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Thread: The Others Soul (novel form)

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    Thanks for the opinion, I'm still pondering about what to do. It might end up being just another Annie and Louis fanfic, because I has two very nice posters of them already.

    Anyway, I had posted up another fanfic named "Trusting You With My Love" please check it out and read to support. Ah, if I'm not asking for too much, please rate "The Others Soul" for me so other readers can give this fanfic a chance. Thank you very much for your time! Hope all of you will hop over to "TYWML" and support me there! Bye now!

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    Hi Yak

    Wow, i come back here and we've moved to a new board and you're finished your fanfic..hmm...maybe I should limit my beauty rest.

    I agree with Jeh, a you deserve a 10 in every department

    Very descriptive, especially when you're describing Louis, I swear I think I was

    I like your ending, but you got me confused for awhile, cuz i wasn't too sure how the dream thing would fit in...nice twist regarding the dream.

    I'm looking forward to your next fanfic, especially the one regarding Ben and Annie,'s gonna be B-Jai and Eve, right?

    Thanks the wonderful story Yak, i've truly enjoyed it.
    where art thou prince? i want to wake up!

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