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Thread: The Others Soul (novel form)

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    jeh and zzzbeauty: I guess I need to clarify things a bit. Louis has mood disorder or split personality after what happened six years ago. That why he changed after he dream of that day. As for who killed Helen, you guy have to read to find out <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Anyway thanks for still reading! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> And on with the story!!!

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    Chapter 44: Avoidance

    Recap from last chapter...

    The fearful young wife cried hopelessly, "Stop it! STOP IT LOUIS! I'm Annie!! Wake up please! You are hurting me..." her eyes rolled up and she fainted, collapsing in front of him right when the loud sharp cry of Kevin was also heard.

    Louis quickly snapped out when he saw her collapsed on the floor and cause of the sharp cries that alerted him. He didn't know what just happened but seeing all the broken glass he knows that he lost control again. His eyes widened with disbelief when he saw his hand is holding onto a sharp glass, he immediately dropped the glass. His head is shaking with his eyes wide open at the sight of his wife on the floor with a bloody nose. Quickly and worriedly he squatted down and picked her up in his arm gently slapping her cheek to arouse her. While in the background is the noise of the pounding impatient people outside along with shouting of voices and the crying Kevin.

    "Annie!! Annie what happen?! Wake up! Don't scare me honey! I'm sorry! I'm sorry..." Louis repeatedly apologized while his heart pounded in fear to what he has done to Annie. He had no clue at all to what happened.

    Annie eyes slowly fluttered open and shut with the foggy image of her husband. "I'm Annie, Louis...I'm your Annie...." her weak voice repeated while her hand press against the side of her tummy with her weak smile on Louis. "You're back..." tears shed with her eyes glued to Louis eyes, now she see warmth and worry in those eyes of his again. In an angry tone along with her teary voice, she scolded, "I hate you! How can you forget me?" She beamed at him stilly with her broken heart. She knows he couldn't control himself, but the thought of him totally can't remember her make her felt unloved.

    "I...I..." Louis don't know what happened at all, the last thing he remember was talking to her about Helen. "I didn't forget you," his sincere voice said. Annie weak pale face is still facing him with her hard eyes, but she made a painful expression when she felt a dull pain on her left chest. Louis mind is so busy and lost seeing Annie in this condition that he don't know what action to take. "What did I do to you?!" he rubbed his face with guilt, "I did this to you...I'm sorry... It's all my faults! I don't mean to harm you!" he slides his hand under Annie to carry her. "Don't worry I'll get you to the hospital!"

    Stubbornly, Annie shook her head with her hand reaching for his face, "I'm fine Louis. I just fainted, I always faint. I don't want to go to the hospital. I just need a bit of rest." Tears rolled out her eyes, "I'm so glad you are back." She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull closer to him and sobbed into his chest. "Please don't do it again, you scare me so much... I don't want to lose you. You promise to love me and protect me. You have to keep your promise."

    "Your nose is bleeding. What did I do Annie?" he asked with guilt thinking that he hit her or something.

    With her right hand pinching her own nose to stop the bleeding, Annie sniffed her tears and in an anguish tone she scolded him, "You didn't remember me." Her eyes gaze at him with anger hiding a bit of jealousy, "You ask me who is Annie. How could you not even remember me? And you wanted to kill me!"

    Louis face is drained, tears are streaming down from his eyes cause he has always know that this day will come! Sooner or later, but he didn't expect himself to want to kill Annie. Louis in his empty tone cause he is fearful, "I'm the one who hurt you..." He kept turning with Annie in his arms, not knowing where he wants to take Annie.

    Sniffed her tears, Annie soft loving voice murmured, "I know you didn't mean it." She notice Louis being too worry and messed up that he don't know what to do. "Louis put me down on the bed, I'll be fine in awhile." Louis nodded and put Annie down on the bed. Annie released her hand from her nose, the bleeding stopped, but she felt great pressure on her nose.

    Meanwhile, Steven and Frankie finally got the door open and charged in with their concern face. Steven swiftly yanked on Louis pajamas and swings his fist to punch him on the face. Annie shouted after him with enlarged eyes, "Steven stops it! Frankie pull him away!"

    The butler jumped in to defense his Yee Seeu, he pulled Steven and punched him on the stomach. Meanwhile Louis is rubbing his stinging jaw from Steven punch. Frankie and Bobby are trying to break Steven and Stephen fight. Annie looked at them concernedly feeling stressed out. "STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!!" she shouted at them with anger. She panted with her heart speeded up and her entire body felt drained and weak with paled face and lip. Her hand clenched to her heart and felt the pressure on it and her abdominal too.

    "Stephen backs off!" Louis commended his butler. Obediently, the butler stopped and shoved Steven away with hatred eyes. Kenix and Frankie went to help Steven get up, while Bobby and Nicola helped Stephen.

    Concernedly examining Steven, Kenix saw his black eyes, "Are you okay?" Steven nod with his hatred eyes on Louis and Stephen.

    "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPEN BETWEEN YOU AND ANNIE?!" Frankie shouted loudly at Louis demanding an explanation for him to mistreat his cousin. Louis dropped his head guiltily.

    Seeing her husband discomfort and guilt, Annie wetted her lip, "Nothing Frankie, I'm fine now." She scooted herself to lies down cause she feeling light headed and her heart wouldn't stop racing nervously.

    Concernedly, Frankie looked at her trying to get the truth, "What do you mean nothing?! You were crying for help! You don't have to be scare of him! Is he abusing you?! Does he always beat you up?!"

    "Frankie," Kenix warned her husband to calm down as she tugged his arm. She knows Frankie is very protective of Annie and could get over reacted.

    Exhausted, Annie let out a soft sighed, "Louis never beat me up." She don't really want everyone to know about Louis problem cause she don't want everyone to treat Louis like a lunatic. In her reassuring tone and a weak smile at Frankie, she reassured, "Trust me, Louis never harmed me before."

    She reaches her hand out toward Louis signaling him to come over while her heart is racing really nervously for some reason and she felt a great deal of pressure on her chest causing her to have difficulty with breathing. "Louis go get Dr. Lau, I don't feel good. Something is not right." Annie lies down with her nervous body trembling a bit.

    Quickly got off the floor, Louis ran to Annie holding her hand, "I'll take you to the hospital now!"

    Stubbornly, Annie shakes her head refusing, "I don't want to go to the hospital. It's not good for the baby." People in her time believe that pregnant women and children are very susceptible to illness if they visit the hospital. "I'm not in pain. I just want Dr. Lau to make sure the baby is fine," Annie lied to reassure her husband.

    Nodded urgently, Louis ordered, "Stephen go get Dr. Lau to come over now!"

    "Yes, Yee Seeu," Stephen answered with a nod. He left right after he shot a warning glare at Steven.

    Seeing Annie and the room in this condition, Frankie just don't understand what happened. Why did Annie scream for help and when they come in they seem to be normal? He saw the broken pieces of glass everywhere with blood too. He sighed concernedly for his cousin. "Annie if there is something wrong, you can tell me, you know I'll always help."

    Annie smiled weakly at him, "Frankie don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I'm fine, we just had a little argument." Kenix study Annie closely and know that Annie is lying but she understand that Annie didn't want them to step into her and her husband business. Annie held onto Louis hand tightly with her nervous shaky one. She wanted to have a private talk with her husband. Annie looked toward the other, "I'm really tired, why don't you all go out, don't worry I'll be fine, the doctor is coming."

    Steven angrily darted at Annie and Louis, Kenix saw his hard eyes. She gently grabs his arm, "Come on Steven, lets Annie rest. Kevin is crying why don't you go check on him?" Steven angrily stormed out in disbelief that Annie could be so blinded to cover up for her husband like this. Both Kenix and Frankie looked at Annie and Louis one last time before they walked out. They are worry for Annie, thinking that Louis is an abusive husband. What will Annie do when they move out in a few more months?

    After everyone has left returning the room backs to them, Annie carefully examining Louis hand. "You hurt yourself again," her drained voice softly stated.

    Louis shakes his head to reassure her that it doesn't hurt, "Don't worry it just minor injury." Annie reached her hand to gently felt his jaw where Steven has punched. Louis felt so concern for his wife safety, his eyes seriously stare at Annie, "Annie maybe it better if I leave for a while."

    Annie turned toward the clock, "Time for your meeting?" She frowned, "I want you to stay here for today." She wanted him by her side cause she is feeling really weak.

    Her husband shake his head, "I don't mean that. I mean, it will be safer for you if I don't return home for a while. I don't want to harm you or the baby."

    Shocked by his suggestion, Annie eyes dart at him angrily, "No. You can't just avoid me. I'm your wife, I want to be with you. How long can you hide from me anyway?" She felt her eyes watered and sniffed it away. She snuggled closer to him. "I want you to be here for me and our baby," Annie whispered. She knows she sounded weak and dependent, but she don't want to get separated from her husband.

    Nodded, Louis gaze at her five and a half months belly, "I know, but I really scare that it will happen again. I really don't want to regret later when I can't control myself." He brushed her forehead lovingly. "It will be safer for you and the baby, you can't be stressed out or fall, what if I change again? I won't know how to keep myself away from you then."

    Annie frowned, she was fearful just a while ago with him trying to kill her. Maybe he is right, it will be better for her if they are separated. "But..."

    Seeing tears lingering in her eyes longingly, Louis leaned in to peck her forehead lovingly to show his love for her. "It'll be for the better. Maybe it better for you to go over and live with mom and dad, they will know how to take care of you before our child is born."

    With watery red eyes Annie shake her head with her missing him pout, "I don't want to leave you." She beamed at him pleadingly, after reading Helen diary and what B-jai told her, she is not too fond of Louis mom. "I don't want to live with your parent, I'm not comfortable with them," she honestly stated her worries. Annie sighed and felt his face, "I'll miss you so much, I don't want to leave and I don't want you to leave either. It not the best idea, how long can we stay away from each other to be safe? A week? A month? A year? Or forever?" Annie looked at him seriously, "Why don't we just get help for you? Have you seen a doctor before?"

    Louis nodded sadly, "They don't know what wrong with me. They only think that I'm psycho, but they are right, I am."

    With a warm squeeze, Annie held his hand closely, "I don't think you are." Louis looked into her eyes and felt her warmth. "I just think you need to release what is trapped in your mind. Louis, listen to me, I don't want you to leave, I'm your wife, this is our home. We can figure something out together. I love you, I don't want us to be separated." Louis nodded and pulled her close for an embrace. "I know we can fix the problem somehow," she beamed up at him with hopefulness, "Please don't leave me." She wanted to question him about Helen, but she didn't dare to ask fearing that it will provoke his other side. But it doesn't matter if he did it or not, cause she loved him too much to leave him cause of it. Right now nothing matter, she just want her husband by her side.

    The master bedroom is totally silent, while Annie lies still in bed letting Dr. Lau check on her. Other than the doctor, only Louis is in there, sited next to Annie holding to her hand while she smiled reassuring to him.

    Dr. Lau is the only famous Western doctor in town that has actually finishes his doctorate degree in London before he return to open his private clinic. Every wealthy household in the city area that believes in Western medicine will go to him. And he is also the founding father of the town hospital, where he also teaches many new students the Western style of healing.

    The sixty-five years old experienced doctor took a really long time for this thorough check up, with his face turning more sterns with his aged wrinkle forehead of confusion. Louis and Annie notice his facial expression and beginning to feel a sense of something unpleasant is happening. Seeing Annie fear, Dr. Lau patted Annie hand reassuringly, "Mrs. Koo, have you been feeling anything different or unusual for the last couple weeks?"

    Different? Annie thought with her brows arches with a bit of fear to what the doctor is hinting. She turned over to look at Louis for help while she try to recall what could fall under the category of unusual. Louis squeezed her hand tightly with warmth. Annie know she should speak up about her breathing problem and bloody nose, but she fear that her husband will get angry with her for keeping it as a secret for so long.

    Not knowing what Annie is pondering, Louis spoke up calmly, "Dr. Lau is there something wrong with the baby or Annie?" His eyes are filled with concern while he stilly looked at Dr. Lau waiting for an answer from the man.

    The old doctor sighed softly to himself, not really want to scare Annie with his suspicion. "Well, Mrs. Koo heart rhythm is not too usual and the sounds of her lungs are not clear. Both, her heart and lungs sound really weak and labored." He looked at Annie straight in the eyes with his gentle set of wise eyes, "Mrs. Koo, I need you to think clearly on how you been feeling for the pass few weeks. You must be honest with me, you should sense some discomfort."

    Annie silenced with guilt while her husband looked at her. Louis turned back to the doctor, "She been feeling really tire all the time and get really weak. Mostly she stays in bed. But isn't that normal for her pregnancy? I thought you mention that she will get more tire and drained cause of her weak health."

    Dr. Lau shook his head and uses his stethoscope to listen to Annie lung again. "No, I would expect her to be restless and tire cause of lacking the nutrient to provide for the baby. But not her lung and heart to be weak and slow paced. Mrs. Koo, do you have complication breathing at night or when you are walking up stairs or get overly stressed?"

    Annie is silent the entire time just listening to him and Louis with her worry about the baby, but now she finally spoke up after taking in a deep breath. The doctor brows roses concernedly hearing her wheezing lungs. "Just a little bit," Annie soft voice lied. She just don't want to accept the truth and minimize her answer, cause she have a feeling that the doctor will disappoint her. To her Westernize doctor seem to search more problem out of no problem, at least that how most of the people in her old farming village has said.

    Knowing that she is trying to hide something, the wise doctor looked at Annie in the eyes seriously, "Mrs. Koo, I need you to be honest with me, so I can help. Mrs. Koo, do you get awake in the middle of the night cause you felt shortness of breathe? Or do your heart rate increased and beating really fast but really weakly for no reason?"

    Stubbornly, Annie just pressed her lip together with her round eyes at the doctor. Louis squeezed Annie hand and nodded to the doctor, "She wake up a lot in the middle of the night lately and has to sit up for a while. But we thought that it because of the baby giving her too much pressure."

    With a disappointed sigh at Annie, Dr. Lau shake his head, "The baby has nothing to do with this. Why didn't you come and see me about your complication?" He asked Annie with disapproval eyes. Annie guiltily turned to look at Louis, she is the one that don't want to visit the doctor too often. "Mrs. Koo, I'm suspecting that you have taken something that is harmful to pregnant mother. What kind of medicine have you been taken?"

    Softly, Annie answered, she don't like this doctor much, he always bring her bad news, "Just the prescription you gave me from my last visit." Louis retrieves her prescription from the nightstand and hand it over to Dr. Lau.

    The doctor checks it and they are the right prescription. He hand the medication back to Louis, "These are the right prescription. Mrs. Koo, have you taken any kind of antibiotic that contain Nitrofurantoin, Azulfidine, or anti-inflammatory agents such as Salicylates?"

    Hearing the rambling of name, Annie looked at him with a blank face, she never heard of those names before. "I only taken the supplement you provide me and the other prescription. I haven't taken anything else," she answered with a slight irritated tone.

    Concerned, Louis looked at the doctor too, "Are you suspecting that Annie taken those drug?"

    Dr. Lau nodded, "From her symptom, it seem like she have an overdose of one of those drug, most likely Salicylates, since it weaken both the lung and heart rate. Therefore causing shortness of breath when she is stressed causing her to pant more and breathing became labored. Even walking up a simple flight of stairs could give her shortness of breath or even lying down flat on the bed. Salicylates also affect the heart, which fluctuate the heart rate making her feel nervous and weak, like how Mrs. Koo described earlier. Is there any sign of other complication Mrs. Koo?"

    Instead of answering his question, Annie confused stated, "But I really didn't take any of it, I only take your medicine and have dessert each night like you say so. How could I have taken it?!" Annie voice was a bit distressed and frustrated.

    Understanding Annie fear, Louis wrapped his arm around Annie squeezing her shoulder slightly, "Calm down honey." Annie let out a breath to relax herself and rubbed her belly with a little disappointed pout toward the doctor. Louis looked at her belly worriedly, "Well, is there anyway you could help her? And will it affect the baby?"

    Gently placing his stethoscope on Annie abdominal, Dr. Lau listened to the baby heart beat and tries to explain, "If she consumed too much of this drug the baby will get affected too. If it true that Mrs. Koo is Salicylates overdose, then she will have a higher chance of miscarriage or more dangerously her heart and lung fail her do to the stress of child bearing and labor." Annie eyes widened a bit and hardened on the doctor with disbelief. The doctor sighed at her stare, knowing that she is not too fond of him, "Mrs. Koo, I'm trying to help you too. We must take everything in account in order to cover more ground. Anyway, this drug is harmful to pregnant mother and even children. If children take an overdose of this drug, they would have a higher risk of lung or heart failure that can be provoked if they are too active and their heart or lung couldn't keep up. It could be fatal."

    Feeling scared, Annie sadly asked with her round questioning eyes on the old expert, "Is there any cure for it? Would my baby have the same problem if she is born?"

    Dr. Lau smile gladly that Annie finally soften herself to believe him, he reassuringly said, "From the sound of the baby heart rate, I'm sure it hasn't affect the baby yet. If it does, the heartbeat will be very faint and weak, but your baby is still really strong and healthy." Annie smiled weakly in relief. "But as for you, it starting to weaken your heart and lung already, so we must fix that. Luckily your heart and lung is not to the point that it's irreversible. So all you need to do is simply stop taken the drug and within a week, hopefully you'll slowly gain strength again."

    "But I never take the drug before," Annie distressingly stated for the fourth time. "How am I supposes to stop when I didn't start?"

    Nodded, Dr. Lau suggested, "Is anyone in the household sick and have these kind of antibiotic that might got mixed with your medication?"

    Louis shook his head slowly as he think, "No." He is getting worry that he could be the one that poison Annie when he change personality? But he don't have any kind of antibiotic lying around.

    Puzzled to how Annie gets intoxicated, Dr. Lau sighed, "Maybe it something else then. Well, I can't really give you anything to undo it if I'm not sure what drug you been taken. Why don't you keep a close eye on what you eat from now on? And call me immediately if you felt anything worsened. I can give you some medication to aid you on breathing so you can sleep better at night. And if it possible stays in bed more and rest more. Don't get stressed out or overworked." Annie nodded obediently. "Alright, call me if you have any question. Remember I'm here to help."

    Nodded, Louis held his hand out to shake Dr. Lau hand, "Thanks for dropping by Dr. Lau. Stephen!" Stephen stepped in mannerly. "Can you walk Dr. Lau out?"

    "Yes Yee Seeu," the servant answered with a nod. With his hand holding toward the exit, he mannerly guided, "This way Dr. Lau."

    Dr. Lau nodded and turned but his eyes caught the bowl of dessert that is sited at the nightstand. He walked over and picked up the empty bowl from last night, to exam the realm of it seeing a whitish faint blue powder. Both Louis and Annie looked at him with confusion to what he is so interested about. Stephen eyes looked at the doctor stilly with his heart froze anxiously with a skipped beat. The old doctor turn to look at Annie, "Is this your bowl Mrs. Koo?"

    Annie nodded, "It's my dessert from last night."

    The doctor forehead frowned and slightly shaking his head, "There is a trace of faint whitish blue powder on the realm of the bowl, that looked like the drug we been talking about."

    "What?!" Annie loudly said with daunted widened eyes. Stephen swallowed and didn't dare to move a muscle. Louis ran over to the doctor and exam the empty bowl of dessert. He couldn't see it until the doctor reflected it a bit toward the light and the powder glistered a bit. Annie anxiously looked at her husband for a confirmed answer, "Louis."

    Louis forehead wrinkled with concern, "How? Who?" His heart started to beat nervously. Could it be himself and he don't even notice? He is the one who wanted to kill Annie earlier. The doctor looked at them suspiciously, thinking that someone is planning on poisoning the pregnant Annie. Annie shocked to knowing that the dessert she been having for the past four months that was suppose to help her actually is poisonous?

    After a long silent from everyone, Dr. Lau cleared his throat to the awkwardness, "Well, I couldn't be positive that the powder is Salicylates. Just make sure that Mrs. Koo don't consume anymore in the future and she will be fine." He saw the silent tension and wanted to excuse himself so the husband and wife can solve their problem. "It is getting late."

    Snapped out from his thought, Louis nodded. "Stephen have Joe drive Dr. Lau back to his clinic." Stephen nodded and looked at his Yee Seeu expression and looked at Annie expression before he guided the doctor out and leaves them alone.

    Annie swallowed her confusion to the new finding. Louis shut his eye and tries to recall if he is the one that try to poison his own wife. Other than himself, he couldn't think of who wanted to poison Annie. He frustratingly pounded the wall, Annie looked at him and know what he is thinking. "Louis, it couldn't be you. You were fine all along," she weakly assured.

    "I was about to kill you this morning! This is not what you call 'FINE' Annie!" shouted the frustrated husband with disbelieve.

    Frankie, Kenix, and Steven is waiting just outside all along, and hearing Louis shouting again made them concern about Annie so they knocked on the master bedroom door. Tired from today stressful event, Annie sighed at the knocking door. "I'm fine!" she stressfully answered the door, the knocking sound of Frankie stopped after her respond. Annie looked at Louis with her arm held out toward him with her hand reaching for him. Louis walked over to her and looked at her with his guilty eyes. "Honey you can't blame it on yourself, maybe it not you," Annie told him.

    Louis running his fingers into his hair, "Who else wanted to do this to you other than me?"

    Annie is silenced. It's true, why would anyone want to poison her? She pulled Louis hand away from his face. She smiled warmly at him to ease his guilt, "Dr. Lau said he is not sure about the powder. Maybe it not even the drug. Maybe I'm just too tired and lack of sleep." She gently felt her husband cheek, "Don't blame everything on yourself. It's not good for you. Please?"

    Her husband nodded making Annie smiled warmly at him and snuggled herself close to him. Louis arms are wrapped around Annie cozily with his eyes starting to fill with tears, "I'm sorry."

    Shaking her head, Annie took in a breath with her eyes shut to relax on her husband. This morning is a bit too much for her to go through. Louis felt himself being worthless and uncontrollable. He is fearful about himself, the more he ponder about the dessert bowl the more he suspected himself. It frightful to think that he can't control himself from harming Annie. And that he won't know what he will do next. He is afraid that one day he would goes too far and ends up being the one that kill Annie. Louis shook his head with that thought. He released Annie hug and looked at her straight in the eyes before he stood up and stormed away.

    "LOUIS!!" Annie shouted after him. He didn't turn back and just stormed out of the room and out of the house. He needed air to get away from all of this fear. He needed to protect Annie by getting himself away. He don't want to give himself a chance to hurt her again. Annie knows that he is running away cause he loved her. She knows that he is afraid, she knows that he is scare of himself. She knows that he loved her a lot by the last look of his fearful eyes filled with worry before he ran away.

    Annie eyes welled with tears worrying about Louis and also cause she felt the love he have for her. Annie finally let her emotion run and cried with her head digs into her pillow. Why must the sky be so cruel to them? Why must they take away her perfect dream? Why must Louis have this flaw? She questioned with her heart feeling unfair and unjust.

    Meanwhile, Frankie, Kenix, and Steven were stunned seeing Louis stormed out of the house. They quickly headed to Annie room to check on her. Frankie worriedly heading over to Annie, "Annie what just happened? Did he mistreat you?"

    "GET OUT!! I want all of you out! Leave me alone!" Annie shouted with frustration and stress. She don't like it when they keep thinking that Louis mistreat her. She wanted some room to cry and get her emotional self straighten out. Kenix sited on her bed and rubbing her back soothingly trying to help her.

    "Did he hit you?!" Frankie angrily persisted, to him there is no other explanation other then this.

    Steven nodded to Frankie suggestion, "Annie, we are here to help you. You don't have to be afraid of him!"

    Hissed loudly with her eyes fiercely turned to darted at the two men, Annie exploded at them with anger, "For the last time, Louis never hurt me!! He didn't beat me! He didn't abuse me! He loves me!" Her voice softened, "He loves me very much... Don't you guy understand?" The three looked at her with blank face, they didn't expect her to explode like this. Annie bit her lower lip with tears streaming down her cheek, "And I love him too..." she whispered more to herself than to them and sniffed her tears away. "You guys won't understand how much we been through. Just leave us alone," she lies back down on her bed and turned to look out the balcony door with her back facing them. "I'm fine. Sorry I didn't mean to yell. Please just get out, I want to be quiet for awhile," she softly requested with her weary voice.

    Kenix nodded with her concern eyes still on Annie back, "Alright. Annie we just care about you. Please don't think that we trying to mind your business." Annie nodded, she know that they worry about her. But she really wanted to solve her problem between herself and her husband alone. "Don't stress yourself too much; is not healthy for the baby. If you need anything or someone to talk to, I'll be around," Kenix caring voice stated.

    Sniffed, Annie nodded again. Kenix stood up and walked to her husband and hooked his arms. They looked at Annie worriedly, how could they not worry seeing her in this state? Kenix nudged the two men to head out with her. The room is left to silent again with only Annie little sniffling sound of sobbing. She is wondering where her husband is now.

    A month has passed by since the time Louis threatens to kill Annie. After that time, Louis purposely avoided Annie by going to work early and returning home really late. He know that he should be there for Annie cause she is pregnant and needed support, but he don't trust himself enough to stay home. What if he switch again and this time he went too far? He rather sees Annie less, than to harm her in anyway. The last incident of him wanting to kill Annie and the drug problem, has scared him enough to bring him fearful nightmare of losing both Annie and the unborn child. He didn't dare to see Annie or get close to her. He purposely head home late in the middle of the night and would sleep in his study room sofa instead of next to Annie on their comfy bed.

    Annie missed Louis a lot now, since he is not home when she is awake, it felt just like how they use to be. She is depressed by the fact that they have to do this to themselves just for her safety sake. She wanted her husband to be by her and love her like how they have been couple weeks ago. Now the house seems so different without Louis around to comfort her and talk to her. How she wishes so much that none of the stuff has happened that day.

    Even though Louis has avoided Annie, Annie still manages to see her husband once a day. She would pretend to be asleep and wait till she heard Louis return and walked off to sleep in the study room. She would wait till he fall asleep before she sneak over to look at him and to just sit by him for a while before she go back to sleep. She know that Louis will get mad if he notice that she has come to see him each night. It really tiring to her to stay up late just to see him, but she rather sleep in the morning and be by his side at night.

    Louis startled by his dream and notice that Annie is sited on the floor leaning herself on the side of the sofa that he is sleeping on and her head was rested on his chest with her folded arms under her head. She has fallen asleep while she thought she could be awake to watch him sleep. Louis sighed, he missed his wife so much too. But what other way is there? He gently lifted his hand to felt Annie face. His heart felt so stiffen with emotion and love for her, he long to be by her side and support her through her pregnancy. She is now six and a half months into her pregnancy.

    Caressingly, Louis whispered with only his lip moved slightly, "I love you." He swallowed and took in a breath, reminding himself not to give in. Louis gently lifted Annie arms and head to sit himself upright. And he lifted Annie off the floor to carry her back to their room. During the way, Annie eyes sleepily fluttered open to met her husband opened dark brown eyes under the minimal dim light of the hallway, she missed seeing his handsome sharp eyes so much.

    "I miss you," Annie softly whispered with her half asleep voice. She lean in closer to her husband chest to snuggle herself cozily on him. Louis heard her voice and looked down at her with his sad face. Annie knows that he do miss her too, but he is not going to show it. Louis put her down on the bed and pulled the comforter to cover her up, during the process Annie eyes are glued to the dark shadow of her husband at all time. Louis pecked her forehead and without a word he turned to head out, but Annie firmly interlocked her fingers with his before he is able to walk away.

    "I don't want you to avoid me like this," her soft pleading voice echoed into the large silent room. "Please stay," she requested. Annie waited patiently for her husband respond. Suddenly, she felt the baby kicked her, so she quickly place his hand on her belly, hoping that the baby can weaken his stubborn settled heart.

    The baby kicked against the abdominal wall of Annie belly again, the soft pressed pressure send a very warm sensation onto Louis palm. Louis turned to Annie and beamed at her belly with their hand pressed against it, he really felt the strong kick of the baby for the first time. A small smile creeps up his face, "How long has it been?"

    Annie smiled in relief that he willing to talk to her, "Since two days ago. Our own child, Louis," Annie reminded her husband with her eyes beamed at him, "I need you. Can't you at least sleep by me at night? It's hard to not see you in the morning already."

    Louis warm firm hand soothingly stroked Annie belly with love, "I need you too Annie." His lip slightly curve and he nodded. Annie smiled widely with gratefulness. Louis lies down in bed next to her and cuddled her to sleep. She hasn't felt this secure for a month already.


    It's been a long time
    Since you've left me
    I didn't mean to make you cry
    I didn't mean to disappoint you
    I didn't mean to tell you lies
    And after all that we have been through
    Won't you let me tell you why

    One more try
    I didn't know how much I loved you
    One more try
    Let me put my arms around you
    Living all this lonely nights without you
    Oh, baby
    Can we give it one more try

    It's been a long time
    Since I've kissed you
    And I always used to feel so good
    And if you knew how much I missed you
    If you forgive me
    If you could
    And now that we have found each other
    Can we give it one more try
    (One more try)

    One more try
    I didn't know how much I loved you
    One more try
    Let me put my arms around you
    Living all this lonely nights without you
    Oh, baby
    Can we give it one more try

    And after all that we have been through
    Won't you let me tell you why

    And now that we have found each other
    Can we give it one more try
    (One more try)

    One more try
    I didn't know how much I loved you
    One more try
    Let me put my arms around you
    Living all this lonely nights without you
    Oh, baby
    Can we give it one more try

    ...Oh, girl
    You know I love you
    I just want you to know
    Our love are always treasure
    So, please just don't let me go...
    ---Timmy T.

    What bother Louis and Annie most for the past month is that, it seem like Annie is getting stronger and healthier after the month that Louis avoided her totally. That made them leaning toward the conclusion that Louis is the one that added something extra to the dessert. And it seem like avoiding is the safest way to ensure Annie safety, so Louis continue to avoid her during the day time and only allow himself to sleep by Annie side at night. But what they didn't know is that the person that was behind this, know that they are suspecting the drug in the dessert, so he didn't dare to continue adding the drug anymore. Plus Annie has been really careful checking her dessert bowl for that faint whitish blue powder. She even insists on cooking herself.

    During the month, Frankie, Kenix, Steven, and baby Kevin was going to move out like their original plan after staying at Louis mansion for so long. But the owner of the flat that they decide to rent, has decides to fix up the flat a bit and rise the rent. Both Frankie and Steven is fine with the rent being rise a bit and getting a better home, but this also mean that they have to bother Louis and Annie for a while longer. Both Frankie and Steven are starting to not feel welcomed to the mansion any longer cause Annie seldom get out of the room and since Louis hardly ever around any longer. They just don't understand what is up with Annie and Louis. Maybe it because of them that giving Louis and Annie too much trouble and argument, they all thought and decide that it benefit if they move out as soon as possible and return the peaceful mansion back to the husband and wife.

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    Poor Louis and Annie <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> I hope Louis can recover from his sickness soon. It's too painful to see him and Annie like this. Stephen IS the one who poison Annie. Why is he so evil? Is he THAT loyal to Louis?! I still don't know who it was that hit Louis on the back when he was strangling Helen <IMG SRC="smilies/confused.gif" border="0">What happen to Julian? How did he die? Did he really die? Update soon!!!

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    Stephen is such a creep, I know that this is really mean of me to say but, I hope he dies a painful death!! I wish Louis could get better, he and Annie deserve to be together, Is Annie going to be able to keep her baby?

    Sorry I've missed the last couple updates I've been very busy!

    Well anyway, update soon!

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    jeh: So many questions. I hate it when I want to answer but have to hold back <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> Same old saying, you have to wait to find out <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I'm happy to hear your thought though <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> Ah, as for Stephen being loyal: To a certain extend, he is extremely loyal to Louis, but if Louis crosses him too, then there will be problem. hehehe

    ccsakura: Okay, I'll remember, painful death right??? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I know, I've created a monster <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> You'll hate him more when you finish the next chapter.

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    Chapter 45: Devil Sin

    Warning: a bit rated R.

    Another month and a half passed by quietly, with Louis being away. But at least Annie still have Frankie, Kenix, and Steven to talk with her, but in almost one more month they will be moving out to their new rented flat, then the entire house will be empty and silent again leaving only Annie and her servants. She wishes so much that, that day will never come, but she know she can't hold them back from moving out. Good thing she won't be lonely for long cause a month after they leave, she will have her own baby to keep her busy.

    Annie sense that both Frankie and Steven being angry at Louis cause of that incident over two months ago. And she knows that they are disappointed in her for being protective toward her husband. Annie felt like they don't want to live in this house anymore cause they are fearful of Louis, she wanted to explain to them, but worry that they wouldn't understand Louis condition, actually she, herself still don't fully understand her husband symptoms.

    Maybe it's a good thing that they are moving out soon, Annie thought. At least she can get the house back to herself and Louis like how they use to be. But it don't really matter since Louis don't return early anymore. Annie also thinks that it will be easier for her to help her husband if no one is around to disturb them. She wanted to solve the nightmare that her husband mind harbor. Annie has confidents that one day her husband will be cure and like fairytale they could live happily ever after with their baby. Every time when she think about her husband and her unborn daughter, a sweet smile will hung on her face and she would gently stroke her abdominal.

    The doctor has told her to be more stabilize and stay in bed as much as possible since it getting closer to her due date. Also because she felt drained most of the time, and she easily faint due to her weak health, so the doctor advise her to stay bed bond. At first Annie is not too use to being in bed at all time with nothing to do and Louis being absent. Good things for Kenix to come in to chat with her often.

    And when there is nothing else to entertain her, Annie usually go to sleeps and get a lot of sleep during the day so she can purposely stay up late to watch her husband sleep in the middle of the night. Louis would scold her when he notice her still awake, cause she suppose to sleep more at least for the baby sake. So Annie learn to pretend she is asleep until Louis is asleep, then she will open her eyes to just stare at him. She just love the feeling of being by his side and being able to be with him. Annie would snuggle herself close to her husband cozily. And sometime Louis is awake but he pretend to be asleep to see what his wife would do. A smile always creeps up his face when he felt Annie snuggled against him to sleep.

    It is two in the afternoon now, and Annie is sited upright on her bed leaning against the headboard. She is learning how to knit baby hat, socks, mitt, and also a scarf for Louis. Annie yawned and looked out the balcony window seeing the beautiful bright field of melting snow revealing the yellow grass that will soon turn green. It is mid February now and the baby will be born in the end of April, just two more months Annie remind herself while she gently felt her baby kicking. She always felt joyful to feel the baby movement, cause it give her a sense of completion for being a mother. She is excited for the baby arrival, and so is Louis.

    Louis has asked Stephen to clear out the nearest room to their master bedroom and remodel it to a nursery. He has shopped for lots of baby stuff to fill the room when he gets home late at night. Annie would get surprise all the time when she walked over in the morning to see what Louis has done.

    The room is decorated in powder pink, since Annie has mention so many times that it will be a girl. Louis has bought nursery wallpaper to put up himself in the middle of the night, which Annie has sneakily watch him at work without him noticing. Annie just loves the way Louis been all work up about the baby cause it show how much he care for her and the unborn child of theirs. Even though he is not home in the morning to support her, but she felt his love being present.

    The nursery is now ready for the baby arrival, it has the most pretty white crib in town and a rocking chair for Annie. Annie just loves it and she felt warm and touched every time she visit it. The nursery just get her excited every time she step in to have a look or to check out what her husband has added during the night. But sometime seeing how pretty and prepare the nursery room is made her felt scare and worry that it won't get used. The more everyone is being happy and excited for her baby arrival, the more it made Annie worry that she will disappoint them; especially her husband Louis. She just hopes that nothing will happen to the baby and herself.

    As the days getting closer, Annie is also feeling more anxious and nervous about the childbirth process. She has heard many experience mothers complaining about the pain, and it starting to make her feel the fear about going through it. But the pain is not her most worst nightmare, what she really worry is that she can't make it through and have to leave her husband and baby behind, like how Ada has. All Annie really wanted is to at least have one look at her baby face before she really has to go, then she will have no regret left in her life. The more she think about the due date getting close the more she felt her heart heaved missing Louis. It's also the reason why she wanted to see him more at night. And in the morning, she spends time in the nursery cause she wants to feel the mother-child warmth that she might not be able to experience.

    For the past months she has also dream of B-jai very often. She is getting to know B-jai more and felt like he is a son to her. B-jai has insisted that they use his room as the nursery for Annie's baby but of course it impossible, since Louis is not willing to unlock the room. B-jai also has reminded Annie many times to name the baby Annie too. Annie didn't want to disappoint him so she lies that she will. In fact, Louis and Annie have decided to name the baby girl Eve, and if by chance it being a boy it will be Ivan.

    A knock is on the door snapping Annie back to reality instead of her day dreaming of the future with the baby. Annie attention turned over toward the door curiously, "Come in." She picked up on her knitting again. The door opens with Steven walking in with Kevin in his arms. Annie smiled brightly at the six months old that is turning his head curiously studying the stimulation from his surrounding while he babbled to himself with arms reaching out. He is learning to sit by himself but not quite there yet. Annie couldn't help herself from giggling at the child that usually laugh when anyone said the word 'cutie'. She just can't wait till her baby is born too.

    "Have a seat Steven," Annie politely insisted her childhood friend. She set down her half knitted baby vest and reaches her pair of hands toward Kevin, "Come to aunty cutie." Steven chuckled at Annie and lifted the smiling Kevin over to her. Annie cuddled Kevin warmly with her sweet smile, while the baby hand reaching to grab her hair. His round eyes are sharp and vividly staring at Annie's hair. He just kept babbling as he tugged on Annie's hair. "I'll miss you so much when you move out in less than a month," Annie said as she made a puppy face at the baby, "Right cutie pie?" The baby chuckled, making her chuckle along with him.

    Softly, Steven chuckled at Annie with his eye looking at her sweetness and kindness. He studies Annie silently wondering how Louis really treats her, since he hardly home anymore. Louis is not even home in the weekend, which bothers Steven a lot, thinking that Louis is neglecting Annie. He cleared his throat, "Annie."

    The mother to be turns her attention to Steven, "Hm? Oh did Frankie and Kenix went out?"

    "Yeah, they taking care of painting the store. Anyway, Annie I wanted to have a serious talk with you," Steven serious voice said. Annie nodded with her attention unmoved until Kevin pulled on the tip of her hair, she turn to make a face at the baby while the baby blabbed with his round eyes on her. Steven couldn't help himself for having feeling for Annie, especially since she is so loving and caring to Kevin. His hand reached toward Annie hand and grabs it. Annie felt his intension and swiftly slipped her hand away with a bit of awkwardness.

    Smiled weakly, Annie quickly make up an excuse for his action, "You want Kevin back huh?" She lifted Kevin up returning the baby back to Steven.

    With a lonely sigh, Steven murmured under his breath, "No." Annie could hear him, but she pretends she didn't. He looked at Annie seriously, "I'm sorry Annie. I just felt so warm from you and it brings back memories of how we were before."

    After hearing what Steven trying to hint, Annie arms weakened and dropped Kevin down on the bed in front of her to play with him instead. She looked at Steven with a friendly smile, "Like you say it memories and nothing more," she calmly stated hoping that Steven get the clue that it can't be reversible.

    "It can be more," Steven persisted with his hand quickly holding her hand again.

    Feeling uncomfortable by Steven tight grip, Annie tries to slip her hand away but he just tightened his grip on her. "Steven," Annie warned while she tries to remove her hand with more force but he firmly holds it still.

    The man that have loved her since childhood pulled out a wooden charm from his pocket and held it in front of Annie, "You remember this?"

    It is a wooden charm that Annie curved into a heart and gave to him when she was eight. Back then Steven saved her from drowning cause of the water buffalo that dragged her into the river when she take it there for a drink. From that day on, Annie has think of Steven as her hero and started to have a crush on him, but everything has changed after she met Louis by the pigpen. Annie eyes stare at the charm with a bit of feeling, but it only in the past and nothing more.

    Seeing her soft steady eyes on the charm, Steven swallowed before he speaks up, "I have kept it by my side all along Annie. It a symbol of our love, remember?" He sighed, "I still love you Annie, I have always love you and never forgotten about you. If you would give me a chance we can start over again."

    Annie eyes widen in disbelief that he would say such things, have he think of her feeling? Have he think of Ada? She pushed his hand away forcefully and finally got her hand back. Her voice is serious and filled with a bit of disappointed anger, "Steven we can never start over. You have your family and I have mine."

    With sincere eyes on her, Steven shakes his head, "If you worry about the baby you are having, I don't mind. I'll love him or her as my own."

    Quickly, Annie picked Kevin up and place him in Steven arms, "You must have misunderstands me Steven. I have never think of starting over again after the day I married to Louis. I'm sorry, maybe it because I'm always helping you with Kevin that I'm giving you the wrong impression. I really didn't mean anything more, other then helping a long best friend with his son." She paused and sees Steven stare at her with still eyes. "I'm sorry, I know you love me and I use to love you too, but this is in the past and we can't change anything."

    Steven genuine eyes is motionlessly staring into Annie eyes, still seeing the Annie that grew up with him and being his girlfriend. "Yes we can Annie. I love you. We can move back to our village and buy a small plot of land like how we have always plans. You'll be home with the children while I'll work on the farm. We'll be happy just like how we use to be," Steven warm voice promised. He looked at Annie sincerely, "I remember that you promise to make me those colorful desserts for the rest of my life."

    Annie looked at him seriously with her confirming soft voice, "Steven, I love Louis. I'll never leave him and the child in me is his. And she will only call Louis father. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Steven we can only be friend, let not make thing too complicated." Annie gently rejected his suggestion about running away with him.

    Her ex-boyfriend sighed with a bit of anger, "He is not worth it for you to love, he almost kill you Annie."

    Immediately Annie face darkens a bit. "Louis didn't do it on purpose," she reminded him with warning eyes telling him not to step over the line with his words.

    Jealously, Steven stare at Annie with disappointment, "Stop defending him Annie. He don't even care to be home for you. You going to have a baby soon, and where were he for the past two months? He don't care for you and the baby, he is neglecting you Annie. Don't make yourself suffer cause of him, you can have better live. I'll love you. I'll cherish you. You know that."

    Tired, Annie rolled her eyes at him irritatingly, "Steven for the last time, Louis love me dearly. I know it. I feel it. He cares. In fact he care too much, that is why he hasn't been around. I know you won't understand, but all you need to know is that I love him and he loves me, and you are suppose to love Ada and Kevin. Not me." With disappointment, Annie sighed at Steven suggestion, "I'm tired Steven, why don't you let me rest for a while." Annie lies down and turn her back to face him.

    "I know you are disappointed that I married Ada so quickly, but both Ada and me know that our marriage has no love in it. Ada knows I loved you and only you, I know she understand and has never blame me," Steven tries to explain his reason for his marriage.

    Without turning to face him, Annie angry voice asked in disbelief, "How could you be so selfish? Have you think of Ada feeling? If she don't love you she have no reason to agree to the marriage. How could you treat her like this? If you married her, you have to love her. And do you know how difficult it is to carry a baby? Don't forget that she is the one that give you Kevin. How could you be so selfish?"

    Annie paused for a moment before she asked softly, "Have you think of my feeling? I'm Louis wife and I'm going to be a mother very soon. You are telling me to run away with you and leaving my husband. You're telling me to be unfaithful." She wetted her lip, "I really love Louis and I'll never do such a thing to him. Even if I don't love him, I would never run away with you. Steven you have disappoint me. I would think you understand me more than this. If you know me well, you will know that I'll never think of being unfaithful to my husband."

    Sadly, Steven head dropped, "But I really love you Annie, in couple more weeks I'll move out and if you wanted to you can always come with me and I promise I'll cherish you and give you a happy life." Annie shuts her eyes, seem like Steven didn't heard a word she said to him. Either that or he is just trying to deny it. Steven continues, "It betters than living here with a husband that only returns each night at one and leave each morning at seven." Annie shut her eyes tighter trying to ignore him. She understands why Louis is absent. Steven getting up from his chair, "Think about it, I'll wait for your reply." With his last word, Steven walked out with Kevin.

    The butler, Stephen who has been keeping a close eye at them has heard the entire conversation. He is glad to heard Annie dejecting Steven like that, but he is still not too fond of Steven. Stephen eyes followed his mistress ex-boyfriend, who didn't see him standing on the side of the hallway, with his fist clenched and his eyes full of displease. Stephen turned to gaze through the small crack of the door opening into the room seeing Annie figure lies on the bed.

    Stephen whispered softly to himself while his eyes still glued to the outline of Annie on the bed, "You're the one who made me do it." His eyes motionlessly stare at Annie with his mind carrying him back through time. Annie has triggered his memories of Helen.

    He remembers it being a late moon festival of 1917. The mansion is pretty empty leaving only him, other servant, his Yee Seeu Lie, and young Saam Seeu, Raymond. The mansion is pretty quiet since everyone that is home is asleep. A loud knock was on the door of the Koo's family mansion. At that time he was in his room changing getting ready for bed, but he headed out cause of the knock. When he walked out he saw Helen has already opened the door to let the person in. It was Julian who is half drunk leaning on Helen with his arms swing around her waist pulling her closer. Stephen walked closer to them but far enough to just observe.

    The drunken man shook his head to clear his mind as he shouted, "Helen! I know you love me!"

    Helen rolled her eyes at her and her husband best friend, "Julian, you are drunk." Her hand is trying to remove his firm hand away from her waist.

    Letting go of her, Julian wobbly headed to sit on the sofa of Louis parent home. "Why do you have to deny it? It just only hurt all three of us. You know that you don't love Louis anymore, but you still won't accept the fact," the broken hearted man stated half consciously.

    Walked to squat in front of him, Helen looked at him with soft eyes, "I'm sorry. It won't happen between us. I'm married."

    Julian looked at her with serious eyes that are heaved with longing to be with her, "So? Does one marriage paper really weight that much? You know it's a mistake to married him, do you really have to continue to make your mistake for the rest of your life?" His hand softly felt her cheek lovingly, Helen eyes is welled with tears. "I'll love you with all of my heart," Julian promised.

    She knows she has developed feeling for Julian over the past year that he stays at the Koo. But she is a faithful wife that never wants to do anything bad to ruin her husband reputation. Helen wiped her tears and shook her head at his offer, "Louis is my husband, I can't betray him. We made a vow to love each other."

    Swallowed, Julian face is redden cause of the alcohol, "But your heart don't belong with him anymore, and you know it. I know you have feeling for me too or else you wouldn't cry." He lean his head closer to Helen. Helen wanted to back off but his eyes have captivated hers and she felt rooted in position.

    Couple feet behind, Stephen fist has tightened with whiten knuckle, his face is darkened with fierce eyes flaming with fire. Julian kissed Helen softly on the lip and she actually felt the warmth tingling sensation that made her heart beating faster, the loving feeling that she has lost with Louis over the year is found on Julian. Her mind and heart has weakens her to give in and return Julian kiss back.

    They shared a passionate kiss while Stephen anger is boiling up with hatred toward his mistress. 'How could she?! How could she dare to betray Yee Seeu?! How could she be such a ****s and unfaithful wife to lure other man?! How could she be so lustful and intimate with another man?!' the butler angry mind questioned. He is hissing softly to himself, he is going to teach her a lesson, he told himself with his angry still eyes on the back of both of them that are still sharing a fervor kiss. Stephen soundlessly headed to get something and disappeared leaving the two to continue.

    With eyes opened widely, Helen just notice what she is doing, she quickly pushed Julian away and stood up. Her eyes are stare at Julian with a loving feeling, but she quickly avoids any eyes contact with him. She felt horribly guilty for doing this to Louis. "It didn't happen," she told Julian before she stormed out the house to cool down in the cold air.

    Julian knows that she love him, and he also knows that Louis is what making all three of them suffer. He pounded his aching forehead wondering how he got himself into this mess. Louis is his best friend! How could he let himself love Helen?! But when it comes to love, nothing is as clear cuts as it should be. He walked away heading to his guestroom which is at the main level.

    After a couple of minutes out in the cold front porch of the mansion, Helen felt her heart rate slowed down so she headed back into the house, seeing Julian has headed back to his room, she felt more relief. How could she kiss Julian? Was the only question in her mind, she felt guilty and just wishes its never happen. Slowly she walked up to the second level heading to Louis and her room which is at the east side while Raymond is the only Koo's family member home sleeping in his room which is located on the west side. All the servants sleep downstairs far away from their master bedrooms.

    Helen head dropped toward the floor guiltily as she walked toward her room and slowly open the doorknob to go back to her writing on the diary. She stepped in her room and turn around to shut the door, but suddenly a long scarf is throws around her mouth and someone behind her is tightening it and tying a knot to cover her mouth totally. She struggle with the person and finally got a clear view of him.

    Frightfully, her eyes widened with fear cause she could see the unpleasant mean in his eyes. She wanted to shout for help but her voice is muffle by the scarf. She struggle with him and try to get herself away but he is far too strong for her, with one forceful jerk he dragging her to the bed. Helen arms swinging and her hand trying to grab hold of the scarf to remove it so she can cry out for help! Stephen grabs hold of her wrist and twisted her arms back behind her and held it firmly still.

    He leaned closer to Helen, she felt his breath on her neck making her heart pounded with fear with her eyes dilated horrifyingly at him. He whispered coldly with his icy tone into Helen left ear, "I'll teach you a lesson that you will remember." Helen kept her head shaking with her heart pounding in panic, knowing what he wanted to do to her. She has known all along that Stephen have a burning flame for her for many years. She stomped her foot with full force onto his but it didn't bother him at all, he just forcefully throw her to the bed and climb in himself. Helen hand quickly swings toward him to punch him but he grab hold of both of her wrist and pinned it down to the bed. He could see that she is pleading him through her eyes, but cruel he ignore her beg for mercy. He pulled her hands together and ties it tightly.

    Stephen grab her jaw tightly and bitterly said in his soft deep voice, "You bring this to yourself. Don't blame me this is your fault." His cold voice echoed into Helen heart as she tries to push him away by kicking him, but he has pinned her down and starting to remove her robe, which is on top of her nightgown. "How could you change your heart twice?" he asked with his eyes beaming on her with hatred. "You told me that you won't give me a chance cause you loved Yee Seeu, but you lies! You never loved Yee Seeu. You know how much I have always cares for you! Do you remember how much I have done for you?"

    Barbarically, he lean down to kiss her neck making Helen shut her eyes with a shiver. He continued to reason with her in his angry tone, "But I let go cause you said you love Yee Seeu. How could you lies?! If you didn't lie, how could you change your heart so quickly?" Helen kept shaking her head with tears streaming down. With rage dominated his mind, the servant hissed at her with his blazing eyes and pulled her robe off. He is going after her nightgown wanting to tear it off too.

    "Don't lie Helen, I saw you kissing him downstairs. I saw how much you enjoy kissing him. Why have you become so lustful? How could you betray Yee Seeu and me? How could you kiss him in front of me?" he leaned in to kiss her roughly while his hand manipulated to remove her nightgown. Helen legs tries to kick him away, he darted at her with anger and pressed his body against hers, tears streamed down Helen cheek uncontrollably as she kept shaking her head pleading him to stop and don't do it...

    After satisfying himself, Stephen finally releases her and straightens himself up. Helen quickly gathered herself and scooted herself far away from that devil. She hugged herself tightly with tears washing her face. She felt contaminated, she felt it was her own fault, she felt like she betrayed Louis, she felt unworthy of her husband love anymore. Her eyes stare at Stephen with hatred but she couldn't control herself from trembling with guilt and felt herself being a trash.

    "Don't you dare do it again," Stephen warned her in his cold bitter voice. "It's up to you to tell Yee Seeu. I told you already, you bring this upon yourself. I'll explain to Yee Seeu that you are the one who seduce me to do this to you. Tai Tai will believe me, she knows that you wanted to have an affair with Mr. Cheung, she know what a ****s you are. Oh Helen, don't forget about the Koo's family rule, I don't mind dying with you in a pig cage, I'm only a servant. But you are different, everyone will know what a sinful ****s you are to seduce your servant to sleep with you," he let out a wicked slight grin with dark eyes glared at her. He then walked out of the room leaving Helen behind.

    Tightly rolled into a ball, Helen cried loudly hugging herself tightly feeling hopeless and dirty. She don't know what to do about this, she is fearful to what will happen if she tell anyone about it. She fear that people won't believe what she say and ended up labeling her as a ****s like what Stephen has stated. She also fear that her husband won't want her anymore if he know she been rape. She fears that she will soil Louis reputation if word got out that she slept with their servant. But most of all she don't know how to face Louis any longer. She hated Stephen but she also hated herself. Somehow she can't help blaming herself for this to happen. Only if she would of stay away from Julian, then nothing will happen. Only if she would push Julian away when he kiss her.

    The more she think and remember what just happened the more Helen cried hopelessly lost to what she could do. She continues to cries for a long while before she could gather herself and head toward the desk to look at her diary. Tears flowed out of her pairs of eyes soaking the diary pages. She has decides to end her own life to clean her name and not ruin Louis name. Her hand shakily grabs the pen that she was writing with earlier, she wanted to explain to Louis why she committed suicide. But she could only scribble a couple sorry on the diary and don't know how to continue on, she started to break down in tears on the diary that was meant to be share between her and Louis. But how is she going to share the fact that she been rape? She didn't want her husband to think she is dirty even after she died. Therefore she leaves the diary blank with only her tears and apology.

    Helen looked toward the table lamp and forcefully grabs it and throws it against the wall shattering the antique ceramic lamp into pieces. The loud sound alerted Stephen, he headed out of his room and saw Julian running up urgently, so he followed behind to observe. Julian who has just finished his shower and rushed out after hearing the loud sound coming from upstairs. When Julian rushed in seeing Helen about to cut her own wrist with the broken ceramic, he quickly grabs the ceramic in her hand and throws it away. He don't understand what happen and why Helen nightgown is torn revealing her shoulder.

    "Are you crazy?!!" he shouted at her for trying to commit suicide. Helen eyes slowly lift to see him and tears are drowning her pairs of redden puffy eyes. She felt worthless and deserve to die seeing herself as a ****. And seeing Julian just bring her more tears, she cried loudly as she lean to him hugging him tightly snuggling herself on him for comfort and protection. Julian is puzzled seeing her pale face and lips. And how her body is trembling. He notices the faint pink band around her mouth. His hand rubbing her back soothingly trying to stop her crying, "Shh..what happen?"

    "That bastard!" Helen repeated over and over with her teary voice. "He..he..he rape me...." her voice trailed off with tears and cried loudly again.

    Julian eyes widened with his face paled a bit. He firmly remove Helen to exam her looking for sign of battery. "Who?!!" Julian angrily demanded for a name. He saw her wrist bruised. "Who did this to you?!" he shouted at her with his aching heart seeing her suffer.

    "Stephen!" Helen cried with pain of suffering. She quickly grabs another piece of the broken ceramic. But Julian firmly holds onto the ceramic not letting her take her life. "Let me die, Julian! I don't want to face Louis! I don't know how to face him! I don't want him to know..." Helen stated between sob. Julian quickly gathered her into his arms to hug her tightly. "I don't want to live Jule...I don't want to live! Louis won't want me anymore......I'm not pure anymore... What am I going to do?" Helen murmured hopelessly. She can't imagine how Louis will react to this.

    "That bastard!" Julian scolded with rage. He hissed with anger boiling uncontrollably, "That bastard! He is going to pay for this!" With his fist tightened, he reassured, "Don't worry, I'm making him pay!"

    Worried, Helen pulled him back before he have a chance to rush away, "Don't!" she begged.

    Julian eyes widen on her confusedly, "What you mean don't?!"

    "I don't want this to spread..." Helen explained in her teary voice, "I don't want everyone to know that I been..." she cried and Julian hugged her tightly to comfort her. "I just don't want everyone to see me as a...a...****." She rubbed her eyes on Julian pajamas.

    During her age it was usually consider as the female fault when they get rape, one way or the other they will get blame for luring the rapist. And everyone will see her as a **** that asks for it. It stills a very male dominated world during the 1917, and especially with the strict tradition of faithfulness being in question. Usually the ending of the punishment is to kill off the rapist by hanging him. But the victim will suffer through out her life having the citizen view her as an outcast, a worldly woman that is easy and no longer pure by heart and no longer worthy. And usually the victim will get divorced by her husband cause no one is willing to accept a contaminated wife.

    Helen don't want to be viewed as a ****, she rather die then to have everyone put her down for the rest of her life. She also fear that Stephen will make it sound like it was her that seduced him and like what Stephen has reminded her, the Koo's family rule for adultery is getting drown in a pig cage along with the male counterpart. Either way she will get label by everyone as a **** and soil her family name and Louis name.

    Stephen, who is at the door with his cold set of eyes beamed in, silently observes them. Suddenly, he heard footstep coming so he quickly stepped into another room. A twelve year olds boy walked toward the noise sleepily and stopped with his eyes widen at the image ahead. His eyes are disbelieving what he is witnessing. He saw his second sister-in-law being very revealing with only her nightgown and hugging Julian who is in his pajamas.

    He felt his voice lost with anger and disappointment toward his most respected sister. He grew up with Helen and has called her by third sister since she is like an adopt daughter of his parents. "Saam Jie (third sister) what are you doing?" his voice echoed into the sobbing room that is quickly silenced by his voice. Both Julian and Helen turn to look at him with theirs widen eyes of surprise. Stephen who has opened a crack of the doorway peeked at the boy with a grin. This is just too good he thought. Even the sky has help him find a way to punish them. "How could you?!" shouted the naive minded boy before he running away.

    Quickly gotten up, Julian ran after him and holds him firmly still. "It not what you think Raymond!" Julian loudly tries to explain.

    Stare at him and back to Helen, Raymond asked in anger, "Then what?! Stephen has always told us that you and Saam Jie are having an affair! I never believe it, but I saw it with my own eyes this time! Why would you be in here instead of sleeping?! It one in the middle of the night! And Saam Jie" he can't go on about Helen being half naked.

    Helen shakes her head while she quickly pulled a robe to cover herself up. "We didn't do anything Raymond! Stephen raped me!" Helen exclaimed. Raymond silenced a while with confusion.

    Stephen walked out and headed to the room pretending he just got there. He looked at Helen and Julian with his surprised expression, "What happen?"

    The young twelve years old Raymond turned around to see Stephen at the door, he study Stephen and Stephen look like he just waken up. Raymond can't see that Stephen is the rapist, he has know Stephen ever since he is born. To him Stephen is a very loyal and disciplined servant that would definitely not do such a thing. Raymond turned to look at Julian and Helen with confusion. Both Helen and Julian eyes darted at Stephen with hatred.

    Seeing Stephen stand there with his innocent expression bring burning fire to Julian eyes. He quickly rushed to punch Stephen on the face but Stephen blocked it in time. "You bastard! How dare you lay hand on her?!" Julian inflamingly scolded. Helen started to cried as she thinks back of what just happened. Raymond is confuses to all of this and just too puzzle. He don't know which side to take or trust.

    Shoved Julian away, Stephen punched him on the eyes. "I don't know what you are talking about! Stop it!" he warned with a glimpse of evil in his eyes. He relaxed his face muscle before he turn to face Raymond. "Siu Seeu Yeeh (youngest master) what is going on?"

    Stephen innocent eyes has worked on Raymond, who is too young and has naively believe that Stephen just woken up by the noise like how he is. Raymond looked at Helen, she is a sister to him, he don't want to spill out what she is doing with Julian. Somehow Raymond has lost all his respect for his Saam Jie, he can't believe that Helen would betray his brother like this. Stephen nudged him for an answer. If Raymond is willing to point out that Julian and Helen is having an affair, then Mr. and Mrs. Koo can punish them according to the family rule and the law, which is exactly what Stephen wanted.

    The impatient servant urged for an answer out of Raymond, "Siu Seeu Yeah."

    Raymond is silent with his eyes stare at Helen motionlessly trying to figure out what is happening. He believe that she is having an affair with Julian, at least it look like it. But he know the consequent that will bring Helen for adultery and he don't want her to suffer through it, he don't want her to die. Raymond swallowed and shakes his head, "Nothing," he shouted his answer loudly. He felt like he betrayed Louis for covering up for them. Raymond quickly turns and run away back to his room and slammed the door shut loudly echoing through out the house. Stephen smiled evilly at the other two who wanted to lay hands on him.

    Stephen stepped up to Helen who has darted at him with fierce burning eyes, "You are lucky after all." He whispers with his eye beamed at Julian, "Remember to be faithful. Goodnight Saam Siu Jei." His cold tone filled the room before he turn around to leave.

    Helen hand swiftly grabs a piece of the broken ceramic and rushing it toward him but he was able to grab her wrist. Julian was punching him on the jaw but he didn't seem to budge an inch like he is made of steel. He pulled the ceramic out of Helen hand and chucks it away. "Don't do anything stupid now. I won't tell anyone what happen, and you can continue being your Saam Siu Jei," Stephen stated. He then beamed at Julian with hatred, "If I were you, I would stay away from her; she is not worth it." He grinned and headed out, Julian was going to go after him but Helen pulled him back knowing that Stephen is much stronger then either of them. Stephen know that he is off the hook, cause no one will believe what Helen said, since Raymond will counter act her words. Everything she said will sound like she is trying to cover up her affair with Julian.

    Helen eyes are burning with hatred, but she knows that she couldn't do anything about it. No one will believe her that Stephen raped her, since Raymond has witnessed other wise. For Julian sake, she didn't tell anyone about it cause she does care for Julian and don't want him to get blamed for it. Or worst having Raymond accuse them of having an affair. According to the Koo's family rule both Julian and her will get kill by Jum Chu Long for the punishment of adultery. Jum Chu Long is a Chinese traditional punishment with humiliating the two that is having the affair by putting them in a pig basket and carries them around town before they throw them into the river to drown them to death.

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    Hi Yak

    Just to let you know I am still reading, but I got a bit left behind.... hopefully will catch up soon - keep it up, your drama is great!

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    Aww....poor Helen. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">

    Now, i feel bad for not liking her in the beginning. I thought she simply had an affair and walked out on Louis.

    Stephen.... <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> I realllllly hope he suffers a horrible ending.

    I hope the Koo family will find out the truth and forgive Helen, especially Raymond.

    hmmm..that means that B-Jai could be Stephen's son? If Louis really killed B-Jai, then wouldn't Stephen want to avenge his son's death? Has Stephen been planning something for 3 years?

    Omg Yak, i have sooooooo many questions. Lol...i could go on and on and on......

    Thanks for the update and revealing Helen's past.
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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    Em: I'm glad to hear from you! Hope you catch up soon! Enjoy your reading. Oh yeah, what chapter are you at now? Just curious <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    zzzbeauty: hihi...don't worry justice will be serve! Thanks for commenting and sharing your thought, I love to read them <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> Next chapter is a bit sad. It'll give you more clue to what happen in the past!

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    Chapter 46: Daddy Little Boy

    It is a dark night in the mid of August with cloud hovered over the moon totally blocking out all it glow. Louis walked out of the car and into the misty chilling air heading toward the Koo's mansion. His eyes beamed up toward the sky that is grayish indigo with cloud that causes the night sky to become dread and glum. He hung a guilty long face and knows that he is really late and has broken his promise to Helen. His footstep quickened rushing toward the huge door of the Koo's family house. Louis sighed softly when his eyes caught the current time from his wristwatch, it was three in the morning. With his guilty conscience thinking of how to explain to his wife, he pulls his key out to open the huge door.

    Once he steps into the house, he notices the silent atmosphere that is empty and hollow. Which is exactly what he would expect since it is in the middle of the night. He is hoping that his wife is asleep, then no explanation is require, since he know he don't have any good reason to tell her why he didn't return to celebrate the moon festival with her, like he has promised. The only reason for him being absent for the past couple months has been the same, which is work. And he knows that Helen is starting to get irritated by that same excuse over and over. But what could he do? He is the only one to help his old father.

    Louis notices a pair of uncertain eyes beaming through the crack of the door at his left side, which is Raymond room. He walked over to check out his twelve years old brother. The door quickly slammed shuts when he is approaching. Louis stopped in front of the door and knock on it. "Raymond are you still awake?" Louis asked in his usual warm tone with a bit of concern to why his younger brother hasn't sleep at this late hour. "Raymond?"

    There was no answer just the silent buzzing of the hallway lamp. Louis is certain that he saw Raymond standing by his door staring at him. He knocked again, "Raymond is there something wrong?" He sighed, "Open the door Raymond." There was no answer. Louis is getting more curious about his twelve years old brother. He is always open and talkative, why is he hiding like this tonight? "Raymond I'm coming in if you aren't speaking up," Louis warned.

    Not knowing what to do, Raymond pressed his lips together. He finally muffled out under his blanket, "I'm fine! I'm sleeping!" he lied, he don't want his brother to enter cause he don't know how to face him.

    After hearing that Raymond is indeed still awake, it made Louis even more curious to why he was sneaking on him and didn't come out to greet him if he is awake. He sighed and opened the door to enter his room, deciding that it will be better for him to check up on his brother since their parents are out of town. He saw Raymond lies on his bed with the comforter tightly covered his entire body including his head. Louis chuckled at him while he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed trying to pull the comforter away.

    "Do you want to talk about something?" Louis offered. He could see Raymond head shake vigorously under the blanket while he held it tightly in place. "Are you sure?"

    The nervous boy forced out a muffled, "Yeah."

    Louis didn't want to force him and it is really late anyway, "Alright than, sleep early you have class in the morning. If you want to talk about it come to me okay?"

    "You're never home..." the younger brother complained with a bit of anger in his bitter disappointed voice.

    Stopped his walking, Louis narrowed his eyes on Raymond figure under the blanket with confusion to why his brother acting so strangely tonight. He thought that Raymond must needed some more attention since the family been having so much problem lately that no one have time to care about him. "Raymond, I'm here now, is there something bothering you?" Louis caring voice asked.

    Raymond shakes his head uncertainly with his frown, "Why can't you be home more? Saam Jie needed you!" his voice was anguish with a pout under his blanket. He don't know how to react to what he just saw tonight. He felt like he is betraying Louis but he don't want to rattle on Helen either. She will get drown if he ever speak up.

    "Is something wrong with Helen?" Louis asked confusedly.

    Swallowed, Raymond shook his head slightly. After a pause he calmly reasoned to Louis, "But you are her husband, you should be here with her so she don't..." he pressed his lip tightly and stopped not wanting to continue. He felt trapped and sandwiched.

    Louis nodded guiltily, "I know, don't worry about us Raymond, I'll take care of her. You go to sleep now."

    The boy slightly nodded and requested, "Yee Gor, promise me that you will be home more. Saam Jei will be really lonely without anyone being home with her..."

    The eighteen year olds brother chuckled, "I know what all of this is about, you are missing us already right? Raymond is just five years of study, you will be home sooner than you think. Don't worry about Saam Jei, she always find things to entertain herself even if you are not around to keep her company."

    Raymond sighed dreadfully, "I know. I warned you already don't regret it one day."

    What Raymond just said made Louis stare at him weirdly, "What are you talking about? Why is your choice of words so weird tonight? Are you okay?"

    Nodded, Raymond sadly said, "Yeah, I'm sleepy now. Just remember to come home early for Saam Jie."

    Louis nodded, "Alright. Goodnight. Don't worry too much about the oversea study." Raymond nods under his blanket while Louis headed out of his room and shut the door.

    With a weary yawn and stretched his arms up toward the ceiling, Louis headed toward his room to check on his wife. When he opened the door and stepped in he saw Helen is lying in bed with her back facing him. He notices the room being dimmer then usual and saw that one of the lamps is missing. Seeing Helen lies on the bed stilly, Louis assumes that she is asleep, cause she will always greet him if she weren't. Louis walked over and bended down to peck her lovingly on the neck. A soft sobbing sound is heard from Helen that quickly concerned Louis, he turned Helen over to face him by firmly holding her arm.

    "Let go of me!" Helen angrily demanded with her teary voice. After a long night of thought and waiting for him, she became angry with him. If he would of comes home on time like he has promised than none of this will happen.

    'This is strange, she never sound like this,' Louis thought. He sighed and thought that his wife is angry with him for not being home early to celebrate the moon festival with her. In a soft guilty voice, Louis apologized, "I'm sorry honey, I did try to come home early but..."

    Snuggled her head into her pillow, Helen sobbed silently. "I don't want to hear your excuse. I don't want to talk to you. Just leave me alone..." she murmured from under her pillow.

    Louis pressed his lip together feeling sorry for neglecting his wife. He squatted down by the edge of the bed and tries to make it up to her. With a warm smile toward the outside window, Louis gentle sweet voice suggested, "Honey, we still could celebrate it now!" Oblivious to his wife feeling, Louis excitedly grabs her hand thinking that he could cheer her up, "Come on! The moon is still out!"

    Angrily, Helen jerked her hand back and shook her head, "It doesn't matter anymore! You don't have to come back to celebrate it with me anymore. Nothing will be the same..." she sniffed and dug her head deeper into the soaking pillow. "Why can't you come home early just for tonight? Why can't you be here?" she sobbed heartbrokenly and lost.

    Feeling guilty, Louis is brushing his warm hand on her arm and she shrugged away not wanting to be touch tonight. "Honey you know that sometime I can't come home when I want to come home. We did get finish by one, but the factory..." his hand is on her arm nudging her as he speaks.

    "Don't touch me..." Helen mumbled grumpily.

    Sighed, Louis stood up, he wanted to turn her over so he could get a good look of her. But she struggle stubbornly not wanting to see him. "Helen," Louis said in a warning tone for her odd behavior. Helen moaned and turned around to look at him with her pair of puffy red eyes and her redden face from crying for hours. Louis felt his heart ached seeing her like this. His hand gently brushed her soaking face to clear out her strains of hair and reveal her smooth skin. "I'm sorry," he sincerely whispered while wondering why she cries so much just simply because he didn't return to celebrate the moon festival with her.

    Helen bit on her lower lip tightly when she heard him say that and to see his pair of round loving eye is just too much for her to take in one night. She felt guilty herself, she felt unworthy of his love anymore. She swiftly leaned on her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist with her head rubbing against his abdominal, she couldn't stop herself from crying loudly in emotional pain. Louis is getting more worry and concern about his wife, why is she so strange tonight? He just didn't come home on time there is really no reason for her to cry like this.

    "I'm sorry..." Helen murmured in her teary voice. She sniffed with her hand tightly grab on the back of her husband shirt trying to release her stress and pressure. She muffled over and over in a very soft voice fearing her husband could hear what she say, "Bastard..bastard..."

    Grabbing her arm to loosen it, Louis slowly lowed himself into a squatting position so he could take a look at his wife. He saw those sad painful eyes of hers beaming at him. Louis cupped her face and gently asked, "Helen is something wrong? Why are you crying like this? Why is Raymond acting so strange tonight too? Honey you can tell me anything." He encouraged.

    His wife gnawed her lip with her soft eyes on him. "You won't love me anymore," she depressingly stated with fear.

    Confused, Louis narrowed his eyes on her, "Don't be silly Helen, you know I loved you since we are a child. Of course, I'll always love you."

    "I'm not worth it anymore!" Helen exclaim in a frustrated tone. She shakes her head and quickly turned around not wanting to see her husband. She felt shameful and have no face to see him or have his love any longer.

    Louis firmly kept her in place, he is determine to know what she is trying to say. "Helen what is wrong?" he urged again.

    Sniffling, Helen shook her head, she didn't dare to say what happen. She has no gut to test her husband reaction. She know that he wouldn't believe her especially with Raymond misunderstanding and how her mother-in-law been viewing her. She will get punish to death if they think her otherwise and believe that she is a ****. "Louis I don't want to stay here anymore. Can we move to England? Please?" Helen begged, it her only way out of this nightmare.

    Sighed, Louis looked at Helen with disappointment. How could he move now? His Daai Gor is still at the hospital with his Daai Sewl, who is really ill cause of cancer. And Raymond is going to study oversea, who else is going to be here to help his father? Louis wetted his lip, knowing that it will be hard to explain to his wife, "Honey, you know that it's impossible right now."

    Dropped her head sadly and disappointedly, Helen wonder when did her husband heart change so much? He use to put her first no matter what, but now his work, his family, and even his servant are ahead of her. She nod sadly with her expressionless face that looked drain and dishearten. "It will never be possible," her weak voice murmured with a drop of tear tumbling down her cheek. Louis help her wipe it away, she swiftly pushed his hand away, "I don't want you to touch me." She lies back down on the bed with her back facing him.

    Misunderstanding Helen behavior, Louis thought that she is just want to selfishly live a live oversea with western good. Louis is getting a bit irritated by his wife not understanding him, "Helen..."

    Helen eyes gazed blankly ahead as she questioned her husband love toward her, "Honey, how long has it been since we have a meal together?" Louis is silent, while Helen continued. "How long has it been since we see each other when the sun is still up?" Louis head dropped guiltily. "How long has it been since you care about me?" she sadly asked with lonely voice feeling neglected and unloved.

    Weakly, Louis tries to explain, "Hon..."

    "Six months," Helen coldly cuts in and answered for him. She gazed at her husband side of the bed with tear glistering in her eyes, "Six months Louis...six month of being trap here with your mom keep accusing me and distrusting me...six months of waiting every night to just have a talk with you...six months of crying to myself when I need you...six months of avoiding Julian cause your mom will think I'm a **** if I talk to's six months Louis. Where have you been?" she asked with soft eyes on him waiting for an answer.

    Her husband heart is stiffens and his throat is clotted up speechlessly. He finally spoke up, "I know is my fault for leaving you at home all the time. Helen, please forgive me."

    Swallowed down her pain, Helen replies, "There is things that can not be forgiving cause it irreversible. Many things have change over the six months Louis. Your heart has change and so..." she whispered with her eye staring at the wall, "is mine..." her voice trailed off so softly. She still didn't want her husband to know that she starting to grow feeling for Julian, cause deep down she still loved her husband dearly. Only if he would just be here for her like Julian is.

    Turned her around to face him again, Louis grab both of her hands into his, "I know work been really tying me down. But I promise I'll try to come home for dinner more. At least twice a week, okay?" He wiped her tears away, "I love you, Helen. I really want everything to work out between us."

    Helen nodded with her eyes beamed at him wishfully, "I don't want to live in here again, I don't want to be observe and trap with your mom and...and..." she softly finishes her sentence, "And I don't want any of the servants here."

    Her husband nodded to her request, "Alright, we can build a house by here and live alone just the two of us and we can hire new servants."

    The young eighteen year olds wife looked at her husband with a glimpse of hope. "Really?" she asked, it was too good for her to believe. Louis nodded, which eased her heart and bring a weak smile to her face, "You promise..." her soft voice faded.

    Louis jerked awake from the sudden movement of the bed. "I promise," Louis mumbled softly, he is a bit disoriented. He still hasn't realizes that he just dreamed of Helen.

    Annie turned to her husband after hearing him speak. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to wake you up," her soft sweet voice apologized as she turned toward him and lean in to pecked him softly. "Go back to sleep," Annie whispered into the deep darkness of the night. She smiled on the dark shadow of Louis and turned her body around. Annie is lifting the comforter and getting out of bed for her midnight routine of heading to the bathroom.

    Yawned sleepily, Louis is looking after Annie who is slowly heading herself toward the bathroom. "Be careful," his loving voice filled the empty quiet night.

    The sweet smiling wife nodded with a whispering voice, "Go back to sleep, it only three. You have to work tomorrow." Louis nodded with his body shifted to the side and trying to fall back asleep. Annie headed into the bathroom.

    A red ball rolled out with little jiggling sound that no one is intend to hear it. Louis is easily fallen back asleep with his mind forgotten about the pervious dream, since Annie has bumped him out of it. But he quickly sank himself into a deep sleep cycle. Annie yawned as she headed back out of the bathroom and climbed back into bed, snuggling herself close to Louis. She smiled warmly hearing his soft breathing sound of deep sleep. Her head snuggled on him cozily and quickly, she too fallen asleep. She too didn't notice B-jai favorite little ball is rolling toward Louis side of the bed.

    A strong current of breeze blows through the balcony door in the middle of the night bringing in refreshing air. A soft voice lingered in the air waving like a lonely soul searching for love and attention, it whispered, "Daddy...daddy wake up..." B-jai voice lingered over and over. Louis hears the soft voice whispering constantly. His eyes slowly open to see the image of a child face that is only an inch away from him. His heart jumped by surprise and backed away, pounding fast from the startle.

    Louis studies the child curiously and couldn't recognize him any longer. "Who are you?" he confusedly ask while wondering how a boy gotten into his house.

    Smiled warmly at him, the boy that just turn nine years old scooted closer, Louis turned toward Annie and notice that he is alone in bed. Annie is not around, Louis thought Annie must still be in the bathroom. "Daddy can't you recognize me? I'm B-jai," the boy informed with a wishful glow in his eyes.

    Not believing, Louis eyes narrowed on the child, "You're B-jai?" He said with disbelief. The child nodded, Louis shakes his head, "This can't be, B-jai is dead," he steadily told the child, he still lost in between dream and reality.

    Sadly, B-jai nodded with a small little pout, "Yeah, I'm not alive anymore."

    Gulped hard disbelievingly at the child, Louis has never believe in ghost, and he still think that he is awake. "Who are you? Why are you in my house?!" Louis demanded for an answer.

    B-jai got off Louis bed and looked at him sincerely, "I'm B-jai, I have grown since you last seen me. I'm nine now, of course you don't recognize me. Daddy why won't you visit me?" he innocently asked.

    Louis eyes still contain the disbelief. "What do you want?" his cold voice asked.

    Disappointed in his father, B-jai shake his head, "I just want to see you and talk to you. I wanted to for many years, but I didn't have the power then, but now I do."

    "I have nothing to say to you," Louis emptily rejected him.

    Frowned with his soft eyes on Louis, B-jai asked, "Why you hate me so much? It never my fault, I didn't do anything." B-jai looked at Louis with his set of cold eyes trying to get attention from Louis. After a pause of staring at each other, he finally spoke up again, "I learn one more new trick daddy." His hand waved slowly in front of Louis still eyes. With a blink of Louis eyes the surrounding has changed.

    Louis turned around and around trying to figure out where he is. It's the living room, the living room just downstairs, but it's a bright afternoon instead of night. Quickly a giggling sound of a little toddler came from the kitchen so Louis headed in. He saw the child running around the kitchen, this time he recognize the three and an half years old son and his chef, Bobby.

    He saw Bobby putting a bowl of porridge down and trying to chase after the three and a half year olds B-jai. "Seeu Yeeh Jai (young master) stay put and finishes your porridge first!" Bobby instructed as he laughed at the child that has run himself under the kitchen table playfully active. Bobby squatted down with his head shaking at the toddler, "I'll tell Yee Seeu if you won't obediently eat your dinner." The child quickly frowned with his pouted lips and his head shaking with fearful eyes. Bobby smiled at him and reaches his hand out toward B-jai, "Then lets come out and finish your meal."

    B-jai gotten out under the table with his head bumped on the edge, he quickly rubbed the top of his head while the chef laughed at him. "It not funny, it hurt," say the toddler, he saw a bottle of faint bluish white pills fallen off the table cause of his bump. He ran after it to pick it up, holding it toward Bobby. "Bobbo what is this?" asked the curious boy.

    Bobby quickly taken the bottle of pills away from B-jai, "This is for your daddy; don't play with it okay?"

    Louis who has been puzzlingly observing the interaction between B-jai and Bobby the entire time, got curious to what Bobby mean it was his medication. He don't remember that bottle of pills. He stepped forward toward Bobby. "What do you mean it's for me?!" Louis demanded for an answer. Bobby didn't look at him or respond to him, like he don't even see him at all. "Answer me!" Louis frustratingly shouted his order.

    The toddler sited on the chair obediently while Bobby feed him, his porridge. "Bobbo, it's candy?" he asked.

    The chef shake his head, "Oh no, of course it not. Don't you ever drink them okay? It's not good for children."

    After swallowing his spoonful of porridge, B-jai curiously asked, "So it's candy for adult?"

    The old rounded servant chuckled at B-jai idea, "No, it's medication for your daddy. Did you remember your daddy is hurt really badly on your birthday?" B-jai nodded with a frown, cause that is when his father begins to neglect his present. "Well, the doctor said Yee Seeu head got injured really badly that causes his brain tissue to swell up a bit. That is why he is having so much headache and changing mood. This medication helps decrease his brain tissue from swelling up and help ease his headache."

    Louis narrowed his eyes on Bobby confusedly, why didn't he remember he have to take those pills? He remembers his head injury from the tragic day, but he didn't remember having to take any pills for it. Bobby whispered to B-jai, "But don't tell daddy okay? You know how much he doesn't like admitting that his head hurt." B-jai nodded understandingly, he has witnesses how much his father changed. Bobby assured the worry child, "Don't worry, Yee Seeu is getting better, he won't need it after a couple more months...." The front door suddenly opened causing B-jai to quickly stand up to sees who it is.

    Louis eyes widen seeing another guy looking exactly like him walking into the kitchen, it is him, six years ago when Helen has die for almost half an year. Louis faded memories remembered this part a bit. Louis studies the three people in front of him now. B-Jai stood up from his little chair rushing to the guy that looked like Louis and hugging his pair of legs tightly.

    The toddler head lifted up to see the tall adult with his eyes filled with a bit of fearful but also the longing for attention, "Daddy! You came home early!" he greeted as he observe his father expression. His father ignored him and removed his arms away from his leg. "Daddy lets play," the child pleaded to the unresponsive adult.

    Bobby pulling B-jai back knowingly, "Seeu Yeeh Jai (young master) lets finish up your porridge. Yee Seeu," he greeted Louis with a warm smile as he hided the bottle of medication in his pocket.

    Louis nodded to his servant greeting. "Take him elsewhere, I don't want to see him," he ordered the chef. B-jai frowned immediately with his pair of eyes at the father that is walking away. At that moment he has no idea why his father is neglecting him like this. He is only three how can he fully understand?

    The rounded chef nodded with a disappointed frown, "Yes, Yee Seeu. Come on Seeu Yeeh Jai." He warmly grabs B-jai hand and guides him back to the sewing room where B-jai sleep.

    B-jai turned back to look at his father who is sited on the dinning table reading his paper. "Bobbo why daddy hate me?" his soft innocent voice fluttered in the house.

    Louis heart felt a bit deepened witnessing his past again, he dropped his head feeling a bit guilty for being so cold to B-jai back then. But a bit of anger is also evident in his eyes when he thinks of Helen. But the pills are what interested him, are those antibiotic for inflammatory? Are those Salicylates pills that were on Annie bowl? The color looked right, but why would Bobby want to put them into Annie dessert? The more Louis ponder the more he is confuse, he is going to question Bobby for sure when he get back out of this strange flashback.

    When Louis lifted his head up, he saw the surrounding spinning into another setting again. This time he is standing in the outside field seeing another image of him dragging B-jai walking from his parent mansion to his mansion. B-jai is a bit taller and older in this flashback; he is around four. Louis didn't remember this part of his past, but he remember that he went over to his parent house for dinner cause of Raymond return, then he got into a fight with Raymond and afterward he don't remember what happened because he has forced himself to forget. Louis followed the father and son with his curious mind, getting to see what happen.

    He could hear B-jai pleading with his fear, "Daddy nooOooo... I'll be good... I'll be good..." repeated the four years old knowing that his father is going into another one of those phrases.

    Louis followed the guy that looked like him, that guy has walked into the house with B-jai. That younger version of Louis is dragging B-jai up to stand in front of the locked room. "You are not my son! You belong to her and Julian! Go to them!" ordered the unreasonable father as he turned to the door. "Come out and take your son with you!" Louis shoved B-jai toward the door.

    The present time Louis, who standing by observing the past, he don't remember this part of his past at all, and it really curious him. While the younger version of him hastily shout at the door. B-jai has got himself up and sneaking into the sewing room but his father has dragged him back out forcefully. "Go back to your parents!" Louis is shouting at the poor child with frustration and hatred. "You don't belong here! You are not my son! I don't have the money to waste on you!!"

    Crying in fear, B-jai is trying to remove Louis firm grip. The present Louis rushed up to help B-jai but his hand just went past them. He is not allows to interfere. The four years old struggled to get free as he screamed in fear, "Daddy you are hurting me... Daddy wake up! Daddy don't do this again!" he pleaded over and over but his father seem to be mesmerized with cold eyes on him. "I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry...please let go of me... I'll be good... I'll be good..." B-jai pleaded with his heart starting to pound harder with fear seeing his father set of hatred eyes burning again. His father hand firmly holds both side of his shoulder shaking him vigorously.

    The present time Louis eyes widen, he remember that B-jai body suddenly in his arms and he rush him to the hospital, he remember shaking him but he don't remember the detail of why. Now he could see it clearly on what happened that day. Not wanting to have the same mistake taken place, Louis rushed over to the father and son. He tries to pull B-jai away from the younger version of him, but he couldn't even touch the child. He shouted loudly to his flashback, "Don't! Don't!!" he shouted knowing what will happen next.

    "Daddy! Daddy!! No, daddy!!" B-jai loudly screamed in fear.

    But his father continue shake him vigorously as he shouted at him, "Stop calling me that! I'm not your father! Stop it! Stop calling me that!" Louis hands has tightened on his son so hard that he felt his fingers numbed and he shakes him violently to stop him form calling him daddy.

    The four years old son felt himself having trouble breathing and his heart is racing panicking feeling nervous and weak. "Dadddyy...." her weakly murmured, with one last inhale his face drained turning a bit pale blue and his eyes stilly stare ahead with his body limped and fallen into his father arms lifelessly.

    His father snapped out of his mind quickly afterward. Frightful to what happened, the father is slapping B-jai cheek, "B-jai! What happen?!" Louis shakes B-jai body, "What happen? Wake up!" he lifted his son body up and rushed down the hallway heading to the stairs.

    The older version of Louis stand still looking at the back of the confused and worry father running down the hall with his four years old son. Louis face gloomed knowing that it was too late to save B-jai even when he gets to the hospital, cause he remember the result. He slowly squatted down in the middle of the hall regretting what he has done to B-jai after visualizing the past again.

    A soft jingling sound is heard with small footstep heading toward him. He lifted his head up to see the nine year olds standing in front of him stilly with eyes on him. Louis eyes welled with regretful tears as he beamed at the nine year olds boy in front of him. "I'm sorry," his sincere whisper spread through out the empty room. After hearing that one magical word, B-jai faded away right in front of his eyes.

    Louis looked everywhere wanting to see him for a moment longer, but he could find him anywhere. B-jai voice is audible while there is no sign of him, "I just want you to know what happen daddy. I'm not mad at you, please don't be mad at me... come visit me more daddy..." his voice trailed off.

    Jerked awaken sited upright, Louis is panting into the darkness of the night. Louis turned to study his surrounding, and he saw Annie sleeping peacefully next to him. His heart rate slowly decreases it pace and he knows he is back to reality. But the dream seems so real that he still heard B-jai warm voice lingering in his eardrum. Louis swallowed and wiped his sweaty face and pulled the comforter away to get up. He headed to the balcony and opened the door to step out looking down toward B-jai grave. Somehow he felt relieved after the dream and he no longer felt hatred toward B-jai, in fact he felt guilty and regretful. But knowing that B-jai say he was never mad at him, made him a bit at ease and a load has been taken off of his heart. Louis felt the sensation of missing B-jai and wanting him to be here. He sighed with his face sadden, knowing that is impossible to bring him back now. What has done is done.

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    Hi! Just informing you I am still reading. <IMG SRC="smilies/wave.gif" border="0"> Wow! Stephen is evil! <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> I don't think B-jai is Stephen's son. Helen would have aborted him or ignored him even after he was born. Probably Louis's but then he was hardly ever home. So i have no idea. But best guess, woud be Julian. No idea how though! <IMG SRC="smilies/dizzy.gif" border="0">

    I am beginning to hate Steven now. How can he think of eloping with Annie when Ada just died! <IMG SRC="smilies/curse.gif" border="0"> Don't wnat to kill him but I sure won't object if Stephen teaches a lesson <IMG SRC="smilies/evillaugh.gif" border="0">
    "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
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    Stephen is such a monster, seriously Yak you should make him rot in hell or something equally bad(I'm mean, I know). I love B-Jai so much. Well about Steven... let's just say that he is a threat to Annie and louis's realtionship so I never really liked him!

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> Did I over do it by making my villian too evil?? <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> Oh well, he is neccessary to keep the climax suspenseful. Anyway, the story is coming to a climax very very soon! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I'll miss all of you after the fanfic is done <IMG SRC="smilies/bawling.gif" border="0">

    Charbydis: hi <IMG SRC="smilies/wave.gif" border="0"> nice to read your thought! I agree about Steven, which is why he get punished later <IMG SRC="smilies/naughty.gif" border="0">

    ccsakura: Okay, okay, I got your request, make him suffer right? <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> You guy are so going to kill me when you get to the end. <IMG SRC="smilies/bawling.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 47: Sudden Notice

    Being awaken from his dream, Louis no longer felt the need to sleep. Louis walked over to Annie and pecked her forehead, he then stepped out of his room. Once he got out his eyes are captivate by the locked room that is straight ahead. His heart rate increases a little, and somehow he felt like he wants to go back in to see B-jai nursery room. He quietly made his way toward the room, when he walked pass the stair.

    Right at that moment Stephen just got in the house and looked up startled to see his master awake. He quickly walked away with a blue bucket filled with crimson liquid, trying not to cause any attention. After he securely hidden his belonging, he curiously headed up to see what his master is doing.

    Louis, who at the time has retrieved the key to that locked room from the study room, is now opening the locked room. Stephen rushed up to him in surprise that Louis is actually opening the room that has been locked for over six years now. Stephen voice alertly called with his hand firmly on Louis shoulder, "Yee Seeu!" Louis turned around to see him.

    Steven who is in his room feeding Kevin with a bottle of milk, he heard Stephen voice calling for Louis. He looked at the clock and it was only five in the morning. What are they doing? He opened his door slightly to sneak a peek at them. He saw Louis opened the door and walked in with his butler. Steven brow rises suspiciously at the room that they headed in. He looked down at his son who has fallen back to sleep with his mouth still sucking the milk from the bottle. Steven gently places Kevin back on the bed and let him sleep. He then headed out to spy on Louis and Stephen. Steven quietly stood at the side of the door peeking in through the small opening.

    Meanwhile, Louis looked around the room with his sad eyes. Everything is in white cause they are covered by the white sheets. He pulled the one on B-jai crib away revealing the beautiful wooden polish brown crib with a colorful mobile hanging by it. Steven is surprise that the room is actually a nursery room. Why would Louis have two nurseries room for Annie baby? His heart pounded louder as he sneakily spy on them.

    Louis winded up the old fashion mobile, and slow nursery melody of "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" filled the room. He remembers Gilbert bought this mobile from oversea when he return from his long breaks away from home. "B-jai use to love this song, I remember him babbling loudly along with the melody," Louis voice suddenly spoken more to himself as he remembered how they use to be. Stephen nodded to his master, he is confuse to why Louis would think back and missed B-jai all a sudden.

    "Yee Seeu, Seeu Yeeh Jai is dead, he won't be back again," Stephen calmly reminded. By the doorframe, Steven eyes widened, he never knows Louis have a son. His eyes anxiously watches them with his ears perked up to listen with interest.

    Sighed, Louis nod with his guilty eyes turned to look down on the object that is cover in white too sitting in the center of the room. He remembers what it is. It was his last present for B-jai. Louis squatted down and pulled the white sheet off and pushed on the beautifully polished wooden horse to rock slowly on the hardwood floor. "He didn't have a chance to play with this much," his regretful voice stated.

    Stephen saw the sadness in Louis eyes and it bothers him too. His hand firmly patted Louis shoulder, "Yee Seeu lets go back out." Louis stubbornly shakes his head with his eyes beamed on the horse pushing it absentmindedly.

    "I dream of him, he is nine now," Louis softly said with a warm smile lit his face. "He said he is not mad at me..." his voice ended with a bit of regretful tears. "I owe him so much. I'm the one that take his life." Steven jaw dropped a bit with his eyes widened a bit too, as he continue to spy on them with curiosity.

    The butler sighed with his empty careless tone that hidden a bit of hatred toward the child, "The doctor say he die cause of lung and heart failure. It's not your fault Yee Seeu." Deep down Stephen just don't understand why Louis care so much for a child that is not even his. To him B-jai is just a trace of sin that following Louis, B-jai is someone that is going to let people know that Louis wife has an affair and given him an illegitimate child.

    Louis shakes his head, "I'm the one who kept shaking him when he say no daddy no...I didn't listen to him... I didn't let go of him... until it too late." Louis shut his eyes and tears are escaping his eyes.

    Coldly, Stephen said in a hollow tone, "He just never earns the good deed to being your son. Maybe it's the sky that is taken him to where he belongs," His chilling voice said emotionlessly.

    Louis lifted his head to look at Stephen after hearing his cold tone. His eyes beamed at him suspiciously as he recall what Dr. Lau say about the effect of those Salicylates drug have on children. "Did you say B-jai die of heart and lung failure?" Louis asked alertly.

    Paused, Stephen looked at his master studying Louis eyes for his intension. He nodded, thinking that it won't mean anything to Louis, "Yes, that what the doctor at the hospital say."

    The master nodded, Louis too remembers. His eyes beam on Stephen sharply, "Stephen do you know if the pills I took six years ago contain Salicylates?"

    Swallowed with his heart skipped a beat, Stephen kept his cool appearance and pretend to be clueless, "What pills?" He is trying to figure out how much Louis knows before he give him an answer.

    Not satisfy with his butler answer, Louis eye hardened on Stephen, "How dare you lie to me! I'm your Yee Seeu. When I ask for an answer, you give me an answer!" Stephen got a bit nervous but his face is still calm as always. Louis continues, "You don't have to hide anymore! I know that Bobby has been giving me some kind of a pill to drink six years ago for my head injury!"

    Stephen nodded with a bit relief that he is only talking about six years and not now. There is always excuse for things that happen so long ago. "Oh those pills. I don't know what drug is in them, but Yee Seeu, you haven't taken those for over five years already," Stephen stated in a matter of fact tone.

    "Why didn't I know about it then?!" his master angrily questioned.

    Calmly with his eyes stare into Louis fearlessly, Stephen explain, "Tai Tai and Lo Yeeh said to not let you know about them, cause you wouldn't admit that you needed help controlling those pains. We just added into your coffee."

    Louis hissed softly, "Did B-jai drink any of them?!"

    Stephen shake his head vigorously, "Of course not. At least, not that I known of."

    Nosily, Steven is still spying on them. He is getting really confuse to what kind of drug they are talking about. All he knows is that it seem important. And this B-jai is mentioned once again, he now recall that Louis and Annie were talking about B-jai too when they argue few months ago. Everything seem so deep and mysterious to him.

    Louis stare at Stephen seriously, "Is there anymore around the house?!"

    His butler shakes his head again denying everything, "No Yee Seeu, you finish off the last bottle five years ago and we didn't buy anymore." He speak with out a blink of an eye, "Is there a problem? Yee Seeu are you having headache again?"

    Don't know what to conclude, Louis is suspecting that those are the pills that contain Salicylates, but he is not positive since there is no evident of it. His eyes beamed at Stephen warningly, "Stephen if you let me know that you lie to me, you better don't regret that you didn't speak honestly today. I'm giving you one last chance, is there any drug that contain Salicylates in this house?"

    Stephen eyes are glues to Louis stilly, "Yee Seeu, I have no idea what you are talking about. All I know is that we don't have any of your prescription left. If you don't trust me, you can ask Dr. Lau. He is the one that prescribe your medication back then. I haven't obtains that prescription from him for more then five years. But if you still don't trust me, I could always leave." His eyes beamed on Louis with a bit of hatred, but he reminded himself that Louis is his master and he must treat him with respect.

    Seeing how seriously Stephen takes this, Louis felt a bit guilty for kind of accusing him. He shakes his head slightly, "No need, just remember what you say today."

    "I will," Stephen answer with a nod. His usual loyal heart is distanced a bit after this conversation with Louis. He looked around the room, "Yee Seeu everything is in the past already. Lets not think of the past," he told Louis. Louis sighed with his eyes scanning around the room one last time before he head out locking it up again. But before he could walk out, Louis eyes caught the red stain on the red wood floor. His heart stiffened with sorrow as some flashback filtered through his mind, Stephen saw where his master is looking.

    The butler hand firmly on Louis shoulder reassuringly. "It's over," he reminded Louis. "Let's go back out." Steven who is still outside listening and followed their gaze and saw the red stained floor too and even the wall are slightly pink, like fading blood. His eyes suspiciously narrowed at them with shocked mind. Could there be a death occur in this room? Is the child they been talking about die in here with all his blood spreads in the room? Steven wondered confusedly, but very interested.

    Stephen nudged Louis, "Come on Yee Seeu." Louis nod with his eye looked at the red stain a bit longer, before he head out with servant. Steven quickly got into his room before they saw him. He is starting to get suspicious to what dark secret the two men are trying to hide. At least he knows that there is more to Louis past then what met the eyes. And he is going to find out and proof to Annie that Louis is not the perfect husband of her and hopefully Annie is willing to leave Louis and move out with him. He saw Louis walked back to the study room and put away the key into a little wooden box in one of his desk drawl.

    Steven didn't even bother to tell Annie his suspicious until he get proof, cause he know that Annie will defend Louis if there is no proof. He is going to find strong proof before he confronts Louis in front of Annie. Now he have nine days to find out what they are hiding before he have to move out with Frankie and Kenix. Since he can't really follow Louis to work, he is going to keep an eye on Stephen behavior. And when he does have a chance he will enter that locked nursery himself to get more clues.

    A few days later in a late afternoon, Annie is in the nursery room putting back the baby blanket that she is working on for the last couple days. She is humming a sweet song as she neatly covers the small mattress up with the faint pink blanket. Annie could hear the laughter of Frankie and Kenix as they were discussing about their small market with Steven in the living room. But she couldn't hear Steven voice. Steven been quite quiet lately, Annie thought he must be still feeling awkward after the talk he has with her. But in fact, Steven is concentrating his time on studying the butler and finding more clues to what Louis and his butler are hiding. Steven only have five more days before he is moving out of this mansion, so of course he is a bit anxious with the time rushing him.

    Annie stopped her humming when she heard footstep coming up the stairs. She figures it must be Nicola coming to tell her it time for dinner. She turned around with a warm smile, her eyes immediately sparked with her smile brightened up surprisingly. Instead of Nicola it was her husband that is standing there with his handsome looking grin. She hasn't seen him home this early for a long while already, of course she is excited and pleased with the sight of her husband.

    Walked up to Louis, Annie protruded her lip to softly meet her husband to share a soft caring kiss. "Why are you home so early today?" she curiously asks.

    Louis eyes beamed into her eyes longingly with his firm deep voice, "We need to go over to my parents for dinner."

    "Really?" Annie is surprised, "Why? I mean, what's the occasion? And why didn't you tell me sooner so I can get ready?" Her hand quickly grab Louis wrist and turned to look at his watch. Her heart started to rush after realizing that it's five something already. "You're always like this Louis! Why can't you tell me earlier?!" Annie voice carries a stressed tone after noticing that she needs to hurry up and get ready.

    While Annie is a bit frantic with time, Louis just chuckled at her scolding. "We are not going to a ball Annie, we just going to have dinner at their house. I wanted to tell you last night but you were asleep, I don't want to wake you. How is your day honey?" his sweet gentle voice asked with a loving smile. To him the dinner is no big event, so he is causal and in no rush to get there.

    Annie nod absentmindedly as she hurried heading back to their bedroom. "When are we supposes to be there?" she asked in an urgent tone.

    Louis rolled his eyes at Annie being so work up cause of this simple dinner. "Honey slow down before you trip," he warned, "Don't forget you are not the same figure that you use to be..." Annie sharply break and look at him with her eyes harden with a pout for his meaning, is he calling her fat?! Louis pressed his lip together noticing what stupid mistake he just made. "I take that back. I mean the baby. I mean your belly..." Louis sheepishly tries to fix things up while Annie hissed softly at him and continue to rush toward their room. "Honey, are you mad?" Louis guiltily asked as he trails behind his wife.

    Walked into her walk-in closet, Annie replied with her not too happy tone, "I don't have time to waste time on getting mad at you. I know you think that I'm..."

    Quickly hugged her from behind, Louis shakes his head and pecked the side of her cheek. He sweetly corrected Annie thought, "Oh no, no, no, I never think of you being fat, is just..."

    "Hmph!" Annie turns to dart at him and poked her index finger on his chest with her pouting tone, "If you never think of me being fat, then why do you know what I'm trying to say before I could finish?" She motionlessly stares at him for an explanation.

    Gulped, Louis weakly make an excuse, "Cause we think alike, so I could read your mind?" He grinned ear to ears hoping Annie accept his reason. Annie just pouted at him with her frown. Seeing his wife still not happy, Louis immediately cuddled her. "Come on don't be so touchy and grouchy," he requested without thinking. Annie eyes budged out at him. He tilted his head back to stare at the ceiling, another stupid mistake. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that. I mean you should just relax more," Louis corrected himself.

    Feeling a bit out of shape herself, Annie flattens her lips with her head dropped. "Now you think I'm fat and mean too?" she softly asked feeling a bit down and guilty, but she couldn't control her mood. Louis chuckled at her cute little disappointed eyes darted at her feet. "I'm serious," she warned him with her eyes angled at him.

    Wrapped his arms around his wife loosely, Louis softly kissed her bang and reassured her, "No, of course you are not mean. And you are not fat at all, in fact in awhile I bet mom is going to say that you need to be fatten up. You are just overly sensitive cause of the baby." He smiled with charming eyes on his wife and lifted her chin to gaze into her eyes. "You always look beautiful in my eyes," he sweetly comforted her with genuine deep voice.

    Childishly, Annie pouted with her soft round eyes on him, she hasn't really get a good look at him in broad day light or have a chance to cling to him. "Only to yours eye?" she asked sadly wanting more attention from her husband.

    Laughed loudly, Louis slightly pinched her nose, "You are so greedy. Isn't it enough to have me love you?"

    Nodded with a sweet happy smile, Annie squeezed a hug on him. Then she backed off with her eyes studying his clothes, "Honey you need to change too. Maybe a shower too?" she suggested. Annie wanted to look the best to give his parents a good impression. After all they are her mother and father-in-law. She also wanted them to think that Louis married a good wife too.

    Her husband sighed loudly and complained, "Annie is just a simple farewell dinner."

    With wrinkled forehead, Annie asked in surprise, "Farewell? To who?"

    "My entire family decides to move to Shanghai," her husband casually informed.

    "Everyone?!" Annie shocking voice asked. "Why?" her soften voice ask in confusion.

    Louis shrugged, "Father wanted to start another chain of business down there. They wanted us to move over too, but I refused." He smiled at Annie with his stunning sly grin, "It betters to have just the two of us."

    "Three, is three," Annie corrected as she grinned widely with her excited eyes on her belly. Louis chuckled at her and nodded. She looked up at Louis and nodded too, agreeing that it will be better to be left alone with her husband and child, large family always create more problem. "When will they move?" Annie curiously asked.


    Surprised, Annie eyes widened, "Tomorrow?! Even faster then Frankie?!" Louis nodded, he don't see the big deal. "Aren't you going to miss them?" Annie asked with a sad frown.

    The dark toned husband just turned to skim through his wife maternal dress and simply asked, "What is there to miss?" He pulled out a pastel yellow one and held it in front of Annie as he continue to explain, "They're only moving to Shanghai, and beside they hardly come over anyway, there won't be a different." Annie nodded, this will only be her second time seeing them even though she has almost married Louis for two years. It strange how they are always so close but so distanced. "This looks really goods on you," her husband suggested she wear the yellow dress.

    Nodded to her husband choice, Annie took the dress from him. She looked at Louis caringly, feeling a bit sad how her husband got disconnected with his family. "Louis, why don't they ever come over for a visit? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?" Annie asked, she wanted to know more about her husband.

    Sighed, Louis shook his head, "They just think I'm different."

    Slumped her shoulder with her eyes gazed at him, Annie sweetly comforted her husband, "You know it's not true. The first time I met Lo Yeeh, I could tell that Lo Yeeh care a lot about you."

    Louis shrugged, "It doesn't really matter, they are moving anyway. And we will have a happy family of our own, like always... "

    Suddenly, Annie body shifted over to her right and almost lost her balance. Louis steady her and examining her. "Ooww..." she moaned to the pain.

    Concerned, Louis looking at her up and down, "What's wrong?"

    Leaned on her right, Annie lifted her left leg up a little. "Muscle spasm!" she told her husband, who is laughing at her with amusement. Annie slapped his chest to make him stop, "It's not funny! It hurt!"

    Bobbed his head, Louis chuckling voice said in a teasing way, "Sure, sure, sure." He lifted her up into his arms and carried her out to sit on their bed. "Didn't Dr. Lau tell you to stay off your feet? Why did you wander around the house?" he gaze at her disapprovingly as he lifted her left leg up and set it on his lap to massage it for her.

    Annie sighed boringly to thought of bed, "I been in bed for so long that my back numbed. I just walked over to put away the blanket." She looked up at the clock, "Oh no, it six already!" In a rush, Annie is pushing Louis hand away from her leg. "I'm fine now. I need to change or we'll be late for dinner!"

    Her husband shake his head at her and tries to relax her, "Can you just calm down? Are you sure you are okay? We could skip the dinner."

    Shake her head in protest, Annie said, "Of course we can't skip this dinner! They are moving!"

    Louis rolled his eyes, "So?"

    Annie rolled her eyes at him too before she stood up to head toward the bathroom kind of limping on her right. "You are just so careless..." she stopped and turn back to look at him seriously with warning eyes, "don't you dare treat our child and me so careless in the future."

    Chuckled at her, Louis plopped his tired body on the bed. He shut his eyes to rest for a sec and complained, "You starting to nag honey..." When he opened his eyes he saw Annie eyes beamed at him with only a slit opening. He chuckled at her and leaned forward to softly kissed her lip. "I'm always thoughtful, isn't it?" he asked with grinning eyes.

    Smiled sweetly, Annie nod, "Then get up and go change." She stands back straight and dragging him to get up. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain, "OooW!"

    Quickly without thinking, Louis looked at her leg while he laughs teasingly, "Another muscle spasm?"

    Sited on the bed, Annie pushed him away for making fun of her, "Idiot! You made me bump into the nightstand!" She rubbed her hip. Louis just laughed at her amusingly with his face turning a bit red. Annie knows he is laughing at her cause of her clumsiness after being almost nine months pregnant. She angrily shoved him forcefully making him plop back on the bed. "Meanie!" Annie walked off to the bathroom to change leaving the goofy chuckling husband.

    Louis tries to contain his laughter as he purposely irritate his wife for the fun of it, "Hooonnneeeyyyy..." Annie ignored him totally but she is giggling to herself in the bathroom as she change.

    After Annie has changed into the pastel yellow dress she reminded herself to not make eyes contact with her husband and pretend to be mad when she see him. But when she walked out, she couldn't find her husband on the bed. She curiously walked out of the bathroom wondering where that goofball has run off to. "Ahh!" she shortly screamed at the sudden lift from behind. Then she heard her husband laughing right behind her ears. She laughed along with him and tries to tickle him with her hands since he have no hand to block. It was no fun since her husband is not that ticklish. "Put me down, you are hurting me," she warned with cheerful voice.

    "Not until you give me a reason to obey your order," Louis said with his charming grin. His wife turned her head as far back as she could to look at him and gave him a silly childish expression of wrinkled nose and sticking the tip of her tongue out at him. Louis laughed at her as he shakes his head.

    Annie eyes seriously glazed into her husband dark pool eyes with her dreamy one. Her expression changed to a loving one with protruded lips to kiss her husband gently on his lip. Louis stopped his chuckling and shared a longing kiss with his wife. "I love you," Annie whispered afterward.

    Louis rolled his eyes up pretending to think for awhile before he grinned at her, "Okay that is a good enough answer," he released Annie so she could stand on her own again.

    Turned around to face him, Annie grinned with mischievous eyes, "You are so easily manipulated." She leaned in to share another kiss with her husband. Annie has missed having sweet interaction with her husband for the last several months that he avoided her during the day. "Alright, you better go change," Annie ordered. "Ah I know exactly what to pick for you to match with my dress!" She excitedly rushed over to her husband closet.

    A warm smile hung on Louis face as he watches Annie easily happy state. "Do I have to change?" he whined. Since his wife is in sunshine yellow dress, Louis started to wonder what Annie has in mind to make him match her. He chuckled and shouted after her, "I don't want to look like a yellow light bulb honey." Annie returns with a set of clothes and shoved him toward the bathroom not allowing him to whine another word. They finally are ready to head over to Louis parents. Stephen and Nicola came along to help out. Bobby has been recruited over this afternoon to help out with the dinner.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1">Originally posted by Yak:
    <STRONG>Em: I'm glad to hear from you! Hope you catch up soon! Enjoy your reading. Oh yeah, what chapter are you at now? Just curious <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">


    I'm only on about Chapter 10 - I am reading it during my breaks at work, but don't get too many of them!
    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Ah, I have finally caught up! So Stephen rape Helen. I would never have thought <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Poor Helen. It wasn't her fault. Somehow, I think that B-jai IS Louis' son. I'm starting to hate Steven now. I wish he could just mind his own business <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> It's so sad how Louis doesn't care about his family. At the flashback, it look like he still care about his family. You know, how he ask Raymond what was wrong. Why doesn't he care for his family anymore? Update soon.

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    I love reading about the parts with louis and annie together! they are such a great couple! I wonder why louis was so distant from his family now, i mean they sounded close when helen was still there!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1"> You guy are so going to kill me when you get to the end. </font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

    umm... what do you mean by that?

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    YAY!! I could finally post! So happy <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    ccsakaru: What I mean is that Stephen didn't really get punish as horrorable as how you guys want it, lol <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> Hope you think it's fair <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    jeh: Glad to see you back! The next chapter will answer why Louis is not close to his family anymore. Read on to find out! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    Em: Keep reading girl. One day you catch up <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> I'm happy to know that you are reading, thanks for telling me.

    Alright, from this point on the story will go down hill, so lots will happen during the next several chapters. Enjoy your reading everyone!

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    Chapter 48: Spreading Suspicion

    Once they arrive Mrs. Koo walks up to Annie with a bright joyful smile seeing the size of Annie belly. Mr. Koo is by his wife with a wide grin at them too. Warmly, the old mother-in-law grabs hold of Annie hand, Annie felt awkward, since she is not really that close to them. "Watch the step Annie," the older lady warned with a happy smile.

    Nodded politely, Annie greeted them, "Thanks Lai Lai. Good evening Lo Yeeh, Lai Lai."

    Mr. Koo nodded pleadingly and welcomed her, "Come in, dinner is ready. Annie haves Louis behave and treat you well?" He asked as they stepped further into the living room.

    Recalling how Annie scolded him for being insensitive, Louis chuckled with his eyes gaze at Annie. "Dad you should ask me the question about her. I have something to complain," Louis joked while Annie beamed at him with warning eyes. "See what I mean?" he chuckled at Annie amusedly.

    His mother laughed joyfully, "Well, you have to be more considerate of Annie, Louis. She is pregnant. You don't know how hard it is to carry a child for ten whole months. Just be grateful that Annie is doing the job for you."

    Annie released a victory grin at her husband, "You heard that?"

    "Women," her husband mumbled with his father chuckling slightly.

    Gilbert laughed as he enter the living room, "Did I heard someone whine about women?"

    Both Louis and Annie greeted in unison, "Daai Gor." Gilbert nodded to them with his teasing sharp eyes on Louis.

    After seeing Annie pregnant condition, Gilbert couldn't help himself from teasing his brother, "Seem like our Louis is going to be slaved over next month." The older brother gave Louis a slight pat on the back, "So how are both of you?"

    While Louis answer to Gilbert question, Mrs. Koo is guiding Annie away from the group of men. Annie wanted to stay with Louis, but she can't really object to her mother-in-law wish to have a word with her. They settled down at the sofa.

    Louis mother smiled joyfully at Annie making her smile back to be polite and respectful. "Annie how has the pregnancy been so far?" Mrs. Koo asked as she seriously looked at her with concern build up in her eyes. "I heard Bobby say that you have some complication a couple months ago. You have to be more careful." The old mistress looked up at Nicola, "Nikki you have to help Annie more and don't let her do any work."

    Standing by Annie side mannerly the entire time, Nicola nodded to Mrs. Koo words, "I know, Tai Tai."

    Warmly, Annie squeezed her Lai Lai hand reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'm fine now. The past two months been really nice, except for the muscle spasm." She giggled softly as she recalls Louis teasing her.

    Mrs. Koo sighed softly with her hand rubbing Annie abdominal, Annie is a bit tense being touch by her. "I wish we would at least stay till you give birth," Mrs. Koo sadly stated.

    Annie smile with her curious eyes on her mother-in-law, "Lai Lai, what is the rush to move so quickly?"

    The old mother looked over at the group of men. "Well, Lo Yeeh think that since Louis is doing so good with the factory and turning it into a company business of his own, Lo Yeeh thought that the business can expand even more. So he is thinking of opening another chamber in Shanghai, since the market there is much better. And Gilbert is finally willing to help out again, so is Raymond after he graduate. Lo Yeeh wanted Louis to go down and help too, but Louis refused." Annie nodded as she listened silently with a respectful smile sweetly hung on her face.

    Mrs. Koo let out a soft sigh before continuing, "Things has changed so much during the past ten years. I still remember Louis being the sweetest and most caring child of mine, but now he has changed so much. Even though he didn't say it out loud, I still know he resent us and wanted us out of his life."

    With a warm smile, Annie gently squeezes her Lai Lai hand with kindred loving warmth, "Lai Lai don't misunderstand Louis, he is not like that..."

    Seeing how sweet Annie is; it made Mrs. Koo a bit at ease, knowing that Louis is in good hand. But she still wanted to live close to all three of her son. She smiled at Annie slyly and cut in, "Maybe you should convince Louis to move too, it will be much better to have us help both of you with the baby in the future." Annie nodded slightly in silent. Mrs. Koo sighed, "I just don't understand Louis anymore, he been so distanced after Helen..." she paused and looked at Annie.

    The young daughter-in-law nodded with a reassuring smile, "Louis has told me about Helen."

    A bit surprised, Mrs. Koo smiled gladly. Cause she know her son well, she know Louis never likes it when anyone mention about Helen and he would never share anything about Helen. But knowing that Louis is willing to share with Annie, it made Mrs. Koo smiled at Annie with amaze and a bit relieved. "He really did?" she asked. Annie nodded. She patted Annie hand, "I guess he finally learn how to put down that burden. Louis has changed so much because of her, he use to be very caring about this family but ever since he moved out with Helen, he became more distanced and more bitter toward us. I guess he is mad at his father for dragging him down with the business causing him to argue with Helen so many times."

    She sighed disappointedly before continuing, "I know Louis is angry with me, thinking that I wanted to tear Helen and him apart. He thinks that I made up lies to keep them apart." Annie slightly frowned, her mother-in-law shakes her head at her, "Oh dear come on, you must not believe that too. I'm a mother, I only loved him too much, of course I wouldn't do anything to harm him. I would definitely not lie and want him to have a divorce." Mrs. Koo hand gently swept across Annie abdominal, "Oh Annie, you will know how it like to be a mother." She delicately wipes a droplet of tear from the corner of her left eyes before she smiled at Annie with warmth.

    "Annie, I want Louis to be happy. I wouldn't allow anyone to break his heart," the elegantly dressed Lai Lai sighed again, "I just couldn't let him be blinded by her unfaithful heart. That Helen doesn't really know how to be a good supportive wife. She always wanted things her way. I bet she has requested Louis to stay away from us or else Louis would never build the mansion and move out with her."

    Annie just quietly listens and not knows what to say, she is feeling a bit awkward. A bit of her kind of blame her mother-in-law for being so intruding on Helen every matter. Annie didn't dare to speak her mind, cause she suppose to respect her Lai Lai, so all she could do is nod. Lucky Louis didn't plan to move with them to Shanghai or else sooner or later she will experience the same thing Helen is in the past, Annie thought to herself as she nodded along her mother-in-law words.

    Her Lai Lai sighed every time she pauses before continuing, "I still can't believe she would run away with Julian and leave Benny behind. What she thinks of Louis? A babysitter?"

    Confusedly, Annie thought Louis hint that Helen is dead, why is her Lai Lai said Helen ran away? "She ran away?" Annie asked with interest.

    Mrs. Koo nodded, "Louis didn't tell you?" The worrisome mother sighed, "Couldn't really blame him. Which man could accept his own wife running away with another man? That Julian even hit Louis head before he ran off with Helen! Talk about friendship and trust. Luckily I told Stephen to go over with Benny present, it was Benny three years old birthday. Lo Yeeh has bought him a jade charm for luck." Mrs. Koo paused when she saw her youngest child walking down the stairs heading toward the front door. "Raymond where are you going? Dinner is about to start," her disappointed voice informed thinking that Raymond is going out at this time.

    The twenty-one years old chuckled, "No where mom, I just wanted to step outside to see if Rain arrive yet." He smiled sweetly at Annie, "Hi, Yee Sewl. How are you and the baby doing?"

    "Hi Raymond. Baby has been treating me well," Annie answered with her hand gently stroke her abdominal.

    "Oh you ask Rain to come too?" Mrs. Koo asked in a pleased tone.

    Raymond rolled his eyes at his mother, "Yes mother. And try not to ask her too much questions. She is here for dinner not an interview." Annie chuckled at Raymond warning while Mrs. Koo sighed. Raymond headed out to wait for his new girlfriend that he started dating for a couple of months.

    Rain Lee family is from Shanghai also, and she attended the same school Raymond is. She has decide to go back to Shanghai for schooling, since Raymond and his family is moving to Shanghai tomorrow. Mr. Koo did wanted to talk to Rain father about join partnership to his new business plan.

    After seeing her youngest son walked off, Mrs. Koo turn her attention back to Annie. She sighed with disappointment, "Every son is like this, when they are young they wanted your attention and care for everything. Then when they grow up your care suddenly turned into a nag." Annie giggled softly. "Anyway where were we? Oh yes Helen," she sighed, "I really regret taking her in when she is a child. She uses to be so sweet and caring too, but ever since Julian arrived she has changed her heart. Such an unfaithful wife, she is."

    Hearing how her mother-in-law speak badly of Helen, Annie softly trying to defense Helen, "Could there be any misunderstanding?"

    Fancily dressed with gold and jade jewelry set, Mrs. Koo slightly rolled her eyes at that suggestion, "What other misunderstanding is there? She ran off with Julian and injured Louis!" She sighed again for the hundredth times before continuing, "Stephen is the one who found Louis sited in Benny's room with a bleeding head while Benny fainted near him."

    "Benny is injured too?" Annie confusedly asked. It doesn't make sense to her, she could understand that Julian hit Louis and ran off with Helen, but why would he hit his own son instead of taking him with them? Isn't Benny his son? So did Helen run away like what Mrs. Koo said or did she die like what Louis said when he changed mood several months ago?

    Her Lai Lai nodded, "Yeah, Stephen said he found Benny unconscious next to Louis, but Louis has woken up in awhile when he arrived. We sent them to the hospital. I remember Louis looked really frightful and kept mumbling to himself. I think he thought he killed Helen, but Stephen said that he saw Helen and Julian ran away with his own eyes right when he walked over to Louis house. The doctor say Louis been traumatize by the event and the injury has swollen his brain tissue making him a bit delusional."

    With bright round eyes looked interestingly at Mrs. Koo, Annie asked curiously, "Is this why he have this mood problem that he don't remember afterward?"

    The old mother of her husband nodded sadly, "He looked normal and we thought he is fine, but not until a month later that we realize he is being really forgetful and his mood changed very often. Violent mood, I'm talking about. He became grumpy and aggressive toward anything that crosses him during his little episode of changing mood. I'm worry about him living by himself, so I have asked him to move back, but he wouldn't, he even warned us to leave him alone and not to visit."

    Mrs. Koo sighed sadly, "He changed so much afterward. Louis became really private about everything. I guess he resent all of us. He listened to Helen words and think that we are the one that causes Helen to have an affair and left with Julian. Louis blames all of us, especially his father factory that has consumed so much of his time. There is a period where he wouldn't lift a finger to help his father. Good thing that passed after several months when he decided to use work to numb himself from remembering Helen left him."

    "Louis even lost his respectful connection with Gilbert, deep down he has wishes that Gilbert wouldn't just left on a long vacation and leave all the work to him. Well, Gilbert has to leave cause this place reminded him too much about his wife, who die of cancer. That poor son is still stubborn about remarrying. Gilbert has a heart of gold that only loved his wife, period. Anyway, I could see the brother bond between Louis and Gilbert has changed, even when Gilbert finally decides to return home. They don't talk as much and every time Gilbert tries to care, Louis would just shut him out," Mrs. Koo shake her head in sadness.

    Annie frowned too when she recall how much her husband dislike her seeing either Gilbert or Raymond in the past. "What about Raymond?" Annie softly asked.

    "I had no idea what happen between them. All I know is on the day Raymond finally return from his oversea study we gather for a family dinner. Louis and Raymond somehow were talking to each other in Raymond room, then they begin to fight. Actually, it not really a fight, since Louis is the only one that gave his younger brother a black eye. Then Louis just angrily charged off with B-jai and from then on he don't even talk to Raymond anymore. I asked Raymond for an explanation, but he wouldn't spill a word to why Louis has hits him," Mrs. Koo said.

    A hint of confusion shown in the mother eyes, "Louis uses to care so much about Raymond cause he is the youngest." Mrs. Koo dropped her head with a frown, "I have to admit, Helen loved and treated Raymond like her real brother. Their bond and trust are quite strong. Anyway, after Helen ran away, Louis became angrier with us and became even more distanced. He would just lock himself in his mansion and never step a foot to our mansion unless on his good days. It really worried me seeing him having this mood problem, while not letting any of us care for him. I can't just let him live alone after Helen left, so I have ordered both Stephen and Bobby to move over to help me keep an eye on him. You know how stubborn Louis is, he won't admit that he needed help. He wouldn't even see the doctor about his headache."


    Mrs. Koo nodded, "Yes. Stephen usually come over to tell us about Louis problem, and told us about his headache. So we did get some medication from Dr. Lau to help him. But Louis wouldn't take it, he wouldn't accept himself having problem, so I have Bobby help me put it into his meal. Luckily after about half a year later, his headache has cured." Annie nodded. "Still his change in mood is very evident. The worst thing is that he usually don't remember what he did. It because he couldn't control himself that made him angry at himself and kept pressuring himself to distance from other. There is a period of time that he wouldn't go anywhere other then his mansion and work. And he gets really offensive when we go visit him. We fear that we would trigger his mood change, so we decided to just wait till he come visit us instead. We don't want to pressure him."

    Reaching for her cup of tea, Mrs. Koo sipped on it as she tries to recall the past. "But somehow after Benny passed away cause of heart and lung failure, Louis mood changes has decreased. The doctor said that he change only when he get provoked by memories of Helen which Benny often bring."

    "Benny die of heart and lung failure? Not cause of Louis shaking him?" Annie asked with wrinkle forehead of confusion.

    Defensively, the mother corrected Annie thought, "Of course it not Louis fault, how could shaking cause death? The doctor stated that Benny lung and heart was too weak and stopped when he get stressed out and panicked. Can't really blame it on Louis, he didn't know that Benny is that weak."

    Silently, Annie pondered about the new information as Mrs. Koo continues. Annie suddenly asked, "Why is Benny so weak?" Mrs. Koo shrugged with her 'who care' look. "Helen never came back for her son?" Annie asked another question.

    Her Lai Lai shakes her head, "Nope, she just left and never came back. I shouldn't have accepted her into our family in the first place, than none of this will happen to Louis."

    Mr. Koo, Louis, and Gilbert walked over toward them. Raymond and Rain also stepped into the mansion for dinner. "Annie you must be hungry, lets have dinner now," her father-in-law suggested with a warm welcoming grin at her. Louis helped Annie up and walking with her over to the dinning room. While Raymond is introducing his girlfriend to everyone, Annie silently looked at Louis feeling sorry for her husband.

    Now Annie is more confuse then ever. Where is Helen? Is she really alive? If she is, it makes no sense why she didn't take B-jai along. And why Louis confess with fear when he changed mood made Annie being so sure that Louis has accidentally killed Helen, but now Annie is puzzled to her earlier assumption. She is a bit relief to know that the doctor stating Benny dies of heart and lung failure and not totally cause of Louis. But why is Benny so weak?

    "Honey? Annie are you okay?" Louis asked in concern while his hand gently squeezes Annie shoulder for attention. Annie snapped out of her thought and realizes everyone is staring at her. She felt uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed with her cheek turning a bit red. Her husband chuckled at her, "She has been like this lately, I guess it's a pregnant thing too," Louis jokingly explained to Rain. "Honey, Rain wanted to shake your hand."

    "Oh I'm sorry," Annie quickly apologized and reached her hand out with her smile. "Nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you too. You must be really excited about being a mother soon," Rain politely said to make conversation. Annie nodded weakly, while her mind is still on her husband past.

    Louis father chuckled at Annie for being so distracted, "Annie must be really hungry. Lets eat while we talk so my grandson don't get starved." He meant Annie unborn baby. They chuckled and settle down to eat. Mary, the head maid of Mrs. Koo walked up to Annie with a bowl of bat soup. She placed in front of Annie. Annie quickly felt nauseated seeing that creature in front of her. She quickly turned to her husband shoulder and hides her eyes on it.

    Caringly, Louis patted her lap and sighed at his mother, "Mom, Annie don't eat those stuff." He glanced over to Annie personal maid, "Nikki take it away."

    "Hold on Nikki. What you mean she don't drink it? What did you two do to the bat soup that I ask Stephen to bring over every week?" Mrs. Koo asked with a bit of anger to know that Annie hasn't take a bite at all. "Don't tell me you dump them into the trash," her still eyes are on Annie waiting for an explanation.

    Feeling guilty that Louis has always helped her pour those bat soup away, Annie quickly apologized. "I'm sorry Lai Lai. Don't get mad, it's not Louis fault. I..." Annie quickly covered her mouth cause the smell of the soup makes her wanted to vomit. She quickly scooted her chair out and rushing toward the bathroom.

    "Annie!" Louis worriedly called after his wife as he followed after her to see how she is doing.

    Meanwhile, at the dinning table Gilbert and Raymond along with Rain curiously looked after Annie and Louis who is now in the bathroom. Mr. Koo angrily darted at his wife, "Hai yah, see what you have done?! How many times have I told you it doesn't matter if she drinks those soups or not? As long as Annie and the baby are healthy, then everything is fine. Mary! Quickly take the bowl of bat soup away!" he ordered, the maid nodded and taken care of the soup. "You don't need to make a big deal out of this," Mr. Koo warned his wife.

    Mrs. Koo shake her head and stated while Annie and Louis hasn't return yet, "No wonder she looked so pale and weak. If she would of drink up all the bat soup I send over she will be more nourished. Did you see how thin she is? She looked like she is only five month pregnant. When I was pregnant with you guy, I at least gained twice as much weight as she did." She hissed disappointedly, "I wonder how she is going to give birth being this weak."

    Gilbert slightly chuckled at his mother, "Mom, you are making Annie sounded like she made out of paper. Calm down, you don't want to stress both Annie and Louis out on this farewell dinner right?" Gilbert scooped some food to his mother bowl trying to calm her down before Annie and Louis return.

    "Yeah mom, Yee Sewl know how to take care of herself," Raymond added. "I'm happy seeing Yee Gor and Yee Sewl being so compatible, lets not stir problem for them."

    "Hah! Are you two trying to rebel against me or something? You two make it sound like I purposely complicate things for her. I'm just concern about her health cause she is my daughter-in-law. If she is just some pregnant wife of someone else, I would careless about keeping her nourished. Do you know how expensive those bats are and how hard to find a place that sell them?" the disappointed mother rambled on and on. Rain is silent the entire time while she tugged Raymond to stop him from talking back to his mother.

    "That is enough," Mr. Koo firmly stated. Everyone is quiet at the table. He could tell his wife is not too pleased, but he just ignored her.

    Meanwhile in the bathroom Annie finally finish throwing up and gathered herself. Louis was there to brush her back the entire time. He handed Annie a napkin to wipe her mouth. Annie sadly frowned feeling disappointed in herself, she know her Lai Lai must be disappointed with her action. "Louis, I'm sorry..." Annie soft disappointed voice apologized for causing the trouble.

    "Silly, why are you apologizing?" Louis asked while lifting Annie chin up. "You didn't do anything to be sorry about. If anyone should apologize it should be mother."

    Annie sighed with a pout, "I was going to leave a good impression for Lai Lai and Lo Yeeh before they leave. I guess I blew it huh?"

    Her husband laughed at her childish pout, "Who care about how they looked at you? As long as I think you are a wonderful wife, you are a wonderful wife." Louis grinned widely at her to give her some confidents. Annie chuckled and leaned in to hug her husband. "Don't take anything mom said seriously okay? I don't want an unhappy wife and baby."

    "Louis had you ever regret that you married a simple wife like me?" Annie suddenly asked, then ramble on and on with worry mind, "I mean, I don't know a lot of thing and I get clumsy sometime...and I don't know how to eat good stuff...I always make steak too stiff...and I don't know how to help you with your work...nor do I know how to earn money...and I'm not good with socializing at the ball...all I could do is spend your money..." Louis laughed loudly at his wife making his family wonder what they were doing in the bathroom. "Shh..." Annie hushed her husband laughter. "You always laughs at me."

    "Cause you're silly," Louis chuckling voice stated, "Which is why I love you and pick you." He leaned in to whisper into her ear, "Also because you are easy for me to manipulate." He kissed her gently on the ear and whispered ever so softly, "There is one thing you are good at."

    "Hmm?" Annie beamed at him seriously as she wonder.

    Mischievously, Louis leaned closer to her ears and whispered something really softly that only his wife could hear. What he commented made Annie slightly dropped her jaw and slapped him on the chest with disbelief that he actually said that. He chuckled, "What?! I just mean you are good with having baby and being a wife. What so bad about that? What exactly are you thinking about? Something naughty huh?" he teased with his stunning grin and sharp eyes. Annie blushed, she quickly turned around not wanting her husband to see her cheek. Louis just laughed at her.

    She cleared her throat warningly before she looked at him seriously and asked again, "You are not regretting?" He shook his head with a warm smile. Annie smiled gladly and leaned into her husband to embrace him cozily. She slightly leaned toward the door listening for outside noises. "You think they are done talking about me? Maybe we should stay in here a bit longer, just in case," Annie said with unsure eyes. She felt a bit embarrassed and don't know how to face her Lai Lai.

    "Lets go home," her husband suggested.

    Annie pouted, "But I saw fish, scallop, squid, crab, shrimp, and even lobster on the table." Her stomach growled at the thought of seafood.

    Her husband rolled his eyes at her with his head shaking, "You are hopeless." He grabs her hand and smiled, "Lets go eat dinner than." He guided Annie out and headed back to their seats.

    "Is everything alright?" Gilbert asked in his usual caring tone.

    Shyly, Annie nodded while her husband joked, "It routine for her."

    "I'm sorry," Annie apologized, she didn't dare to make eyes contact with her Lai Lai.

    "Don't be silly Annie, we are family. Everyone must be hungry, lets eat," Mr. Koo exclaim. He scooped up some fish and placed in his wife bowl, "Come on lets eat dinner before all the dishes get cold. Bobby uses lots of time and effort to cook for us."

    They started to eat dinner while having a light conversation. Annie didn't talk much, she just concentrate on filling herself up while her husband get her anything that is seafood out there. Both Gilbert and Raymond couldn't help themselves from chuckling at Louis, cause he changed quite a bit because of Annie. They notice that Louis is not as grumpy and offensive as he use to be. And Raymond also notice that Louis is not mad at him any longer for not telling him about Helen and Julian affair before he left for oversea study. It's a big relief for Raymond to know that his brother are not mad at him, so Raymond is extra happy tonight.

    In front of Annie is a plate full of seafood that Louis has piled up so she could slowly eat and not worry that all the seafood is gone. Gilbert is watching Louis the entire time as he teasingly counting the number of lobsters in Annie's plate. "Louis are you sure Annie could finish all of that? I think there is four lobsters in that plate and you are still getting her more?" Gilbert asked while trying to hold back laughter.

    "Yeah, save that last lobster for Rain," Raymond joked. Louis ignore their complain and dropped the last lobster onto Annie's plate too.

    "That is not a lot, she is eating for two. These lobsters are pretty small anyway," Louis defended.

    "That is enough to eat for five," Raymond mumbled to Gilbert and they laughed along with Rain. Annie cheek is bright red as she silently continues to eat. She don't know why, but ever since she is pregnant, she love seafood. Even though they are joking and laughing at her, Annie didn't mind at all, but she just couldn't control herself from turning red and keeping quiet.

    "Hey enough already!" Louis warned his brothers after seeing his wife turning mute. "Honey, don't mind them. Just continue and pretend they are singing."

    Rain giggled cheerfully as she watches Louis and Annie warm interaction with a big smile. She turned over to look at Raymond who is still joking with Gilbert. Rain wonder if one day she will be as happy and loved by her future husband as Annie is.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Koo watches Annie eat with a bit of worry. She finally couldn't stand it and have to warn her. She sighed at Louis and Annie, "Too much shell food is not good for the baby." She stood up to scoop some fish into Annie bowl instead, "Annie eat more fish, it more healthy. Shelled food like crab, lobster, shrimp, and oyster could make your feet swell the next day. And it'll make both you and the baby have sensitive itchy skin."

    "Really?" Louis asked in surprise. He immediately stopped Annie from eating the shrimp that he just peels.

    Disappointed, Annie frowned a bit, but she quickly smiled warmly knowing that her mother-in-law is no longer mad at her. "Thanks Lai Lai," her sweet voice made her mother-in-law smiled happily too. Knowing that Annie like seafood, Mrs. Koo got her more squid and fishes. The rest of the dinner was cheerful with a warm family atmosphere.

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    Hey Yak, I like this chapter. It's so cheerful. None of those fear, sadness, etc. Woe, so did Louis kill Helen or not. Maybe Stephen was the one who hit Louis on the head and then kill Julian, too. Then, he lie that Helen and Julian ran away. Update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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