Figure of the nine gods chapter 1

Fang's Court of a secret room, heaven and earth aura, such as the influx of red tide crazy red tripod, an immortality unique fragrance diffuse to open, indicating that this furnace immortality is about to shape.

Qingcheng only one of the three side of the alchemy division master face dignified, fingers linked to play a Road Alchemy tactics, the final steps.

Received Dan.

Dan fragrant diffuse, Reiki Kuang Yong, thirty-six longan purple immortality size fly from the tripod, suspended in the air, the flow of a unit is refreshing breath.

Master big sleeve roll, the immortality of income storage ring, slightly tired old face exposed touch of easy smile.

This Dan name for washing pulp Dan, but Nine products immortality in the most difficult to practice a. Dan Dan to his attainments, refining this Dan is not easy, once refined into pulp washing Dan, it represents his eight-product Dan Road from the state, only one step away.

This is the master of the reasons for the joy of the party, his eighteen-year-old to learn alchemy, three-year-old into the ranks of Nine products Danshi, wasted twenty years, still wandering in the Nine realm, can not further, it is quite sorry for him . However, at the moment, wash pulp Dan made, so he saw a glimmer of hope, Dan Road eight realm of the door, he slowly opened.

"Ling Sin, pulp washing Dan can be made, thanks to your dedicated support, the old lady thanked you here." Fang Masters smile, look to the side of the linen boy.

Juvenile about fourteen years old, handsome handsome, tall and straight figure, although dressed in coarse linen, but it is a natural expression of indifferent quiet temperament.

Ling Sin indifferent smile, the whole person has a very inconsistent with the age of mature and prudent.

Fang Masters waved his hand, praise: "You do not modest, and you in my apprenticeship has been six years, I do not know you? This time alchemy, but for your well-deployed elixir, meticulous assistance , I am a person can not complete the washing pulp Dan refining.

"This is what I should do, and even without me, to master the Dan Road Dan attainments, refining pulp washing Dan will not be laborious." Ling Sin said softly.

"Master, smiling stroked his beard, although that Lingxian is touted him, but still can not help but enraptured, we can see Lingxian, then he was still," I do not know, Very popular.

Lingxian laughed and not language, he is Ling's family of collateral children, childhood parents died, before the age of eight has been relied on family relief until six years ago he came here to become an alchemy apprentice, to the side Master fight to start with, the day to go a little better.

For willing to take him, and taught him alchemy Fang Masters, Ling cents heart is very grateful, so he naturally will not work, do the kind of distracting subjects take the annoying things.

"Unfortunately, if you can practice, that as early as three years ago, you have become a nine-goods alchemy division." Fang Masters look of regret for the face of the Color, looking in front of the handsome boy, sighed.

"Fang master, this sentence you have said thirty-seven times." Ling cents smile soon, since he recorded things, hear the most words, is a pity, if you can practice.

Unfortunately, he can not practice.

"If I say a few times can make you become alchemy division, then willing to put this sentence all day long." Master Fang stroked the white beard, the heart of the feelings of regret even more.

If Lingxian can not practice, he would have its income under the door, inherited the mantle of the.

Prolonged contact, so he deeply understand the front of the boy's outstanding, but also deeply shocked. Over the years, to him to work in the alchemy apprentice, no one alchemy talent can be comparable Lingxian. Not only has more than ordinary people's memory, calm and calm heart, but also has the world's rare savvy.

But, can not lead the world Reiki into the body, no matter how good the talent is in vain.

"This is life, irreversible life." Ling cents softly Yi Tan.

Ten years, he racked his brains, but always no way, as long as any Aura into his body, will disappear in the twinkling of an eye without a trace, as if never appeared in general.

According to the ancient records, the reasons can not be broadly divided into two kinds of cultivation. One is inherently unable to guide Aura into the body, is mortal. One is damaged pubic region suffered by the meridians, inhalation Aura can not gather, belong to waste.

The Ling-xian, neither belong to mortals, also does not belong to waste. But it happens, despite how hard his practice, wantonly swallowing immortality, has also been unable to gather gas, become a cultivator.

This makes him very helpless.

Since childhood, he will have a dream, to the summit of nine days, disdain for the world pack.

But even practicing can not, how can set foot on the peak?

Ling Xiu, you do not give up, although your situation is rather special, but I think there is always a solution. "Fang Masters shook his head." Fangxian shook his head, , Comfort Road.

Lingxian nodded, Chen Sheng said: "I never thought to give up, but I do not intend to continue to eat immortality, do useless power, and I am ready to buy an open eye Dan, to do the final stroke.

"Open eye Dan?" Fang Masters frowned, said: "Ling Xian, although the opening eye Dan to increase the probability of opening the eyes of the day, but you and I are very clear, it is too slim." Dan opened the eyes of the years , Can be taken after the success of the opening example, Once upon only three cases, can be described as one hundred millionth chance.

Ling Xianmou light firm, said: "In addition to opening the eye of the sky, I can not think of any way to change my fate." "I am a little bit,

Eye of Heaven, is the most powerful once upon a repair and one of the most wonderful forces.

Known to the sky a total of one hundred and eight eye, each have a world of good fortune, Zhongqian Kun Xuanqi a powerful force. But can awaken the eye of the monks of the sky, and both are bearing the fate of the lucky days of the atmosphere. Even if the opening is not used for fighting the eye of the day, will be competing to win over the major sects, one step to the heavens.

For example, ranked ninety-ninth look of the gas pupil. This day the eye can see all the treasures of the unique Emmanuel, even if it is set under the seal becomes ordinary wonders of the treasure, you can also see through, and can also be used to find the world of spiritual veins, remains and so on, endless.

According to ancient records, thirty thousand years ago, there is a casual repair is a coincidence in the next open air pupil, just a few years time, he will use this eye to find a number of spiritual pulse, and hundreds of dust Treasure, and finally relying on endless resources to become known Once upon a strong, known as Dubbo Zhenjun.

"Now that your mind has been decided, that the old lady does not persuade you. Here is the five hundred Lingshi, when the alchemy of your reward." Master a wave, a bunch of pure Aura contains a strange stone out of thin air .


Ling Xian heart a warm, past auxiliary alchemy, up to five Lingshi. And this time, it is clear that the master side to reward this way to help him buy open eye Dan.

Fang Masters see his hesitation, light laughs: "Do not have hypocritical, even the old lady to support you, with your talent, once opened the eyes of the day, or set foot on the road of practice, that the future will certainly name moving Quartet, I can be considered Invest in advance. "

Ling Xian silent, his childhood lonely, and can not practice, long been accustomed to the indifference and ridicule of others. However, Qingcheng only one of the three alchemy division, the premier big man, not only for his favor with Canada, but also willing to invest, let him fight that trace of illusory opportunities, which makes him very moved.

Silent for a while, Ling Xian will be five hundred Lingshi income storage bag, then a smile in front of the old man a deep bow, Chen Sheng said: "If this life on Albatron, to the fire and water reported this grace.

"Well, you have this sentence is enough. The old lady does not figure you what I return, but do not want you Fengyun good seedling, was storm destroyed, therefore help you." Master Fang pleased smiled and said: " Go, it is noon, I know you will go there to work Pharaoh, do not leave you tea.

Ling cents nodded, turned out of the Chamber of Secrets, full of excitement and gratitude.

Fang Masters gave him more than just 500 Lingshi, it is an opportunity, once into the Lung nine opportunities!

"Will be successful." Ling cents silently in the heart, immediately went to the direction of the Treasure Court.

Open eye Dan Although the whole Once upon a time recognized as one of the immortality of immortality, but also genuine seven drugs immortality. Qingcheng only monopoly in the world of rare treasures of the Court will be sold.

Price of 700 Lingshi, for the strength of the monks in terms of background, the price is not much, but Lingxian such a person can not practice, it is an astronomical figure. Fortunately, he has always been thrifty, the past few years by working to accumulate nearly 300 pieces of Lingshi, plus the side of the master of the gift of Lingshi, is enough.

A little while, Ling Xian will come to an antique three-story pavilion before the business is the world over the odd Court.

However, just as he wanted to enter the Treasure Court, an old voice suddenly sounded in his heart, as if far away in the sky, as if in sight.

"Hey, turned out to be a person with God ban, a small area of ​​the project, there will be such a peerless genius?


Ling Xian surprised, he can clearly feel, a pair of deep eye is watching himself.

"Can not think of the old man sleeping for several thousand years, just woke up, will be able to run into such a good talent seedling, is really a good fortune ah." That voice said, seems to sigh time leisurely, Seems to lament their good luck.

"I do not know which predecessors pass by here, but also please do not and the next joke. I am a natural waste, where the older generation said what peerless genius." Ling Xian carefully guarded, although the look in a hint of tension, but not the slightest Of the panic. Fourteen years of suffering, so that he suffered numerous supercilious and ridicule, but also created his perseverance, mature and stable mind.

"This is my thirty thousand years to hear the most funny joke, if you are wasteful, that people nine family of the Eucharist, the spirit of the three major body of the body of God, All are rubbish. "

Ling cents frowned, Terran nine Eucharist he knows, known as the pet of God, each with amazing talent, peerless and powerful. And that the meaning of the old voice, their qualification of this waste even more than the nine Eucharist stronger?

"I know you do not believe, but it does not matter, wait for you to believe it." Road sound once again sounded.

The next moment, Ling Xian will see a painting from the inside out of the strange cabinet, shining nine-color glamorous Shenhua, flowing the desolation of the ancient atmosphere, wrapped him disappear.

As if to another piece of heaven and earth.



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