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Go Princes Go - Crystal Zhang, Peter Sheng, Alan Yu
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Thread: Go Princes Go - Crystal Zhang, Peter Sheng, Alan Yu

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    Default Go Princes Go - Crystal Zhang, Peter Sheng, Alan Yu

    Copied directly from: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Go_Princess_Go

    Title: 太子妃升职记 / Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji
    English title: Go Princess Go
    Genre: Comedy, Historical, Time- Travel
    Episodes: 35
    Broadcast network: Letv
    Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-13
    Air time: Daily
    Opening theme song: Ke Nian Bu Ke Shuo (可念不可说) by Cui Zi Ge (崔子格)
    Ending theme song: Yi Qian De Yi Hou (以前的以后) by Sheng Yi Lun


    A contemporary ladies' man time traveled to the ancient time into the body of crown princess Zhang Peng Peng who is in midst of marital troubles with her husband, the crown prince Qi Sheng. Thought the playboy enjoys flirting with the prince's concubines, he soon realizes that his personal safety and job security depends on the prince's whim. With body of a woman and mindset of a man, he seduces the prince while he plots to kill the husband so he can rise to the position of Empress dowager.


    Zhang Tian Ai as Zhang Peng Peng
    Sheng Yi Lun as Qi Sheng
    Yu Meng Long as Jiu Wang
    Guo Jun Chen as Yang Yan
    Hai Ling (海铃) as Lu Li
    Jiang Qi Lin as Zhao Wang
    An Yong Chang (安泳畅) as Jiang Ying Yue
    Chen Shi as Empress dowager
    Peng Yu Chang (彭昱畅) as Qiang Gong Gong
    Zai Yi Shu (翟艺舒) as Huang Liang Yuan
    Cheng Xiao Jin (程小晋) as Chen Liang Di
    Zheng Shu Huai (郑舒环) as Wang Shao Xun
    Hu Yue (胡悦) as Li Cheng Xun
    Sun Feng Zheng (孙奉正) as Li Gong Gong A
    Sun Feng Zhao (孙奉招 ) as Li Gong Gong B
    Cheng Hao (程浩) as Yang Yu
    Chai Wei as Zhang Ling Ling
    Xu Yi Wen (徐薏雯 ) as Zhang's mother
    Zhang Chen (张琛) as Doctor Song
    Ben Jie Ming (本杰明) as Guard Li
    Wang Wen Qiang (王文强) as Guard
    Zhou Le (周乐) as Guard
    Liu Yi Ning (刘一宁) as Deliveryman

    I came across this webdrama on the weekend and decided to give it ago since I was bored and wanted to watch a comedy. This is by far one of the better drama's I've seen in a while just because how funny it is. It's one of those things where you switch your brain off and just let the story take you.

    It helps the episodes are so short and it's all available with english subs on viiki

    The entire cast is new to me but the main actress is a gem. Over the top when she needs to be and still able to emote effectively when the time comes. Looking forward to anything new from her.

    They sure are a good looking bunch. Anyone else caught this webdrama?

    Currently in love with Bae Suzy...for superficial reasons.

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    OMG! Never thought I'd see a thread for this here but ever so glad about time someone did !!

    You nailed it about the main actress Zhang Tian Ai. Girl just has the right chops, and is scarily versatile ...she's a wayyy better actress than most out there. Hear she's been getting tons of work since GPG and all I can think is there is nobody who deserves it more than her ! She is the real star of this drama and I don't think this drama would've gone anywhere without her with all due respect. She is everything from looks, humor to acting talent. Doesn't take long for one to see that she literally carried the entire cast/drama

    This drama at 35 episodes sounds long but every episode is only 20 minutes. Finished it under 2 days was how good I found out to be. This drama is every proof that a show doesn't have to be big budget production or star-studded to be good. It's obviously low production but the acting, chemistry and story/directing obviously makes up for all that it is not, which makes it a very special drama to me. Gonna lookout for more gems like this one and seriously will watch anything Crystal Zhang is in

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    I read about this as the unexpected, low-cost, goofy, third-wall breaking, lead-actress-catapulting-to-fame, runaway hit web-series. I gave it a try a month or two ago and liked it enough to watch for nearly the full run.

    It isn't high art but it's solid entertainment and the lead actress definitely carried the cast... unfortunately, good-looking as the rest of the cast was, they were forgettable while she had great comic timing and flair, and (as said before) still managed to sell the emotions. Her one-woman show was reason enough for me (and apparently millions of Chinese viewers) to stay watching!

    The cheap, silly-looking costumes I thought actually added to the comic effect... the sets and costumes were so bad it was like they were parodying grade-school drama projects.

    Thanks for adding this as a thread. I hear there's a sequel coming up and as long as it stars the same female lead I'll be in for at least a few episodes.
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    I like the series until it tries to be dramatic which then fails horribly.
    click to show/hide spoilers
    when the ninth prince got demoted, from "Wang Ye" to a commoner. The scene right after, his people who came to sent him off still called him "Jiu Wang Ye" ...then I got a bit annoyed... DIDN'T he just got demoted?"

    Then I got annoyed with all the overly freaky laughter... by 2 characters.

    Then ending was okay though.

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    I didn't realised how low budget it was until after I finished the drama and read it online. I thought the whole thing was intentional to go with the theme of the drama.

    I cracked up everytime she sprouted Korean at him or she does something so random that people just look at her with a wtf face.

    The ending was confusing. Towards the end the lost the laughter and focused more on the relationship and the battle for the throne so it lost some of it's sparks but it was still an entertaining drama.

    If you really looked at it throughly there was a lot of plot holes.

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    I actually did a marathon on this show. It was bad really (felt that the acting was really exaggerated. it was basically a show for the actors to look good with lots of model posting)... but I love the way they filmed the show...nuts I know... but my eyes were eating up the screen for all the visuals...the colours of the clothing and the building...when they film certain scenes...it might be very sparse on the set but the colours...its really gorgeous visually...

    I understand that the show was pulled because of censorship so the ending was crappy and after loads of complaints they did another episode as ending...

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    Talking Go Princes Go - Crystal Zhang, Peter Sheng, Alan Yu

    Go Princess Go M/V OST "Spiral" (English sub) Sheng Yi Lun, Zhang Tian Ai & Yu Meng Long



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