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Thread: If only the crippled disciples of HYS.....

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    Default If only the crippled disciples of HYS.....

    Were never crippled or maimed by HYS, wulin would have more martial arts experts then, I wonder how would this affect the novel?

    Just a thought

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    LOCH would be a story about YK instead of GJ.

    The disciples seem pretty contented to live in isolation on Peach Blossoms Isle. However, HR would likely still run away. HYS might activate his disciples/his disciples would volunteer to "capture" HR back. Without HR, GJ would likely not survive the tough streets nor have the good fortune of learning Hong QiGong.

    LOCH becomes a story of YK learning from MCF and aiding Wayan Hong Lie. YK abandons his Song heritage and becomes a Jin prince, building his empire. Instead of GJ bumping into Hong 7, it becomes YK bumping into OYF. YK schemes and silently kills OYK and becomes the successor of White Camel Mountain.

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