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    Yeah, Annie is a great actress! I love her acting so much <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I started posting another fanfic of mine, please go check it out too! Hopefully no one is annoyed by my fanfics being everywhere, lol <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 24: Baby?

    Time has passed quickly transforming early fall into mid winter. The icy cold field is filled with beautiful white snow having a hue of orange cased by the setting sun. Annie sat in her balcony staring out into the misty reddish-orange yard with nothing in mind. She sighed, she couldn't believe it has been eight months since her marriage to Louis. During these eight months she is trapped here in this deserted house with the three usual faces of her servants and no one else. She don't even get to see her husband much, since he came home finding her asleep and when she wake up finding him left for the day already. If it weren't for his charming feature, Annie sworn that she has forgotten how he looked like by now. No matter how stubborn she is; she has to admit that she missed his face so much. She missed his touch, his warm arms around her like how they dance and the passionate kiss four months ago.

    She felt lonely and empty without anymore hope or wish or any kind of inspiration, her life has become hollow, goalless, and pointless. It like she has been imprisoned from the entire world, just waiting, waiting for something to occur. She weren't allow to go out of the house, not even to visit the house a block in front of this lonesome mansion. And she was wondering why her husband family never came over for a visit. The last time Raymond came over was four months ago, and she never seen her father and mother-in-law after the day of their morning tea, which is eight month ago. It strange to her how they seem so close but yet so far away.

    From the diary, Louis sounded really close and caring about his family and wife Helen. Why did he change so much? What has happened between him and Helen? Where is Helen now? Annie has been pondering about those questions ever since she finished the diary, but with no hope of finding the answer. She know that Stephen must know about it, but she didn't dare to ask Stephen, even though Stephen is back to normal and nothing weird happened after that light bulb night, but still deep down in her heart, she wouldn't trust him again. And since she also knows that Stephen won't answer her question, so there is really no use in trying to question him.

    A lonesome sorrow frown is evident in Annie face. Her empty eyes are gazed toward the tiny house far away with warm lighted window. She could imagine the laughter and conversation occurring in that house. It's must be more lively than this jail of her, she thought with a wishful mind that she could break loose one day. Maybe one day the sweet Louis that was in the diary will return and loved her in the same way. She smiled warmly at the tiny house far away and wishes so much that she could join into their conversation. Maybe one day this house could be lively too, with her husband being home and share his stressful day event with her and she would help release his stress by massaging his shoulder. Her face frowned with a tiny pout along with her round eyes, 'it will never happen,' Annie sadly reminded herself.

    A solid knock on the door startled her to turn over swiftly, she been feeling very jumpy and edgy for no reason in particular. And she kept thinking she heard sound coming from that locked room especially cause of the red ball that kept following her, but her husband has warned her not to spoke nonsense.

    After slowly reading "My Husband's Diary", she has an eerie feeling that Helen has passed away somehow. What else could explain her discontinue of writing entry? A person that have a habit of writing each day do not stop for no reason. The more she read about their past the more she don't understand, cause that Louis in the diary are so much of a difference to the Louis that slept by her each night. From the diary she could understand why Louis devoted his love to Helen so much, and that fact made her felt a bit of burning jealousy over her.

    Wetting her dry lip and pulled a book up, pretending to read, she gently response to the knock, "Come in."

    Nicola walked in with a bright smile as usual, Annie looked at her faithful maid with a light smile starting to show on her own face too. Annie sworn that if it weren't for Nicola being around she would probably forgotten how to smile herself. Nicola is the only one that looked normal to her. While the rest are just empty and weird.

    Her husband never show up and when he do show up, he usual give her cold disapproval stares or commanding her with his tyrant mind. But worse yet is giving her mixed signal of love and hate, she really don't know what he wanted from her. At time it seem like he loved her as her but in other time as the other Mrs. Koo. Sometime Annie would rather not see him at all than seeing him, cause it hurt to see her own husband never loved her.

    As for her other two servants, one she hardly ever see since he is always in the kitchen slaving himself to cook eight dishes a meal, which always end up for the dogs. While the other servant adopted her husband attitude and looked like a stiff piece of broad that give her empty chill, like her life is not empty enough.

    The maid frowned worriedly after noticing that Annie is sited outside in the balcony. "Yee Seeu Lie you are still sick, you can't let the wind blow on you like that, it winter, your fever will get heavier if you stay out there," reasoned the caring maid to the dulled mistress of hers.

    Annie depressingly sighed with her tire body and heavy head cause of her fever. "Don't worry Nikki, I'm feeling better," she reassured, even though her voice is not too convincing.

    Shaking her head at her stubborn mistress, Nicola reminded her, "You'll make Yee See really worry if he knows about this." She walked up to Annie with a ceramic thermo on a tray and an empty bowl and a soupspoon.

    The barely nineteen years old mistress pouted with her anguish eyes toward the snow yard in front of her. "Worry? When have he ever worry?" Annie tone was a bit childish filled with anger toward her absent husband. Nicola sighed softly, she could tell how sad her mistress is from the tone. She don't know what else to say to comfort her, so she kept silent. "I don't think he even know if I die in this house!" Annie stated with frustration tears feeling unloved. She constantly asked herself why she deserves to be locked here.

    Nicola place the tray down on the balcony bench and gave all of her attention toward her mistress trying her best to comfort her. "Yee Seeu Lie, I'm sure Yee Seeu worry about you, he is just a bit stubborn and...."

    "And heartless!" Annie finished of her maid sentence with her angry hiss. She let out a depressed sigh, "Lets not talk about him." She gazed back toward the setting sun. Nicola walked back into the room to retrieve Annie pink cloak and covered Annie up. Annie softly with her lifeless voice, "Thanks."

    Her maid smiled warmly at her. Nicola knows Annie missed her husband and feeling a bit angry about the fact that he never cares and since today is a special day of her. She smiled joyfully trying to cheer Annie up, "Yee Seeu Lie is your birthday today, why don't we go down and ask Bobby to cook you something you like to celebrate. You like birthday cake and balloons. We can decorate the house and have a little party." Annie shook her head, there is no meaning to celebrate her birthday herself and eat alone. Nicola sighed at the deflated mood of her mistress.

    "I don't feel like eating tonight," Annie told Nicola as she swallowed down the tiny bit of tears that is bothering her eyes. "Tell Bobby not to cook dinner."

    Disappointedly, Nicola tries to reason Annie into eating, "Yee Seeu Lie, you are still sick and weak, if you don't eat you'll never get the strength to get better."

    Annie didn't answer her. She stubbornly gazed out toward the driveway with her pouted expression. Deep down she wishes that he could return tonight, all she asking is to be with him tonight. 'That is not a lot to ask for right?' Annie pondered hopelessly thinking that it's impossible.

    Nicola shakes her head at the sight of Annie depressing herself like this, "Alright, I won't force you to have dinner, but at least finish this bowl of soup up. Yee Seeu Lie, these are from Tai Tai."

    Surprised, Annie turned to look at Nicola with interest, finally something from someone other than these couple lonely souls of this house! "Really?" she asked with a bit of life for once. Nicola nodded as Annie opens the lid to see what it was. "When did they come over? Why didn't I notice? They came over during my nap huh?" she poured question on Nicola. It's just not an everyday thing to have input from outside sources.

    "They didn't came over, Yee Seeu Lie," stated the sad voice with her head shaking. Nicola wonders why Louis parents never visit too. Seeing Annie sad eyes, she explained, "Stephen needed to see Lo Yeeh today, so Tai Tai told him to bring it over for you and Yee Seeu to enjoy."

    "Oh..." Annie answer with a disappointed tone. She stares into the thermo of soup, which have a big dark thing floating in brownish soup. Annie eyes narrowed on the dark meaty thing, and she saw a thin layer of fur. Her voice is weak feeling a bit uncertain about the soup, "What kind of soup is this?"

    The maid shrugged, "I don't know. But Tai Tai told Stephen to make sure you and Yee Seeu both drink it all up, she say it good for you, something about helping increase the chance of having a baby."

    Annie dropped the lid back on it. 'Baby?' that thought slowly sink into her mind. She hasn't even slept with her husband yet, how is there going to be baby? Not even this soup could help if they never interact. She frowned and lost her appetite immediately. Louis never home anyway and she know very well where he went each night, cause she smell the strong sweet perfume sense sleeping by her side every single night. Annie would sadden each time when she woke up by those strong smell, she would sob silently into her pillow each time she notice her husband been out with those nightclub girls instead of home with her. Is she really that much worse than those girls? What have she ever done wrong to deserve this? She asked herself each night when she stares at him sleeping soundly totally ignoring her.

    She doesn't know why that one passionate kiss can change her love for him this strongly, maybe it because of the diary she read too. She is deeply in love with him now and couldn't deny it, she missed him, she missed his kiss, she missed his warmth body around her, and she missed his strong arm wrapping her tightly with desire. Even though how badly he treated her, her heart still wonder about him and wanted him home with her. But they have become distanced during these four months after the kiss. He hardly ever came home now and even if he does, his eyes have lost that feeling and warmth Annie was searching for. He don't care about her anymore, at least that how Annie heart warned her. It's hurtful to feel this way all the time, but it probably true. Cause he is not home tonight, even that today is her birthday.

    Nicola cheerfully started to pour the brownish soup out into the empty bowl, "I bet Tai Tai and Lo Yeeh couldn't wait till you and Yee Seeu give them a grandchild. A baby would bring more spirit to this huge house too. It is a bit empty. There would be more laughter with a kid running around the house."

    Annie nodded agreeing that the house is empty. She sighed. 'Baby?' She softly chuckled sarcastically with a drop of tears lingering in her lonely eyes. Louis has never cared for her feeling, why would he even care about having a baby with her? Annie face quickly depressed, she felt guilty, cause she is a wife, in fact a wife for eight months already. But she hasn't done her job of being a wife. Is it her fault? Is it because she was the one trying to avoid him for eight months? Is she the one avoiding him or is he the one trying to avoid her? Annie pondered with a little pout of anger. Would he act differently if she tries again? She thought about it silently as she stares into the hazy setting sun melting the snow a bit.

    She still remembers every painful word he said to her that day. It was painful and devastating to bear. Annie sighed softly again with her mind thinking, maybe is time for her to drop it and seriously talk things through with her husband. They just can't avoid each other like this for the rest of their life. It is one of her childhood dream to have her owns family and her own children, but her dreamt husband weren't this distant and cold. Annie really wanted a chance to work thing out with her husband and like her dream, living happily ever after. But is that ever possible?

    Nicola was scooping the dark thing out and it plopped into the bowl splattering the soup a bit. The creature eyes stare straight at Annie, Annie quickly felt nauseated and ran to the bathroom to throw up. It is a bat! With big round eyes staring at her! She has never seen anyone use a bat for soup! It just disgusted her, when it eyes stare at her unmoved with it wings spread and how it's a bit furry just gave her a creep up her back. Nicola was a bit drained that it was a bat too, but she has heard that bat are really healthy nutrient food before. She rushed into the bathroom to see how Annie is doing. Annie couldn't stop herself from vomiting and her face is quickly pale green with beads of sweat. Nicola rubbed her back soothingly to help her ease down the vomiting.

    Louis just came home and heard the commotion upstairs so he rushed up to see what happening. He followed the sound into the bathroom and saw Annie vomiting vigorously. She is pale green and weak. His face quickly darken fiercely as he dart his hard eyes on Nicola accusingly, "What happen Nikki?!" Annie body quickly trembles and swiftly turns to her husband voice, she wasn't expecting him to actually come home before dinner, he hasn't been home for dinner for the last four months or even the whole entire eight months of their marriage.

    Is he really home today? Did he return cause of her birthday? Or is this just a coincident? Annie face is pale and her knees weaken but her eyes are glued to her husband curiously. Louis saw her wobbly, so he swiftly held her tightly with his concerned heart, it made Annie felt some warmth from him that she hasn't for a very long time. Tears welled up her eyes quickly when she felt his arms around her again. She loved him and missed him so much! It just felt so good to be in his arms again, but it also bring her sadness to know how hard it is to have him love her like this.

    Louis angrily screamed at Nicola blaming everything on the poor maid, "Weren't you suppose to take care of her?!! Why is she throwing up?!!" He saw Annie wearing her cloak, so he scolded even angrier, "Has she been outside?! I told you before to make sure she stays out of the wind! She stills having a fever!!" Annie looked up at him, did he really notice that she is sick all along? Did he really cared and asked the servant to take care of her?

    A small smile creped up her face warmly as she snuggled close to her husband, it felt so warm to know he cared and notice her. Yes, she knows she has a soft heart, but she don't care all she know is that he is back. And that she is in his arms again, why be stubborn?

    Shakily with her head held low staring at the floor, Nicola trembling voice tries to apologize, "I'm sorry...Yee Seeu...I..."

    "This house don't need you, get out of here now!!" yelled the inflamed and unreasonable Yee Seeu. Nicola eyes widen in fear. She can't lose this job! Her family still needed her to sent money back to them!

    Annie shook her head and walked over to grab hold of Nicola shaky hand. She breathed slowly to get rid of the nauseated feeling. "Is not her fault, Louis..." her weak voice tries to calm her husband down.

    "She didn't obey my order!" Louis stated with a hiss, "I told her specifically before to keep a close eyes on you and not let your sickness worsen, did she listen?!!" His raged eye switched to dart at Annie with burning flame, "And you! Why can't you be more careful and stay out of the wind?! I don't want to see you throw up anymore you heard me?!" He stare at Nicola, "I told you to get out of here now!"

    Roundly, Annie eyes darted at Louis with disbelief to his insensitive behavior. Her eyes hardened angrily at her unreasonable husband, "Stop being so unreasonable!" Nicola hand squeeze Annie's tightly she is afraid of Louis, she pressed her lip together and looked at the carpet.

    Pointing at Nicola, Louis continue, he don't thing he did anything unreasonable, "I hire her to take care of you! So of course it's her fault when you are not feeling well! It's show that she didn't do her job! Why do I want to keep her?! And what wrong with scolding her for failing her duty?!"

    Even though Annie was a bit joyful to hear him care about her, but her joyfulness is dominated by her anger toward him for being so unreasonable and tyrant toward other. She fiercely pointed to the bowl of bat soup, "It's that, that got me throwing up! Nikki did nothing wrong! So stop yelling at her!"

    Louis quickly walked over to pick up the bowl of bat soup and darted at it in disbelieve. "Who bring these kind of stuff into my house?!" he angrily demanded for an answer.

    Protectively, Annie pushed Nicola behind her. Her voice is firm and fearless as she explains to her husband, "It's from Lai Lai, she wanted us to drink it so we can give her a grandchild!" her eyes darted at him fiercely with cold tears. She blinked and a drop of tear rolled down her smooth lonely face, with a very soft voice that is barely audible, she dishearteningly stated, "But both you and me know that there will never be a baby." Annie wetted her lip and squeezed Nicola hand, "I don't feel good Nikki, could you help me get to the bed?"

    Nicola nodded and walked slowly ahead of Annie to guide her. Louis hissed out angrily, he couldn't believe his mother would do nonsense like this. He forcefully throws the bowl of soup across the room, causing it to shatter and splatter everywhere when it hit the wall. Nicola body shook when she heard the harsh violent impact. While Annie is steadily walking toward the bed like she didn't notice a thing, she is too angry with him to be afraid of him anymore.

    Anger was boiling up in Louis to realize it his family bothering them again. He forced himself to calm down a bit and looked over toward Annie and Nicola. "Nikki empty out the rest of the soup in the thermo down the sink now! And I don't ever want anymore things like this in my house, do you understand?! I don't care whose it's from, just don't ever bring them in!"

    The poor fearful maid nod repeatedly, she is just glad that Louis didn't ask her to leave anymore, she stare at Annie to be excused. "Go ahead Nikki, I'll be fine," reassured Annie weak voice. Nicola nod and shakily walked out with the tray of bat soup to empty it. Annie murmured hastily at her husband after Nicola left, "Do you really have to scold her like that? She is a human being too, not an object for you to release your temper on."

    Annie slowly leans on the wall feeling light headed from throwing up and her fever, she doesn't have the strength to walk anymore. Louis balanced her and swooped her up into his masculine arms. Annie head leans snuggly on his chest with a little pout as she stares at him with disappointed eyes cause of him yelling at Nicola. But deep down her heart she felt so glad and warm to be in his arm again, even if his heart is not with hers.

    But she is stubbornly angry about his difficult personality, why can't he be the Louis in the diary? He sounded so warm and loving, what happened to change all of it? Is he really that stressed about his father business that it transformed him? She wondered with her frustrated look and angry stares at Louis. He ignored her stare and just carried her over to the bed, he kneeled in on the bed to place Annie down on the center. Then he warmly covered her up with the comforter. Seeing those set of cold eyes and his emotionless facial expression made Annie hissed out at him as she rolled away not wanting to see him.

    He could tell that she is obviously mad at him. Louis hissed softly too at her childish behavior. In his stern tone that carries a tint of warmth, "Rest for a while," he commanded. Annie didn't reply, she is mad at him for being so inconsiderate to other people feeling, especially servant. Servant is human being too, and she is once a servant herself, she knows the pain and suffering. Louis sat himself down next to her staring at her pouted angry face with his heart melting a bit, but he brushed it away. In a soft demanding tone, "Close your eyes and sleep."

    Swallowed her tears, Annie finally couldn't hold in any longer. She has always wanted to know the answer to this important question. "Why did you marry me?" her emotional voice asked. Louis silenced and froze in position staring at his wife back, not knowing how to reply. Annie continues after a soft sigh, "You obviously don't love me, why do you want me here?" she wiped away her tears and sniffed. "How can you treat me like this? Do you know how many nights I have cried myself to sleep? I'm a human Louis, I have emotion and feeling...." she swallowed and slowly turns around to stare at him straight in the eyes with her vulnerable one.

    "I love you, but what did you give me in return?" Annie sighed hopelessly. "Nothing, nothing but emptiness and loneliness. Why? What have I done to you?" she wetted her lip and pressed them together with a bit of tremble. "I hate you," she murmured before she turned around with her back facing him again. "Go away, I don't want to see you." She pressed her lip hard trying not to cry in front of him, she lied, she did really wanted to see him and wanted him to be by her side, but her stubbornness have to win. Now she just hope he wouldn't be so cold to walk out on her.

    Guiltily, Louis eyes glued to her back for a very long time as he pondered about himself and what he wanted for her. He softly apologized, "I'm sorry..."

    Annie felt him moved away getting off the bed. No matter how stubborn her heart is she manage to force out a soft, "Don't..." Her heart weaken cause she really needed him, "Don't leave me, Louis."

    It hurts him to see her like this too, he know how much she loved him and how much he loved her too. But then he also realized his problem, what if it gets provoked again? How is he going to control himself to not harm her? Why do he have to have this problem? He can't risk himself a chance to make the same mistake twice. He looked at Annie back seriously with his gentle firm voice, "Annie, I don't want to hurt you."

    His wife turn to look at him with her soft round eyes, her voice was a bit bitter, "You are hurting me now, Louis," she reminded him. He swallowed and slowly sat back on the bed speechlessly. "Why can't you see that I'm suffering each day? What do you mean you don't want to hurt me? Isn't having an absent husband for the entire marriage suffering enough? Isn't the feeling of being trap and lost for the rest of my life suffering enough? Is not being able to have my love return to me hurtful enough?" she asked him with her bleeding soul. Annie swallowed with tears cascading down her cheek.

    "Louis, there is nothing more painful than loving someone that never return his love," Annie soft teary voice told him. She turned away from him again, "Louis you are wrong, you has hurts me ever since I married you." She sighed and brushed her tears away, "You are cruel Louis, you are cruel to me all along. You don't love me at all, I'm just your toy or even worse, your replacement of your lost wife."

    Louis shook his head with his eyes glue to Annie, he felt tear filling his eyes after what Annie say. "No," his barely audible sincerely answered. He took in a deep breath, "Annie, I love you. But I really couldn't get close to you. I don't want to hurt you. I know you don't understand, no one has understands. I don't want to be the one who hurt you."

    Annie swiftly turns to dart at him with her fierce eyes. She shouted at him frustratingly, " YOU ARE HURTING ME!! Why can't you see it?!" she stared at him with motionless eyes while her body trembling from her broken heart. Louis slowly reaches his hand over to tenderly wipe her tears away with his gentle loving hand. "Why Louis? Why?" she asked in her teary voice.

    Weakened for his love, Annie swiftly pulled herself upright and hugged him tightly crying. She has to let her emotion go before she going to get too cooped up inside. Louis embraced her tightly with his head snuggled against hers and tears lingered in his eyes with him stubbornly not letting it go. He hasn't felt this strong emotion for a very long time. He hugged her tighter and rubbed his head against hers for comfort. Annie murmured out in her choked voice, "I love you, Louis... Why can't you see it? I love you..." she tighten her hug even more while Louis kept nodding with his clotted up throat and a drop of tears finally able to escape and rolling down his dry face to soak into Annie hair.

    Finally, Louis was able to force out a painful, "I love you..." He blinked his tears and hugged Annie tightly with his eyes shuts tight to stop himself from showing his emotional state. His hand holding her head closer, he felt her smooth black hair slickly slipped in his hand. "Trust me Annie, I know I loved you ever since the ball."

    Shaking her head with sniffle, Annie corrected him, "No, you loved Helen."

    Louis confusedly nodded and shakes his head trying to straighten his mind, "Yes, I loved Helen very much, but now I loved you more."

    Annie snuggled her head against his neck, "Then why are you hurting me like this? Why are you avoiding me?! Why do you rather be with those girls instead of me?!!! Have you think of me?! Have you think of my feeling? You are sleeping with other girls!" She jealously and angrily reminded him.

    "Shhhhh...." he soothingly whispered into her ear to calm her down. Annie cried on his shoulder. "I didn't," he finally revealed.

    Stopped her crying, Annie tilted her head up toward him. She pouted at him with her eyes rounded, "Than why do I smell perfume?!"

    "Don't you trust me?" he calmly asked. Louis sighed, "When I say I didn't, then I didn't."

    "Than why can't you just stay home?!" asked the puzzled wife that needed an answer. "Why do you have to avoid me?! What is wrong with me?!"

    Louis doesn't know how to tell her the truth about being afraid of himself. Instead he simply answered, "I don't want to hurt you."

    Annie shakes her head vigorously at him with large eyes, "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT!!"

    Gulped and cleared his throat, he sense the room being so empty that made him a bit nervous. In a very weak voice, he is very afraid about how Annie will see him, "Annie, I'm not normal."

    His wife silenced completely with her confused forehead, she turned her head toward his neck with an eerie feeling. "What do you mean?" her weak voice asked.

    Louis loosened their hug, confessing this is harder than telling him to commit suicide. He looked at Annie seriously with his teary eyes, Annie studies them closely and she could sense his fear. "I...." he subconsciously pressed his lip together, "Annie, I..." he sighed, he know she is going to get scare if she know. Annie stares at him patiently waiting for him to spill it out. He dropped his head and murmured softly, "Maybe we'll be better off if we have a divorce."

    Paled by what he just suggested, Annie stare at him with her eyes rolled out inflamed for a long silent moment in disbelief of what he just throw at her, she finally fine her voice and bitterly, "Say that one more time Louis Koo!"

    Louis gulped and chewed on his lip not able to repeat it, not with Annie staring at him like this. Where did all his cold and expressionless self went? Why can't he bitterly tell her one more time to kill her hopeful heart? He know why, cause he don't want a divorce himself, he don't want her to leave him.

    The room was silent and thickened with tension, Annie stares at her husband stilly and finally break the icy silent, her disappointed tone filled with hurtfulness, "Do you really wanted to divorce me?" Louis didn't answer and just returned the room backs to the thick icy tension. His mind is lost with what he really wanted, all he could do is dart his eyes dully on the comforter.

    Annie shakes her head disappointedly at him and scooting herself toward the edge of the bed to get off. "Fine, if you wanted me out of your house and your life, I could do it right now," she got off too quick making her a bit groggy, she blinked to focus and forced herself to continue. Louis saw her wobbling so he quickly got up and swooped her up securely into his arm. Annie pouted angrily at him, "Let go of me Mr. Koo."

    He didn't listen instead he just carried her back to the bed. Annie is in tears again when she saw his pair of eyes, it looked like he care, but why can't he admit it? She hated herself for being so weak! Why can't she hide her emotion and feeling for him?! Louis tugged her into bed while his wife eyes are staring at him with hatred glare. He tries to ignore her glare with his usual empty stern face blocking all emotion out. After tugging her in, he looked at her straight in the eyes, "You need to rest for a while." He dropped his head, "I'm sorry."

    "I DON'T NEED YOU TO SAY SORRY!" snapped Annie, whose eyes are still angrily darted at her husband. "You are not sorry! If you are sorry, you wouldn't kept hurting me! So stop saying that!" she swiftly turned around with her back toward him. "Get out," her bitter voice ordered. Louis walked out with the bedroom door shuts behind. Annie shut her eyes and cried to herself to release all of her stress. "I hate you...I hate you..." she cried until she is overly exhausted and finally fallen asleep.

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    Chapter 25: The Power Of Love

    When Annie finally stirs and opens her eyes tiredly, it was nighttime already. She sited upright and saw a tray with a bowl of chicken porridge and a couple sour plums candy next to it, the tray is sitting on her nightstand right next to her. The sour plum is knows to help stop the nauseated feeling. She smiled and started to sip on the bowl of warm chicken porridge, 'It must be Nicola,' she thought with a warm smile seeing the room has been cleaned up from the scattered bowl of bat soup. 'That silly girl must be scare to death when Louis screamed at her', Annie thought with a guilty sigh for putting Nicola on the spot.

    After finishing her bowl of porridge, Annie unwrapped the sour plums candy. What she didn't know was that Louis is the one that cooked the porridge and placed next to her bed with sour plums so she can feel better soon. How would she know that he is actually thoughtful to her? He is the one who wanted a divorce. She still couldn't believe he wanted a divorce, how could he? How could he just divorce her after eight months? If he would have said so five months ago, Annie would be over joy, but now all she felt was his heartless soul torturing her.

    A soft sound of piano music was heard from downstairs; Annie curiously follows the lovely music to see who is playing the piano. She thought it was Stephen since he is the one that once teaches her how to make music out of that black block of wood. But why is Stephen playing a piano this late is a puzzle to her. Annie walk down the stair slowly and her eyes are glued at the back of her handsome husband, he is the one creating the lovely passionate music, Annie couldn't believe a guy with such an empty soul and heartless mind, could actually put so much emotion into a piece of music. The musical is deep and strong with emotional message.

    She stand motionlessly still in the middle of the stair, watching her husband play. From his music she could hear his emotion, the strong passion, the loneliness, the desire for love, the deep sorrow, the need, and a tiny sensation of fear hidden behind. The music has totally captivated Annie, she slowly bend down to sit on the step with her head leaning against the wooden spoke of the stair rail, looking at her husband with tears in her eyes. She could feel the emotion inside him, the things that he wanted to express to her. It was so strong and yet gentle and warm to her ears. Part of it made her sad and emotional wanting to cry, but the other part touched her heart warmly cause she could sense his love toward her. 'Why? Why is he doing this again? Why is he torturing me with mixed signal of love and hate again?' Annie pondered with tears in her eyes, he must want to play with her emotional state again.

    Louis strokes a low note and held it down, causing a deep echo throughout the empty huge house and into Annie heart. He turns to look at Annie with his round dark eyes motionlessly still on her with a burning warm flame hoping that she could see his intention. Annie snapped out wiping her cheek and swiftly turns to rush back up, stubbornly not wanting to see him or trust him. He has broken her heart far too many times.

    His heart dropped quickly seeing her running away. Louis looked at the image of her running up the stairs sincerely with his soft warm voice that is barely audible, "Happy Birthday Annie." Annie slowly turned around when she heard his warm voice remembering her birthday. She stares at him with tears lingering in her eyes causing a twinkle from the light. Louis looked at her with his gentle soft eyes, his heart warmed in relief to see her stopped running away. In his tender tone, that sounded so sincere and loving, he whispered, "Happy Birthday."

    Annie finally looked up the ceiling and saw colorful streamer and balloons tied up decorating the living room so beautifully. Why didn't she notice it when she walked out? And the house seems to be empty with only the two of them. Has he planned this all along? Everything is just beautiful, it really touched her heart to know that he remember she like balloons and streamers. Louis gave her a warm smile, "Would you dance with me?" Annie heart has stopped when she hear what he just said. 'Did he just ask to dance with me?' her eyes softly met his. They stare at each other in silent, but the atmosphere is thickened with emotionally silent....

    Would you dance
    If I asked you to dance?
    Would you run
    And never look back?
    Would you cry
    If you saw me crying?
    And would you save my soul, tonight?

    Would you tremble
    If I touched your lips?
    Would you laugh?
    Oh please tell me this.
    Now would you die
    For the one you loved?
    Hold me in your arms, tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Would you swear
    That you'll always be mine?
    Or would you lie?
    would you run and hide?
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    I don't care...
    You're here tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.

    Oh, I just want to hold you.
    I just want to hold you.
    Am I in too deep?
    Have I lost my mind?
    Well I don't care...
    You're here tonight.

    I can be your hero, baby.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.
    I can be your hero.
    I can kiss away the pain.
    And I will stand by you forever.
    You can take my breath away.
    You can take my breath away.

    I can be your hero

    Louis is gently approaching her after the long silent. Annie has to admit that her husband charming smile and handsome face are so hard to resist, especially with his sharp look in that tux of his. And she has missed him so much! She wanted his love too. But why can't she find herself to trust him? She has a feeling that he is toying with her emotion again. Annie turned around to rush upstairs, she don't want to give him a chance to hurt her again, she don't want to hope anymore, cause she hate to let him stump them away each time!

    Urgently, Louis impatient tone called out, "Annie!" Annie stopped but she didn't turn around, she looked up toward the ceiling trying to get rid of her weak tears. "Please? Please give me one last chance," his gentle voice sounded so convincing. "I love you. Can I please have this dance with you?" he sweetly asked with his serious tone. Annie turned around and stares at him, who is right in front of her now. Tears just rolled out of her eyes, she no longer felt pain, more of a numb when she stares at him for answer. Louis tenderly cupped her face with both his hands and wipes her tears away with his thumb. He felt his heart ached when he saw those pair of eyes. "Please forgive me..." his soothing voice pleaded.

    Gulped and sniffed, Annie stares at him straight in the eyes bitterly, "How? You wanted a divorce remember?" She took in a deep breath with her body trembling a bit, "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO FORGIVE YOU?!"

    Louis immediately pulled her into his arm embracing her tightly with his eyes shut ejecting a drop of his tears, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you..."

    Stubbornly mad, Annie forcefully pushed him away and turned to swiftly get herself up to the second floor, Louis followed behind her. "I had enough with you! I no longer know when you are real and when you are playing with me!" she turns and darted at him, "I wanted to believe too, but it hard to believe you, you just break my heart over and over. How am I supposes to trust?" She fiercely bulge her angry eyes at Louis with her index finger poking his chest frustratingly, "And don't you say you don't mean to hurt me! And one sorry will never be enough to fix all of those hurtful words of yours!" She panted with her eyes still stare at him and a bit unsteady cause of her feverish cold. "Louis Koo you are the one that wanted a divorce! You can't just take that word back when you pour it out!"

    Firmly, her husband grabbed her hand that is on his chest with both of his and pulled her in for an embrace. "I know...I know it's my fault," his sincere deep voice admitted. Annie sniffed her tears but some escaped soaking into his tux, since he is hugging her really tightly. "I'm sorry, please just give me one more chance?" he begged with his genuine eyes on her.

    Coldly and stubbornly with her pout she answered, "A sorry can't fix everything." But deep down she has slowly forgiven him already.

    He nodded, "I know I hurts you, but just give me one last try."

    Annie shakes her head and looked up at him uncertainly, "You are just toying with me again. Louis, I'm tire of this game."

    "I'm serious this time," he stared at her seriously.

    Pouting, Annie childish anger voice questioned, "Than why did you say you wanted to divorce me a couple hours ago?!"

    Louis grabs both of Annie hands with his warm one. He wetted his lip and lifted his eyes to meet hers, "I was afraid," he confessed. Annie stares at him curiously waiting for him to continue. He studied her for a while before he finds the courage to move on, "Annie do you really loved me no matter what?"

    Annie narrowed her eyes at him but she nodded certainly, "Ever since you stab me in the heart."

    Seriously, Louis looked straight into her eyes sincerely, "Then trust me one last time, I really loved you." He sighed, "But..."

    She notices how he always hesitates with that fearful look, Annie encouraged, "Tell me Louis, what is bothering you? What is wrong? Why are you avoiding me? Why are you doing this to me?" She let out a dreadful sigh, with a bit of jealousy, "Is Helen huh? I know you loved her more, and I'm just a replacement." Annie looked down toward the floor with her frowned forehead and glum line.

    Her husband shakes his head and lifted her chin up to have her face him. "No... yes..." he sighed to straighten his thought. "Annie I know I love you, and I love Helen really much too." His tender fingers lovingly sweep over Annie soft face, "But I know she is in the past, but sometime I get stuck in the past too." He smiled at her genuinely with a charming spark, "You are much better than her, at least you hasn't change for eight whole months." He take in a puff of breathe, "Annie, sometime I have problem controlling myself."

    Annie looked at him with concern, "What do you mean?"

    Bite his lower lip nervously to what the out come will be, Louis finally spilled out, "I don't know how to explain this to you Annie." He blinked his tears, "Sometime I couldn't control what I do or think..." weakly, "I won't even remember." He paused, "Sometime I know, but I couldn't stop myself or control myself. It like I'm standing in a corner only allows to watch and not interferes." He sighed and hugged her cozily, "I'm so afraid that I couldn't control myself from hurting you. I'm afraid that I could only watch and see you suffer, or even worst I would not even know what I'm doing. That's why I have been avoiding you, is the only way to insure your safety. I can't control myself Annie."

    "Why?" Annie confusedly asked, she is feeling a bit overwhelm by what he just said cause she don't understand it at all.

    Louis eyes stare at her and he saw her lost eyes with fear, "You are afraid of me like all of them huh? You must think that I'm some kind of a crazy freak." Annie shake her head and snuggled herself close to him hugging him tightly, Louis embraced her too. He could feel her warmth and love, "You're really not afraid?"

    "No, but why would you want to hurt me? How did this problem started?" she concernedly asked with lost mind.

    Her husband shuts his eyes tightly and shook his head to kick that thought out, he know if he recalled what happen he won't be able to control himself. "I don't want to remember Annie," he told her. He softly felt her face with his eyes glued to her beautiful round eyes. "Why do you have to look so much like her?" he pressed his lip, "I might harm you because you reminded me of her."

    "Helen?" Annie asked; he nodded. "What did Helen do?" Annie curiously asked.

    Louis shook his head and wrinkled his brows trying to force his mind focusing other thing but old memories. "Don't Annie," he pleaded, cause he don't want to face his past. Annie nodded understandingly, she don't want to force him. Louis looked at her with his sincere eyes, "Just trust me alright? Are you sure you aren't afraid? I could hurt you, without noticing."

    Annie nodded firmly with a warm smile, "Nothing could hurt more than thinking you don't love me all along. I don't care what problem you have." She sniffed her tears and hugged him with her head against his chest, "Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why did you waited for the entire eight months? Did you know how badly you make me suffer? I hate you for that. I just wanted you to love me, that not too much for a wife to ask for right?"

    Louis cuddled her warmly with his calm tone, "I'm sorry, I don't know how you would react with a troublesome husband. No one accept my problem Annie. Everyone has treated me so differently after that day, they are silently afraid. I'm afraid that you will be just like them too."

    "I won't," her soft voice promised. She pressed her lip together and hugged him tightly, "I love you." She looked up at Louis with her warm loving eyes full of need for his care and love.

    Longingly, Louis nod with a warm assured smile with his eyes stare into her sparkling one, he lean toward her and tilted his head a bit to kiss his wife gently on the lip with a whisper, "I love you too. Can I have this dance with you?"

    Brightly a smile sweetly illuminated Annie face with joyful tears in her eyes. She nodded and whispered, "Yes." Her husband gently holds her hand and pecked it softly with his eyes rolled up to look at her shy blush. Annie has never seen this side of him before, it was different from the time he kissed her, that time it was full of blazing passion, but this time he looked so gentle and charming, it just too dreamy that it made her heart race and stomach fluttered with butterfly, she felt as if she is dreaming. She couldn't believe he could have such an impact on her, she is definitely in love with her husband and so is he. She finally waited to this day, he has return and loving her the way she wanted him to. He is just perfect to her now.

    Slowly Louis guided her down to the quiet empty living room that is beautifully decorated. Annie glanced at the decoration and toward the dinning room, she saw the same decoration that she has up for his birthday and on the table was a birthday cake too. The sight of the flickering flames of the candles far away burning on top of the cake just brings tears into Annie eyes. He remembered how she wanted to celebrate his birthday, and she thought he never knows about it. Annie felt the warmth from her touched heart as she draws her attention back to her husband again and looked at him silently with her eyes glued to his feature. Annie stares at him uncertain to whether she is still dreaming or is this real? Is he really finally hers?

    Shyly she reached her hand toward his face and felt his angular jaw, he is real, it's not her wishful dream. She smiled warmly with her sparkles eyes. And her voice was so soft that it blended into the silent atmosphere soothingly like an angel, "You are real." Her eyes kept gazing at him not wanting to lose the sight of her husband.

    He turned his head toward her hand that is still on his jaw and pecked it softly. He gently grabs her hand and pulled her into his arms with his heart missing her so much. He embraced her tightly and cozily, "Sorry for bringing you so much sadness, Annie." Annie can't help her emotional self from releasing silent touched tears on his chest as she shook her head. He pecked the side of her head, "I love you so much." Louis blinked his tears away and the room was quickly filled with Annie little sobbing sound. Louis wrapped her body warmly with his strong arms. He felt guilty for making her suffer for so long, "I'm sorry."

    Annie released her hug to look at him sincerely with her watery round eyes and cherry nose, her index finger is on his lip. "Lets forget about the past, but can you promise you won't have to apologize for the future?" she requested. Louis nod with his warm grin, he looked so stunningly handsome with his dark tone, Annie can't remove her eyes off of him, he is just what she been waiting for, for so long. Louis couldn't pull his eyes off of her beautiful sweet eyes, he could see her love toward him through them, and it felt so warm and right to him. He has lost this feeling for so long, he thought there is no way to find this loving feeling back, but there she is bringing it all back to warm his soul.

    He slowly brushed her tears away with his gentle touch. Slowly both his hands lowered to her waist and placed firmly on both side of her waist with his tender warm hands he pulled her body closer against his. Annie body tensed a bit with his touch and his attention, she loved this feeling of love and desire from him with a notch of nervousness too. Louis whispered into her ear softly with his sincere voice, "I missed you so much, Annie." His right hand dig into her hair and held her head closer against his chest, "I know I love you."

    Annie smiled sweetly from the heart after hearing his sweet assuring voice, it also causes her heart to pound louder against her ribcage and she thought she heard it echo loudly throughout the empty house. Annie slowly tilted her head up to met his eyes, hers pair are drowned into those captivating eyes of his; she missed that face of his so much, and it's at this moment that she can really confirm how much he meant to her. Her arms automatically wrapped around his neck loosely. He sneaks out a stunning crooked smile with his head leaning closer and slightly against the side of hers forehead. Annie felt her heart beats warmly with his warm body around her and they slow danced to the silent of the night without music, but both their heart are satisfy with the silent and the fact that they are with each other.

    Not a word is spoken but Annie felt a very strong feeling toward him, is the long lost feeling she had four months ago, she looked into his eyes to make sure she saw his warm loving eyes, and it was there, she smiled at him with tears lingered in her eyes, with the burning desire of wanting to be in his arm forever. She lean her head slowly back on her husband chest and snuggled it warmly on his tux. It felt like a fairytale to her, that she still couldn't believe it's true. Cause her husband never treat her this gentle with passion before. But today he came forward and revealed himself to her.

    "You look lovely tonight, Annie," he whispered into her ear. Louis smiled and slowly moved his hand up her back. Annie smiled dreamily to his voice, it sound so different and warm, she loving every second of being with him. And most of all, she know he really loved her for her cause he say Annie, not Helen. That is such a big relief for her to heard. The emptiness and loneliness of his eyes has evaporated and so is hers. It like he is a totally different person, the one that she missed, the one that is in the dairy. For now, all Annie wanted was to enjoy the moment in her husband arms.

    She slowly tilted her head up to stare at him with tempting eyes. "I missed you," she whispered with a smiled and rolled her head back to listen to his heart, with her cheek burning up a bit shyly for saying that out loud. But it felt so good to express her emotion and love toward her husband. She shut her eyes and relaxing on his chest and enjoying their slow rocking dance.

    Louis embraced her tighter and she felt his warm and firm body against her, it made her felt his love and desire heart, she sense the cue he telling her. Her heart pounded louder with a bit of nervousness and a small hunger for his love too. She felt his temptation and soft breath on her along with his lustful eyes beaming at her stilly gazing into her, it made her felt the electric sparks between them. As a response to her husband attention, her cheek quickly changed into a darker crimson shade with her lips gently pressed together trying to keep her nervous stomach away. Annie gulped, her eyes slowly beamed up to met his and from that look of his, she know that she is in love, she is in love with her handsome husband and no one else. Cause she wanted him too.

    Her husband slowly tilted her head up by gently lifting her chin. The soft touch of his fingertips causes the sweet glow on her face. Annie stares at his attractive face with her carving eyes sharply on him. His eyes are steadily on Annie with blazing passion and desire for her kiss and love, and he could tell that his wife is feeling the same way too. He tilted his head and leaned toward her. At the same time Annie lifted her head toward him, the tip of their nose touched with their eyes gazing into each other only a few inches away, they slightly tilted their head and tasted there soft kiss.

    His eyes are kept on her slowly closing eye dreamily as their kiss pick up momentum with more and more passion and craving for each other love added in. Annie arms hugged around his neck more closely and tight, while she returned his kiss fervidly and opened her eyes to look at him with full of love and desire. He pulled her closer with her body against his while they kissed passionately with blazing desire for each other love. Annie could definitely sense her husband tempting and fervor eyes on her body, and she felt comfortable with it, but she is a bit shy and nervous too.

    Annie never felt so much emotion inside her like this before, she felt the strong urge to held him close and never let him leave, and the nervousness that rushes through her blood so quickly causing her to felt a bit hot. She felt lost in his love and passion. Everything seems to be spinning in fast motion with her body lightened into his arm with tingling sensation. Their breath is shortened by the long desirable kiss. Louis ended their kiss and looked at her seriously with his steady luring eyes on her, he sense her nervousness from her rosy cheek and soften eyes.

    He smiled charmingly at her, which causes her to blush even more, with a soft chuckle at his shy wife he swooped her up into his strong masculine arms and walked her up to their bedroom with a seductive little handsome grin on his face while his eyes never left hers. Annie hided herself cozily against his chest with her sweet shy smile hung on her face at all time, she couldn't stop herself from being shy and nervous. Her heart pounded with anxiousness causing her pulse to jump wildly with every footstep of her husband heading toward their room. She snuggled the side of her head closer to his chest and her arms is nervously wrapped around his neck with her round soft eyes on his grin and she blushed a bit with her eyes kept staring at him silently. She is nervous and her lip is pressed tightly together trying to stop her heart from pounding.

    Louis approached to their bedroom calmly with his passionate tempting eyes and his desirous heart pounding loudly too, but his face was calm as ever with a steady assuring smile on her. Annie sense his hand tightened on her back and knees, and she felt his heart beat against her ear, her body tensed a bit as he reaching closer and closer to their master bedroom. The door to their bedroom is swung open by Louis gentle kick and in stepped the husband and wife with the door kicked shut echoing into the empty hallway.

    The whispers in the morning
    Of lovers sleeping tight
    Are rolling like thunder now
    As I look in your eyes

    I hold on to your body
    And feel each move you make
    Your voice is warm and tender
    A love that I could not forsake

    `Cause I am your lady
    And your are my man
    Whenever you reach for me
    I'll do all that I can

    Lost is how I'm feeling lying in your arms
    When the world outside's too
    Much to take
    That all ends when I'm with you

    Even though there may be times
    It seems I'm far away
    Never wonder where I am
    `Cause I'm always by your side

    `Cause I am your lady
    And your are my man
    Whenever you reach for me
    I'll do all that I can

    We're heading for something
    Somewhere I've never been
    Sometimes I am frightened
    But I'm ready to learn
    Of the power of love

    The sound of your heart beating
    Made it clear
    Suddenly the feeling that can't go on
    is light years away

    `Cause I am your lady
    And your are my man
    Whenever you reach for me
    I'll do all that I can

    We're heading for something
    Somewhere I've never been
    Sometimes I am frightened
    But I'm ready to learn
    Of the power of love
    ----Celine Dion


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    That's so sweet; finally they can be together. <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">

    Stephen..hmmm..I don't know, I can't really figure out his character yet. To me, he seems really protective of his master. I just have this feeling that could he have something to do with Helen's disappearance? <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> But I could be totally off, right Yak? <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Thanks for the update. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    Hey zzzbeauty! You are not too far off about Stephen, hehehe... More sweet chapters will come too! Thanks for your comment!

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    Chapter 26: Cozy Morning

    The next morning arrived peacefully with the sound of bird chirping outside and the warm winter sunray beamed through the balcony glass door brightening up the room cozily. Annie slowly stirs from her beauty sleep to the sweet sound of songbird. She slowly fluttered her half drowsy eyelids to focus on the bright early morning glow. The first thing she did is rolled over to look for her husband. The fact that he is not beside her causes Annie to frown uncertainly with trail of disappointment.

    "Louis?" her soft voice called out, but there is no response. She sighed, he must have left for work like usual. Annie beamed her sharps eyes at the antique clock stating that it is eight in the morning already. With the disappointment to not seeing her husband when she woke up, she digs her head deeper into her pillow getting lazy to drag herself up.

    With a yawn and rubbing her eyes she slowly reached her arm across the king size bed to run her hand along her husband side of the bed. She missed him already! Annie chuckled at her silly self and finally decided to drag herself up to start the day. She dragged herself sited upright and slipped into her slipper and wrapped herself cozily into her robe. Annie stretched her tired body as she approaches the balcony to look out into a bright early winter morning. She pulled the glass balcony door open and stepped out to take a deep breath of the fresh morning air that is quite chilly. With a small shiver, she hugged herself warmly and scanned the beautiful clear winter morning of snowfield with the toasty sun attempting to melt the snow away.

    Childishly, Annie sighed with a pout showing her disappointment that Louis is not next to her to see this beautiful scenic of snowfield with bared tree that spread their skinny branch out bravely to support the heavy snow. It's just magnificently beautiful to her and she never gets enough of seeing the snow. Her little farmland village never snowed, so this is her first winter season with snow. Slowly she bend down to sit on the marble bench to just enjoy the silent view, her eyes rolled up to stare at the large icicle that is hanging above the balcony with sparkling reflection to the sun as it drip a drop at a time all the way down to the yard below. Annie hung a bright smile and yawned with her arms stretching again tiredly.

    Wearingly, she finally decided to drag herself back in to take a bath and start her day. She has a feeling that today will be a wonderful day! In fact she have confidents that all of her days will be perfect and warm with her husband Louis! She just can't wait to see him for dinner tonight, Annie is pondering about what she should ask Bobby to prepare for tonight dinner. She walked into the private bathroom of her husband and her to take a nice warm morning bath. What she didn't notice was that there is that little red ball trailing behind her, but stopped following her when she went into the bathroom.

    The early morning bath is always refreshing to Annie. With her bath to sooth all of her muscle and awaken her sleepiness, Annie stepped out of the bath tube with a refreshed smile and brilliant glow. She slides into her cozy faint yellow robes before she turned back to the tub to clean up her bath stuff. Suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped around her tightly and cozily jerked her back playfully, she gasped and jumped to the sudden squeeze but giggled playfully once she saw it was only her husband. Sweetly, Annie tilted her head back to peek at him and he gave her a soft kiss. "I thought you left for work already," her soft loving voice filled the bathroom. She couldn't help to sweetly smile when she saw those handsome grins of her husband.

    Annie walked over to the sink to start her brushing with her husband still clinging behind her warmly. With his charming dark brown eyes gazed at her mirror reflection that is a bit steamy from her hot shower, Louis whispered into her ears, "I decide to work late for once." He tenderly kissed her neck, she shrugged to his action with a giggle cause it was ticklish. "Good morning honey," his manly voice could somehow manage to sound so sweet and soothing to Annie ears.

    Spitting the bubbles out of her mouth, Annie rinsed. She turned around and stand on her tiptoes a bit to kiss him on the lip. "Good morning. Have you had breakfast?" she asked with her sweet voice and the most cheerful expression ever.

    "Yeah," he grabbed her waist playfully signaling something, but she cruelly over rule his wish by kept pushed his hand away with her playful chuckle too.

    Wrinkled the bridge of her nose at him, Annie shakes her head, "Not now." Her husband pouted at her, which just made her crack up and turned around to head out with him pulling her back. He finally give up his request, instead he wrapped his arms around her cozily and walked out with her. "Want to have a second breakfast with me?" Annie offered with a soft smile.

    Louis shook his head sadly giving her a puppy dog eyes. "No," his voice actually sounded childish for once making Annie giggled. His eyes glued on her playfully. She saw his eyes and knows what he wanted. Annie playfully pushed his head away with the palm of her hand.

    Ignoring his request, Annie walked out the room with him trailing behind her, "Stop being silly, I'm hungry." She felt a bit nauseated so she took in a deep breath and let it go.

    Her husband quickly gave her the attention with his stare at her concernedly, "Are you okay?"

    Annie nod and coiled her arm around his arm, walking out to the hall together. "I'm fine, it just the cold that is still bothering me."

    The sharp eyes of Louis saw a red ball down the hallway and he looked at it curiously with his hard eyes. He walked over with Annie and bends down to pick it up. "Who do this belong to?" he looked at Annie for an answer. "Don't tell me it's your."

    His wife took the ball and it was the one that been rolling around lately following her. She shakes her head, "It's not mine, but it been around for a long time. And it seems to be following me around." Louis gave her a disbelief look, Annie pouted at him. "I'm serious! I see it wherever I go." She swallowed nervously and weakly asked for her husband opinion, "Louis could it be a ghost?" Louis stares at her seriously; she sighed and knows he wouldn't believe her. "I'm serious, I could heard little footstep running around and even on our bed."

    Louis sighed and rolled his eyes, "Annie there is no such thing as ghost. Don't be silly, if there is ghost I would of be the first to notice." Louis gazed toward the locked room with his face sterns and darkened as he took the ball from Annie hands and stuffed into the large pocket of his robe. "The ball probably belongs to the two dogs outside."

    Curiously stares at the locked room, Annie wanted to know more about it so badly, "Louis why did you locked that room up?"

    The determined husband wouldn't change his mind about keeping it as a secret. He warmly holds her hand and squeezed it warmly as he guides her toward the stairs to walk down. "There is noting in there. Just some old memories that I don't want to see again," he smiled warmly at Annie, "Come on lets have breakfast." The obedient wife nodded and walked down with her husband.

    Nicola walked out of the kitchen and smiled cheerfully to finally see the sweet sight of her Yee Seeu and Yee Seeu Lie cheerfully walked down together for once! She walked up to Annie with her soft giggle but she straightened herself and acted seriously when she remembered what happen last night. "Good morning Yee Seeu, Yee Seeu Lie," Nicola mannerly greeted.

    "Good morning Nikki," the sweet voice of her mistress charmed in. Louis pulled a chair out for his wife to settle down. And he sits next to her instead of the opposite end. "Nikki I wanted some sausage and egg for breakfast," Annie ordered.

    "Alright," Nicola gotten the message and heading toward the kitchen.

    "Hold on Nikki," it was Louis firm voice that called Nicola back.

    "Yes Yee Seeu?" asked the discipline maid, waiting for her order.

    "I'll go get it," the master offered.

    "Huh?" Nicola confused voice asked, but she is actually more surprise then confuse.

    The suspicious Annie narrowed her eyes on her husband, "What are you up to?"

    "You'll see," Louis grinned slightly, he leaned toward her and pecked her cheek before he walked into the kitchen. Annie eyes followed her husband curiously, she couldn't help herself from having a goofy happy smile hung on her face.
    Nicola giggled happily for them, "I bet you have a great birthday Yee Seeu Lie!"

    Annie turned to Nicola giggling and blushed a bit, "Nosy," her barely audible voice murmured.

    Nosily, Nicola urged, she is excited to hear what happened, "So what did you two do last night?"

    Giggled sweetly with a silly grin, Annie pressed her lip tightly together to seal her mouth, "None of your business." She chuckled at Nicola pout, "So where were you, Bobby, and Stephen last night?"

    "Yee Seeu told us to go over to Lo Yeeh and Tai Tai for a night. He wanted a night alone with you," the close maid chuckled playfully with a mischievous sly grin, "We all could guess what you guy did." Like usual Stephen stands to the side with his straight posture, he looked at Annie and sighed softly to himself with his eyes harden.

    Bulged her eyes at Nicola in disbelief, Annie cleared her throat, "When did you became so talkative and nosy?" her eyes piercing into Nicola playfully. "Maybe it is time for Louis to fire you huh?" joked the mistress.

    Her maid laughed disbelievingly, she weren't afraid at all, she know her mistress too well. "Alright, I'll stop teasing," she smiled at Annie sincerely, "I'm very happy for you Yee Seeu Lie. And thanks for last night."

    Sincerely, Annie squeezed her hand, "Thanks. You're not mad at Louis right?"

    The maid immediately shakes her head vigorously, "Of course not, he is my master, he was right it is my fault for not taking good care of you."

    Annie shake her head at her, "Don't be silly Nikki. You know that it not your fault, it nobody fault. I catch a cold, so I got sick. It's no big deal." She gazed at the cake that is in front of her with candle wax melted all over it, but she still could read the writing, "Happy Birthday Mrs. Koo." Annie chuckled and sticks the tip of her index finger into the icing to taste it. Louis grabs her hand firmly stopping her, she turn to look at him with innocent voice, "What?"

    Her caring husband set a bowl in front of her and grabs a handkerchief to wipe the icing away from her finger. "No, you can't have them. It has been here since last night. And you still have your cold, so no greasy food or sweets," he firmly warned with his authorizing voice.

    The young childish wife pouted as she stir the bowl of hot porridge in front of her, "I just have this last night. Can't I have something else? I feel like eating again."

    Louis shook his head firmly, "No deal." He gazed at his wife while informed the maid, "Nikki make sure hat she doesn't touch anything oily, greasy, or sweet okay?"

    "Yes Yee Seeu," Nicola nodded.

    Annie sighed and sipped the hot porridge, "How long am I suppose to have porridge?"

    "Till I say you don't have to," teased her husband.

    "Meany," Annie murmured under her breath. He beamed at her crossly with his stern face, Annie sheepishly grinned, "Honey when are you going to work?"

    Looked at the clock, Louis notices that he need to go now, "Actually I need to leave now, so finish up your breakfast and don't forget the pills. I need to go change." He turned to look at Stephen, "Stephen can you go to my study room and get my briefcase?"

    The close butler nodded and bowed slightly, "Of course Yee Seeu." He turns and headed up the stair. Louis stands up and bended down to peck Annie cheek. Annie swallowed her last spoonful of porridge and grabbed his arm firmly not letting him walk away yet. "Wait!" she wiped her mouth and stand up to walk with him. "I want to choose your clothes for you!"

    Being drag by his wife, Louis whined, "What's wrong with my choice?"

    They rushed into their bedroom walk in closet. "Nothing, but I like to choose," she casually explained while her pairs of eyes are busily scanning the numerous amount of shirts her husband own. Louis suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist again. "Hmm...how does cream sound?" Annie asked with undecided voice.

    Louis shrugged with his chin hanging over her shoulder, "You are the one who wanted to decide."

    Annie released his grip and turned over to face him and pushed him out with the clothes she had chosen. "Alright go change, I'll choose a tie now!" she ordered urgently. Louis chuckled with his head swinging at his silly excited wife while he stepped out to change. Annie runs her finger down the huge candidate of ties. And finally decided on a sharp looking pattern. She walked out to see her husband buttoning himself. She walked in front of him and helps him do it.

    Smiled warmly at his sweet little wife in front of him, Louis curiously asked, "Are you going to do this every single morning now?" Annie nod with a shy smile he pulled her in for a fervor kiss.

    After they shared a short interchange, Annie pushed him away a little and throw the tie around his neck and helping him put it on. "You need to rush to work remember?" she reminded him as she tries to hurry up with the tie.

    Her cool and slick looking husband shrugged smoothly, "I could always skip it." He grinned at her mischievously and tickled her side.

    Annie giggled at his attention on her and pushed his hands away. "No!" she firmly demanded him to be serious. She straightened the tie and leans in to peck his cheek before she turned him around and pushed him toward the doorway, "Now go to work, I'll wait you for dinner."

    Louis grabs her hand and walked down with her, Stephen handed his briefcase to him. While Nicola handed his trench coat toward him, Annie took it and help her husband put it on. Louis looked at Annie seriously as she is now putting on a white scarf cozily on him. Nicola smiled at the sight of the sweet couple and Stephen just stare at Annie blankly trying to figure out her purpose.

    Finally done, Annie looked at her husband with a sweet smile. He loosely pulled Annie a bit closer with his hands loosely interlocked behind her waist. His eyes stare into hers seriously. "Now you need to listen to me and stay out of the wind and no oily food or sweets," he caringly reminded her with his commanding tone.

    His wife bobbing her head with her eyes partially rolled at him, "Yes, yes, yes, now go!"

    He nodded once and grinned at her sternly and walked out looking like a sharp and clever businessman. He suddenly stepped backward and pecked her cheek, "I almost forgot, bye honey." He chuckled and walks out to the car, he is so happy today. Louis hasn't felt this satisfy and relax for a very long time. Annie giggled sweetly, is the best day of her life! She happily closed the door and walked back to finish up her breakfast with her two servants follows mannerly behind her.

    In the large luxurious master bedroom, Annie is taking her afternoon nap after she has taken medication to calm her fever down. In a drowsy state of consciousness, she felt her bed moved. Annie didn’t response because she is simply to tire and restless due to her feverish cold. Her weary mind became alert when she felt a second movement of her bed, this time it was a bit more violent like someone has just jumped on and wanted her attention. The movement of the bed was follow by a soft weeping sound of a distressed voice.

    Bravely and curiously, Annie opened her eyes weakly and turned over toward her husband side of the bed. Her eyes blinked a couple time trying to make sure she is not seeing thing, but it is real and it cause her pupil to dilate widely in disbelief at the transparent figure in front of her. She quickly sited upright and scooted away pressing her body against the head broad of the bed with her heart pounding wildly in fear. She could not see it clearly but the outline looked like a child and the sobbing sound was sad and gloomy causing her to shiver with goose bumps.

    Annie face paled immediately while her eyes are still glue to this transparent figure on her bed. Gulped nervously, Annie shaky voice asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

    The outline of the figure height looked like a six or seven years old child. Annie could tell that it turned toward her, cause she could see wavy transparent outline slowly rotating toward her. Somehow, the image made her felt like it was sad and frowning, even though Annie could not really detail out the feature of this invisible creature. Palely Annie continues to stare and study this weeping figure.

    “I want my red ball back!” the teary voice of a child cried out with chilling air that freeze the room down even more.

    The voice was so cold and filled with anger that it sends a quiver down Annie spine making her swallowed her fear. Annie could pick out that the voice belongs to a young boy that seems to be mad at something. Confusedly, Annie tries to stop her shakiness, “What ball?”

    The child sniffs his tears as he pointed toward the coat hanger, Annie could see his arm extended. His arm is just a hazy outline too. “Daddy took it away,” he sadly said with a hint of anger.

    Annie stare at him curiously, ‘Did he just say daddy? He is pointing at Louis robe. He is Louis son?’ Annie silently analyzed. Calmed down a bit, Annie questioned him with interest, “Who is your daddy? What is your name?”

    The young outline of the boy glued his eyes at the robe. Annie could tell that he is kneeling on the bed with his body facing her but his head is turn to his left staring at the red robe steadily. He softly said with his sniffling, “Daddy called me B-jai.” He turned to stare at Annie with an angry demand, “I want the ball, Daai Bak gave me, back!” He pouted with his puppy eyes that Annie could not see cause he is transparent.

    Gulped at him, Annie could not believe it; she is actually seeing a ghost. And one that called her husband daddy. “Were you following me lately?” her voice was soft and confused. “Why are you following me?”

    B-jai fiercely darted at her and shouted frustratingly again, “I WANTED MY RED BALL BACK!! It belongs to me! Why you have to take everything away?! Why?”

    He ragingly asked while approaching her angrily, Annie quickly jerked away and shouted, “Don't!!” Annie felt a nudge on her becoming violent.

    “Yee Seeu Lie! Yee Seeu Lie!” Nicola shouted out trying to wake her mistress while she nudged.

    Annie jerk awake with her heart pounding and breathing harshly as she stares at Nicola with sweaty pale face. She quickly sited upright to scan the bed with her widen eyes while her breath panting panicking a bit, “Where is he?! Where did he went?!”

    The maid confusedly followed her mistress eyes, “Who?”

    Impatiently, Annie got off the bed searching around the room hysterically, “The child! I saw him, I actually saw him!! I knew there is a ghost in here!! I knew he is following me!”

    Worriedly, Nicola grab Annie shoulder firmly to stop her from panicking, “Yee Seeu Lie you just have a nightmare.”

    With lost mind, Annie stop and turns to look at the bed, “A nightmare?” She stubbornly shook her head, “No it couldn't be. It was so real.” She ran to pull the red ball out of Louis robe that is hanging on the coat hanger. “He wanted his ball back!”

    Nicola sigh, obviously her mistress is mix up about dreamland and reality. “Yee Seeu Lie, I was in here the entire time dusting the room when you are napping, you just have a nightmare. I'm sure there is no ghost in this house,” comforted the maid, who thinks that her mistress fever has interfered with her thought.

    Puzzled, Annie sat down on the edge of the bed still confused, “It was just a dream?” Her personal maid nodded with a soft chuckle. Annie let out a relief breath and stares at the ball with an eerie feeling, the dream felt so real.

    “You want me to get rid of it?” asked the concerned maid with eyes on the ball.

    Annie shook her head, she still remembers how he sounded like, he really wanted his ball back. “Nikki I want to go visit that grave.”

    Immediately, Nicola shakes her head, “Yee Seeu Lie, Yee Seeu has stated clearly that you should stay inside and out of the wind, plus he don't like anyone stepping close to that grave anyway.”

    With unsettle heart, Annie stare at the ball, this ball is the one that Gilbert place in front of the grave, she suspect that the grave belong to this child and she remember finding half sewed baby clothes in the sewing room. ‘He called Louis daddy! The child must be Helen and Louis!’ Annie kept concluding. She looked at Nicola seriously, “Don't worry about Louis, I could explain to him. I really need to visit it or my heart will never settle down. Nikki can you go get me some incense, a pair of red candles, and a plate of candies?”

    Her maid voice was uncertain fearing that this will provoke Louis temper, “But...”

    Assuredly, Annie patted Nicola hand, “Just do as I say.” Nicola nodded and walked down to get the stuff Annie wanted. Annie firmly wrapped her finger around the ball and went to get her pink velvet cloak. She cozily wrapped the cloak around her and headed downstairs to meet Nicola at the front door. Stephen walked out with Nicola and stare at Annie seriously with his stern face. Annie knows very well that he will try to stop her. She gulped trying to ignore Stephen warning expression, “Come on Nikki.”

    The butler stepped in front of her, “Yee Seeu Lie, I think is better if you just listen to Yee Seeu order and stay home for the day.”

    Annie darted at him, giving him an authorize stare, “I could explain to him when he returns. Now move out of the way.”

    Stephen shakes his head, Louis has told him to keep a close eye on Annie, he can't just let her step out, “Sorry, but Yee Seeu has stated that I need to keep you in the house.”

    Determinedly, Annie persisted and ignored him. She warned when he start to step close to her, “If you dare to touch me go ahead. If not walk out of the way. I'll be sure that you won't get in trouble with Louis. I am your mistress and you have no right to tell me where I could go and not go!” her pair of vividly dark eyes glared at him fiercely like a deadly burning ray. “Now step away from the front door!”

    Obediently, Stephen stepped away, with his hard eyes stared at her, “Yee Seeu Lie, I didn't mean it that way.”

    His young mistress didn't turn back to accept his explanation. She just fearlessly stepped out of the mansion into the cold snow with Nicola quickly followed after her. “I don't care what you meant, just go back to work,” Annie added before she continues to head toward the little tombstone.

    Stephen shakes his head with an angry sigh; Bobby walked out to join his brother when he heard them arguing a moment ago. Firmly, Bobby patted his brother shoulder with his eyes following the two female figures that walking toward the grave, “Why is she going there?”

    With a soft hissed, Stephen coldly answered, “I told her to not go there already, but she wouldn't listen. She is just like her, never knows what is right from wrong.”

    His elder brother sighed and patted Stephen back, “Stephen you can't think of them as being the same. I know you are still mad at Saam Siu Jie for accusing you,” they call Helen Saam Siu Jie cause she is considers as the Koo daughter. Bobby continues, “but don't pull Yee Seeu Lie along with it. In facts they are the mistresses, we are only servants, it will be better if we just do our job and mind out own business.”

    The thick skull butler turn to walk back in with his brother, “I just hope that she is reasonable and faithful to Yee Seeu. I want Yee Seeu to be happy and forget about the past too.” Bobby nodded agreeing that Louis should forget about the past. After departures with his brother Stephen gazed out the window at Annie with his fist clenched, “You better know which is the right path to take and not make the same mistake she did,” his cold voice warned to midair.

    Outside in the front snowy yard, Annie squatted down in front of the marble tombstone that has the letter B to it left side. Slowly Annie reaches her hand out to feel the cold chilling stone and it sends a sharp cold current through her as she recall the outline of the boy. Nicola stare at her mistress shuts eyes curiously. Worriedly she tapped Annie shoulder, “Yee Seeu Lie are you okay?”

    “Yeah, Nikki set up the candle and incense,” Annie instructed. Nicola nodded and did as Annie said. Meanwhile, Annie pulls the red ball out and places it in front of the tombstone. “Here you go, I returned it back to you,” her soft voice said while she softly run her finger on the small letter B. “B-jai please rest in peace and stay out of the house.” Nicola gave Annie the three burning incense. Annie made three little bows and stabbed it on the snow. “There is no reason for you to follow me around. I'll come visit you more often with candies and toys, if you would leave Louis and me alone.”

    She sighed softly and look at the grave one last time before she return to the house, wondering why her husband hated this child so much, to not even let his name get engraved. After she left, the red ball rolls back and forth with a cheerful giggle that sounded like the winter hollering wind.

    At around dinnertime Joe car arrived with Louis in it. Once Louis stepped out into the cold crisp air his eyes caught the burned out candle and incense with a plate of candy by the grave. He rushed over and dart at it fiercely. He quickly bended down and yanked the candles and incense away to discard it and kicked the plate of candies away. “You don't deserve any of this!” he shouted at the tombstone with anger. Louis picks the ball up and throws it away. “Don't you dare blame me, it's all your mother and father fault!! If you want to bother someone go find them and stop playing trick in my house! Don't you dare follow Annie around again!” Louis paused with his hard eyes on the letter B, a trace of anger is mixed with a bit of disappointment. “Don't make me get rid of your grave too,” he bitterly warned.

    After a hiss, Louis darted his eyes toward his parent house thinking that it must be his elder brother being nosy to mind his business again by visiting the grave. With a puff of breath to calm himself down he walked away heading into the house. Nikki so happen to peek out the window from the second floor and saw what Louis did, she knows that her Yee Seeu has hated that grave. She takes note of it and reminded herself to not let Louis know that Annie is the one who visited.

    After Louis left a soft chilling voice questioned with sadness but no one could hear it at all, at least no one that is mortal could hear it. “Why daddy? I didn't do anything...I just wanted my toy back... Why you hate me so much? I'm your B-jai remember? You use to love me.” His innocent voice became more harsh and angrily shouted with hatred, “WHY?! Why don't you love me anymore?! It’s not my fault! Why you hate me?!! Why have you forgotten about me?” asked the trailing voice of the poor soul that only the wind could hear.

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    Yay, Louis is finally being nice to Annie again. I wonder what happen to Helen and what secret does that red ball contain <IMG SRC="smilies/thinkingof.gif" border="0"> I have so many questions left unanswered so please update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    I finished the last chapter and has edit it already, so please go back and read!

    WhiteKrane: Thanks for helping me delete my message earlier.

    jeh! You are back to this fanfic! Yay <IMG SRC="smilies/beerchug.gif" border="0"> The rest of the last chapter kind of talk more about the red ball. Please stick around more <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Ah, I'll go edit some more Daddy's & Mommy's Little Angel for you! Seem like you are the only one reading it, hahaha. So of course I have to dedicate all post to you right? <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">

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    Poor B-jai <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> So he's not Louis' son but the son of Helen and another guy?! <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> Hope you update more. I still have many questions left <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Hey.. I finally go the time to read your story, and I have to say that it is pretty good even if I have only read up to chapter 14. So what I day next would be a bit behind okay.. Annie is so sweet and innocent but very stubborn she seems like the girl to show Louis his place, Louis seems like one weird guy alright especially the relationship between him and his family!

    Keep on writing!

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    Wow, I didn't expect another character to be introduced and <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> it's a ghost too.

    I can't wait to find out whose child this belongs to and its significant.

    Thanks for the update Yak.

    I really enjoy this story, it has kept me thinking and on my toes from the beginning till now. I like the mystery surrounding Louis's past, Helen's disappearance, Stephen's overprotective behavior and now, this little ghost.

    <IMG SRC="smilies/blob.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/blob.gif" border="0"> I'm looking forward to your updates. <IMG SRC="smilies/blob.gif" border="0">
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    jeh, ccsakura, and zzzbeauty! Thanks for all of yours wonderful comments! I'm so happy to know that all of you enjoying this fanfic. Ah one favor to ask. I want to post it into the new fanfic page too. But what cataglory should this fanfic be under? Romance, Mystery, or Drama? Please help me decide! Thanks for the comment and hope to read more later!

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    Chapter 27: First Anniversary

    Months passed by joyfully for the two married couple. Annie has been so happy lately that she always hung a cheerful smile on her face. Nothing can bring down her mood at all. Louis is finally a truthful husband that loved her and cared about her. They share lots of conversation with each other through out the months, but she notice that every time she questioned about his past, he would change the subject or his face would get sterns, so Annie finally decide to drop pestering about his past, there is just no reason to spoil their happiness with old memories. She didn't told him much about Steven either cause she didn't want to remember about Steven too. Now all they focus on is the current time and the future that lies ahead of them.

    To Annie, Louis seems very normal, so she doesn't really understand about his problem that he mentioned to her before. But it really didn't matter any longer; all that matter is that he is cheerful and actually sounded like the caring husband of Helen in the dairy. Annie is just so grateful to have him as her husband and for him to finally treat her like a wife. But it always curious Annie when she notice that Louis always avoided his family, cause his parent has send servant over a couple time before hoping to invite both Louis and her over for dinner, but Louis always decline it each time. Annie didn't dare to ask him, fearing that it will sadden him. She didn't mind about not visiting, since she is not too close to her in-law anyway. And from Helen dairy, Annie is kind of afraid to see her mother-in-law, what if she misjudged her like how she misjudged Helen? She doesn't want anything like that to occur between her and Louis. Annie is starting to like this empty house more, cause it is kind of nice to have a house of her own and away from the nosy world out there.

    Ever since Louis and her solved their problem, Annie felt the house being more warm and joyful to live in too. Everyone seems to bond with her quite smoothly lately, including her servants. They have become her family now and she trusted them a lot too. Especially Bobby, he is kind of like her big protective brother that always afraid that she would ruin his kitchen. While Nicola is like her older sister that always bring Annie more joy in life of having someone to chat to when her husband is out to work.

    Maybe because of her up lifted spirit or something, she's starting to notice that Stephen is not as stiff or empty anymore. He seems a bit more warms and sometime Annie could actually caught a small smile from him when she and Louis are laughing at each other silliness. He seems to be accepting her more or something, cause his tone is no longer as empty and cold as they use to be. Other than gaining a more stable understanding of her quiet servant, she also notice that she's getting more and more closer to her husband cause she understand him much better now. Annie is satisfy with her little family and now she is hoping to have a child with Louis, then everything will be just perfect.

    Like what Annie has promised to B-Jai, she went to visit his grave every week bringing candies and folded origami to burn in front of the tombstone, so the child could play with. She also burned some paper clothes, so he has something to wear. She is glad that she didn't see any red ball tracing around her footstep anymore, and thought that she has settle it with the child by visiting. She does have sympathy for this poor little soul that she concludes to be her husband's son. And as a stepmother she do want the child to be more happy than the last time she dream of him.

    What she doesn't know is that the child no longer accept her kind heart. Every time she left the grave a big hurl of wind will stir and blow the burning glow of the candles and incense away and knock over the bonze container with the burning origami. The spirit of the child will no longer accept anything from them and his heart is burning with hatred toward his father for forgetting him. But he is silently waiting for a chance to pay back to his father for not loving him anymore.

    Louis never knows about Annie visiting the grave regularly, cause Nicola always walked out to clean up all of the things before he return. That way her mistress can continue to visit the grave to ease her heart and her master wouldn't know about it, so he wouldn't get angry.

    Now that there is no more strange sound and footstep in the house, Annie is more at ease to do her own stuff. As a real Mrs. Koo, Annie schedule of event has evolves around making her husband happy and comfortable. She started to bug her chef Bobby to teach her how to cook western style meal so that she could surprise and impress her husband Louis for their anniversary. She has been learning how to cook steak for the last three days, that is also why Bobby is getting more frustrated and grumpy cause he really hated when someone come in and mess his kitchen up! But of course he didn't dare to say a word of complain to Annie, he just hope that she get the hang of cooking fast and stop burning and ruining all of his cookware. But cooking is never a big problem for Annie, she use to cook for her cousin family, how hard could it be? But why does her steak always turned out burn and stiff?

    With a frustrating sigh, Annie throws another stiff looking steak out into the yard for the two black watchdogs to fight over. "You two are fatten up pretty quickly," she disappointedly said to the two dogs in the yard.

    "Of course Yee Seeu Lie," it was Bobby voice that spoken up from behind, "since during the last three days you has gave them twenty steaks already!" Annie cleared her throat and beam at him playfully pretending to be serious. Bobby pressed his lip together, he wasn't supposes to mock his mistress, "I mean that is quite good already. I remember when I learn how to cook a perfect steak; it was the time that I got this belly." His grin widen after seeing his mistress laughed again and forgotten about her sad overcooked steak.

    "Did you buy me more steak?" Annie asked with a trail of chuckle.

    Stephen just walked in and held a nicely wrapped tray of steak that he just ran out to buy in the market. "Yee Seeu Lie here they are," he said with his usual calm voice while offering Annie the packet.

    Not wasting another minute, Annie took it from him and pulling the wrapper off, "Thanks Stephen. What time did you say Louis would be home? "

    The butler glanced over toward the clock while he answer, "Yee Seeu will be home in about thirty minute, Yee Seeu Lie." Annie nodded to signal him that she hear him. He walked out leaving Annie with Bobby.

    The worrisome chef stare at Annie uncertainly, he really loved his kitchen, all he wanted is to have his kitchen back in one piece, but by the look of Annie troubled eyes, he fear that his kitchen will never be his again. He is so glad that the anniversary night of his master and mistress finally arrive, cause hopefully it mean it's the last day that his mistress will be in his kitchen playing housewife. "Yee Seeu Lie your dinner is tonight, do you want me to cook it instead? There is really not much more time to waste," he reminded Annie with his mind settle that Annie will never cook the steak right no matter how hard she tries.

    "I'm sure I could get it right this time," Annie said with her glum voice, she is quite disappointed in herself, so a little pout is hanging on her lip.

    Bobby rolled his eyes at Annie with a hopeless expression, "Yee Seeu Lie, you always overcook them no matter how many time I told you that they are suppose to be a bit red."

    "Well, it not healthy to eat raw meat," argued Annie with a soft sigh to herself, she know she is not fit to cook Western food, "Alright, I'll let them be a bit raw this time. Now hand the frying pan over! Louis will be home in half an hour!"

    With his longing eyes on his new frying pan, Bobby hesitatingly handed his frying pan over with a soft sigh like he is saying goodbye to his best buddy. He shakes his head hopelessly at his mistress, knowing that she could never change her urge of cooking a bit longer. To save him some agony from seeing Annie burn his frying pan again, Bobby decide to make himself useful by cooking the pasta for them.

    Meanwhile, Annie poked at the sizzling steak and more blood oozed out from the puncture. She gulped, "Ew..five more minutes." Couldn't stand it any longer, Bobby quickly walked over and turned the stove off. "Hey!" protested the young mistress, who is a bit offended by his action.

    "Trust me Yee Seeu Lie, is done already," assured Bobby with a smile.

    Staring at the two steaks uncertainly, Annie slightly nodded, "Alright I'm trusting you." She scooped it off into two plates and decorates it with thin slices of cucumber, orange along with a dash of parsley. Excitedly she walked out and displays it on the elegantly polished dinning table with red wine and candlelight. She stepped back with a pleased smile, "Perfect!"

    Right when she said that the doorbell ringed. Annie excitedly turned the light off leaving only the candlelight in the dinning room flickering romantically. She rushed to the door, Nicola just walked down going to answer the door. Annie smiled at her maid sweetly, "I got it Nikki." Nicola got the cue and walked back up to finish her choirs so the two can have some private time together for this special night. Annie dashed to the front door and looked at herself to make sure she looks presentable to her husband. "Oh almost forgot," her excited voice said as she quickly took the apron off revealing a gorgeous looking dress. She runs her hand down her dress to straighten it more, then quickly opened the door to greet her husband. She walked out and shut the door behind so he wouldn't see what's inside. She leaped ahead and gave him a hug with a peck on the cheek. "Honey!" her cheerful spirited voice greeted.

    The handsome looking businessman loosely hugged her cause his hand is occupied with his briefcase. He chuckled at her silly childish excitement that is written all over her face, "You are in a happy mood today."

    Suddenly, Annie pouted at him and stare at him with a bit of disappointed, she sense that he forgotten what today is from his tone sounding so ordinary. "Have you forgotten?" she asked with sad voice while her heart begged that he would remember.

    Louis narrowed his eyes on her, showing a confused expression, "Forgotten what?" He couldn't help but slightly slipped a smug looking little grin when his wife head slightly dropped with her mouth widen a bit in disappointment, looking like a goldfish.

    "You did forget!" Annie disbelieved voice sounded while her head dropped lower with a sad frown. Slowly she notices Louis put his hand into the pocket of his black long coat. She anxiously stares at his hand as he teasingly pulling a beautiful sparkling silver necklace with a cute diamond angel pendulum on it. A sweet smile quickly glows on her cheek with her eyes on the necklace. She lifted her eyes up to met his eyes and leaped into his arms to wrapped her arms around his neck again. "You remember!" Annie shouted in relief and surprise as she gave her husband a tight squeeze and a peck on his cheek.

    Happily, Louis chuckled at her, "Of course silly!" He released her arms and held her hands in both of his to softly kiss it. "Happy Anniversary," his sincere deep voice said with his stunning little grin.

    "Happy Anniversary," the wife repeated back sweetly and innocently.

    Louis held his hand out and waved the sparkling necklace back and forth in front of Annie. "Do you like it?" he asked with eyes glued on Annie eyes searching for her thought in his gift. Annie nod repeatedly with her cheerful charming smile, Louis chuckled at her sweet eyes on him with a spark. He turned her around and put the necklace elegantly around her neck and helps her secure it. "There it will protect you from ghost," he softly laughed at her teasingly. "Nikki told me that you still think that there is a ghost in our house?"

    His wife pouted as she rubbed the pendulum with her finger, "That Nikki is always so nosy. I told her you wouldn't belief me." She sighed and turned around to look at him straight in the eyes, "Lets not talk about that today." A bright smile glow on her face as she looked at him warmly with her eyes steadily on him, in her serious warm voice, "Thanks Louis, I love it." Louis turned his head toward the left side with his eyes rolled up. Annie chuckled at him and pecked his right cheek. Is one of their cues that they have develops during the last couple months. Annie leans on his chest and whispered a meaningful, "I love you," from her heart.

    Dropped his briefcase, Louis wrapped his arms around her back cozily and pecking her head gently, "I love you too." He nudged her, "Lets go in. Why are we standing in the front porch anyway?" He stepped forward, but Annie quickly stopped him.

    "Wait!" Annie urgently screamed making her husband stop immediately with eyes on her. She sheepishly smile, "Close your eyes first." She commanded sweetly with her voice trying to suppress her excitement. Louis stares at her suspiciously, Annie giggled at him. "Close you eyes!" she demanded. He nod and shut his eyes, knowing that his wife must have some kind of a surprise waiting in there. Annie examined him closely and waved in front of him to make sure his eyes are shut. "You couldn't see a thing right?"

    "Yes honey, I see my eyelid," he sarcastically said with a chuckle before he cleared his throat to act seriously, cause from the silent of Annie, he know that it is a cue for him to be serious and give her his full attention. "I'm sorry. What are you up to?" he patiently ask, he like this mysterious game with Annie.

    Annie grabs his briefcase and opened up the door guiding him in, "You'll see." She dropped the briefcase and guided Louis to continue to walk toward the dinning room. Louis slightly opens a crack of his right eyes to curiously peek and just to annoy her; she caught it right away, so she demandingly ordered, "Close them!" He quickly shuts them tight chuckling at her. Annie smiled brightly and stopped him right in front of the dinning room table, "Now open your eyes!"

    Opened his eyes, Louis scanned around the room, he thought that her surprise is decorating the house, but everything look the same except for the light being out and candlelight is shining warmly instead. He really didn't get what Annie surprise is. He looked around again to make sure he didn't leave anything out. No, everything look normal, his eyes met Annie and cleared his throat, "Umm..thanks honey." He softly said, not really want to break his wife heart by telling her he don't see what so surprising.

    The disappointed Annie hissed out loudly in disbelieve, he is so oblivious! Her eyes dart at him with her puffed look, in an irritated tone, "The plates!"

    Finally, Louis gazed down on the two plates of steaks that is deliciously displaying in front of him. "Don't tell me you cooked it," his voice was a bit unsure.

    "Yup! Just for you!" Annie proudly stated as she dragged him down to sit on his seat.

    Louis gulped unnervingly. He has never try his wife cooking, and Western meal? She has never like Western meal much, so how could she cook it deliciously? He poked at the steak unknowingly, "Honey we could of go out instead."

    Annie sat down next to him with a sad pout at him, "You don't like it?" her eyes were round and soft on him, making him felt guilty right away. She sighed with a bit disappointment that Louis didn't dare to test her food out, "I've been learning how to cook it for three whole days already. How could you not even try it out?"

    "Of course I will eat it!" Louis immediately snapped, anything to make his wife happy again. He quickly cut a piece to test taste it. He chews on it and it tasted a bit too oriental, unlike a steak at all. "Not bad honey," he lightly commented.

    Suspiciously, Annie beamed her eyes on him, "You are lying."

    Slumped his shoulder, Louis sigh, "Well, honey they definitely don't add soy sauce to steak." Annie eyes dropped sadly, Louis grinned at her and squeezed her hand, "I still like it."

    "No you don't," murmured his wife that is a bit ashamed of herself for not knowing how to cook a simple steak. Louis trying to show his wife his appreciation so he quickly cuts slice after slice to stuff himself up. Annie couldn't help herself from chuckling at him. He is just so sweet and silly, just like how Helen has once described him. Annie quickly grabs his hand to stop him. "Stop it silly! You going to choke yourself!" she sighed, "I admit it's not as good as Bobby, but I did try."

    After swallowing down his mouthful of meat, Louis warm voice eased her, "That all it count. Don't worry I'll finish it up." Annie started to eat hers, but he stopped her, "Lets go out for dinner."

    Annie looked at the two plates of her steaks disappointedly, she frowned, she didn't want to force him to eat her cooking, "Alright."

    Her husband grinned with a plan in mind, "Nikki!"

    The maid walked out quickly and stand beside them, "Yes, Yee Seeu?"

    "Help me cover these two plates of steak up and save them for us," he instructed.

    Nicola nodded and took the two plates, "Alright." She walked back into the kitchen.

    "Why do you want to save them?" Annie asked with confusion.

    "I promised to finish it," said the sweet husband, "Beside how can I throw anything that you cook to the dogs?"

    "Yeah right," mumbled Annie with her eyes rolled but her heart was jumping in happiness cause of his shabby words.

    "We can have it for our midnight snack," suggested the thoughtful husband that doesn't want to waste her hard work. Louis stands up and holds Annie hand to pull her up and twirled her a bit. "You look so beautiful this evening!" he commented.

    Annie always glows charmingly when Louis complimented her. "You are charming yourself!" she giggled.

    Louis nod agreeing and held his arm out a bit, Annie hooked it, "I have booked dinner at Bronze and two tickets to the British opera, would you be interested? Or would you like to go to the city center to a Chinese restaurant and we could walk around the busy street for other entertainment later on?"

    A British opera sounded really boring to Annie, but she know Louis will enjoy it more then the cheap entertainment of the city center, "Plan A I guess."

    The husband smiled knowingly with a sweet smile from his heart, "Alright."

    They walked to the car with Joe already has the car door opened for them to enter. The car drove down to the city center area instead. Annie looked at the busy street of the night with people selling sugar cane, fried dry squid, candy, and etc making it very busy and lively.

    "Didn't I say to the opera?" Annie asked confusedly.

    Her husband sneaked his right arm around her thin waist and pulled her a bit closer to him. "Yeah, but too bad I don't have any tickets for it, so you are stuck with plan B," he chuckled with Annie giggled along, knowing that her husband has planed this all along.

    Annie cozily leaned on his shoulder comfortably with her eyes stare out the window and into the dark sky with flashing advertisement light. She pouted sweetly, "You always lie to me and trick me." With a sigh, she tilted her head to look at him, they shared a soft peck on each other lip. "But I like surprise like this," she honestly added as she kept her cozy smile and snuggled her head on his shoulder.

    The car finally stopped, Louis patted Annie lap, "Good, plenty more surprise coming up."

    Annie took her husband offer hand and got out of the car. She smiled cheerful at the street filled with commoner doing their small stands of business, "So what are we having for dinner?"

    Louis hooked her hand on his arm, "Just come with me." They walked side by side, Annie is studying the busy night live with people staring at her and Louis too, they are in very modest clothes compare to the rest. Louis just walked with his confident manner as usual and stopped at a family restaurant that extend into the sidewalk. He guided Annie to sit down on one of their folded round chair.

    The curious Mrs. Koo studies the little family cafe. There is nothing special about this outdoor cafe but lots of costumers are eating here too. Annie smiled at Louis curiously, "You came to eat here before?"

    Her husband shake his head, "No, but I read in the newspaper that they are really good at cooking your village specialty. I thought you would miss what your village has to offer, it has been a year since you left there."

    Smiled sweetly at his thoughtfulness, Annie felt warm and loved inside. She did missed eating some dishes that is famous in her little farming village. "Are you sure? You probably wouldn't like it," she warned him, cause her village dishes are usually very simple.

    The owner of this small cafe is surprise to see two classy dressed couple sat down on his table. "What can I get you tonight?" he nervously asked the wealthy folk.

    Handsomely dressed in his ballroom suit, Louis looked at Annie not knowing what to order, "Um...everything that is a special."

    "Sir, that would be a lot of dishes," the owner warned.

    Lazy to think and pick, Louis grinned, "Is alright, bring them all." Money is never a problem in his mind, and he does want Annie to have a chance to try all. The owner nod and walked away with his head shaking, knowing that they will waste his food.

    "Lo Baan!" Annie called the owner back, "Sorry, could you help us pick five of your specialty, I think that is enough."

    He nodded with a more appreciated smile, "Alright, they will be ready in a couple minutes."

    "Thanks," Annie politely replied. She saw Louis staring at her confusedly, "That's the most we could eat anyway. It's not nice to waste food, many people works really hard to provide them." She saw him continue to stare at her with his goofy looking smile, "Stop staring at me like that."

    "But the only reason that I married you is so I can stare at you," he teased with Annie slightly stomped his feet from under the table. Louis slightly changed his grinning expression to a sorry one after he felt the stomp on his big toe. He grinned again and moved his hand across the table to gently grab her hand and held it, "But you look cute tonight. I can't help myself from gluing to you," he sweets talked while Annie rolled her eyes at him with her soft laugh and a blush. He shrugged, "I didn't say anything about wasting food. We could always take it home and..."

    "...feed the dogs," Annie finished her husband sentence off with her annoyed tone. She sighed slightly with eyes on him, "I seriously think that the two dogs we have won't know how to attack thief, they are getting so chubby and slow."

    Her husband laughed, "We could always send them away and buy new one!" he grinned at his wife who bulge her eyes out at him disapprovingly. "I'm just kidding!"

    The owner came with their food and setting them on the round foldable table. "Enjoy," he said before walking away. Louis stare at the dishes unknowing what he should try. They kind of look funny and not appealing at all.

    Annie scooped him a bit of everything and demanded in her flat tone, "Eat it I won't poison you." she chuckled remembering that what her husband told her when she first tries Western food.

    Louis glance at her steadily with his narrow gaze, "Is this some kind of a pay back?" Annie slightly laughed and started her meal with Louis trying out what Annie got in his bowl. "Not bad," he looked at Annie suspiciously, "Do you know how to cook them?" His wife nodded.

    "Of course, they are just some very simple dish. Every girl in my village knows how to cook this," Annie answered certainly.

    Enjoying the food, Louis scoop some more of those dark looking slob into his bowl and Annie bowl too. "I like these. Maybe you should cook more of this kind of food instead of steak," he suggested. Annie nod with a sweet smile, she don't like steak anyway. She continues to eat and enjoys their simple but warm anniversary dinner together.

    Afterward they walked around to look at vendor stand that sells lots of different kind of craft, pottery, jewelry, toys, and etc. Annie stopped in front of a large building with big poster of girls in front that is surrounded with light bulbs. She stare into it curiously cause she could hear music and someone singing inside. She pulled on Louis arm excitedly, "Louis what is this?"

    "A nightclub," her husband replied with a sharp looking grin.

    "Oh," her voice has lost all of her interest, "That's where you have been hanging out couples of months ago?"

    The dark toned husband nod with a teasing smile, "I smell vinegar, honey could you smell them too? Sound like someone is getting jealous." Annie pouted, he is right, she is a bit jealous. He chuckled at her and grabs her hand swiftly dragging her toward the nightclub, "Come on, I'll show you what it's like!"

    "I don't want to go in there!!" protested the petite wife.

    But of course Louis doesn't listen to her complain, instead he laughed at her and dragged her in anyway. "You'll gain more experience on what a nightclub is like. It's not necessaries just for men. It's just a dancing and singing club. You'll have fun!" Annie hesitatingly stepped in, she is curious to what he been doing those days with these girls! They were leaded to sit at a table facing the stage with dancing girls and a singer.

    Everything looked really normal and not exactly what Annie has in mind. She smiled and her heart felt a bit at ease that it not what she think it is. She thought that there will be girls crawling all over her husband like a ***** house, but this place look like it just a night entertainment club. Louis ordered some drink for Annie to try as they enjoy the dancing and singing. He turned over to his left grinning at Annie slyly, "See nothing much. Just dancing girls."

    Dauntingly, Annie narrowed her eyes at the stage with a row of girls dancing and waving their dresses around, her face gotten darker and stern with a pout, "I never see anyone dance with their leg kicked in the air and pulling their skirt up!"

    Amused by Annie reaction, Louis chuckled and patted Annie hands, "Shhh...this is a very popular dance. Calm down before people kick us out."

    "If it's that popular, why don't I see men dancing like that instead of just those girls?" murmured Annie with her angry irritated tone that hid a slight bit of jealousy as she wonder if that what her husband been hanging out here for. "Obviously is to lure more you idiot men in to watch them!"

    "Tsk tsk...dancing men?" Louis asked with his head shaking at her, "You are getting naughty my dear."

    Somehow his silly changed tones made Annie giggled and forgot about her complain. She slapped his face playfully cause of his expression with his eyes narrowly beamed at her, "I wouldn't come here if they have dancing men. I would rather stay home." Annie assured him.

    He grinned slyly and whispered into her ears, "I'm not going to dance for you"
    Annie mouth dropped slightly and pouted at him in disbelief, "Idiot!"

    Louis just chuckled while he sip the drink and hand it toward Annie, "Want to try mine? It's pretty good."

    She took a sip while her eyes study the area and she don't see any girl like her around, "Louis am I the only girl in here?"

    Her husband shakes his head with his eyes gestured toward the stage, "What are they? Ghosts?"

    "I'm serious!" Annie exclaim as she whacked his head playfully for teasing her.

    Louis scooted his chair over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "Who care, you are with me!" He notice her stern pout at him unchanged, he seriously, "Alright why does it matter? We are here to enjoy the music and dance!"

    Annie pushed his head away with a jealous pout. She don't know why she filling so irritated by those girls on stage, they just made her eyes burn up with discomfort and seeing Louis looked at them every so often just made her wanted to yank all of them off stage. She spoke up under her breath with an obvious jealous tone, "No, you are here to enjoy it, not me. You are such a pervert."

    He chuckled, "I never heard of any wife calling her own husband a pervert," he lean in and pecked her cheek to wipe her jealous away. "Stop being jealous," he stares at her straight in the eyes stilly.

    "I'm not jealous," Annie calmly stated. She notices his eyes on her not even blinking, "What are you doing?"

    "Giving you all of my attention. That's why I bring you in so I don't have to look at them now. Just at you and the nice music," he grinned charmingly with a spark in his eyes.

    Annie couldn't help herself from laughing at her goofy husband excuse, she loved him so much, in order to show him, she pulled him closer to give him a quick kiss. "You are such an idiot; do you know that?"

    Louis eyes is still gazed at her, "And you are so beautiful," his soft voice whispered, even though Annie could hear it cause of the loud background, but she know what he trying to said, and it just made her heart warmed sweetly like honey. He grinned and kissed her tenderly, Annie pushed him away a bit to shorten their kiss, she is feeling embarrass since they are in public. Louis saw the group of girls that is going to come around tables asking for a night of pleasure. He didn't want Annie to see this side of nightclub. Quickly he made up an excuse, "Lets go somewhere more quiets." With that excuse he walked Annie out and went to their next event.

    Louis took Annie in a theater to watch a Chinese on stage opera, thinking that Annie might enjoy culture stuff like this. The loud drum rolled with loud banging of metal gong and more noise of horns along with Chinese instruments came after. Annie turned to her right to look at her husband with questioning eyes, "You call this quieter?"

    Her husband shrugged, "I hope they will settle down soon." Both of them had never been to this kind of opera before. Finally a performer came out to sing her line in a high squeaky pitch and screaming her last word like what seem forever. Both Annie and Louis eyes were wide open blankly staring at her and they are stiffened by the high squeak. She finally finished and went to a more normal tone to sing her lines. The two finally able to relaxes their muscle and stare at the stage trying to understand what they are trying to express. Louis whispered to his wife, who is trying to concentrate and figure out what they are doing, "I think those stick suppose to be horses."

    She nodded and curiously asked, "What up with all those long feather on their hat? And that hula-hoop around their belly?" Louis shrugged and wrapped his arm around Annie waist and leaned his head on her shoulder. Annie smiled warmly and lean her head on top of his. Slowly they both shut their eyes and ignored all the rackets from the surrounding opera. They quickly falling asleep against each other head and dropping their head back and forth sleepily.

    Annie dropped her head again and jerked awake to notice that everyone has left already cause the opera has ended, she turned to her left and saw Louis still asleep with his head on hers. She stares at him with a warm smile and just watch him sleep and listening to his breathing. She yawned tiredly and wonders what time it is right now. She pulled Louis arm out and looked at his watch, it about midnight already. Surprised that they have slept in this much, Annie urgently nudged Louis to wake up. "Louis wake up, the opera is over."

    Opening his sleepy eyes and yawned with his head shaking to wake himself, "How is the opera? Did she die at the end?"

    His wife shrugged, "I don't know. I was asleep too. I never know opera could be this boring."

    "We should of go elsewhere instead," Louis regretfully stated. He stretched and stands up pulling Annie up. They walk out of the empty theater. He suddenly stopped midway and stares at her straight in the eyes with his stunning smile. He looked at his watch and saw that it is three minute till midnight. He lifted Annie chin up and gazed at her with his charming smile as he lean forward and kissed his wife tenderly. Annie returned his anniversary kiss with a bit more passion. They kissed until they are short of breath, Louis release their kiss and whispered, "Happy anniversary honey, I love you."

    With a sweet little nod, Annie leans on his chest cozily with him rocking her gently. "I love you too," she rolled her head up and stares at his chin on up, "What should we do next?"

    After a while of thought, Louis grinned seductively with his eyes beamed at her temptingly, "Home," he suggested with his grin. Annie shyly giggled at him knowing what he meant, she nodded and they walked to their car where Joe is waiting.

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    Hey another great chapter (I finally caught up!) It's so good to hear that Annie and louis are having fun together atlast! But the soul of the little kid, sounds a bit freaky! But it is a mystery that I want to know the result to! Um... I'm thinking that maybe you should put this story under either drama or romance. Update soon!

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    I'm so happy, Louis is finally being nice to Annie. Hmm, I have a feeling something big is going to happen soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Awww...they sound so sweet. <IMG SRC="smilies/fallinlove.gif" border="0">

    But I have a feeling this won't last long. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    I would put this story in drama, or mystery due to the mystery surrounding Louis's past, Helen's disappearnce and the little boy's identity.

    Hmmm.....I have a feeling things won't be too merry for the couple. Stephen has been pretty quiet lately or too quiet. It's usually quiet before a big storm hits. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Thanks for the chapter Yak, and as always, I'm looking forward to the next ones.
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    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    Thanks for the comments jeh, zzzbeauty, and ccsakura! Sorry for not posting much this week, I'm busy with class. Anyway, seem like all of you think that a big event will happen soon <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> hehehe... Well, read on to find out!

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    Chapter 28: Whispering of the Night

    It's a dark calm velvet night with the huge glowing moon hanging in the pitch indigo sky beaming it brilliant glowing ray surpassed the two balcony glass door into the master bedroom of Louis and Annie. The night is peaceful and silent with the two soft breathing souls sleeping warmly in each other arms with a thin satin sheet covering them. Everything is peaceful and soothingly calm.

    Suddenly a harsh gust of wind blows through the two opened glass balcony door causing the white see-through-curtains on both sides to vibrate violently against the wind creating loud whipping sound. The strong force of the wind is intense enough to send the two glass doors violently swinging back and forth making a violent crushing bang following by ripples of little one as it hit against the wall to it side.

    Annie eyes quickly popped open alertly with her heart dropped to the sudden loud disturbance of the peaceful room. With her eyes slowly focusing she saw nothing but the sofa side of the room, she is in a stage of lost and confusion cause of her half awakes state. The balcony doors continue to slam itself against the wall hard and loud echoing through out the huge room, she finally conscious enough to figure out what causing the noise and the sudden chilliness of the room.

    Her head titled back a bit with her eyes rolled slightly over her left shoulder to see the wind blowing wildly bringing the curtains flying half way in the air doing a waving dance cascading icy cold misty air into the room. Annie heart settled down a bit after she confirms the source of the violent noise being just the wind and nothing more. Her eyes slowly lowered to meet the peaceful dark toned face of her sleeping husband. With the sight of her husband a sweet warm curve glow on her face automatically with the moonlight beaming directly on her and Louis face.

    The wind continue the holler for her attention, but Annie is too lazy and sleepy to answer to it call. Louis arms are still loosely but securely around her waist, she slowly rolled herself around to face him with a warm smile from her heart and snuggled herself cozily against him totally ignoring the clashing balcony doors. Annie smiled sweetly at her husband with a sleepy yawn and her heavy eyelid, she shuts her eyes to fall back to sleep, but the doors created a fierce lash against the wall causing a solid violent bang demanding her immediate attention!

    Annie quickly startled with her eyes wide open along with her pounding heart that is panicking nervously for no reason, like she can sense something really wrong will happen soon. Her hand grabbed the front of her husband pajamas forming a frightened fist as she scooted closer for protection from his warm body. The room getting colder and icier within minute, this is very odd to Annie. They are in the end of the spring season, why is there violent cold wind like this? She sighed softly and decides it will be wise of her to shut the balcony doors and keep the cold air out in order to bring the room back to it peacefulness or else she won't be able to sleep. Annie yawned wearily and rolled back to her side lifting her husband left arm up to free herself. Louis moaned a bit sleepily, Annie paused herself not moving a muscle cause she don't want to stir him by her body movement. He needs his sleep for the long day of work ahead of him tomorrow.

    The glass doors intensely lashed against the wall again causing Annie body quivered to the violent sound. She darted at the glass doors waving back and forth along with the curtain wanting her attention immediately. She really rather ignore it and sleep, but fearing that the glass will shatter if it continue to bang like this and not wanting the sound to wake her husband up, she hesitatingly dragged her half drowsy self up and off the bed to slip into her slipper. Shivered to the icy breeze, Annie quickly pulled her robe to cover her silky short nightgown up. Part of her still ponder why it's so windy all of a sudden, but the other part of her didn't really care, all she wanted is to shut the two glass doors and climb back into her husband warm secure arms to sleep.

    Quickly, she dragged her sleepy legs over to the two glass doors and fights against the forceful wind to finally get them closed securely and fastened the lock to keep it tightly closed. The room quickly calmed down with the white curtain smoothly fallen back in place. The large room is silently filled with the peaceful soft breathing sound of her sleeping husband again. Annie tiredly dropped her head, rolling it loosely to relax her tense muscle as she yawned sleepily. She is facing the balcony glass doors which able her to look out into the front yard.

    When she is about to turn around to bed, her eyes lowered and caught an image of a little boy standing out side in the yard with his eyes beamed at her coldly with stillness and he is really pale purplish gray, looking drained from blood. But he looked quiet cute with his boyish feature. Annie eyes widened confusedly to why there is a kid outside in the middle of the night? She turned toward the clock and it was three pass midnight. She never seen any children around this area, they have no neighbor! Where did this little boy come from? Is he lost? She shuts her eyes tightly and shakes her head to clear her sleepy head before she reopen them to focus out the glass door again, making sure that she is not seeing things. But the boy has disappeared. Annie scanned the yard for him, but he is nowhere in sight anymore. Annie gulped nervously with confusion and an eerie creep climbed up her spine giving her a shiver of fear.

    Shaking her head, she swiftly turned back to face the room and try to brush the spooky feeling away. She must be seeing things cause of her sleepy state, Annie concluded in order to settle her heart. Yawned tiredly she walked back toward her side of the bed, but her footstep stopped when she saw the little red ball in front of her again. Gulped, Annie just stare at it with her face paled a bit with fear. She was sure that the ball was not there when she walked toward the balcony to close the glass door earlier, in fact this ball hasn't show up for months already. Why is it back?

    The image of the boy she just saw popped back into her mind causing her body to quiver with little tingling sensation of fear through out her body. Cause his height and size matched the transparent B-Jai she dreamt of before. Annie wetted her lip nervously and took in a soft puff of breath to give herself courage, she squatted down to pick the red ball up. And once the ball is in her hand she heard a soft voice of a child singing a lullaby distant away, his voice is so chilling and empty that it blended into the crisp midnight cool atmosphere.

    "Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop..." the barely audible flat voice of a child softly sings.

    The innocent child voice just sends Annie chilling shiver that causes her smooth skin to develop goose bump. Annie swallowed her fear with her face pale white and her eyes widened toward the master bedroom door, it sounded like it's coming from the hallway. Annie gnawed her lip and softly forced her shaky voice to ask, "Is it you?" Her eyes lowered to look at the ball, she saw some crayon writing and turned it to read the word, "B-jai?" Terrified, Annie gulped, "B-jai why are you back?"

    "When the wind blows the cradle will rock..." the voice continue to sing in the background with expressionless tone.

    Annie can't help herself from panicking with her heart racing terrifyingly and her eyes darted at the door fearfully, she sense something is terribly wrong and she hated the feeling so much! "Go away! B-Jai please leaves us alone!" Annie shouted, she doesn't know what else she could do.

    Ignoring her plead, the child voice continue to sing, "When the bough breaks the cradle will fall..."

    Scared, Annie started to pant with her pounding heart and wildly jumping pulse, "Why are you coming back? I've kept my promise and visited you every week with toys..." Annie reasoned. Her voice became soft and weak as she begged, "Leave me alone..."

    The child sing in a sly tone that hid his amused smile, "And down will come baby, cradle and all..."

    With her racing heart, Annie swiftly stands up and rushed over to her husband pushing him, "Louis wake up! Louis!!" He didn't response at all, like he didn't even hear her. Annie pushed him harder, "Louis wake up, wake up Louis!!" her horrified watered eyes darted at the door as the child continue to sing the lullaby. She vigorously pushed her husband but it was no use at all, he seems to be blacked out or something. "Louis WAKE UP NOW!! Please!" Annie hopelessly begged.

    Right outside the door, the cruel child continue to play with Annie fear by continue to sing calmly and steadily with icy cold breath, "Baby is drowsing, cosy and fair..." There is a build up of anger inside him that he wanted to release.

    Annie stopped her violent push on Louis, is so obvious that she is on her own this time. Annie anxiously pressed her lips together with her eyes glued to the door. "Leave us alone!" she pleaded with fearful eyes. The doorknob slowly and squeakily turned with Annie body tensed and her eyes anxiously on it with widen freight. Her eyebrows narrowed at the door with her body stiffened not able to move a single muscle of her. She holds her breath and felt her heart throbbing nervously scared.

    The singing voice of the boy echoed through out the room, "Mother sits near, in her rocking chair..." The door squeaked loudly echoing through the room and into Annie dropping heart rate, but it only opened a crack and stopped. The voice continue to sing in his flat chilling tone, "Forward and back the cradle she swings..."

    With a hard gulp of her fear, Annie bravely asked, "What do you want?" She dropped the ball she was holding to and it rolled ahead toward the door and stopped like it was waiting for her. Annie shakes her head not wanting to follow at all.

    "And though baby sleeps, she hears what she sings..." the emotionless voice singed steadily. Annie trembled a bit as she rooted her pair of foot on the floor immoveable while she listens to his lullaby that is so chilling and empty. "From the high rooftop down to the sea...No one's as dear as baby to me... Wee little fingers, eyes wide and bright...Now sound asleep until morning light," he stopped and the room echoes silently with the rhythm of Annie pounding heart, Annie gulped down her fear. He coldly whispered, "Come with me..."

    The door creped open a bit more revealing the empty hallway with the dimly glowing rusty yellow light and the long hall to the locked room. Annie gazed out with her heart stiffen, she don't want to go anywhere but back to Louis arm. "Follow me!" the child demanded with his chilling icy voice that is thickens with anger.

    The door to the locked room cracked and Annie thought she heard it doorknob turning too. Her attention is fully drawn to the door with widen confuse eyes. With her curious to that room she slowly approach toward the exit of her room with her trembling body and nervous shallow breath. She is afraid and fearful but she is also curious about that room for one whole year already, she couldn't let this chance slip away.

    "How did you open that room?" asked the confused soft weak voice of Annie. The child voice didn't answer her, instead it repeat the lullaby again while Annie trailed slowly after the red ball that is leading her toward the lock room. "Where are you? What do you want to tell me?" Annie asked while her eyes are kept ahead toward the hallway leading to the secrete room.

    Ignoring all of the questions, the voice of a little boy continues to sing his lullaby softly and soothingly with a bit more warmth, "Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop...When the wind blows the cradles will rock...When the bough breaks the cradle will fall...And down will come baby, cradle and all..." his voice trailed. He too has this empty feeling inside, not knowing what he really wanted. But someone has leads him to find her.

    Annie gnawed at her lower lip edgily as she stepped closer and closer, along with the child voice is the crackling sound of the hardwood floor under her barefoot. Her eye kept on the door that show a glowing light under the slit, someone has turned the light of that room on, the thought of it send a chill down her spin but she kept herself continue to walk while he continue to sing. "Baby is drowsing, cosy and fair...Mother sits near, in her rocking chair...Forward and back the cradle she swings...And though baby sleeps, she hears what she sings..."

    Nervously the fearful nineteen years old took her last step ahead and stopped right in front of the locked room with her eyes slowly lifted to look up at the dark wooden door. She wetted her lip and slowly place her hand over the shiny golden tone doorknob and immediately felt the coldness transferred into her body. Slowly she turned and it was turn able. She was surprise, how did it get unlocked? She didn't dare to push the door open fearing what she will find behind it.

    The boy continue to finish his lullaby, "From the high rooftops down to the sea...No one's as dear as BABY to ME." Without warning Annie, the door swung open fiercely with her still holding to the doorknob so it jerked her into the room. Annie heart dropped so quickly and she feeling her knees weakened to the spooky and scary phenomenon surrounding her.

    Slowly and fearfully she turned herself away from the door to face the room that she has always wanted to find out more, but now she is a bit afraid to know more. Her head slowly rotated so she can scan the room slowly inputting all the visual images into her mind. Everything is cover in white cloths and there is no one around but the chilling crisp midnight air with the moonlight glowing softly through the window. Searching for the child, Annie trembling weak voice called out, "Where are you? B-Jai?"

    There was no answer and his singing has stopped, like he has disappeared after he leads her into this room. Annie is still puzzle to how he opened this room up like this. Wetted her lip nervously again, "Hello? Are you still here?" her voice echoed in the room. There was no answer. Annie sighed softly to herself and turned to look at the room. She walked over to the white sheets to pulls them away revealing sofa, crib, baby cradle, carriage, and toys. This is a baby room! It must belong to the child! A cracking sound of the wall causes her body to tense up with tingling fear as she scan to the direction.

    Gnawing on her pale trembling lip, Annie eyes is softens with obvious fear staring at the ceiling to locate the cracking sound. "Why did you bring me here? How did you open this room?" her voice was as steady and calm as she could hold it. There was no answer at all again. Annie knows that he must have left already, but why did he want her to be in here?

    She walked over to her left and pulled a white sheet off revealing a rocking chair that is rocking a bit now cause of her nudge. Annie gulped and remind herself to stay calm, she is the one that made it move, let not scare herself. Then her eyes caught something that is only about two feet in height but it is covered in white drape also. Annie squatted down and pulled the cloth off and saw a beautiful wooden rocking horse that is very elegantly painted and carved like an antique. Soft strands of red yarns are use as the wooden horse mane and tail. The eyes and mouth of the rocking horse is delicately painted to look cheerful and friendly. Annie hand slowly runs along the smooth polished oak causing it to rock steadily causes of her touch. It must be his, Annie thought with a sympathy frown, cause the rocking horse look brand new like he hasn't have a chance to play with it.

    Annie turned her head to see what else she could find, and the flat object hanging on the wall caught her attention. Annie walked over to the wall with the white sheet covering the object who she reckon to be a painting, she stands in front of it and pulled the sheet off, the sheet slithering down smoothly revealing what behind it. Her eyes widened and her face drained immediately with shock and disbelief. Million of question and confusion rushed into her head with her eyes glued to the portrait unmoved. Her mouth dropped speechlessly for a while with widen eyes staring at the painting blankly. She forced out a shocked, "Me?"

    The door slammed shut loudly behind her causing her to jump with her heart popped out fearfully. "No, that's my mommy and me," the same voice spoken up with sadness anger. Annie turned around quickly to the voice and stare at the door. He is not there! She turned and turned to search for him. Until she stopped and notices that the wooden horse she has reveal earlier is rocking behind her causing a squeaky sound when it rocked on the hardwood floor. Sharply Annie turned to it direction and in front of her sitting on the toy horsy is that same boy she see outside in the yard. The bluish purple skin toned child is rocking himself with a cold smile at her. His eyes seem to fill with anger and hatred. Annie heart pounded in disbelief and her eyes are widened and steady on him studying his feature unblinkingly.

    The child eyes kept glued on her, like he is planning something in his mind. Annie could actually recognize the clothes he was wearing, cause it looked like the pattern of the paper clothes she burned to B-jai before. Is he really B-jai? This is really odd and shocking to Annie, there is really ghost in this world, now she belief it totally, how could she not, when there is one right in front of her now? She gulped her fear while she studies him closely, with him studying her closely too. He is pale, bloodless, and bluish-purple lacking of live, but other than that he looked like a regular boy. His eyes looked so cold and empty with it glare at her. Annie is speechless and just stares at him in disbelief that she is actually seeing him very clearly with sharp detail, she will never forget how he looked like now.

    Somehow those eyes of his made Annie felt fear. She has a feeling that he is angry with her for some reason. Weakly, Annie finally found her voice, "Your mommy?" her voice was definitely trembling, she gazed back to the portrait of a woman that looked so much like her. In the portrait the woman was sitting on a rocking chair holding a baby boy sited on her lap, Annie could tell that the baby boy is at least one years old back then.

    After a long hard stare the child seem to be calmed down a bit cause of Annie voice and appearance. He still felt anger with his father but somehow he couldn't stay mad in front of Annie. His expression softened a bit, he sadly nodded with his eyes beamed on the portrait with tears forming sadly, "Yeah, my mommy Helen."

    Daunted by the confirmation, Annie gulped. The mother in the painting was the Helen that she read about? Annie eyes can't remove from the portrait. Louis has told her that she looked like Helen but she never suspects that she resembled her this much! Annie turned to look at the child with fearful tears beginning to flood to her eyes and he saw her fear. "You are de..." Annie voice trembled not knowing how to go on.

    The eight years old pale boy nodded with an empty smile, "You are right I'm dead," his voice was empty and expressionless like it is not a big deal at all. He smiled warmly at Annie fear. It made him feel guilty to see her scared, maybe because she looked and sounded like his mother. "Don't be afraid, I won't harm you," he assured. His anger toward Louis seems to be suppressed for now.

    Annie gazed at the portrait, "Where is your mommy?"

    The young boy sadden with his frowning eyes, "I don't know, mommy never shows up...she left daddy and me...daddy is never happy afterward..." his voice weakened, "now he hated me too...I didn't do anything wrong...I just want him to play with me..." The boy stopped with his eyes glassy and suddenly hardened, "Why do daddy have to blame me?! Why do he have to said those things to me?! I don't want mommy to leave too!" He darted at Annie angrily, Annie stepped back a bit with her fearful eyes glue to his. He released his anger with his head dropped down staring at the wooden horse he is on.

    Annie felt sympathy for the poor soul, "Why did your mommy left?"

    With a shrug the boy sad longing voice spoke up, "Mommy promise to bring me along, I know she will be back for me one day." He sadly frowned, "Too bad you are not mommy."

    Swallowed her fear, Annie don't know what to said. Even though he looked harmless and sounded sad, she still didn't like the idea of meeting and talking with a ghost. Annie scooted back hitting the crib and she is boxed in with nowhere to scoot. Fearfully with her weak voice trying to hide her trembling tone, "B-jai, why did you bring me here?"

    B-Jai gotten off the rocking horse and approaching her, Annie has no more room to scoot so she froze with her body stiffened in fear. He stopped in front of her and reached his right arm out to places his small hand with his fingers spreads out on Annie belly with his eyes looked up at Annie certainly along with a warm smile. Annie senses his small icy cold hand transferring coldness to her body causing her to shiver. He smiled at her sincerely with his round eyes on her, "I like your name," he gazed at her tummy, "Will you name her Annie too?"

    Annie stares at him puzzled, her eyes gaze down to his small hand seeing his little fingers spreads over her belly, she looked into his eyes with questioning eyes. He know what she was thinking and smiled at her, "Aunty Annie you are carrying a baby."

    Shocked, Annie stare at the eight years old that looked more like a six years old with widen eyes. She couldn't believe she is standing here in front of this petite ghost telling her that she is pregnant?! "What?!" Annie blurted out with her eyes still on him.

    At first the B-jai didn't know what was calling him too. But he followed this weak voice and with that touch on Annie abdominal, he is certain that it was the child within that wanted him here for some reason. He felt this strong bond that the child belong to him and it wanted his protection. B-jai grinned, "You and daddy has made a baby tonight, it'll be a baby girl. Remember to name her Annie."

    Shaking her head in disbelief, Annie pushed his hand away from her stomach. He is just creping her out! "I don't know what you are talking about, just leave Louis and me alone!" she walked to open the door but it was lock and she couldn't get out.

    "I don't lie!" B-jai shouted fiercely, he hated when people don't believe him. "You are having a baby! And she belongs to me!" he shouted what he felt in his mind. Annie eyes widened in fear when she saw that flamed eyes of his, how could a child have this much anger in him? "Baby Annie belongs to me! Daddy owe it to me!"

    Panicking, Annie yanking on the doorknob forcefully wanting to get out, "Louis!! LOUIS HELP!!! LOUIS!!" She turns to B-jai and saw him stepping toward her, "LOUIS!! Don't come close to me!!" she frightfully demanded.

    The boy shakes his head at her, "Why are you afraid? You're suppose to be happy about having a baby," his voice became angry, "You are just like daddy! He never wanted me and always blaming everything on me! Now you don't believe me too!"

    Tears cascaded down Annie eyes as she continues to jerk the doorknob and pounding on the door, "Louis wake up!! WAKE UP!!"

    "Miss Man...Miss Man wakes up..." a distance female voice sounded and trailed away. Annie stopped for a second with her eyes frantically looking everywhere wondering whose voice that was. The boy reached his hand toward her, Annie quickly scooted away with her large eyes darted at him angrily, "Don't touch me! Leave me alone!"

    The child in front of her stares at her sincerely with teary eyes that is filled with sorrow and anger, "Trust me aunty Annie, I don't lie, she will be my friend. Baby Annie will play with me! She is the one who has called me here!"

    Annie tries to push him away but she couldn't feel him at all, her hand just passed through him. "I don't care just stay away!!" she shouted.

    "Why are you so afraid? I didn't do anything to you," reasoned the angry ghost. "Why are you treating me like daddy been treating me?! I did nothing wrong!! I just want to see baby Annie and talk to her!!"

    Panicking with her head shaking in disbelief, Annie covering her ears tightly with her two hands, "Go away! GO AWAY!! Louis help!! LOUIS!!"

    The tip of B-jai index finger gently touch Annie belly, "Baby Annie, don't worry, I won't let them abandon you like how they did to me. I'll be here to protect you." Annie tries to push his hand away, but every time she does so, her hand just sweeps through his, like he is just an illusion. He beamed his eye up at Annie with a sly smile, "I know you could hear me calling you, like how you called for me. That's why you bring your mommy here. Mommy and baby do share the same dream," he smiled at Annie coldly pointing that out. He lowered his eyes to gaze at Annie flat abdominal, "I'll be waiting for you, ten more month and we can play together. I'm Be..." Annie jerked and everything faded away.

    "Annie!! Annie?!" Louis concernedly shouted as he shakes her. Annie body jerked hard with her eyes popped open fearfully, she is panting harshly with beads of sweat dripping off of her forehead and her long wavy hairs are wet, her face is pale like a sheet of paper with her lips a bit purplish from being daunted. Louis turned her to face him and stare at her with worry eyes, "Honey are you okay? You were screaming for me." He helping his wife wipes off her chilling sweat.

    Annie blankly stare at Louis and the room, she hasn't fully collected her soul yet. The room was quiet and peaceful with the two balcony glass doors open to let the minimal breeze in to cool down the hot room a bit. She finally snapped out of her daze. There was no wind! It was all a dream, but her heart still can't stop pounding and she can't stop panting either. Aspirating, Annie lean on Louis chest. "Is all just a dream?" her weak tired voice asked with tears still in her eyes. Louis nodded and wrapped his arms around her warmly, rubbing her back to sooth her down. She started to sob emotionally hugging Louis tightly with fear. "Get him away, I don't want to see him!" Annie teary voice told her husband.

    "Who?" Louis asked confusedly while he continues rubbing her back.

    His fearful wife snuggled her head on his shoulder with tears flooding out fearfully, "B-Jai! He won't leave me alone!"

    Louis face drained by what Annie just said. How did she know the name B-jai? Quickly, Louis pulled Annie away a bit to face him, "Who did you just say it was?"

    Annie lean in to hug him tightly and sobbed, she is so glad that she is out of the nightmare. She mumbled in her tear, "He said you called him B-Jai." She rolled her eyes up to look at her husband wanting an answer, "Do you have a son?"

    "No," Louis coldly answers with anger in his eyes. He sighed and rubbed her back with his face sterns. He gently guided Annie to lie down on the bed. "It's just a dream, nothing more. Go back to sleep okay?"

    The young wife shake her head with her fearful soft eyes on him, she don't want to enter another dream cycle. Louis saw her pleading eyes, so he cupped her cheek and she held his hand warmly holding it in place feeling a bit more secure and calmed with his gentle touch. "You don't have a son?" she asked again with curiosity.

    Louis gulped with tear in his eyes that he quickly blinked away with an anguish expression, "No, I never have a son."

    "What is in that locked room? Is it a nursery?" Annie fearfully asked.

    Pushing her sweaty hair away from her forehead, Louis reassured her, "I told you already, there is nothing in there," he lied. "It really late Annie, lets go back to sleep, don't worry about the nightmare I'll be here."

    Annie hesitatingly nodded. Her husband lies back down wrapping his arms around her waist warmly. Annie is leaning her back against his chest with her hand holding his, "Louis..."

    "Hmm?" sleepily asked Louis.

    Uncertainly, Annie slowly stroked her tummy gently, "Do you like baby?"

    Louis wrapped his arms around her tightly pulling her closer to him and sighed softly, "Go to sleep Annie, it just a dream."

    The sad and confuse wife sighed and gnawing her lip, she still remember everything that occurred in her nightmare like it was all real and just happened a couple minute ago. She felt restless like she didn't sleep the entire night. She places her hand warmly on her belly wondering about the dream and B-Jai words. "Could I be pregnant from tonight?" her whispering voice asked her husband. There was no response. She turned over a bit to look over her shoulder and notice that her husband is asleep already. She sighed wearily unable to fall back to sleep. How could she? There is million of think rushing through her mind.

    "Baby Annie?" she remembered how harsh B-Jai tone was when he said baby Annie belongs to him! That thought cause Annie to quiver and shuts her eyes trying to erase that image out of her mind. "It's just a dream," she reminded herself and let a stressed breath out trying to calm herself down to fall back asleep. "Just a dream..." she repeated again. But what if she is really pregnant? Will B-Jai harm the baby? Annie gulped with her hand on her flat tummy. Softly she whispered into the night, "Oh god, please keep him away."

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    Yay, so Annie is pregnant? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Will B-jai harm the baby. I hope not <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Update soon <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Wow another exciting chapter, hopefully B-Jai doesn't do anything to Annie, but is she really pregnant. And what is it with B-Jai and Louis and I wonder where Helen is!

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