TUNTIAN Martial arts emperors chapter 1

Castle Peak Village is Albatron outside the Qingyun mountain edge of a small village, only one hundred families, farming self-sufficiency, almost isolated.

"Brother, look, the sky was." The edge of the village, a girl wearing a coarse cloth shirt, directed at the same distance, wearing a ragged boy shouted.

Girl twelve years old, called Suya, although wearing dirty, but the skin is white, a pair of big eyes flapping with shiny water luster, faint with a stunning capital.

Boy called Su Yang, and Suya is a brother and sister, brother and sister two Castle Peak Village is a pair of orphans.

"Some people in the sky? Ya children, you play brother to play." Su Yang raised his head, watching the sunny white clouds, dirty face showing a hint of helpless smile.

"Really, brother, just someone really flew from the sky." Suya went to Su Yang side, took Su Yang's hand, pouted, his brother did not believe that they are very dissatisfied.

"Really?" Su Yang looked up at the sky, scratched his head.

"Really." Suya heavy nod, grabbed Su Yang said: "My brother, who is definitely the Warrior, Yaer to see over there flew.

Suya small fingers pointing to the magnificent Qingyun Mountains said.

Su Yang hesitated a bite: "Ya children, go, let 's go and see.

"Warrior, listen to the village grandfather said, you can fly to escape, do anything.

Su Yang pinched the hands of small hands, pulling the little face excited Suya quickly ran along the jungle to the mountains.

Halfway up the mountain, Su Yang and Su Yang tired sitting on a large stone.

"Ya children, eat cake." Su Yang carefully from the arms and pulled out half a pie, swallowed spittle, and then handed the Suya.

"Brother, you eat." Suya broke off a piece, the rest of the big one gave Su Yang.

"Hey." Su Yang grinned, gently twist the next piece into his mouth, the rest of the cake into the arms.

"Suda suddenly shook Su Yang's arm, a small finger pointing to the sky excitement shouted.

Su Yang looked up quickly, suddenly Zhang mouth.

The sky, two people flew over to the side.

It is so easy to marching air, flying.

"Wu who is really a warrior." Su Yang swallowed the mouth spittle, dirty little face full of excitement, pair of dark eyes is poured out of deep yearning.

"Village grandfather said, will fly the Warriors are very powerful warrior, raise their hands enough to be able to destroy a mountain." Su Yang murmured.

"If, I can become a warrior, you can let Yaer eat belly, dressed, protect Yaer." Su Yang Suya tightly clutching the little hand, firmly said.

"My brother, Yaer also want to be a warrior, to protect his brother." Suya suddenly looked at Su Yang, very seriously.

Su Yang Yi Leng, immediately holding Suya laughed: "Well, Ya children have to be weapons, to protect his brother."

The sky, the two figure seems to be searching for something, suddenly one of them looked at a place, his eyes lit up, surprised: "Brother, you see, that little girl around the body even aura around.

"Ah?" Is known as the senior man's brow a pick, look down the direction of Young refers to the eyes of the sudden emission of a touch of ecstasy of color: "The body has aura around, this little girl is at least three mysterious talent."

"Go, take a look." Brother Xiupao wave, the two quickly fly toward the hillside.

"The two warriors to the side of the fly." Su Yang suddenly pupil of a shrink, tightly staring at the sight of the rapid enlargement of the figure, his face showing the ecstasy of color.

"Ya children, fast up." Su Yang suddenly pulled Suya stood up, excited looking at flying two.

call out!

The two fell to the Su Yang and Suya in front of the brothers tightly staring at Suya, the eyes of the projection of a strong light color: "This is Reiki, is absolutely four mysterious, or even more than four mysterious genius.

"I did not expect, in this remote place, but also encountered such a terrible talent of the little girl, it is Tianyu Meiyu ah.

"Little sister, your family do?" Old man looked at the smiling Sue asked.

"We are orphans," said Su Yang uneasy.

"Orphan?" Brothers face light color thicker, glanced at Su Yang, slightly frowned, it seems obviously two brothers and sisters, so sister, brother is so unbearable.

Bale, this and other talent, must not be buried, back to the door, but he can get a large sum of reward, even if it is strong to take away.

Brothers pondered, and then looked at Suya smiles: "Little sister, would you like to go with me, to a beautiful place.

"I can become a warrior?" Suya stared at the big eyes curious asked.

"Of course, you will be the same as me and the Warrior." Seeing the glory of the eyes of Suya, senior could not help but relieved, it seems that no difficulty.

"That my brother can become a warrior?" Suya suddenly grabbed Su Yang's arm asked.

Su Yang mind a tight, breathing has become heavy up, tightly watching the two men.

Brother slightly frowned, disgust glanced at Su Yang, directed at Suya smiles: "Little sister, your brother can not become a warrior, but you can ah.

Su Yang at this moment feeling whole body without a trace of effort, my mind is still echoed with the phrase 'can not be a Warrior', eyes atheistic.

I can not become a warrior, I can not become a warrior.

Su Yang forced the palm of your hand, my heart gush deep pain.

Can not become a warrior, you can not protect the sister.

"Little sister, would you like to follow me?"

"I do not, my brother does not go, I do not go, I want to and brother together." Suya stubborn shook his head, tightly holding Su Yang's hand.

Su Yang woke up from the pain, biting his teeth, said: "Ya children, you follow them go, my brother can not become a warrior, you can, so you become a warrior, come to protect his brother.

Brother heard this, my heart could not help but despise extremely, hum, bumpkin, set foot on martial arts practice, who will remember you a waste.

"I do not, I do not leave my brother, my brother does not go, I do not go." Suya tightly holding Su Yang, shouting shouted.

Brother impatient, cheeky cool.

"Waste, there is such a talented sister, you should contentment." He stared coldly Su Yang, palm suddenly stretched out toward the Suya.

Su Yang whole body Yi Chan, just feel as if the head was inserted into the same cutting edge, gushing flood of pain.

"Ah ~ ~ ~"

He squatted on the ground holding his head, issued a painful screams.

Suya was senior brothers directly in the hands.

"Let me go, let go of me, big bastard, what did you do to your brother, big bad guy, let me go."

"Brother, save my brother, I do not go, brother."

Suya sounded the sound of crying in the ear, let Su Yang suddenly crazy.

"Ya children, Ya children."

He did not know the strength of the gushing from there, tightly biting his lips, suddenly rushed to the brothers, a senior may even be caught Su Yang clothing angle.

"Let go of Ya'er and let my sister."

Su Yang eyes painful red blood, confusion, my mind is only a voice shouting: sister, sister.

"Damn, give me roll." Brother looked extremely gloomy, a kick in the Su Yang's body.

Su Yang 'bang' bang, hit the ground, body twitch, mouth spit out a mouth Xuemo.

"Ya, Ya children, put, put, put the Ya children." Su Yang painful lying on the ground, eyes have become blurred, his eyes wide open, staring at the senior, weak sound.

"Brother, brother, how do you?" Suya see Su Yang vomit blood, eyes, tears poured out, suddenly angry biting the brothers in the back of the hand.

"Ah ~ ~" brothers scream, suddenly throwing Suya, looked back on the back of the blood dripping teeth, angry sky.

Think he dignified nine Temple elite disciples, even by two ordinary people out so embarrassed.

A wipe meaning flashed from the eyes, he raised Suya, palm in his neck a shot, Suya is fainted in the past.

Then, he stared at the Su Yang, cold: "The bastard, your sister can go to nine Temple, is your blessing, so your sister has a successful practice, she will not remember your brother.

"Death, the province of your sister can not feel at ease practice."

Said, his palms a mass of white glow, severely shot in the Su Yang's body.


Su Yang body suddenly a chest that was bloody white H group blur, and even exposed the broken bones, his mouth glowing bright red blood, like a tide sprayed out.

"Sister, sister, cuckoo."

The line of sight becomes blurred, Su Yang feel the body floating, as if to fly up, as he saw his sister flew fuzzy.

Do not know in the end what the news came from, but the strongest of seven Yinwu Wu Di, but how can the fall? "The sky above, that Young Pie Piezui said.

"Whether or not the emperor yin and yang have fallen, this little girl is enough to let us go back to cross, at least four mysterious talent, the benefits of our brothers and ultimately." Brother glanced at the hands of the little girl, his face showing a rich smile.

"Haha, are brothers repair high, otherwise it not missed."


Accompanied by laughter, the two figure quickly disappeared in the sky.

Hill, Su Yang motionless lying on the ground, his chest was blood red, air machine nothing, and soon, he will be completely lost their lives.


The sky suddenly thundered thunder loud, sunny Hundred Days, a flash of purple lightning flash.

Heaven and earth once again attributed to calm.

Su Yang's chest, suddenly flashed a flirtatious purple light.

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