View Poll Results: What was the single greatest contributing factor to the decline of wulin?

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  • increasing availability of firearms and other modern weapons

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  • rise of modern nation-states and law enforcement

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  • opium

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  • some other factor

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Thread: Greatest factor in decline of wulin?

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    Default Greatest factor in decline of wulin?

    According to wuxia stories, wulin started in the ancient past and lasted for centuries and centuries before declining and disappearing after the 18th Century. A number of factors likely contributed to the decline of wulin culture, but what would you say was the greatest factor?

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    Who are the real wulin people? Z3F? Bruce Lee? Ip Man? Last two not applicable since they are after 18th Century.

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    Probably other factors like the martial arts were lost over a period of time or from generation to generation. Also perhaps the masters did not do a good job of teaching the disciples and/or the disciples were not dedicated enough to learn the full craft that their masters possessed. This is evident from DGSD, LOCH, ROCH and HSDS. DGSD had many martial artists with God-level skills. You had the sweeper monk in there arguably the greatest martial artist in all of JY universe. There was a decline in those God-level skills to what we saw in LOCH and ROCH. HSDS saw an even more decline perhaps not in skill level but certainly with the number of martial artists who gained that great level status with only two martial artists achieving that Great level status. The two being Zang Sanfeng and Zhang Wuji.

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