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Thread: The Red Lotus without Blood by Even-if. A touched novel!

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    Thumbs up The Red Lotus without Blood by Noffin . A touched novel!

    The Red Lotus without Blood
    Chinese name :禁血红莲

    Written by zhu hong xue
    Translated by
    The Red Lotus without Blood is a novel filled with both tragedy and comedy,but most importantly it can give us a positive attitude when you enjoy it .
    Thanks a lot my dear readers. Here are the story, have a nice reading ^_^
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    Chapter 1 The Young Grave Keeper

    They hardly have blood relationship!

    The boy who is curious shows a puzzled look at the moment, when he looks a line of white cloth in front of the altar …

    “Yi Yun, the seventh son of the immediate family, is judged as the person who does not have any right to practice family Kongfu.” says an old man with pale hairs carelessly, who is standing on the altar.

    After that, a panic woman rushes to the hathpace in the middle, hugs the puzzled boy and leaves hurriedly.

    At the moment, chaos and laughing come from the crowded hall.

    Hah, hah… He is the very son of the immediate family? Isn`t it funny?

    Out of question! The result is obvious by watching his blood relationship.

    Right, the family will no longer popular because of him.

    Brother Seven, does he qualify for the patriarch of our family? He and his mom should have been kicked out of the house!

    “Listen!” a middle-aged man sneers, suppressed all the rumor on the air. “Throw them to the remote house in the suburbs, they are not allowed to step out of the gate in case embarrassment happens.”

    Soon, laughter gets stronger in the hall. It is not strange to but just a farce!

    The boy looks at the people far from them in the hall, feeling the trembling from mom`s arms.

    What he knows that they are his brothers and sisters, but what he puzzled is why they stare at him with such eyes.

    Three years later…

    Pysius is sitting in the running cart seriously, and the emotion in anger and sadness can be seen from his eyes easily, but helplessness is the point.

    Frantically, he has headed for Qiwu City, the capital of the country, from Aida Town, his hometown, since he received the starting news that his daughter who stayed with his husband had been dead for three months. The distance is a five-month riding, but he had reached there in three months. What a hard way he suffered!

    To his surprise, Mosh Nanwell, his son-in-low, treated him indifferently; even the sacrificial ceremony to his daughter is arranged so simply and horridly by his son-in-low. Unbelievably, he is the father-in-law of the man.

    “He can guess his daughter was treated badly in the family, according to the case his vist this time. Indeed, it was a big fault to agree on their marry, lured by money and wealth. Hey! “Sighed he.

    “Lussy has a daughter, 6 years old now, I can`t wait to meet her when I heard she also was in the tomb yard. Wow, here is tomb yard.”

    Nanwell, one of the oldest five family groups in the Qiwu Empire, has a private family manor, 10 kilometers away from Qiwu City. With hundreds mu and building near the hill and water. It also is one of the tomb yards for Nanwell`s family.

    Pysuis is taken to the tomb yard to the west, and he can see daughter`s tomb eventually, but there is not enough time to be sad and tear. Suddenly he pauses the walking steps and staring at the front in astonishment, seemingly some eccentric thing.

    The tomb is not princely, 3 inches, a line of marble tombstones. But as a powerful family, such is quite shabby.

    A boy who is about five years old in front of him surprises him, a book in his hand, leaning on the tomb, reading the words on the tombstone. He reads so carefully that he hardly notices his coming. Although the voice is small, but he can heard it clearly.

    “Are….are you Yi Yun?” said Pysuis, he comes to himself.

    The boy stands up suddenly when he hears his voice. Looking at him surprisingly and questioningly. “Yi…Yi Yun, I am your grandpa. You had been in my arms when you were a baby, my grandson!”

    He hugs the kid who is something of surprise, and when he checks the color of his hairs and eyeballs, he can conclude that the boy is daughter`s son, the unique son.

    Although such features do not belong to Starte only, but the pure golden hair is the feature of the Nanwell family. Therefore, He believes what he sees.

    “Grandpa! Yah yah! I have met my grandpa eventually. Mom often told me something about Starte family.” He also grasps him.

    Pysuis gets better in mood because he has a grandson in his arms. “Yi Yun, what were you reading about? Why do you stay here? It should be class time for pupils at the moment, shouldn`t it?”

    He puts his grandson on the ground and looks at him carefully.

    In the country, all the children who are six years old or above have to take part in the physical training. Because battles always happen among the three empires. They had to train strong soldiers. Especially in some noble families. Kids who are three or above will be guided to learn quarreling and magic power. Such time is the best time to learn, catch up with the time!

    He knows that Yi Yun is 6 years old this year.

    Stop to think for a moment, when he hears what grandpa said. “Daddy said that I did not have proper blood to train, so I didn`t need to train.” Murmurs with head looking down.

    Pysuis gets puzzled, when Yi Yun adds: ”My blood is so light that it does not fit for training Crazy Thunder and Strong Incantations.”

    Pysuis understands totally at this time.

    In Qiwu continent, some old family groups which have a history of one thousand years or more almost have one or two sets of Quarrelling Incantations inherited from their ancestors. The incantations are thought and mixed together again and again by tens of generations, and they improves it by their family blood, so that their kids can be the most proper man to practice.

    The thicker blood in concentration, the more proper to practice, as a result, It can use less time to practice effectively.

    After all, the incantations are practiced by means of the unique family blood. It will never get much progress, if you don`t have the blood of the family group, even you have a nice talent.

    Such ways of practicing incantations, which depend on family blood but talent is supplementary, is usual in the continent. Noble groups and hegemons are considered as the main range. Quarrelling Incantations, the unique skill, is named as Blood-Inherited Incantations.

    The Strongest and the Weakest is the scientific name for these kinds of incantations.

    The blood is so important to practice the incantations that the old family group is accustomed to care about what family blood you have. As a result, the only criterion of being well-qualified with the incantations is the concentration of the family blood in most noble family groups.

    As for the sons do not have the ability to practice the incantations will be forced to do the hardest chores delivered to every department of the family industries. No chance to be a guide any more.

    Although daughter is just a servant girl in the family, but he is actually one son of the son Nanwell family group, the lineal relatives by blood, so it is ok by blood logically. But….

    Pysuis recovers suddenly, when he comes up with it.

    The difference between Yi Yun` black hairs and eyeballs and Nanwell family group`s gold hairs and blue eyeballs is so apparent that he is not so good as a small nobility in decline.

    It is a big disgrace among the nobilities, especially for the members in the old big nobilities, for they are all crazy for the fame.

    Pysuis looks at his grandson pitifully, bruises as big as a kid`s fist and lumps of covering his face. He must be beaten by peer groups off and on. Poor kids!

    It seems that Yi Yun can guess what grandpa is thinking. He does not want to see grandpa unhappy because of himself, “Grandpa, don`t worry, mom told me that I could be a chancellor, if I did not have the chance to be a general on condition that I am a learned person, so I have to read books as many as possible.” he says happily with his small hand grasping grandpa.

    Pysuis now realizes that his daughter paid much attention to cultivate his grandson.

    “Do you visit here every day? Little Yi Yu.” said Pysuis with a constrained laugh, yet he is so sad in his heart.

    “Here is the place where I live.”

    “What?” shouts in big surprise, he can not believe what he hears.

    But Yi Yun says happily: “I have been here with mom, since she lived here.” “Look! The stone hut over there. I told daddy I wanted to live here, for I can stay with mom, and he agreed directly.” Says Yi Yun, his fingers pointing to that stone hut near the gate of tomb yard.

    “The hut?” asks and blusters himself into anger.

    Noble tomb yards are often stood guard by private troops. The higher status and power he is, the more attention he will get. But it just refers to the immediate relationship.

    As for those whose status is not high in the family will be buried on a usual land, when they are dead. Surely, there is no private troop for guard, just manage one person to sit in a stone hut as a servant.

    No one will come here to free one`s heart from hatred by destroying the tombs, even their enemies are powerful in status. Because they are dispensable to their family.

    Pysuis has the prediction that his daughter will be buried here, and he can accept the fact, after all she is just a maidservant. But he can not accept the fact that his grandson also lives in the stone hut.

    He is so angry that he can`t speak out one word.

    “I don`t get bored at all here, for there is an old man accompanying with me all the time. Besides, I have taken some books, that mom gets used to read, with me. I prefer staying here to living in the courtyard.” Says Yi Yun happily, When grandpa is mad at the thing.

    Pysuis makes a decision when he turns a glance on the tomb.

    “It really pushes it too far.” abuses he angrily in a low voice.

    When he crouches down, he stares at Yi Yun firmly and says: “Dear Yi Yun, go with grandpa, return to the hometown of your mom?”

    (For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below for free.)

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    Chapter 2 Aida Town
    Aida, which is an ordinary town in the north of Qiwu.
    When evening comes, smoking arouses from chimneys door to door. Everyone in tiny groups in the town steps into their homes after a piles of work. It is the happiest time for them to have supper together in the evening.
    A carriage is driving up to the gate of the town, going towards the center.
    “Wow! Here comes our town mayor!” said some villagers who recognized the carriage.
    The carriage drives up to the biggest manor in the town, with the villagers’ hurrah. The boy whose hand is held by a grizzled man goes out and looks around, showing a good smile to the villagers nearby.
    They are the very persons, Pysuis and Yi Yun.
    It had been five months more, since they came here from Qiwu.
    When he finishes holding a memorial ceremony for his daughter, he runs to the Nanwell`s holding his grandson above board. It is time to have supper when they arrive.
    Pysuis do not care about the prevention from the guards, heading to the dinner hall with Yi Yun. Servants do not do much for preventing them, because he is the father-in-low of the family holder.
    Twenties of blood relations are sitting in the dinner hall, when they arrive at the hall. Except Mosh, the family leader.
    To his surprise, they put Yi Yun aside so easy.
    Mosh Nanwell, his son-in-low, also the father of Yi Yun, agrees to give the custody to him directly. Now he sees the smile on his face, but it is the first smile from Nanwell to him, the only one as well…
    “He is just a good-for-nothing, because he isn`t able to practice Quarrelling Incantations, it is so disgraceful. We never feed such rubbish, but I have raised him for six years, I have been good enough to him. You, take him away as soon as possible!!” says he indifferently and turns to leave the hall, without seeing them.
    Pysuis looks around, and he who is covered by the jeering eyes and derisive sounds keeps silent, hugging grandson, and goes out. Yi Yun just makes his head down quietly and gets teary-eyed…..
    Pysuis goes out of the city on a horse immediately at night. He does not want to stay here anymore.
    “Daddy, you are back.” Said two middle-aged persons, who are seen by Yi Yun, when he looks up. At this time, they also looks at him with a big smile.
    “ Little Yi Yun, They are your uncle and aunt, and they are expecting to meet you.” Says Pysuis, pointing the two persons happily.
    “Uncle, Aunt, I am Yi Yun. Grandpa has told me about you.”
    He has known that he has an uncle named Barddly, mom`s elder brother, for a long time. Uncle married five years ago and he had a son named Hank, two years old younger than him. Grandpa has told him on the way home.
    “Daddy, you must be tired after such a long trip! I think Yi Yun must be hungry now, Let`s go to have supper.” Smiles aunt genially, holding his hand.
    “Right! Let`s have supper first. Little Yi Yun, this is your home from now on. Another little boy named Hank, four years old this year in the house, and he is your younger brother, you should get along well with each other.”
    Pysuis had messages taken to the couple about Yi Yan`s coming several months ago. They know all the things, so they have prepared for him beforehand.
    Yi Yun goes to bed early this evening. He falls asleep soon, for it has been a long time since he slept in such a cozy bed.
    But Pysuis` bedroom is noisy.
    “Humph! What a barbarous the Nanwell family is! Sister and Yi Yun are treated so badly by him. They must lead a hard life during these years!” Shouts Barddly angrily.
    They really go too far! When I took little Yi Yun away from Nanwell`s, the persons present were his brothers. But no one helped him, it really got us mad.” Says Pysuis in a low voice filled with fury.
    “Alas! But Yi Yun doesn`t look like them at all, no wonder they do not accept him. We can not do anything about it. Let`s not talk it any more, especially don`t talk Yi Yun`s family affairs to him.” Says Pysuis and sighs.
    “That’s all! Luckily daddy takes him back eventually. He can live a better life here at least.”
    “Well, Yi Yun is six and a half years old now, you can start to teach him alchemy, when he gets used to it. Although we can not compare with Nanwell about his incantation, Alchemy is from our ancestors. He can not only protect himself with the skill, but also he can be a good blacksmith.
    “yes, It is a bit late to learn for a 6-year-old boy. Hank began to teach him when he was 3 years old. Well, I can teach him one month later, when he will have got used to. After all, we should follow the traditional rule, which one must have a health and energetic body for alchemy. Otherwise one can not stand it.”
    “Ok, it is a deal! Umh… How has your work been along these years?” asks Pysuis.
    “No so good as the previous years, although our output keeps 1500 steadily per month, and all weapons are bought by Leihu Legion. However, battles often happen among the three empires, and it raises the price of irons, besides, we still fail in exploring new mines….”
    “Our income is less than 2000 golden coins the whole year. Less than 300 golden coins left if we deducted the spending for Aida Town and the tax to the empire.” Said Barddly helplessly.
    “Daddy, can`t we sell these weapons to other legion? Although Nanwell`s family sells irons to us with a bit low price, Leihu Legion`s demand for a lower purchasing price again and again. All in all, it is Nanwell`s family that has a profit eventually, the Leihu troops is one small group of Nanwell`s family.” Murmurs Barddly, while Pysuis is in deep thought with his head down.
    “Our weapons are better than others, so they are marketable. Additionally, They treat our Yi Yun so mercilessly, and I don`t sell any weapons to them anymore!” Barddly adds after a short pause.
    Shaking his head after saying, with an emulative eye.
    “Nanwell`s family, our relative, handled half the iron mines. It is no use for us without the rich crude irons from them; even we are experts in iron-making skills. We have nothing to deal with even we know that they are the biggest beneficiary.” Sighs Pysuis
    “At that time we agreed Lucy to be a girl servant in Nanwell`s family, because we thought they could stabilize the price of iron industry. Alas…”
    “We are not their match….The present situation is obvious.” Says Pysuis and shakes his head. He looks old.
    Barddly sighs with helpless look on his face.

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    Chapter 3 Starte`s Family----The Family of Alchemy
    The next day, Yi Yun wakes up by the noise of iron striking out in the morning.
    Out the house, dozens of peoples are busy carrying water and pushing vehicles, and many strong men are striking the ores of the smelters in the open-cast furnaces. The division of labor is clear-cut for them.
    Yi Yun still does not know that it is the beginning of the villagers` work in Aida Town and they do this every morning.
    “Little Yi Yun, get up and go to have breakfast. I am about to wake you up, but you get up ahead.” Aunt shouts nicely from the room.
    Aunt holds a bowl of hot porridge oats in front of him as soon as he rushes to the hall and sits down.
    “Where are grandpa and uncle? They are full?” asks Yi Yun instantly, when he glances around but he does not find Pysuis and Barddly.
    Aunt puts a plate of meat slices and a plate of vegetable and says with a smile: ”They have gone out when the sky got bright. Uncle told me to meet him after breakfast. I will take you to there later. Bon appetite now!”
    He nods and begins to enjoy the first breakfast here, He is hungry indeed.
    Half an hour later.
    “Look! Here is our industry, all the swords, broadswords, guns and axes here will be made by us with lots of processes and strict examinations without any careless.” Says Barddly, who is pointing to the furnaces.
    But Yi Yun does not understand, although he hears all what he said. He sees a group of workers walking here and there. In such a muggy environment, how can he stand the hot. His sweat streams down his back sweat like a pig in one hour.
    Barddly passes one cool water to Yi Yun, says with a smile: ”it is hard for you to agree with it, even puzzle what they were doing. But I believe you will get used to it and you will fall in love with it in several years. It is hard to express the nice feelings when you can produce a sword ,and it maybe in the future is a precious collection.”
    “Uncle and grandpa tell me the skills of forging from Starte`s family is the longest in the empire. The weapons from us are very popular in the whole empire. But mom has not told me about it before.” Says Yi Yun in excitement.
    “Wow… The Hupo sword, which belongs to the present Qiwu emperor, is forged by our ancestor 900 years ago.” Says Barddly.
    “Really? The magic soldier with Hupo sword.” Says Yi Yun in excitement.
    Barddly blushes as he sees the flashing eyes.
    It is true that the Hupo sword named as Magic soldier is actually forged by the Starte`s family. But there is just this one can be shown up.
    Hundreds of years after that, they did not forge one who can be named as magic soldier like Hupo sword. The best weapons that forged by us are just better than the ordinary ones. As time went by, the fame and quality is worse and worse. Now we have to live up with the help from other noble family.
    “Yi Yun, let me take you to walk here today. Aida is not so bustling as Qiwu, but you can find some views that you can not find in Qiwu. I believe you can enjoy it.” Says Barddly, He wants to switch another topic and holds his hand to walk to the center of the town.
    Aida is not a big town, but there is nearly ten kilometers. Walking around in the town and one day passes.
    Pysuis asks Yi Yun to come to his room when dinner time starts in the evening.
    “Yi Yu, you must have been familiar with the town after a day`s tour with uncle? During the next month, you will learn how to forge like you saw today in the daytime. And I will tell you the history about Qingwu Continent and others in the day night.” Pysuis says to Yi Yun with a smile.
    “Grandpa, mom told me that Starte family is a family with thousand years, as well as one of the oldest families in Qiongwu Continent. But why we just left several members now?”
    It puzzles Yi Yun, since mom died. there have been only five people, including himself.
    A family with a history of thousand years just contains five members. It really is strange. But in Nanwell family, any one branch group, the number can reach up to one hundred or more. The whole family will cover thousands in amount. A very big contrast between Starte`s family and Nanwell`s family in amount.
    “Alas… Grandpa does not know the reason either, since I was a kid, there has been just three generations from grandfather, father, and I. I just got the information from my daddy, that our family was glorious, with a long history. As for the desolate situation, it took place the near thousand years. Even my grandpa and daddy still did not know either.” Says Pysuis quietly.
    Since he was born, Starte` family had been a common family, the glorious events were history, a section of legend far from us.
    “Uncle told me that our ancestors forged magic soldier, the personal sword of Qiwu emperor. If we can forge several excellent weapons, our fame will renew.” Says Yi Yun innocently, He does not want to see grandpa sad.
    Pysuis shocks suddenly and looks up Yi Yun, He can`t help laughing when he sees his small face with a pair of serious eyes.
    “My Little Yi Yun, Our Starte` family will not have been desolate for more than 900 years, if it is so easy to forge one.”
    “My grandpa forged ten thousands of weapons all his life, with hundreds of ores, including some rare materials, such as gold, silver. Although lots of weapons had been forged by him,”
    “there was no one that can compare with Hupo sword. You can guess the difficulty.” adds after having a drink.
    To his surprise, it is so difficult. “How did our ancestor forge it?” asks Yi Yun in puzzlement.
    “Grandpa asked my daddy the question before, according to the statement from my daddy, they must use some secret skills to forge that sword. Unluckily, the skills did not be inherited after that. Thus, it is very hard for us to forge such an excellent sword at present.” Says Pysuis at sea.
    Yi Yun keeps silent after hearing the thing. He understands the ins and outs eventually. Maybe that is the reason Starte`s family lost glory. Now that ancestors are able to do that, so does he.
    Yi Yun looks at grandpa on the pale face.
    “I will forge a magic soldier with my hands in the future.” Shouts Yi Yun in his heart.

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    Chapter 4 A Ray of Hope (Part A)
    One month after that, Yi Yun does as grandpa told him. He learns to forge weapons in the daytime, and listens to grandpa tell the stories about Qiongwu continent at night.
    He prefers to listen to the stories at night, because it is more interesting.
    When YI Yun lives in Nanwell`s family, who he can stay with is his mom and several peer groups. Besides, his daddy always neglects him, thus Yi Yun does not have an education at school.
    What he knows is that he is in Qiongwu continent, and his country is Qiwu Empire.
    Till now, he knows there are another two countries, except his country, and Qiongwu continent had a history of ten thousand. He was born in 10030, and now it is 10036.
    “Qiwu Empire, Betmen Empire and the Republic of Panyan are in Qiongwu continent.
    There is a population of 6 billion in total. Qiwu has the most people, but Panyan has the least.
    “We must be the strongest one, because we have the most people.” Says Yi Yun, thinking for a moment.
    We are the strongest by weapons, the second is Betmen, the last is Panyan. But it is hard to say by the whole national capabilities. We have to take religious, geography, and diplomacy account. Complicated!” says Pysuis and shakes his head.
    There also are three religious in the continent. Guangming is the widest, which is from the Denomination of Guangming God. However, most people in Qiwu are also the believers of Guangming. Including Pysuis, who is quite loyal to Guangming.
    “Yi Yun, don`t fear to come to a bad end, although we all have to step to death. Because God Guangming is staying with us all the time, his stick and pole will console us. He is universal and fair. All of us are protected by god.” Says Pysuis tenderly.
    “Really? Why mom can die? I had never seen any holy sunshine around her.” He disagrees with grandpa, but he keeps it in mind.
    In the daytime, Yi Yun strikes the hard iron near the furnace again and again. Barddly devotes himself in teaching Yi Yun. He prefers to slowing up, so that he can learn well. After evening, Yi Yun can listen to grandpa tell interesting stories to make him be learned. It seems he likes such a way of life.
    Pysuis tells the hierarchy between warrior and enchanter in Qiongwu continent today.
    “They both are divided into nine stars and four classes by the power. Each star will be given a exclusive name. Namely soldier, apprentice, crazy, duke, general, the venerable.” Pysuis says to Yi Yun.
    Take warrior for example, soldiers are ranking from one to three stars. Apprentices are ranking from four to five stars; crazies are six stars; dukes are seven stars; Generals are eight stars; the venerable are nine stars. The warriors from seven to nine stars are very strong in power, especially the warriors in nine stars. It is hard to find one among ten thousand.
    “And each star can be divided into four levels, which are primary, intermediate, advanced, and superlative.” Pysuis Explains in details.
    Yi Yu gets mad for his explanations. He has never heard such.
    “Generally speaking, the one who gets five stars or above can be a senior officer; who gets six stars can be a nobleman; who gets seven or more stars can directly be given a title of nobility who can lead millions of soldiers.” Pysuis glances at Yi Yun and adds.
    General, Nobility? One can get the title on condition that one gets seven stars? He thinks happily.
    “So, one who gets seven stars is named as Duke. “Pysuis smiles.
    “Now that seven stars can be titled as Duke, how about my daddy? I often heard my daddy named duke.” Asks Yi Yun at once.
    “Your daddy? He is just a first crazy with six stars, a great way from the duke. The lowest requirement to be a duke for him does not satisfy. He even does not the qualification of being a staff of the duke just by ability.” Shocks Pysuis and then says unheedingly.
    “But how come…….?” Yi Yun can feel the contempt from grandpa, but he does not care about, for he doesn’t think daddy is a good person.
    “Pooh!” Pysuis spits on the ground and adds unheedingly: “That`s because your grandpa, Bladen Nanwell, has eight stars, besides he is the leader of the Leihu Troops. As a duke, he has the right to give place to his son, grandson and great-grandson.”
    “My grandpa? With eight stars?” asked Yi Yun in astonishment.
    He has never heard such a grandpa, who has eight stars when he lived in Nanwell`s family in the six years.
    It is common that you don`t know him. It is said that he stayed in the border to Betmen Empire all the time, which has the most wars in the both empires. Thus He did not return home till six years passed.”
    “Bladen is an excellent figure, in face, who is the unique one I admire in his family….”
    “What a pity, all of his sons are too foolish to handle it. The Leiba Incantation in his family group is the superlative. In order to help your daddy, Bladen spent countless gold coins to search kinds of holy medicines and magic plants. But your daddy just arrived at the primary in the six stars. Alas! Never mind! He is your daddy after all….”
    Pysuis does not want to go on telling any more obviously, but Yi Yun is in exciting for the thing he has a grandpa who is a solider head with eight stars, as well as a leader of Leihu troops.
    After a short time of cooling down, Yi Yun goes on asking: “how about enchanters? You just told me something about warriors. What`s the difference between enchanter and warrior?”
    The are the same, one who gets one to three stars is named as soldier, four to five stars is named as apprentice, six stars is named as crazy, seven stars is named as duke, eight stars is named as general, and the nine stars will be named as the venerable.”
    “But they still have some difference, although they are the same by stars. But enchanters are stronger than warriors in attack. However, it is the other way around in defense and endurance. But it is hard to be an enchanter, so the statue of a enchanter is higher than that of a warrior in according to the same level.
    Immediately, He had a drink.
    The hierarchy that he said to Yi Yun was known to all, even the infants can recite it freely in Qiongwu continent. But the one like him knows nothing about it is rare here.

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    Chapter 5 A Ray of Hope (Part B)
    He is still puzzled:” why enchanter is higher than warrior in fame? Now that they have strong and weak each other, just because the population?”
    They are different in the way of attack. A warrior, even with nine stars, kills enemies just with a big chopper; he killed tens or hundreds of enemies at a time at most. But as for an enchanter, He can kill a big range of enemies by a magic power, about thousands or ten thousands at a time. It can obviously see the difference in a battle with millions of soldiers.”
    Yi Yun understands the reasons now. A enchanter can kill more enemies in the war than a warrior.
    “Besides, there is a supplementary magic for enchanters. For example, Amour magic which enhances defense, Instant magic which increases the speed, Double magic, which improves comrades` attack, of course, there is one that can make injured soldiers recover instantly.” Pysuis adds.
    You can imagine that enchanters make magic to their soldiers with armor magic, Instant magic and Double magic, but the enemies don`t make any magic. What is the consequence in a war on earth?”
    At the moment, Yi Yun shocks and thinks.
    Naturally, enchanters are the king in the case. How rich an enchanter has in skills!
    “If enchanters are so talented in war, we can win just by assigning more enchanters to the frontier.” Asks Yi Yun after a short think.
    “I have told you that there were few enchanters in the whole empire. Enchanters are much less than warriors in number. No one is willing to assign many enchanters to the frontier in a war. Besides the number of super enchanters in the three empires is similar, if you assign one, the enemy will do the same. Assigning more enchanters to the frontier only leads more casualties.”
    “If it happens, it would be the time that the empire will be occupied by another country.”
    Yi Yun is thinking: Enchanters are not easily sent to the frontier, they, might as well, are a trick that frightens the enemies.”
    They all know it will lead more casualties, so they all follow the rule. Otherwise, the war will take hundreds of times casualties more than those at present.
    In the continent history, the war that Pysuis mentioned has taken place for many times. Ended with the disappearing of a country. Including the death of quantities of super enchanters. Many magic skills and warrior`s skills will disappear as their masters` death.
    Qiwu Empire was born from a small country, and it developed to be a big empire by lots of big wars.
    Yi Yun becomes great interested in the enchanters, asked again: ”well, how many enchanters with nine or more stars are there at present in total?”
    Pysuis has a look at Yi Yun and smiles: ”There are eleven warriors with nine or more stars, but for enchanters with nine or more stars, just three left in our Qiwu Empire.”
    The both are nine stars. But the number of them is so different. Yi Yun comes to know the precious of an enchanter to an empire.
    “We…eellll. Grandpa, Could we be enchanters?” asks Yi Yun nervously.
    Awesomely, he really wants to be an enchanter. Pysuis regrets describing enchanters too talented in front of him….
    Hesitating for a moment after looking at the hopeful eyes from Yi Yun. Says in a low voice:” Everyone can be an enchanter, but the chance is very limited. Even in the Nanwell`s family with thousands of members. We just can see only several enchanters. So, be docile! Don`t think it too much.”
    Yi Yun looks sad little by little, Pysuis adds at once:” don`t be upset! I, your grandpa, have the ability to make you a warrior with two stars, although I can not make you an enchanter.”
    “What? I do not the ability to practice quarrelling skill, did I?” shouts Yi Yun incredibly.
    He has known that he could not practice the quarrelling from ancestor when he was in Nanwell`s family. So he does not think that he can do it one day.
    Pysuis told him the enchanters and he was in hope for that, as a result he was heard he could be a warrior with two stars. Shockingly and questioningly.
    “You can practice quarrelling skills, just because you can not practice the basic Blood-inherited skills from the Nanwell`s family. Your blood is close to that from Starte`s family in relationship. We have skills over thousands of years to practice. You can do it.”
    Yi Yun gets crazy for the remarks Pysuis said just now. Excitingly, annoyances have been gone suddenly.
    Pysuis is happy to see that, adds: “although the skills from Starte`s family is weaker than quarrelling from Nanwell`s family. Strictly speaking, it is not the real quarreling skills for battle, but it is a possibility for you to be a warrior with two stars in the future, If you devote to practicing it.”
    “Really? I want to learn it. Teach me to practice, Grandpa!” shouts Yi Yu hurriedly, clinging to grandpa`s clothes.
    He is just like a guy who is drowning; he will grasp it and never give up, once there is a piece of driftwood nearby.
    Yi Yun has suffered all kinds of humiliation since he was declared not to practice the quarrelling skills. Although it related with the difference between him and the family in colors about eyes and hair. At least it confirms that he will be the weak forever.
    As a result, others can be delighted to bully him. For it is impossible to be revenged.
    He was about to give up fighting. In her mind, life is just a series of compromises, but he was hit to woke, when he didn`t in deep sleep. He has been used to it……
    Now He finds a ray of hope, the driftwood in his hand would be grasped tightly all the time. Now that I have once to dream, I will be nice in the dream.
    Even it were a moment of fantasy.
    Pysuis can`t help taking a step backwards, staring at his grandson surprisingly, sparkling with light in his eyes. I am so unfamiliar to him at the moment.

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    Chapter 6 Refining Incantation
    Yi Yun opens his eyes at dawn. He can`t wait to jump off the tiny bed and rushes out of his room.
    It is special to him today.
    He has been waiting for seven days, since grandpa told him to teach him Family Movements. Now the eagerly anticipated day is around the corner.
    Grandpa and uncle guide him to a furnace in Aida Town after breakfast.
    The furnace he sees today is different from other furnaces. It has been one month since he came here. Thus he knows that there are 11 furnaces in the middle of Aida, arranging accordance to different procedures.
    But what he sees today is the 12th, which solely locates near a hill instead of in the middle of the town. He puzzles in it.
    “You must puzzle why a furnace is here instead of staying with the others?” says grandpa.
    He nods in curiosity.
    The layout is the same to the ones in the middle. A furnace, a wood bellow and a pool to cool materials. But the unique difference is that it connects with the hill stones instead of constructing with bricks and tiles. A furnace mill in a mountain.
    “Since I was born, the furnace mill had been here. It is said that it was constructed by the first generation of Starte`s family, a history of more than one thousand years.” Pysuis explains.
    He shocks for that, looking around surprisingly. The first generation?
    Barddly`s tap to Yi Yun draws his attention: “You should know something about refining, now that you have been in furnace mill for one month. Tell me, what are the five procedures of refining weapons?”
    He answers after a short thinking:” they are selecting materials, casting and molding, normalizing and annealing, blade processing, and refining and cooling.
    Barddly looks at Yi Yun joyfully: ”Right! Work really hard! But do you know we can refine in any furnace for the first three steps, and the last two steps, we have to refine here, if we want to refine a better weapons?”
    He shakes his head, for he has never heard it before.
    “Two reasons: First, this furnace is much higher than others so that it can get a higher temperature in a short time. The materials will become more malleable if they are cooled from a very high temperature in a short time. Besides, the perfecting of refining depends on our Refining Secrets.”
    “Refining Secrets?”
    “Right! You can make weapons sharper, higher quality, After you use our family refining Movement. As a result, our weapons are more super than others. The Refining Secrets is the core.” Grandpa adds.
    When talking, he pulls one crescent broadsword out from the back and says: ”touch it.”
    Yi Yun brushes the blade with his fingers carefully, when a odd burning sensation comes to his fingers instead of a due cool. It frightens him to draw back his hands at once.
    Both grandpa and uncle laugh loudly at him for his behaviors. “The broadsword is one of my masterpieces, which is refined with Refining Secrets. It can absorb the heat around itself. If you put it sinks in a bucket, the water will get boiled in half an hour. So, the broadsword is a masterpiece in continent.
    If soldiers can hold such a broadsword, it does not only double his lethality, but also improve his skills in defending the Icy Magic. So it is expensive but rare.
    We can refine such a broadsword if I finish learning these Refining Movements?” Yi Yun asks surprisingly.
    “Not really? Grandpa refined three, and one had sold in a high price, the second gave Nanwell family as a dowry of your mother. Now here the one is the last and unique.” Barddly smiles.
    “But as for me, your uncle, I have not refined one, although I have been here for twenty years more. It is a rare masterpiece in the whole Qiongwu Continent. If you learn hard, it is a possibility for you to refine one or more masterpieces like this one.” Uncle encourages him.
    Pysuis nods and smiles, grandpa is satisfied with the broadsword.
    “Don`t worry, I did not refine one in the first thirty years. But after that in the next ten years, I refined three successfully. It seems that a high level in refining will get a bigger possibility in refining a masterpiece. You and Yi Yun have enough time to make it, on condition that you never give up in half way.” He adds.
    “How about that Hupo Sword, refined by our ancestors, now that grandpa`s broadsword is so powerful.” Yi Yun reminds of the sword suddenly and asked in curiosity.
    They two are stunned and a short silence.
    “I am much weaker than our ancestors. I have not seen it before. But my father told me that sword could burn by itself, once it touched a man, he would be burnt to ashes suddenly. It is a legendary sword in King Qiwu.
    “We are all learning the Movements; I should do as well as them, now that ancestors are able to do it.” He falls in deep thought.
    “Yi Yun.” Grandpa interrupts his thinking and says to him seriously.
    “I have to tell you something clearly when I plan to teach you the skills to you: the skills can release the most energy only when they are used in refining. We can make you get the level of two stars in Refining Movement. But it can not be called as Quarreling Movements, not to speak of the Secret of Quarreling in Nanwell family. You can be a solider with two or three stars at most.”
    “Uncle practiced the skills of refining when he was a child. But he is a soldier in his thirty. I , your grandpa, am a soldier with three stars in my sixty. I want to tell you all the fact. I hope you can practice it one by one, don`t set a goal that reaches what is beyond your grasp.”
    Pysuis has undergone the feeling when he was a kid, so he knows totally what grandson is thinking now. If he always compares with the members in Nanwell`s family, he will face more serious despairs. So, I need tell him ahead, in case he can have a proper plan in practicing refining.
    “I see, grandpa, I will never let you and uncle down!”
    Yi Yun knows the real mean from grandpa`s remarks. He also knows why grandpa does not speak out directly.
    “It is okay you know what I am saying.” Taps at Yi Yun and smiles
    “let`s start to hold the traditional skill-teaching rites!”
    Without waiting Yi Yun to reply, grandpa adds: ”Barddly, go to fetch wood bellow to make furnace burn! Yi Yun, you come here to sit, I will teach you to bleed.”
    “Bleed?” he stuns and thinks, it is related with skills?
    “It is the rule that established by ancestors! Posterity must bleed a bowl and splash in the burning furnace, when adults can teach the skills to the posterity.”
    Barddly shows his face close to me and murmurs with a sinister smile: ”Little Hank cried strongly in the Bleeding Rites, your aunt and I spent a long time to calm him down. I have a bet with your aunt. I told her you would not cry in Bleeding Rites. Don`t let me down! Giggling….”
    “Bleeding? Tradition? Where does the rule come from on earth?” He screams.

    (For more reading free of charge, please click the link below)

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