A friend of mine is trying to figure out the title of this sypnosis.

"HI, I know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to find an old chinese movie. Probably 80's or 90's? The only thing I remember about the movie is this guy (David) that moves into this house. Watches movies of his wedding, his wife left him. The ghost girl walks in front of the tv and it goes all static-y. The ghost girl then appears to the guy and they develop a relationship. She gets him to help her rescue her sister that is involved in prostitution or something? The ex wife comes back, tries to blow up the house and the ghost girl saves him. They rush to the hospital where she is going to be reborn again. He then meets her years later when he is old when she knocks the diamond ball out of his hand with her tennis ball. I do hope someone remembers this movie too. It's driving me crazy. Have a good day!"

I believe Sheila Chan is one of the actresses played in the movie.