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Thread: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by a_tumiwa View Post

    so the producer use a new set of actor/actress and the story start from middle?
    Possibly have too.

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    Dear Soompi buddies.

    it had been a long time since i last chatted with you guys. I am not sure if you remember this, previously, My friend and I had written a post on Weibo to gather "LIKES" and "comments." from Like-Minded people who wish to see our Wonderful CP pairing onscreen once again. Our goal is to get Director Jiang to consider collaborating with Joseph and Yukee once again in any of his future projects.

    As of today, We gathered 3000 likes, and nearly 600 comments.

    Yesterday, one of our group members came up with an excellent idea.

    She wrote a very touching letter to Director Han.

    Some background about Director Han Qing - He personally collaborated with Joseph and Yukee before in separate drama series. Just Recently, Yukee was the female lead of his upcoming drama series {yet to be aired} and to our tremedous surprise, Joseph also made his special guest appearance in this particular drama. I am sure all of you heard about this.

    Our Group member hoped to gather more signatures from 2019 Ji Min Shippers as well as Joseph-Yukee-CP-Fans from all over the world. For all of you who wish to see Joseph and Yukee collaborating once again, This is the time to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD.

    If you are interested,

    Please send me a JPEG format of your self written short note, expressing your wish for Both of them to collaborate again, together with date and your initial/Signature. Please also help to indicate the State and Country you are from.

    My Email is: [email protected]

    All your JPEG images will appear in a Video with 2019 HSDS SoundTrack.

    I saw the Draft version of that Video and Trust me, it is really very well done.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Lauren ~

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    Hi since there have been some discussion about if Joseph Zeng and Yukee Chen should be in another TV drama series together.....

    I am wondering if you guys think if they make a new remake of Condor Heroes, they would have Joseph Zeng as Guo Jing, Kabby Hui as Huang Rong and Yukee Chen as Hua Zheng princess? Because since Yukee Chen already played as Zhao Min princess and is already famous, perhaps that would make people takes more interests in Hua Zheng princess character development?

    Since in most previous versions like the Guo Jing version played by Hu Ge, not a lot of people would even bother with taking interests in liking Hua Zheng princess even though I think it would be more awesome if perhaps they can make her character development looks more amazingly in depth rather than just make her feel like some minor character?

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    OT: Actually Yukee will be more suitable for HR as the latter is petite as in many series.
    The actress (can't remember her name) who acted as zwj's mother will be suitable for Hua Zhen and Princess Fragrance as she has the non-pure Chinese look.

    On the other hand, I think there are too many re-makes.

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