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Thread: Deep in the Realm of Conscience 宮心計2: 深宮計

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    Default Deep in the Realm of Conscience 宮心計2: 深宮計

    Deep in the Realm of Conscience

    宮心計2: 深宮計
    Nancy Wu
    Annie Liu
    Steven Ma
    Kenneth Ma
    Edwin Siu
    Chrissie Chau
    Alice Chan
    Jacqueline Wong

    Hello,have anyone here watch this drama?

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    I've watched this - it was a disappointment, especially when compared with the first series.

    The actors did a decent job, with the glaring exception of Chrissie Chau. Annie Liu's accent and her tendency to slur words was distracting, though they had an in-world explanation for that (she spent a lot of time in the north!).

    The main problem was with the script. For one thing, they keep speaking in rhymes, even in utterly inappropriate contexts. Maybe the scriptwriters thought it was clever or charming? It gets really annoying, really fast!

    The main villain, Princess Taiping (Alice Chan), was a completely one-note character - she seemingly has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In her plotting, she consistently goes for the most violent, extreme course of action even when it is obvious a more subtle approach would work better. She is so over-the-top and her plots fail with such regularity that is is hard to take her as a serious threat at all.

    Many of the cases stretch credulity to the breaking point. Apparently, lowly palace maids can just walk up to the emperor/former emperor in their private rooms and interrupt their conversations any time they feel like it. Conspirators discuss their evil deeds loudly in the middle of a garden without even bothering to check that they are alone. The maids also seem to be far too carefree and have way too much free time, to the point where they can slack off to peek at men taking a bath.

    In terms of characterisation, the worst problem is probably the lack of interaction between characters outside of their immediate love interests. The main protagonist Yuen Yuet (Annie Liu's character) has very little interaction with the emperor/former emperor, her co-workers, immediate superiors etc., whereas in the first series, Sam Ho's relationships with those around her were thoroughly explored. It all just feels rather empty. I suppose this could be interpreted as allegory for the superficial nature of life in the royal palace, but I rather doubt that was the intent of the scriptwriters.

    The pacing is also rather poor. Far too much time is spent on the love scenes (which should really be secondary in this type of drama), while the various plots tend to come and go very quickly (within 1-2 episodes). Again, it all feels rather superficial.

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