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Thread: Deun Yu - a curious subject for Buddhist enlightenment?

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    Default Deun Yu - a curious subject for Buddhist enlightenment?

    As depicted in DEMIGODS & SEMIDEVILS, Deun Yu was an avid and perceptive student of Buddhism from his youth. He had a strong affinity for Buddhist thought and spirituality, often impressing seasoned Buddhist clergymen (such as the elder monks from the Heavenly Dragon Temple and Shaolin) with his deep understanding of Buddhist principles.

    In spite of this, Deun Yu seems an unlikely Buddhist. He was often described as being a creature of sensuous tastes - most notoriously his eye for feminine beauty, but also his sensual appreciation of everything from flowers to landscapes to tea to liquor to food. Deun Yu was a man who really, REALLY appreciated the sensuous comforts and joys of life, which seems at odds with his supposed affinity for Buddhism.

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    There are various schools of Buddhist thought
    but leaving that aside

    There are various aspects of the Buddhist cultivation
    Perhaps DY's affinity was in his giving nature. And the fact that he has mercy and a profound understanding of WHAT Buddhist teachings mean. Perhaps he has not cultivated enough to have let go of his various paths of desires.

    He may still have "lust" and "desire"... but in other aspects such as greed, death, attachment (to material things), he may be very well cultivated

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