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Movies you wish you liked
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Thread: Movies you wish you liked

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    Default Movies you wish you liked

    Movies that everyone seems to like but you can't get into or may think to be overrated.

    Some of mine, I'll add more if they come to me:
    Donnie Darko - Allot of people like to jump on my *** and say I don't understand the movie but I really just don't think its that good.

    Gladiator - A good action movie I loved a decade ago but now I don't really see the huge appeal of it

    The Dark Knight - If Heath Ledger isn't on screen it feels painfully mediocre to me
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    Full Metal Jacket - Now I've never finished Full Metal Jacket and it's about time I go back and try it out again, but from what I remember everything up until the end of basic training was great and then it fell flat.

    The Matrix: I really don't like this, and it sucks because it's like one of the most revolutionary action movies to most people.

    The Magnificent Seven -Tried to hard to be something it wasn't I often found myself checking how much longer until it ended, but its always a mention in a favorite Westerns list, and honestly its somewhat halted me from checking out Seven Samurai.
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    Halloween - This one hurts allot probably the most, because I love Halloween lore, Michael Myers and so much about it. But since so much has borrowed from it, it's hard to look back on it and see original scares. When I think of Halloween I think of loooong babysitter scenes first, good horror second.
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    Curse of the Golden Flower. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_..._Golden_Flower. Jay Chou's general character. Bringing all the 100,000 troops into the palace is the stupidest thing to do.

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    Same here. I'm one of those ppl where everyone likes Nike, but I prefer Reebok. I've always subscribed to the principle that everything popular is wrong. Another prime example, everyone seems to like Disney's green-outfitted Peter Pan with the short cut hair. But to me, THE Peter Pan has always been the brown-robed boy with long pony tail who could fly (aka the Fox Studios TV version from the early '90's).

    Anyways, here are a list of thing I never wished to like in the first place:

    The Hobbit Trilogy by Peter Jackson
    Man of Steel
    Batman v Superman
    The Force Awakens
    Jurassic World
    Warcraft the Movie
    Latest Captain America movie
    Latest Iron-man movie

    There may be more but I've never really paid attention to them. Suicide Squad, what's that? I haven't even seen the trailer...




    GOoD (Fox's Peter Pan & The Pirates):


    GOOD (Dragon Nest Warrior's Dawn is essentially LOTR alternate universe prequel):

    BAD (STAR WARS prequels):

    GOOD (Return of the Condor Heroes):

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