The “outstanding” coffee shops at Da Lat!!!

Da Lat has known as the homeland of flowers, pine forests cheer in the morning, blue lake send outs its beauty in sunny rays and imposing waterfall thrown it into quiet rivers. If wake up one day, you suddenly want to hide yourself into a small corner of pretty Da lat to find the movement of peace or simply just find a place to press yourself. Let go, don’t skip that following coffee shops which has been known as “pretty”, “outstanding” café at Da Lat!

1. Me Linh Coffee (20 zone, 4 hamlet, Ta Nung commune, DaLat)

Me Linh is the “hot” name with young people at Da Lat, as an upstart because of wonderful location.

Me Linh is surrounded by poetic coffee hill, green vegetable gardens, beyond is blue lake. All of this brings the comfortable and fresh feeling just at foggy Da Lat

It’s famous for nice aroma of coffee: weasel coffee, Arabica of Robusta coffee. So its appreciate for anyone who want to spend time to deep in thought besides a up off coffee and who love this nice space.

2.. PINI COFFEE ( 01 Tuyen Lam Tourist Attraction, Đà Lạt)
Nice- Unique – Strange – is the first impression when visitors come to this special coffee shop

Nice- Located on Tuyen Lam Lake which is one of famous tourist attraction at Da Lat city, has been put on a coat that makes of romantic space as a wonderful ink color painting within unique styles of foggy city.

Unique - The best thing to attract visitor’s attention is the collection of classical car is showing around the shop. This collection has been collecting by Mr Ngo Quang Phuc - Board of Chairman of Lien Minh Group for entertainment. To meet the passion of classical, simultaneously create a space for all friends from over the world who has the same hobby to enjoy but not for business purpose .

Strange - Come to Pini, Visitor will show directly the way to make a cup of weasel coffee in siphon from the clever hands of staffs.

This method is so strange because of “Three rules – Three quantities”. Sip a cup of coffee to feel the lightly bitter aroma combining natural sweet, not only noble but also charming as the relish of old forest.

Pini Coffee is not only famous for weasel coffee but also the delicious drinks that you can not forget this aroma until the end of your life. Don’t forget to stop at Pini Bar Coffee to enjoy nice, new, strange space and full of interesting aroma. Despite a small space on bus, it is the ideal destination for young people stops their footstep discovering.

Be sure that you will say yourself when checking in Da Lat, have to visit PINI to enjoy and try wonderful drinks and space that is only at PINI Coffee

3.AN COFFEE (Truong Cong Dinh)

Located at wonderful location, between 5 ancient prunus cerasoider trees, mini green vegetable garden surrounded that you could plant anywhere, AN Coffee is the hot name in young people community with the simple name: “fresh vegetable Coffee”

Be with An Coffee, you can see directly the green vegetable has planted in pretty pots. Specially, you can plant it by yourself and cut it to enjoy at the same time. The best special things at An Coffee here

Besides, unique architecture that made of wood and green trees is the best view for wonderful photography. Make sure that An Coffee will the ideal place when check in Da Lat for you.

4. BICYCLE UP (82 Truong Cong Dinh Street, Da Lat)

Its name tell everything, decorated by old bicycle that brings us come back our childhood, remind nice memories. This bicycle has created the “unique” space but kept in it is the sweet feeling.

Be bicycle up, not only sip a delicious cup of coffee, nice rhythm, old books, the thoughtful space but peace in mind, but also for you finding a part of yourself.

5.LÀ VIỆT ( 200 Nguyen Cong Tru St, Da Lat )

If you are a big fan of coffee, you can not skip “ La Viet” shop which owns special name.

With the ideal of “work”, La Viet expresses its position because of the way to make coffee: roasting, grinding coffee at the shop directly, and each coffee’s cup has made by the machine and method of USA. All the process has shown at the table and make sure clean its clean and fresh

Very simple, natural and elegant architecture, with the decisive color is black grey, La Viet is the right place young people dating.

Don’t hesitate to take your backpack and visit foggy city shrouded by interesting thing need to be discovered. Let visit these destinations to keep nice memories, to not waste your journey, to estate: “Yes, it me- come with Da Lat, put my footstep in these unique coffee shop”