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Thread: State of Divinity 1996 English Subtitle Translation

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    Default State of Divinity 1996 English Subtitle Translation

    Project: Subtitling English of State of Divinity 1996

    Feeling the urge to re-watch this series I searched the internet for any English Subtitle to make it easier to understand (my reading comprehension is better in English).

    Few hours pass and I couldn't find anything. Saw a few other people who is interested in having subtitling for this. It almost 21 years since this series was release now but not one single soul subtitle it yet.

    Alas, the project to subtitle this series will begin this year. I'd to invite anyone who is interested in any of the following role to make this project a bit better. In the end I'll finish it unlike my previous trial with "The Sword of the Third Young Master" where I didn't have any reference and was much more picky with the way it translate.

    These not really role nor are they obligation, it just something you can help with if you want to join in with me. A simple or detailed post, PM or anything in between is welcomed.

    Editor (all rounder), proof-reader (watch and note the error),
    timing (start and end time of text/subtitle),
    time spotter (timing too early, timing too late, too short to read, too many character to read, etc),
    listing (names, noun, characters, description, place, etc),
    English expert - I use the following as reference: Novel (least), Wiki (for Names mostly), Dictionary/Thesaurus (Most), Language Dictionary (translation), I might consider adding Online Translator to that list in the future as Dictionary I've is quite static (haven't been update since 2014).
    Linguistic - Certain sentence and wording is good in my country, or it colloquial so it good and understandable. But it might be weird in the setting and context of it. I try to choose wording carefully but not to slow down too much I just "wing" it when it difficult and just make note of it for future revision.

    With that said, feel free to contribute and this is a work in progress with an estimate timeline as follow:

    Planned Work Flow:
    Go straight into subtitling using SubEdit
    Do timing first.
    Then Subtitle it.
    Finish Ep 1 till 42(?).
    Watch it from beginning till the end with Subtitle, edit as necessary. Noting any changes need or live edit it as necessary.

    Aiming either 5 minutes a day. Estimate time: (45 minutes per episode)
    (45/5) * 42 = 378 days or about 1 years and few week to finish the series. So about May 2018.
    Alternatively aim for, 1 episode a week, 42 weeks to finish. so about approximately Feb 2018.

    Source: Vietnamese Dub (so there may be lost in translation and error). Not accurate as a direct Chinese translation.

    Some issue: Consistency, Name and Quality (I'm fairly happy with quality of the translation but first Eps was relatively easy).

    The file contain Episode 1 and Subtitle Notes (WIP). The Filename may need to be rename (or drag-n-drop) similar to your Video file to work and depending on your version it may need time-shift.

    With that said, here is the first Episode completed (95%), the remainder 5% is for Timing and Final Editing which will be done once 42 episode is finish if I am soloing this project.

    Some Guidelines (added after eps 7)

    If you want to use the soft sub or the file to:
    1) make hard sub. That is foolish! But if you want to then go for it.
    2) Upload it on streaming website. That shameful! All thing should be enjoy at a decent quality, don't use low quality, converted, flash, flv, downscale to 360p or 240p and stream it please. But if you support you want to support the "slower Internet country" then go for it.
    3) If you want to use the sub to translate it to other language. That easy! Please do so, be sure to share it so I can mux it, you probably can use online translation service and automate it to 80% accuracy.
    4) If you want to use it to sell Bootleg to oldies who don't know how to use the Internet. That is amazing! They probably just watch the dub, and English-speaking only people probably won't be buying this. Might be helpful if their children want to share some family bonding though. Go for it, I like to see those kind of fan.
    5) If you want to take credit for it or don't link back to original post. That is okay too, but be sure to update the file if it get update so your downloader don't use old and/outdated version.
    6) I think the Wuxia reference is really handy, there some useful stuff in there for everyone that is translating from Viet to English. It also useful for other stuff too. By the time I finish this file, translating other series will probably only be slowed down by names. By my alphabet table is coming along nicely also.

    Edit: Not sure why I can't add attachment. Anyone know a host without requiring account too much effort to maintain? I wonder if there any good collaboration place to do subtitle. Is Github viable? If anyone can mirror it as attachment it would be great.

    Most recommend is to use the GoTV remux version for all new people that want to watch or already have it. The other version are for other people who might have those version and/or archival purpose.

    (Latest Download) link:

    State of Divinity (1996) - v20170620
    Obsolete file are remove, I can't be bother maintaining it and there isn't a point in archival at the moment. See link above.
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    Hi everyone. Almost look like I gave up the project but it still being worked on. This post is to bring you two episode, Ep 2 and Ep 3 fully subtitled.

    You can find this in the note but it might be noticeable since I write too much in the notes.

    Ep 1 I used a stream version, specifically from another dubbing group. This group have some cut-ed scene and it timeframe or timing is very different from the version I have (43 episode). So basically my Ep 1 subtitle is useless for my version of State of Divinity. I'll resync it timing in the future for my version (which seem to be the more completed one)

    From Ep 3 onward the series and the novel matched more so it easier for me to translate some stuff (Names particularly) so the rate of subtitling project will be faster pace.

    Thirdly it seem like I'm behind on both the scheduled of 5 minutes a day or 1 eps a week plan. And it will continue to be delay till I get more time or interested in bothering to subtitle.

    With that said, this upload include a few other files I use as reference, including Notes, Translation "Hint", Information. The excel sheet is particularly useful one, I'm sure it can be use to translate other project as I add more information it over time. It too bad I haven't seen anything similar (or haven't looked hard enough) yet.

    Please see the first post for the subtitle. Thank you.

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    Episode 4 is upload. Look like there is a possibility to catch up to the schedule.
    2017-06-01 - Episode 5 is upload.
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    Without knowing which raws you are using, it's hard to know the subtitles will fit or not with someone's files unless you can upload full episodes with subtitles in it like anime (impossible).

    Just test with my version (ep 5, have OP/ED) and the subtitle doesn't fit.

    Keep up the good work for the next gen. Many people in my country watched Swordsman 2012 and think that is the most accurate adaptation and of course I respect their opinions.

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    Hi Darkaos, Thank you so much for doing these subtitles! I have a similar question to the above. What are your raws? It may be ok though, if we have different raws because we may be able to just shift the timing. As you noted though, there would be a problem if scenes were cut.

    Thanks again for taking on this project! It is much appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    I have no plan to upload the file as of the moment so I won't be able to provide you. In term of which raw file it is the file I got is many year ago filenames and download name is all gone.

    Good news it that (see ep 6 note for more detail) I found a good DVDRip (albeit it does have it weakness.) I'll create a "muxed" or MKV version in the future that would have it. Initially my plan was to do it after I finish the whole project but if there is enough request I might do it in 4 interval (10 episode each).

    If you use your player Audio Delay (MPC-HC for instance it - and + key) then you will be able to delay or speed it up. Alternative you can use SubtileEdit and use it Timeshift tools to forward or backward till you get a matching speed.

    Another alternative is you can provide me with an episode links and I'll see if I can sync it for you.

    With that said, here is episode 6.

    As for @ ihavequestion

    Most of the episode I notice only the first one got OP/ED, the rest of my "set" doesn't have opening (maybe only that single scene where Linghu and Yingyin embracing and playing quqin(??). Ideally I probably will (once I do the muxing) have one single file as OP and ED, then the rest will start at the "Episode Title".

    With that said the new "Swordman" look quite fancy and colourful. I see a few trailer and it seem alright, may give it a try in the future.


    And Episode 6 is finish. See first link.

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    Hello everyone,

    Good news for those that is having difficult sync (whether it technical or due to video being hard to acquire), I've found a suitable solution to all these. Please see Episode 7 Notes in the file: Subtitle Note.

    There is quite many interesting reading in there. But for those that in particularly want to watch it "now" rather then probably wait till tomorrow. I'll sync all my file to the GoTV Remux version.

    Some changes to this release: filenaming. I decide to add a prefix filenam on all (will be all) file to make it easier to separate thing. The PDF were all over the place, the excel, words, zip were also everywhere too. This sister helped me.

    This release probably the quickest release as I was excited with the discovery. I doubt I can beat this record any time soon. Took 2 days to finish it.

    Enough "novel" writing for now. Please see the notes in Ep 7 for full detail. For everyone else, the clues is "GoTV Remux". Episode 1-6 will be sync to that. Then 8-43 will used that as source.

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    Good news for those who decide to wait. It took a while but Ep 1 to 7 has been redone (episode 1-2 still is Beta quality though).

    However for general watching it should be usable. It is fully synced to GoTV Remux version so no need to worry about out-of-sync or having to resync item.

    See first post for download links. Cheers.

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    If you are looking for a translator for all kind of language is a good to go services that translate all types of documents and texts of any difficulty with the best quality.

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