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upcoming Liang Yusheng's Adaptation
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Thread: upcoming Liang Yusheng's Adaptation

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    Default upcoming Liang Yusheng's Adaptation

    after created a thread about Jin Yong and Gu Long future adaptation, i think its not complete if not include Liang Yusheng too ,
    he alongside Jin Yong and Gu Long are named "the Three Legs of the Tripod of Wuxia".

    Year 2000-2018:
    *The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom - 2014
    *The Bride with White Hair (TV series) - 2012
    *Seven Swordsmen - 2006 (mix of 2 novels)
    *Seven Swords - 2005
    *Paladins in Troubled Times - 2008
    *The Patriotic Knights - 2010
    *Heroic Legend - 2003
    *Tracking Knights Phantom - 2011
    *Vagabond Vigilante - 2006

    Coming soon year 2019-2020:
    * The Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman - producer Jiang Jiajun
    * The First Sword of Wudang.
    Credited as the pioneer of modern Wuxia in the 20th century, Liang Yu Sheng wrote Wudang YiJian (First Sword of Wudang) as his final work before retirement. For 35 years, his last masterpiece has never been adapted to screen, until now...
    * The Seven Swords (movie)
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    Default First Sword of Wudang

    credit to : mydramalist
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