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Thread: The Others Soul (novel form)

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    Thanks for commenting! Lots more surprise is coming up and the following chapter is pretty long!

    Chapter 29: Sketching the Past

    Six weeks has passed since Annie nightmare of B-jai telling her that she is pregnant and that he came cause the baby dreamt of him. Annie isn't fully herself ever since that dream, she became more jumpy and seem to be in deep thought all the time. She didn't dare to sleep worrying that she will see him again. That child just gave her an eerie feeling, especially with his harsh eyes and tone sounding like he wanted revenge. The way he looked so cold and lifeless with bluish gray skin tone and dark bluish purple pockets under his eyes, like he hasn't sleep for century. He looked dead, but of course he does, since he is dead. Annie still remembered how cold he felt like when he touched her. She remembers everything so well like it was real. Which is also the reason for her lack of sleep for the past couple weeks.

    Staring toward the balcony while lying in bed this early morning, Annie is deep in thought about the meaning of her dream. A pair of arms sneaked around her and pulled her closer toward his side of the bed. Annie startled a bit when she jerked back to reality. Her husband, Louis sleepily kissed the side of her neck. "Good morning," his soft voice greeted with a little grin.

    Smiled sweetly, Annie turned over to look at him with her still eyes. She could never have enough of those dark pair of dreamy eye. She gave him a soft kiss on the lip and snuggled herself on his chest with a soft relaxing sigh. "Morning," she murmured with gladness to see him early in the morning.

    After hearing Annie weak tone, his eyes lowered to study her with suspicion and concern cause she has been like this ever since the dream. "You didn't sleep well again?" he asked with his dark eyes on her, Annie nodded with a weak yawn. "You had another nightmare?" Louis caring voice asked while softly pecked her forehead, like it will chase her nightmare away.

    Annie shook her head and softly reassured him, "No. But I couldn't sleep well lately," she sighed with dread. She don't know why she kept having this awfully bothersome blue deep down her heart ever since her dream of B-jai. Looking at her husband with unsure eyes, she softly tries to express her feeling toward her dream, "I still remember how he looked like and how angry he looked. Louis what did you..."

    Sighed, Louis pulled her closer hugging her cozily. His action made Annie stopped her questioning, cause she could tell that he don't want her to ask cause he don't want to answer. "Honey is just a dream, you didn't even dream about it for the last six weeks already. It probably meant nothing," Louis warm voice help settled Annie sad troubled heart a bit. Annie nodded glumly. Louis is right, she hasn't dream about it for six weeks. "Would it make you feel better if I hire someone to look around the house and see if they could get rid of him?" Louis suggested with his sincere smile.

    His pale looking wife shake her head, she don't want to provoke that child. "No, don't," her soft voice replies as she looked up at Louis seriously, "I don't want to cause any trouble." She gave out a weak warm smile before continuing, "And you are probably right, I'm just tired lately. Don't worry, I'll forget about it soon." Louis nod with his handsome smile and lean closer to kiss her. They shared a short passionate kiss not wanting to leave each other embrace. Annie eyes stare at him with her puppy eyes missing him already. Hesitatingly, Annie reminded her husband while her eyes are still glued into his captivating dark one, "You need to get ready for work." Her face suddenly lightens up with a proud smile, once an idea hit her mind. "You want a sandwich for breakfast? I could make you one," offered the excited wife.

    Her husband chuckled at her excitement, "Don't you want to sleep in? You look restless. Don't worry about me. Bobby could make the sandwich." With one last hug he dragged himself off bed. Annie follows along hugging him from behind with her head rested on his back.

    "I wanted to!" her sweet voice exclaimed in joy. She enjoys taking care of her husband every little need and love it when he praises her thoughtfulness.

    Walked into the bathroom, Louis pulled her away from his back. He grinned at her with his crooked smile and leaned in to peck her nose. "You are just so sweet," he complimented with his grin. "Don't chop your finger though," he teased with chuckling sound before he begins to brush his teeth. His beautiful petite wife pout a bit before she started to brush too beside him.

    After Annie is done, she quickly walked out and returned with a stack of Louis clothing that she has chosen for him. She handed them over to her husband and ordered, "You go change and get ready. I'll go down to make the sandwich now, it'll be ready by the time you head down."

    Goofily and playfully, her husband pouted at her intimidating her pouting expression, "You're not going to button my shirt and help me with my tie?"

    Rolled her eyes at him, Annie pulling on the collar of his ruby red robe to bring him closer to her, she peck his cheek teasingly. "Be a good boy for me and do it yourself today okay? If you could do so, I'll give you a treat later," she chuckled and cheerfully headed out with the chuckling husband shaking his head behind her.

    "Later tonight?" Louis slyly shouted after her. Instead of answering his question, Annie turned to face him and narrowed her eyes down to a slit giving him a seductive little teasing smile before she quickly leave the room. Louis just laughed and return to dress himself while Annie quickly rushed downstairs in order to prepare breakfast for her husband.

    "Yee Seeu Lie, good morning," both Stephen and Nicola greeted in unison while bowed slightly in a mannered way to show respect.

    The mistress smiled brightly, "Good morning. Stephen, Louis should be about ready to leave the house in thirty minute, could you tell Joe to get ready?"

    The professionally trained butler nod with another slight bow, "Yes, Yee Seeu Lie." He quietly and mannerly stepped away to do his task.

    Nicola followed behind Annie, who's heading straight to the kitchen. "What would you want for breakfast Yee Seeu Lie? I could tell Bobby," offered the maid.

    "It's alright, I want to make my own breakfast today. Why don't you help me cut some fresh flowers in from the garden?" Annie said with a gracious smile. Nicola nodded and headed out into the yard. Walked in the kitchen, Annie sees Bobby frying some eggs. "Good morning Bobby."

    Turned to the voice of his young mistress Bobby smiled warmly but his eyes narrowed on her wondering why she walked in again. 'Is she here to mess up the kitchen again? What date is today?' wondered the skilled chef worrying that his mistress have another one of her idea about cooking her own meal to celebrate something. Nervously, Bobby greeted with his suspicious eyes still kept at Annie, "Good morning Yee Seeu Lie. What can I get you?" He anxiously waited for Annie to reply while mumbled over and over in his mind, 'Please order something and get out!'

    Seeing those anxious worry eyes of the chef made Annie mischievously grinned. Teasingly she purposely takes her time to looked around the kitchen counter before she answer his question. After finding the veggies she needed, a satisfied smile shown up on her face, "Umm...where is the ham?" she asked with her sharp eyes glanced at the chef.

    'Great, she is up to something again,' Bobby silently whined in his mind. 'Smile Bobby, smile,' he reminded himself after noticing Annie eyes on him sternly, so he forced a fake grin right away. With a little sad worry sigh, he answered Annie question curiously still hoping that Annie is not planning to mess up his kitchen again, "It's in the fridge. Do you want ham in your egg?" he dies heartedly suggested, still wanting to be in control like a chef supposes to be.

    Annie grinned with amusement along with her trace of chuckles, as she shakes her head, "No. Bobby don't cooks breakfast for Louis and me. I want to make a sandwich myself for Louis and me." Bobby frowned immediately with serious eyes. Annie slumped her shoulder, "Come on, how hard could making a sandwich be? I promise, I won't mess up your kitchen." She smiled at him sincerely, "I just want to make Louis happy by making a sandwich myself."

    Giving in slowly, Bobby chuckled at his childish mistress that is trying to use her pouting and puppy eyes on him again. He nodded agreeing, not like he have the power to say no anyway, he know that Annie has given him enough face to not demand him to get out. "Wanting Yee Seeu to taste some love in his food huh?" he teased.

    "Just get me the ham," Annie mumbled with her eyes gazed at him while her cheek blushed a bit. With a cheerful chuckle, Bobby got the ham out of the fridge for her and returns to clean his kitchen.

    Swiftly, Annie washed all the veggie she going to use. Standing on the counter Annie started to slice the tomatoes. While she does so, her mind shifted back to the dream automatically. 'How did B-jai die? Where is his mother? Could she be dead too? Then where is her grave? No, B-jai said she left him and his daddy. If she is not dead, then where is she? Why did she left? How could a mother just leave her own child behind? Could it be because B-jai is dead already and that's why she left? How did B-Jai die?' Annie mind automatically pondered as she works on slicing the tomatoes absentmindedly.

    The background story of her husband relationship with Helen and B-jai is just too confusing to Annie, what bugged her most is that she has no answer to all of her questions. But Annie still remembers how everything in that locked room of her dream looked like. She wonder if the real locked room looked exactly the same as her dream, then that would be really freaky. 'In the dream the room was a nursery of B-jai, why did Louis lock it up? Did he do it after B-Jai die cause he don't want painful memory of his lost son?' Annie shake her head at that thought, it doesn't make sense cause Louis seem to hate B-jai and not even let the engraver finish his tombstone with his full name and date of birth and death.

    'Why did Louis say he never have a son? Is B-jai not his son? But B-Jai called him daddy. And from all the nursery decoration, infant accessory, and toys, it seem like B-jai is a really loved child when he is alive,' Annie frowned with her sympathy, 'B-Jai must have die at a very young age cause the wooden rocking horse is still in brand new condition, he must not have play with it much at all,' she is getting more confuse and puzzle as she try to clear thing up.

    'Wait this is all a dream, I couldn't really relies on it,' Annie reminded herself. 'I couldn't really say that there is ghost, since both time B-jai only appeared in my dream. Not like I really see him in broad daylight or something. Maybe B-jai is just something that my mind created since I'm probably paranoid with the ball and the grave,' Annie wildly concluded in her mind. Annie continues to ponder with her frown forehead as her brain shift her attention to another interesting fact, 'If B-jai is really a ghost that try to communicate with me through dream, then why don't he just do so with his father? Why come to me all the time?' The image of the portrait waved in her brain then she thought, 'Can it be because I looked like his mother?' she shakes her head.

    Annie is still uncertain about everything, 'What if all of this is fake and the room is not a nursery. Which mean nothing I dreamt of is in that room. Then the portrait is just my mind creation too!' Annie sighed frustratingly with her shoulder dropped. Bobby curiously turned over to take a look at her. His caring tone asked, "Is something wrong Yee Seeu Lie?"

    Turned to the voice of Bobby, suddenly Annie face brightened, 'Why did she forgotten about Bobby? He is a great source of the past too!' Annie walked over to stand next to Bobby. "Bobby could you tell me about Louis past?" she asked.

    Sighed, the chef dropped his head staring at the frying pan with the sizzling bacon that he is making for the dogs. "It's better to not mention about it again. Yee Seeu has suffered enough," his sad warm voice warned Annie to not mention it.

    But stubborn to drop the matter, Annie wanting to lure him to spill more, "What happen? Bobby, I really wanted to know. Did Louis have a son?"

    Bobby stare at Annie a bit surprise that she know about it. He shrugged with a sigh, "Yee Seeu believe that Seeu Yeeh Jai (young master) isn't his." The caring eyes of Bobby show sympathy and a warm smile. "I still remember Seeu Yeeh Jai running around the house and he would come into the kitchen yanking on my apron when he wanted cookie or candy. He was not even three yet, but he is very active." Bobby paused to sigh sadly, "A bit too actives."

    "You mean B-jai?" asked the mistress, who is getting more anxious.

    The chef nodded sadly, "Yee Seeu actually talk to you about Seeu Yeeh Jai?" It was odd to him, cause no one has mention about B-jai since four years ago. "Yee Seeu wouldn't let any of us mention about him again, after Saam Sui Jie left."

    A spark flashed into Annie eyes, "You are talking about Helen, right?" Bobby nodded. "Why did she left? Where is she now?" Annie asked quickly not wanting to let this chance slip away.

    Bobby shakes his head with an angry sigh, "No one know, she just ran off with that man and left Seeu Yeeh Jai behind." His eyes hardened with disappointment, "And to hurt Yee Seeu so much before she left, why does she have to do so? She is just an unworthy wife and heartless mother." Bobby turned the stove off and sliding the bacon onto a plate. Annie silently listened with her full attention wanting more.

    With another disappointed sigh, Bobby continue, "I would never belief that Saam Sui Jie will change this much. I watch her and Yee Seeu grow up together like two inseparable lovebirds. Who would have thinks that she couldn't contain her loneliness and kept a secret affair for years? It really isn't Yee Seeu fault that the entire Koo family needed him to support. There is just so many unfortunate things happened to the Koo's family that needed Yee Seeu help. Man has his duty to take care of his career and the family, he can't just stay home to please her all the time." Bobby shake his head, "Everything has changed because of her." His tone was a bit harsh with resentment toward Helen as he finished his sentence. He felt sympathy for his master and B-jai.

    After noticing Annie stare at him with interest, Bobby cleared his throat, he has spill too much and he know it. If Louis knows about this, he will get punished, he gulped and smiled weakly at Annie. "Yee Seeu Lie, will you excuse me? I have to go feed the dogs, they are barking for me," he turn and heading out.

    "How did B-jai die?!" Annie persisted by yelling after the chef that pretends he didn't hear her and continues walking out to the yard. Annie knows that he is avoiding her. She walked back to the counter to slice the tomatoes, while her brain try to sketch out Louis past.

    'Why would Helen have an affair if she loves Louis this much? And to run away with that guy too? Who is that man? Could it be the friend she mentions in her dairy? Julian? Why did she stop writing? And those tears on the dairy, could it be because she felt guilty for what she did that night with that guy?' Annie gasped a bit and shakes her head, 'She wouldn't do that to Louis! She loved him! Is Bobby right about her not being able to control her emptiness and loneliness that causes her affair? Why would Louis think B-jai isn't his son? Did Helen tell him so? If B-jai isn't Louis, then he must be that man,' Annie wondered. This just don't make sense to Annie, 'But if the child belong to that man then it will be logical for Helen to bring B-jai along with her wouldn't it? Why would she want to leave him with Louis?'

    "Honey are you okay?" asked Louis who just walked in and saw Annie blankly stare ahead while she is slicing tomatoes. At this time Nicola just gotten back in from the yard with a bundle of fresh flower in her hand.

    The sudden voice of Louis pulled Annie back to reality and causes Annie to slip her knife. "Ow..." Annie voice squealed as she quickly jerked her left hand away. The sharp knife that slipped, slice into her left index finger a bit with blood quickly bleeds out from the open wound.

    With concern, Louis quickly grabs her finger firmly and sucked the blood from the finger to help stop the bleeding. "Nikki go grab some bandage and the ointment to stop bleeding?!" he ordered urgently.

    "Yes, Yee Seeu!" answered the maid, who quickly drop the flower on the counter and ran to do her task.

    While Louis caringly examines her finger, Annie stares at her husband with her sympathy soft eyes. No wonder he been acting so strange in the past and wanted to forget about everything. She felt sorry about how Helen has cheated with another man and ran away too. Her other free hand reaches over to cup Louis left cheek. Louis smiled at her with his gentle eyes, "Does it hurt?" Annie shook her head, which made him sighed and used his angry voice only because he worry about her, "Annie, you need to be more careful." He warned while he guided her to sit down on the kitchen chair.

    Smiled warmly at her husband, Annie felt like she is the luckiest wife in this world. He cared about her so much and she felt her heart melted. Softly Annie whispered all of a sudden, "I love you." Louis paused his attention on her finger and lifted his head up to look at her straight into her eyes. A smile glowed on his dark tone face with his sharp looking eyes that nodded a bit with warmth. Annie reassuringly, "I'm fine. Just a small cut."

    Louis looked at her concernedly, "Honey, you look a bit pale and you can't concentrate much lately. Are you okay?" He turned to look toward the door, "Maybe I should go get a doctor to come by tonight."

    Chuckled with her eyes rolled, sometime she thinks Louis is too overly protective of her. "Louis, I'm fine," she seriously told him with sincere soft tone and a bright smile, "I'm just a bit tire and weary lately." She smiled at him with her head shaking while trying to straighten his tie for him, "Look at you, what will you do without me?"

    Her husband chuckled and whispered into her ears, "I like it when you straighten it for me." He pecked the side of her cheek, "I love you too honey." He looked back at her finger, "Good thing is not too deep."

    Nicola rushed in and panting a bit holding the bandage out along with the medication. "Here Yee Seeu."

    Taking the bandage, Louis gently hold Annie finger still to wrap it up. He squeezed her hand a bit after he is done, "What is bothering you Annie?" he sighed, "The dream again huh? You need to find some help, you can't go on like this."

    Annie shake her head and smiled genuinely at her husband, she don't want him to worry about her, and she know he don't like anyone to mention about B-jai. "Don't worry Louis I'm fine." She stands up and pushed him toward the exit of the kitchen, "Now get out and let me finish our sandwich for breakfast before you'll be late for work!"

    Being pushed by his wife from behind, Louis questioned uncertainly, "Are you sure you can handle it? Bobby is just walking in the yard with nothing to do, you know." he chuckled.

    Louis tilted his head back to look at her with his lip perched out, Annie giggled at his goofy look and pecked it. "Now stay out and wait for me!" she demanded. Louis listened and walked himself elsewhere. Annie smiled at Nicola, "Nikki why don't you help me put those flower in a vase and set it on the dinning table? I won't be needing you in the kitchen."

    "Alright, Yee Seeu Lie," replied Nicola before she took the flower out with her.

    Annie return to the cut broad to finish up her slicing of tomatoes, cucumber, hams, and cheese to make a sandwich. Her mind just automatically fallen back to what she was pondering about. With her mind battling back and forth uncertainly to what she suppose to belief and conclude out of her dream. She sighed and focused on slicing the ham. Suddenly, she stopped the movement of the knife, like she suddenly got enlightened with something, "Wait, why is he transparent the first time and see able on the second time?" Annie softly asked herself. She turned her head while she think and continue to slice the ham. Now after hearing what Bobby told her about Helen, it gives her more clues to ponder about and try to connect it with her dream and the dairy, but something important is missing.

    She still remembers how B-Jai anguish expression was like when he say baby Annie belong to him. Annie dropped the knife and felt her flat abdominal, "Am I really pregnant? A daughter?" she shakes her head, "Don't be silly, how would he know?" She picks up the knife to continue while thinking out loud, "But my period is late...I could be pregnant. I'm feeling a bit tired lately and drained..." she sighed with her shoulder dropped. "Stop being silly! Is just a nightmare! Of course I'm tired, I couldn't sleep well each night!"

    "Honey are you okay?!" Louis yelled from the dinning room to check on her.

    Annie giggled at his concern tone, "I'm fine! I'm coming!!" she putted the sandwich together and walked out to place it in front of her husband who is reading his newspaper on the dinning table. He reached out to get his black coffee but Annie took it away. "I read in western book that said black coffee is not healthy. Just hold on, I'll pour you a glass of milk." Annie suggested.

    Louis yelling after his wife, who ignored his complain, "I need the coffee Annie, I won't be able to concentrate without them!"

    Pouring a glass of milk, Annie yelled back her response, "Well, learn how to!" She walked out and places the glass of milk in his hand. "This is much more healthy, you are a bit too dark already, more black coffee will make you look like a coal. Milk will lighten you up," she murmured teasingly, "Hopefully."

    Her husband beamed at her with his pair of stern eyes, in a flat tone, "Very funny." Annie chuckled at him and sat down to eat with him. "Honey, I'll be late tonight," he respectfully informed. "You don't have to wait me for dinner okay? If you are bore ask Joe to drive you out to shop. Do you still have enough money?"

    "Yes," answered Annie who smiled sweetly. "Don't worry about me. Hurry up, you going to be late!"

    Caringly, Louis squeezed Annie hand, "If you don't feel well, ask Stephen to go get a doctor to come take a look at you."

    Annie sighed loudly, "For the last time, I'm fine! Don't worry about me!" Louis nod and continue his breakfast with Annie along with their usual morning conversation.

    That Monday afternoon, like every Monday afternoon, Annie and Nikki walked out to visit B-jai grave. Annie just wanted B-jai to rest in peace and leave them alone. Somehow she kept thinking that the dream meant something. Annie squatted down next to the grave and wiped the small one foots tall gray marble tombstone with a wet cloth.

    Next to her, Nicola is setting a plate of candies along with a plate of cookies. She lighted the candles and from the candle flames she lit three incenses and hand it over to Annie, "Yee Seeu Lie."

    "Thanks Nikki," Annie took the incenses. Nicola smiled and started to help Annie burn some paper moneys, paper toys, and paper clothes. Annie whispered in her heart to B-jai, "B-jai, I don't know if the dream is real or not. But it really doesn't matter. I just hope that you can peacefully reincarnate or something, it not right for you to stay here. Please just listen to me and rest in peace. Go follow the path you suppose to."

    A breeze passed by blowing the candle flame off. Annie eyes stare at the small trail of smoke from the candle with her heart worrying that it was B-jai who did that cause he is angry. She cleared her throat and speaks to Nicola calmly, "Nikki light them again." Nicola nodded and lit the candles again; it steadily burned calmly. Which eased Annie heart a bit.

    Nicola took the three incenses from Annie and stabbed them onto the little bronze incense holder. "Yee Seeu Lie," she handed Annie the paper stuff to burn.

    Annie slowly dropping a bit at a time while Nicola stirs the fire evenly to control the flame. Annie cheerfully told B-jai, "I bought you some new set of clothes, I thought you might want to change. B-Jai, I don't know what happen to you, but it all in the past now, please just drops it and rest in peace. There is no use to come for me, please understand that you are from a different world now." The flame from the bonzes burning container flared up, Annie quickly withdraw her hand. "Ah..."

    "Yee Seeu Lie!" said the worry voice of Nicola as she grabs Annie hand to examine it, she blow on it a bit. "Lucky you pulled out fast enough. It not too badly burns just a bit pink. Are you alright? Is it burning?"

    "Don't worry Nikki. I'm fine," Annie assured. She looked down on her own hand and looked at the tombstone.

    "Let me do the burning Yee Seeu Lie," suggested the maid. "The fire can sometime be uncontrollable," she added. Annie nodded.

    While Nicola continue to burn, Annie just stare at the grave with her sad eyes. She has a feeling that B-Jai won't let things go easily. It really curious her to what happen in the past that took his life. Annie places her hand on the marble stone and she senses a soft whisper. Her mouth suddenly moved to repeat what she sense with her voice changed a bit, "Why don't you believe me? Why are you treating me like daddy? I'm not angry at you cause you never did anything wrong to me. I'm only mad with daddy, so don't be afraid." Annie flat voice said coldly without her noticing.

    Daunted the maid confusedly stares at Annie with her eyes widened with a bit fear, it doesn't sound like her mistress at all! She tapped Annie shoulder with her shaky nervous hand, "Yee Seeu Lie!"

    Annie quickly shakes her head and snapped out, "Huh?"

    Nicola look at Annie curiously with concern, "You just say something earlier. Are you okay? Did you know what you were saying?"

    Withdrawing her hand from the stone, Annie puzzlingly asked, "I did? I mean I said something?"

    Her maid nod with her eyes gaze at the tombstone. She cleared her throat and think that it betters to leave. "Yee Seeu Lie, I burned everything already. Lets go in, you don't look to well today." Annie nodded with a warm smile. Nicola stands up and helped Annie up. They walked away with the usual gust of wind blowing everything off and flipping the bonze container of ashes upside down.

    "Why don't daddy ever come? Why do you have to be fearful of me?" asked the whispering sound of B-jai along with the wind.

    It is nine in the evening, and Louis hasn't returned yet. He has say that he will be late tonight and wouldn't be able to have dinner with Annie, but she didn't expect him to be this late. Annie is getting a bit worry about him being in an accident or something. What take him so long? Joe has left at six thirty to pick him up like what Louis has instructed him this morning. Now both Joe and Louis still haven't return. Annie heart couldn't settle down, she felt something is going to happen today. Something's wrong, she started to pace around the living room worriedly with her eyes darted at the clock every minute. 'Why is time passing so dreadfully this evening?' her anguish worry mind grumpily complained.

    Nicola walked out from the living room with a tray of tea and dessert to help her mistress take her mind off of the time. "Yee Seeu Lie, you want some tea and sweet cake?" she set it down on the coffee table and walked over to grab Annie arms, hoping that Annie will follow her to the sofa. "Come on, I'm sure Yee Seeu is still stuck with business."

    Shaking her head, Annie unsettlingly sat down, "But that can't be, it nine already, what business require meeting to be so late?"

    Her personal helper shrugged, "Don't worry Yee Seeu Lie, I bet Yee Seeu is safe and sound." The doorbell ringed right when she finishes that sentence. "See what I tell you?!" asked the proud maid as she turn to head toward it, Annie heading to the kitchen. "Yee Seeu Lie where are you going? Aren't you going to greet Yee Seeu?"

    "Go ahead and open the door for him, I'm going to heat up the soup for him," she cheerfully instructed Nicola before happily rushed to the kitchen with Nicola chuckled at her mistress for being so loving and thoughtful to her husband all the time.

    Opened the door, Nicola cheerfulness faded away with a confused eyes on the two person in front of her, "Can I help you?"

    The guy smiled brightly sneaking a glimpse into the house, Nicola stares at him confusedly. "Honey do you see her?" the guy asked the woman next to him. Nicola stares at him strangely.

    The more serious lady like visitor elbowed the guy, "We are actually looking for Annie Man, I mean Mrs. Koo. Is this the right place?"

    Nicola nodded, "Yes, you are looking for my mistress." Nicola thought that the girl looked very familiar but she couldn't remember when she saw this girl before. "Can you two please wait a sec? I'll be back."

    The guy nod with a wide excited grin, "Sure!"

    Closed the door, Nicola headed to get Annie. Annie holding the bowl of hot melon soup with the tip of her fingers clinging to the edge of the bowl. She smiled at Nicola while she walking with the large bowl of soup. "Don't worry Nikki I got it, you are excuse for the night."

    Her loyal maid shook her head, "Not that Yee Seeu Lie. It's not Yee Seeu that ringed the bell. It's a couple that's looking for you."

    Annie is puzzled. She places the bowl of soup on the dinning table and held her earlobes to cool down her fingertips. "For me?" Nicola nodded. "I don't know anyone. Who could it be?" she walked toward the door with her mind trying to think who it could be looking for her. When she opened the door and saw the two figures in front of her, she is surprised and her eyes widened with a spark. She grinned with tears glistering in her eyes. The guy chuckled at Annie surprised state, "Hi kiddo, missed me?"

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    What a cliffhanger. I wonder who the couple is. The guy's attitude sound familiar but can't remember. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Hope you update more. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    I agree with jeh what a Cliffhanger! Where's Louis? Poor B-jai I'm beginning to think that his just a confused kid. Is Annie Pregnant? Update soon!

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    To jeh: You forgotten cause you read a long time ago huh? Anyway, thanks for your comment!

    To ccsakura: Yeah, B-jai is a very confused poor soul. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> He don't even know how he die. You'll find out more! And sorry about the cliffhanger, but I'll post another chapter up now! Lots more surprise and trouble coming <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 30: Change of Heart

    The tall handsome guy chuckled at Annie surprised state. "Hi kiddo, missed me?" he asked with his voice thicken a bit with emotion from seeing her again. It has been over one year and a month since they last seen each other. He held his pair of arms out welcoming a hug, which Annie leaped right in immediately hugging him tightly around the neck. He laughed joyfully and wrapped his warm arms around her lifting her a bit off the ground. "I guess this is a yes!" his excited joyful voice proudly said.

    Annie nodded with joyful excited tears flushed into her eyes making them watery, "I missed you so much! This is such a surprise Frankie!" she squeezed her hug tightly around her cousin.

    "It's my turn!" demanded the other visitor with impatient heart.

    Both Frankie and Annie chuckled in happiness to the girl demand. Frankie quickly released Annie to give his other half a chance to embrace Annie, "Alright honey you can have her all to your self!" Annie rushed over to hug the girl, while Frankie eyes are starting to nosily peek toward the interior of the house from the porch, "How have you been Annie?" he asked while looking into the house and widened his eyes at the luxurious living room.

    Finally released her hugs, Annie warm round eyes are kept at the girl in front of her with tears in her eyes. "Everything is good," Annie reassured Frankie. She smiled warmly at her cousin girlfriend, "Kenix jie, I missed you so much too!" With a closer glance at Kenix appearance, Annie notices that Kenix no longer wear her hair in a ponytail. Annie grinned widely and darted over to Frankie, "Don't tell me, you two got married without inviting me!"

    Kenix blushed a bit and nodded with Frankie wrapping his arm around her waist. "Frankie say he couldn't let you beat him by too much," her shy but firm voice exclaim.

    Feeling happy for them, Annie gave Kenix a quick hug again, "Congratulation! I'm so happy!! You are my cousin-in-law now! When did you two get married?" Annie paused her babbling when she realize that they are still standing at the door in the middle of the dark night. "Oh sorry, come in!" she welcomingly said as she turned to head in. "How long are you two visiting the city? Have you guys find a place to stay yet? If not, I'm sure Louis wouldn't mind us having you two as guests. I'm so excited and I have so much to ask! You don't know how boring it is to be home alone!" Annie notice that they didn't walk in with her, she turn around and stare at them confusedly with a bright smile, "Come in! Just make yourself at home!"

    Her older cousin gestured his hand to signals her to return to them, "Annie, I have something to talk to you about first."

    Curiously Annie headed back toward the porch again. She looked at Nicola, who is following behind her, "Nikki can you go get some tea and dessert?"

    Her maid nodded respectfully with manner, "Of course Yee Seeu Lie." Nicola stepped away to accomplish her mistress request. Stephen just walked out seeing that there are two visitors at the door, he stand at a distance curiously watched.

    Annie smile at her two guests welcomingly, "Well, come in to talk then! There is no reason to all stand here."

    Frankie looked at Annie seriously, "It's not just us two Annie." He turns to look out into the pitch dark night with his hand gesturing the two to step forward.

    Curiously, Annie peeked, but she couldn't see anything since Frankie is in her way. "Is it uncle and aunt...." her voice trailed off with daunted expression when Frankie and Kenix stepped aside with the two figures stepped out from the dark toward the porch light. Annie eyes lowered on the big belly of the girl who is standing next to her childhood hero and love. Speechless, Annie froze with her heart feeling a strange sensation of mixed anger, disappointment, surprise, and confusion. She doesn't know how to react to what in front of her or how her emotional state should be.

    "Hi Annie," weakly whispered the warm gentle voice of her ex-boyfriend. Annie didn't reply, she is still stuck in her shock, her eyes are on his and the girl interlocks hands. She couldn't believe her eyes, everything has changed, he is married, he is going to be a father, most of all he has forgotten her already. Why is she feeling gloomy inside? Annie questioned herself, she suppose to be happy right? Why can't she feel any glimpse of joy? Why does her heart have to sink at the sight in front of her?

    Annie silently kept her stare dully at the pregnant woman enlarged abdominal expressionlessly, it just too big of a shock for her to process, her hero has changed his heart faster than she thought he would be. Steven eyes softened on her and stare at her with his glum line and mixed feeling too. He has to admit he missed her tremendously and she looked lovelier than ever. Still the innocent and sweet angel of his heart, a drop of tear glistered in his eyes with his mind bring back memories of her once belonging to him. Awkwardly in his weak voice caringly asked, "How have you been?" He is somewhat afraid to hear that Annie life is suffering or that her husband doesn't love her.

    Pressed her lip together, Annie is trying to force out some kind of a response, but she couldn't find her voice to speak up. Annie swallowed down her uncomfortable feeling and finally found her voice again to softly and simply replied, "Good." She forced a smile and tries to speak with her calm tone hiding her confuse and mix up feeling, "Congratulation Ada." Annie held her hand out with her eyes looked straight into Ada.

    "Thanks," Ada sweet soft voice said while shaking Annie hand awkwardly. Ada looked at Steven and saw his eyes still on Annie unmoved and it some what bothered her a bit. Annie didn't dare to look at Steven in the eyes, all she felt is lost and overwhelm by all of these surprises.

    It's so obvious that it not just Frankie and Kenix that are married. And by the size of Ada abdominal, Annie is sure that they gotten married pretty early, probably right when she left. No wonder he gave her that red handkerchief telling her to move on, Annie thought with her heart drowning in gloominess. That thought of Steven changed his heart this quickly bright Annie a tit bit of disappointment and jealousy. How could he let go that easily? She felt guilty herself, since she has also let go too, but still it bother her to see him married so soon. She know that is not right, but she couldn't control her feeling. How could she be okay with no emotion when her ex-boyfriend popped up in the middle of the night with a pregnant wife?

    They stood there in awkward moment. Nicola returned with tea and dessert placed on the coffee table before she walked up to Annie with a smile at everyone. "Yee Seeu Lie, the tea and dessert are ready," her polite voice informed.

    Thanks to Nicola simple sentence, Annie is finally able to snap out of the awkward tension. Annie smiled warmly and happily, this should be a good thing, she kept reminding herself, she do missed all of them so much. "Well, come in!" Annie welcomingly said while she tries to brush all of her awkward emotion away. "I have so much questions to ask all of you." Her eyes caught the baggage that they bring along, so she called her servant to help them, "Stephen could you please help them out with their baggage?"

    Steven eyes quickly looked at her, he thought Annie was calling him and his heart skipped a beat, she still sounded like an angel to him. And he missed her sweet voice calling his name so much.

    "Coming Yee Seeu Lie," the butler mannerly answered as he head toward the four strangers to help with their bags.

    A frown showed up on Steven face when he finally notices that Annie weren't calling him, no wonder he was confuse about what she meant. Annie turned back to them and her eyes locked into his, she could see the same glow of love in them, but it felt so different now, it will never be the same anymore. She quickly looked elsewhere and found Kenix to look at instead. She grabs Kenix hands and walked her in. "Come on in!" Annie cheerfully welcomed while trying to hide her uneasy feeling. "Make yourself at home. I hope you guys planning to stay for a while and keep me company."

    Kenix walked in beside Annie with her eyes widen at every sight of the house. Frankie walked by her side staring at the shiny polished tile floor and the elegant classy furniture that he never seen before. Both the husband and wife faces were aw by the sight of this huge mansion.

    "Be careful honey, there is a step," Steven warned his wife with his usual caring and gentle voice while he stepped into the mansion with her and steadying her by holding onto her waist. Annie heard him from behind, her face sterns a bit with her heart unsettle and bothersome, a very uncomfortable feeling that she wishes she could just drop. Why is she having this kind of feeling? She questioned herself feeling a bit guilty and selfish. Guilty for feeling jealous cause it prove that she still have some sort of feeling toward Steven, when she knows she loved her husband dearly. Selfish for not wanting Steven to move on without her, when she is the one who moved on first. Isn't she supposes to be relief and glad that he moved on? But why does it made her felt disappointed and a bit mad at him?

    Ada smiled warmly at her husband with a nod. She is taking slow step into the house, "Don't worry Steve I still could walk. I won't let anything happen to the baby." Once she stepped in her eyes are amaze by the tall ceiling with the hanging crystal chandelier, "Honey look," she pointed to it. Steven nodded, he study the large mansion closely, but unlike the other three his face hung a depressed look seeing how wealthy Annie husband is comparing to himself. He is still a bit jealous of Louis for having his girl. Deep down he felt a bit worthless for not being able to offer Annie the same thing that Louis can.

    Stephen the butler carried all of the baggage of the visitors into the living room. He wonders why they have arrived and if they will be here long. Cause he know his master don't like visitors much. "Yee Seeu Lie where should I put these baggage?" Stephen calm empty voice asked while his eyes are glued to the guests unwelcomingly.

    Unlike him, his mistress looked at her visitor with bright smile, "You guys are staying right?"

    "If you are not kicking us out, we are staying for sure!" answered Frankie with excitement. He kept cheerfully turned around and around to study the house.

    Annie chuckled at him. She does missed Frankie playfulness a lot, "Of course you are welcome to stay! Stephen brings all the baggage upstairs to two guests rooms."

    Nod with his eyes studying the new guests, Stephen obediently replied, "Alright." He carried all the belonging of the four guests up to the second floor along with Nicola to help him.

    Kenix squeezed Annie hand, she could sense Annie tenseness, "Annie are you sure we are not bothering you and your husband? We could always..."

    "Of course not. Don't be silly," Annie reassured with her head shaking, "Don't worry about Louis, he won't mind."

    "So your husband is Louis?" Kenix teasingly asked with a smile. "That is a sweet name."

    Annie chuckled and nod agreeing, she pulled Kenix to sit down next to her on the love seat with Frankie sited on the arm of the love seat by his wife. Annie saw Steven scanning the house and up the stairs, like he is searching for something, she has an idea of whose he trying to look for. In a steady voice she politely said, "Steven sits down and have some dessert."

    He nodded with a weak smile, "You have a pretty nice house." Steven guided Ada to sit down on the sofa and sat next to her.

    Smile weakly, Annie watches him care for his wife. She still can't believe he is married and having a baby on the way. Cleared her throat and sipped some tea to switch her attention Annie finally replied, "Thanks."

    Nosily, Frankie eyes beamed up the stairs, "Where is your husband Annie? Is he asleep already?"

    Chuckled, Annie shakes her head, "No, we don't sleep that early. He is not home yet."

    "He work this late each night?" asked Kenix curiously with a bit of surprise.

    The worry set of Annie eyes glanced over at the clock. She is getting awfully worry, it's approaching ten and he still not return yet. "No, just tonight," Annie answered, she smiled at them warmly, "So what bring all of you to the city? Don't say it just because of me; I won't buy it!"

    Frankie shaking his head at Annie with his hand squeezing Kenix shoulder a bit for attention, "Honey look what one year in the city has done to my shy and quiet cousin!" They laughed with Annie giving him a not amuse look.

    Ada softly laughed along too. She squeezed Steven hand and answered Annie curious question, "We came cause Steve and Frankie decide to try starting a business here, in the city." Annie nodded slightly as she listens with interest.

    Patted Annie shoulder, Frankie reassured, "Don't worry kiddo, we won't be here for long. We are trying to look for a flat large enough for all four of us and once we find it we will move out of your lovely place."

    Rolled her eyes with a pout, Annie defensively asked, "When did I say I mind about you guys being here? Of course all of you could stay and make yourself at home. I'm so happy to see all of you again, and I have so much to ask!" Annie smiled at Kenix sweetly, "Especially chatting with my new cousin-in-law, right Kenix?"

    Kenix slightly laughed as she study Annie, she does missed Annie a lot, they grow up together and she has always treated Annie as her own younger sister. "Of course, I have so much to tell you and ask too! Maybe we can chat overnight tonight," suggested Kenix.

    Frankie nudging his wife, "Have you forgotten Annie's husband? I think he want his wife to sleep with him!" Annie and Kenix laughed along with Ada soft chuckle, the only one that didn't laugh and kept his eyes still on Annie is Steven. Annie notices his stare that made her felt constrained and stiff. She didn't want to make eyes contact with him cause the atmosphere is tensed up enough, even though they laughed and chatted, everyone felt the strange awkwardness. Especially Annie and Steven.

    Smiled warmly at Ada, Annie deciding it will be better to pull her into the conversation, "So Ada when is the baby due?"

    The mother to be, smiled warmly running her hand on her belly, "About two more months."

    A bit surprise Annie nodded, she knew Ada is very far into her pregnancy but it was still a surprise. "Wow, that is very quick. So you are eight months pregnant? You really shouldn't travel that much," Annie caringly reminded.

    Frankie chuckled and murmured under his breath to Kenix, "Annie still think and talk like Steven." His wife elbowed him to shut his mouth. The other three heard it nice and clear, they silenced thanks to Frankie little comment. Cleared his throat, Frankie trying to lighten up the atmosphere a bit, " how is your marriage so far Annie? Do he treat you well?"

    A smile glowed on Annie face sweetly, when Louis is mentioned. Louis is wonderful for the past five months, she loved each day of it. "Yes, he treats me very well," her grateful and happy voice informed with her shy smile. Steven along with the rest could see that bright glow on her eyes when she talks about her husband. "Couldn't believe it have been over a year already huh?"

    Kenix nod with a smile at Frankie, "Yes, time passed by so fast and so much has changed." She looked at Annie sincerely, "I'm so happy to see you again." Holding to both of Annie hand lifting her arms up, Kenix complimented, "And look at you! You changed so much, I meant to the beautiful side of course! Just like a wealthy mistress!"

    Her husband rolled his eyes at her and reminded, "Honey, she is a wealthy mistress!"

    Elbowed her husband, Kenix cleared her throat warningly, "Can you be a gentleman for once and not barge in like that?" She sighed with her head shaking feeling hopeless about her chatterbox husband. Annie giggled at the sight of them; she missed them so much! Frankie is still nosy and energetic while Kenix is always the thoughtful and caring one. Kenix smiled brightly at Annie and continue ignoring her husband, "You look fabulous Annie, I bet no one could recognize you if you return to the village for a visit."

    Annie blushed with soft giggle, "Thanks. How is everyone in the village?" she curious asked. Her eyes settled on Frankie, "Has aunty cough gotten better?" Annie sighed concernedly, "It's getting into the humid season again, I hope her arthritis gotten better."

    Her older cousin smile genuinely, he is happy to know that Annie still care so much about his mother, considering what his father done to her. "Leung illness is still the same as usual. She missed you a lot. Oh yeah, she force me to bring you some salted fish, is still in my baggage," he chuckled, "I told her you wouldn't want salted fish anymore, look at this house! I bet your husband can own our entire village!"

    Shaking her head at Frankie, Annie snapped, "Frankie, of course I still love aunty salted fish! I don't care how big this house is or how rich Louis is, nothing can compare to aunty salted fish." she thoughtfully pondered, "Hmm...maybe Louis would like to try them. He never has salted fish before, and he does like our village dishes. I haven't eaten them for so long too, how does steaming it with pork sound?" Annie look at Kenix with a grin like she is wanted Kenix to answer her. But all she wanted is someone to listen to her thought. "I bet he will like it!" she excitedly stated.

    Both of the older girl laughed at Annie silliness. "Sound like you and Louis getting along really well," Kenix said with a glad smile. She sighed at Annie happily, "He must love you and spoil you a lot."

    Annie nodded with a bright shy smile, "Well, not really spoil, but loved me enough." With a sincere warm smile Annie continued, "We have our up and down too. But he is a very sweet husband, I really can't ask for more. I can't wait till you guys meet him."

    "I can't wait to meet him too!" Frankie said with his chuckling at Annie shameless advertisement of her husband. "I heard he is the most cleverest and smartest businessman in town, is that right? He got to be successful to have this much wealth!"

    Irritated, Kenix rolled her eyes at her husband and shakes her head at him, "Can't you just stop focusing on the wealth? You could be really embarrassing; do you know that?"

    Her husband beamed his eyes at her with a childish pout, "I didn't mean it like that, I just think he is just a great role model. Not like I'm after his wealth. How could you misunderstand me sweetheart? Now I'm hurt!" Frankie leaned his right cheek a bit closer to his wife, Annie couldn't help herself from chuckling at her cousin expression, it quite goofy looking.

    Sighed with her head shaking, Kenix pecked her husband cheek, "You are so childish! I don't even know why I loved you and agree to marry you." She smiled seriously at Annie, "So is he really smart and clever in business?"

    Not knowing, Annie shrugged, "Actually, I don't know. He never wanted me to worry about his work. And he never bring his work problem home either."

    Mischievously, Kenix eyes beamed at Annie, "At least you would know about the rumor of him being the most handsome of all?"
    Blushed, Annie shyly nod softly, "Yes, I could say he is quite handsome," she softly chuckled and pressed her lip together with her cheek crimsoned. "Where did you guy hear all these rumor anyway?"

    The husband and wife laughed at her, "In our mind of course," Frankie teasingly told her.

    Meanwhile, Steven just listens in total silent, Annie looked happy and joyful with her new life, part of him is happy and relief, while the other part felt a bit disappointed to see her change so much and forgotten his love. Ada is silent, she know Annie but not very close, not like Kenix. So she has nothing to say, she silently listens and smiled with soft giggle at their conversation. And every so often she would check on Steven facial expression. She know that her husband love Annie more, only time will slowly change that fact is the only way she could comfort herself.

    "Steven are you tired?" Frankie asked after noticing Steven strange gaze and silenced. "You are so quiet."

    Snapped out of her conversation, Annie looked over at the quiet couple on the opposite side of the living room sofa, "I'm sorry, all of you must be really tired. And I'm here blabbing on and on."

    Steven shook his head to reassure Annie, "I'm fine Annie. I'm just listening too." He smiled warmly at Annie with his usual gentle eyes on her, she smiled back at him weakly.

    Considerably, Annie looked over at Ada, "Ada must be exhausted by the travel. She is pregnant, so she needs to rest more." Annie quickly stood up, "Let me show you guys to your ro..." Annie suddenly felt really dizzy and almost fainted. Steven quickly steadied her by grabbing both of her shoulders and pulled her into his arms to steady her by letting her lean on his body with his embrace.

    Ada couldn't help herself from feeling a bit dishearten and soured seeing her husband hugged Annie so urgently. She knows that he only meant to steady her, but the expression of his face tell her enough about his love toward Annie. Her husband never shows those set of loving and concern eyes toward her before. Sometime she wonders if she could ever replace Annie position in his heart.

    Annie felt her head lightened and the vision in front of her wobbled and blur. She notices that she is leaning in Steven chest so she quickly pushed him away, not wanting to make Ada unhappy. Steven release her but firmly held her in place by holding her arms, he stared at her with his concern eyes. The butler, Stephen who is stand couple of feet away saw it and his face stern a bit with his hard eyes darted on Steven firm hand on Annie with disapproval mind.

    "Yee Seeu Lie are you okay?" Nicola urgently asked. Annie nod and shut her eyes for a while trying to focus her vision and stop her spinning head. She didn't know what just happened, probably because she stood up too quickly.

    "Annie you are bit paled. Are you alright?" asked the worried Frankie while his eyes are kept at Annie at all time.

    Feeling a bit nauseated too, Annie tries to control herself, so she won't frighten her guests. She pressed her lips together and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled and awkwardly tires to gently push Steven firm hands away but his grip is still firmly on her. She looked up at him straight in the eyes, "Thanks, don't worry I'm fine now. I just stand up too quick. I'm steady now." Steven lets go and nod slightly with his eyes still gaze at her worriedly.

    "Are you sure?" Kenix asked concernedly. Kenix quickly hold onto Annie elbow to steady her so Steven can let go, cause she could see the sad disappointed expression of Ada and how awkward Annie and Steven is feeling.

    Walking with Kenix helping her, Annie chuckled at the group of worry friend and family to loosen the atmosphere a bit. She is rubbing her temple and feeling much better now, "Yeah I'm fine, probably because I didn't have enough sleep lately. Anyway come on, let me show all of you to your room. Stephen, which rooms did you used? Can you lead?"

    Stephen nodded with one last gaze at Steven before he turns and walked ahead to show them their room. Nikki held on to Annie arm too to make sure that her mistress doesn't lose her balance again. Stephen leads them to the two rooms facing each other. One is next to Louis study room while the other next to the sewing room. "Yee Seeu Lie are these two rooms okay?" he mannerly asked.

    Annie nodded, "Yeah. It's alright with everyone right?"

    Her cousin nodded with a big grin when he checked the guest room out, "Wow this place is huge! How many bedrooms are in this house Annie?" He scanned down the hall and counting the door with curiosity.

    Giggled at her cousin expression, Annie answered, "Ten rooms in the second floors and three servants room in the main floor." She is feeling a bit nauseated and light headed again, it felt like a cycle of discomfort, she really needed to rest her tired mind from all of these overwhelming surprise and cause of B-jai too. She smiled at them welcomingly, "Well, make yourself at home and if you need anything ask Stephen or Nikki, they will help out." The two servants nodded to the four guests mannerly. "If anyone of you want anything to eat, you could ask Bobby to prepare it. He is our chef and usually in the kitchen." Annie covers her mouth and her forehead wrinkled feeling a bit sick to her stomach.

    Observantly, Kenix caught Annie expression of nauseated. She watches her closely, "Annie you don't look too good, what's wrong? Are you sick?"

    Seeing all of the attention on her, Annie quickly shook her head in denial, "I'm just not feeling too good and a bit tired, could all of you excuse me? I think I need to lie down for a while."

    Ada nodded, "Don't worry about us Annie. Are you sure you will be fine?"

    "How are you really feeling?" Steven concernedly asked. "Is alright to tell us, maybe we could help."

    Annie just smiled weakly, "Don't worry, I'll be fine in a while. Sorry, I couldn't take care of you guys, I'm such a bad host. Just make yourself at home alright?"

    They nodded. Annie turned around to head to her room. Kenix is concern about her and wanted to help out, so she walked up to Annie and walked with her, "Let me take care of you." Annie smiled and nodded accepting her offer, they walked away leaving the other three curiously watching behind.

    Actually it was only Steven that is still staring at the disappearing back of Annie while Stephen the suspicious butler silently observe him. Ada calling from inside the guest room, "Steve, come look at this!" Steven snapped out with his wife voice and he walked into the room. After Steven left the hallway, Stephen walked back downstairs to do his work. Frankie is the only one zooming into each room trying to see what behind the door.

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    Hey so it was Frankie and Kenix(married)! He did seem familiar! Louis is still not back yet! Steven is Married to Ada wow! Update agiain soon, this was a great chapter!

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    I knew it!! It was Frankie! I am so smart- jk <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> So Steven is married with Ada. <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> When will Louis come home? Is he in some kind of accident? <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> I hope not. Please update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 31: A Glimpse

    After walked back into the master bedroom, Nicola guided Annie to lie down on the large soft bed. Kenix sited at the edge by Annie with her concern eyes on Annie. She could see how weary and tired Annie looked like. And Annie looked much paler then Kenix remembered. Nicola too, frowned with her soft worry eyes. "Yee Seeu Lie, you been feeling dizzy and sick the entire day. Maybe we should get a doctor to come."

    Reassuringly, Annie squeezed Nicola hand gently, "Don't worry Nikki. I'm just restless. Beside Joe is not here, how are you going to get a doctor to come?" she smiled slyly at Nicola. "I'll be good as new with a little rest. Why don't you go finish your choir so you can rest early?"

    Her maid nodded, "Alright, goodnight Yee Seeu Lie," Nicola smiled at Kenix, "Goodnight..." she is a bit uncertain on how to address Kenix, since Annie forgotten to introduce her guests to her servants. "Mrs. Lam?" Nicola guessed.

    Kenix nodded, "Yeah, you are pretty clever." Nicola chuckled before she excused herself and left the two some private talking space. Kenix looked at Annie seriously, "I'm sorry."

    "For what?" Annie weak voice asked along with her lost eyes.

    The older girl sighed and patted her hand gently, "I told Frankie that we should check-in at an inn instead of barging in here with Steven and Ada. Are you really okay about us staying?"

    Tiredly, Annie turned to her side looking at Kenix with her confuse eyes, she don't know what she is feeling inside at the moment, "It is a bit weird and uncomfortable seeing him again. But I'm really happy to see Frankie and you again. Of course I wanted you two to stay here instead of an inn. We are family."

    "What about Steven and Ada?" Kenix directed at the point where Annie trying to avoid.

    After thinking for a while with Kenix staring at her, Annie finally smiled honestly, "I'm happy for him. Yes, I admit that I was a bit disappointed, well more of a shock knowing he moved on that quickly, but then after realizing the big picture. I'm actually relief and happy for him." She patted Kenix lap, "Remember what you told me on my wedding day?" Kenix looked at her with a small smile and shook her head. Annie smiled gratefully, "What you say is right, you said I need to move on cause what between Steven and me will never happen. So I did moved on to find my new life and love. I couldn't be too selfish to not want him to move on too. All I need is some time to get use to the fact." Annie smiled sweetly and sincerely, "And there is one more thing that you are right too," she softly giggled, "I remember you saying something about maybe my husband will be even better. Louis is the best husband that I could ever find. I truly and honestly loved him and no one else."

    What Annie say made Kenix chuckled, she is happy for Annie, "Wow I'm good." Her eyes are kept on Annie with seriousness, "You change a lot Annie. Frankie is right, you are not the quiet shy girl anymore." She patted Annie hand again, "I'm so happy for you Annie. I can't wait to meet him now!"

    The mention of Louis made Annie concernedly gazed over to the clock to check on the time. Her heart pounded worriedly, what take him so long? With a soft sigh to herself, she return to Kenix, "I'm glad that Steven decides to move on too," she squeezed Kenix hand, "Don't worry Kenix jie I'll be fine."

    Kenix nodded knowingly, "I know," she whispered with warmth.

    "So when did you and Frankie get married?" Annie curiously asked.

    With a soft sigh, Kenix replied, "I guess we could say thanks to you."

    Annie chuckled softly in confusion, "Me?" Her friend nodded.

    "Yeah, Lo Yeeh (father-in-law) use some of your dowry to give my parent so Frankie was able to married me," Kenix explained.

    The mention of her uncle made Annie sighed with her eyes gazed ahead, "It's kind of funny how this world worked out huh? I have Louis, you have Frankie, and Steven have Ada." Her voice softened to a whisper, "How did they start out?" she is curious to know.

    Kenix smiled warmly, "Annie if you ask anyone that know Steven, who Steven loved, everyone will say it's you." Annie gave Kenix her attention, while Kenix continue. "Steven's Leung (mother) got really ill and sick. She wanted to see Steven get married before she has to leave. You know how much Steven respects his Leung. He wanted to accomplish her wish and also hoping that some red event (lucky or happy event such as marriage) will helps his Leung get better. So he asked Ada since other than you, the only girl he knows is Ada. Ada agreed to it, you know that she have a little crush on Steven all along." Annie nodded. Kenix continue, "She know that Steven don't love her, but she belief that Steven will still take good care of her for the rest of her life, since he is always so caring and loving to everyone. This very simple quality of Steven could satisfy Ada enough to happily and willingly married him. She has confidents that one day she could take your place in Steven heart."

    "I hope Steven won't disappoint her, she is a wonderful girl," Annie sad voice complimented. Even though Ada is usually quiet and soft, Annie know that Ada is a wonderful girl that deserve a happy marriage.

    Kenix nodded agreeing, "Exactly. But I have faith in Steven and Ada, they are having a baby pretty soon and starting a new life in the city."

    Annie nodded. "So how is Steven's Leung?" Annie caringly asked. She remembers how kind Steven's mother is to her.

    "She passed away four months ago cause of pneumonia," Kenix sadly informed, "But she was satisfy knowing that Steven is married and will be a father soon."

    "That's good," Annie warm glad voice said.

    Frankie barged in excitedly. "Annie why is the last room facing this one locked?" the usual nosy cousin asked.

    Annie mind jumped over to B-jai, she didn't want to scare them or make them think she is hallucinating. Annie made up a simple excuse instead, "Louis have it lock, since we don't need too many rooms."

    Amazed by this master bedroom, Frankie is walking around with aw, "My gosh! This room is twice the size of the other room! Look at this bed!" he bounced himself on it with Kenix sighed irritatingly with her eyes rolled at her husband. "This is soft and huge!"

    Covered her mouth, Annie quickly got off bed to run to the bathroom nauseatingly cause of Frankie bouncing her along with the bed. She couldn't vomit anything out but she couldn't stop her urge to throw up either. So she vigorously gagged.

    Both Frankie and Kenix rushed after her. Kenix hit her husband arm, "See what you done?!" she rubbed Annie back trying to sooth her vomit down. "Are you okay Annie?"

    Nodded tiredly, Annie finally stopped gagging, but she felt a bit light headed now. Even her step makes her felt like she is floating. She pulled some tissue to wipe her mouth. "I felt better now," she reassured them while breathing slowly to calm herself down.

    "I'm sorry," Frankie guiltily apologized. He looked at her concernedly, "How did you gotten so weak over the year? You hardly ever get sick."

    Annie chuckled weakly as she makes her way back to her cozy bed. "Why do you make it sound like Louis abusing me?" she settled into bed and hugged her comforter snuggly. "I'm probably catching another cold, didn't you guy notice all of those mist out there, even though it in the summer? "

    Frankie nodded immediately, "Yeah, it extra misty up here, why do the rich like to live up in deserted mountain like this? Everything is miles away! And it seems so quiet and empty here too..."

    Ignored her blabbing husband, Kenix study Annie with concern and suspiciously suggested, "Annie could you be pregnant?" Annie face drained a bit, she been pondering about it too, now even Kenix think so, could B-jai be right? That just made her a bit more fearful, cause it meant the dream is real, which meant there really is a ghost and she didn't create it herself, which also meant B-jai is going to get to the baby somehow. Kenix saw Annie blank stare she nudged her. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm a bit tire and sleepy," Annie told them.

    Kenix nodded understandingly, she yanked her husband away from the balcony. "Alright we'll let you sleep. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight," Annie replied.
    "Goodnight Annie," Frankie said with a warm sincere smile at his younger cousin that grew up with him. Annie nod tiredly. They walked out with the door shuts behind them. Annie sighed worriedly to what going on inside her. Is she really pregnant? It sound and felt like it, what's she going to do about B-jai now? She sighed and shut her eyes to rest for a while with her heart alertly waiting for Louis return.

    Drowsily, Annie slept for hours before she finally stirs from her sleep. Sleepily, she rolled over to her husband side of the bed with her arm swing over expecting him to be sleeping next to her. But she felt no warmth, so her palm started to pat around her husband side of the bed searching for him. Once she notices that it's empty, her eyes immediately opened with alert worry. Gradually, her eyes focused to the dark bedroom with her eyes on Louis side of the bed. Seeing the bed being empty without her husband shadow, Annie is finally awaked enough to remember that her husband hasn't return yet.

    Quickly, Annie sited upright alertly with her pounding worry heart to her husband where about. 'It should be really late now, why isn't he home yet?' Annie concernedly wonders what has kept her husband this late. She turned the nightstand lamp on to dart her pair of concern eyes at the clock on the wall. "ONE!" Annie shocked voice echoed back at her. Her heart started to panic in disbelieve, "Where could he be?" She quickly got off the bed and walked out to check if he is downstairs or working in his study room or somewhere in the mansion!

    Urgently, Annie quick footstep rushed down the west hallway directly heading to her husband office. She notice the room is dark, which meant he is not in there, but she walked all the way down just in case. Sticking her head in and turned the light on to check, like what she expected, he really isn't in there. Annie swiftly turned back and headed downstairs to search. The entire main floor was dark and empty with no sound except for Annie impatient footstep. Annie rushed over to the male servants room and knocked on the door rapidly.

    Sleepily rubbing his eyes, Bobby went to answer the door. He opened the door to his room and stare at Annie puzzled, "Yee Seeu Lie? Are you hungry?" his eyes narrowed on Annie hoping that she will say no. Annie shook her head, which made him relaxed gladly, cause he didn't want to cook in his sleepy state.

    Anxiously, Annie peeked into the dark room searching for Joe, "Is Joe back yet?" Her voice was obviously filled with concernment.

    The chef turned back to check, "No," his sleepy voice said as he return his vision back to his mistress. Bobby finally understands why his mistress is worries and pounding on his bedroom door waking him up in the middle of the night. Tiredly he headed out of the room and closed the door so they won't wake Stephen up. "Yee Seeu is not back yet?" Bobby asked even though he could of guess the answer.

    Annie shakes her head and started to pace around with her bothersome heart, "Where could he be? It's one in the middle of the night already. Could he be in trouble? Is he hurt? Rob? Kidnapped?" Annie kept rambling on and on with all the possibility.

    Wearily leaned on the bedroom door a bit, Bobby stand in front of Annie with his folded arms. If she isn't his mistress he would of hold her still so she don't make his sleepy eyes more fuzzy. "Yee Seeu Lie calm down. I'm sure Yee Seeu is busy with something holding him down," he assured in a bit of annoyance.

    With unsettle heart rhythm, Annie kept shaking her head with her heart pounding hard warning her it's not right, something must not be right. The uneasy feeling bother her so much that she felt an urge to go search for her husband outside in the dark. "No Bobby, he said he will be late and couldn't make it for dinner, but not past midnight!" Annie frustrating speaks her thought. She started to pace around again, "He would tell me to sleep early if he knows he will pass midnight. Plus he asked Joe to pick him up at six thirty, so he should be home by seven! It's one now!"

    Bobbed his head with a yawn, Bobby tries to ease his mistress worry, "Maybe he got dragged down by business client wanting to go to a nightclub. Yee Seeu probably lost the sense of time with those social entertainment and drink."

    Childishly, Annie shakes her head with a little angry pout, "He promise me, he wouldn't go there again!"

    Her chef rolled his eyes at her, "Yee Seeu Lie, when it comes to business chat nightclub is one of the places that is most popular." he yawned tiredly shaking his sleepy head.

    Seeing the sleepy and grouchy state of her servant, Annie sighed. "Go back to sleep," her flat tone said. She turns and walked toward the living room.

    Too sleepy to stay awake and comfort his mistress, Bobby nods, "Goodnight." He walked back into his room and shut the door.

    Annie couldn't sit still, her heart keep beating in an unsteady rhythm while she pace back and forth in front of the main door with her arms folded and her eyes turned toward the clock every couple second paranoid that the clock seem to be teasing her. She finally couldn't take it anymore and opened the front door to step out and wait instead, at least when the car returns she will be the first to see it.

    Paced around at the front porch until she finally felt tired with weaken legs and weary mind, Annie finally decide to sit down. She sat down on the front porch with her head leaned against the huge marble round rod that supported the balcony of the master bedroom. Waiting and waiting and waiting her eyes slowly open and close drowsily until she fallen asleep in the front porch.

    After Annie fallen asleep a soft jingling sound is heard as it softly stepped up the step to the front porch and sat down next to Annie with his head cupped on both his hands and his elbow on his lap. He is staring out into the driveway helping Annie keep an eye out for his daddy. B-jai has a mixed feeling toward his father. He loved his daddy ever since he could remember, but also hated him for how he suddenly turned cold and resentful toward him. The transparent figure turned to Annie and sighed at her with an angry frown for her to treat him abnormally and never listen to him.

    The front door squeaked open, B-jai quickly turned to look at the person that walking out. He know that the guy is one of Annie visitors, named Steven, cause he was there when they came, it just that no one know he was there. Quickly, B-jai scooted away so he wouldn't get step or sat on. He watches the guy gently approach Annie and sat down next to her to put his jacket around her shoulder before he stand back up to walk in.

    "Louis!" Annie shouted abruptly with her head dropped. She quickly wakes up with alert. Steven turned back when he heard Annie shout, he silently stare at her back with his heart soured that she was calling her husband name instead of his.

    Two bright beams of light from far away are visible and approaching. B-jai saw it and quickly stands up to look at it, with a relieved smile he turned around and disappear without anyone noticing his present. Even though B-jai is glad that his father finally return, he is still mad with him and didn't wanted to see him.

    Meanwhile, Annie quickly stood up and smiled with her heart settled a bit, she rushed toward the black car with Steven watches after her with his heart dying slowly. He turned around and headed in the mansion not wanting to see another sight.

    The black old fashion car stopped. Joe got out of the car and opened the back passenger door to drag Louis out. Annie speeded up her pace when she notices that something is not right with her husband. Joe gotten Louis to limp on him with his arm across his shoulder, he walked Louis toward Annie. "Yee Seeu Lie," Joe respectfully greeted.

    Rushed up to Louis, Annie cupped his face with concern, tear welled her eyes went she saw his face bruised. "What happen?!" she demanded Joe to give her an answer while she slapped Louis face slightly trying to arouse him. "Louis...Louis...Louis answers me!"

    "Why did you ran away?!" loudly shouted the drunken husband with angry tone. Annie heart stiffened a bit, she knows who he is referring to. A creep of fear ran up her spine when she heard that tone of his again. But he hasn't sound like this for over five months, what cause him to remember his pain again? Steven heard his loud harsh shout, so he stepped back peeking out to see what Louis is shouting about. He couldn't see anything but the sight of Louis limp body on his driver with Annie. It made Steven worriedly stares at her husband and begins to make assumption that Louis is an abusive husband.

    Sadly with disappointment, Annie lifted her husband left limping arms over her shoulder to help Joe steady him. "What happen Joe?" Annie soft voice asked again, she is feeling a bit sad that her husband can't just forget about his first love.

    Side by side Annie and Joe walked the drunken Louis toward the house. Joe tries to explain to his mistress, "Yee Seeu gotten into a fight with a guy at the nightclub."

    With disappointment, Annie face darken a bit with an angry stern pout, "Why was he in a nightclub?" Louis has promise her that he wouldn't go there if he don't have to. And being there to fight with someone else is definitely unnecessary.

    Steven saw them approach, so he walked back upstairs not wanting to disturb them. Drunkenly, Louis swing his arm, that was around Joe, up in the air, his entire body leaned on Annie, she almost lost her balance but Joe firmly pulled Louis back toward him again. "What does he have that I don't?!!" Louis asked with flame, his eyes narrowed to focus and turned to stare at Annie bitterly. "Why?! Why are you doing this to me?! Answer me!! I loved you!" he pushed her away forcefully, Annie stare at him with her heart aching that he is doing it again.

    "I don't need you Helen! I don't need wife like you! Go!! Go run away with him and take your son along too!" her mad husband continued not knowing that he is hurting his wife again. Steven slowed his footstep with his curious heart listening to what Louis was talking about. He turned around and stared down the main floor watching them closely with interest.

    Walked toward Louis again, Annie grab his hands and softly reminded him, "Louis it's me, Annie." She sighed hopelessly at her husband knowing that he is not in a clear state of mind to reason with her. Trying to ignore Louis hasty attitude, Annie lifted his arm to place on her shoulder again to help guide his walking. He went back into his unconsciousness of mumbling. Annie turned to her driver with soft puzzled eyes, "Joe why did Yee Seeu went to the club? Is it for business?"

    They are walking across the living room now and heading toward the stair. Joe sighed, "I'm not sure why, Yee Seeu Lie. Yee Seeu just asked me to take him anywhere but home..." his voice weakened not wanting to break his mistress heart. He cleared his throat, "Yee Seeu Lie, I could carry Yee Seeu upstairs myself. It'll be easier." Annie let go of Louis when they reach the stair.

    Steven quickly walked back to his room not wanting Annie to know that he is watching them. He is worry about Annie after hearing and seeing how drunken Louis is like. Louis doesn't look like a pleasant and sweet husband that Annie mentioned. Steven got into bed but he couldn't fall asleep, his mind kept pondering about Annie and her husband relationship.

    Meanwhile, Joe got Louis up and into the master bedroom, he lie Louis down on the bed and walked out letting Annie take care of her drunken husband. Annie felt angry and confuse to why Louis didn't want to come home tonight. What happen? There must be something that happened in order for him to avoid home. She sighed stressfully and walked into the bathroom to retrieve a hot towel to wipe Louis face.

    Struggling, Louis mumbled with his head shaking as he battle with his dream of the past, "Why Helen?!" His sadden wife silently stares at him with her heart sinking and a bit of jealous that Helen still dominates part of his heart. But that tone of his bring a small crepe of fear into Annie skin, worrying that he will treat her like before. Louis face show his frustration and anger as he continue to shout what he see in his dream, "Why do you have to run?! I loved you! How could you?!! Why him?!"

    With tears filled eyes, Annie felt sympathy for her husband. Is Bobby saying the truth when he mentions that Helen has an affair and ran away? Is that why Louis changes into this confused soul with struggling minds? Caringly, Annie gently patted the wet towel on Louis forehead and pushed his sweaty hair away. Her eyes glued to him with glistering tears. Slowly her hand place on his cheek feeling the purplish bruise with her heart ached. "Louis is me, Annie," she softly whispered to her husband with warm loving voice begging him not to forget her present.

    Being trapped in his past, Louis shakes his head violently searching for help, "You are not Annie! Annie will not run away like you! Annie loved me! She love me..." his voice trailed off and weakened with uncertainty, "Right?" His eyes are moving under his eyelids as his dream continues to replay and bring him more of his past.

    Smiled warmly, Annie held his swinging hand to cup her cheek as she nods with a drop of her tears fled and dripped onto his dry cheek. With her warm teary voice, Annie answered and given him confident, "Yes, Annie love Louis, always." She softly runs her fingertips on his bruised right cheek that felt like it burning and swollen a bit. She sighed with her eyes soften with hurtful tears to see him injured, "Why are you so silly to get into a fight? Didn't you promise me to not go to the nightclub again? Why did you break your promise? Honey, what happen?"

    Louis murmured depressingly with his hand rubbing against his burning face, "You left...with him...why?" While listening, Annie pulled Louis hand away from his bruise so he doesn't injure it any further. She is helping him wipe his hand, while he continue to mumble softly, "You use to love me...why? I missed you so much..." He suddenly shouted with rage, "HELEN!!!" his fist clenched tightly grabbing Annie wrist since he could feel her hand on his. Annie watches him struggle with tears filling her eyes, why can't he just let it go? Louis harshly questioned, "Why?! How can you?! Come back Helen!! Come back!!" his hand clamped tighter cutting the circulation on Annie wrist.

    Feeling the pain, Annie tries to remove his firm fingers, "Louis let go. You are hurting me," she complained to her husband that couldn't really hear her or even know what he is doing. Annie tries to twist her wrist out of it, but it not working. "Louis let go," she pleaded. But instead of letting go, Louis yanked on her wrist forcefully, "OUch!" Annie screamed in pain. She bit her lower lip with tears; it hurts really badly.

    "LOUIS!" Annie loud voice alerted Steven, he is fearful about why Louis sounded so harsh and rough, he is fearful about how Louis has been treating Annie. He turned to his left seeing Ada is still asleep peacefully. Concernedly he got off bed and head toward the master bedroom to see if Annie needed help. The master bedroom door is not fully shut so he could see Annie and Louis through the crack of the door.

    "I won't let you go with him!" mumbled Louis, whose eyes are shuts. "How dare you run away!! Have you think of B-jai?!" he shakes his head and jerked Annie toward him cause of his firm grip still on Annie wrist. Annie fallen on top of him cause of his forceful yank. "You are not taking him with you! He is my son! How could you?!" shouted Louis.

    Panicking, Annie gulped and felt her right hand numbing cause of lost blood circulation. She pushed him away with all of her might, "You are hurting me Louis! Let go now!"

    This time Louis listened and let go of Annie wrist. His two hands angrily and frustratingly grab his hair instead. With his tight grips he yanking on this hair frustratingly with painful tears rowing out, "What you mean he is not mine?!" Annie carefully listened to her husband struggling, he sounded like he is stuck in his dream and can't find an outlet.

    Sited on the edge of the bed with her concern eyes on him, Annie gently voice begged, "Louis wake up it just a dream. Louis wake up." He didn't wake up but instead his sleep has deepen and no longer mumbling out loud. Annie sighed and a bit relaxed that he finally settles down to sleep. She continues to wipe his sweaty face and changed him into his pajamas so he can comfortably sleep. Annie softly touch his swollen purplish gray bruise on his right cheek with her soft fingertips, with a disappointed sigh, she stand up and walked toward the front door. Her eyes met a pair of foot in front of her, confusedly she lifted her head up and her eyes are interlocked with Steven.

    Her ex-boyfriend darted at her with his stern eyes that look angered. "Why did you lies Annie?" he asked with concern filled voice that still thicken with love for her.
    Stare at him confusedly to how long he was here, Annie turned toward Louis and turned back to Steven with her fierce eyes darted at him, "You was sneaking on us?!"

    Steven darted at Louis fiercely, "I am just worry about you! Why did you lie?! He doesn't treat you well! Look at him!! He is drunk and shouting at you!"

    Angrily, Annie walked past him heading toward the stairs to go down, "I did not lies Steven! He loved me and cared about me. He is just drunk!"

    Stubbornly, Steven shakes his head in disbelief that Annie is thinking it right for Louis to treat her this way, "He hurt you Annie!"

    Stopped in the middle of the stairs, Annie beamed her eyes on Steven angrily. "He did not," Annie firmly corrected the ignorance Steven.

    Firmly, Steven grabbed Annie right arm and hand and started at the red ring on her wrist, "What is this than?!"

    Struggling to free her hand, Annie warned, "Steven let go of me. He was dreaming and didn't know that it was me." She sighed at him, "What does it have to concern with you anyway?"

    The gentle caring guy looked at her with his eyes showing that he is hurt by what she just say. "Cause I love you," Steven deep emotional voice whispered with glassy eyes. He really loved Annie and missed her all along.

    Rolled her eyes to his confession, Annie ignored him, she head straight to the kitchen wanting to boil an egg for Louis bruised cheek. Steven firmly grabs both side of her shoulder and turned her around to face him, "Annie, I'm worry about you. I just wanted to care about you...."

    Feeling uncomfortable, Annie shrugged his grip off, "You weren't here when I really needed you to care for me. Now, there is really nothing for you to worry about."

    "I'm sorry Annie, I know you are still mad at me for not stopping your uncle from..."

    "No," Annie quickly said to stop him. She looked straight into his eyes, "I'm not mad at you for not coming for me. It's not your fault that uncle has to married me to Louis. I understand that we could never be together." Annie eyes are on him seriously, "Steven, it's no longer matter. It's all in the past now. And you do not love me. You love Ada and you are only going to love her from now on."

    "I married Ada because..." he stopped his explanation when he saw Annie shaking her head at him to stop. "Annie..."

    With warm emotional eyes Annie stares at him, she could see his dry tear. Cruelly with a trace of tear in her eyes, Annie sincere voice made it clear to him, "I love my husband really much, he meant a lot to me now and for the rest of my life. Please just step out of what going on between my husband and me. I'll not step into Ada and yours marriage, so I wish you would do the same thing too. Will you please excuse me?" she turned around and walked away leaving Steven watches after her back. Deflate, he turn around and head up to his bedroom.

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    Oh no, I wonder if the guy that Louis fought with is Julian or maybe Helen came back. <IMG SRC="smilies/thinkingof.gif" border="0">So many questions. Please please update soon. I hope Louis doesn't turn back to being mean again. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

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    What a nice reunion! I agree with Jeh about Louis! I don't like Steven anyomore for some reason...

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    Wow, I finally caught up; been busy with school.

    Thanks for the update Yak.

    I feel sorry for Annie in letting Steven witness Louis in that state. No wonder, Steven thinks she's lying.

    It's sad that Annie and Steven still have some kind of feelings towards each other. But of course, I'm glad that Annie is strong and told Steven straight up that Louis is her husband. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    I think Steven should forget about Annie and care for Ada more.

    I love Kenix and Frankie; they're my favorite real life couple. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    I can't wait until Louis meets Frankie, Kenix, Ada and Steven. Hmmm...something tells me that the Louis and Steven meeting might be quite entertaining, since Steve still has feelings for Annie.

    Can't wait for your next chapters yak, and thank you again for the update.
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    jeh, ccsakura, and zzzbeauty! Thanks for commenting! Sorry, I haven't post the last couple days, been a bit distracted. <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0"> Anyway, if you guys are wondering, we are half way through with the fanfic <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Only twenty something more chapters to go! So have fun reading and hope I won't disappoint anyone with the ending! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 32: Mommy?

    The morning is quiet and peaceful with a light breeze blew in from the open balcony doors giving the room a refreshed sense of summer. Annie sleeping peacefully and wearily on the soft king size bed with the warm morning ray of sun warmly toasted her cheek turning it into a light rosy shade.

    While everyone else but Annie is downstairs at the dinning room chatting and getting to know the master of the house. Little jingling footstep walked toward the master bedroom and turned the doorknob softly to open the door. B-jai smiled at the sight of the empty room with only the person that he came to see lying in bed. He senses her calling him and wanting to play with him, so he has come to answer to her call. Still, B-jai has no idea why he has this special connection between the unborn child and him. It was just a strange feeling that he need to here for her and wait with her for something to happen.

    Cheerfully and hopefully he walked toward the bed and climbed himself on the bed, kneeled in front of Annie with his curious eyes stare at Annie and a grin glow on his face. His little hand reached out with all five of his fingers evenly spreads heading toward Annie abdominal. He gently places his hand on it and shuts his eyes to enter her dreamland.

    Annie body shifted and tossed with discomfort as her dream change course and took her somewhere else. In her dream Annie just got out of the house and stepped into the backyard of green grass and little yellow flower sprinkled evenly. From her distance she saw a child playing far away on a swing that seem to be made out of vine hanging down from the sky. Curiously Annie walked toward the little girl, who looked like a four years old, the vine is swinging her automatically while she cheerfully giggled with her sweet voice and big round eyes sparkled to the reflection of the warm ray of light. Annie is curious to who she is and why her swing is swinging by itself.

    "Higher Beanie! Higher!" cheerfully the child requested in her sweet voice along with a trace of giggles. She has the most adorable round face with the most joyful innocent sparkling smile.

    Curiously, Annie focused her eyes on the little girl as she stepped closer toward her and heard what she is saying. Beanie, who is Beanie? Could she be calling B-jai? Annie swiftly turned her head to all direction trying to search for B-jai but she couldn't see him anywhere, there is no one except her and this child. Something about this dream causes her heart to beat faster with anxiousness fearing that B-jai will haunt her again.

    Kept turning and turning with her mind set that this must be another cycle of nightmare, Annie wanted to get out of it before it get uncontrollable and trapping her again. But the more she tries to find the way out the faster the distance house and landscape faded away leaving her in the center of the never ending fresh green grass field with yellow flower. Annie heart panic wildly with her eyes widens searching for some source of help! Her eyes turned and finally landed levelly on the sweet child round eyes, which are glowing with a charming smile.

    Frustratingly lost, Annie shouting toward the innocent girl angrily, "Come out B-jai!! I know it you who are behind all of this!! I'm not afraid! I'm tire of this game!! Show yourself now!!"

    The four years old child body trembled to the loud shout. She stare at Annie with her eyes soften with tears and her thin lip shaking slightly with fear. Her lip quivered in fear as she murmured very softly with voice that is barely audible, "Mommy..." Annie entire body stiffens in place with confusion and shock as she stares at the child that seems to be calling for her. She saw the child fearful face with her body trembling and her soft round eyes glued to her. "Mommy don't get mad at Beanie...I wanted to play with him..." the innocent girl explained.

    A transparent shadow of a child slowly reveals and solidly visible with his charming smile on Annie, he is standing behind the little girl swing holding the swing still now. Annie eyes widened at the image of B-jai, she know he is behind all of this! Annie notice that the purple reams under his eyes has lightened and his skin looks a bit more blush instead of bluish gray.

    Shaking her head, Annie is hoping that he stays where he is and not come close to her. Annie shouts loudly under stress, "LOUIS HELP!! LOUIS!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE LOUIS!!"

    The spirit of B-jai frowned immediately when he notices that she is scare of him again. He coldly informed Annie in his calm flat tone, "Daddy can't hear you. I thought you wanted to see me, why are you afraid now?"

    Gulped, Annie stare at him fearfully, "Why are you keep haunting me for?! Go away!!"

    The young girl got off the swing and ran toward Annie. Annie stare at her and something in her didn't want to run away from this little girl. The child ran up to Annie and hugs her pair of legs tightly. The innocent child lifted her head staring up at the tall figure in front of her and smiled cheerfully with her cherry nose and beautiful rosy cheek. It was those set of round dark eyes that resemble Louis so much, which kept Annie captivatingly glued on her. "Mommy don't get mad, I'm the one who called Beanie to come. He is here to play with me," the child exclaim.

    Annie stare at the child with a warm smile automatically glowed on her face, her hand run on the child soft shinny smooth hair. She squatted down and looked at the child with leveled eyes. Annie stares at the child confusedly with a sensation of warmth and touched feeling when she heard her soft innocent voice waved along the soft summer breeze. And the way she sweetly called her mommy brings joyful warm tears lingering in Annie eyes. Annie hand gently and motherly felt the child fair creamy face. She is absolutely beautiful just like a porcelain doll. Studied the young girl with curiosity, Annie asked in her soft voice, "What is your name?" Annie has calmed down and didn't felt the fear anymore.

    The child shrugged and turned toward B-jai, "Mommy, I wanted to play."

    B-jai stepped forward toward Annie and the child. Annie scooted a bit away pulling the child with her protectively. B-jai sighed with his steady eyes on Annie with a bit of anger for her to treat him like this. He ignored her and lowered his eyes to stare at the four years old with a bright smile that made the child giggled at him with a blushed rosy cheek and a charming spark in her eyes. "What do you want from me, Annie?" his friendly gentle voice asked the young girl in front of him. Annie stares at him anxiously but she sees that he is not talking to her at all; he is asking the child.

    The sweet young girl stares at him with her cheerful smile and cherry nose. She reaches her hand out toward him, "I want to play!" The child turned over to looks at Annie with a bright smile for reassurance and happily turned toward B-jai again, "Push me higher this time Beanie!" She quickly run back to the swing and climbed herself back on the vine with her little fingers wrapped around the fresh green leaf and flower that is on the vine rope.

    Firmly, the pale looking boy shook his head at her and pointed toward Annie with his stern expression, "Go to your mommy baby Annie, she is waiting for you. It not time for us to play yet."

    Shook her head, the little girl grab B-jai hand squeezing it tightly with all her might. She whined in her innocent sweet voice, "No, Beanie I want to play with you!" She pleaded with her soft eyes on him hoping that he is willing to play just for a while. Annie sense the child closeness and part of her actually wanted her to come over to her again so she can take a better look of the child and keep her away from the other.

    In control, B-jai shook his head at the two years old disapprovingly while she pouted with her lower lip sticking out and her eyes round with wavy lashes staring at him pleadingly. "No, you need to go over now! It not the time yet!" he ordered with angry authorizing tone.

    Sadly, the child dropped her head and pouted at him with her frown. She quickly got off the vine rope and stomped her way back to Annie. She turned around and darted at B-jai with her angry pout. She mumbled with her eyes dart at B-jai obviously wanted his attention, "Meany!" With that, she spins herself in front of Annie and disappeared right in front of Annie eyes.

    Blinked her eyes in disbelief, Annie quickly turned around and around trying to look for her. B-Jai steadily watches Annie and informed her with his calm disappointed voice, "She went back into your tummy. I told you, you are carrying a baby girl." Not too happy with the way Annie is treating him, B-jai turned with his angry foot stomping away with his angry pout.

    After seeing his frown and depressed look that making her a bit guilty, Annie called after him, "Wait!" B-jai stopped and turned around to stare at her with his stern face showing that he is mad at her from disbelieving him. Annie could tell that he has no bad intention. "I'm sorry, B-jai. Why do you always come to see me?"

    Easily satisfy like all children does, B-jai smiled cheerfully accepting her apologize. "I'm here cause of her," explained the boy.


    He shrugged, "I don't know. I just have to be here for her for something..."

    "Huh?" Annie confusedly asked before she jerked awake and everything disappearing returning her to the empty room. Annie still lost and shouted out, "B-Jai wait!" Finally alert enough to notice that she has awakens. Annie alert eyes checked her quiet surrounding. 'What does B-Jai mean?' Annie head dropped to stare at her belly. She softly whispers to herself with a little smile, "Baby Annie?" She rubbed her belly with her heart toasty warm and somehow that dream is convincing her enough to belief that she is indeed pregnant with a little daughter. The vivid image of the four years old in her dream bring a bright smile to Annie face. But she is still confuses to B-jai meaning, but he doesn't sound too bad this time.

    The muffled sound of laughter coming from downstairs snapped Annie back into reality. She notices that Louis is not in bed with her, which meant he has awaken already? Annie just remembers that she hasn't informs Louis about the four visitors that is staying with them. She quickly got off bed and rushed down the stair following the sound of laughter and stepped into the dinning room where all four of her visitors were sited down for breakfast with her husband too. Annie is surprise that they have met each other without her. Louis quickly got off his chair and walked up to Annie with a warm grin while the other looked at Annie with a cheerful smile. Steven just looked at Annie with a weak smile as his eyes glued on her.

    Pecked Annie left cheek like every morning for the pass several months, Louis deep caring voice greeted his wife, "Good morning honey, finally wake up?" He softly sighed at her and removed his robe to put on Annie. Annie is just speechless that he seem to be alright with everything and sweet as ever. So is he not upset about her having guests staying with them without asking for his opinion first? Annie wondered.

    "You need to learn how to take care of yourself honey," Louis caring stern voice that is filled with disappointment told Annie. He is not happy to see that she don't know how to take care of herself. "You're going to catch a cold with just that night grown Annie."

    At the dinning table with breakfast serving, Frankie smile gladly at his cousin and her husband. Slowly, his arm sneaked around Kenix as both of them watches the sweet couple in front of them with wide grin. Frankie is glad that his cousin has found a wonderful and successful loving husband to take care of her for the rest of her life. He chuckled with a teasing tone, "Aww..." He sighed dreamily staring at them and over to his wife, "Honey look how sweet they are." He pouted playfully and childishly, "Shouldn't you show some kind of love toward me like how they are?"

    Being a bit embarrassed, Kenix whacked his head playfully with her soft disbelief laugh, "What kind of medicine has you taken? Did you see that it was Louis who is being sweet to Annie and not the other way around?" She partially rolled her eyes, "Talk about being a loving husband, you has no clue to what those word meant."

    Ada chuckled at them and turned over toward her husband seeing him staring at Louis and Annie steadily with his face stern a bit. Ada eyes narrowed on him confusedly with her heart sighed softly to herself. She know she couldn't blame anyone for her husband heart not belonging to her cause she knew it wasn't hers all along. She is the one that willing to marry him even though that she know he doesn't love her, so now she must take the fact that he is not fully hers. Ada frowned and pushed her breakfast aside, her husband notice and finally gives his attention to her.

    "Are you alright?" Steven asked while smiled warmly at her, "You haven't finish."

    Nodded sadly, Ada answered, "I'm full. Ow..." she pressed her right palm against the left side of her big belly, hugging her abdominal a bit.

    Steven stares at her concernedly. "What's wrong? Are you having contraction?" Steven urgently asked.

    The other four gave their attention to them. Ada reassures everyone with a sweet smile, "Of course not Steve. It's nothing, it just the baby kicking me. I'm fine." Steven relaxed.

    Chuckling at Steven over reacting Kenix reminded, "Steven, Ada still has two months to go. Don't get yourself so work up this soon or you'll frighten the baby." Everyone chuckled including Ada.

    Caringly, Steven pushed the plate of food back to place in front of Ada. He gently rubbed his wife belly, "Come on you need to eat a bit more than just half." Ada smiled, even though she knows he cared about the baby more, it still made her a bit happy to know that he cared. Steven used the edge of the fork to cut the sausage to bite size pieces for Ada.

    Nicola walked out from the kitchen with a bowl containing a peeled hard boil egg that is wrapped in a hot wets cloth. "Good morning Yee Seeu Lie," she sweetly greeted. "Yee Seeu, here is the egg you wanted." Louis reaches his hand out to grab the bowl but Annie took it before he has the chance to.

    Annie shake her head at Louis disappointedly with an angry pout, "I have a lot to talk to you about," she told her husband with her not too pleased tone. Annie politely turned toward her guests with a smile, "Can all of you please excuse us for a while?" They nodded and continue their breakfast while Annie dragged her husband to the living room couch. In her disappointed and hasty tone, she demandingly, "Sit down Louis Koo."

    Louis chuckled at Annie angry puffy cheek that has her eyes hard for once with a demanding tone. "I'm sorry honey," his gentle voice apologized.

    Standing in front of him and bended toward him, Annie rolled the hot moist cloth with the hard boil egg underneath it on her husband bruised right cheek. It's one of the methods to get rid of bruises faster. Louis jerked his head slightly away when she rubbed his bruise. In her jealous angry tone Annie begins her scolding, "It served you right for seeing those girls again! Louis Koo has you forgotten what you promise me?" she stare at him seriously with her obvious ticked off look for him to go visit the nightclub.

    Cleared his throat guiltily, Louis grab her two hands pulling her into his lap with a soft peck on her nose. "Did Joe tell you?" he asked with soft tone.

    With her pout, Annie hard eyes is still on him, "Does it matter? Are you planning to lie to me if Joe didn't tell me?" Released a soft hiss, Annie poked his chest with her right index finger, "You are so heartless and such a liar, Louis Koo! You promise me that you won't enter that nightclub again. And look at you, it hasn't been two months since you promise and you sneaked there already! Have you thinks of me?" Her husband chuckled at her. To Louis, she actually looked cute when she is mad and jealous. Annie eyes softened a bit as she caringly rolled the egg on his cheek. With a soft sigh of concern she softly asked, "Why did you go to the nightclub last night?" Her eyes lifted slightly to look straight into her husband, "Joe said you didn't want to come home last night, why?"

    Louis stares at Annie seriously with his still eyes, his expression became a bit serious when he remembered what happen last night. Joe was driving him home, in mid way he thought he saw a girl looked and dressed like Helen walked with a guy that he thought was his best friend, so he rushed out to chase after them. Only to find out that he got the wrong person.

    Annie continue to patiently wait for his answer, he guiltily looked slightly elsewhere. How is he going to explain to her that he was in a bad mood after the misunderstanding and decide to go to the club instead of home? How is he going to explain that he has a good reason to fight with the drunken guy when actually he was the one that rashly started the fight just to release his frustration? There is no good answer at all. Instead of explaining, Louis softly and gently felt her cheek. He sighed lovingly with guilt, "I'm sorry Annie. I just got a little problem to solve and didn't want you to worry about it." He didn't dare to mention that he started a fight with someone that probably doesn't deserve to get hit.

    Inflated her two cheeks Annie purposely rubbing the egg harder against his bruises for revenge, causing Louis to shut his eyes in pain. "Your little problem is to fight with other!" she grumpily concluded, "And what do you mean you don't want to worry me? Have you think of me?! I was worry sick about you and all you care was to get yourself drunk with those dancing girls that couldn't keep their dress to themselves! And how could you get into a fight! And you have to hurt yourself! At least don't let the guy punch you if you going to get in a fight!"

    Louis couldn't hold in his laughter anymore. He chuckled as she scolded him, it actually very amusing to him and he could see how much she cared about him too. His chuckle faded into a crooked grinned with his dark sharp eyes on her temptingly. He pulled her closer and softly kissed her lip tenderly trying to wipe her anger on him away. For a while, Annie heart softened to share the kiss with her husband, she is glad and happy that he is okay. But once the thought of him possibly kissed those girl last night, jealousy has made her anger built up again, she pushed him away not willing to let him off the hook that easily. She stare at him with her poker face expression, "That is not going to work Mr. Koo."

    As a response, Louis gave her his puppy eyes, "Forgave me okay?" he held his three fingers up in the air, "I swear that I won't go there again or I'll... "

    Immediately, Annie stopped him with her hand covering his mouth, "Don't say it, I don't want you to regret it. I don't trust you with keeping your promise." Her eyes is staring into the dark pool of her husband eyes with her warm smile being so glad that he is back.

    Meanwhile, Louis saw her wrist bruised with a dark purplish red imprint ring around her wrist. He quickly pulled her arm straight to get a better look. "How did you hurt yourself?!" he asked impatiently with his eyes softened with concern.

    Annie eyes hardened a bit staring at him, her voice is somewhat serious and playful at the same time, "You did it to me."

    Louis didn't remember it at all. "Me?!" he asked dauntingly. He started to panic with uncertainty. 'Did I change last night without knowing again?' he silently wondered. He felt so guilty and fearful inside that he stare at Annie blankly, "I'...I'm..."

    Chuckled at her husband fearful eyes, Annie reassured him, "I'm fine! Don't worry I'm not mad at you. I'm just playing with you." She notices her husband caring and concern eyes are still on her bruised wrist, she smiled warmly from the heart. "Seriously, it doesn't hurt anymore. You were just having a nightmare and try to pull me along with it. You weren't conscious so that is forgivable. Honestly, I'm not mad at you."

    After hearing Annie said that he was dreaming when he injured her wrist, made Louis felt relieved a bit, "I was just dreaming, when I did this to you? I didn't change?"

    "Change what? Annie asked while staring at him seriously.

    Wetted his nervous lip, Louis wrapped his arms cozily around her, "Annie I want you to promise me that if you ever find me changing in my behavior or mood, the first thing you need to do is get yourself safely away from me. Okay?"

    "What are you talking about, silly?" Annie asked with her narrowed eyes on him confusedly. "I'm find, you were having a nightmare and holding my wrist really tightly, that is all."

    Louis seriously stare straight into her eyes, "Annie, do you remember what I told you five months ago about me not being able to control myself at time? It's a problem that I developed six years ago. Sometime it's so severe that I can't control my mind and action, Annie. Sometime I would remember what I have done the next day, but sometime I have no idea at all. I'm really worried that I will have this problem again one day. Just promise me that you will know how to get yourself away and don't ever try to help me."

    Annie doesn't understand why her husband making such a big deal out of his dream and she don't really understand what he meant by changes. "Honey what are you talking about? You are fine Louis; don't do this to yourself. You are just dreaming, nothing else. Don't add anymore pressure and stress on yourself."

    Her husband asked fearfully, "What was I dreaming about?" Louis took the cloth with the egg away from Annie and helps her rub it against her wrist.

    The mentioning of what he dreamt of last night made Annie frowned sadly, "I'm not really sure, you were randomly mumbling and it about Helen." She sighed and felt his cheek with her free hand, "You love her a lot huh?"

    Louis face sterns with a bit of anger, "No," he bluntly answered. Then he smiled charmingly at Annie, "I love you so much more." He grinned warmly causing Annie to blush and giggled softly with her cheerful heart bouncing with joy. Louis looked at her bruise wrist with his heart fearing that one day he will be the one that hurt her. "Annie, just promise me that you will take care of yourself and protect yourself no matter what."

    "Aren't you going to protect me?" Annie teasingly asked.

    The concerned husband rolled his eye up at her with his loud sigh, "I'm serious. Look at your wrist, next times don't try to help me and get yourself injured. If you see me not being normal just get yourself safely away, okay?"

    Even though Annie don't understand why he kept mentioning that he will change and telling her to protect herself, but she nodded anyway so that her husband can be more at ease. "Alright, I promise," she pecked his lip tenderly. "Promise me that you will always love me, okay?" she requested.

    He nodded with a sweet smile, "Of course. Whose else could I love more?" he rocked Annie in his arm feeling so grateful that Annie is his wife.

    "Louis, do you like baby?" Annie soft voice curiously asked.

    "Why?" he asked while snapped to the new topic.

    Leaned in closely, Annie whisper into his left ear, "I think I'm pregnant."

    Immediately, Louis grinned ear to ear with excitement obviously glowing all over his face, "You're serious?"

    Actually, Annie is not too certain at all. She pressed her lip together unsurely, "I dream that we have a little daughter."

    A disappointed frown sweep across Louis face, "Dream?" It sounded so fake and abstract to him to believe.

    His wife sighed, "I know it sound silly, but it felt so real and I has been feeling tired and weary the entire week. And my period is over a month late. And I also felt dizzy easily lately and even nauseated. And..."

    Louis chuckled at her rambling, "Okay enough evident." He gently lean his head on her tummy snuggling his ear close to listen, "Hello, is anyone in there?"

    Laughed at her goofy husband, Annie pushed him away playfully hitting his head, "Silly!"

    He quickly held her hand and peck it softly, "Why don't we go see Dr. Lau today and have him give you a thorough check up?"

    Annie nods joyfully, "So do you like baby if I'm pregnant?"

    Her husband squeezed a hug on her, "Of course!" He sighed with some memories of B-jai, "I always wanted to be a father, a real one that is."

    Observantly, Annie could pick up his sad tone and she knows it have to do with B-jai. Annie quickly tries to cheer him up, "Maybe you are getting a chance to be one now!" she smile sweetly and brightly at him.

    The husband nodded, "So you dream that it's a daughter huh?" Annie nod and leave out that she dreams about B-jai too, she knows that Louis will not like the idea about B-Jai being included. Louis place his ear against her flat abdominal again while Annie rolled her eyes with her chuckling sound. "Hey I think I really heard her say hello..." Louis claim but then he shake his head, "no, you are hungry." Annie laughed and smacked his cheek playfully.

    Frankie just walked out to the living room with Kenix, Steven, and Ada. He chuckled at the sight, "What are you two doing?" Annie blushed immediately like a light bulb. She quickly pushed Louis head away and lowered her head shyly.

    "Nothing," she softly answered.

    Louis shake his head vigorously, "Honey, you can't say nothing! There is definitely something in there!" Annie chuckled and nudged Louis to stop embarrassing her, while her cheeks crimsoned even more.

    Kenix study them closely with interest, "Annie are you pregnant? Is this what it about?" Steven looked at them surprised and a bit glum.

    Annie shrugged, "I'm not certain."

    "I bet you are pregnant by the way you vomited last night," Kenix said with a happy grin.

    "You didn't feel good last night?" Louis concernedly asked.

    Smile sweetly at her husband, Annie reassured, "I'm fine now."

    Louis stand up and pulled Annie up next to him, "We better go see Dr. Lau." He smiles at his guests, "I bet you guy wanted to go see the city and shop around huh? Want to head out with us? We can drop all of you off at the city center while we go see the doctor then we can meet to have lunch. How does that sound?"

    Frankie grinned, "Perfect!" He looked at Steven, "We need to look for a flat to rent too and also look for store to open our business." Steven nodded agreeing.

    "What kind of business are you looking into Frankie?" Annie curiously asked.

    Her cousin get excited whenever he get a chance to talk about his plan, "We are thinking of a mini market! Doesn't have to be big at first but we will work it up into a giant one and maybe even have more than one store so it can spread all over the country!!"

    Kenix chuckled at her husband overflow confident, "I bet we can honey."

    Squeezed her shoulder warmly, Frankie pecked her cheek, "I know! Thanks for the support honey!"

    Annie giggled at them, "You two just give me goose bump." She turned Louis around to the stairs, "Honey lets go change now!"

    Louis nods with his head turned back to look at the visitors while Annie continue to push him toward the stairs, "I'm walking honey." He chuckled and swiftly lifted Annie up to piggy backs her. Annie jerked to the sudden lift and laughed when she steadied herself.

    While they headed to theirs room, Frankie and Kenix head to theirs to change too. Ada holds Steven hand giving it a slight squeeze to get attention, "Steve, I don't want to go out today, I don't feel too well."

    Steven concernedly felt her forehead, "Which part don't you feel well?"

    Ada smiled warmly at him, "I don't think I slept well last night. I'm feeling tired and drained. I want to rest for the day. It will be really hectic to walk around the entire day."

    Her husband nodded understandingly, "I'll stay here with you then."

    Ada shook her head, "No, you go ahead. Frankie will need your opinion on choosing flats and store."

    With a warm smile, Steven nodded, "Alright, but you take good care of yourself."

    His wife nodded obediently, "Don't worry about me, there are servants around if I need help." Steven agrees. They walked up to their room. After Steven has settled Ada in bed he changed to meet everyone else downstairs and head out to the city.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1">Originally posted by Yak:
    <STRONG>hope I won't disappoint anyone with the ending! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"></STRONG></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Uh oh, what do you mean by that? Annie's not going to die, is she? <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0">I hope not. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Nobody is going to die, right? Wait a minute, what am I doing getting all worry. I will know when the time come, right? Hope you update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Louis is so sweet to Annie! I'm glad that she's pregnant! I agree with Jeh, what did you mean when you said yoo hope we don't get dissapointed by the ending?!?!

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    Chapter 33: Our First Creation

    While Frankie, Kenix, and Steven are browsing in the city area stores, Louis took Annie to Dr. Lau clinic. Dr. Lau is the only westernize physician in town that actually study and gotten his medical degree over sea. Dr. Lau has been the Koo's family physician for many years.

    Waiting impatiently for the result, Louis sited outside in the waiting area for his wife, whom is currently doing her check up with the doctor. Louis try to entertain himself with the newspaper but his eyes kept shifting toward the room with every little sound he heard, hoping that it is Annie coming out to announce the good news. But he was disappointed each time noticing the door is still shuts. With a soft agonizing sigh, he tries to dig his head into the black text in front of him again. For some odd reason those black print character looked more like building block to him than word character.

    Louis face hung his usual stern, dark toned poker face trying to hide his nervousness for the result of Annie check up. If he wouldn't care about his social image, he would definitely be hanging his goofy looking grin with his pair of anxious eyes glued to the room impatiently for his wife! But of course he has to act gentleman like in public. He is a very recognizable businessman, it wouldn't look right to have a businessman like him goofily staring at the door with excitement while waiting anxiously for his wife maternal result.

    With his eyes switching back and forth from the paper to the door, Louis begin to feel irritated by the torturing time that dreadfully passing second by second trying to test his patient. He cleared his throat and straightened his posture holding his newspaper higher to concentrate on reading instead. But his agonizing brain betrayed him by sending happy thought of being a father to him, he has to admit that he will be extremely excited if it were true that Annie is pregnant and making him a father once again! He try to calm himself down as much as possible by clearing his throat like it will help him act seriously.

    While he waited impatiently, waves of past memories flowed back to him bringing him back memories that he wish to forget.....


    After a long and dreadful day of work at the factory trying to put everything in order and running smoothly, Louis finally gets to go home and relax. He stepped out of the car with his head rolling loosely on his neck to relax all the strained muscle from the long day of staring at files after files. Stretching tiredly he enter his mansion with his bright smile, can't wait to see his wife Helen! He opened the heavy door and stepped in to see the empty living room that is dark and hollow. But a glimpse of candlelight is visible from the dinning room area, so Louis curiously walked toward it with a smile hung on his face knowing that it must be his wife who has planned this.

    When he finally reached Helen, he notices that her face is darken with anger and pouting with her hard eyes darted at the table of food in front of her. Louis gulped guiltily while his eyes scan the table surface to see what the occasion for Helen to prepare this much food. 'Did he forget what today is?' Louis wondered with his head quickly whipping through dates that he supposes to remember. His jaw quickly dropped with shock that he could forget about their second year anniversary! With his guilty conscience he quickly bend down to peck Helen cheek hoping that it will help cool her down a bit.

    Helen sat there motionless with her eyes still and cold, filled with anger and disappointment. Nervously, Louis cleared his throat before he gently apologize with his sorry and guilty tone, "I'm so sorry honey. It's just that..."

    His wife snapped at him angrily with frustration, "It's just that work is more important than me! Than us! Than our marriage! When have you been home before midnight after you came back from England?!"

    "I know it's my fault. I'm sorry, just give me one more chance," the calm and sorrowful voice of Louis requested as he tries to calm Helen anger down.

    Stood up from her position, Helen dart her angry hard eyes at him, "One more chance? You have say that for a year and a half already, if you didn't notice! I'm tired of this marriage! I'm tired of feeling like a widow!"

    "Honey!" Louis disbelievingly said with his tone firmed.

    Helen hissed loudly, with tears welled into her eyes, "How many night were you home? How many nights did I have to wait for you to just look at your face? Do you even remember that I'm your wife? Did you even remember that you are married?!"

    Quickly, her loving husband wrapped his arms around her waist and replied definitely, "Of course! You know I loved you more than anything in this world."

    She shakes her head at him in disagree, "No, you love your work more!"

    Tired from work to cope with Helen stress, Louis sighed with a bit of anger and stress starting to form. He tries to reason with her, "You know is not my wish to..."

    "Then you love your family more!" Helen hastily cuts in and added. She felt unloved or even abandoned since Louis never have the time for her anymore. He is always too caring about his family that he is willing to take all of his family burden and balance it by himself, which lead him to working all day long and neglect his marriage life.

    With his own frustration and stress, Louis sighed loudly. "Why are you so unreasonable tonight?" he irritatingly asked and no longer in his gentle loving mood.

    Wiggled out of his arms, Helen dart at him with her flamed eyes filled with rage along with her glistering tears. "I'm unreasonable? Did I stated anything wrong?! You have totally forgotten about me until you wanted me! What am I, a doll?" she questioned her husband with hurtful tears. He has forgotten about their most special day! And to said that she is unreasonable?!

    "I'm sorry okay!" Louis loudly apologized with his harsh tone. He doesn't know why Helen has become so moody and always displease with him ever since the moon festival of 1917. Baffled with pressure, Louis eyes harden on his wife with no idea how to make her happy anymore. "What you want me to do? I try my best already! You say you don't like living with my mother so okay, we built this house so we can move out! Then you say you wanted new servants instead of Stephen so I hired new servants! What else do you want from me?! Do you want me to just tell my father that I no longer care about his business and throw it back at him?!" he hissed loudly trying to calm himself down. "I really hated his factory too! But what can I do? I'm the only son that he has taking care of his business! You know that the old factory is his life!"

    "What about Daai Gor?!" Helen bitterly reminded him, "Why can he drop everything and just run off to France, but you can't?! Why can Raymond go oversea to study and we get to stuck here?!"

    Louis rolled his eyes at Helen with annoyance, "That's the reason why I needed to stay, cause all of them has left!"

    Hearing her husband voice becoming harsher on her, Helen felt more displease and disappointed in him. Not knowing how to properly express her feeling, she angrily shouted back at him instead, "Then tell them to come back so we can leave! Did you remember that you promise me to move over to England?!"

    After hearing what she just suggested, Louis silenced to stare at her sternly with disbelief to her being so selfish. The Helen he grew up with and loved ever since he first met is not like this at all. Louis eyes are glued to her feeling like he doesn't know her anymore. Feeling anger kept bothering her and his eyes on her, Helen turned to look away with her arms folded. The husband slumped his shoulder not knowing how to deal with his wife anymore. He asked with confusion mixed with disappointment, "Why have you change so much?! You use to be understanding and know why Daai Gor left. You use to be happy that Raymond can go over to England to study."

    Sited her self on the chair, Helen emotionally dig her head on her folded arms, which is on the dinning table. "Cause I need you too!" she shouted with her teary voice, "Where were you when I needed you most?! You were over working yourself till late pass midnight and never even think of keeping your promise!" Helen sobbed heart brokenly feeling the pain she has been through just because he weren't home to protect her.

    Not understanding her feeling, Louis sighed wearily, "Why do you kept going back to that night? It's just a moon festival! I came back early this year didn't I?!"

    She shouted at him, "It will never be the same don't you understand!" Helen wiped her tears and shoot up, "I don't want to talk to you!" She angrily stormed by him. Her husband quickly pulled her into his arm and hugged her tightly. "Let go of me," she demanded in her teary voice.

    Louis voice softened, he never wanted to make her cry or suffer, "Helen, you know I love you and only you. I know I've been leaving you out a lot lately cause of business. But you need to understand that father needed me."

    Helen angrily replied with her pout, "And I needed you! So does our child!" After she told him the news that was meant to be a surprise for their anniversary, she pushed him away and rushed up their room crying.

    A bit shocked with surprise, Louis stood there like a statue and didn't chase after her. The news just hit him too suddenly. 'Did she just say child?' Louis mind slowly cranks the news in to process. A wide grin spread across his face with excitement. Snapped out of his daze, Louis quickly rushed up after his wife, who has just slammed the bedroom door in his face. Helen slides down to sit on the carpet with her back leaned against the door with her husband on the other side. She begins to sob uncontrollably with her heart kept feeling angry and mad at everything including Louis and herself. She is lost to what she wanted and what she supposes to do.

    Oblivious to what his wife is going through or feeling, Louis happily knocked on the door with excitement while his guilty voice beg for forgiveness, "Honey I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" Helen ignored him so he kept knocking louder hoping that she will get annoyed enough to open up. "Honey?!" Louis cheerfully voice called out with a happy excited grin, "Honey how many months has it been?"

    "What do you care?!" Helen shouted back in her teary voice while she sited on the carpet with her back leaning against the door to hold it shut. "Go back to your work!" she jealously stated.

    Gulped, Louis knows that is his fault for not being home much, and she does have the right to get mad. "I'm really sorry okay?" his gentle sweet tone apologized. After not hearing a sound, he starts knocking on the door. "I'm pulling on my ears now honey, will you please open the door?"

    "How can you pull your ears if you are knocking?!" she asked with a hiss and pouted.

    Louis chuckled, "Okay, I'm doing it now. Lo Poul (wife) I'm sorry! Please forgive me and open up." He softly whispered, "So I can see my baby," he grinned joyfully.

    "Hmp!" was the response Helen release along with an angry pat on the door with her palm. "You don't even care about me! All you wanted was the child, just like your mother!" she stated. Her legs are drawn up close against her chest and she angrily yanking on the hem of her dress to release her stress and frustration over Louis.

    Giving up his pulling the ears method, Louis return to knocking the door, "Honey know that I loved you all along and never change my heart or lay eyes on other female."

    "So?" she poutingly stated, "It does matter if you are out with other girl or not! Since you are never home anyway! And how do you know that the baby is yours when you hardly come home to see me?!"

    Her husband rolled his eyes thinking that she is just angrily joking with him, "Honey don't be silly. Come on. I know work been very hectic for me and kept me busy all the time. It will be better in just three more months, everything will be right and smoothly running..."

    "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR WORK!!" Helen unreasonably shouted at the door, she has had it with him kept talking about his work.

    Quickly stopped his babbling, Louis softly asked with his goofy pout, "Then do you care about me? My legs are getting numb from kneeling and my earlobes are going to fall off anytime soon."

    Helen turned toward the door curiously, she doubted that he is actually kneeling, "Liar! You are not kneeling! I'm not falling for anymore of your trick!"

    Grinned with his mischievous smirk, Louis quickly snapped, "Seriously!" Helen opened the door to peek, Louis quickly dropped down to the floor kneeling with a wide grin at her.

    Helen pouted at him and darted at him with her hard eyes. She pushed him forcefully causing him to loose balance and fallen back, "Lair! I know you never serious when is about me!" She hastily stormed back in the room and pushes the door shut.

    Louis quickly slipped his arms in before she slam the door all the way shut which bang right onto his arm, "OW!!" he purposely make it sound painful.

    Helen quickly pulled the door open and immediately squatted down to see him with her eyes widen with shock, "Why are you so stupid?!!"

    Grinned, Louis scooted himself into the room while Helen is bending his arm to make sure his bone and tendon is not injured too badly. He quickly withdraws his arm and wrapped around her waist cuddling her. "I love you honey!" his sweet voice ringed.

    His wife pouted at him with her darken face, "You lie again!"

    Pulled her closer, Louis kissed her lip tenderly, "How am I going to get my wife back if I don't?" he chuckled at her. Then he stare at her eyes seriously, "I'm sorry, I know it has been hard for you for the past year. I'll try to find more time to be home okay?"

    Sighed tiredly, Helen leaned on his chest searching for secure with tears in her eyes, "I missed you," she rolled her eyes up looking at him with a bit of guilt, "I'm sorry."

    The playful husband chuckled at her, "You know that you been rude to me downstairs huh?"

    Embraced him tightly, Helen rubbed her head on his shoulder with tears flowing out silently soaking his shirt, "I love you too Louis, will you forgive me if I done something really wrong?"

    "Like killing me?" he curiously asked in a teasing tone.

    He chuckled while Helen sighed with a murmur, "I'm serious."

    Happily, Louis rocking her from side to side with their hug, "Of course I'll forgive my child mother!" He released her hug to stare at her tummy and lean on it, "So my child is in there right?" Helen nod guiltily as she stare at Louis joyful smile. "What should we name it?!" excitedly wondered the father to be.

    "A bit too early right?" Helen asked with a trace of giggle that she hasn't had with Louis for quite a long time.

    Lovingly, Louis pecked her cheek, "But didn't we decide to name our future son Benny and daughter Eve?"

    Chuckled at his excitement, Helen nodded, "You still want those names?"

    Louis nodded vigorously, "Of course! We have decided that for six years already! Benny Koo, sound really good!"

    Silently, Helen stare at him with a warm smile that he is happy, but deep down she is starting to feel worry and uncertain. "Will you love me and the baby forever?" her soft concern voice asked.

    Nodded without a doubt, Louis assured her, "Yup! Now I have two important people on my list to remember!" he chuckled and pulled her closer. "But you will be above our baby Benny of course!"

    Helen pouted, "What if it's a girl? Why do you make it sound like it will be a boy? You are just so traditional! You are not going to favor boy over girl right?"

    Her husband chuckled, "Don't be silly! I'll love the baby no matter if it a boy or a girl, but there seems to be more things to do with a boy. You know, girl only stay home and makes themselves pretties."

    Being a bit offended, Helen slightly whack his head, "You are so typical! I don't care you better do the same thing if it is a boy or a girl!"

    Louis nodded, "Alright I'll put a dress on our son." He chuckled with Helen rolling her eyes at him. He gently places his hand over Helen tummy, "Eve Koo, sound really cool too!"
    ----end of flashback----

    A nurse walked out and headed toward Louis, tapping on his shoulder when she notices him not hearing what she just said. Louis snapped out of his memories and stare at the nurse blankly. "Is she done?" he asked while looked toward the room Annie was in.

    Kindly, the nurse nodded, "Yeah Mr. Koo, but Dr. Lau have something to discuss with you and Mrs. Koo. So will you please head into the room?"

    Nodded, Louis stands up to head in. 'Finally the long wait is over!' he silently think. "Thanks," Louis said to the nurse before he walked away. He is anxious and excited at the same time to finally get to find out the result now. Louis walked into the room finding Annie sited on one of the chair in front of the doctor with her long face. Worry has filled her eyes that is softly beamed at Louis, making his heart beat faster with concern and unsettle. Louis quickly sat down next to her and held her hand. "Annie are you okay? You look really pale," his eyes softened with a bit of fear, "Is something wrong? Are you feeling okay?"

    "Yeah," Annie sadly reassured him as she nods. Her eyes watered a bit.

    From the look of Annie, Louis doesn't trust her answer at all, he impatiently darted at Dr. Lau. With his urgent voice, "Is something wrong with my wife?" Louis hated all of this bad feeling that is rushing into his mind!

    Dr. Lau cleared his throat with a sigh, "Mrs. Koo is indeed pregnant for almost two months now. But her condition is not stable enough to bare a child. I would recommend that she abort it before it too late."

    Squeezed Louis hands nervously with fear, Annie pressed her upper lip on her lower one causing it to turn a bit white. Finally let go, Annie spoke in her weak and soft voice, "I don't want an abortion Louis." Her eyes are softly on him motionlessly hoping that he will allow her to keep the child.

    Securely, Louis patted her hand comforting her while his heart is very messed up, he couldn't accept the fact of aborting his own child too. Louis tries to keep his voice steady and calm as he questioned Dr. Lau trying to get a better understanding of his wife and unborn child current condition, "What exactly do you mean she is not stable to have the child?"

    The old doctor looked at Annie seriously, "The problem with Mrs. Koo is that she doesn't have enough blood, or the western call it low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, other than that her body is really weak and not nourish even to provide for both herself and the baby. It will be a great risk to her life if she decided to bare this child, cause this pregnancy will be complicated due to her current condition. Her blood pressure isn't that stable either and it will get worst as the fetus grow since the baby will get the first priority to the blood supply and will demand more as it grow."

    "Another complication with this irregular blood pressure is that it could easily trigger an early abortion or in other word a miscarriage, which could be very fatal for both mother and child. I'm sorry to say this Louis, but at this state her body is not ready for childbearing," the caring doctor sighed softly to himself, "A normal pregnancy wouldn't have as much problem and symptom showing up this soon, likes how she is feeling now. She is feeling dizzy and drained all the time because her body is not ready to the change of providing the baby with all the nutrients first. She is not having enough nutrients for herself. Mrs. Koo has told me that she been ill a lot since the winter, which is probably what explain her weak and drained condition."

    Dr. Lau paused to looked at the two paled and shocked expression in front of him with sympathy. He gently continued informing them the risk, "She is not capable in providing for both herself and the baby, so it's very likely that her body will react and try to eject the child, when her body is in stressed condition. It's a response so that her body can maintain homeostasis. So if anything happen, the baby must go first."

    Louis heart stiffened sadly to what they should do, like Annie, he wanted the child. "Would it help if she just eat more and sleep more?" he asked in a weak voice knowing that Dr. Lau will probably said no.

    The old doctor with the white mustache and brows nodded slightly, "Yes, but not much. Like I say Mrs. Koo condition is very risky, but it's possible to keep the baby." In his sincere expert tone he suggested, "Seriously, I would recommend that she abort the child soon, the risk is just too high." He smiled warmly trying to reassure Annie, "Both of you are still really young. Mrs. Koo can nourish her body more after the abortion and get her body ready for future babies. There is no need to rush and put her life at risk for this one."

    Concernedly, Louis turned to stare at Annie silently with his heavy breathing and stern face, all his excitement has stunned away by this news. He squeezed Annie hand warmly with his strong firm one, "Lets abort it Annie," he loving voice whispered. Annie eyes glued on him with tears that is glaring and refracting the light of the room, she slightly shook her head at Louis decision. A drop of tear released and trickled down her shocked and depressed cheek. Louis in a soft loving voice genuinely told her, "I don't want to lose you. Dr. Lau is right, we can have a baby later."

    Annie throat is clotted up with this shocking news that she couldn't find her voice, all she could do is shake her head stubbornly in protest to Louis persuasion. Louis squeezed her hand and wiped her tears away, she lean on his shoulder with her little pout not willing to accept it. "Honey," her husband soft caring voice whispered.

    Feeling sorry, Dr. Lau weakly smiled at them caringly, "Mrs. Koo the abortion will be safer for you if you perform it during the first trimesters, which is during the first three months of your pregnancy."

    Stubbornly, Annie dismissed the idea with a hint of anger toward the doctor, "I don't want an abortion!" Louis squeezed her shoulder to calm her down, which she did so Dr. Lau can continue.

    After a soft sigh, the understanding doctor cruelly finishes what he needs to inform, "You still have one month to think about it. Mrs. Koo, please understand that this can be really serious and fatal. But of course the finally decision are still yours and Mr. Koo, and I'm happy to help whichever paths you choose. I want you to think clearly about this though and come to a decision by end of next month?" Louis nodded while Annie just darted at the doctor with her hard eyes like it was his fault. The old doctor kept his polite smile at Annie and turned his attention to scribbles something on Annie chart, "I'm going to give you a couple prenatal supplements to take regularly to help nourish your body and provide more vitamins and minerals for the baby. Also some medication to help stabilize your blood pressure and control your blood glucose."

    He looked up at the silent Annie with dulled eyes, "Remember to take them okay?" Annie slightly nodded. He sighed at her, "Don't stress yourself too much, it will increase the risk of triggering an abortion too." Annie sighed with her frown, why does everything sound so downhill? She wondered while the doctor continues to give his instruction, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you, but you need to know all of this if you want to keep the baby right?" he smiled, "Other then the medication, I want you to rest more, try not to trip, bump, or anything that will cause a fall that will provoke an miscarriage. And remember to not stress yourself."

    "Oh and one more thing to remember is that your blood glucose is really low, which will lead to dizziness or fainting. If you felt weak or unsteady immediately sit down and have some sweet stuff, it will help ease the dizziness. A bowl of dessert or a pastry each night will do the trick of reducing your chance of fainting during the day too. Alright, I'll get the nurse to get your medication. And please inform me on your decision about the abortion okay?" he seriously looked into Annie eyes.

    Instead of Annie nodding, it was Louis who is still awake enough to nod to Dr. Lau instruction. Louis stands up with Annie wrapping his arm around the glum Annie. "We will Dr. Lau, thanks," Louis said as he shakes the doctor hand and walked out with Annie to pick up her medication.

    They walked out toward Joe and got in the back seat of the car. Louis wrapped his left arm around Annie waist as Joe drove them to the restaurant that they were going to meet Kenix, Frankie, and Steven. Louis force a smile at Annie, "Remember the doctor order to smile more." He is trying to brighten up her mood but it back fired causing her to release what that is cooped up inside during the entire visit with Dr. Lau.

    Annie face emotionally reddened with watery eyes when she hear his voice, she quickly snuggled on Louis chest sobbing and wanting his comfort, "I don't want an abortion Louis... It's our baby, how can we abort her?"

    Feeling sad himself, Louis warmly wrapped both his arms around Annie to comfort her. "I know, I want to keep the baby too, but it too risky," he tightened their hug and pecked her forehead with his gloomed dark face visibly evident showing his disappointment to the fact. In a sincere voice that is gentle with heavy thought, "Annie, I love you. I really don't want to lose you." He pecked her forehead again. "Do you understand?" he let go of his pressured and clotted discomfort feeling with one calm sigh. "I can't take it anymore, I can't take it seeing you slip out of my hand like Helen," he rubbed his chin on her forehead against her bang. "I wanted to be a father too, but I wanted to be a husband more." Louis tilted back a bit and wipes her tears away with his tender fingertips while his eyes softly gaze into hers lovingly, "Annie, I love you."

    Swallowed, Annie sniffed trying to stop herself from being so emotional all the time, but she couldn't control it. She wanted to be a mother really badly after her dream. "I love you too," she sincerely told Louis. She pressed her hand gently on her abdominal while she leans on Louis for comfort, "But the baby is the first creation that belong to you and me, she the product of our love Louis, I don't have the heart to kill her..." her voice became muffled since her face is rubbing against her husband shirt soaking it with tears. "She looked adorable in the dream, her eyes looked like you, Louis. She is our. She belongs to you and me."

    Not knowing what else he could do, Louis rubbing her back soothingly, "It's just a dream Annie."

    His wife protested, "No!" she let out a breath, "I know it a daughter! I could feel her closeness in the dream just like real, Louis." Annie rubbed her tummy again, "She is real, she is growing inside me, I can sense it. I can't just kill her."

    Louis face is stern with a glum line and he felt lost himself, he wanted both the baby and Annie. But if he has to choose it will have to be Annie, since Dr. Lau is right they can have future babies, but if Annie die, that is it. Louis eyes widened a bit with fear after his brain is certain and clear to the consequence of this pregnancy. He rubbed Annie arms soothing hoping that he can talk her into an abortion. "Honey, listen to me. I know it hard to do it, but we must do it for your sake. I don't want to risk it, I don't want any chance of losing you. Dr. Lau is right, you are only nineteen Annie, we can have baby later. Your health is what most important at this moment." He pressed his lip together when he heard Annie cried louder. Swiftly, he hugging her comfortingly trying to give her courage to listen to the doctor suggestion, "I'm sorry Annie, but I want you to have an abortion."

    His wife shook her head stubbornly, "NO! I'm not giving her up! I know she will be fine!" Sighed stressfully, Annie lifted her head up to seriously looked at Louis with pleading eyes. "Dr. Lau said it possible to safely have her, I'll be extra careful. I'll stay home more. I'll sleep and rest more... I'll drink all the pills and eat more nutrients food! Louis pleases? Just let me keep her..." Louis sternly shakes his head with his decision made up already. She pouted at him frustratingly, "I'm not going to abort her!" Annie shows her certain decision too. Louis sighed at her with his eyes rolled a bit at her childish stubborn pout.

    Annie mumbled while her head is snuggled back on her husband chest again, "She's the first child that belongs to both of us. I wanted her. I know you wanted her too." Her voice softened trying to weaken her husband heart, "Lets try Louis, we can be really careful and the pregnancy will be smooth and easy." Annie is hoping that it sounds convincing enough, but she knows it too good to be true, life is never easy.

    Gulped with his eyes on Annie, Louis knows that she really wanted this pregnancy. An abortion will be really hard for her to go through but so is the pregnancy. He don't know what to say, part of him wanted to support her through the pregnancy while the other part wanted to get rid of the ticking bomb that might take her away from him. In his weak lost voice he has given in a bit, "We'll decide during this one-month period." He sighed at Annie hoping that he won't regret his decision in the future, "Annie, you need to take care of yourself more."

    Smiled hopefully, Annie nodded repeatedly with her arms throw around him and her head lean on his front shoulder blade. Her voice is filled with a bit more hope and joy, "I will. I'll bring you a healthy daughter!"

    "Not too fast," Louis immediately said before Annie gets too excited and over joy. He wanted to confirm his rule, "I'm going to keep my eyes on you during this coming month and I get to make the decision about your abortion."

    Annie is pouting with her soft round eyes stare at him, showing unjust, "That's not fair, I'm the mother too, you can't make all the decision."

    Her husband stubbornly shakes his head with determined mind, "No deal, I get to decide."

    Hissed softly, Annie tries her best to protest, "Honey!"

    Firmly repeated, "No, and you don't have to pout, it won't work." Louis knows that she will want the baby no matter what. "I promise that my decision will be fair. If the entire month goes smoothly and safely then I'll think about letting you continue with the pregnancy. But if it otherwise, I wanted you to have the abortion right away and no arguing about the decision. Deal?"

    Pouting at the unfair deal, Annie still stubbornly trying to fight for more chances, "That's not a deal! That's a command!" Louis stares at her seriously with his determined eyes that will not budge a bit at all, Annie sighed deflating her lung with her shoulder slumped knowing that nothing can change her husband made up mind. "I guess I have no choice," she smiled and rubbed her tummy, "Baby, you better be nice to me this coming month you heard me?" Louis chuckled at her and hugged her shoulder showing his love and support. He wishes so much that Annie could safely give birth to the baby too.

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    Oh no, don't tell me that Annie is going to die <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0">. No, that can't happen! The baby can die. There is still more chances of being pregnant later on. Annie can't die, she can't! <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Hope you update soon. I want to know what is going to be their decision.

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    You are such a good story teller!! I'm so into this...

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    jeh, I can't really tell you if she die or not, just have to read to the very end, hehehe.

    heavenNearth, I'm glad to know I collected another reader <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Me very greedy for readers, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting! <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 34: God-Sibling

    While everyone is out of the house, Ada napped in the guest room for hours and finally felt energized to drag herself up. She yawned and stretched her body tiredly with her eyes focusing on the bright room and out to the misty atmosphere of the backyard. A sweet smile spread on her face after that nice long nap filled with sweet dream. Gently rubbing her belly, she talked to her baby, "That's enough rest for one afternoon huh?" The baby kicked her, which bring a bright smile to glow on her face. "Want some exercise?" her warm voice asked with a slight chuckle, thinking that it silly to talk to herself like this at someone else home.

    Ada gently places her hand on her enlarged belly and scooted off the bed. With one hand holding to her belly, she used the free one to straighten out the blanket a bit to make the bed. A knock is heard on the door so she answers it, "Who is it?"

    "Mrs. Ma is me, Nikki. I'm just wondering if you want some lunch?" the usual cheerful voice of Nicola asked.

    Walked to the door, Ada open it to step out with a bright smile. "It's noon already?" she asked, she couldn't really tell time since outside looked hazy and foggy. The clock in the room does no help to her.

    The sweet servant girl nodded with a polite smile, "Yes, it actually one already."

    ", I slept in that much?" Ada voice was softened with a bit of embarrassment.

    Nicola chuckled at her expression, "The baby needed it." She smiles sweetly at Ada to show her friendly kindness. Ada soothingly runs her hand on her baby while she nods with her chuckle. "Mrs. Ma, what would you like for lunch?"

    The kind and polite guest has no idea what they eat here in the city, since breakfast is quite unique. Ada started walking down the stair, Nicola held her elbow to steady her, just in case she trip or slip. "Anything will be fine for me," Ada finally stated.

    The maid nods mannerly, "Alright, I'll go tell the chef." While Nicola walked to the kitchen, Ada approached the living room window to look out to the misty landscape ahead. It looked so misty that it kind of heavenly to her, even though it kind of gloomy too. But since Ada has a very uplifted spirit she sees everything in the bright side. She has decided to take a walk and get some exercise after her lunch.

    Meanwhile, Joe has finally drove Louis and Annie to the Dim Sum restaurant that they are going to meet the rest of their party. Louis caringly wrapped his right arm around Annie waist and guided her toward the restaurant. Seeing Louis so protective and careful, Annie couldn't help but chuckled at his constant checking on her every move. "Louis, I'm fine. You making me feel like I'm about to give birth any second," Annie chuckling voice remarked.

    Instead of relaxing, Louis finger curved tighter around her waist, "Well, your situation is different, we need to be extra careful. Now watch the step ahead."

    His wife laughed at him amusedly, "You are going to embarrass me again, I could just feel it." They walked in and saw Frankie hand waving in the air madly. This restaurant is crowed with waves of costumers and it pretty noisy and lively too. Annie smiled joyfully at Louis and pointed toward Frankie, "There are Frankie and Kenix!"

    Louis nodded absentmindedly while he focuses more on making an open route through the crowded space so he can protectively guide Annie behind him. He turned back slightly to make a comment to Annie who is tattling close behind him, "We should of choose an emptier restaurant."

    Rolled her eyes at him, Annie slapped his arm playfully, "I'll be fine Louis!" She joyfully sniffed the delicious smelling dim sum with a sparkling glow immediately spread across her delighted face. " smell so delicious! Can you smell it Louis?" she asked with a wide grin, "I'm so hungry now!" Annie wrapped herself on Louis right arm that is holding her a bit behind so she don't get bump. "Louis, why didn't we eat here before? Actually you never took me for dim sum," Annie curiously wonder why they never come out for Dim Sum before.

    The husband eyes scanned at the noisy crowd a bit irritated by the tight atmosphere, "Because of this! It so noisy in here! And lots at all of them bumping around," he has to shout over the chattering costumers.

    Annie just simply nodded, but unlike her husband, she doesn't mind being crowded with others like this. They finally reach Frankie and Kenix, who are smiling at them. Louis pulled a chair out for Annie to settle down. "Thanks," Annie sweet voice said to her husband while she pulled on him to lower him on the seat by her left. Looked around, Annie notice that Steven is missing, "Where is Steven?"

    With a cheerful chuckle at Steven, Kenix explained, "He is stuck in the store downstairs trying to pick out some baby clothes and maternal stuff." Kenix become excited with a spark in her eyes that is glued on Annie, "Talking about baby, how is the check up? Are you pregnant?"

    Annie nodded cheerfully and proudly totally ignoring her condition, which cause Louis to grow more and more worry about her, fearing that she became too attached to the child that she wouldn't listen to him if he decided to have the abortion. "Yeah," Annie happily and shyly answered with smiling eyes.

    "Really?!" Frankie excitedly asked with joy, "I'm going to be an Kow Fui (uncle)?!"

    Kenix chuckled at him and corrected him, "You are just a Beeu Kow Fui (cousin-uncle)!"

    With a playful mind Frankie eyes gazed on Kenix up and down, "Well, I rather be a father, but what do you give me? Nothing!"

    Under the table, Kenix stomped her foot hard on top of his. She doesn't take those matters as joke like her husband. With a stern expression, Kenix hard eyes kept on her husband, "It what you give me, you idiot!"

    Seeing them still bicker like how they use to, Annie couldn't contain herself from laughing at them. They have always amuses her. Frankie scooted his chair closer to his wife knowing that she is getting mad. He pecked her right cheek and smiled charmingly at her with his guilty eyes, "I'm just kidding honey." He slapped his mouth gently, "Sorry okay?" He waved at the waitress that is carrying the dim sum, "Oh we want three plate of barbecue pork bun!" He grabs it from her tray and places them in front of Kenix. With a wide grin, "Honey your favorite!"

    Softened, Kenix stern expression deflated, she doesn't know how she could stay mad at her goofy husband for long. Frankie grab one of the pork bun to peels off the first layer of the bun skin for his wife. Annie eyes gaze on them with a sweet smile. She turned to her husband who is kind of scanning around the area, not really would choose this restaurant if he could of chosen the place. Annie gave Louis puppy dog eyes, "Honey look how sweet they are," she trying to hint to Louis that she wanted attention too, but Louis eyes still beamed toward the ceiling. A bit disappointed in him, Annie pouted at him, "Did you hear me?"

    Instead of answering, Louis darted at the ceiling fan that is not working and he could kind of see spider web too. "Are you hot Annie? Why don't the fan work? They shouldn't have costumers sitting here at this table if their fan doesn't work, it so hot today," Louis complained with dissatisfied voice.

    His wife rolled her eyes at him with a soft sigh. Frankie chuckled at Louis pickiness, Louis seems just like those that born with a golden key in their mouth that don't know what it like to be commoner. "Are you really that hot?" Annie asked with her disappointed tone. She is not happy that Louis is complaining instead of just enjoying the things around him.

    Louis shakes his head and wiping his handkerchief on Annie forehead, "No, but you are sweating. What if you faint cause of the clustered restaurant that have no air circulation? It so stuffy in here."

    Frankie couldn't help himself from laughing at Louis, "Louis, is Annie really that fragile to you?"

    Pouting, Annie slightly hissed at her husband, "I told you, you're going to embarrass me."

    Kenix chuckling too, "Annie, he just cares and loves you a lot, is a good thing." Suddenly, Kenix waved toward the entrance cause she spotted Steven. "Over here Steven!" she shouted to get his attention. Steven rushed toward them, Annie turned to look at him with Louis.

    "Sorry..." Steven apologized while panting a bit out of breath.

    With a friendly smile, Louis gesture him to sit down, "Don't worry we just barely arrive."

    Nosily, Frankie is digging through Steven shopping bags, "So what did you buy?"

    Shaking her head hopelessly at her husband, Kenix asked, "When will you grow out of this phase of sticking your nose into other people business?"

    "Frankie change? Never!" Annie jokingly answered Kenix question. She turned to Louis with a bright smile, "I'm hungry." Steven caught her little interaction with her husband and felt a bit jealous. He couldn't help himself from still having feeling for her.

    The caring husband nods to Annie hints and looked around for food, "Wait a sec, I'll go get you some." Annie nodded while Louis rushed toward the waitresses that are scattered around the restaurant with trays of food.

    "You are right Annie, he is so sweet and protective over you," Kenix said with a sweet smile of gladness.

    Frankie laughed, "Yeah, you could say that again, I saw how he shove everyone away and covered you from behind, we didn't even see that you are behind him!" Annie giggled joyfully from her warm heart as her eyes beamed over to Louis who is carrying lots of food.

    Steven sighed softly with his eyes at Annie, he hopes that it's true. But the glimpse of them from last night just made his heart unsettle worrying that Louis might be an abusive husband that covers up himself in front of others. Cleared his throat, Steven looked over to Frankie wanting to take his jealous mind off of Annie and Louis. "Which flat do you guys prefer more?" he asked.

    With interest, Annie curiously listens to them. "Both Kenix and I like the larger one, but too bad the current tenant won't be moving out of it till three more months," Frankie said with a bit of disappointment, he really wanted to move in now.

    His best friend nod agreeing, "Yeah, I like that one more too, it'll have more room for the baby too. We could move to the smaller flat then move to the larger one later."

    Beamed over at Annie, Frankie has better idea, "I think it will be a bit too much of a hassle to move twice within a short amount of time. If Annie and Louis is kind hearted enough, I think it will be better that we stay at their place and just concentrate on finding the store." He grinned at Annie, "You don't mind right, Kiddo?"

    Kenix elbowed him, "How is she suppose to answer you when you basically give her no choice? And stop calling her kiddo, she is becoming a mother already." Kenix joyfully smiled brightly at Annie.

    Chuckled joyfully, Annie replies, "Of course I don't mind! But Kenix jie is right, I'm not a kid anymore!" she protested to her older cousin that act more like a five years old then she does.

    A bit gloomed, Steven stares at Annie steadily. "Congratulation," his voice carry a hint of sadness.

    Annie smiled warmly at him, "Thanks." She saw Louis approaching with food toppled up to his face, she couldn't help but chuckle at her goofy looking husband who has his sleeves rolled up trying to balance everything. "Honey, you could of walk several time instead," she reaching toward him to help.

    Demandingly, Louis shakes his head at Annie action, "No, no, no, you sit down and don't move a muscle. I don't want you to get bump."

    Immediately, Frankie helped him settle all the stuff he brings over. He teasingly added as he helps Louis out, "Sound like you are thrill to be a father, Louis." An idea hit him and he blurted it out, "Hey wouldn't it be interesting if Ada has a son and you guys have a daughter then they can grow up and get married?!"

    Kenix rolled her eyes, "Is it any of your business?"

    "I'm a Beeu Kow Fui !!" Frankie proudly reminded his wife.

    "Yeah a nosy one too!" Kenix exclaim with her head shaking, "I don't think the babies going to like you much for trying to arrange a marriage for them."

    "It's kind of cute," Annie commented as she chuckled at the idea. "I did dream of having a daughter," she told them. Louis shakes his head at his wife, he still think that the dream was just a coincident and nothing more.

    "You are not serious?!" Frankie blurted with excitement, "Hey this could be destiny! Since both of you couldn't make it together maybe your..." Kenix eyes enlarged, she quickly elbowed him to stop, he pressed his lip together and beamed over toward Louis.

    Louis looked over at Annie and to Steven with a bit of a surprise to heard that they were a couple. Why didn't his wife inform him? Both Annie and Steven are quiet with the atmosphere thicken a bit. Kenix is scolding her husband in her heart and Frankie sense it too. Annie guiltily dropped her head, she know she suppose to talk to Louis about this before instead of letting Frankie blurt it out in front of her husband. Annie left arm sneaked into her husband right one hooking it and wrapping it warmly with her head gently lean on the side of his shoulder, hoping that he understand her purpose.

    Displaying his usual charming smile, Louis patted Annie hand reassuringly, "Why did everybody stop? Come on they are getting cold," he urged them to eat. Caringly, Louis scooped some of everything for Annie. "Honey the doctor said you needed to eat more. But let's avoid the oily and fry food."

    Smile warmly, Annie stare at Louis with her sparkling eyes, she is glad that he didn't mind as much as she thought he does. "Alright, I'll listen to your order," she sweetly told him.

    Everyone relaxed with a soft chuckle. "I have another idea!" Frankie excitedly exclaim.

    A bit annoyed by her husband loud mouth, Kenix sighed with her eyes rolled up, "Yippy... Honey just eats."

    Her husband shakes his head, "No, you will like this one. Since I don't know when you going to make me a father, why don't we be the babies god-parents?" Annie, Louis, and Steven just shake their head to the bladder mouth Frankie that is displaying his enthusiasm wildly.

    Kenix smiles glow on her face starting to spread bringing her cheekbone to lighten up. "I do like that idea," she beamed at Annie pleadingly, "Can we?"

    Looked over to her husband, Annie asked for her husband opinion, "Wouldn't hurt to have two more people to love our baby huh?"

    Louis shakes his head, "Of course not. The baby will just get spoil rotten, look at Frankie eyes and you could tell that he will drown the baby with toys." He chuckled along with the rest. Louis wrapped his arm around Annie concernedly. He whispered softly to her, "Annie, I don't want you to get too attached to the baby for this month. Remember our deal?" Annie frowned and nods with her head dropped staring at her tummy. Everything sounded so happy and joyful with the new baby on the way, she know she is not going to let go easily.

    Kenix turned to Steven with excitement, "How about you and Ada? Can we be the god-parent?"

    "Sure. I don't think Ada mind," Steven said with a nod.

    Grinning ear to ear, Frankie is excited, "Cool we have two children without any labor! Hey they are god-sibling." They chuckled excitedly and chatted while they finish all the stuff Louis bring over.

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    Replies: 10
    Last Post: 05-18-06, 01:08 AM

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