can cheer her up away from her illness. Anyway, I was enjoying the day looking at new dress from store to store, until it suddenly rained cat and dog. Like usual my forgetful mind never remember to bring an umbrella, but who would know it will rain all of a sudden? And my clumsy self has to drop all of my shopping bags, actually it weren't my fault, a kid rushed into me knocking everything on the floor and just left. Talk about ill mannered, if I ever have a son, I'll teach him well.

    I was soaking wet trying to pick up my shopping bag, then a pair of legs is in front of me and sheltered me from the rain. Both our face was paled with surprise when I looked up to say thanks. I actually met him again, I thought that it will never happen, but there he was right in front of me. It was quite a surprise; the new kid that punched my husband eyes is standing in front of me with his usual charming smile and sweet dimples. He was chuckling in disbelief when he saw me too. It has been three years that we haven't seen each other. He hasn't change much, his cute dimple is still evidence with his chuckle. I bet Louis will be thrilled if he was here too. Oh yes, Louis and Julian has became best friend and they are like buddy. I was a bit jealous back then with them kept on hanging out and forget about me! But wow, he finally appear again!

    Julian has to move to France with his parents three years ago. Both Louis and me, along with our other two best friends Marco and Joyce were saddens by the news of him having to move. But time sure passed by fast, he has return and looked handsomer than ever. But of course he could never compare to my husband, Louis is always the handsomest man in my eyes.

    Julian told me that he is currently trying to get a doctor degree. I would never think of Julian Cheung wanting to be a doctor, he is a bully remember? Well to Louis and me, he is one, but it so wonderful to see him again! I just wish so much that Louis could be here, he will be so happy to see Julian. Like three years ago, Julian is always sweet with his words; I would seriously think that he would want to be a lawyer more than a doctor. He invited me out to a cafe to catch up on things. There was just so much I wanted to ask him!

    He is still unmarried and haves no girlfriend. I scolded him for that, come on he is eighteen, shouldn't he be thinking about having a family by now? But he is the type that wanted to make sure his career is stable before he thinks of girl. I told him that I'm married to Louis now, and he gave me a look of "not surprised". He said that Louis and I are just so predictable and that he would think that we would get marry even sooner. What is he talking about? Eighteen is still a pretty early marriage age, right? But he is right, we are just so predictable, that we always get teased by classmate. But both Louis and I never minded, I loved him and he loved me, simple as that, no matter how much they tease, we are still sweet as ever!.....

    Another surprising news hit me straight on today. There is just so many goods news! First off, I am really happy to receive Louis latest letter, he only have one more month before he will return home again! It is such a great new, I've been waiting for so long that I felt my neck elongated, I'm serious, I missed him so much! He told me that he would probably get to be the top five students in that class, he was joyful and pleased like usual. Louis kind of have a pride within him that he like to let it shine, I think it kind of manly, yes, I'm as silly as he is, but don't forget that is how we are so compatible!

    Louis always shares his happiness with me, he wanted me to get a diploma too. It was kind of silly but I love it so much. He mailed me a certificate with the heading stating "The Most Missed and Loveliest Wife" with my name as the recipient and his name as the one who granted this diploma, it even have his school stamp and cover, making it look like a real diploma. I just love his silly sweetness, I know I stated that many time already, but try to cope with me, I haven't seen him for so long! I know he missed me as much as I missed him. Only one month, yes then everything is back to normal! My sweet and dearest husband will be by my side forever. I just can't wait!

    Now came the second surprising news. Like I say before, I really suspicious that the sky trying to tease me. Guess who is Daai Sewl and our family new physician assistant? This world is just so small! I bet Louis will be as surprise as I'm when he find out that Julian Cheung, the bully, is going to be around for quite a while. Is such a coincident, Julian mentor is actually Dr. Lau. Since Daai Sewl illness is getting worsen each day, father and mother has invited Dr. Lau to stay at our house to keep a close eyes at Daai Sewl condition, and since Julian is currently learning from Dr. Lau, he too is going to stay at our house as a guest. I told you it's a small world. Like the first time we met in the street, both of us couldn't stop chuckling at each other in disbelief to the coincident.

    Now we could have so much time to talk and share more pass memory together. I'm glad that he is around to chat, since the house is kind of quiet without Louis to talk to and listen to me. I know Louis will be the one that wouldn't let Julian go to bed early if he is here. He would drag Julian to talk over night if he has the energy. That is my Louis, always put his buddy at the top of the list. I'm always second! Well, he does love me tremendously, I really couldn't ask for anything more. At least I know that if both Julian and me fall into the water, he will rescue me and probably kick Julian deeper down.....

    Time has passed more quickly with Julian around to comfort me and listen to my worry about Daai Sewl. We shared so much together during this month of his stay. I'm so glad that he is around to help me cope with the fact that Daai Sewl is slowly slipping away from us. He is such a great listener, just like Louis.

    Daai Sewl condition is not too good at all, she is really sick and hardly wake up any longer. Every time she wakes up she would fall back asleep very soon. Seeing Daai Gor suffering from this slow progressing disease is just so unbearable, he has lost all his hope and will. Daai Gor no longer goes to work and keep the factory running, all he wanted was to be with Daai Sewl. No one could blame him.

    If this so calls cancer disease happen to Louis, I would rather be the one that is dying. Seeing Daai Gor looking more dreadful each day really made everyone heart ached, including Daai Sewl, I know she hated to see her husband like this. He no longer cares about his appearance, health, career, or anything else in the world. Now he looked like a broken hearted pauper, that wouldn't remove himself from the bed of his sick wife.
    It really worried me to see Daai Gor like this and the way Daai Sewl became more silent. I know she is suffering even more than Daai Gor, to see him transformed cause of herself, it's must be painful.

    What Daai Sewl told me today really made me felt her pain. She tells me that she wishes she could die faster and end all suffering that she brings to her husband and the family. Like my usual emotional self, I couldn't stop myself from crying in front of her, I wanted so much that she wouldn't say those things to me, I wanted so badly that she would have more hope and be strong through this. But both she and me know that it's impossible to have hope of being well when both the sickness and doctor kept reminding us that there is no cure. Like what Daai Gor been doing for the past couple months, I too prayed to the sky to give a miracle to Daai Sewl.

    After the visit with Daai Sewl, I really felt gloomy and hopeless for life being so fragile. I wanted to cry and let out my stress of seeing her suffer, but Louis is not here to lean his shoulder and warm arms. I missed him so much, only if he would be here to help me cope with the fact. Only if he is here with his warm soothing voice telling me that things would be just fine. Only if he is here to just hold me tight and let me cry all my cooped up pressure. But he is not here, he won't be here until one more week. How much I wish this week will not drag and just skip right to him. But like usual the more you wanted something the harder it is to get. I couldn't help myself from sobbing to myself sited at the center courtyard.

    Julian so happen has to pass by and saw my weak self, crying uncontrollably. He immediately hugged me to comfort me, it felt so good to have a pair of warms arms around me telling me that life will be okay. Exactly what I wanted Louis to do, but Julian did it. I don't know what to feel but gladness at the moment, glad that he is here, glad that he is understanding and caring, glad that he would let me release myself on him, glad that he would comfort me just the way Louis would if he is here.

    But why? Why is this simple friendship has changed into a dirty relationship to my mother-in-law eyes? It so happen that Stephen caught me hugging Julian intimately and crying on his shoulder, he immediately reported to my mother-in-law. Even though how much I've loved her as my own mother and respected her my entire life, but when it come to this she is as cold as the chilling air outside. Without clarifying things out she trusted Stephen totally and labeled me as an unfaithful wife.

    The more I try to explain the more she think that I'm trying to cover up. Why is she so unfair? Why can't she see that I'm a human being too? I have emotional down stream too; I needed comfort too. I honestly could say that my heart only belongs to Louis and no one else. Julian is just a very close friend of both Louis and me and nothing more. But than it's her mind, I can't take control of it and make her understand. Only time will show her that I'm faithful. Oh how much I just wanted Louis to return and by my side again, then all of this will fade away. Only one more week, only one more week then all my sadness could melt away...
    4/14/1917- cool and breezy

    Just one more day and I'll be reunited with Louis, why can't this day go smoothly? Why do he have to come to me? I can't believe he told me he loved me, I told him clearly already that is not possible but he still persisted and even forced a kiss on me. Of course I pushed him away and slapped him hard. How dare he do this to me? He has no right to do so! How dare he kiss me in my husband family house? Luckily there is no one around to witness it, or this will be a bigger problem than the hug. What he thinks I am? I wouldn't hurt Louis! I am Mrs. Koo, so I'll be a faithful Mrs. Koo! I thought he would understand that I treated him only as a friend. Why do he have to change that fact? How am I supposes to face him now? Luckily Louis will be back tomorrow to set thing back to normal again.

    Hopefully that slap that I gave Julian is hard enough to wake him up and able to be friend like usual again. I do cherish him as a great supportive friend. I don't want any other relationship with him and I certainly don't want Louis and my relationship to ever change. I also don't want to see them fighting over me again like six years ago. Just let everything be smooth and easy....

    Yes finally, Louis is home! I couldn't stop hugging him tightly with my heart calmed down peacefully to finally be in his strong warming arms again! He swung me in circle at the train station with little droplets of rain on us, at that time we really didn't mind getting soak at all. All I know is that he finally returned to me and still loved me as much as ever, I could really tell how much he missed me with those dark eyes smiling at the sight of my eyes. I just love him so much!

    I finally told him the truth about Daai Sewl, like I have predicted, he is worry and rushed home right at once to see her and Daai Gor. But when he ran in and bumped into Julian his face was a blank, I guess he was overwhelm by all the changes. Julian has totally slipped out of my mind, I haven't told Louis about his stay yet.

    After a long stare between those two men, they finally snapped out and gave each other a quick manly hug and walked ahead without me. I was puzzled, what were they thinking? Especially that Julian, he has just been slapped last night, how could he look so fakes in front of Louis? And Louis, has he forgotten about me already?! Men! Of course they will stick with each other, especially since they are buddy! Like the saying "Buddy are like hands while woman are like clothes", it sounded just like what I just witnesses, they think of me as clothes that are interchangeable while their buddy bond are unbreakable. All men have a big attitude, including my Louis! I'm quite disappointed in him, but at least when he saw my glum line, he quickly walked back to me and wrapped his arm around me to show his love. I really missed him so much! How could I stay mad? I have so much to tell him!

    Tonight we shared so much together, I told him everything, well everything excluding Julian, I don't know, I just couldn't spill out anything about Julian. Maybe I'm afraid to how he would think about the situation. What if he thinks like his mother? I don't want to lose him, so all I could do is kept it as a secret, a first secret that I didn't share with him.

    While I felt horribly guilty for some odd reason, like I have betrayed him, he continues to tell me everything about England. It sounded like a nice peaceful place to live. He did think about moving over with me, I was joyful to heard his plan, but of course not this soon, since Daai Sewl is really sick and Daai Gor is no longer energized to help father out with the business, he only wanted to be by Daai Sewl side at all time. Her condition is not too hopeful. So Louis have to help out with the business, since he is the only one capable now. Raymond is still too young and naive about the business world, he is only twelve, what could he do? So our plan of moving to England will just have to be delayed. But it doesn't matter at all, cause he is home now and that all I ever wanted......
    8/15/1917-cloudy night

    Today is just depressingly empty. It the moon festival, but no one is home to celebrate it. It supposes to be the day of reunion with family members gather together for some holiday moon cake while we watch the full moon, but instead it was empty and quiet. Well it cloudy outside anyway, the moon is partially covered, just a very dreadful mid autumn festival.

    I have learned and helped Bobby make moon cake the entire day, thinking that I could enjoy it with Louis tonight. But he couldn't make it home. The last four months been like this, he has to work till really late at night. I couldn't blame him, cause he is the only one trying to run the family business, and since there has been many problem occurred at the factory that require overtime work. Also because he is not too experienced to handle the entire factory alone, that it require him to have extra effort. I know he is stressed out from the business but yet couldn't spill a single word of complain out, cause he know that this is not a good time to do so. The family needed him and I understand too.

    Louis is more quiets lately too, maybe cause he is over stressed, I missed his old silly self that has no worry and only happiness. Now he always looked glum with million of things to ponder. I could do nothing to help lighten his load, all I could do is spiritually support him. I know he will try to rush home early tonight, so I'll stay up to wait for him tonight, is a night of reunion.

    Daai Sewl has been sends to the hospital yesterday night, her condition is worsened and she couldn't even walk. It was really depressing to see her this afternoon, she still hung a warm smile toward us, I know she hated to be like this and make us all worry, especially Daai Gor. He looked paler and paler, almost as pale as Daai Sewl if he continues to go on like this. But they really loved each other and devoted to each other.

    Would Louis be the same? Doesn't seem like it now, he is hardly home and I don't get to even take a glimpse at him. It actually worst than when he is in England, when he is in England at least I received a letter from him every three or four days, but now I really don't know how he has been. But tonight, I'll get to talk with him no matter what and hopefully I could comfort him too. It's ten at night already, I just hope he return soon.

    The house is empty now, I'm the only one home with Raymond and of course the servants too. Raymond is asleep now since tomorrow is a school day for him. While my parents-in-law are out to visit relative for the week, they still hasn't know about Daai Sewl being in the hospital. Daai Gor didn't want us to tell them either, cause he didn't want to spoil their visit, plus he wanted to be with Daai Sewl alone without the voice of the concerning parents. I understand him totally, mother could be a lot to handle sometime. She just couldn't let thing run smoothly and peacefully.

    My relationship with her has suffered ever since the time Stephen told her about my innocent hug with Julian. She is not too fond of me and kept throwing words at me, I really don't know how to fix our problem anymore. She really has disappointed me, why can't she treat me as her own daughter anymore? She used to love me so much and praise me, but now all of her words have hidden bones in them. Her words could be really hurtful and I wanted to share with Louis, but he is not around much anymore, and when I do see him it was just so minimal that I don't want to spoil our time together. I don't want to make him any stressed than he is already, my problem with his mother is not too important compare to his other problem.

    As for Julian, he seems to be okay and our friendship is back again, but sometime it a bit awkward cause I always have this feeling about him wanting more. Maybe because I'm paranoid and felt like I'm being watched closely by the servant whenever I'm with him, that I'm starting to not want to be close to him, just so that nothing will develop over it. But no matter how hard I try to avoid there is still little tiny report from Stephen that got to my mother-in-law, I really don't know what I have ever done to Stephen that made him kept pestering over me for? I understand he is a great servant of the family, especially a great servant of Louis, but is this mini-report to mother really necessary?

    My relationship with Stephen was quite good, Louis and I always included him into our play activity, since he is the one who take care of our need. I guess he just worry about me betraying Louis, and he is one of those loyal servant that will report every little detail, I'm just so glad that Louis is not home much to listen to Stephen little report. But having him report to my mother-in-law is a big enough problem to deal with already. Maybe I should go have a talk with him and try clear thing up between us.

    Oh someone just came home, it got to be Louis! I'll continue later...

    I'm sorry Louis...

    I'm sorry.....

    Annie notice the page of this entry was wrinkled and crisp with droplet of yellow stained rings. Like someone been crying on this page causing this entry to wrinkle up instead of flat like the other entry. Annie assumes that those are droplets of tears over the entry. 'What has happened? Why is she sorry?' Annie swiftly flipped to the next page looking for a second entry but the next couple pages of the diary is blank.

    "What happen?" Annie soft and curious voice asked to her large empty room. "Why did she stop? Why would she cry? Who came home? Is it not Louis? Why is she sorry? What did she do wrong?" Annie pondered out loud trying to understand Helen situation. There are just simply too many questions popping out at Annie.

    She looked over to the clock, it is two in the morning. Again Louis is still not home yet. Annie securely put the diary safely away and snuggled into the warm comforter to sleep. She glanced out into the dark night and saw little twinkle of snow coming down to make the house even more cold and empty. "Where could he be now?" she longingly asked, she know the answer, and it just bring tears up into her eyes. Stubbornly and emptily Annie sniffed the tears away and shut her eyes to sleep with her heart bleeding at the thought of her husband with other women.

    The bed moved a bit, like someone just got on. Annie quickly popped her eyes open and turned the lamp on her nightstand on to look around, cause she is certain that it's not her husband! The bed was empty, just herself but she sense a breeze of chilling air by her side. She draws the comforter tighter against her body hugging it with her heart pounding.

    In a soft trembling tone, Annie pleaded, "Go away, I don't want to play game with you tonight." She squeezed her eyes as tightly as possible trying to ignore the movement of the bed. Then she heard the sound of a rolling ball along with a jingling bell. Annie gulped and slowly opened one eyes to peek at the source. She saw a red ball rolled toward the doorway and it stopped when she look at it, kind of like it notice Annie attention. Annie swiftly shut her eyes again and when she opens her eyes it has disappeared into nowhere. Annie felt horribly scare; it got to be ghost! Why can't her husband believe her? Why can't he be here to protect her now?! Annie sobbed and snuggled her head tightly on her pillow to cry herself to sleep.

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