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    author: 梦入神机
    chapter 1 Crystal Meditation

    Sleeping immortals, sleeping gods, stone roots high lying forget the year, Sanguang sink from the round. The latest site, please Favorites

    Gas owned by the mysterious awakened, the interest of any natural.

    Mo scattered, to An Tian, ​​Wen Yang was mercury child round, waiting for it lead flowers are.

    No loss, there Fangxian; real furnace, transported in the middle.

    Line seven back, not difficult; refining nine also, He upset.

    Wait and see the battle of the dragon and tiger, dark inverted yin and yang Britain.

    Man said I was hazy Han, I sleep sleep.

    Learn to, really lying Zen.

    Developed, really fetal.

    Wolong will ascend to heaven together.

    This sting method, who pass?

    Dirty Taoist Zhang Feng cents.

    This is a word, called "sting Long Yin", the author Zhang Sanfeng.

    Describe the human through practice, through sleep, to reach the "Heaven" realm.

    At this point, the human is already 2250, has long entered the Galaxia. The ancient practice has not only failed to decline, but flourished.

    "Deep sleep! You must enter deep sleep to be able to enhance the vitality!"

    Harsh screams echoed in the 3000 square meters of large sports classroom.

    The voice of a female teacher.

    She apricot peach gills, body light and soft, is a beauty. Unfortunately, the temperament is very sharp, hard-edged, the whole person is like a machete, people come into contact with her eyes as if there is a cut throat suffocation.

    "Jiang from the knife sister freak." In the back, buddy Guo Meng Jiang very quietly to speak.

    "Hush ... ..." Jiang from the fingers swinging: "Whisper a little deep sleep, how can there be so easy, the entire school more than 80 million students do not know if there are 50?

    "Knife sister" is the female teacher's nickname, rumors that she used to be a female soldier, retired later as a teacher.

    Jiang is a high school students from the soul class.

    Mind training is now the most important course for students, no one, even more than the physical training.

    Through meditation, meditation, meditation, guidance ... ... these training, making a strong heart, the spirit of concentration, better control ** breathing, heart rate, pulse and other functions.

    When the spiritual training to a deep state, people will appear "deep sleep" phenomenon.

    Studies have shown that human deep sleep an hour, seven or eight hours of sleep than ordinary people the effect is much better.

    Less sleep seven hours a day, people can save out how much time to learn, do things?

    Deep sleep one hour effect can make people all day long fine tiger fierce, superior memory. Over time, the body strong, longevity.

    "Do not think that spiritual training is not important, I give you an example, in the past there are two terminally ill patients, one does not know the condition, all day happy, feel comfortable, the results of immune cells increased, killing diseased cells, Health, while the other one know the disease, into despair, not a few days on the alas, he had hope of cure. "Sword sister to class, the sound was so sharp that everyone can hear! "This is the power of the mind!"

    "Zhang Yue!"

    "Sister girl" pointing to the front of a female one meter tall, tall and handsome male students: "You are thousands of students in this class, the only deep sleep into the people to show you."

    "Teacher, I think there is no need to show." Zhang Yue is the monitor, but he simply despise everyone in the class, but a cold smile: "spiritual practice is talent, can understand is a genius, can not comprehend life is useless.

    "This guy really pull!" Buddies Guo Meng angry Road.

    "He is purely rely on resources." Jiang from some disdain: "his family money, every night to sleep on the point of precious spices Anshen Bunao, but also hypnotist hypnosis, without these resources to assist, he entered the *** of deep sleep Let him live demonstrations, he is absolutely revealing.

    "That is, with any help, anytime, anywhere into the depth of sleep is a genius!" Buddies Guo Meng nodded: "But his vitality is getting stronger and stronger, has reached 0.9.

    "What pull pull? His achievements in the school which is just the top 100." Another student disdain: "The first three schools may not be admitted to Star University."

    "Yes ah, can be admitted to the Star University is considered capable."

    "Whisper, let Zhang Yue hear he will find our troubles, 0.9 vitality can easily solve more than ten us.

    "If I can afford a hypnotist in my home, I will hypnotize into deep sleep every day, and my energy and my soul will increase."

    "Come on, the hypnosis into the depth of sleep, it is intermediate hypnotist, people hypnosis once, charges thousands of stars!" ... ... ... ... some students talking in a whisper.

    Star University is the best human institution, the dream of countless students.

    Vitality is the result of students, including physical and cultural.

    Which accounted for the main physical, cultural secondary, and two hundred years ago, education is very different.

    Human Galaxia education, book mountain title examination has long been eliminated.

    Two hundred years ago, high school students only attach importance to cultural achievements, the results ran a 1000 meters, it collapsed, it was sudden death. This has become a big joke in the present.

    Jiang from the vitality of 0.7, ordinary, are just passing, but he can reach 100 meters sprint 10 seconds, close to the time of the world champion.

    "Well, Zhang Yue, you sit down." Knife sister nodded, did not blame Zhang Yue, after all, he is the class the best students, "you do not proud, deep sleep there are three stages, you are now the first Stage, so the vitality of only 0.9. To be admitted to the University of the Star is far worse! To reach the third stage, God sleep does not sleep, sleep does not sleep in the movement into sleep, is the ancient drunk boxing, mental stimulation of the adrenal gland Hormones, and fight doping, like boxing force, in order to soar.

    "Teacher assured that the end of this semester, I will reach the vitality of 1!" Zhang confidence: "The next semester, I will be more powerful!

    Vitality to reach "1" is the metamorphosis of the students, they run faster than the cheetah, torn tiger power, cultural courses outstanding, is the Almighty talent.

    "Now, start training with me."

    The teacher said: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In your body wash.Expiration, water with a dirty excreted in the course of time, the body more and more crystal!

    Crystal Meditation.

    Is the spiritual cultivation major course.

    This is through the meditation crystal, making his heart without distractions.

    This is a primary meditation, but it is difficult to practice to the deep. Is also the study of many human minds of many meditation out of the most secure, the most effective one. In addition, such as the Buddhist concept of non-net, bones of the concept, are likely to cause neurological disorders, people crazy illusion.

    In the big room on the spiritual room, there is a three-dimensional crystal projection, vivid, crystal carved adult-shaped.

    The human form of crystal breathing, the beginning of the body are impurities, but gradually become transparent, and finally spotless.

    Heart, such as Mingtai Tai.

    This is the pattern of meditation.

    Jiang is also followed from meditation, breathing, but always difficult to enter the state, the spirit is not concentrated.

    This is also a common problem for most people.

    "How can we be able to concentrate? Into the state of crystal meditation?" Jiang from the more trouble. But the more impatient, but the less able to concentrate.

    A set of crystal meditation action is completed, female teacher "knife sister" sweep a class of thousands of students, sharp eyes, see more than 90% of students are pretending to be shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, impatient, Of the roared loudly: "stop!"

    Students are opening their eyes.

    Knife sister was prepared to reprimand, but thought, but with a slow tone: north faceYou have read about two hundred years ago, a novel written by Jin Yong, "Denon eight In fact, this is from the Zen classic "five Lantern dollars", but the novelist as it is the internal strength of the recipe for the internal strength of the inscriptions on the inside, there is a paragraph, that is, Shaolin Temple Gordon Diamond Gong internal strength tips: such as the night or night uneasy mind fly, how intimidated? , This is right, the real strength on this. Not what split palm to go, infuriating, internal forces fly ... hehe ... ... ... ... the soul to interfere with the material, where it is so easy.

    Hearted apes, mind fly, hype This is a normal phenomenon. Years of practice of the Zen Master, will not be able to overcome this problem. Heart apes, heart apes, the heart is the Monkey King, the heart is a monkey, Where there is so easy to surrender.

    "A realm is more difficult than a state," knife sister waved: "You do not understand I do not explain, get out of class today!"

    Hear the announcement of get out of class, all students are relaxed up, waiting for sister out of the sports room, the students are ready to spread in twos and threes.

    Jiang also prepared to go home from dinner.

    "Jiang from!"

    Suddenly, he was stopped, a tall figure appears in front.

    Is Zhang Yue.

    "What?" Jiang step back, he was one meter seventy-five, the face of one meter nine Zhang Yue, feel some suffocation, which is from the vitality of oppression.

    Zhang Yue 0.9 vitality, too strong, if fighting together, not from the opponents of the 10 Jiang.

    0.8 students can overcome the vitality of four or five river away.

    Vitality difference of 0.1, that represents a huge difference in physical fitness.

    "I heard that you go to the park every day feeding stray cats?" Zhang Yue look disdain, bear hands, condescending: "Luo Han sometimes with you feeding? I warn you, it is best to give up this stupid behavior.

    "Why do you control my things?" Jiang from the heart of some anger.

    "Very simple, with my strength, and my family status." Zhang Yue hand rubbed, bones crackling, daunting: "Remember, do not quarrel with me, otherwise I will tear your mouth." Luo Han is not you can be close, toad never eat swan.

    "Admiral adults, squadron adults." Buddy Guo Meng to see the loss from the river, quickly come up lose smiles: "Luohan is one of the four goddesses of the school, where we have these ordinary students have the idea, right, Jiang away from his brother Jiang Tao has to get out of school, and so on, but also to go home to eat together.

    "Jiang Tao," the monitor Zhang Yue heard the name, the eyes have a trace of scruples, but still sneer: "I am today a verbal warning, if you hear you and Luohan feeding stray cats, the consequences you know."

    Between the words, he turned to leave.

    "Good insurance." Buddies Guo Meng out of a cold sweat: "Zhang Yue hit us, we do not have the opportunity to resist."

    "Go, in school, he did not dare to fight." Jiang from the livid look, do not say relentless, he knows and Zhang Yue difference is too big, that ruthless meaningless, but does not mean he will admit defeat .

    "Your own point of care, Zhang Yue strength, the family is rich, if you stare at you, I am afraid to be bad." Buddy Guo Meng was worried: "I see you temporarily do not see Luohan, Los Han is a school of vitality 1 Man, her family is a big rich, you and her contact, will provoke a lot of trouble.

    "I know, I will not hit the stone." Jiang from the eyes flash a bit, his heart eager to strong.

    You can see the rest here.
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