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Thread: 筆下無情?For translantions

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    Default 筆下無情?For translantions

    I recently searched for the original text to a chapter within 大唐雙龍傳,reading the phrase「刀下無情」made me wonder

    Well, you who too can read Chinese, what English would you use to best approximate its meaning ?

    And, say, if the wielder of the blade has (perfect) control, 刀下有情嗎?

    Truly, if you can't read Chineseyou're missing out Will you ever start learning ? Se non ora, quando?

    Last year, I began giving time to studying through Cantonese lyrics.

    Translations, I believe they should be as accurate as possible to the author's words and intent. Thus, 筆下無情?

    Rather than issuing-a-challenge, here's an invitation to any member wishing to explain and discuss some Chinese text from a 武俠小說。
    Myself, to start, I am fascinated by the word「情」in stories. Primarily, I take it to mean feeling, sentiment, emotion above (simply) resorting to it meaning love .

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    LOL, I don't know what this barking dog is saying as he's blocked, but clearly nobody gives a crap about him judging from the lack of responses.

    Also, it's funny that a word-nazi can't spell TRANSLATIONS.

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    You've probably already read Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (多情剑客无情剑), but if you haven't, it's all about emotions! It's even right in the title, juxtaposing 多情 and 无情.

    The idea, at least in this case, is that even though weapons can kill without remorse, the people wielding them are still ultimately human (and thus fallible and often bound and conflicted by their emotions).

    Li Xunhuan, the main character and a tragic hero, illustrates this. And actually, I would say that the title refers more to the characters Ah Fei and Jing Wuming. It's interesting to see how they develop throughout the novel.

    Sentimental feelings and ruthlessness are brought up several times, but here's one excerpt in particular (where Ah Fei falls in love with a villainess):
    Ah Feis hand is already on his sword.

    Lin Xian Er looked up at him, said, Please go ahead, Id be happy to die in your hands.

    Ah Fei could not look at her, instead looking at his sword.

    Her eyes filled with emotions, with tenderness, with love, yet also hate nothing in this world can touch a mans heart more than her eyes.

    A gleam of light appeared in the corner of her eyes. Youre the person I love the most in this world. If even you dont believe me, then theres no reason for me to keep on living.

    Ah Fei held his sword tightly, his fingers became sore.

    Lin Xian Er continued, If you think Im the Plum Flower Bandit, that Im a despicable woman, then just go ahead and kill me, I I wont blame you.

    Ah Feis hand began to shake.

    The ruthless sword, the sword is ruthless, but what about people?

    How could people have no emotions?

    The candlelight went out.

    But Lin Xian Ers beauty is even more noticeable in the darkness.

    She did not speak, but in the darkness, even her breathing sound like a soothing voice, capable of warming ones heart.

    Is there anything more powerful than the power of love?

    Looking at a woman like this, looking at the strongest emotions he has felt in his entire life, looking at this endless darkness

    How could Ah Fei possibly kill her?

    The sword is ruthless! But the swordsmans sentimental!

    Quote Originally Posted by bchin22 View Post
    LOL, I don't know what this barking dog is saying as he's blocked, but clearly nobody gives a crap about him judging from the lack of responses.

    Also, it's funny that a word-nazi can't spell TRANSLATIONS.
    What's wrong with you?

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