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Thread: why is The Jungle Book not a choice in the oscar predictions?

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    Post why is The Jungle Book not a choice in the oscar predictions?

    In my opinion, and many others, The Jungle Book is the best movie of the year. It might not get a best picture nom, but it is at least a contender. The first reason is the special effects, it is what got Avatar a nom, so why not Jungle Book. Second, the directing is superb and Jon Favereu os a contender as well for best director. It should also be avoidable to be predicted for best actor for Neely Seethe. One might say that I am just a fanboy, But Oscar expert Anne Thompson from Indiewire is also predicting Jungle Book to be nominated. It should at least be able to predict. I have posted this in the form about the Oscar prediction center, but this has still not changed. Please help to show that this is an Oscar contender by making this avoidable to predict!
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