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Thread: IS it time to take Hacksaw Ridge seriously?

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    Default IS it time to take Hacksaw Ridge seriously?

    The movie is getting amazing reviews, and I believe it is time to get the movie more seriously for awards recognition.

    Picture seems a good bet (nomination) and few techs. But is it possible…Mel Gibson to be nominated for Director?
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    The movie is getting some amazing reviews but it also getting other reviews calling it “corny” and “formulaic” and whatnot. I am starting to think it will be a best picture nominee, now that there is up to ten of them, and Mel Gibson may slip into the best director category over say Kenneth Lonergan, since Gibson’s film is more of a technical achievement. Think of it as this year’s “American Sniper” where a certain right wing contingent in Hollywood really falls for it. I still say it has no chance of actually winning best picture or director. Other films are going to dominate the critics awards, and I do not see “Hacksaw Ridge” winning anything from the top critics though it may show up on the NBR top ten. latest ringtones for mobile
    There is also the biggest factor which is just the fact that Oscar voters are not going to give best picture and/or director to a racist, homophobic, anti-Semite unless there is basically no one else to give them to, and this year they have several other options including America’s most acclaimed living director. zedge ringtones for mobile and Setting Fires ringtone
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