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Thread: Back in the DAY 75 - 85 The London Disco Scene

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    Default Back in the DAY 75 - 85 The London Disco Scene

    THE ORIGINAL LONDON DISCO's where the music we love was played originally 76 - 85 back in the day

    The Global Village (Now Heaven) & The 100 Club were actually both classed as ''Underground Clubs"

    The Goldmine (Canvey Island)
    The Lacy Lady (Ilford)
    The Lyceum (Central London)
    Global Village (Central London)
    The Venue (Central London)
    The 100 Club (Central London)
    Bananas (Central London)
    Frenchies (Camberley)
    Zero 6 (Southend)

    A) Were any of you out there regulars at any of the above London venues ?
    B) Can any of you out there, list the discos / clubs that you used to 'Go pulling' during the real disco era of 1975 - 1985?
    C) Because of the 'then' racist approach and blocking of virtually any mainstream / peak time radio air play for any genre of then black dance music (Disco,Soul & Jazz Funk) the majority of the tracks you heard in the discos & clubs then were never released to buy in this country and when available via U.S & Euro Imports, were very limited indeed and very expensive.
    D) Is there any memory jerking tracks playing over & over in your minds, that you to this day have still not found out who actually performed / sung the song?
    E) Were any of you out there in a 'Soul Patrol' then or a 'Real DJ' (Mixing) back then when real skill was required?

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