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Thread: Dragon Saber at Wanpan Island

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    Default Dragon Saber at Wanpan Island

    Apparently Yin Tianzheng had matters come up so he couldn't attend, but what in the world could possibly be more important than the Dragon Sabre? The whole wulin coveted it, and it was a bunch of nobodies that showed up to view the sword.

    What was the point of showing off the Dragon Sabre to a bunch of nobodies instead of immediately sending it back to the sect and trying to figure out the secret?

    Considering how the whole wulin, including the super powerhouse sects, reacted to the sabre later on in the story, it's obvious how important it was.

    This just seems like a giant plot hole that is overlooked and I don't think has ever been discussed.

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    Good question. Maybe two reasons:
    1. These "nobodies" will not be able to lay their hands on the sabre.
    2. These "nobodies" will be big-mouth to announce to the whole world that the sabre is in the hands of Yin sect.

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    nice investigation

    maybe they cant find the secret and then dont really care about it anymore and just want to show off the sabre

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    Overall, I think it's just a very weak plot point. Another one I can't stand is how YSS dealth with Yu Dayan. After getting the sabre from him, they got 2 options: kill him (and hope word doesn't get out), or give the antidote and let him be on his way (they can just run off before he wakes up so that he doesn't cause them trouble). If there's no immediate antidote then just put him in a cell somewhere and let it wear off. Why bother hiring a bunch of useless scrubs to escort him, knowing full well that any halfway decent martial artist can easily wreck those scrubs?

    I mean there's so many ways to run off with the sabre without killing YDY (for fear of revenge from Wudang), and they picked the worst way to handle it.

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    And why didn't Wuji write down the 9 yang for his Grand Martial master or his 6 uncles? It would have helped Wudang a lot.
    Its BIxie Jianfa Gawdammit you guys!!!!

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