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Thread: The Divine Throne by Noffin,a nice Fantasy Fiction !

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    Thumbs up The Divine Throne by Noffin,a nice Fantasy Fiction !

    The Divine Throne Chinese name :神印王座

    Written by tang jia san shao
    Translated by

    The Divine Throne , a nice Fantasy Fiction. I think the novel is worthy reading. We will upload new chapters off and on. I believe that you should be interested in the mysterious adventure. It is really wonderful. You can't miss it. Please give us your feedback please, in order to service you better, your ideas or suggestions to us is much important. Thanks a lot, I love you all.
    Here are the story, have a nice reading ^_^

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    Epsode 1 The Son of Bright

    Chapter 1 Exams for Primary Knight (1)

    Aoding, bordering the south of Shengdian Union, about 3000 families,is the large town in Haoyue City.

    The risen sun ,that touches the land with light and warmth, seems to wake universe up. A test is taking in a big two-storey building with one thousand square meters in the centre of Aoding Town.

    “Tell me the reason you wanna be a knight.” A thick and strong voice comes.

    “Protect human beings, home and relatives; Mmaintain kind hearts,” they answer orderly and childishly. Obviously, it is not the first time to have answered the question.

    The two-storey building is the place where Shengdian Zidian in Aoding Town,named Aoding Zidian, specially is responsible for selecting the future knights. About thirty students will take the exam of Primary Knight today. They can go on learning here on condition that they pass the exam.

    The thick and strong voice is from Barza, a strapping middle aged man, who is the chief instructor of Primary Knight in Aoding. It is said that he nearly would be a qualified knight at that time.

    “Tell me, what are the norms of a knight?” Barza rigorously stares at these kids who are from Aiding, aging about 8 to 10 years old.

    The echo is still measured, “Humility, Honesty, Pity, Bravery, Equality, Sacrifice, Honor, Persistence, Kindness, Justice.”

    Barza nods satisfactorily, “Very good! You have learned for one years here, so it is the high time to exam. There are 10 levels for a primary knight, which correspond to 10 to 100 in the power. What your target today is to get to 10 more in the power so that you can be a knight of the first level. All the kids who pass the exam will go on their study here in the next three years. After that, they will go to take part in the kinght-to-be exam in Haoyue City. You are truly one member in the Knight Temple, only if you become a knight-to-be like me. Jiang Hu.”

    “Yes, sir!” a slightly tall lad steps out, pulling out the wood sword in his back at the same time.

    All the lads are equiped the same, a wood sword with 1m long, 9 cm wide, 6cm thick. The exam is easy. Something like a block is in front of Barza, and the block connects a stone slot, where contains a stone ball. The ball will jump up as hitting the block. It can estimate your power by measuring the height of the ball. It is accurate if the power is less than 100.

    Power is a universal value that Shengmo Land estimates all the professions, including knights, enchanters and any other professions. Generally speaking, 10 dots in power is equal to that of an adult.

    “Ah…” Jiang Hu shouts, holds the sword, hits the block strongly.

    “Bang!” the ball jumps up.

    Barza nods satisfactorily, writing down the result, saying:”Jiang Hu, 13 dots in power, passed! Next….”

    It is fast to use such an exam, half of the lads have been examed in a short time. The rate of passed is about 50%.

    “Long Haochen!” Consciously, Barza looks up at one relatively thin lad, when he calls the name.

    Obviously, the lad looks like undernourished and emaciated. But he has a gorgeous look.

    The natural eyebrows, big eyes, long eyelids, straight nose, white skin and properly thin lips. He has been pretty enough to drive girls mad, even he is just a eight years old boy now. espcially he has a pair of blue eyes, although the hair is black.

    Long Haochen walks to Barza, put his right fist on the belly as high as the heart and bends to salute:” Mr. Instructor!”

    The serious look gets tender somehow, nods and says:” Go!”


    Pick up the stone sword, take a deep breath, hold the sword highly and smarshes it over the block with all his effort.

    “Bang!” the ball jumps up, but… apparently lower than height of 10 dots in power.

    Barza knits his brows,” 9 dots in power, failed.” He has tried his best to do it from the state of the sword. But he still failed the exam.

    Long Haochen looks at Barza blushing scarlet suddenly, says excitedly:” Mr. Instructor, I, I…..”

    Barza sighs slightly:”I see, go!”

    Long Haochen says eagerly;”Mr. Instructor, give me one more chance, I will pass the exam.”

    Barza knits his brows again:”But it is unfair to others who fails the exams.”

    Haochen keeps slient. It seems that he has a feature that others don`t have. Barza shockes when he sees his eyes. What`s that? Persistence? One clause of Ten Norms for a Knight? The ten norms in fact also can be seen as the ten spirits of a knight.. it is hard to see just one spirit even in an old knight. But the lad….

    Just this moment, Haochen turn to all the lads present and go down his knees, says sincerely to the partners whom he has kept together for one year.

    “I beg you pardon! Please give me one more chance, just one more chance!” He kotows as the remarks ends.

    Barza shocks for what he is doing. As these lads of less than 10 years old, they hardly know what is persistence. In their mind, It doesn`t matter whether they can be a primary knight or not.

    Lots of pictures appears in Barza`s head. He may think the kid did this is for getting fame or wealth, if the kowtoued boy is others. It is known to all in the place, Haochen is thin though, he is the most dilligent in practicing during the past one year. He gets up eariler one hour and goes to dorm later one hour every day.

    Haochen also is the most dilligent one in Barza`s ten years teaching careers. He doesn`t need others to urge him to do something, besides, he is very friendly and kind-hearted to lads around him.

    That`s why Barza`s face turns tender somehow, when he sees Long Haochen in the exam. But his failure is really a big surprise. He practices so hard every day, the only reason I can explain is his body is really bad.

    (For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below for free.)


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    Chapter 1 Exams for Primary Knight (2)
    “Sir, give him one more time please!” Says Jiang Hu, the first one to pass the exam ,as well as the oldest kids in the group.
    “Yes! Sir, give him one more time please!”
    “Sir, Haochen practices very hard every day, one more chance is okay.”
    Suddenly, nearly all the lads intercede with instructor for Haochen. Everyone likes Haochen because he is friendly to everyone. What`s more, they are just a group of kids, they never consider any benefit or fame.
    Barza says heavely:”Keep quiet!” the board hall is struck silent.
    “Okay, one more chance, but Long Haochen, you can get one more time to re-exam on condition that you can win Jiang Hu in the one-to-one match in three days. Other lads who fail the exam can also get the priviledge with the rule. It is fair to all.”
    Haochen am so glad to hear that. He shows his gratitudes to his partners, then turns to Barza and says:”Thank you, Sir.”
    Barza, only if he is a man, will be attracted by the sunny and pure smile on the face as admirable as a lady. Instead, he turns to Jiang Hu and says:” Pull out all the stops, or I will disqualify your from primary knight. Understand?”
    “Yes, sir.” Pull out the sword, others step back a few paces so that an avaiable space can be made.
    “Haochen, be careful! I will try my best to do.” Jiang Hu pulls sword back and gives Haochen a knight salute.
    “Brother Jiang, Please do!” Haochen replies and gives back a knight salute.
    Jiang Hu takes a deep breath and rushes towards Haochen with the sword, to cut his left shoulder.
    Haochen looks so quiet and his action is slower than Jiang Hu. He does not move until Jiang Hu`s sword moves half of the way.
    “Shooo!” Haochen escapes the sword from cutting, on condition that Jiang Hu is stronger than Haochen in power.
    Just this case, Barza gets surprise.
    Although he fails in cut him, he has a swift action. Spin of his body, his arm is spinning as body for one circle and wave the sword to Haochen.
    Jiang Hu is gorgeous in strain capacity, it is great for such a young kid to do such. But Haochen does more wonderful.
    Just when he escapes from being cutting, he has steps forwards Jiang Hu. Both of them now close together tightly. But now Jiang Hu is spinning.
    What does he do to deal with the spinning body? Barza is puzzling for that. The stone sword is nearly 1 meter long, It is impossible for Haochen to use the sword because of their distance.
    But, Just the moment, Haochen attacks him by using the handle of his stone sword.
    He hunkers down, puts the handle upright and pushes it up, stabs him in the oxter. He hardly uses any power,but Jiang Hu has fallen down aside. The flying sword in Jiang Hu`s hand just fly over his head.
    “Stop!” Barza shouts.
    “Lost your balance, the trick is out of date. You fail in the match, Jiang Hu. You will hurt badly if he stabs you strongly.” Barza says in a low and heavy voice.
    “Haochen, What a smart guy!” Jiang Hu scratches his head and says in embarrasement.
    Haochen puts sword back suddenly and stands, turns to Jiang Hu who spends all his strength to stand with difficulty.
    Barza nods to Haochen and says:” you have got the second chance to take the exam.”
    Haochen looks serious when stands in front of the block again. It is special for a young kid to show such a serious look.
    The moment he holds firmly the sword, he looks so persistent. It seems a cirlcle of light appears around him.
    All of a sudden, He spins for one circle with the stone sword, then cut towards the block.
    “Bang!” the ball jumps up. At the same time he steps backward and falls down because of the recoil force. The sword nearly falls from his hand, but the wrist hurts and bleeds.
    “11 dots in power, passed!” Barza shouts strongly. It is just two dots from the level, but he had tried his best to do in the previous exam. It shows that he is a potential guy.
    Barza recovers after a short surprise. He asks Haochen to go to clinic and return to go on exam.
    “Exam ends, all kids who fail in the exam don`t need to come tomorrow. As for the passed kids, a new instructor will be sent tomorrow. Dissolve! Go home before getting glucose.”
    “Thanks, sir!” kids say with one accord.
    “Long Haochen, Hold on!”
    Kids are off cheerfully. For it is no difference for them to be a primary knight or not. It is easy for kids to be happy.
    There are Long Haochen and Mr. Barza in the spacious hall in Aodingzi Temple.
    “Haochen, Tell me the reason you choose such a way to attack Jiang Hu?” Barza asks seriously.
    “ Because I am not so strong as Jiang He, I have to look for weak in his body first. You are always telling us point of the blade is the strongest in brandishing a sword. The closer position to the handle , the weaker lethality it has. I found waist is the point to break his balance at the second attack. Thus I close to him on purpose so that he can`t use his sword. He will not go on attacking as long as I break his blance.” Haochen answers without hesitation.
    “That is to say, you think out such a way just by observing him” Barza asked surprisedly. For he has never taught kids about it. In my view, the most important for them is to learn basic skills well. They don`t qualify for practical exercises at present. However, the steady head and calm state of mind make him shocked enough.
    “Well, go home!” Barza waves his hand and says. He gradually finds that the kid is full of protential.
    “Sir, my glucose this week….” He tries to ask with a blushed cute face.
    “Umh.. you have one.”
    “Goodbye, sir.” Haochen is off happily.
    Smile appears on Barza`s face, as he looks at him bouncing along.”The guy, pure and hard-working in nature. As well as a good talent to be a soldier. What a rare wit!”
    “ Do you know why does he find out the weak of his enemy readily?” a sound and loud voice appears nearby. Barza is frightened by the sudden voice.
    No one knows when will a middle aged man stand nearby, 30 years old or so, wearing a simple robe. But he has a pair of bright eyes with blank and memories, even some hurt.

    (For more chapters, please visit us by clicking the link below for free.)


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    Chapter 1 Exams for Primary Knight (3)
    “I don`t know, Sire”, Barza gives the mid-aged man a salute as he sees him. The man arrived at Aoding zi Temple several days ago, he knows nothing about his state and level, but he must be a celebrity.
    The mid-aged man says:”Because, he is more persistent than others. Or, do you think what can make his protential ability improve so much?”
    The liquid medicine tastes horrible to them, but it is the other way around to Haochen, for it is a symbol for him to be a primary knight.
    He says to himself as walking,:” the glucose liquid is really a good stuff, as Brother Jiang Hu said. Mom has been better and better since she drank one bottle every week. Mom, sorry, you`ve told me that it never goes down on one`s knees as a man, but I would not bring glucose for you, if I had not passed the exam today. I can`t live without you, mom. I can do anything if you can recover.”
    It would shock Barza again, if he had heard what Haochen said.
    Glucose is a medicament, which can keep the kid younger than 15 years old energetic. It also helps to practice and make them strong enough. Long Haochen hardly failed in the exam today, that`s because he has never drink it? No! he gives all the glucose to his mom. He was just a thin little boy this one years ago. One year after, he got dots higher than the cutoff scores, because of his dilligence on daily life and his persistence to take good care of mom.
    The difficulty to Haochen, a 9 years old only, is much higher than others in the exam a knight-to-be to a knight. It can show that he is a genius for that.
    The sunshine on his body reflects golden light, just like a golden heart.
    Haochen lives in a remote corner of the eastern Aoding, one even needs to across a river to get there. He crosses the single-log bridge over the river quickly. But he walks along one path to a forest in the west of Aoding, instead of going home.
    He goes to pick up some potherb and mixes it with glucose together every time, so that mom can not taste the horrible glucose. He does not want mom to know such. Sir Barza told him that a man should burden responsibility.
    Walking to the forest, he begins to become a bee.Haochen and mom live and help each other. They are the poorest family, even in the whole Aiding town. So Hanchen can help mom do something when his peer groups just know nothing but playing. Mom, Bai Yue, can earn a little by tailoring, however he is having a joyful life.
    Piles of potherb is on the ground for a moment. He is so familiar to the forest. The potherb, that Haochen had since he is an infant, tastes delicious, although it grows in the forest.
    When he gets ready to return, a sudden sound frightens him, for there are wild animals off and on.
    Haochen raises his head and looks towards the direction that sound travals. He can dimly see a small body fall down. He walks carefully towards the shadow because of curiosity. Just walks several steps, he can see clearly that it is not a wild animal but a little girl.
    She looks as young as one who is 7-8, a thin body, light purple hair. There are several places that broken for his clothes, with bloodstains. She is awake and tries to stand up, but to no avail, although she falls down.
    Haochen walks fast towards her and holds her firmly. “Are you okay?”
    The little girl holds one hand narrowly to write something on the ground “ I can`t speak, some ill persons are catching me, they will catch up with me soon, Sister, help me!”
    Haochen frightens when he sees the first words, but the last words, he is blank in his mind.
    “I am brother,instead of sister.” I explain to her sullenly. Then he hugs the girl. It is very light, he hardly feel any weight.
    He walks to the place he put the potherb, and bundles all the potherb with one straw rope. But the little girl pull the corner of his clothes fretfully.
    Haochen puts her on the ground instantly, and she writes something on the ground fast,: I can feel their breath, they will come to here soon. They can find me by smelling. You go by yourself as quickly as possible.”
    He knits his brows and shakes his head:”No, I am a man, I will protect you.” He is just 9 though, what he said shows great confidence on his pretty face.
    “Smell?” on a sudden inspiration, he pickes up and crushes several hotherbs. Then smear the crushed hotherbs over both bodies. Hug her to rush to the boskage nearby. He puts her in the boskage carefully, covering her with his body without any touching by holding up with his arms and feet.
    He does not notice that the girl is staring at him in a bizarrie and does not resist when he is doing such.
    A noisy sound appears outside when he hides her well. He catches sight of a group of men in black through the boskage. They are tall and strong, with thick fishy taste. Some of them try their best to smell.
    “why isn`t the smell disappear until here? Someone has saved the little girl,hasn`t it?” a husky, atrocious voice resounding through the forest.

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    Chapter 1 Exams for Primary Knight (4)
    Haochen can see one clearly under the sunshine across the leaves. Frightened to scream narrowly! For he has a black hairy face, a pair of fierce yellow eyes. The atwitch nose is smelling something.
    Just this moment, a cold voice appears in the forest,:”Let`s stop here! Stop it! You don`t need to return, now that you have come here.”
    A bright light appears quietly in the sky with a beautiful curve, flashing several times like lighting. The several men in black suddenly become as hard as a stone and fall off one by one.
    Now Haochen feels dazzling, a masked man in white appears in front. Next, it seems that he does not perform any move, when many beams of lights erupt from his chest. All of a sudden, the whole forest is shined by the lights so brightly that Haocan hardly open his eyes.
    When he can see clearly, the falllen men have gone, leaving the man in white standing there.
    It happens so fast that Haochen does not figure out what the matter is, when everything is over. It seems that those fierce guys have never been here before.
    The man in white turns around slowly and looks towards the boskage that they are hidden.
    “Come out!”
    Long Haochen gets nervous, apparently, he has been discovered. At the same time, he sees a pair of impersonal eyes, a long black hair, white uniform without any decoration.
    The man in white is so powerful that Long Haochen gets trembling. After all, he is just nine. But when he looks down the pale girl. He gets brave suddenly.
    He shakes head to the little girl to tell her not to move. And then stand up and jump out from the boscage, pulling out the wood sword from his back.
    The man in white stands still there. Haochen still feels that the man is more powerful than any monster he met before.
    Haochen doesn`t say anything but fixes his eyes on the man, grasping the wood sword in his hand. What he hopes now is that the man doesn`t find the little deaf girl.
    “It is time to go off.” The man says impassively. Just several words make him as cold as the state that his body is covered by snow.
    Just this moment, a tiny body appears in front of Haochen all of a sudden. He finds surprisingly that the person is the little girl, which is so fast that he hardly believes it is true.
    Little deaf girl stands in front of me, opening his arms, staring at the man in white directly and firmly. She shakes her head to the white strongly.
    The impassive eyes move a bit, later, his body moves too, just a white light flashes in the sky. Instantly, the little girl also moves, as fast as light.
    Haochen have better eyesight than peer groups. But he just can see a dagger holding in little girl`s hand. She looks like a little tiger. I am afraid that she is no less than 20 in the power from her speed.
    What a pity, little girl is much weaker than the man in white to some degree. All are over in a moment.
    The dagger is missing; she is clamped with arms by the man. But it is unknown about the process.
    “Let her go!” Haochen shouts. Walking to him with a standard knight step, holding the sword and cutting towards him. Now, he has forgotten all the fear but the little girl`s safety matters.
    Suddenly, the man waves his hand, and Haochen with his sword falls down. He feels that he will fall in the endless dark.
    The girl oxtered by the man is struggling fiercely; the man gets shocked for the heat from his oxter, for she is getting a hot ball gradually in dark red light.
    “Don`t struggle! I won`t hurt him.” The man says, some humane feelings appear from his voice.
    The little deaf girl stops struggling and looks up the man.
    The man who nods to her comes to his side by walking just a big step. Squats down and pinch lightly his body with one hand, including the pretty face.
    A moment later, the man knits his brows slowly, “the ability is intermediate or above, but the skeleton is growing. It is better to be a knight judging from his temperament and abilities.” I am saying, as I am putting the girl on the ground slowly.
    The girl gestures something to the man.
    The man adds: “it is hard to say about his future. The biggest position he can gets is a land knight from his abilities. However, he who is just an 8 years old has had the four features, which are pity, brevity, persistence and sacrifice, of a land knight. His future is very bright. As an excellent knight, the mentality is more vital than the ability especially for a protective knight.
    The little girl points to herself and Haochen, adding some gestures to the man.
    The man nods and says: “Okay, he is the qualified with the bonus.”
    A ball of white light rises from the chest of the man, which looks like a little stove with blue flames above.
    The man dabs the blue flame with the index finger and middle finger close together. Then move fast towards Haochen. Rays of blue flame appear as he practices Dabbing Incantation.
    A moment later, the convergence of the blue flame and the white light starts gradually, disappearing in the body eventually. The man looks exhausted.
    “Okay, I have combed his veins, burned out all the impurities, which improves his potential one level at least. The trial practice for you is over this time. let`s go!”
    The man stands up slowly, as he is waving his hand to the little deaf girl.
    But the girl walks fast to Haochen. She takes off a ring and wears it on Haochen`s finger, which the background is blue, forget-me-not lines is caved on. Oddly enough, the ring gets bigger automatically to fit the finger when he wears it.
    “Cai Er, You……” the man shouts awesomely. But the little girl stares at him in firmly eyes. Then she turns to the potherb collected by Hanchen at first and puts them beside him and makes them in order. After that, she goes off followed the man.
    The man knits his brows and keep silent for the whole pre-morning. When he wakes up from his stunned state, they fly up and disappear in the forest.

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    Chapter 2 The Mysterious New Instructor (1)

    ““Hum…” Haochen slowly regained consciousness and blinked several times. From the looks of it, these long eyelashes of his could really make any girl jealous. He gradually came back to his senses.
    Suddenly turning over and sitting on the ground, he utters: “Am I alright?” Looking at his unharmed body, he couldn’t help but feel relaxed.
    He was surrounded by total silence: in the woods, the only sounds present were the cries of birds.
    Lowering his head, Long Haochen found, at his side, the wild herbs neatly put in order. Stupefied, he rubbed his own temples.
    Have I really fallen asleep, was all that just a dream?
    Oh, what is this?
    He noticed a ring on his finger. It was a blue colored ring that emitted a luster, not a kind of metallic brightness, but a kind of porcelain or jade luster. The decorative circular pattern was covered by gold and a gem the size of a grain of rice lied on it. This precious stone was completely embedded in the ring and using his hand’s touch, he could only feel its smooth little surface.
    The ring’s inner circle was entirely golden. Pressed close to his finger, it seemed to stick out a little, giving him a strange feeling.
    Haochen stared blankly. He immediately realized that everything that happened before his coma was real, but he was still confused, his mind full of questions.
    What was the relation between the little mute girl and the white-clad man? Also, how did the white-clad man make these ferocious-looking people chasing her disappear. Who is the owner of this ring?
    For the nine years old Haochen, these issues were just complicated and he has absolutely no clue about the answers.
    Standing up, he unconsciously went to the place where their pursuers vanished. Immediately, he discovered something strange there.
    After a few steps, Haochen saw that on the ground originally full of green grass, all the grass had disappeared and turned into barren lands, and these areas were obviously defect at some places. The outermost green grass left only traces of black burns and had turned into the same color as the dark-green lands.
    “Well, let’s stop thinking about this, it’s better that I quickly go home to give to Mother her wild herb soup.” Haochen checked on himself, the Elemental Training Liquid was still there, then he steadily departed. He picked the wooden sword up from side before heading off in the direction of his home.
    However, because he just discovered a strange phenomenon, he stopped his steps right after picking up the wooden sword. The wooden sword had become lighter, as if it was a piece of feather!
    In fact, the wooden sword in his hand was not what Genuine Knights used: it was indeed lighter and not made the same way. This sword was made of hardwood and weighed about 4 kg, but despite this, he needed a full month of training before he could manage to use it, at that time he entered Aoding Hall.
    Did the wooden sword become lighter? Wrong, it still has the same appearance! Is it possible that it was actually my strength that has improved?
    As he thought about it, both of Haochen’s hands took hold of the sword and he dashed forward, slashing before him. Immediately, a sound rang out, the sword’s power really scaring him, but his hands stay stable. He clearly felt that his limbs’ and bones’ strength had increased tremendously. Jumping several times, he feels as though his body was now as light as his wooden sword had become.
    This was at least the strength of the 20th spiritual energy level right? In his mind, Haochen still remembered the indifferent and stubborn face of the little mute girl and muttered: “Are you the one who gave me all of these? Tomorrow, I’ll appraise my precise spiritual energy level at the Hall. Anyhow, let’s meet the wooden stake again.”
    A youth’s heart can’t be much complicated. Although, today, a lot of matters left Haochen perplexed, after a single thought about the fact his mother could drink Elemental Training Liquid again, he cast aside all these matters. After all, the little mute girl was someone he just met, so he only prayed for her safety inwardly.
    A little courtyard, two thatched rooms, a few shelves entangled in vines, and some vegetables drying under the sun. This was Haochen’s home.
    “Mother, I am back.”
    The door of the thatched cottage opened and a peasant woman came out. Haochen looked at her outward appearance then ran back to her, immediately revealing a smile.
    She was Bai Yue, Haochen’s mother. Haochen’s appearance was very similar to hers, as if he was carved out based on her appearance. Although Bai Yue is simply dressed and had undergone a lot of hardships, but her exceedingly beautiful appearance could intensely shock anyone. The only thing on her that doesn’t looked the same as Haochen was her eyes’ color. For Bai Yue, they were black, whereas for Haochen, they were of a dark blue color.
    But precisely because of this beautiful appearance, they both had an even harder life.
    Because of this beautiful appearance, Bai Yue, as she was bearing her son, was harassed frequently. Though these issues were somehow resolved, how could one live such a life?
    Although they came to the town, Aoding, under agreement, she was forced to live in a remote corner of the town, and washing clothes was her job, which enabled her to gain a meager income that was only barely enough to sustain her household.
    “Chenchen, you came back. How was the examination?” Bai Yue, brimming in joy, ran to her son, holding him in her arms. She picked him up, the 9 years old Haochen who grew merely at the peak of her stomach in size.
    Affected by his mother’s soft and pure fragrance, Haochen jubilantly answers: “Mother, I passed it.”
    Bai Yue faintly smiles, “I knew that Bai Bai was the most awesome. Wash quickly, Mother will prepare you lunch right now.”
    Haochen jumped out from his mother’s bosom, “Let me go prepare it. I picked some edible wild herbs; I will prepare a soup for you to drink.”
    As he said that, he went straight to the thatched cottage. At its entrance, he still couldn’t help but turn at the direction of his mother to take a look. He didn’t know why, but he felt like she seemed really happy today. In fact, his mother generally didn’t speak much during the day.
    Bai Yue continuously followed her son with her eyes as he went to the kitchen, murmuring: “Bai Bai, you are having such a hard time, but… …” she sighed lightly, from her eyes revealing a struggling feeling before finally restraining her inner feelings that were about to surge out.
    A silent night passed.
    The next day, Haochen woke up early and went to eat the breakfast prepared by his mother before proceeding to Aoding Hall.
    As he slept soundly, in his dreams appeared the scene that had occurred during the day and even the one when that little mute girl gave him the ring. It fired him up to such an extent that in the morning, as he woke up, he was too impatient to wait longer before going to confirm how much his spiritual energy grew.
    Because he came so early, when Haochen got into Aoding Hall, no one else had arrived yet. There was nothing valuable at Aoding’s Hall so there was basically no one monitoring, let alone Balza, the Knight Instructor who lived right behind.
    Hurrying to yesterday’s examination place, in front of the wooden block, he withdrew from his back the wooden sword. He came today, earlier, only to prove that his guess was correct by taking a spiritual energy test.
    The wooden sword slowly raised. Haochen concentrated, his foot accumulating power, taking a deep breath and, from his hands, the wooden sword went down at full speed.
    Puff — swish ——, Ping–

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    This novel is already being translated here:

    It's also officially licensed.

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