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Thread: Which Is The Best Miles Davis Spin-Off 70s Fusion Group?

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    Default Which Is The Best Miles Davis Spin-Off 70s Fusion Group?

    Hey guys!

    As you know, Miles Davis' Band was a training ground for many famous jazz musicians. In the late 60s, he laid down the groundwork for what we know as fusion, jazz fusion or jazz rock. Take your pick. Anyways, some of the guys playing with Miles Davis would expand on fusion in their own bands in the 70s. This lead to the birth of the 3 great 70s fusion groups.

    I'll give a very short intro to each of them, I guess.

    Mahavishnu Orchestra
    The orchestra was led by famous guitarist John McLaughlin, also known as Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, hence the name of the band.

    Return to Forever
    The band was led by famous keyboardist and scientologist Chick Corea who initially wanted a softer and more accessible sound than Miles Davis' experimentations.

    Weather Report
    The founders here were pianist Joe Zawinul and saxophonist Wayne Shorter who had already played together in Maynard Ferguson's Big Band met before they collaborated with Miles Davis on the staple fusion albums In a Silent Way and *****es Brew.

    So, to summarize .. These 3 are all celebrated core fusion groups of the 70s with a lot of yum-yum in their respective discographies. Which of the three is your favourite?

    At the moment, mine's still Return to Forever.

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