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Thread: 筆下無情?For translantions

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    Default 筆下無情?For translantions

    I recently searched for the original text to a chapter within 大唐雙龍傳,reading the phrase「刀下無情」made me wonder

    Well, you who too can read Chinese, what English would you use to best approximate its meaning ?

    And, say, if the wielder of the blade has (perfect) control, 刀下有情嗎?

    Truly, if you can't read Chineseyou're missing out Will you ever start learning ? Se non ora, quando?

    Last year, I began giving time to studying through Cantonese lyrics.

    Translations, I believe they should be as accurate as possible to the author's words and intent. Thus, 筆下無情?

    Rather than issuing-a-challenge, here's an invitation to any member wishing to explain and discuss some Chinese text from a 武俠小說。
    Myself, to start, I am fascinated by the word「情」in stories. Primarily, I take it to mean feeling, sentiment, emotion above (simply) resorting to it meaning love .

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