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    FuryChinese name :狂神

    Written by tang jia san shao
    Translated by

    There are many groups living in Jinyuan continent, the most powerful are Human, Demon and Orcish. They have been fighting for the land and resources for centuries. However the protagonist who was born in such an environment is a mixed race, who contains the blood of Human, Demon and Orcish. What is he experiencing and what will happen on him next? Let`s find the keys in

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    Volume I

    Chapter 1 My Childhood

    My grandfather is one of the strongest soldier in the Bimeng Legion in Orcish Horde. He killed a dragon, which body is 5 meters long, in eighty to ninety years ago. As a result he was awarded The First Warrior in Orcish Horde, The First Warrior in Bimeng Legion etc. it is hardly to find a person at that time to kill the dragon.

    A series of marriages happens between Orcish Horde and Demon Group in order to prevent them from attacking by human beings. My grandfather, who married one daughter of the emperor`s concubine in the Demon group, is one of them. She is my grandmother.

    Grandmother is the closest relatives for me in the world. she would have 85 years old if she were alive now. She married grandfather, who was 40 years old or so, when she was 16. She often told me that she was the victim of the political purpose.

    Obviously, it is not his will to marry grandfather. But luckily she married, otherwise I will not be here.

    Father is the only son of grandfather, the similar to grandfather in shape, 5 meters in height and his arm is thicker than my waist at present.

    Father had been No. 1 when he was less than 18. Fierce, brave and strong. The First warrior in Bimeng, a colonel in Bimeng Army. The genuine king. He always has got victory during the decades. No less than Emperor in fame.

    He of course has lots of concubines because of his precious statue. My mother is one girl he grabbed. I am the youngest in the four sons, but the one he dislikes most in the past.

    Mother is a tragic girl, no one knows where she came from. She looks so old, although she is less than 40 years old. The wrinkles and pale hairs that should not belong to her have been a remarkable mark.

    We just can judge from the side shape that she was a beauty in youth. She hate father and I. Because I came to the world after mother was raped by father

    She never got love from father, but just endless exclusion and mock from other concubines.

    Mother didn`t get a house until I was powerful four years ago. I will feel cold when I see her inexpressive eyes.

    I 16 this year, a mixed race of Monster, Demon and human, vice colonel in Bimeng Army. Two meters tall. I have the most features of human beings.

    I hate father, because he treated mother so bad, besides his fault led grandmother`s death. That it is her death makes me glory today. But I do not need glory, I just need my grandmother.

    The most painful moment to me is the death of grandmother, That day….

    “Lei Xiang, Come and to eat your favorite fried chicken`s wings made by grandmother.” Called grandmother amiably.

    “I`m coming.” I rushed into the kitchen, a delicious fragrance flying to me.

    “I love you so much ,granny.”

    “Naughtie, bon appetite.” Granny`s face suddenly was covered by wrinkles, when she smiled.

    I ran out of the house with a chicken`s wing in my hand. Jumping unceasingly in the yard.

    Grandmother did not live in the family, because she liked quietness. I followed her because no one cared about me at that time.

    It is hard to find a quiet place in monster`s world. for they prefer to eat all who are weaker than them.

    But no one can come here to search food, thus it is so quiet.

    “Lei Xiang, where is your granny?” a thick voice came to my ear.

    Shocked as I heard the voice, five tall and strong builds prevent the sunshine. Father, standing in the middle with four soldiers behind. He comes here to see granny.

    Father did not get along well with granny. Father look down upon Demon group, although the two groups have united. The weak who is like granny always is the aim that is neglected and scorned easily.

    Girls only can be a foil of men. Why does he come here today? Seldom does he visit granny.

    “Granny is in the house.” I answered in a low voice. I am afraid of father indeed.

    Father gets angry as he sees my frightened looking. The chicken`s wing in my hand is slapped to the ground by father and shouts at me:” Look! My son is such a boy? I do not have such a frightened son like you.”

    Tears rush out when I see the chicken`s wing filled with mud on the ground.

    Another slap comes to me, I fall down on the ground. “ Cry, you just know how to cry. Look! Look the thin body. As weak as your dead mother. Your old brothers can tear a living tiger just by hand in your age. But you, I think it is so hard for you to kill a chick.” Shouts father, and steps the chicken`s wing angrily again.

    Granny runs out when she heard my cry. Seeing me laying on the ground, she gets angry, Picking me up and saying:” What are you doing on earth? It is hard for you to come here. Why do you beat him?”

    Taking a deep breath, shouts: ”It is none of your business, soldiers! Take him back home to let second old brother give him a lesson.”

    Second old brother is my brother; I will be treated bad if so. Lei Hu, second old brother is famous for his sharp temper.

    “Forget it! Don`t hurt him.” Granny holds me in arms and says.

    Father suddenly catches me from granny`s arm and throws to one soldier: ”It is none of your business, I am giving my son a lesson now, you`d better get away from me if you wanna live longer.” says to granny and goes out directly.

    Granny`s face gets red in anger and shouted loudly: “Leo, are you talking with mother in this way?”

    Granny runs at the solider who hugs me and plans to grasp me from his hand. But her body is too weak to be thrown out and falls on a stone by the soldier. Thrill cries! Granny laying with bloods on the ground.

    It seems a gust of chilly wind blows to me. My heart is frozen suddenly.

    “GRANNY” I shout and try my best to escape from his palm and succeed eventually.

    I fly to granny and hug her body. “Granny, granny, are you okay? Daddy, save granny as soon as possible, please.” I cried

    Granny turns pale in her face and said weakly with her hand holding mine. ”Don`t beg him. Let us get in the house.”

    The soldier who throws granny out knees with one leg to granny and turn to daddy and says: I….”

    Father glances over at granny and said relentlessly: ”Never mind, it doesn`t matter, after all, she is too old. Send a message back and send some paper money to granny and bury her later.”

    Granny is not so important as a soldier to my daddy apparently.

    Hatred and anger infuriates my eyes, I shout and jump to the soldier with all my power.

    That soldier shocks first and hold one hand to prevent me but fails. I fly to him with a speed five times than the usual. Bang! He is knocked into the air by me.

    I do not pause, and follow him in the air, hit on his belly with my small fist heavily.

    Surprisingly, I pierced his thick skin. He roared in pain and fell down on the ground.

    “Ah, Ki…..llllllllllllll” I shacked and roared, the leaves swooshed nearby because of my great momentum. Explosion happens in his body In the middle that my fist hit. He is in the corner of death.

    Blood covered my body, the viscera flew out , just like a broken water melon. I stand still, my hairs changed from green to black gradually.

    All of these happened in a moment. All are surprised, including father and his soldiers.

    Father murmured:” Lei Xiang goes mad, Lei Xiang goes mad. Bi Meng had not gone mad for 100 years or more.

    “Mr. Leo, how come?” a soldier asked.

    Father was not sad but said happily: ”Take Lei Xiang away, he has collapsed, find a place and bury your mate. Leave the old alone.”


    I came to my sense, but I didn`t know how long I slept.

    “Granny, granny, How is your body?” I feel weak, painful, especially my left hand.

    I find that I am in my room in father`s mansion. I try to stand up and go out of the room along the wall. No light outside, as dark as a hell.

    Ah, it is evening, how is granny going along?

    Just step to the door, I fall down because of weakness.

    “Lei Xiang, why do you get up? Come here, go to bed.” A tall build walks into the room. He hugs me.

    When I open my eyes, I see my old brother, Lei Long, who is relatively getting along with me in all the brothers.

    “Old brother, I beg you, take me to see granny, she will die.” Cried I.

    “Okay, but you have to go back when the sky gets bright.” Old brother looks out of the window and nods.

    “Okay, Okay, let`s go hurriedly. I can do anything if only I can see granny.”

    Old brother has a tall and strong build, so it is a piece of cake for him to hug me. We arrive at granny`s in the night soon.

    “Granny.” Call I sadly. She is lying in the previous place.

    Old brother put me down, and I crawl to granny. I hold up the upper body, which has been covered by dew. I shake and shout :”granny, wake up, wake up!”

    His dry lips move and eyes open slowly. Smile as looking at me. She holds his hand and plan to touch my head, but she is too weak to hold up.

    “My grandson, you come back to see granny eventually, it is worthy of looking after you for so long. Cough! Cough!” she coughs some blood.

    I grasp tightly granny`s hand and put it on my face. ”Granny, don`t speak, have a rest. You will be fine soon.”

    “Little fool, granny know my situation. Let`s get in the house.”

    I don`t know where the power I get. I succeed in helping granny get in the house unsteadily. Old brother knows I need to stay with granny alone, thus he does not follow in.

    I lay granny on the bed, breathily strongly.

    Granny touches my head tenderly, and looks at me nicely, said off and on “Little Xiang, you are… the person…..that granny worries most, you promise that… you will be a brave man….live happily. You don`t blame….. your father, this is ……what Monster Group really is. They prefer power… to relationships.”

    My clothes have been wetted by tears.

    Granny pulls out a thin brochure under the pillow to me.

    “This is the most precious treasure, the transcript of…… Sky Demon Incantation, in Demon group. It is me that stole it, in order to revenge. You need to…..learn well. Don`t tell…. Your…. Daddy.”

    I cried and shouted: ”granny, granny.” I put the brochure into my clothes and went faint.

    I have taken back to my room ,and old brother stands in front of me when I wake up.

    “We have buried granny, don`t worry, get up to have something.”

    I feel life is meaningless for me, I have lost the closest relative. I feel blank in my eyes. Staring at the wall directly.

    I live for seven days in this way. I can live by forcing to feed me food by father.

    Later, when I get better, I remember the words granny said in my dream. I have to live better, be a brave man.

    Because I have the power of going mad, which makes me a favorable son to my daddy. From then on, he teaches me kongfu by himself. I am no longer the previous boy who is naïve. Nothing can hinder me to be No. 1 in the world. I put away my hatred in my deep heart from that day.

    There are three steps for Tianleixiejia skills. The first step is from inner to outer. It differs from other qigong, you can improve your constitution, enhance immunity, in order to get a stronger body by sitting in meditation. In other word, it is a process of reinventing oneself.

    The second step is applying the inner air to outer, forming a protection cover to prevent all attacks. I am a starter in this step.

    The third step is just the enhanced version of the second step. We can use the cover to hurt or kill enemies when we exercise to some degrees. Father has got the step, he can cut anyone`s head by Tianleixiejia skill, if one is less than ten meters from him. Even if they are dragon knights, they still are no danger to him, if the quantities are not enough.

    There is another night, I sit on my hunkers in the bed, The dark energies in my body coheres. The dark nearby, which provides me energies, is my best friend. I get a little progress when I practiced once the cold magic power by the second layer skill of sky demon incantation in two hours.

    Breathe out the useless air slowly, I get up and look at the clear moon outside the window. Filled with loneliness, I feel strange. What happen? What`s wrong with my practicing? I recall all the progress, and there is nothing wrong.

    I jump out and get to the yard, and there is no one. Rush to the gate, so wide outside! I feel I am a bird in cage when I am at home. The cold wind blows my clothes with dew slightly at night. The cool feeling attracts me so much, the dark power is working in my body.

    I feel that I am filled with power and want to release it. My left foot walks one step forward and kicks the ground, and jumps to the air. Then collect all the energies in the right fist, throw it on the ground. “bang!” a deep pit with 0.5 meter in depth.

    Just the moment I turn back and get ready to go home, instinctively, I feel dangerous suddenly. My feel is much more sensitive than before. Energies naturally collect in my fist and I shout loudly: ”Who is there? Get out!”

    A tremendous air with a huge fist that gets bigger and bigger comes to me gradually, the air is so strong that the leaves nearby swoosh strongly. I feel tense but I do not hide. Instead, my left foot walk one step forward with saying a word “hey” . A fist meets his directly and strongly. It is my father who teaches me. He said that I have to hit enemies directly. Neither tricks nor hide-skills are unavailable to me. A way of universal.

    A huge fist and a small fist meets in the air.(I am the small fist for sure) An irresistible and strong impact is rushing towards each other. I walk five steps backward, a sharp pain in my right hand. He does not pause, go on to jump and fly to me with a huge fist.

    (For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below)


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    Chatper 2 My Task
    I can not see him clearly at night. But I am sure he must be Bi Meng judged from his shape. It doesn`t allow me to think over in this case, I have to escape; otherwise I will be killed into pieces.
    But I have no choice, fighting! I collect the rest dark power to my hand, instantly black air emits from my hands. Repeat the skills I used just now to hit him with my fist. I find that the injured veins recover 60% to 70% when I make good use of the dark power in my hands.
    I feel that my body has been thrown in the air and cut into two pieces. Soon fall on the ground spit out a mouthful of blood. When I stand up swaying with all strength, I can`t help spitting out a mouthful of blood again.
    “Gee…” said he.
    I look up painfully and stare at him with astonishment. The strong man who wants to kill me is my father.
    “Daddy, why you?” I ask in puzzlement.
    “To my surprise, you can catch two fists from me. Well, I can assign the task to you without hesitations.
    I smile bitterly in my heart and think, is this really my father? I may go to hell to meet granny in case my skill is weak a bit.
    “What was the black air around your hands?” asks father.
    I remember that granny told me not to tell father about the Sky Demon Incantation. Said strangely on purpose. ”What? Maybe the sky is too dark.”
    My father is a simple-minded man, so he does go on thinking over.
    “Okay, go home! Come to my room tomorrow, I will assign a task.”
    “Okay.” I answer in peace, and nod.
    What task does father assign to me? Go to the battle field to kill enemies? Impossible! My brothers are all at home, it is no need to send me to. What else on earth? Father is so powerful in Monster group that he can do and get anything just by saying one word to his soldier.
    I come to the door of father`s room and knock the door uneasily.
    “Who?” shouts father in a strong and deep voice.
    “Father, it`s me, Lei Xiang.”
    “Come in.”
    I push the door and come in slowly. Father is sitting in a tall armchair looking at me with his eyes opening half. I am not bothered by his eyes. Stand still.
    “Lei Xiang, you are not a kid any more. I thought you were a dustbin, but since you went mad four years ago, I am satisfied with your performances. You are a potential talent, although you are weaker than brothers in build. Monster King assigned me a task; I want to send you to go.”
    “What is it? You can deliver it to me by all means; I promise I will finish it.” I ask in a quiet state. It is the task that Monster King delivered. I think in my heart.
    “Good! You deserve it to be my son. King lets me find a person to be a spy in human world. You know we are the weakest in the three groups. Why? Because we don`t have magic power, besides, we are not as clever as them. The details of this task are stealing their tactics data and magic power books from human.”
    “Be a spy in human group?”
    “Right, you are a 16 years old this year. More important, you have the bloodline from human group. You can be a good spy by means of your look. You will learn as much as you can during the next five to ten years. You can train our troops in 10 years when you go back at that time. From then on, the whole continent belongs to us, demon group. So you can know the importance. You will be the next king of Demon group if you finish the task perfectly.
    “Father, Don`t worry, I will not let you down.” I answer strongly.
    “Okay, I will send you to meet king first tomorrow, and you will be trained for three month by the businessmen who are familiar with humans. After that, you can start your task.”
    “Yes, Father, I`m off now.”
    It is the first time that I have been in the King`s palace. The fresh and tall buildings attract my attention, filled with power, rough in workmanship though. All the houses are piled up with granite. Thickly and steadily.
    “Leo, this is your son? I thought he must be a human if you do not tell me ahead.”
    “Yes, His Majesty! His mother is human, thus he inherits the looks of his mother, as well as the power of our Bi Meng family.
    “No wonder you always recommend your little son. I think human never recognize him of his true identity. Kid, we resign the future of our demon group to you. Don`t let me and your father down.”
    “Yes, His Majesty! I will spare no effort in finishing the task.”
    “Okay, Brother Leo, how about his Kongfu?”
    Laughing loudly and asks:” His Majesty, don`t worry, he can meet my fist for three times directly.(Father exaggerated my skills on purpose in case that he can show up his skills in fostering me. In fact, I just can meet his fist twice, beside I will hurt.) His build is not so strong, but he is well qualified with the ability of Bi Meng family.
    King believes what father said fully and replied happily.
    “Heroes are always from the youngers, Okay, it`s a deal! Deliver Lei Xiang to human. It is confidential. Don`t tell anyone about the matter. It is a hard task. You must finish it ,or I will punish you strictly and seriously. Only if you can finish the task, you can take over the position of your father, the next King.”
    “Yes, I will never let you down.” I kneel and say.
    “Okay, that`s all. I let selected businessman to come to your house to teach him human etiquettes and attentions tomorrow.” King turns to father and says.
    “Yes, His Majesty! We are off now.”
    The next day I begin to discuss human etiquettes with those businessmen who have been to Longshen Empire. My memories and imitation skills are beyond their imagination. I spend one week to acquire all the skills they know, which other learners will spend at least three months to learn. After learning the etiquettes, I love the group so much, I am thinking how is the group my mom lives.
    When I arrive at father`s room, he is reading a pile of paper behind his desk.
    “Father, here I am.” He looks up and passes the paper to me.
    “Have a look, this is your identity as a spy, and you have to keep them in mind. Those businessmen told me you have acquired all the etiquettes, so you should start the task at once. Put away all the baggages now and start to leave here by yourself quietly tomorrow.”
    I read the paper, it writes: name: Lei Xiang, live in the Romm Village Aika city, Longshen Empire. Father: Lei Fu, who is a craftsman. Mother: Sa Die, who is a worker in a workshop. I like Kongfu from childhood, father dies of illness when I was 10, mother so does mother when I was 13. I have been a vagrant for three years in continent. An introvert……and so on. The reliability is very high from the data. I know the real figures in the data must have been killed by father, which is the consistent style to my father.
    I look back and stare to the city I live for 16 years, take a deep breath and start my journey.
    Father arranges me to head to Dragon City, the capital of Longshen Empire. The Tiandu College, one of the biggest four colleges in human group, is in the city. My task is to study in the college and try my best to learn. It is May, but it will enroll students in August. So I have to get there in August, in case I can take part in the entrance exams.
    The sun has risen to the top; it is hot, although it is just May now. After a walk for the whole morning, I feel exhausted somehow. There is a simple shed in the right of the avenue. I walk fast to get to the shed. A fruit shop, the boss is a woman wolf, aged 50 or more.
    “What do you want? All the fruits are planted by me, fresh enough.”
    I pull out of a coin and throw to her. “A few, each of them.” I say coldly.
    She does not say anything when she feels I am angry. Packs several per fruit and passes them to me instantly. What a big pack! It is enough to meet 10 people`s meal. I hardly can eat them all.
    “Don`t pack so many, leave me one quarter.”
    The old woman shows an embarrassed expression and says: ”But… but I don`t have extra money to give back.”
    I think it just is a silver coin, are the monsters so hard in life?
    “Is your life so hard? You need not give me back, but just pack me a quarter.”
    “It is so kind of you. Piles of wars happen here. We are better than those who live in other districts; we are close to the capital. Those who are soldiers or strong men can lead a good life. The rest have to lead a hard life. Are these enough?”
    I feel sad when I pick up the fruit. Civilians are the unique biggest victims in a battle in all nations.
    I pick up and be about to leave, a cattish voice jumps out from my back.
    “Guy, hand out all your wealth, or we will use you to be our meal.”
    Three guys surround me, a bear guy, a fox guy and a wolf guy. The wolf guy, who is also the cleverest one in monster group but in fact they are all ordinary, should be the person who speaks to me.
    “Rob?” I say coldly.
    They all begin to laugh strongly, and bear guy sneers: “Crap! What we do if we do not rob you? Don`t be crap! Or you will be our meal tonight.”
    “Do you often rob passengers?” I asked in peace.
    “You are right! This is a world that the stronger eats the weaker. It is a simple common sense, you don`t know?”
    I glance at them and say: ”Okay, I see. Thanks for your teaching.”
    I stamp my foot heavily and hit the bear a hard blow, the strongest one among them.
    They do not know I can fight with them. Both the knife in the wolf and the sword in the fox cut towards me. I do not care, but go on throwing my fist.
    The first unfortunate is the bear. The sound of fracture from the bear has been heard by all. But the time is so short that he has thrown out in the air five meters far from me before screaming. I am sure that he won`t be a robber till next generation.
    The two weapons cut on my left shoulder and right back, but useless. They even do not break my clothes.
    I turn left and kick fox`s chest, the same as bear. Another sound of fracture is heard. Soon he also falls on the ground strongly, blood flows out from his nose and ears. Another dead guy is around the corner.
    Fox is frightened by the situation he sees. Suddenly the knife in his hand falls down on the ground automatically. He is about to run away, but I pick up the knife he dropped and throw to him. Soon he is pinned on the tree.
    The woman in the shed has been frightened to hide in a corner. I come to her and throw another silver coin to her.
    “Bury them.” and go away.
    I just know the massacre is just beginning, when I go out of the capital. I can see robbers and brigands here and there, except those big towns guarded by soldiers. No wonder our monsters are strong enough but always lag behind other groups. In order to make a living, they have to try to protect themselves, so that the monster group cannot develop.
    Here is the border of monster group and Longshen Empire. The Stely fortress in Longshen Empire locates between the two countries. The tall rampart hinders monsters from entering Longshen.
    I stand under the rampart and shout.
    “Excuse me, but could you open the gate to let me in.”
    A man seemed a general looks down and shouts: ”Who are you?”
    I say as the planned line: ”I am a businessman who go to monster group, we are robbed by the brigands. I am the only one who is alive. Look! I am human.” I take off the bamboo hat wearing on my head for one month.
    That general looks at me from the top of the rampart carefully. He just sees me alone and my look is human, and begins to say: These Monster brigands! Really ****ing villains! You fool! Why you get used to making deals with them? It is not worthy. Soldiers! Open the gate a bit to let him in.”
    The gate is opened as narrow as a gap, several porters send me in.
    That general who shouted to me is among the porters who send me in. he feels so unfamiliar to me, because I am tall, strong and handsome.
    “How much have you lost in the event?”
    I pretend to sign and say: “Don`t mention it any more. It is luck enough that I am alive. Mr. General, you don`t know the robbers in Monster group are so horrible. They will rob and kill anyone they meet.”
    “Okay, don`t be sad. Don`t worry, Longshen empire will make them die out sooner or later. Go ahead! Have a good rest when you get to the city. We are safe here.”
    I speak lots of gratitude. Take a relaxed breath.
    Stely fortress is constructed in the base of Stely City. Everything is so fresh to me, after all, it is the first time I have been to Longshen empire. Here is really more prosperous, the bustling streets. Deal is transparent to everyone here.
    I enter a clean hotel to have a good rest tonight and go on heading to Dragon City tomorrow as Mr. Businessmen taught me before.
    It is unnecessary to wear a bamboo hat here. The first time to see so many people who look similar to me excites me more or less. I am the tallest in Longshen empire, although the shortest in Monster group.
    Many girls who are walking in the street look at me curiously and queerly. They make me blushed. I remembered that I am pretty handsome in human beings. Many girls will fall in love with you if you go to Longshen Empire. To my surprise, the girls here are so bold. It is a fault to remove my bamboo hat, I think.
    The city is full of peace and harmony. After I have a walk in the street, I return to the hotel.

    (For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below)


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    Chapter 3 My Steed, Black Dragon
    I begin my journey to Dragon City in the early morning the next day. I wear the bamboo hat in case of meeting troubles. I have no choice because I am too handsome.
    Orderliness is the obvious here, I have not met robbers for 5 days. No wonder Longshen Empire has the ability to combat with the other countries.
    The hot air reminds me that noon is around the corner. I feel hungry. Luckily a small restaurant is in front of me. I have addicted with dishes here, since I came to empire. It is quite different from Monster groups in dishes. A delicious fragrance is smelt by me when I get to the gate of the small restaurant. Simple decoration but clean and tidy. Customers come in off and on.
    I turn the menu and select some dishes that I have never had casually, and a kilo of steamed buns.
    A young warrior, 1.8 meters tall, wearing white warrior uniform looks very strong, with a long sword hanging behind him.
    He gets into the restaurant, but all tables are taken. Then he walks to my table and said politely.
    “The Brother, the tables are taken, may I sit with you?”
    The table I sit can hold four persons, so I agree and go on having.
    “Waiter, a kilo of good liquor and two plants of home-cooked dishes.” He says to the waiter and turn to me.
    “Buddy, you are going to a far place by your dress?”
    Although I do not take off my hat, I have removed my mask; after all I have to have meal. Are the human beings all so hospitable? I look up at him and nod. He seems shocked for my handsome looks. I do not care but go on having.
    There is something wrong about his dishes, thus when his dishes are shown on the table, I have finished my meal. I step out of the restaurant.
    In this country, most people prefer to ride horses, and it seems really fast. I`d love to get one so that I can arrive at Dragon City as soon as possible.
    I pull one passerby and ask him where I can buy a horse. The passerby is shocked at first and points to the front: ”Turn left at the first crossing, walk about 2 kilometers and you will find a horse ranch.”
    I nod to him and walk to the direction he told me.
    It is a big horse ranch, 1000 mu (about 0.67 square kilometers). There are the place to sell horses and some accessories in the left.
    “Which one can be sold here?”
    The coper knows that I am neither a local nor a layman, smile scornfully.
    “You can buy anyone you like if you have enough money.”
    I nod and look around to try to find a horse I like. Suddenly, all the people rush to the west. What happened? I catch a passerby casually and ask. I know from him that the ranch boss sent lots of persons and caught a wild is so fiery that no one can tame it. They caught it by blowing an arrow. Now, several famous horse breakers invited by the boss are taming it.
    I`d have a good look at the horse. I come to the west of the ranch followed by the crowd. There are seven strong men who are surrounding the black steed. I can figure out the steed is uncommon from its eyes and build. The horsehair is so black that it flashes like gold. It breathes out off and on to show its fight with the crowds.
    It turns cloudy with big clouds gathering in the sky. I don`t feel cool but more muggy, although sunshine is hidden partly.
    The seven strong men try to stop it with lassos and ride the horse. But the horse is so clever that it can escape their lassos time after time.
    The standers-by are widely discussing and all think the result is certain. Just the moment, a middle-aged horsebreaker throws the lasso, which catches it completely unawares. And, successfully, the steed loses temper, holding up two hoofs and braying loudly. What a good skill the horsebreaker is! He rides on the horse by the mutual pulls and hugs tightly the neck of the horse.
    “Well done! Hold on! Hold on!” the people nearby begin to hurrah.
    The steed bounces around there, trying to get rid of the horsebreaker on its back. It bounces around so strongly that all the horsebreakers except the one on the back have to stay outside the fighting ground.
    The steed gets calm down gradually, seeing that there is no use for the horsebreaker by bouncing round. It seems that even it is a very fiery steed; we can manage to tame it. When the spectators are shouting his name loudly. I know that he is the son of the boss in the horse ranch. He is holding up his hands to show victory proudly on the back.
    Just this time, the steed falls down as it loses his forehoof. The horsebreaker frightens for the case and jumps off to exam it; after all he is unwilling to hurt such a nice horse.
    When he jumps off, the steep stands up with his forehoofs suddenly and stamps on his chest with its hind hoofs heavily. I can hear a crack even we are far. He is kicked out of the fighting ground after long shrill cries. He will die soon for sure.
    The crowds are in chaos instantly. The other horsebreakers run to the kicked horsebreaker.
    A man in his finery runs out of the crowds and stands in front of them, shouts painfully.
    “Give my son back!!!! Shoot it at once, at once!!!!!!” he who is driven mad by son`s death is the ranch boss.
    Piles of staffs appear around the crowd with all kinds of weapons preparing for killing the steed. However, the steed doesn`t know it will be killed soon, still holding its head.
    I am fond of it curiously as I glance at it. I still do not know why. It is my turn to show up.
    I shout loudly: ” hold on!” walk towards the kicked horsebreaker by pushing the crowd aside with my powerful arms. I arrive and stand in front of them under thousands of eyes. He is crying with his son in his arms. I low down my head and look at his son. Breath has stopped, and chest is stamped flat. I shake my head to show my pity.
    “Give a chance to tame the steed please!”
    “Never!!! With its body, I will hold a funeral ritual for my son!!!” the boss says in tears.
    “It is not its fault; your son would not die if you could do according to your abilities.” I knit my brows.
    “Who are you the hell? Dare to play around here!!! Guys! Throw him out at once!!”
    “Humph!!” I sigh coldly, walk to the steed without hesitation. I am surrounded by the staffs at once.
    “Don`t force me to fight!” I put off the bamboo hat, hang it in the back and say seriously.
    They put the remarks aside and rush to me all of a sudden after my boast. Several of them who don`t take any weapon may just want to give me a lesson.
    They are so weak for me that they are all by throwing out when I just shake my arms a bit strongly. I glare angrily at them and shout loudly when I find they will fight again.
    “Do you want to be killed by me?” I throw a fist strongly on the ground. After a gigantic sound, a big pit with 1 meter wide and 0.5 meter deep appears with dusts filled in the air.
    I dust myself off and walk straightly towards the steed without noticing the surprising eyes around.
    The steed probably feels dangerous. It is digging the ground again and again with one of its forehoof, as he is staring at me with eyes open widely.
    I stop walking and laugh scornfully two meters far from it. I never frighten it because of my powerful strength. Maybe it figures out my laugh. It roars and stands up with hind hoofs. stamps towards me with his forehoofs heavily.
    I hold up both hands, catch the both forehoofs. The impulse is strong that my arms are pushed backward a bit. But soon both forehoofs are controlled by my strength successfully. The spectators open their mouth widely surprisingly.
    “What great strength! He can catch the forehoofs stamping!”
    “Judging from the big pit he did just now, he must be a super warrior.”
    “He mustn`t be a man, who has such a great strength as a man?”
    I`m sorry, I am really not a man, the strength does not from a human at least.
    I throw the steed out by releasing the strength from my waist. It falls down so heavily and rolls one circle on the ground that he roars and stands up after several times endeavor. I walk towards it and stare at it.” Admit it! You are not qualified to fight against me!”
    It nods as knowing my remarks, staring at me pitifully, walking slowly to me, touching my chest with its forehead tenderly. I tap its head with a rare smile.
    “You are my best partner from now on, may I call you Black Dragon?” it hurrahs, showing that it agrees with me.
    I turn to the boss and shout at him, “I am sorry, boss, but I will take it away.” I throw a bag of gold coins, about 50 coins in total, to him and jump to the back of Black Dragon immediately, ignoring their reactions. I recall that I have never ridden a horse before, when I jump on(orcish is a kind of animal, how can we ride a horse.), never mind. I clamp my legs over its belly firmly, grasp the long horsehair. It runs without my order. When we get to the fence, I cut the upper two sticks into pieces. It jumps over the fence at the same time and runs away with a lay rider.
    My clothes wet totally as the coming rains, but the cool feeling make me comfortable incomparably. Riding for the first time, I am fearful at the first beginning. But a few minutes later, everything goes so smoothly, it is not a bumpy ride but a stable ride. We gallop the road. I bend over on the horseback, gradually; I find that it will run to the left when I lean left. Vice versa. It is really fun for 16 years old boy like me. Eventually I lose road in the evening because of indulging in playing along the road. Luckily, there is a path in the rich forest. We have nothing to do but run along the path.
    We reach a town in two hours. Black Dragon slows down as I tug its long horsehair. I jump off and find my trousers wet totally when we enter the town. I touch its head tenderly and walk in.
    The town that looks prosperous because of all kinds of shops on both sides is really big. We walk to the gate of a hotel; the staff runs to me and says in a big smile:” Sir, you can come to our hotel, we are fully furnished, reasonable price, good service….” I hold my hand impatiently to stop him uttering.
    “Arrange a room for me, and my steed separately.”
    The waiter looks at the steed in my back and says:” It is really a nice horse, but why not equip it with saddle and bridle?”
    “Saddle and bridle? What`s it?” I think of myself.
    “Do you have it? I am preparing for get one?” I ask.
    “We don`t have it, Look! There is a shop specialized in producing and selling saddle and bridle over there. You can go there. Their goods are cheap and fine.”
    “You guide me, I want a suit.”
    The waiter gets ashamed and says:” but… I am working, you know….”
    I sneer and throw one silver coin to him,” Are you free now?”
    The waiter catches the silver coin and answers in a big smile:” Yes, yes. Hold on please.” He runs back to the hotel, talks with his workmates for several seconds and runs out joyfully to guide me to that shop.
    It costs me 10 gold coins to buy the best outfit. Saddle, bridle, shoes etc. but I think it is unnecessary to outfit a horsewhip. It looks mightier and more powerful, even the staff praises it without a break. What`s more, no one can touch it except me. The staffs can put on the outfit for it constrainedly on condition that I make its head downward slightly.
    The waiter guides us to the stable, and I return to my room after I help it to have a bath and feed some yummy food.
    I ask the direction to Dragon City, location on the map, then start to go, when I wake up the next day. Luckily, we didn`t run at the opposite direction, the path we ran is not the directly to our destination though. Now we find the right way.
    I have ridden more comfortable since we put on the outfit for it. I don`t grasp the rein firmly to give it a free rein but just adjust the direction. It runs as an intermediate speed for a deserted road. But it will increase the speed to surpass enemy once it sees another horse nearby. It seems that not only human beings, but also horses have competitive spirit.
    I lapped 3000 kilometers in only about ten days to get there with the help of Black Dragon. I rode it tenderly along the way in case it wasn`t so tired.
    When we reach the gate of Dragon City, I find the buildings are not so big as ours but imposing somehow. The rampart, about 27 meters high, built with granite, engraved dragons in various shapes. A banner is fluttering high on the top of the rampart. I can directly enter the city without questioning; it is probably that there is the mainland of their own here. But the city in the rampart is really big, much bigger than ours. It cost me three days to walk around the whole city probably.
    It is so easy to know where Tiandu University is by catching a pedestrian to inquiry, because it is so famous here. I go to register first, but the exam will begin one month later. It seems that the time is rich enough, so I decide to find a hotel to live. There are lots of hotels near the university; I pick up a clean room.
    I will practice Tianleixiejia in the morning and hang about in the city with Black Dragon in the afternoon. It is necessary for it to walk outside; otherwise it will be a fat horse soon.
    The Tianmo Gong is still in the second level after more than one month, and I have tried my best to work hard every day. It is far from shapeshift. I can make shapeshift when I reach the third level. A watched pot never boils!
    I found lots of warriors and enchanters here during the period. I met with enchanters for several times, they made me scared, although I hadn`t fought with them face to face. So do the warriors! A powerful country it is!
    In Longshen Empire, warriors can be divided into 10 ranks, namely intern warrior, junior warrior, intermediate warrior, senior warrior, sword professor, sword grand professor, land knight, bright knight, sword sage, sword god. From sword professor, each rank can be ranked as upper, middle, lower separately. As for enchanters, there also are ten ranks, namely intern enchanter, junior enchanter, intermediate enchanter, grand enchanter, enchanter guide, grand enchanter guide, enchanter professor, grand enchanter professor, sage enchanter professor. Each rank also can be ranked as upper, middle, lower separately from grand enchanter. I estimate that I can be a lower sword professor by the present ability. Taking my strong build and excellent defence force into account, I just can be a lower grand sword professor. The common Dragon knight should be middle bright knight. Even the most common Fallen Angel should be lower bright knight, as well as middle dark enchanter guide, adding the dark magic and the bright knight riding a dragon. They all are powerful. I am just a common Bimeng as strong as a lower grand sword professor, much weaker than them. No wonder we have to use 2000 Bimeng soldiers and thirties of Fallen Angels to break even with them who are just about 100 Dragon soldiers.
    It`s the time to take exam tomorrow, I don`t know whether I can pass it or not. Anyway I have to improve my ability to enter the university, or our orcish group will not get ahead in the world. I begin to practice the last Tianmo Gong before the day I take part in the entrance exam.
    In fact, there are some trouble for Longshen Empire. Although Dragon knights are powerful, they aren`t barbaric in nature. It will cost a lot of time and energy to foster a qualified Dragon knight. Instead , our Bimeng soldier are barbaric and strong in nature, they can be a soldier in a short time training. That is why they don`t attack us prematurely.
    I am shocked by such a long row, when I reach the gate of university. Oh No!!!!! there are no less than thousands of students for the crowd. But it is said that there are just three hundred positions for us. The ratio is one tenth.
    I hold the admission ticket, a wood board, with No.1 writing on the front side.(I registered it one month ago, surely I am No.1 in the order.) and Tiandu University writing on the back side. When I enter the campus, I see a huge and wide playground, which has some space, if all students take an exam in the playground. There is some time left. I see them discussing something, maybe they are guessing which one will probably appear in the exam.
    A clear voice appears:” All students, may I pay attention please! Keep quiet please first! Line up from east to west by your admission ticket number, 50 students per line.”
    After three times of speaking, all students line up orderly eventually. I glance at the matches, about 60 rows, oh! Over 3000 students. It is so hard to be enrolled thanks to its popularity.
    “Okay, keep the gap 1.5 meters wide among rows please.” Students have stood orderly as required soon.
    Twenties of persons, who look like invigilators, come towards us. We know nothing about the content of exam.
    “From now on, all students keep still and stand still, Never move until you can`t stand any more. The 1000 students who stand the longest will take part in the next exam.” When the announcement ends, all the students begin to discuss.
    “What is it on earth? It is not an exam but being punished to stand.”
    “****! It is the first time to hear that the content of an exam is testing standing.”
    “What flaming school it is! I would not come here if I had known it.”
    I think to myself, it is a piece of cake. It is nothing to stand still. Never mind, stand!
    “Examinees, keep calm!! Standing is a test to your build and will. It is impossible to learn well if you don`t have a good constitution or a firm will. Feel free to leave any time if you don`t like such an exam.”
    “Awesome! It is a worthy university, Okay! Now examinees keep silent suddenly after the broadcast. No one leave the playground, after all it is make a fool of yourself if you leave without showing your skills at this time.
    Everyone is relaxed about standing at first. It is summer, but the mornings are cool. However, as time goes by, when the sun is above us, the temperature on the playground is increasing directly.
    The sweat drops from my forehead, and I am not out of sorts at all. But the scorching sunshine makes me uneasy somehow. Luckily I wear in light warrior uniform, or I will be steamed to a dish.
    I glance around and all are standing still. They are good at constitution.
    The invigilators invigilate us in turn, shifting work once per two hours. A girl who moves slightly is suddenly seen by a middle aged invigilator. He points to her and says:” You! Get out!” It really is strict, even a slight move.
    The temperature decreases as the sunset comes, but we can not hear anything but coo-coo from our tummies. We all have not had meal for a whole day. But the worst thing is that we don`t drink water for the whole day. There are about 200 examinees off till now. it doesn`t account for one tenth.
    The clock goes so slowly, the breeze at night makes us cozy. I get used to practicing Tianmo Gong at night. I have nothing to do but standing, might as well, I can practice it. I cast a glance around, nearly all the examinees are fighting against their body by closing their eyes.
    I begin to close my eyes and start release the dark power in my body. The Tianmo Gong will not be seen by others in the first stage. So I don`t fear anything. I feel that the dark elements all come to me, caused cool feeling conducting in my body, it operates as I am practicing. So comfortable! It seems that all fatigue disappears. Additionally, I am not so eager to have or drink something so strongly. It is a good ability to practice it. Gradually, my attention is gathering at one point and keeping still.
    It is morning the next day when I wake up from the attention. I feel ok except hunger. I look around. Only a few are out, but most of them who are pale in face are teetering. I have a deep breath and close my eyes.
    It is noon, clear up, the sun is above us again, but it is bad to other examinees.
    I bring the dark power out as the experience last night. It can give me some cool, although it is weaker to practice it at daytime than that at day night.
    Examinees begin to be out by groups, exactly speaking, they are carried out from the playground. The sun that looks so beautiful decorated by the clouds nearby goes down in the west gradually.
    “Everyone, Thanks for your hard work! The first round of exam is over. You can leave when you take your admission ticket to finish registering with your invigilator. The second round of exam will be held the day after tomorrow.”
    All passed students sigh with relief about 1000, which are the precious figures qualified to take part in the second round exam. They feel so relaxed that they can`t help sitting on the ground, including me. Although I am better than others in physical fitness, the immobile standing of two days and one night has made me stiff in four limbs. I have to make them relaxed by tapping slightly.
    “Everyone, invigilators will come to register one by one, thanks for your cooperation.” Tens of invigilators dispersedly walk to us and register for the passed students as expected. I am the first to be asked for sure. I pass on my admission ticket and say: I am No.1.” he glances at me and smiles: “A toned body you have! Guy.” I don`t say anything but smile.
    All of a sudden, many persons wearing chef uniforms appear mysteriously on the playground. They take salvers covering cloth, buckets and something of dishes with them. do they prepare these for us?
    As I expected, the clear voice appears again: “Here are the porridge and steamed buns for you. Have a good rest as soon as you finish meal.” I rush to them, grab a big bowl, ladle out porridge fully and drink it voraciously. Really comfortable! I have never known porridge is such a yummy food. Instantly I ladle out three bowls of porridge continuously, then taking one more and three big steamed bun to one corner to enjoy, while the bucket hasn`t been crowded now.
    The meal calls my strength back. Oh, No! my poor Black Dragon, it hasn`t had anything for two days. It must be angry with me. I rush to the hotel and fetch some grass, running to the ranch directly. It whinnies cheerfully and licks my face as I appear in front of it.
    “You had a tough day these days, take more! They are selected dishes for you.”
    I have been dead tired when I finish feeding it, so I fall down and fall asleep on the haystack.

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    Chapter 4 A Ray of Hope (Part A)
    One month after that, Yi Yun does as grandpa told him. He learns to forge weapons in the daytime, and listens to grandpa tell the stories about Qiongwu continent at night.
    He prefers to listen to the stories at night, because it is more interesting.
    When YI Yun lives in Nanwell`s family, who he can stay with is his mom and several peer groups. Besides, his daddy always neglects him, thus Yi Yun does not have an education at school.
    What he knows is that he is in Qiongwu continent, and his country is Qiwu Empire.
    Till now, he knows there are another two countries, except his country, and Qiongwu continent had a history of ten thousand. He was born in 10030, and now it is 10036.
    “Qiwu Empire, Betmen Empire and the Republic of Panyan are in Qiongwu continent.
    There is a population of 6 billion in total. Qiwu has the most people, but Panyan has the least.
    “We must be the strongest one, because we have the most people.” Says Yi Yun, thinking for a moment.
    We are the strongest by weapons, the second is Betmen, the last is Panyan. But it is hard to say by the whole national capabilities. We have to take religious, geography, and diplomacy account. Complicated!” says Pysuis and shakes his head.
    There also are three religious in the continent. Guangming is the widest, which is from the Denomination of Guangming God. However, most people in Qiwu are also the believers of Guangming. Including Pysuis, who is quite loyal to Guangming.
    “Yi Yun, don`t fear to come to a bad end, although we all have to step to death. Because God Guangming is staying with us all the time, his stick and pole will console us. He is universal and fair. All of us are protected by god.” Says Pysuis tenderly.
    “Really? Why mom can die? I had never seen any holy sunshine around her.” He disagrees with grandpa, but he keeps it in mind.
    In the daytime, Yi Yun strikes the hard iron near the furnace again and again. Barddly devotes himself in teaching Yi Yun. He prefers to slowing up, so that he can learn well. After evening, Yi Yun can listen to grandpa tell interesting stories to make him be learned. It seems he likes such a way of life.
    Pysuis tells the hierarchy between warrior and enchanter in Qiongwu continent today.
    “They both are divided into nine stars and four classes by the power. Each star will be given a exclusive name. Namely soldier, apprentice, crazy, duke, general, the venerable.” Pysuis says to Yi Yun.
    Take warrior for example, soldiers are ranking from one to three stars. Apprentices are ranking from four to five stars; crazies are six stars; dukes are seven stars; Generals are eight stars; the venerable are nine stars. The warriors from seven to nine stars are very strong in power, especially the warriors in nine stars. It is hard to find one among ten thousand.
    “And each star can be divided into four levels, which are primary, intermediate, advanced, and superlative.” Pysuis Explains in details.
    Yi Yu gets mad for his explanations. He has never heard such.
    “Generally speaking, the one who gets five stars or above can be a senior officer; who gets six stars can be a nobleman; who gets seven or more stars can directly be given a title of nobility who can lead millions of soldiers.” Pysuis glances at Yi Yun and adds.
    General, Nobility? One can get the title on condition that one gets seven stars? He thinks happily.
    “So, one who gets seven stars is named as Duke. “Pysuis smiles.
    “Now that seven stars can be titled as Duke, how about my daddy? I often heard my daddy named duke.” Asks Yi Yun at once.
    “Your daddy? He is just a first crazy with six stars, a great way from the duke. The lowest requirement to be a duke for him does not satisfy. He even does not the qualification of being a staff of the duke just by ability.” Shocks Pysuis and then says unheedingly.
    “But how come…….?” Yi Yun can feel the contempt from grandpa, but he does not care about, for he doesn’t think daddy is a good person.
    “Pooh!” Pysuis spits on the ground and adds unheedingly: “That`s because your grandpa, Bladen Nanwell, has eight stars, besides he is the leader of the Leihu Troops. As a duke, he has the right to give place to his son, grandson and great-grandson.”
    “My grandpa? With eight stars?” asked Yi Yun in astonishment.
    He has never heard such a grandpa, who has eight stars when he lived in Nanwell`s family in the six years.
    It is common that you don`t know him. It is said that he stayed in the border to Betmen Empire all the time, which has the most wars in the both empires. Thus He did not return home till six years passed.”
    “Bladen is an excellent figure, in face, who is the unique one I admire in his family….”
    “What a pity, all of his sons are too foolish to handle it. The Leiba Incantation in his family group is the superlative. In order to help your daddy, Bladen spent countless gold coins to search kinds of holy medicines and magic plants. But your daddy just arrived at the primary in the six stars. Alas! Never mind! He is your daddy after all….”
    Pysuis does not want to go on telling any more obviously, but Yi Yun is in exciting for the thing he has a grandpa who is a solider head with eight stars, as well as a leader of Leihu troops.
    After a short time of cooling down, Yi Yun goes on asking: “how about enchanters? You just told me something about warriors. What`s the difference between enchanter and warrior?”
    The are the same, one who gets one to three stars is named as soldier, four to five stars is named as apprentice, six stars is named as crazy, seven stars is named as duke, eight stars is named as general, and the nine stars will be named as the venerable.”
    “But they still have some difference, although they are the same by stars. But enchanters are stronger than warriors in attack. However, it is the other way around in defense and endurance. But it is hard to be an enchanter, so the statue of a enchanter is higher than that of a warrior in according to the same level.
    Immediately, He had a drink.
    The hierarchy that he said to Yi Yun was known to all, even the infants can recite it freely in Qiongwu continent. But the one like him knows nothing about it is rare here.

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    For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below

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