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Thread: How far do you imagine Deun Yu would have gotten if he had been interested in MA?

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    Default How far do you imagine Deun Yu would have gotten if he had been interested in MA?

    With an active disdain for martial arts, Deun Yu nevertheless emerged as one of the most powerful martial artists in wulin by the end of DGSD, thanks to his improbably auspicious encounters. If Deun Yu had been a dedicated martial artist from the beginning, however, given his talents, how far do you imagine he could have gotten?

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    Will WYY be a good teacher?

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    Not sure. But pretty damn invincible definitely (well, he was already pretty damn invincible without interest).

    Hmmm, we should have a poll.

    Lets say you put XF,DY, the 5 Greats, YG, GJ and LHC in a place with a library containing ALL (yes every damn thing, from original sunflower scroll to DGSD 3rd Edition Yoga and yes, all with translated versions if necessary) martial art manuals (and have enough copies of each so that they don't have to share). Let em train for 10 years.

    Who do you think would be the toughest after 10 years?
    Its BIxie Jianfa Gawdammit you guys!!!!

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