Chapter 1

A touch of tea from this 'cloud view of tea house' in the shed, tea customers goods with their own cup of tea.


This tea for one, that sitting in the small window of the two women, but also a great beauty scenery.

From time to time it was looked toward the two women, between the two have shown the meaning of love.

The two women, a woman dressed in blue clothes, a pair of dark big eyes crystal clear, shiny. Her face is very beautiful, Crescent convergence Dai, look focused.

She sat in front of the window, the tea in front of more and more away, already more than half of the cold, but it is not blue woman has eyes on the tea on the first half.

This loft sat a teenager and a middle-aged man, that teenager about sixteen-year-old look, wearing a blue clothes, but in height, look like is not too clear.

I saw the boy and the middle-aged man talking, do not know what to say.

The woman's eyes, always looking downstairs boy.

Juvenile only with tea, did not know that there is a woman in the upstairs looking at themselves.

"Xiao Lin, you say -" blue woman Dai Mei slightly Cuqi, I do not know why, said half of the words but stopped down.

Sitting opposite her petite woman Ying Ying smile, said: "Miss, what things commanded!

Blue shirt woman Qingtu breath, eyes bright and charming, she said: "I ask you, you say ... ... how to make a man like himself!"

Xiaolian to the pastry to send their own, heard the blue - shirt woman even asked her so, ring - like smiles: "Miss such a beautiful woman, where also used to know these things!

"Why do not you know!" Women in blue calm with a puzzled.

"You think ah, Miss so looks, other men looked at the soul have been hooked, and who will refuse Miss, so that Miss no need to think about these!" Xiao Lian hee hee laughs.

Zhongwang snow holding his chin, his eyes still do not change, said: "If this is the case, I do not ask you these!

"Miss -" Xiaolian stared eyes, eyes looking toward the direction of looking at the snow handed a glance, and found the direction of the eyes looked at the snow, was actually a little Tsing Yi teenager.

"Miss, you will not be like him!"

Zhongwang snow lazy in accordance with thin windows, slightly crimson on the cheek, said: "Do not know!

"do not know?"

Zhong Wang snow shook his head, some confusion of the Road: "I just do not know to ask you, even if I do not like him, then why not let him like me?

Xiaolian feel something wrong.

A woman, want to let a man like himself, that this kind of thing, some terrible.

Weekdays in the doors of those guys Sipilailian can not get their own lady's favor, they insisted the lady fed, to try to make a man like his own?

"This way - can be more to go!" Xiao Lin eating cakes said: "To tell the truth, Miss you cry two downtown three hanging, which a man can withstand!

Blue shirt woman did not answer.

Many people to her as the scenery, she was under the window for the landscape Pathetic boy -

She was silent down, slowly savoring the words of the small lotus.

A long while, Zhong Wang Xue said: "This method is too vulgar some!"

"Can the girl have a face!"

At this moment, a young man wearing a black robe came over him, followed by a maid.

This handmaid section of a bow, the hands of tea on the table.

That young man graceful smile, said: "The best of the 'Buyun tea', like the girl this beauty, you should drink this tea!

Xiaolian glanced at the young one, illegal channels this way to please the young really vulgar, do not look at her home to drink what tea lady, I do not know better than this step cloud tea several times, she is a half points not move, How can you look at that step on your tea?

Mind thinking, Xiaolian do not care, said: "Thank you Xiongtai kindness, and Miss want to come to this interest in tea!

"Oh, so that the two girls do not give the face of this Han?" The black youth looking for a change, with the smile still, can be a smile on the face is a lot of change.

Faint, with a cold Italy.

To those who are poor.

Want to come to this black youth began to mean not so simple.

Xiao Lin Jiaoheng soon, said: "The district opened a 'position' of the feather boy dare to provoke us, do not look at you that several kilograms of two!"

"Death" black youth face all over the haze, he took a waist storage bag, a light green little sword suddenly appeared, steep chasing Xiaolian to kill.

This teahouse is just a place for people to rest, to a casualty, really no one to manage.

Xiaolian looks petite cute, but this move to the slightest possession of clumsy, in the black youth shot, her eyes slightly a squint, the two Qian Qianlong refers to a slight folder.


Sword off, Xiaolian another life and life points in the black youth's chest.

Just this gently.

Black youth body seems to be bound in general, all of a sudden 'point' fly out.


Xiaolian income for that one finger, fingertips seem to cage with a share of gas.

The beginning to the end, Zhong Wang Xue did not have shot a half minutes.

That black youth suddenly surprised, fell to the ground when the frightened shouted: "You ... ... you open the Flying!"

The human body has five wonderful points, collectively known as the five mysterious bit. The first 'force', the second position 'position', the third for the 'gas', the fourth for the 'brain-bit', the fifth was 'flying position'! "

These five points is the most exquisite points for the body.

Open the first bit, will be able to force infinite, the body seems to have a steady stream, never use up the strength, but even so, that is the trail.

The second is position.

Position once open, ordinary ten steps just one step, and the sword is difficult to injury, agility is difficult to try to figure out.

The third position, even more strange, it is said that once the open air, the body from top to bottom out of the air flow freely, it can depend on the childishness, control sword across the air, ten meters meters to kill, sword Jianzi Jianqi, not problem!

This is a small black youth in the vicinity of a small disciple, in this generation can be considered famous, unassuming unassuming publicity, but now a look, in front of the people turned out to be 'flying position', flying Feitian comfortable. Suddenly the body of a Jiling, and even rolling to climb the run.

Xiaolian patted the palm of your hand, Jiaoheng a cry, and sit back in situ.

Zhongwang snow eyes blinked looking at the loft under the youth.


Attic tea with a few people, that seventeen-year-old Pathetic teenager goods cup of tea, a touch of fragrance, mold people's hearts.

Uncle taught you how to treat people is one, that the most important is not their own strength? "" What is the most important thing is not their own strength? " In this world, that thousands of million school, do not know how much of the family, after all, is being bullied ah!

This is next to the middle-aged man sitting Ye Xuan's uncle, bitter sighed, discourse with all sorts of melancholy and frustration.

That Pathetic teenager named Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan smiled and nodded his head, said: "I know the meaning of his uncle, who always fist on some of the more powerful who will be some!

"You know like, but we can not throw the home of medicine, when your grandfather lost that face, or you need to get back, you are born near the medical, medical science but genius, perception is quite good, if you This immortal qualification, no matter how good some, it is more perfect! "Ye great long sigh.

Ye Xuan mind to understand.

Commodities cup of tea, the heart is bitter.

This is the strength of the mainland or respect.

When his grandfather was a doctor for life, can be regarded as a 'Road Medicine', this medicine is on the medical genius of the generation, even the cultivation of immortal who can save the wise physician.

Cultivation of course, who do not eat earthly, whole grains, all diseases are not harmful, but that is only a hundred diseases, really if a major injury, panacea is also useless, you need to have a smart physician rejuvenation.

His grandfather's life to do a lot of good fortune, that a medical or even rumors can be back to life, although some exaggeration, but his grandfather's superb and clever, it is not covered.

His grandfather traveled the world that year, not just ordinary mortal area, if only treatment mortal, and that is the wine capsule, his grandfather even those over the hill, heaven into the earth can do anything to cultivate the power of the generation who are also Can be saved.

However, his grandfather was too focused on medicine.

When his grandfather Ye words and deeds were invited to heal a large energy cases of the daughter of the door, this door has a pulse natural for the lack of physical, Yin Wang disaster, every three generations there must be a 'hundred evil of the body', this hundred evil Body refers to the evil spirits too heavy, if only these will be worth mentioning, but why this hundred evil of the body even if Cultivation, became the power of the generation, but also unique skills, but three years old.

For this hundred evil of the body, that power to call the world's reputation is not shallow physician to cure him the pulse of the hundred evil of the body, his grandfather is one of them.

However, this is the go, his grandfather Ye words and deeds will never come back too.

Was sent back to the big family time, his grandfather has frequented the dead, exhaust refined gas, very few vitality.

His grandfather is the treatment of the hundred evil of the body was bite and died.

But the specific reason, no one knows.

He only knew that his grandfather died before his uncle and he left a word, that is, if he later in the medical achievements, it is necessary to be on the power of the door, the hundred evil of the body to cure.

In addition.

There is a word.

Medical Road is important, but do not fall down on their own strength!

This world, after all, who's fist, who is more powerful!

This sentence, when his grandfather dying, adding a lot of tone!

They have five people.

After the death of his grandfather, only he and his uncle Ye great.

His uncle was picked up by his grandfather, not his mother's brother, his grandfather let him call Ye promising uncle, is to let him in mind, he has a mother.

But no matter the other, in his eyes, Ye great is his pro-uncle!

As for his parents.

From his birth to the present, they have never seen two.

And his grandfather's death, he and his uncle's days plummeted, originally lived in an elegant, life and life was driven out.

These ones

Are the reasons for the lack of strength ah!

What medical ethics what medicine, not half of the points arrived.

"Unfortunately, when your grandfather wrong man, his old life created by the 'Taoist holy book' on the latter part of Jiangdong Liu home, intended to let his family after the death of Liu will be handed over to us, but It is Liu family after the death of your grandfather will push the matter again and again, relied on what we can not afford to lift any storms, it will 'Taoist holy book' in the latter part of hid up! "Ye great look of hatred .

"Xiao-xuan, you remember, the uncle for you finally get a balance on a hill that green Yin Zong places, uncle will not ask you to complete your grandfather in the future before his death wish, but that medicine Sacred book for your grandfather's life and effort, if you later in the green Yin Zong achievements, will be on the Jiangdong Liu home to get back a fair! "Ye great patted the shoulder of Ye Xuan.

"Uncle, I know!" Ye Xuan Duanqi cup, smell the aroma of which smelling the nose, the goods of a.

Ye Xuan know that his uncle could not wait to go immediately to the heart that willow to his back to the second half of the holy book of medicine, but his uncle and more than enough.

His holy book of Taoism created by his grandfather's life.

The upper part in his own hands, and the lower half, then Jiangdong Liu home in that.

His talent in medicine can be said to be a genius, 16-year-old will be the first part of the holy book of Taoism all learned, and the use of skilled extremely.

His grandfather had eighty-three needles during his lifetime, and the first half of the Book of the Book of Taoism recorded thirty-four stitches!

This thirty-four-pin, each pin has a different effect!

And he is able to use the 34-pin skilled in mind.

Unfortunately, this 34-pin production is difficult, his grandfather only left his deathbed before the 18 real needle! While there are twenty-one needle left in Jiangdong Liu home. As for the remaining real needle, it is not know where the.

"Ye?" Ye Xuan suddenly Yizheng.


At this time, a roar of pain came from the tea downstairs, Ye Xuan Ye is also great to look at the source of the sound, but found a brawny man suddenly fell to the ground, tearing the chest Before the clothing.


This brawny teeth, sweat dripping on his forehead, his face full of blood-red, a child from the heat emitted from the body.

"What's wrong with him?"

"To see his situation, the body is too Sheng fire!" Ye Xuan slightly frown.

He just wanted to go up to see how it happened, surprised to see a black and white Road, old man walked slowly over the road.

"what happened!"

Bianbao Road followed by a drug child, this drug Tong mouth on the Road: "This count you lucky, Yuan doctors he happened to pass by the elderly here, to see your pain is not light, to help you take a look!

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