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Thread: OYF could be better than the other 3 greats?

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    Default OYF could be better than the other 3 greats?

    It is generally agreed that the 4 greats were supposed to be more or less equal, as with author's[SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]intent. However I thought it is interestingthat OYF got the better of H7G twice. Given complete equality this should nothappen.

    The first was that OYF managed to break the final stance of the DBS. Now in thebook, it was explicitly stated that this was possible only due to the fact thatOYF had the time to consider thoroughly, which would not be possible in a reallife battle situation.

    Ok sure. But the real question is, given the same circumstances, would H7G beable to break the same stance? I thought it is quite believable that H7G wouldNOT be able to do so, because he was shocked that OYF managed to do so. When heexhibited the final stance, he did so not expecting that it could bebroken. This seems to imply that H7Gmight not be able to match OYF.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]Additionally, OYF also got the better of H7G when theysailed out of Peach Blossom Island, after GJ and OYK competed for the hand ofHR at marriage.

    Finally, despite learning a warped version of 9 Yin, when all the other 3greats had the advantage of learning parts of the real 9 Yin, he was still ableto stay at the same level throughout the story. Itís not like he gained atemporary advantage and then fell off. He gained a temporary advantage, wentlooney, and yet still stayed equal, if not slightly better.

    This gives me the impression that OYF could be a slight edge above the othergreats, though at least minimally H7G. [/COLOR][/SIZE]


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    H7G had two top skills. He defeated one, but not the other. In fact, we know he couldn't defeat the other when it was used by Guo Jing, but of course Guo Jing probably had better internal than H7G. Hard to say.

    However he seems to fear HYS, so I doubt he was better than HYS, or the master of the south, who is usually thought to be around the same as HYS. Jin Yong also said in HSDS that the martial arts of the west are worse than China's, so given that his art is from the west, I don't think he can be better.
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    Au Yeung Fung has this thing going on where he's periodically *marginally* better than his rivals, but sooner or later, they always catch up to him again.

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    OYF got better than rest after learning Reverse 9-Yin, but after 20 years, due to his senility, H7G (and very possibly other greats) caught up to him and managed a draw, that is without Dog-Beating Stick.

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